bylrndgm 2 days ago
noticed this in 4x09, when the cali gang returns to hawkins.
firstly, we got a shot of argyle stepping out of the van, and what immediately catch one's attention are his rainbow socks馃寛
Tumblr media
and the exact NEXT shot focuses on MIKE.
Tumblr media
very subtle, but speaks volumes.
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blackfashion a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thedelusionreaderbitch a day ago
Wanda Maximoff x fem! Reader - Saving you from control
A/n: We're all slaves for Wanda lets be honest
*Vision does not exist within this universe! I don't know how age of ultron works than but we won't get into that!*
Summary: You're just living your life when the first splash of color comes into it, specifically a flash of red
Warnings: spicy (heavily making out), illusions to smut, manipulation, toxic, technically cheating, death, I think that's it? You have been warned!
The three P's:
[Pov: second person] [Pairings: romantic/main! Wanda Maximoff x reader kinda romantic! nameless male character x reader parental! billy and tommy x reader] [Pronouns used: you/your but the reader is meant to be a girl]
Tumblr media
Your life seems to be dominated with blacks and whites, there's no color to reveal just a black and white wall of memories. Even you have to admit life is boring, you get up call whatever family member you're supposed to be calling, go to work in your tiny office job, and come back home to your boyfriend. Your boyfriend, who's also awfully boring, you want to think you love him, but you don't really think making up lies will give life to your boring life.
You won't break up with him though, he's safe, and your family loves him. Plus your family seems to be always on edge around you, you can't seem to figure out why though. It's like that piece of information was stripped from you.
It's also tied into the feeling that you were meant for something more, but alas there would be no world saving in your books.
Your in bed with your boyfriend when you see it for the first time.
It's nothing really, just a flash of red from behind you, but all the same you knew that flash's of red don't just happen out of no where. You shift your body more upwards to see if you could see anything.
Nothing there's nothing, of course it's nothing, it must have just been a trick of the light. Your eyes messing with you, or your brain having too much imagination. So you just go back to bed and take your sleeping boyfriend hand in yours and try to take comfort from it.
It happens twice more before something else happens.
After it happened twice more you were a bit paranoid, and on your way to the eye doctor to see if there was anything wrong with your eyesight.
You go to check your mirror and instead of cars you see a woman with red-orange hair with something that looks like devil horns placed as a crown on her forehead.
She was smiling at you.
Your car weavers to the right, you can hear cars honking in the distance, and CRASH! Echoes, as your ears ring and your car somersaults across the highway.
The next thing you know you're waking up in the hospital with that same woman beside you.
Gasping you grip onto the sheets and try to move, but a red mist keeps you down covering everything but your head.
"What the- Where's the doctor!"
She smiles down at you and laces her hand with your own and you can't help the feeling it gives you. It's different from when your boyfriend takes your hand, when he does you feel a small sort of happiness. When this random woman takes your hand the accelerating feeling you get is overwhelming from just a touch.
"Don't you worry your little head treasure, the doctor was just trying his best but I decided it would be better if I took over."
You looked down at yourself and saw no injuries nor did you feel any. Considering you got into a pretty nasty car accident you should be casted up to the brim, yet you weren't. Someone would call you crazy for thinking this but you're pretty sure the person crouching beside you, saved you.
(Your mind doesn't seem to remember very well how she might have just be the cause of the accident in the first place.)
"What's your name?" You manage to say as you gaze upon her beautiful figure.
Laughing she takes her other hand and places it under your cheek like a lover would. "Missy, I'm surprised you didn't recognize me! That's okay precious, they did insist on wiping your mind. It isn't your fault."
A new part of you is unlocked and her words must have triggered something because a flow of memories come back to you and tears surface to your eyes as you start to remember.
S.W.O.R.D had taken you from Wanda, they had said they were saving you, saving you from giving up complete control. Funny how the irony comes back at them considering they didn't give you a choice in the matter.
You remember your powers, similar to Wanda's but nearly the exact opposite of hers. While she had chaos magic, you had order magic, meaning you could place order back into things and see the future.
That's another thing S.W.O.R.D had taken from you.
Then you remember further, with all the little things with Wanda, to all the big things with her. That you had children with her (through both of your magic of course) and how they took you away from them. The things that balanced you and Wanda so well, chaos and order. Now that you had them back though...
"Wanda." You croak tears adorning your face and the red mist dissipates as a dark calming cyan covers the floor.
Standing up she pulls you into her as you sob into her chest.
"Oh, my princess how I've missed you."
"I- I didn't know that they were going to wipe my memories of you. And- and our children. When I started to realize they weren't doing what they told me they were doing I started to panic and I was so scared." You cry.
"Shh," You rubs your back as you shake in her arms. "Everything is alright now treasure, we're together again and no one is taking you away from me ever again."
You don't have the time to analyze her words further with your powers before her lips connect with yours and your mind explodes.
Wanda kisses you hungrily, like you're her last meal and you eagerly reciprocate the sentiment. As she bites on your bottom lip, it surprises you slightly as you feel like you haven't kissed her in centuries so you've forgotten how chaotic she can be. Nothing like your past boyfriend, who when he kissed you was bland and colorless.
Your mouth opens and you let her take dominance, she nearly always did in the past, it's just the way Wanda is.
Pinning you against the bed with her own body her lips start traveling down further and you feel her hand go underneath as they two go further down.
"Did he kiss you like this?" She mutters against your throat.
You blink and her civilian clothes from before are gone and come has the scarlet witch. The deviled horned crown embellished on her head.
You've transformed too though, a suit covers your body much like Wanda's but it has more blue and green under tones. There's a white diamond arched upon your chest and it has a purple point in the center with eight lines different shades of blue, and green.
You don't answer her you just let your head fall back as a halo falls around your head.
Stephen Strange doesn't expect to see you when Wanda finally has America at Wundagore, he thought your memory had been wiped. However you stood in front of him furious, and your mind fully intact.
The cyan magic enveloped America, you shouldn't have been doing this. You were order, you can see the truth if you wanted, if you saw it he's sure you would have been helping him.
So why haven't you?
"You can stop this Y/n!" He calls out to you voice strained. "Look for the truth with you're powers! You'll see that this is all wrong!"
Slowly you're head turns to face him and your eyes glow an unnatural dark teal.
"I already have."
Strange is astonished and terrified. The outcome in his brain that you already had looked into the truth didn't serve him. He didn't think it was possible, Wong even said it was impossible.
Improbable, it was improbable not impossible. Oh god, he's such a fool.
"The only thing that conflicted." You go on as you lift a hand on Miss America's face, stroking it like a mother would a child as Wanda's power envelopes him too.
"Is her."
You tilt your head and a flash of red goes through your eyes and suddenly Chavez is getting prepared for Wanda and the two of you trade off and you block Strange from getting to Wanda and Chavez and from seeing what's going to happen.
"This is you're endgame? You help Wanda and she gets the children? She'll throw you away the moment she gets them!"
Giggling you turn around and behind you is Wanda looking more powerful than ever with America Chavez's dead body behind her.
She pulls you in for a passionate kiss as her left hand flicks to make the portal to the other universe.
"We made our children together." You growl to Stephen right before the portal opens.
He had really underestimated how much the two of you love each other, and would do anything for one another. Everyone did.
Now they would have to pay the price.
Wanda is the one that goes in for the children, you know you'll have to go in later to save her from her own fate but you know that she still has to experience it first. She just needs to think she got over it on her own.
The children throw things at her and she snaps at them and as the next Wanda comes in she something to her and for a second Wanda looks like she's going to stop everything.
Then her eyes flash cyan and she kills the other (weak) Wanda and force the children in her arms into their rightful universe.
With the two of you.
They scream and cry but you crouch down to face them and you gently take both of them into your arms.
"Let's put some order into your minds shall we?" You whisper into their ears.
A dark teal mist covers their eyes and then in another second it's gone and they look up to you and abruptly hug you.
"Ma!" They cry.
You nod Wanda over (as she's now the one who has a hold of the sorcerer.)
Standing up you turn your boys around and when they see Wanda they yell out for their mom and cry into her neck.
Facing Strange you get close and place a hand next to his head.
"You know what I saw was the biggest threat to this universe was?"
You lean in so your lips are right next to the cuff of his ear.
Instead of saying anything else your hand next to his head begins to move as magic exhumes from it pulling his sorcery into you. Eventually the light fades from his eyes and his body falls to the ground.
Wanda may of been playing the long game with you - manipulating you and making your truth vision weak but so were you. You saw a threat to the universe long ago and back then you didn't want to believe it so you ignored it. Then Wanda came along and showed you something different, Wanda may have been weaken you and manipulated you but you also weakened and manipulated her.
Together though, together to the two of you are strongest thing in the universe.
So you turn back to your happy family, and pull Wanda into a kiss.
Words 1866
Marvel taglist: No one yet
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Tumblr media
"We dream of a brand new start
But we dream in the dark for the most part"
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鈥榯hings she left behind鈥
acrylic on canvas
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[I'm gonna call my mom.]
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harrystyles instagram story
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yourinstagram Happy mama
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ashleygraham 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
harrystyles My loves
-> username2 SHE鈥橲 ALSO WEARING ONE!
annetwist Come visit!
-> yourinstagram annetwist On our way!
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dailymail Rumour has it that Harry Styles and longtime girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N have tied the knot!
More in the link in our bio!
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username1 FINALLY!
username2 Noooooooo!
username3 It makes sense, they have a kid together!
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harrystyles Two bubs in a tub
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yourinstagram What you don鈥檛 see is Bean splashing daddy鈥檚 hair and making him sad
-> harrystyles yourinstagram I was playing along鈥
-> yourinstagram harrystyles Sure daddy
annetwist My babies are home!
mitchrowland Why didn鈥檛 you use a bath bomb?
-> yourinstagram mitchrowland Harry vetoed it
-> harrystyles mitchrowland Do you believe her?
-> mitchrowland harrystyles yourinstagram I ain鈥檛 taking sides but鈥 Y/N鈥檚 probably right
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harrystyles Harry鈥檚 House. Out now.
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yourinstagram Proud wifey
-> harrystyles yourinstagram 鉂わ笍
annetwist Amazing baby!
gemmastyles 馃槏馃槏馃槏
mitchrowland Does this mean I get paid?
jefezoff Yes!
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yourinstagram Daddy鈥檚/Hubby鈥檚 house. Out now.
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[TWICE] 11th Mini Album 鈥楤ETWEEN 1&2鈥 Jacket Shoot
Credit: JYPnation聽
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charliethe2nd 3 months ago
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fltwoodsmonster 4 months ago
hey hold on a sec
Tumblr media
I just realized both op and the commenter are insane trad christains so im deleting my reblog (because im not platforming their shit -- this is ALSO why im censoring their URLs I鈥檓 not going to give them traffic) and instead reposing it with the following links/information:
1) The WHO still actively hosts a guide on how to create safe milk substitutes when access to breastmilk/milk substitutes are unavailable on the Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (iris). The guide is called 鈥淚nfant Feeding in Emergencies: A Guide for Mothers鈥. Relevant information starts on page 38.
2) Here is a link to the archived guide WITH THE CAUTION that I was not able to find out why its no longer provided by the WHO or iris. It could be that the information is out of date. I am only sharing it because I think the visuals may be helpful for people who have trouble reading written directions. Consult the above link first, then refer to this guide only if you need clarification on how to perform certain actions. Link to archive.
3) The language in that second comment throws up so may red flags. I cropped it to only the information needed to understand the context of this post because I find it immensely suspect. The repeated allusions to 2020 for no apparent reason (but I can guess why, as an infection disease scientist) come across as loaded or dog-whistely. I would advise against sharing the OP for that reason. But because the information being provided is important and not well known, I鈥檓 making this alternative post for people to reblog.聽
4) The implication that the WHO is censoring information based on a 404 page is a really flimsy and extreme conclusion to jump to. The 鈥淚nfant Feeding in Emergencies鈥 guide I linked above also goes to a 404 page on the WHO鈥檚 main website - but again, can be accessed through iris instead. So no, the information on how to feed infants in a food crisis is not being censored by the WHO.
5) A more likely cause for the guide disappearing is that the link broke and they didn鈥檛 fix it. If you look at the original URL it indicates the guide was posted in a subcategory on the WHO鈥檚 website about International Crises, specifically in the Middle East. If you try to type in a shortened versions of that URL (specifically https://www.who.int/hac/crises/ or the slightly modified http://www.who.int/hac/crises/en/) you鈥檒l see that the subdomain that was present with relevant info breaks around 2020. In fact, while testing this hypothesis, I came across this information page in a November 2021 version of the URL https://www.who.int/home/cms-decommissioning (which I was redirected to automatically from http://www.who.int/hac/crises/en/):
Tumblr media
There is no nefarious conspiracy theory. The link simply broke - as many many many many links do on the internet. The second commenters reply is proven bunk by a little bit of fact checking.
sorry for the long post, but I think the information on infant nutrition substitutes is genuinely useful, lifesaving info -- but i鈥檓 not going to give more people with dangerous ideological views spouting nonsense a platform.
update (5/20/22):
I had hope this was a given, but I want to be explicitly clear.
Using an at-home formula substitute should be a last resort. Contact your infant鈥檚 physician or a pediatrician before attempting to make your own milk substitute.
I am also going to leave a link to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine鈥檚 statement on breast milk substitute shortages.
Do not blindly follow internet posts in regards to the health of yourself or your children. I wanted to share this post simply because I, myself, did not even know it was possible to make milk substitutes and thought it was useful to be aware of in an time when access to substitutes is unprecedentedly difficult.
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bylrndgm 5 hours ago
guys i know i'm slow as hell 馃槶 but why have i just noticed that the first episode is literally telling us that mike and will are going to be the ones defeating vecna? 馃ぁ馃槶
an 11 wasn't enough to defeat him in eddie's d&d campaign
Tumblr media
but... a 20 was.
Tumblr media
el*ven couldn't kill him, but mike and will can.
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myfandomistingling 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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greeksorceress 4 months ago
shoutout to that dude that said聽鈥渢he peggy scene broke my heart鈥 as everyone was leaving the theatre and shoutout to the other dude with him that took ten seconds to reply and said聽鈥.........in half?鈥
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s-epic1 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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one-time-i-dreamt 2 months ago
My mom bit off the top of a crucifix.
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woulddieforwandamaximoff 7 months ago
鈥淵ou break the rules and become the hero. I do it and become the enemy鈥 that doesn鈥檛 seem fair.鈥
If she murders anyone then I鈥檓 sorry but it鈥檚 warranted
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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