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fair enough
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our ideology is "you can do what you want, too much is never enough" we are the life, we are the light, we are the envy of the gods above.
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Jinbei: (easily saves all 3 Devil Fruit users from drowning out at sea)
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Moomin x One Piece
Why I can't have more specieses from moomin lore in media than moomins and snorks 馃珷 Zoro here is a Hemulens dum dums.
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zoro-the-zolu-simp 2 days ago
Zoro鈥檚 google search history:
1) is there a disorder for getting lost
2) I鈥檓 not lost but how do I get to where I鈥檓 going
3) how far can rubber dicks stretch鈥
4) what does it mean when you can鈥檛 stop thinking about your captain and you would give anything in the world to make him happy as well as giving up your own dreams and killing anyone who dares to get in his way?
5) workouts to make my man tits bigger
6) does being obsessed with swords mean I鈥檓 gay
7) why do my friends say I need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous?
*put down other things you think Zoro would google* 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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mesukohi a day ago
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He still wakes up to the sound of it...
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reiketsunomizunomegami 13 hours ago
OP boys when their s/o was insecure about their boobs size
Warning: Slight mention of NSFW, Slightly Angst, Fluff in the End
Feat: Luffy, Kid, Sanji, and Crocodile
Monkey D. Luffy
-He will give you a confused look when sees you looking at yourself at the mirror
-Luffy will approach you and ask you what's wrong and when you eventually tells him that you're insecure about the size of your breast he will gave you a breathy Laugh
-Actually Luffy doesn't care about the size if your chest because he loves you for who you are. And if you're still insecure about it he will wrap his arms around you and pamper you face with kisses and show you how wonderful your body was
Eustass Kid
-like Luffy He was very confused when you tells him that
-Kid doesn't care about your Body. For him the Internal beauty is more important than the External beauty so he will just gave you an annoyed look as walks towards you
-He will grab your chin and tells you how much he loves you for who you are and Please y/n don't be so insecure about this piece of flesh because its nothing
Sanji Vinsmoke
-Confused like the first two
-Sanji loves and lives for you. He doesn't care about your body Image because he loves you for who you are
-He will also invites you for a romantic date and shower you with lots of affection that you deserved
-鈥淲hat's the matter with you??鈥 He will give you a very confused look before the telling you that you're being paranoid and ridiculous
-Crocodile will point out how much he loves your size so why so bothered about them
-Crocodile will eventually find a very memorable way to show you how grateful he was on you
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ahgalen 2 days ago
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linmakes-shittydraws 2 days ago
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Don't be rude Momo 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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captain 鈽锔
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odaijustwannatalk 2 days ago
Zoro: If you had to choose between Luffy and all the money I have in my pockets, which would you choose? Nami: That depends, how much money are we talking about? Usopp: Nami! Zoro, counting his change: 63 cents Nami: I'll take the money Usopp: NAMI!
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perfusio a day ago
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Some Redraw from an old sketch thing
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鈥 ;; Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law
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pfpanimes a day ago
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zoro: peitudos contra o bolson4r0馃槑
鈱 one piece - pt/lula 13 鈾ワ笍馃嚙馃嚪
like ou reblog se salvar/usar馃グ
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