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crippled-sheep · a day ago
Something to understand that not all pain gets better by doing nothing. Sometimes laying in bed makes it worse.
Sometimes my hip fucks up and the only way to make it better is to walk on it, carefully, for like an hour.
Sometimes my back hurts in a way that means I can’t use my mobility aids without making it worse.
Sometimes my throat has issues only singing can fix.
So the whole “oh you said you were injured / in pain but then you went and did (__activity__), so clearly you were faking it” thing is entirely fucking meaningless.
You aren’t “catching fakers”, you are just fundamentally misunderstanding the human body.
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ionlytalktodogs · 26 days ago
Hot take but canes are not a limited resource. Most mobility aids aren’t but canes especially. Canes are $20 at a lot of stores like CVS, Walmart, etc. You aren’t taking that resource away from “real” disabled people (hint: you ARE a real disabled person) in fact buying more canes creates more demand and works to make more stores carry them for better prices. You aren’t faking being disabled or hurting disabled people, you’re working to make canes more accessible which is helping disabled people.
Get the cane.
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disableddyke · 6 months ago
sometimes you’ll see wheelchair users get up and walk a bit or a cane user pick up their cane and carry it instead of using it to walk and it doesn’t mean that they’re faking or they don’t actually need it, and it doesn’t give you the right to question them or ask them to prove they’re disabled. if you see a disabled person temporarily stop using their aids, mind your business and stop assuming you know anything about their situation. people who wear glasses don’t suddenly gain sight when they take them off, and i don’t magically become able-bodied when i carry my cane instead of use it. don’t assume otherwise.
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malfunctioned-entity · a month ago
hot take anyone who would benefit from a mobility aid deserves to have one. idc how disabled you are. if you think it’ll help you, even a little, you deserve it. you deserve that help.
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nostalgia-is-a-bitch-ah · 8 months ago
to the woman who just yelled "WHAT THE F***" in the middle of a grocery store because she saw me standing up from my wheelchair to grab a bottle of soy sauce in the top shelf:
just a reminder: people use wheelchairs for numbers of reason, some wheelchair users are not paralyzed, it's called ambulatory wheelchair and it's a very common thing. it's not funny to shout or call out someone for this, nor to say "it's a miracle!" and stuff like that. It's none of your business. Wheelchair users do not own you an explanation.
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cistematicchaos · 2 months ago
Choosing to use mobility aids is not giving up. 
It's actually a huge step to choose to pay attention and listen to your body's needs and you shouldn't have to be embarrassed or feel like a failure for using them.
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notabled-noodle · 3 months ago
mobility aids save lives. medication saves lives. paid sick leave saves lives. special considerations at school or work save lives.
anyone who tries to tell you any different is being ableist
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queerautism · 7 months ago
You can buy any mobility aid you want and can afford btw and this includes (but it's not limited to) canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, powerchairs, mobility scooters, etc etc you dont need to tell a single doctor beforehand, and anyone trying to make you think otherwise is a fucking cop
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flowercrowncrip · 4 months ago
Things should only be considered "wheelchair accessible" if they can accommodate groups with more than one wheelchair user.
Fed up of not being able to do things/ go places with my friends
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justseveralowls · 2 months ago
Reminder to my fellow spoonie/ disabled humans
-your mobility aids are not ruining you aesthetic
-your conditions do not make you a burden
-you are allowed to be angry
- you are allowed to grieve
- you are alllowed to seek joy
-you are allowed to make your life easier
-Your assistive devices are not weird or ugly they help you live and experience the world
-You are lovable
-you are valued
-Struggling or having flare ups is not a failure
- You dont need to explain yourself to anyone
- Your succeses are amazing even if they dont happen in the typical form or on a certain timeline
- You are allowed to take up space
- You dont have to be productive or inspiring 
- You aren’t alone
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wonderbutch · 6 months ago
just a reminder for my disabled followers and like. anyone else who wants to/needs to hear this:
you’re allowed to rely on and become dependant your mobility aid!! you’re allowed to become attached to it!! to use it even when your pain or mobility issues arent as bad. you can literally use it whenever you want!! its yours!! idc what ur parents and friends and peers tell you, its okay to be dependent on something that helps you.
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crippled-sheep · 2 months ago
I hate when I bring up accessibility and people are like “well, in the hypothetical situation where something like that were to happen-“.
it’s happening. Disabled people currently exist. I’m not giving you a thought experiment, I’m asking you to have consideration for other peoples real experiences.
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urbancripple · 10 months ago
The guide is now live. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and offered improvements on the original draft.
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soft-spoonie · a month ago
it's okay to use things that are typically associated with young children. diapers, bibs, pacifers, sippy cups, velcro shoes, onesies, stuffed animals, toys, etc. there's no shame in finding joy and comfort in these things, or using them as disability and neurodivergence aids. it's your life. it's your happiness. it's your wellbeing. that's all that should matter - not what people who don't have your best interest in mind think.
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 7 days ago
times where it’s okay to ask a random stranger on the street about their medical history, a list!
1. never.
2. seriously, don’t.
3. i’m not being difficult, just don’t do it.
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nostalgia-is-a-bitch-ah · 2 months ago
A brief guide on when it's okay to touch someone's mobility aid:
"When am I allowed to touch someone's mobility aid?" -> you are allowed if you have the owner's full consent, i.e. if they need it and it's far from reach or cannot grab it themselves and ask you specifically to grab it for them
"Can I take someone's mobility aid for a brief joke?" -> no, you can't
"Can I hide someone's mobility aid as a prank?" -> you absolutely cannot
"Even of they're my best friend/partner/coworker/relative?" -> yeah im (not) sorry you still need consent
"I did it before and my friend/partner/relative/coworker didn't say anything!" -> probably because they're so used to this kind of microaggressions they rather spend their energy on something else, this kind of reaction does not make your action okay. Silence does not replace consent.
(This includes ableds using disabled parking spaces and bathrooms and ableds petting service dogs when they shouldn't)
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trans-axolotl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Described in alt text)
I made crutches for the bear I just sewed!! When the bear is velcroed into the forearm crutches he can actually balance :) I really love the way he looks and I think the crutches are so fun!! He looks like me!!!!!
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