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Custom Legend of Zelda Gamecube made by rawtalentart
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The Proper Window
Yeah...the Proper Window...because it’s propped open...you get it? I’m a sucker for a good pun, what can I say? Anyway...
Another new set of windows, this one actually started as a 4T2 conversion done by @cozy-sims, but as with most 4t2 conversions, I hated the textures, hated the mapping, but liked the general mesh that EA came up with and the idea of it. So I took the meshes from there, edited them more to my liking and give them a more general vibe, and then of course recolored the crap out of them in my usual colors, plus added some woven textures. Two subsets so things can be chosen independently.
Comes in two tile, one tile, and diagonal versions of both. 19 Pooklet Naturals and 10 ACYL colors for frame/shade. 19 additional woven shade recolors.
Huge thanks to @hugelunatic​ for helping me with making diagonal versions, enabling hoodview where I forgot to, and fixing wonky thumbnails!
Download - SFS
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Star Wars | Chiss Eyes V2
Thrawn (Sclera Only)
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Thrawn (Pupil Only)
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Thrawn (Pupil & Sclera)
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Glowing eyes (with emission maps)
Genetics: Swatches display as an additional eye color swatch in CAS
Thrawn (Sclera): SimFileShare | Google Drive Thrawn (Pupil): SimFileShare | Google Drive Thrawn (Pupil & Sclera): SimFileShare | Google Drive
This is an updated version of the previous Chiss Eyes post I made a few weeks ago. In Rebels, there are additional details on Thrawn’s eyes which make them appear to have a “stippled” texture and a “shimmer” effect. I completely remade the main texture, to more closely reflect the design from Rebels, and I played around with the emission & normal maps to try to recreate these effects. As a result these look less “realistic” than the previous iteration, yet are more faithful to the official design.
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❤️Sterek Valentine Week 2023❤️
5th Year Anniversary!
Regardless of your current relationship status, Valentine’s Day will be here soon. So let’s get creative and celebrate together for the fifth year in a row!
Sterek Valentine Week is an event that celebrates the eternal love between Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski, characters from Teen Wolf. This event runs through the week before Valentine’s Day (February 8th - February 14th). Each day has a “Valentine’s Day/Love” prompt assigned to it:
Sterek Valentine Week 2023
(Wednesday) February 8th - Wine 
(Thursday) February 9th - Scent
(Friday) February 10th - Velvet 
(Saturday) February 11th - Confession
(Sunday) February 12th - Lick
(Monday) February 13th - Rose
(Tuesday) February 14th - Honeymoon
How to participate:
All you have to do is examine the prompt list, and create a work/s that corresponds with your chosen prompt.
There’s no need to sign up!
All forms of fan work are acceptable (fic, art, edits, gifs sets, mood boards, vids, playlists etc).
Remember: Tag your work with our event’s tag, use trigger warnings and, tag for mature content if applicable.
How to post:
Publish and tag your work on your own tumblr and I will reblog it.
If by end of day, you don’t see your post reblogged on the event’s tumblr, feel free to send me a message with the link!
Or post your work to our collection on Archive of Our Own.
Event Tag: #sterekvalentineweek2023
Ao3 Link: Sterek_Valentine_Week (HERE)
For this event, late posting is ALWAYS welcome. The only rule is to not post your work too early. And this is just so we can space out the entries. If the date assigned to your prompt has passed, you are free to publish your work any day after.
I’ll be keeping tack of the tag, checking the blog, and watching Ao3 for new entries until about April.
Final note:
Feel free to ask questions! You can contact me via tumblr ask or message.
Now let’s have our best year yet! Happy Sterek Valentine Week 2023!
Please share the love and reblog/share this post so no one misses out. Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️
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Una de las cosas más importantes en una relación, en mi opinión, es la paciencia junto con la comprensión. Comprender la dificultad del otro y tener la paciencia para darle el apoyo necesario, es tan importante como decirle a diario que lo amas.
Seguen | Lluvias en Noviembre
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Most Used Mods for Sims 4 High School Years
Scumbumbo’s XML Injector Zerbu’s Venue Changes Rex’s Choose Classmates Ksuihuh’s More Students Lot 51′s Fashion Authority ADeepIndigo’s More Discipline, Shop Prom Outfit and Locker Notes MissyHissy’s Form Groups at School MissyHissy’s Phone Animation for Teens Only ChippedSims’ Locker Overhaul NateTheL0ser’s No High School Situational Outfit NateTheL0ser’s Cheer Meet uses Cheer Uniform SimsModelSimmer’s Two Prom Royalty NateTheL0ser’s Leave Me Alone about Early Graduation SimsModelSimmer’s Expanded Thriftea Serra’s Thrift Store Overhaul NateTheL0ser’s Dress Normal at Thrift Store IlexSims’ HSY Hanging Clothes Fix Lumpinou’s Re-Roll Wants MissyHissy’s Teen Interaction Reactions Cepzid’s Arcade Room Pack DerShayan’s Additional SimTuber Avatars
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Frog from Minecraft
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Custom Clear Nintendo DS Systems made by Kevin Zheng
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Update 12/3/2022 - BB Niche Match Cottage Bay Windows
Now with diagonals!
Huge thanks to @hugelunatic​ for not only helping me with making diagonal versions of the BB Niche Match Cottage Windows, but for also fixing the NH view and such on them that I completely forgot about, and an errant thumbnail!
Please redownload and replace ALL window files.
Download - SFS
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Vintage midcentury Hornsea Pottery mugs by John Clappison
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Rooms by Design, 1989
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inner modulations / colorful soul controllers / musical devices 
by darius greene / ghost owl attic
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Liara's New Armor | for Mass Effect 2 & 3 Legendary Edition
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