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miirabel · 10 months
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THE MADRIGAL FAMILY + celestial bodies
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zai-n-sandysky · 10 months
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Sisters’ down time
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doodledwarf · 11 months
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Wholesome fun bc i need it
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bubba-h · 10 months
There are 3 options for the scene where Bruno is parkouring through the wall and goes back to catch Mirabel:
1) The hole is new due to the widening cracks in the Casita spreading (seems unlikely due to the skill and speed he was able to jump that pit)
2) He got wrapped up in the moment and forgot the pit isn't very deep.
3) In 10 years, he never questioned there being a fathomless pit in the walls of the Casita (which tracks given his room)
My favorite is option 3.
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ameamaranth · 10 months
Mirabel: [draws a stick girl]
Camilo: girl?
Dolores: lady?
Antonio: school girl?
Luisa: only child?
Mirabel: [shakes head and draws another stick girl]
Luisa: classmates?
Pepa: maria and Anita from Bruno's telenovela?
Camilo: best friends?
Dolores: companions?
Mirabel: [shakes head and draws a heart over the two stick girls]
Dolores: roommates!
Camilo: best friends! Accept my answer!
Pepa: broom-mates?
Luisa: five feet apart?
Camilo: gal pals!
Isabela: why do I feel like this is going to be a dig on me?
Mirabel: [shakes head and points at Isabela]
The family: ahhh! A lesbian!
Isabela: there it is
Mirabel: YES!
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rurivu · 10 months
I have been in the Encanto community for a very long time and have not seen a Gender-Bender version🤔
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rae-arts777 · 11 months
Isabela: just be yourself
Mariano: I have one day to win over Dolores’ parents, be myself? I mean how long did it take for you guys to like me?
Luisa: eh..couple weeks.
Mirabel: Six months.
Camilo: jury is still out
Mariano: see?! Be myself what garage advice is that?
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stardustpinkart · 8 months
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We dont really get too much look in certain members of the family. Hopefully if they do an Encanto tv series we will(id love it if the animation style was the same as Tangled Tv series). But from what I get off Felx he gives off a very positive energy. Warm, friendly, CLEARLY loves his wife(like Gomez Addams level adoration).
I hc hes very laidback, friendly, always trying to make people feel good, cracking jokes, making them laugh, great with the kids. So heres a lil 6/7 year old Mira and Cami getting playful tickles in the form of a cheesey little kids would eat up joke :)
“How do you make an Octopus laugh? You give him TEN-TICKLES!”
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helpithinkimbroken · 9 months
Camilo: Seven foot frame, rats along his back,
Mirable: *that dont sound right*
Bruno: Did you know that when a person finds out you lied you sneeze? its a strange supersition i made in my rat televisions-
Camilo somewhere in the house: ACHOO!
Mirable: *ah, thought so.*
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snufflesash · 10 months
5 Times Camilo Madrigal and Y/N Ran Into Each Other and It Was Unpleasant + the 1 Time It Wasn't.
(Or, how their interactions get progressively less unpleasant through the years.)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , +1
Tumblr media
It was always someone's quinceanera.
Camilo loved his casita, and it certainly came with more benefits than disadvantages. It just so happens that his family's obligation to their village meant that they were more often than not hosting quinces for just about every 15 year old girl, was a disadvantage.
Surprise dress fittings that called for Camilo to shift into said person for convenience and be poked and prodded and measured, every member of his family running around and bumping into each other as they worked their gifts frantically to get everything ready, Camilo having to be steered away from the food at all times because no one trusts him to not devour it all. Thought he can't blame them, he just might.
Today was the star of the quince in question, Amira's, dress day, which meant Camilo was to head to the dressmakers and be measured. They would then create a set of dresses that would later be presented to Amira for her to pick from. The usual routine.
He was certainly excited.
Shifting into someone else always felt different than when he was in his own skin. There's a sort of tingling, unique to each person he shifted into. Amira's tingle was below her knees, all the way down to the top of her feet. The feel of Amira's custom dresses on his her legs felt...not horrible.
He was taking a break and stuffing his face with Tia Julietta's packed lunch in the kitchen, when he heard footsteps. He was still shifted as Amira, and didn't feel like shifting back, much more interested in his arepas. He'll just have to hope everyone was busy enough they wouldn't notice him.
He was refraining from licking his fingers clean when he heard someone clear their throat. Camilo put his arepa down. There went going by unnoticed.
He turned and flashed a grin. "Hola."
A kid around his age was standing at the doorway, a frown on their face and knuckles white from the grip on the basket of fabrics in front of them. "Can I help you?" They asked with one perfectly arched eyebrow.
Camilo faltered, for a moment only. "I live here."
The person's eyes narrowed and the corner of their mouth twitched adorably before lifting their chin in a challenge. "No you don't."
Camilo was at a loss. This was a more hostile turn than he was used to. "Uh- don't I?"
"No, you're that Madrigal boy." They said, eyes now sparkling with mild amusement rather than with accusation.
Camilo released the tension in his shoulders and shook back into himself. "Heh, you caught me. How?"
The person put their basket onto the counter and leaned against it. "Well, for starters, Amira has more class than to stuff her face like that, no matter how hungry." They teased. "And Amira doesn't even live here."
Camilo's cheeks were definitely not burning with mortification, thank you very much.
He tried to redirect the conversation. "So, uh, who are you?"
They laughed, and started setting the fabrics in the basket onto the table. "I, on the other hand, do live here. My parents are the dressmakers."
This was going great for Camilo. "Oh, that's great, but I meant what-what's your name."
"Oh! Y/N."
Camilo grinned. "Why, nice to meet you, Y/N." He did a little shake and popped into the identical image of the person in front of him. "As aforementioned, I am Camilo."
Y/N didn't do anything but look at him with raised eyebrows, but their lips were pursed in a way he could tell they were suppressing a laugh.
"Nice to meet you as well, Camilo." They started arranging all the fabrics into coloured piles.
Camilo took one last bite of his arepa and wiped his hands clean. He walked over to Y/N and leaned against a chair and-
Promptly fell on his face.
Y/N burst out laughing, holding themself up with the table. Camilo managed to shift into his prima Mirabel (probably because she was prone to being clumsy as well) on his way down, and had to shake her off before standing upright, trying to hide his mortification. Why.
"A-are, you-" they giggled some more. "Are you alright-?"
Camilo laughed sheepishly, putting a hand on the back of his neck. "I'm fine." He was not. He has ruined his pride and he stubbed his toe and it hurts-
"Well, perhaps you should stay away from the chair for now." Y/N said with a smile on their face.
"Right." Camilo shuffled his feet, unsure how to recover from this catastrophe. "So! Need help with, all that?" He waved a hand at the piles of fabric.
Y/N pretended to consider for a moment. "Hm. As long as you don't manage to knock them all over-" Camilo winced, "-I suppose you could help."
Camilo smiled. "Always ready to help, amige."
They had been at it for an hour at least, sorting and then folding the fabrics, trading anecdotes and questions before someone called Camilo back to his casita to help with the decorations. Or something, he didn't really pay attention. He was called to help, he'd figure it out once he made it there. There was always something to do at the casita.
(He tried not to think about how he'd rather be in the company of the child of the dressmakers.)
I'm a week late, whOOPS, school caught up to me sorry loves
WELL. One more "unpleasant" interaction left and then the fluffy +1 ;)) My plan for the next chapter is a painful one
Taglist- @cxruscnt @alexloveskili @deffenferofjustice @naiosms @wt-fxck @xdyledz @heartsforcamilo
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morita-crowley · 11 months
Hey, here's a little reminder to stop gatkeeping shit!
Todays case: my new hyperfixation, Encanto.
Look I get it that Encanto is a big thing to latino and specifically Colombian peeps, but stop gatekeeping.
Generational trauma is not a latino thing only, fleeting your entire life as result of violence is a long human tradition, so please stop saying that non latino people won't understand that (my own grandparents would disagree).
Also, let people enjoy the OBVIOUS queer coding of characters, and for the love of the burning ball of gas stop saying it's just the white people that missed that point of the movie. IT DOESN'T MATTER, LET THEM ENJOY THEIR QUEER CODED CHARACTERS IN A DISNEY MOVIE.
Or those who talk about the effects of children being marked as "gifted" on them and the family.
Different people takes different things out of movies, so I know this is a big deal for some, but calm the fuck down.
You can gatekeep the ones that support incest, not the "I'm possessing my trauma here", but the "I really think those relatives were coded as a couple" people. 'Yall need some therapy.
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dorkdaya · 10 months
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Okay so first u guys have been blowing up my little peppa but what do we think of little Julieta??
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m0chaminx · 10 months
Mirabel Madrigal | Butterfly
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Request : So I’ve been opposed with encanto for weeks now, and now I saw your account so may I request headcanons for Mirabel pre movie where she finds herself bonding with this quiet town boy over knitting and sharing stories
Prompt : none
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : none
Paring : Mirabel Madrigal x M!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Knitting is cute
It would've been a hard day for Mirabel
She went down to the river to relax and knit the latest accessories for her dresses
She stopped though when a boy sat next to her
It was silent for a second then he started to speak
"You're very talented"
"Thank you, I'm Mirabel"
"I'm Y/N"
The two talked for hours about different stories and little jokes
Mirabel made him little cute embellishments for his ruana and he knitted different butterflies and beetles.
When it was finally time for Mirabel to leave they promised to meet the next day
and they did
Tumblr media
Request : Masterlist
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I don't know if someone noticed or said this before, and correct me if I'm wrong but in "Encanto" the scene when everyone leaves the room after the failed proposal and they started Blaming mirable, Mirable was almost about to blame everything on Bruno's Vision before she was cut off by the rats. Just like how Everyone blamed everything bad on his visions!
I still wonder what else would she had said about the vision before she was cut off, would she continue blaming bruno and his visions, or would she she had tried to explain things??
Tumblr media
Or maybe I'm reading too much into this??
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Yay I did it, this is Mirabel in my mother of light AU one of the Humans are space orcs prompts I posted the other day. The lights are the parasitic like lifeform in their adult stage of life, Mirabel calls them fairies. they can leave her body as adults but can't be more than a hundred meters from her. They can shape shift into nearly anything and create materials from her or other emotions.
plz don't repost but re-blogs are loved
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ameamaranth · 10 months
Mirabel: wait... did we just...
Isabela: you helped me!
Mirabel: no no not that... did we just broke through the ceiling...?
Isabela:.... fuck
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