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just setting this here
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justadudesdrawings · 21 hours
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All of the Bowser x Luigi fan art made me want to do my own version!
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beansprean · 2 days
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beach episode when???
....you can really tell we're in hiatus, huh.
(ID in alt and under cut)
ID: 1. Full body of the whole household standing on the beach at night. From left to right we have: Colin Robinson, dressed in a beige speedo, striped brown bucket hat, white socks, and leather sandals, smiling and holding the Nadja doll in the crook of his elbow. He is completely hairless. Dolly, Nadja, and Laszlo are dressed in matching vintage bathing suits, a black one piece with red polka dots at booty short length with a sweetheart neckline and thin shoulder straps. They also all have matching wedge shoes in the same color. Dolly has all her hair pulled up in a high bun with a pink flower tucked on the left side and is wearing a pink coverup. She is smiling easily in Colin's arms with her hinged knees pulled up daintily. Nadja stands with her hair in the same style, dark leg hair free to the wind, holding a clear green inner tube under her right arm and her left hand laced with Laszlo's. She looks excited to be back on a beach and is smiling, peeking over at her husband from the corner of her eye. Laszlo peeks back with a grin of his own, twirling a lacy parasol over his shoulder with his free hand. The neckline of his swimsuit shows off some moderate chest hair. His hair is up in a bun and he has a red kerchief tied gayly around his neck. Standing slightly in front is Nandor, hands on his hips, wearing what looks like either a wrestler's leotard or an extremely skimpy one piece swimsuit. Brick red, cut high in the leg and low at the chest to show off maximum body hair, of which there is a relative forest. He also has the same ring necklace and leather arm brace he wore to the gym along with knee high leather boots. On the far end is Guillermo, dressed in flipflops, plain blue swim trunks, and a white tee shirt. He has a soft cooler strapped over his shoulder and is holding an ornate long-handled feather fan in both hands, which he is flapping continuously by the side of Nandor's head. Nandor has a vaguely annoyed expression, hair blowing around and into his face, and says, "That is enough fanning, now, Guillermo." Guillermo, who is tomato-red and nervously looking everywhere except at his housemates, doesn't seem to hear.
2. Nandor, soaking wet and leaning over to squeeze out his hair with both hands, steps up next to Guillermo to ask "Guillermo, will you not get in the water?" He is surrounded by sparkles and Guillermo looks away with red cheeks and a pained smile, holding his hand up as if warding off the shine. He replies, "No, thank you. I'm good."
3a. Nandor shouts, "Nonsense!" and with a big fangy grin he tosses Guillermo up in the air, spinning towards the ocean. Guillermo, upside down in midair, looks understandably shocked. 3b. Close up on a big sploosh in the sea as Guillermo makes his landing, Nandor standing on the beach in the background with a big grin, hands proudly on his hips.
4a. Close up on Guillermo as he breaches the sea with a gasp, standing up in the waist-high water with his arms spread out in surprise, eyes wide and angry as he catches his breath. His white shirt is now see through and plastered to the skin of his belly and chest, dark nipples visible through the fabric. He shouts, "Nandor, what the fuck!!" 4b. Close up on Nandor in profile as he watches Guillermo heatedly from the beach, biting his lip with a small smile as his cheeks flush purple. Offscreen, Guillermo shouts "Wha- my glasses, where are my glasses?!" In the background, Nadja and Laszlo are reclined together on a towel under the parasol, watching Guillermo with mild interest. Laszlo has dug out a pair of opera glasses to see better. At their feet, Dolly is buried to her neck in sand with two large bucket-shaped sand boobs above her chest. On their far side is Colin, sitting cross-legged on the sand and slathering sunscreen uselessly over every exposed bit of skin. He grins over toward Guillermo and shouts back, "Looking good, Gizmo!" /end ID
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dionis-kaos · 3 days
Another Dreamling // Otro Dreamling para alegrar el día mientras esperamos la noche 😌✨🌌
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totallynotacult · 2 days
I found it so funny that NO ONE questioned Omar Rudeberg (a feminine guy) in being unlabelled but the second Kit Connor (someone who’s more masculine) wont 100% confirm his sexuality its “oh he’s queer baiting” “hes straight and just saying he isnt!” Like damn just say you think all queer men are feminine and go
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sch-uwu-lchen · 3 days
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Queer Images from Akram Zaatari’s Curated Archival Collection of Hashem El Madani’s Studio Practices
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mlmlover-thoughts · 2 days
my goal is having a boyfriend whose brain short circuits when he sees me
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elainiisms · 2 days
gay as hell like
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keistoji · 14 hours
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baby’s sleeping 🥺🍃
don’t repost pls
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living-in-love · 1 day
loving you is like watching the sunrise through the blinds on a lazy spring morning. everything is warm, with a touch of orange and pink. baby birds chirp with glee to start the new day. a little kid and their new puppy play in their backyard, neither without a single care in the world.
yeah. loving you is just like that. not a single care in the world.
all that matters is you and me.
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destiny dudebros fuming about the kiss™️ got me laughing so hard like these men are acting like it came without warning when lore tabs have shamelessly shown saint/osiris being affectionate, bungee employees have outright tweeted "Yeah they're gay there's no question", & most saint interactions for the past few seasons have been him being distraught over waiting for his lover to wake up please it's so fucking funny
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ana-bolism · 2 days
I'm a lesbian who recently got really into heartstopper, which has inadvertently launched me into the mlm side of tumblr. And as a newbie, I've noticed that mlm tumblr has exactly 3 types of posts:
" *heavy breathing* you know when boys do that thing where um. where they stretch and then their shirt rolls up a bit and you can see their torso?? HNGGGGGGG ASFHFSASD"
"I wish a boy would come cuddle me rn :((("
Unhinged t4t posts
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johannestevans · 3 days
men LOVE to take cues from izzy hands and wear a little kerchief with a ring
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beansprean · 12 hours
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Some misc ghost au stuff 💕
(ID in alt and under cut)
ID: 1a. Ghost Guillermo slumped over, leaning an elbow on his tail with his cheek resting in his palm, doing a talking head. There is a small mic on the table in front of him, text nearby explaining he can't wear a lapel mic. Guillermo says, "My unfinished business... I really don't know. There's too much I missed out on in life to even narrow it down. I'm not that invested in keeping the house clean or anything. Besides, like they said, I'd be here forever." 1b. Guillermo lifts his head up, horror crossing over his face as he whispers "What if I'm here forever??" The table mic slowly lifts itself up, surrounded by Guillermo's ghostly blue glow and unnoticed by the spectre himself.
2a. Talking head with Colin, looking a little annoyed as he explains "Yeah, I can't feed from ghosts, which is super frustrating since they're basically pure energy. It's like having a can of Pepsi with the tab clipped off. Or trying to suck a super thick milkshake through a coffee stirrer. 2b. B roll of Colin licking his lips hungrily and staring at Ghost Guillermo as he drags a body past. Colin's voiceover continues, "Guess this is how the sanguinarian vamps have always felt around Gizmo. The forbidden snack! Haha, so tempting..."
3a. Talking head with Guillermo - the producer asks offscreen "You implied before that your unfinished business may have...something to do with Nandor?" Blushing and forcing a reassuring smile, Guillermo waves his hands in front of him and replies "Oh! No. No. No, no, no. That would be...that can't be it. I was never planning on telling him anything." 3b. Guillermo drops his hands and his smile and looks away with a grimace, reddening further as he mumbles, "Like he didn't already know... Besides, that's all in the past! I may be single again, but that doesn't mean I'm going backwards."
4a. Nandor ducks into the room wearing his travel cloak, chin raised imperiously, and announces, "Guillermo! I am going out to track your useless sire and save your mortal soul. No need to thank me or anything." Guillermo immediately whips his head around to give Nandor an adoring smile, obediently saying "Thank you, Master!" with a heart. Nandor replies "Of course." 4b. Guillermo turns back to the camera with a glare, cheeks red and the ghostly blue glow intensifying behind him in an intimidating way. He points a finger at the camera and snaps "Shut. Up." /end ID
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sheboyfriend · 3 days
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Dunas, são como divãs
(To my international followers, please do yourself a favour and watch this Portuguese homoerotic classic: youtu.be/HckV7T0NHno)
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yourdailyqueer · 3 days
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Peter Shaffer (deceased)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
DOB: 15 May 1926  
DOD: 6 June 2016
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
Nationality: British
Occupation: Playwright, screenwriter, writer
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