#miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir
frostedpuffs · 2 days ago
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enjoy the first chapter to what is going to be a series of dumbassery and romantic tension
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New Miraculous Season 5 Airdates!
Anddddd WE ARE BACK!! 
After 3 long months, we FINALLY have news on new airdates and, by extension, this blog is back in buisness !! 
Before we get straight to it, but it’s worth mentioning a few things:
1. Included below are the airdates for the Evolution and Mulitplication english dubs, which I know many people were waiting on! 
2. While Gloob hasn’t released any air dates yet, as revealed in this trailer (spoilers!) they are also airing in october and, with their airing history, might end up airing before disney channel US does, but we’ll see!  
3. According to this tweet by ambassador Anita, episodes 6, 7, 10, and 18 are ready for release, so we should hopefully expect dates from those soon! This season is trying to actually air chronologically so we probably won’t hear about these until episodes 5, 8, and 11-17 are ready, but you never know!
But anyhow, i’ve updated my pinned post, the chronological order is under the cut, andddd here they are!! Excited to be back y’all!! 
EVOLUTION ENGLISH DUB  Airdate: October 8th  Time: 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time Channel: Disney Channel USA Language: English 
MULTIPLICATION ENGLISH DUB  Airdate: October 15 Time: 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time Channel: Disney Channel USA  Language: English 
DESTRUCTION Airdate: October 22 Time: 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time Channel: Disney Channel USA  Language: English 
JUBILIATION Airdate: October 29 Time: 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time Channel: Disney Channel USA  Language: English 
(chronological order under cut)
S5E01- Evolution ✔️
S5E02- Multiplication ✔️
S5E03- Destruction
S5E04- Jubilation
S5E05- Illusion
S5E06- Determination
S5E07- Passion
S5E08- Reunion
S5E09- Exaltation
S5E10- Transmission (The Kwami's Choice Pt. 1)
S5E11- Deflagration (The Kwami's Choice Pt. 2)
S5E12- Perfection
S5E13- Migration
S5E14- Derision
S5E15- Intuition
S5E16- Protection
S5E17- Adoration
S5E18- Emotion
S5E19- Pretension
S5E20- Revelation
S5E21- Confrontation
S5E22- Collusion
S5E23- Revolution
S5E24- Representation
S5E25- Confirmation (The Last Day Pt. 1)
S5E26- Re-Creation  (The Last Day Pt. 2)
[NOTE:  You may have seen this episode listed as ep 27 on some lists, but Action has been confirmed to be outside the chronological order of this season, being an environmental PSA episode with no effect on the plot. For more info, see this tweet]
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my-miraculous-love · 2 days ago
Since Ladybug is now falling for Chat Noir...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Adrien is now falling for Marinette...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Marichat dynamic is gonna be even better when they interact in Season 5!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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arioodle · 2 days ago
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thank u all for 600 followers!!!! cute chat noir as a treat
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nervousbelieverstarfish · 2 days ago
No one:
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Danny Devito as Ladybug, made because Nyx asked if it existed in Miraculous Discordance a while back
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car-toons · 2 days ago
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dame-chat-blanc · a day ago
Lila: Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something?
Nino: Nope, absolutely not.
Alya: I hope it sucks, whatever you're going through.
Chloe: I hope it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life.
Adrien: I hope you reach out to me so I can ignore you.
Marinette: I can't wait to go to your funeral, knowing I could've changed that outcome
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shamelesswastelandsoul · 2 days ago
There is just something about when Ladybug and Chat Noir de-transformed in front of each other with their eyes closed. The trust, the intimacy, the love and care for each other in those moments is just something that makes me lose my mind.
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ijustliketoreadstuff · a day ago
Why they don’t use the powerups more often.
Ever since we found out that Ladybug and cat noir could use powerups, people have begun to wonder why they don’t use them more often in fights, well, the answer is quite simple really , its not just because its a power which needs to saved for special occasions, but because they don’t have very many to eat to use, let alone share with the other heroes, on a regular bases and unfortunately they can’t just easily make more potions to mix in with the macaroons and cheese, because they don’t know the ingredients!
 When master Fu translated parts of the Grimoire which specified the list of ingredients to make the potions, people forget that all the info he translated was in his tablet, but when Hawkmoth finally tracked down master Fu in “Heart Hunter” he not only took the miracle box, but the tablet as well!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And without the Tablet,  Marinette was left with no other choice but to use what little she had learned from Fu to decipher the grimoire all over again. Marinette was barely learning how to decipher and translate the grimoire before master Fu lost his memory, and even though she doesn’t have his tablet of what was already translated, she did have the printed copy of the grimoire from her lessons with Fu.
Tumblr media
Fu translated enough of the grimoire to uncover the recipes for the powerup potions, however, even he needed to figure out just what each ingredient was, the ingredients in the book have never been straight forward, 
“A branch from the Dragon kings garden, that’s seaweed”
“Secret kept in a shell, that’s an oyster pearl”
‘“Dust from the sky, now precious, will fix the wings of the injured animal"
And so in “Mr. pigeon 72″ when Ladybug is seen going full blown chemist mode, mixing the various ingredients in a pot, we see that she wasn’t just trying to figure out a way to stop Hawkmoth from akumatizing people, she was trying to figure out how to translate the grimoire pages and recreate the potions Fu gave her and Cat Noir, but figuring out the translations, the ingredients and the right ratios proved to be far more complicated that expected, resulting in explosion after explosion in her room after each failed mixture.
Tumblr media
 Fu didn’t give Marinette the information in his tablet because he was still in the process of teaching her how to understand the writing and because he never imagined the possibility of being left with no other choice but to pass on the box to Marinette before Hawkmoth could take advantage of all the miraculous. 
Hawkmoth has not used any potions to his advantage because it is he and Nooro who need to take them, not his akumatized villains. Using the powerups would mean that he would need to expose himself out in the open to use the power to fight Ladybug and Cat Noir, and he alone can not risk being out in the open for to long because he prioritized working in the shadows and using others to preserve his own identity. 
Tumblr media
She couldn’t ask Su-Han for help either because Marinette very quickly realized that he would be actively judging her to determine if she was fit to be a guardian and this alone would leave to more complications as she realized he was to set in his old ways and would be difficult to persuade in understanding that being a guardian should not be strictly by the book and that she was still fit to be guardian even if she didn’t understand the grimoire yet. 
Tumblr media
Marinette and Adrien have a very limited supply of the potions master Fu gave to them before he lost his memory, and until Marinette can retranslate the grimoire pages and figure out just what in the world the ingredients really are and how to mix them properly, she and Cat Noir need to be very cautious about when they should use the macaroon and cheese powerups they have now, which is why we never see them use the powerups more often even in situations like in “Crocodule” when Ladybug had Cat Noir launch her and Purple Tigress into the air with his staff . If there’s another way to do something without the use of the powerups, then they will do so to save it for another day. 
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emdoddles · 2 days ago
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Queen Bee with the Butterfly miraculous.
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my-miraculous-love · a day ago
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When these two hold each other, it's rarely a calm and cute situation.
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miraculoussly · 2 days ago
DJWiFi is the kind of ship where they're unknowingly really cute and get legitimately confused when they catch someone staring at them going "awww" because they just treat each other like best friends??
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nervousbelieverstarfish · 2 days ago
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Wild LADRIEN appeared!
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frostedpuffs · 24 days ago
I have a really specific request but can you draw Adrien and Marinette as MLP Ponies please :)
listen i dont normally take requests but anon...you have no idea how much i absolutely live and breathe cringe. i got so excited when i saw this in my inbox. OF COURSE i made a whole au
(i have to thank my friends for helping me flesh this au out with their amazing ideas. i was stuck on what to do with adrien's cutie mark for the longest time!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
marinette is a pegasus and adrien is a unicorn! marinette has a lot of energy and would be buzzing around all over the place all the time. she is almost always flying! her wings are small, so she has to flap them really fast to stay afloat (like a bug's wings!) her special talent is designing, so i based her cutie mark off of the plum blossoms on her shirt and added a ladybug and sewing needle. though she doesn't have the aid of telekinesis like a unicorn would, she doesn't let that stop her from creating amazing art and clothing!
adrien comes from a long line of regal unicorns and is tall and lanky. he is unfortunately a blank flank even as a teenager due to the fact that he has not had the chance to explore many interests yet from his strict upbringing. he is a little insecure about it but he tries not to let it get to him, especially since his makeup team does a pretty good job of applying a fake one because it would be "unfortunate for the brand" if gabriel agreste's son still had not received his cutie mark as such a late age! not even his friends know he is a blank flank...not yet, at least. he does not like the fake cutie mark.
his father does put him into a lot of studies, including magic studies. adrien is a pretty skilled magic user but it's not his passion. he doesn't discover his true passion until after he meets marinette and his other friends.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the miraculous are still a thing in this au. adrien/chat noir wears his ring on his horn! when they're transformed, they become temporary alicorns, gaining a magic-based horn for ladybug and wings for chat noir.
Tumblr media
one of my favorite headcanons for adrien's future career is that he finds a love for baking, so i used that here!!! when baking with marinette one day he discovers that baking is his special talent and he really, really loves it, earning his cutie mark (a cupcake in chat noir colors) a moment later :') they are both VERY excited! adrien would come clean about the fake cutie mark to the public and would become an advocate for blank flanks everywhere, reminding ponies that it's okay to take their time to figure themselves out and to not try and pressure themselves into finding their special talent when it's not the right time, because it will come eventually.
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car-toons · 2 days ago
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bugabella · 2 months ago
a lot of people have been making posts imagining what stan twitter would look like in the mlb universe, and as someone who’s been on stan twitter since the way-too-young age of 13, i figured i’d take a crack at it. have this
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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