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What do you guys think of our homebrew setting’s money system?
Money comes in 6 denomination. 
At the base is pennies. If you have more then ten pennies but an even amount you have demipennies but if you have more then ten and an odd amount you have dexipennies. If the number of demipennies divided by the number of dexipennies equals a whole number divisible by the square root of the total number of coins you are holding you have a number of pounds equal to the number of coins you can grab in the 20 seconds after you figure this out. Otherwise they’re just demi/dexipennies.
Once you have had some coins for a number of days equal to the number of dexipennies or demipennies you have (dexi- on weekdays, demi- on weekends) you can add any prime number of pounds to make Prime Pounds. However, if you have a number of Prime Pounds that is divisible by 7 it makes a penny and you have to start over.
During a leap year all the values invert (pennies become prime pounds and so forth), during a full moon all money has no value and every tuesday money can spend you instead.
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A coin of the Anglo-Saxon king Offa (r. 757-796) Some of Offa's coins, like this one, were copies of the Arab coins that were the dominant means of trade at the time (with the words "Offa Rex" added) . The coin even contains an Arabic inscription copied from the original dinars, although it was inaccurately copied by craftsmen who didn't know Arabic.
{WHF} {Medium}
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happy exploding money monday to all who celebrate
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The importance of the signs you have in the houses🌌💘🎡
🤍The sign you have in a certain house represents the energy you give in that certain area and how you deal with this area of ​​life. Each sign shows how you cope with some part of life. We have to always look at which sign is in the house and not just the planets that are in the house. Because the sign says a lot about us and our life. 🤍
❣️Let's start with romance and how you meet someone. How do you start a romantic affair with someone and how do you deal with dating.This house also displays instant attraction. Maybe the first thing you notice is the person. This is shown by the 5th house.
🎡For example Taurus in 5th house You can take romantic affairs quite seriously. Your way of meeting someone is more old-fashioned. Dates can often be relaxing, interesting and often include food and music. You prefer someone with whom you can connect through music, and this is also important to you when socializing. You can quickly be attracted to someone's muscles, neck,eyes, skin, cheeks and complexion. Many times you can meet someone at a music event, food tasting, restaurant, vacation or somewhere you enjoy. Gemini in 5th house when getting to know someone, it is important for you that the person is communicative, interesting and fun. You take relationships in a more fun way and your energy when dating can quickly run out, especially if the person is boring. Many times you are attracted to a person's intelligence and their mind. In person, you are quickly attracted to the arms and stomach. You can meet a person at school, through relatives, neighbors, in the library, brothers and sisters.
💸Money, material things, your worth, self-confidence shows through your 2nd house. 2nd house represent your attitude towards money and material things and how you spend money. What things do you find valuable and how do you find your worth.
💰For ex.: Aquarius in 2nd house-you have a free attitude towards money and you don't think you should save money. Basically, you have an interesting relationship with him that others don't understand. You like to share material things with others. But you can spend money on a lot of things that are crazy and different to you. You like to buy something that others don't have. You deeply believe in your worth and you do not deviate from it. Scorpio in 2nd house-You like to spend money on things that seem mystical and mysterious to you, and no one knows exactly how you feel about money or how much money you have. For you, money is a personal thing that you talk about only with those you really trust. You place a high value on trust.
💘Stable relationships, romance, long-term relationship, your other half, marriage all of this is connected with 7th house. The person we want deep down and what we expect from a relationship. A sign in the 7th house does not mean that this is the sign you will end up with. But it can only be a person who has these characteristics. And also the person u need. 7th house also represents our other half. We might say that it constitutes our "shadow", being a set of characteristics we do not consciously identify with. We are attracted to whatever is in our 7th, sensing it to be a missing part of the picture. But precisely because of this we don't like something about others or we don't match the sign of the 7th house because it is the opposite of who we are.
👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽For example Cancer in 7th house -your relationship can contain a lot of emotions, caring, a sense of home and security. In a relationship, you expect the person to be emotionally open to you and to give you a sense of security and the feeling that you can be who you are with them. If the person is right, you can settle down quickly. But if it's not, then it can quickly pass you by. You expect loyalty, trust, the feeling that someone is really here for you from a relationship. Your changing feelings and excessive emotionality may be too much for you. A lot of times someone who is too emotional expresses their emotions in a way that is too childish, you find that something that is very unattractive to you. Pisces in 7th house- you can find it difficult to settle down because your dream of a perfect partner is different than you think it is. You like people who have bad habits or make you feel like it's good to show emotions, someone who doesn't judge you. You need someone who is less critical than you and who will show you the good sides of you and make you a more compassionate person. Someone with whom you will feel like you are in another world. Someone who immediately gives in to their emotions or daydreams too much or seems like they are floating may not be attractive to you.
📓3rd house is a house of communication, mind, of writing. House of words, best friend, relatives…This house also shows what kind of best friend you need or have. What is our attitude towards cars, school and how you behave at school. The sign in 3rd house also show how we develop language and our style of communication. Here are also short journeys and the local environment. How quickly you decide to go on a trip. This house describes primary education and our approach to gaining knowledge.
🦋For example 3rd house in sagittarius -Your way of communicating and expressing yourself is direct, optimistic, funny, and people never know what you really mean and what you don't. Your thoughts are intelligent and you are really smart person. You find a lot of inspiration in psychological things and also in things that are motivational and positive. Your best friend can be fun, funny, direct and someone you can go on a spontaneous trip with. You can be quite popular at school and people love your jokes as well as your intelligence. You don't hold back on your opinion. Languages ​​can go very well for you. You can quickly learn languages, psychological things and things that actually interest you. 3rd house pisces your way of thinking and expressing yourself is poetic, dreamy. People find your voice soothing. You can think a lot about the words people tell you about. Your communication can be dreamy and you daydream a lot during the conversation. These spiritual things or things related to astrology are interesting to you. Your best friend can be someone who feels your compassion and your needs, someone with whom you can cry and laugh. Someone with whom you will want to do spiritual things or create magic. Many times you want to connect with this person in a spiritual way. You can be dreamy, forgetful or confused at school. Maybe you can feel misunderstood.
🎡 If you find this interesting, comment for part 2
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Here to blossom only to rot.
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cowboyjen68 · 2 days ago
Oh cowboyjen, the world feels so harsh and damaging and I feel so small. I’m a child of abuse and I feel like I had to teach myself everything to heal myself - but not before I fucked up my life and squandered a windfall that could have ensured my comfortable retirement. I’m so sad and angry and ashamed. I was only doing the best I could at the time. Why is the world so messed up and harsh? Do you think it’s getting better? I’m heartbroken.
I know the world is scary and unpredictable and dangerous. The bad news is, it always had been. Which is also the good news in some ways. The cycle of our world is that it is a constant battle of unfair vs fair and love vs hate and good vs evil and dangerous vs safe. When humans are involved the there will always be an up and down and back and forth in the world we are given to live in. It can be awful to see hurt in the world but can be reassuring to know it is nothing new, only the details and humans find a way to bring comfort and happiness to each other and themselves time after time. 
I had a pretty happy and healthy upbringing and I STILL managed to waste the hard earned money my mom and dad left to me. It was not a windfall but sure would have made my life more financially stable.  At the time I let my wife spend most of it and I take the blame. She was following her own patterns from growing up poor and I did not have the courage to say “no”. The loss caused me to do a few things that, had they continued, could have had a devastating impact on my life. 
After we split up I had the choice of continuing to spend my energy on wishing things were different and to wonder “what if” or do some actual work to make my life better, if not immediately, at least in my future.  My friends encouraged me to get a therapist and to figure out what priorities were important to me. The problem I was facing, which sounds like you are also struggling with, was the fact that I felt so overwhelmed I was stuck in the mud of what was done and unable to know how or what step to take to get back to solid ground. 
I listed on paper what I wanted. I listened to myself. The Me now and not the one from the past. It took several tries to be honest with myself and to lay out a plan. I was, like you, so ashamed of my actions I wasn’t seeking help or trying to find ways to improve my lot in life. When I asked for help I was sure people were judging me and I had to be okay with that happening to get the the resources that could give me some leverage to move on and improve my life.
The pep talk is you are not the only one who screwed up life by not being financially responsible and you can make up for lost chances. Now here are a few of the solid lessons I learned:
Ask your bank for help. Mine has a FREE financial planning/debt reduction planning service and app that I knew nothing about. Look to social services, even ones you think you are not eligible to use. Social workers are masters of networking and if they can’t help they might know someone who can. Don’t ever be ashamed to use local foodbanks or clothing banks. Saving 20.00 from the grocery store is 20.00 you can save or use to put gas in the car to continue working. Don’t spend money to save money. You don’t need an pricey app or special account or fancy investments. A simple free savings account at a credit union is a great start. 
I work three jobs and 7 days a week. I take any hours offered me and I am never afraid to take a few Cash Under The Table jobs when they arise. At 54 I didn’t want to be working 60 to 80 hours a week. BUT I have goals and that is what it is going to take to reach them. I did however, promise myself to not be miserable at my job so I work at three places I love. this was my compromise. I will work my ass off but not as jobs I hate.  This is my good fortune and I don’t take any of that for granted.  
There will be sacrifices to play catch up in your life BUT you can decide which things you are willing to sacrifice and what you will not. Be aware of these decisions and don’t act out of emotions. Weigh the next step with your happiness and how it will affect your success to find the balance. 
You will get your head above water again but it does take work. Sadly our life is not a cute 3 minute montage with a catchy song in some feel good rags to riches movie. It takes time and effort and focus. I do promise. The work, and YOU are worth it. 
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All a girl needs 💕
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pratchettquotes · 6 months ago
"Good heavens, potatoes are worth more than gold!"
"Surely not!"
"If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what would you prefer, a bag of potatoes or a bag of gold?"
"Yes, but a desert island isn't Ankh-Morpork!"
"And that proves gold is only valuable because we agree it is, right? It's just a dream. But a potato is always worth a potato, anywhere. Add a knob of butter and a pinch of salt and you've got a meal, anywhere. Bury gold in the ground and you'll be worrying about thieves forever. Bury a potato and in due season you could be looking at a dividend of a thousand percent."
Terry Pratchett, Making Money
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This is your sign.
Your money situation is turning around for the better.
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the-spectre-of-communism · a year ago
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might just devote my blog exclusively to the onion headlines
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As is tradition with Dracula Daily, let me give you today’s Cultural Lesson Based On Today’s Entry. Let’s talk about money.
See, if you’re thinking Dracula and the characters are handling what we see today as British money, don’t be fooled! Dracula is set in the 1890s, and they use an entirely different money system to what we use now, it just seems on the surface that it’s the same.
For context, if you didn’t know, Britain uses pounds (£) and pence (p) as the currency now, with 100p to £1. This is called decimalisation, and has been in practice since the 1970s. Before then, we were the last country in the world to still use the Roman monetary system.
In the Victorian era, there were 3 used measurements of currency: Pounds (L), Shillings (s) and pence (d), which was written in that order: l.s.d, so a sink in a shop may list the price as 1.7.2, which would be 1 pound, 7 shillings and 2 pence.
Now lets break those down a little more. There are 240 pennies to the pound, and 12 pence to the shilling. That makes 20 shillings to the pound. Most working class laborers would be using shillings as their highest coin in day-to-day living. You could get a pint of beer for a couple of pence. A pound was an incredible amount of money to your average person (maybe less so to the fancy characters of Dracula).
But I want to talk about the coins.
See, a penny was not the lowest coin in circulation. That was a farthing, which was worth ¼ (a quarter) of a penny. Then next was a half penny (or ha’penny if you prefer). Of course there was the penny. Then there was a two pence (tuppence) and a three pence (thrupence) piece. Then you had your half shilling (sixpence, pronounced more like sixpunce, with a ‘u’ rather than an ‘e’), and the shilling itself (twelve pence, remember? Also known colloquially as ‘bob’). Then you had the florin, which was 2 shillings exactly (24 pence). From there you had your half crown, which was worth 2 shillings and six pence, for a total of 30 pence (though you’d never call it that), and then a crown, which was 5 shillings. From there the next step is the half-sovereign, worth half a pound (120 pence, or 10 shillings), and finally the gold sovereign coin, worth £1, or 240 pennys, or 20 shillings.
Yes, that’s genuinely the method of money these characters are using. Some old people insist it was easier than the current system.
Here’s some more fun money facts in case they come up later!
A guinea is a pound and a shilling (1.1.0, or 252 pence), and was used to make things seem a little cheaper to wealthy buyers. It’s used from time to time in Victorian books so it’s worth knowing.
The correct way to read out prices is ‘[x] and [y]’, so say you were selling something and wanted a shilling and fivepence for it, you’d ask for “1 and 5”. This is often used for the stereotypical cost of a half a crown, so when someone in a period drama asks for “2 and 6”, what they’re asking for is 2 shillings and sixpence.
There is a fairly obscure coin that I’m not sure was in circulation at this time which was nicknamed ‘The Barmaid’s grief’, it was only used for a few years. This was worth 4 shillings and was the same shape and (very nearly) size as a crown (5 shillings). So people would buy a pint of beer, the barmaid would pick up the coin in a hurry and not realise that it wasn’t a crown, and give 4 shillings back along with change from a shilling for the beer. So people made money from buying beer. It was not a good time to be a barmaid.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
helmut lang’s 90s style dating campaign .
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