theygender · a month ago
August 11, 2022
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that 30+ brands of nutrition drinks including but not limited to Ensure, Pediasure, Glucerna, Oatly, and Premier Protein just got recalled for possible contamination with the bacteria that causes botulism, a paralytic toxin with a lethal dose of 1.3 nanograms. If you've purchased one of the affected lot numbers please return it to the store to be properly disposed of as a biohazard but do not accept any compensatory gift cards because that can be counted as a settlement if you need to file a lawsuit for any potential damages caused by this later on. If you have any questions regarding the recall there's a phone number listed in the article above that you can call, but if you believe you may have ingested toxins then please call your local poison control hotline. Stay safe
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localdorkincombatboots · 6 months ago
Please help us
My boyfriend has stage 3 stomach cancer and we have two toddlers together and we also take care of my boyfriend's mother who has alzehimers, diabetes, and a lost of other conditions. My boyfriend has been out of work for a while due to his cancer and also a few more surgeries.
Well there were complications with his last surgery and he's been in such bad pain to the point that he had to go to the er a couple weeks ago because he couldn't stop puking from the pain and they tried to put an iv in several different places on his hands and where he was so dehydrated and has tough skin it wasn't working so a nurse tried to insert one into his wrist and has either severed a tendon or seriously injured a nerve.
He's been back to the hospital a couple more times since then and we're in the process of trying to get it exactly pinned down what is damaged in his wrist but he followed directions from the specialist he first got sent to who barely spent 1 minute in the room with him and told him to just keep moving his hand around and it'll be fine. My boyfriend has since lost what little movement he had in his thumb thanks to following those directions and he's still swollen halfway up his arm and can barely grip anything.
His pcp has referred him to another specialist that he's supposed to see in Wednesday and we're trying to find a lawyer but right now we desperately need help please.
I've had to lose a lot of days of work so I could be home with the kids and my bfs mom and where I'm the only one with a job (one that still barely pays more than minimum wage) my paychecks have taken a decent hit. I don't have enough to pay next month's rent on the first and there's still another couple of bills in the week after. My next paycheck isn't until the 10th and even then it's going to be even less because of my loss of hours.
V*nmo: jayep7
C*$happ: jayep7
Please, please help save my family. If you can't send anything, at least please reblog this so someone else can see it please
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theunstuffedpepper · 16 days ago
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We celebrated my sweet little love’s life on Saturday. It was impossibly difficult, painful, gutting, and also touching, amazing, and heart warming. We had so, so many wonderful friends and family come to support us and show love for us and our family. So many people from the different seasons of our life.
Today is the first day in two weeks that B, pep, and I will be in our house without a guest here. For two weeks we’ve had a rotation of our dearest loved ones staying and visiting with us. I’ve never been in more pain in my life but I also don’t know that I’ve ever felt such love and support from my community before. My bestie has been an invaluable support for me during these two weeks.
We’re doing our best. I appreciate so, so much all of the kind comments, messages, and outreach. We are blessed to have so much love coming our way.
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tinyhandsonmyapron · 2 months ago
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"you are proof that love before first sight does exist"
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losingitinjersey · 3 months ago
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HI!!!!!!!!  I’m here! I’m here!  I’m SO excited to get back into the groove of updating this precious space and catching up on all of your lives!!  
It’s been two months since my last update and in that time I packed up my entire house and moved to New Jersey!  The girls and I drove the 8 hours (was supposed to be 5 hours but traffic and children...) from Virginia to New Jersey on May 18th and have been settling into our new home ever since.  Save for half a week when I flew to California for a work event where I got to spend all the time with @nycnomad and had the absolute time of my life!  (first time flying in three years. such a trip!)
Kevin just moved up with us this past week since his program in VA wasn’t finished until the end of June so it’s been a long month of solo parenting and living.  Lest we not forget I was also doing all of this while working full time from home.  The girls started full time daycare the middle of June and it’s been SO great for all of us!  Erp and Aug are thriving, learning and socializing and I’m remembering what it’s like to have alone time again and it’s absolutely everything.  
Every waking moment has been spent either parenting, working or unpacking and organizing our lives into this new home of ours.  I’m officially obsessed with our new home which is SUCH a relief given the fact that we bought it sight unseen.  I’m so happy to have Kevin here with us now so we can all settle into a new routine together and relearn life as a family of four.  I’m so happy to be here :)
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southernmama96 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Running errands today 🫠
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ahedderick · 3 months ago
Healthy Choice (?)
   Your mother’s voice (for better or for worse) lives inside your head forever. MY mother was a complex person and we had our ups and downs. She passed away nearly twenty years ago. One of her claims to fame was that she was a spectacular cook. And, as a fully Appalachian cook, she felt about the terms ‘lowfat’ and ‘reduced salt’ the way other people feel about getting shot or stabbed.
   This afternoon, after WAY too much damned busywork, I went to the grocery store. I was hustling through trying to get a dual list of items for my own family and items for my brother’s family for his upcoming visit. I picked up a can of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup, thinking happily about a chicken and rice casserole that my mother used to make. Then I noticed that the blasted thing was ‘salt free’. Instantly, as if she were standing right behind me, I heard my mother snarl “WHAT THE FUCK!”
   I very nearly dropped the soup, and had to lean over to contain my laughter. I didn’t think standing alone in the soup aisle laughing hysterically would be seemly. I will add salt to the casserole, Mom. It’ll be ok, I promise.
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livingthatmomlife · 3 months ago
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unforth · 2 months ago
My daughter (4.5 years old): why did the banana cross the road?
My son (6.5 years old): why?
My daughter: because he wanted to get hit by a car.
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msveronica · 4 months ago
New swimsuit season
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theygender · a month ago
August 24, 2022
There's a new recall that I would like to spread awareness of: Great Value Shredded Hashbrowns have been recalled for possible contamination with listeria. Listeria can cause food poisoning and flu-like symptoms in healthy adults, but it more commonly affects infants, pregnant people, senior citizens, and the immunocompromised. In these groups it can also lead to more severe infections including sepsis, meningitis, and encephalitis, and symptoms of listeriosis can appear up to 2 months after a contaminated food item has been consumed. This recall currently only includes 64 oz bags with the following date codes and UPC, but if you're seeing this on any date other than the one listed above please make sure to check if the recall has been expanded:
Description: Great Value 64 oz Frozen Shredded Hashbrowns
UPC: 7874215557
Dates: 7/25/2023, 7/26/2023, 9/14/2023
This recall hasn't yet been reported by the FDA and at the moment this information is only being communicated by email to people that Walmart has records of having ordered Great Value Frozen Hashbrowns within the past 6 months, so if people wouldn't mind reblogging to spread awareness (especially among disability and parenting circles) I would greatly appreciate it. The current direction from the company is to discard affected bags and request a refund from the store, but I would caution against accepting any compensatory gift cards from the store in addition to your refund because they may try to claim it as a settlement if you need to sue for medical bills or damages later on
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localdorkincombatboots · 5 months ago
Remaking my post because I haven't recieved any donations in a while and my last post has last traction
Please help save my family
I'm Jaye, an autistic queer with two toddlers, a boyfriend with stage 3 stomach cancer, and we take care of his mother who has alzheimers and diabetes and a list of other health problems.
My boyfriend's cancer has gotten so bad that he's lost a couple jobs and now after going to the er from a very bad night of him vomiting blood, one of the nurses tried to put an iv in his wrist and seriously damaged his nerves to the point that he now has to get surgery on May 5th to remove at least two nerves from his hand. He's never have feeling in it again and there's a good chance he may lose movement in it. He's now lost his business as a mechanic and can never do a lot of jobs again because he literally can't use his dominant hand.
I'm the only one able to work and I am as much as possible but I only make $11/hour and between the store getting slow and having less hours to give employees and with me having to constantly ask off for Dr's appointments for all this or calling in because my boyfriend is puking blood too hard to watch the kids while I go to work, my checks are no where near enough to cover our bills. And I'm gonna have to lose even more work during and after his surgery because he won't physically be able to hold them or change diapers or anything.
Tumblr media
Our electric just went past due and our water bill is due on Wednesday of next week. We just had to spend what little I got paid on our gas bill and we don't even have enough gas money to get me to and from work until I next get paid.
We've long since pawned and sold anything we could and life just keeps throwing more and more at us.
V*nmo: jayep7
C*$happ: jayep7
Please, please help us. If you can't send anything, please at least reblog this post so the next person can see it.
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momlife31 · 7 months ago
A father should be doing EVERYTHING a mother does. It’s not one persons kid.
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theunstuffedpepper · 3 months ago
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He’s here! ♥️
Little pip made his arrival on Wednesday afternoon and we are both doing great. We were discharged a mere 27 hours after this beautiful boy was born, which is in line with how speedy this whole process has been. Wednesday morning started with me being pretty sure, but not entirely sure, I was in labor. Thank goodness we called my parents when we did, because they arrived to take care of pep with an hour to spare. My water broke on the way to the hospital. We were admitted to the hospital at 2:20 and pip was born at 4:06. Talk about a different experience from when pep was born.
So far I’m coping SO much better with the first few postpartum days as compared to with pep, also. We have more support since my parents are here, breastfeeding is going well so far, and despite little sleep and my hormone levels crashing, we’re a pretty happy little unit. Pep is NOT sure what the heck this baby is doing crashing his party, but… he’ll warm up to him in time. 😅
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livbritt · a month ago
My name is Brittany 😊
I’m a mother of one beautiful daughter, Livy, she is 4 years old.
My main physical goal right now is to get down to my goal weight of 115. I have been on this journey since January of this year. I started at 174 and am currently 140. I am 5”3.
My overall goal is to just be happy, and enjoy my life. I have struggled with my mental health all of my life, and I am just ready to put the work in, and be happy. I hope you join this journey with me 🥂
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losingitinjersey · 2 months ago
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I highly recommend taking a week off work and just staying at home. No travel, kids at school, husband at work. Just me, myself and I at home alone. Truly a gift and one I'm so looking forward to enjoying again in the not so distant future!
This past week I...
Got my hair cut (FAR shorter than I anticipated but I don't hate it)
Spent two hours at the DMV (with an appointment!) and got my New Jersey plates and license ordered.
Got my car inspected (thank you NJ for only requiring inspections every two years!)
FINALLY cleaned out and organized my office (aka the dumping ground for anything and everything since moving in).
Weeded the front and back yard.
Did all the laundry, cleaned all the bathrooms.
Went to Michaels and got all our diplomas framed along with an artwork I bought Kevin for his Groom's gift six years ago but we never hung because I never got it framed.
Bought a new piece of art to hang up.
Hung up over 20 pictures around the house - after not having anything up in our house in over a year, it feels amazing to see our things again!
Okay, so remember how I just said the other day that I'm satisfied not weighing myself? Apparently, I lied! I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in months and months. The number wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was, and it's actually encouraging to see because I totally believe I can make some solid progress to get to a weight I know I'm super happy at.
In three weeks I'll be on vacation with my family* so I'd love to drop some pounds before then. Just to feel a bit better in my skin. It's interesting, I'm in this new mental and physical place right now where I don't hate my weight or body and I'm comfortable just being. I've been watching a lot of body positive TikTok and maybe it's actually rubbing off? I'm not constantly worried about how I appear and if my double chin is showing, or if my belly is overflowing from my waistband. I've worn sleeveless tops literally all summer long with barely a mind to how my arms look. It's a very very very unfamiliar place to reside in. But how awesome!?!
Given all of that, I still want to feel a bit better in my body so we'll see what I can make happen in the next three weeks. (Please note that I've declared I'd be starting a diet literally every other week for the past six months, so who knows if this one will stick :)) I'm hoping that by actually tracking my weight and posting about my progress here, it will be the motivation I need to keep it up this time.
*Not only am I going on vacation with my family but my BFF is coming!! Kevin couldn't attend this year due to his just starting a new job so I'm sooooo excited my bff is able to come with instead! My family goes to a lake in MD every year for the last 13 years but I haven't been in the last 3 years thanks to either being pregnant or the pandemic. It's going to be a completely different experience for me going with children. Like, I can't just jump in the boat for hours on end riding around the water. I need to worry about nap times and life jackets and how my kids are going to handle going to restaurants every single night. New adventures for all!
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southernmama96 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just showing my face bc it’s my birthday tomorrow 🥳
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