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Simone de Beauvoir, from Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 2, 1928-9; Monday, November 5
Text ID: —I have so much love in me that I would like to cry;
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no comment [x]
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rafaelsilvasource · 3 months
Screen Rant: Okay, so if you were to do another crossover with Lone Star, is there a certain character you'd want Buck to interact with?
Oliver Stark: Yeah, I think it's—I don't want to say a shame because I really, really loved the crossover episode—but it was a shame to not get any kind of play with Carlos. I have a lot of respect for Rafael as an actor and as a person. I always think he comes across as so sweet, and anytime we've met, it's always been a lovely interaction. So yeah, I would really love for our characters to end up in some scenes together at some point in the future.
911′s Oliver Stark mentioning Rafael Silva in his recent interview with Screen Rant - September 16, 2022
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vpervaffanculo · 6 months
Vi prego vi scongiuro non serve proprio a niente la frase ad effetto fintopoetica sotto ai nudes, non serve scomodare nessun autore e nemmeno il dizionario visto che ora va di moda spiegare il significato di un qualche termine a caso che conosciamo benissimo, siamo nel 2022 e non dobbiamo giustificare la voglia di mostrare una tetta o una fetta di culo abbiate pietà per voi stessi e per noi.
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Natura ed arte. 1892. Header.
Internet Archive
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baraste-legacy · 1 month
Who are your 3 least favorite Swtor companions and why?
It's a difficult question, because I haven't experienced their full ranges (all the combinations of male and female player character counterparts, romance and not); and, at the time SWTOR launched, I was both frantically following some friends' progression towards endgame and exploring BioWare's reputed romance storylines — after the rewarding experiences of Dragon Age and Mass Effect — in a manner I probably shouldn't have, almost academic: that is, pursuing romance even if my characters wouldn't, really, just to see what happened.
So, any choice would be uninformed or unfair.
That said, a problem I found in SWTOR, specially after having finished some DA and ME titles just a little before, was that the companions' dialogue and storylines went too hard too fast on their stereotypes, oftentimes becoming paradoxically bland as a result (they are actually nuanced, but for some reason that doesn't land in me unless I stop to consider them properly).
Funnily enough, the companions that clicked almost instantly are the ones that are paper-thin-singleminded, such as a Blizz, a Khem Val, Treek or, yes, Tanno Vik 😛: they just flow very well.
(You could say that Doc, from a male PC point of view, is the Tanno Vik of medicine 🤔)
Then we have this "second generation", Theron Shan and Lana Beniko, where the writers somehow nailed the rhythm and progression of the relationships.
So, I don't care for many of them, and others I dislike — that is, my characters dislike — for valid in-story reasons, which make me appreciate them from an objective-ish point of view (the companion character's circumstances leading to their behavior) and a gamer (how BioWare implemented them). Sometimes it is hard to keep that objectivity, though: the KotFE/KotET newcomers were too wonky in places.
So, difficult to say, least favorites: there are many, actually, but surely undeservedly so.
Oh, wait: Skadge, of course. Absolutely 😁.
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allthosepokeballs · 6 months
Pokémon Battle Arena / Sports Field
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vintage-tech · 2 months
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This wooden box of random old items came up at the local Goodwill. Represented are some office supplies (tacks, paper brads) and some stuff from the garage (fuses, tire patches), plus a big tin of moth killer.
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I'm not sure if this counts as a prompt, but I thought it might fit the theme of your blog. I hope you like it! "A sailor saw a swimming girl, with a fish's tail of silver and pearl. She beckoned him with a laugh and a hand, tempting him from the safety of land. She took a hold and spun him around, and with a laugh and a kiss she dragged him down."
this is a little long to make it into a prompt, but i'll share it here for anyone that might be inspired:)
- L
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wordspin-shares · 6 months
Picrew OC Tag Game
I was tagged by @darthnell​ to create my OCs using [this] picrew. It was fun! Thank you!
I did my TVD OC, Claire, since she’s my main muse right now.
Tumblr media
If you feel like it, I’m tagging: @heresthefanfiction​, @thecharmedburrowspn-files​, @darknightfrombeyond​, @asirensrage​, @raith-way​, @deliahscrush2003​, @bluebell-winter​, @stachedocs​, @waterloou​, @honeyandsunflowers​, and anyone else who wants to try this!
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Marian Engel, from Notebooks: “Ah, Mon Cahier, čoute”
Text ID: I fade into dreams.
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the roles that we play are paved with cruel intentions 🐀
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vpervaffanculo · 5 months
In un mondo fatto di gente con l'armatura, i paletti, i muri, gli aculei e i cazzi in culo quanto è bello quel momento in cui si schiude quell'involucro di formalità e si parla senza filtro e ti senti libera di dire tutto ciò che vuoi perchè l'altra persona fa lo stesso senza imbarazzo, senza giudicare, senza pentirsene, senza niente. La riscoperta del piacere di mettersi a nudo con qualcuno sarà sempre sottovalutata.
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randomleafoflove · 2 months
Miscellaneous information for my Wen Xiachen AU.
霞 – xia – red clouds 晨 – chén – morning, dawn, daybreak
霞晨 – Xiachen
为什么 – Wei Shen Me – why, for what reason (Wei Ying’s sword)
雯 – Wén – multi colored clouds, last name of Xiachen’s disciples
Fengmi – plentiful or abundant silk
Xilei – to admire thunder
Laniao - chattering bird
Jin Laniao - mother of Wen Xiachen, concubine to Wen Ruohan, older shu sister of Jin Guangshan, died of complications during a miscarriage.
Jin Fengmi - Jin Laniao’s dowry servant, born into a long line of shu children and barely recognized as a member of the Jin clan, was almost wed to a non-cultivator but chose to disfigure herself instead, weak cultivation but manages to use hers in ways most cultivators don’t (assassin/spy)
Wen Xilei - Wen Xiachen’s guard and head of security, Wen Ruohan’s informant
A-Lin - one of the first five street kids thrown into Wen Xiachen’s isolation/sense deprivation cells, fanatically loyal
Zhao Zhuliu – 13 years older than WWX, married Wen Shao, very dry wit, extremely loyal
Wen Xiachen, shijie – 12 years older than WWX. Wen Xu almost managed to drown her just after Jin Laniao died, she was eight, he was five. Instead of death, she got the memories of a dead depressed millennial, and has been abusing the knowledge of the characters of MDZS, as well as the miscellaneous knowledge of the modern world
Wen Shao er-shijie – 11 years older than WWX – name means excellent, harmonious. Embroiders Xiachen’s clothes, married Zhao Zhuliu, pregnant with third child by canon, no humor, one of the second batch of street kids that experienced Wen Xiachen’s isolation/sense deprivation cells
Wen Tui san-shijie – 10 years older than WWX – name means to retreat, to withdraw. Cheat’s at weiqi, will have a wife at some point
Wen Pinde si-shixion – 8 years older than WWX – name means moral character. Patient until roused, extremely protective, married a mid-ranking Wen maiden
Wen Quwei wu-shijie – 7 years older than WWX – name means fun, interest, delight, taste, liking, preference. Plays every instrument, wants to figure out musical cultivation, no time for romance (ace), ran away from the brothel she was born to
Wen Zhu & Wen Ji liu-shijie and qi-shijie – 6 years older than WWX – Zhu and Ji both mean pearls. Zhu deals in poisons, Ji practices healing cultivation, their father died before they were born, they were a happy surprise to the family, hence pearls
Wen Lingchang, A-Hui ba-shixiong – 4 years older than WWX – name means live long and prosper. Sickly as a child, clumsy, knows fan dancing
Wen Wuxian, A-Ying jiu-shidi
Jin Laniao’s dowry: Jin Fengmi, three tea farms, seven rice farms, one silk farm, a mountainous orchard, 100 cattle, 70 pigs, 40 horses, 200 chickens, 20 goats, 30 sheep, and enough jade and gold to shame an empress.
What Wen Xiachen inherited: Jin Fengmi, three tea farms, seven rice farms, one silk farm, a mountainous orchard, 60 cattle, 35 pigs, 50 horses, 170 chickens, 25 goats, 50 sheep, and enough jade and gold to shame an empress
What Wen Xiachen did with it: figured out smoked tea and bought more tea farms and a smokery, and fallow land for tree cultivation. Sent one of her “pets” to manage it, gets monthly reports. Started trying to increase the rice yield by cross breeding fat rice grain strain with numerous rice grain strain. It is slow going, but shows promise. Took one look at the silk manufacturing and commissioned a talisman that stopped live animals entering the mulberry grove to let the silkworms eat in peace. It tripled the silk output, and she buys new farms every so often. She has become the Lan sect’s main silk provider. The orchard was on the eastern end on Qinling mountain range and had mainly plum trees. Xiachen would have preferred apples or pears, but made do with plums, and started to cultivate sweeter plums. It was still a work in progress. The sheep and goats were taken to the tree cultivar areas and kept there to keep grass and hey down and to fertilize the soil, because they all had tag talismans that alerted one of the workers if they stepped outside the fenced area or were in any way injured, so there was no particular need to keep them where one could see them. And she started husbandry projects for all the animals, bigger and more milk for the cows, stronger bulls, speed and stamina for the horses rather than strength, size for the pigs and chickens, and finer hair for the sheep and goats. The tea business and silk farms were turning in a hefty profit by the time A-Ying was brought to the fold, so his impression of Xiachen’s finances is slightly screwed, she just doesn’t like shark fin and abalone and sees no point in hiring a seamstress to embroider her clothes when A-Shao would do it willingly. The chores are for character building and understanding the struggles of non-cultivators.
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Campagna della svizzera Welti-Furrer, che si occupa di spedizioni e stoccaggio di opere d’arte. We transport fine art as carefully as if we had created it ourselves, ovvero 'trasportiamo le opere con attenzione, come se le avessimo crfeate noi stessi'.
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ispirato da Salvador Dalì
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ispirato da Frida Kahlo
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ispirato da Andy Warhol
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ispirato da Vincent Van Gogh
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