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omenhel · 6 months
♡ A/n: me? being? horny? for? Remus? when? when do NOT? 18+ babes! I just want this man to ruin me!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Stepbrother!Remus groans annoyed when you knock on his door, pausing the game and taking off his headset while Sirius on the discord call is arguing with Regulus. "What do you want? I'm busy." His tone was harsh as always, making you frown and roll your eyes at his usual attitude.
“I need your help, I think my laptop has a virus or something because the screen is frozen.” The confession makes him laugh, mocking your embarrassed pout. “Stop being an asshole and help me, Dad says you’re good with computers.”
“I’ll stop being an asshole when you stop being so stupid.”  He snaps back, pushing you with his shoulder, walking towards your bedroom. The moment he enters the intoxicating scent of your perfume welcomes him, the strawberry candles you love and your overall essence, sweet like vanilla and honey.
Remus inhales deeply, sitting on your desk, just to be greeted by the youtube video you were just watching, some boring chick talking about the best primer there is at Sephora. The screen, not frozen, as you said before. “What the fuck?” He mutters turning your pink chair just in time for you to climb on his lap, quick to wrap your arms around his neck.
“I missed you, Remmy.” You giggled softly, enjoying how easy was to trick him, again, playing with his curls at the nape of his neck. He didn’t appear to find the situation as amusing as you did, one hand around your neck, making you gasp.
“Do you think I care?” He growled, dangerously. “And you called me an asshole, you know you're not allowed to talk to me like that, do you want to be punished?” His grip tightened, making you pant. “Is amazing how you can enjoy this, such a slut.”
“I enjoy your attention, Remmy.” You manage to say, knowing well that deep down he wasn’t mad at all, he loved when you acted so desperate for him. “Been dying to suck you off, please?”
The blunt words you pronounce have the desired effect, and soon you’re pulling the waistband of his black sweatpants, staring in awe at his now hard cock. You lick your lips, excited, licking from base to head, delighted by the low groan that escapes his lips. “Don’t tease, you know better than that, whore.” The smile you give him makes his stomach flutter, and soon you’re gagging with his length and Remus throws his head back in the backrest of your chair. “Fuck, you’re so good at this, such a good cock-sucking slut.” The dirty talk only encourages you, a sight that never ceases to amaze him. “Good fucking girl, yes.” You adore how vocal he can be sometimes, suppressing the gag reflex with all your willpower, you mewl when Remus’s thumb caressed your cheek, brushing away some tears. “You know I can’t last long in that slutty mouth of yours, love.” Pushing your head with the palm of his hand, he forces you to deepthroat him. “F-Fuck, yes, and don’t you dare waste a single drop.” Eager to make him proud, you swallow every driblet of the hot, sticky load he releases inside your now swollen lips. 
Remus pants, cupping your face and kissing your lips, not even slightly bothered at the fact you just suck him off, actually, it turned him on further. “Give me 5 minutes and I will make you scream for mercy.” He promised against your lips. You just smile, knowing well that in the end, you always got what you wanted. 
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honorarycrow · 2 months
Marauders Modern AU Headcanons:
Remus loves Arctic Monkeys- especially Snap Out of It.
James is obsessed with Snapchat.
Peter is always on Reddit or Tumblr.
Sirius posts TikTok thirst traps and Marlene hypes him up in the comments.
Mary shops on Shein in the middle of class.
Lily posts random pictures of food and/or cat pictures on IG.
Dorcas writes Marvel fan fiction in secret.
Regulus falls asleep listening to true crime podcasts.
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myopicmeerkat · 10 months
Remus: I love my friends. They are so adorable.
James: *explodes the bathroom*
Sirius & Marlene: *yelling at each other*
Peter: *accidentally sets their homework on fire*
Dorcas: *breaks the TV*
Regulus: *eats instead of helping*
Remus: My adorable friends.
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cuddlebugsirius · 6 months
Okay but would you please look at this amazing art @xflattery created for me 🥺🥰 I’m obsessed 🤩
Tumblr media
Shot is taken from chapter 5 of my wip Atelier, Bloom St which you can read here
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thebibutterflyao3 · 21 days
James: It’s FATE!
Remus: *eye roll* It’s a coincidence at best.
James: His star is the heart of the Leo constellation! Leo is a lion, I am a Gryffindor! He’s in my heart and we’re meant to be together, the signs are all there!
Remus: That proves nothing.
Peter: Now wait, he may be onto something…
Remus: Don’t encourage him. James, Regulus tries to hex your bollox off for smiling at him, what makes you think-
James: (flailing) Its written in the stars! FATE!
Remus: You’ve been listening to too many of Lily’s gaylor theories.
James: (gasp) How very dare you insult the bi-Queen!
Peter: (confused) Wait, Lily or Taylor?
James: Yes.
Remus: (facepalm)
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gayremus · 1 year
Remus: You're wearing make-up.
Sirius: Oh, it's just eyeliner. Do you like it?
Remus: … Looks okay… I guess.
Remus, sobbing into Lily's shoulder: He looked so good.
Lily: I know.
Remus: I'm so gay
Lily: I know...
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rosiexjo · 4 months
Tumblr media
Modern Marauders AU Wolfstar lineart ~ colour coming soon ~ //
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out-of-context-fics · 10 months
Tumblr media
- a brief history of dragons by eyra
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luminouscrow · 6 months
james “looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll” potter
peter “looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you” pettigrew
sirius “looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll” black
remus “looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you” lupin
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Sirius Black finding out about the TV for the first time at either Lily's or the Potter's house, and thinking the person on screen was talking to him (he had just discovered the mobile phone) and actually responding back to them.
It's all really cute, until someone brings up their favorite type of dog and suddenly he's lost his TV privileges.
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maraudevrs · 11 months
remus: yeah napping is restful but have you ever died?
remus: so good
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omenhel · 6 months
𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥��𝐮𝐬 [𝐒𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐮𝐬 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐭. 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫!]
★ CW: 18+, Smut, unprotected sex, cheating, (kinda?) exhibitionism, slight degradation, slapping, (maybe) phone sex, my awful English. | Minors DNI | word count: 1.8k.
★ a/n: Hope this is enough! s'been a couple of rough days, and I had like ten different drafts:C, hope you don't mind anon. I really like to do requests, so send them! It helps me practice haha. I'm definitely gonna do a part 2, later<3. I know this isn't exactly dark but I'm gonna make it up in part 2, I promise!!!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Have fun, love, but not too much, eh?" Sirius teased his girlfriend, your big sister. Kissing her lips, you felt a wave of jealousy crashing over your chest, wishing it was you who he was kissing instead.
"Is just a road trip, Sirius." Your sister giggled, holding her backpack. "Are you sure you don't wanna come?"
He shook his head, pressing another kiss against her lips. "Nah, girls' weekend, have a rest from me, babe, you deserve it. Tell Mrs Moony I say hi." And with another round of goodbye kisses, she left, leaving you two alone in the small flat. 
You moved to the city with your older sister who was thrilled to have you with her, and her boyfriend Sirius who was practically living there too. In the beginning, the relationship between you and Sirius was a little awkward; He was so flirty and touchy, so your sister and her friends, (who also happened to be his friends) explained to you that Sirius was just being himself. Then, everything took an… interesting turn. Noticing how his eyes lingered over you, wearing those short summer dresses, how he smirked at the sight of you bending down to pick the cans of beer from the living room, giving him a slight peek of your pretty cunt pressed against the pink fabric of your panties, how much he enjoyed braiding your hair, his fingertips brushing your neck, making you shiver. 
The little attempts to catch his attention were painfully obvious. You felt guilty, of course, he was your big sis’ boyfriend for god's sake! But you couldn’t help it, he was too charming for you to simply ignore him, with his breathtaking grey eyes, his sexy smirk and the way his fingers trailed your shoulders when you were wearing those tiny tank tops… I mean, give yourself a break!
“Um.” You cleared your throat, trying to push away the image of his lips all over you to the back of your head. “I’m gonna go take a shower.” Standing up from the living room, hearing him chuckle, you rushed to the bathroom, locking the door. 
The cold water ran through your body, in a desperate attempt to cool down the burning feeling of desire you had for your sister’s boyfriend. 
Grabbing a near towel hanging on the grab bar, you wrapped it around your naked, wet form just in time to remember how you forgot a dry set of clothes. You cursed under your breath while opening the bathroom door so slowly it seemed like it took forever to walk through, looking at both sides of the tiny hallway, relieved to see it empty. After tiptoeing to your room, next to your sister's, Sirius's voice coming from the tiny gap of the open door caught your attention, the curiosity getting the best of you leaned closer. 
“I swear, Prongs.” He was on the phone, presumably with James. "She’s so fucking hot, and I have to spend the weekend with her, have you seen her? I want to devour her.” His words made you gasp, quickly covering your mouth with your hand, hoping he hadn’t heard you. “She loves to act dumb, mate. I’m starting to think she’s actually that dumb. Better for me, I like em' more when they only have air inside their cute little heads.”
James must have said something funny on the other side of the line because Sirius started laughing. You’re about to leave, one hand still on your mouth and the other clutching tightly at the towel covering your decency when the door opens. 
"Whoa, look who we've got here." Sirius is standing next to you, phone pressed against his ear and a pleased smile on his handsome face. “Guess who was eavesdropping on our little chat, Prongs?”
“I didn’t hear anything, I swear.” The lie rolled down your lips and before you could take a single step, a ringed hand is pressed against your hip, making you squeal.
“Spare the lies, love.” Sirius practically drags you inside the bedroom, closing the door with his foot. “Be a good girl and lemme see you, come on.”
Your body tingled with courage at first, the hunger in his eyes sending you a wave of courage, and soon, the towel pooled at your feet, exposing your naked form to your sister's boyfriend, who eyed you up and down and licked his lips. “Gorgeous.” He whispered. The way he approached you made you shiver in anticipation, feeling defenceless. “So this is what’s gonna happen, pup.” Placing the phone on the bed, he pressed the speaker button. “I’m gonna fuck you in your sister’s bed, and Prongs here is gonna hear all of it, okay?.” You nod but is not enough for him. “Ask me for it, let Prongs hear you.”
“Please fuck me in my sister’s bed, while James’s on the phone.” There was no turning back. The words felt unreal, and the crimson blush that followed them only amused Sirius beyond limits.
Then, he kissed you, and the way he did was so passionate it took away every hint of common sense you had left. His tongue took its time exploring your mouth, delighted at the taste of your lips. He was a very good kisser. Pushing you to the bed, he caged you with his body, wasting no time licking and biting your neck, his rings scraping the supple flesh of your tits. The loud moan that escaped your lips made James groan on the other side of the line.
“You want Prongs to jerk himself with your pretty noises, pup?” Sirius breathed against your chest, only to bite your nipple making you moan again. 
“Yes, please.” You begged, James was also insanely hot, with those broad shoulders, that American tan and those pretty messy curls, countless times you had daydreamed about tugging them while he's burying his face between your thighs. 
“I can’t say no to that.” James chuckled and you heard the clear sound of a zipper being pulled down. 
A finger slides across your folds, gathering the increasing dampness, causing you to whine. “Focus on me, doll, I’m the one making you feel good.” It sounded more like a threat. Either way, you whimpered in agreement. “Look at you, your pussy is basically dripping f’me.” To remark his words, he inserts two fingers, prompted to curl them. The new feeling made you cry with pleasure. “There we go, so eager, aren’t you?”
No one had ever touched you like that, he seemed to know exactly what to do for you to become putty in his hands. The lewd sound of your pussy clenching on his fingers and your moans are music for his ears. “Please.” You beg again when his palm scratched very lightly your clit.
“Please what, baby?” Sirius asked, acting innocently, repeating the action. 
A few moans distracted you from his question, licking your lips at the sounds of James jacking off and his occasional groans, you closed your eyes picturing the scene, his shirt being held up by his teeth, his glasses sliding down his nose from the sweat, his sweatpants tugged down just below his thighs, stroking his hard cock up and down, up and down at the sound of your moans… Speaking of moans, a loud one escaped your lips when Sirius’s hand slapped your pussy far from delicately, another warning. “I asked you a question, are you dumb?”
“Please fuck me, Siri, please” The answer earned your a groan from both men, the mere sound almost sending you over the edge. 
“You really want that, love? You want me to fuck you dumb in your big sister’s bed?” 
“Do you want me to use you like a little toy? My little toy?” His words are relentless, determined to not give you a break. “I’m sure you do, pup. I can fucking see the way you drool for me, your sister’s boyfriend.”
“What a dirty little girl…” James moans. 
“Wearing those little dresses, batting those pretty eyes at me, begging for me to fuck you.” Sirius pulled away from you much to your displeasure, removing his shirt and his jeans as quick as his hands allowed him. 
Having him naked was a whole different experience. You've seen him without a shirt countless times, trying to be discreet (and failing miserably), spellbound at the way his arms flex, at his black tattoos, bold and dangerous, just like he is, but to actually have him like this was an experience of a lifetime. While torturing you, he stripped away every piece of clothing from him parsimoniously until he's fully naked, and you're now certain you like everything about him.
“Can’t wait to make you mine.” He growled, opening your legs and with one hand coating his hard length with your lovely fluids. He slid in with a swift thrust, almost bottoming out. " Fuck, if I knew this beauty was so tight, I would've fucked her months ago." 
“Is it better than her sister’s?” James teased Sirius, making you moan in the procedure.
“Way fuuuuucking better Prongs.” And living up to his words, Sirius's pace is merciless, the obscene sounds of his thrusts and how your puffy cute pussy clenches around him made James moan louder through the phone, and you can hear the wet sounds his cock is making against his hand. “You hear that, love? Prongs s’gonna cum with the thought of your adorable pussy.”
James’s loud groan indicated to you that he did in fact cum.
“You like it when your sister’s boyfriend makes you his personal slut?” His hand reached between your bodies, rubbing your clit in tiny shapes. 
“Y-Yes!” The desperation in your voice is priceless. “Fuck, p-please.”
“Are you gonna cum? Pretty girl?” James’s hoarse voice next to you almost felt as if he was right there. “Are you gonna make a mess on Pads’ cock?”
“I can feel your tight pussy swallowing my cock, sweetheart.” The man above you is wild, driving you insane.
“Are you gonna milk his cock like the good girl you are?” 
“Fuck, s’good.”
Sirius groaned lewdly at the way you came, squeezing him impossibly harder, feeling you come undone under him, seeing the way your back arched in pleasure, how your eyes rolled to the back of your skull, and the sweet, sweet way you yelled his name. The warm feeling of hot, strings of cum inside you is literally overwhelming, and when he pulled out, you can feel it almost squirting out of you, making a mess on the purple bedsheets. 
“Such a mess.” He panted, running a hand through his hair. “You better wash those sheets, lovely, unless you want your sister to know I fucked you dumb in her bed.”
“Fuck, she can make a mess on me whenever she wants.” 
“You hear that bunny? What do you think if we invite Prongs for breakfast tomorrow?” Long fingers gather some of his cum and yours, pushing it back inside your empty hole. 
“Only if she’s the dessert.”
Tumblr media
Sorry for any mistakes! English is not my first language. I appreciate any feedback!˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ 
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trouvailleamor · 9 months
Remus pauses, opens his mouth then closes it, before he tries again. “He’s staying with us indefinitely. The social worker assured us it could become permanent.”
Remus’s mother takes a pause too, and Remus can practically hear her turning his words over in her mind. She takes a breath before she speaks again.
“And is that something you want?” she asks, words careful. “For it to be permanent?”
“Yes,” Remus says, without any hesitation. “Yes, I do.”
“Oh, Remus,” she says. “You’re quite happy, aren’t you?”
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harrypotterjelly · 3 months
okay but is this wolfstar in real life??
(@noirvacancy on tiktok)
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mischief-marauders · 5 months
The time James Potter swore that if Gryffindor won the house cup, he’d bleach his hair. Guess who won the house cup that year.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thebibutterflyao3 · 22 days
Sirius: …send tweet.
James: *refreshes screen* WTF?
Remus: Sirius, no.
Regulus: *snort laughs*
Peter: *reading aloud* @Prongs isn’t just a brother-fucker, he’s a sibling-sampler, a kin-knuckler, a relative-railer.
Lily: ‘Kin-knuckler’?
Sirius: When a bloke-
Remus: Absolutely not!
James: *tackles Sirius*
Regulus: *wheeze laughing*
Peter: It’s best not to ask questions, I find.
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