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piratekori · a year ago
Welcome Aboard!
This here is my new tumbler page! I will be posting all my tales of adventuring here. I have had a blast playing sea of thieves the past few months and had lots of great moments with my friends! I also have a twitter for you look at as well. https://twitter.com/KoriPirate 
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icharchivist · a year ago
just so we’re clear since i see some of my chikage joke post being spread: i am 200% a Chikage apologist. I not only think that his crimes were justified, but also i think they were sexy. Any post i make about Chikage come with the underlining understanding that there is nothing here but LOVE for Chikage.
if by any stretch you don’t like Chikage, you cannot possibly relate to my Chikage posts, don’t even try. 
This is a PSA.
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barbiewritesstuff · 2 months ago
Locked out
This was requested a while back (sorry) by @lizzieann143 who wanted a dom!Bob x sweet!reader.
Minors, DO NOT INTERACT I will block you so fast. 
Tw p in v sex, unprotected sex, not pulling out?? rough sex and Bob because baby he comes with a warning of his own 
Taglist: @blessupblessup --
Tumblr media
            The Hard Deck wasn’t officially open anymore, but the door wasn’t locked and you knew the dagger team would still be playing pool. You pushed the door open with one hand, the other holding your phone with which you had been trying to call your housemate.  
« Hey, is Jake there ? » You asked the only aviator Jake had ever introduced you to. 
« Went home with a girl » Coyote said « Did you forget your keys again ? » He laughed 
You smiled 
« You have to stop losing your keys, he can’t drop everything and come and save you every time »  
« Sure he can. This living arrangement needs to work for the both of us. I cook and clean and he lets me in when I forget my keys. » 
Coyote laughed again.  
« Where are you going to sleep then » 
You gave him a warning glance because you knew where this was going, but you were not interested and even if you were, you were pretty sure Jake would skin him at the next chance. You had a rule, no sex with friends. He could fuck the whole world and you wouldn’t complain but if he glanced flirtatiously at any of your friends, he would sleep in his car and never speak to you again. He held you to that same rule.  
You valued your friendship too much to ever break that deal. 
« I’ll find someone to go home with, don’t worry » You winked and he nodded. You meant that in a less sexual way than it sounded like, but now the words had come out of your mouth, the prospect of maybe sleeping with someone sounded kind of nice. 
« Any chance you could wingman me ? » You asked, Coyote wasn’t attracted to you in any other way than physical so it didn't feel like rubbing salt in the wound.
« Not outside of the team » 
« Anyone he isn’t friends with ? »  
« Rooster probably » Coyote said and you winced « Or Bob »  
You looked at Bob. You weren’t sure what to expect in regards to a guy whose call sign seemed to be his own name, but that wasn’t it. The man you were looking at was gorgeous.  
Bob had overheard the entire conversation. He saw you glance at him and figured you had already chosen your proverbial victim. He was happy it was him. 
« Yes please » You said, your eyebrow had cocked up appreciatively and your voice had a suggestive hint. He almost choked on his peanuts.  
Coyote moved from his seat, and walked up to him. Bob tried to keep a straight face as the other man wrapped an arm around his shoulders and guided him towards you. 
« Bob, can I introduce you to my friend Y/N ? She’s really sweet » 
« Hi Bob » You said. You had spent far too much time with Hangman, he concluded, you had the same habit of slipping into a southern accent when you flirted. Although, it was less grating on you, and absolutely part of your charm when directed at him.  
Bob guessed that when Coyote had introduced you as his friend, it was an exageration, as the first question you asked clearly showed you didn’t trust his opinion. 
« So, are you and Jake friends ? » 
« No, we don’t really talk » 
They were definitely not friends, but hell he would put up with the guy forever if it meant he could keep on being looked at like you were looking at him. Bob imagined a hunting tiger had the same look in their eyes before jumping on their prey. He wondered briefly if you’d be surprised to find out he wasn’t as much of a goody-two-shoes in bed as he acted like in public.  
It wasn’t an act, he was a shy man. He hated social groups, although he put up with this in an effort to get to know the team. But sex was where he took control.  
No, he thought, you acted a little too self-assured. You’d be into it.  
« Heard he locked you out. »  
« Yes, I guess I’ll have to sleep in my car » 
« That sounds uncomfortable » 
« Well, it’s my only option… Unless you have any other ideas ? » 
Bob stifled a chuckle. He wasn’t usually one for one-night-stands, but maybe this didn’t have to be one, he thought. So, he gathered all the courage he had and tried to match your flirtatious manner.  
« Why, yes, I do. »  
He grabbed your hand and led you out of the bar.  
This was so far out of your comfort zone. You were usually a relationship person, but hey, Jake swore by it, so maybe it wasn’t all bad. And Bob seemed nice, he was polite, he was gentle and he still hadn’t let go of your hand, which you were grateful for, both because it brought you comfort and because it kept you from asking him to stop the car and drop you off.  
« We don’t have to do this » He said once you were inside. Bob was an observant man, a talent he picked up after many years of wallflowering parties he had been dragged to.  
« I want to » You said. He moved closer, his hands grazing the strap of your tank top. He moved it down and lowered his head to kiss your neck in slow, open mouthed kisses.  
« Okay, I’ll be gentle » He murmured between kisses. Your eyes fluttered closed as he kissed down your shoulder  
« No » You said. You weren’t sure why, especially since you had never allowed anyone else to be anything but gentle with you. But then again, you had just gotten out of a bad break up, which was the only reason you lived with Jake in the first place. Maybe you just wanted something completely different.  
 Bob bit down into your shoulder. It surprised you and you could not control the pornographic moan that passed your lips.  
« You like that Baby ? » He asked, his voice low and gruff « You like it when I mark you ? »  
You could only whimper as every word he said sent a wave of arousal straight to your core. Bob guided you towards the couch were he allowed you to lie down before climbing on top of you for a searing kiss. You rocked your hips up and he hissed, moving one of his hands down to keep you anchored down to the couch. He bit down on your collarbone, and you were certain he would leave a mark. The pain and pleasure made you struggle against the hand weighing you down. 
« I don’t like it when my girl disobeys. So if you want me to fuck you, you’re going to have to be good. » His hand on your waist became a fist as his fingers balled around the band of your skirt. Now his digits had breached the barrier of the fabric, you could only think of one thing.  
« Think you can be a good girl for me ? » He growls in your ear. You moan again. Bob chuckled, nibbling at the skin of your neck and occasionally licking a stripe. Once he deems his work on your neck to be satisfactory, he moved down to your chest, sucking hickies on your skin.  
He was going so slowly, taking his time to explore every part of you. It was agonising and Bob knew it, the more you moaned and whimpered the slower he got. And when he eventually removed your shirt and revealed your breasts, he ignored your aching nipples alltogether. He wanted you to ask and beg for his attention. 
Bob trailed down to your tummy and then to the waistband of your skirt. He didn’t go further though. He looked at you instead. You knew what he wanted and as much as you were desperate for him, you were actually enjoying the torture. But watching him smirk so close to your core made you want to feel what else he could do. 
« Please »  
« What do you want ? » 
« Anything, please. Just –«  
« Christ, you are a needy girl » He said appreciatively. Bob pulled your skirt up and trialed a finger up and down your panties. It felt like heaven, you could get lost in that feeling. You felt a little pathetic like that, completely undone on Bob’s couch and begging for his touch. Suddenly his finger was replaced by something else , Bob’s lips cradled your clit over your underwear. He sucked sharply. Bob laughed at your reaction and two of his fingers brushed your underwear aside to find your entrance. He first fit in a finger before abandoning after a few strokes and fitting in a second one.  
« You’re so wet for me baby » 
You hummed in agreement, then he removed his fingers altogether and climbed back up to crash his lips onto yours in a bruising kiss before leaving you needing more as he stood up to remove his trousers. He made quick work of his belt, jeans and boxershorts before pushing your panties to the side once more and quickly dipping his fingers into for a quick taste 
« Fuck baby, you taste so good » 
« Jesus, Bob » You snapped in frustration « Get on with it » 
« Oh, you getting mouthy now ? »  
He flipped you on your front with a single movement and smacked your ass with much force that the noise echoes off of the walls and your eyes filled with tears.  
« You’re going to learn, sweetcheeks, that you don’t get mouthy with me »  
He spanked you again. 
Then, as soon as his hand left your cheek, you felt him fill you with his member. The pain and pleasure you were feeling were making it hard for you to think. But your body responsed to every single touch, happy to have been given what it had been craving for so long.  
Bob snapped his hips into you with dizzyingly slow thrusts, almost savouring the feeling of you around his cock. Each stroke hit that sweet spot inside of you but you didn’t dare try and speed up the the process in fear that he might stop. You eventually reached your orgasm and the intensity of it made your legs shake.  
« Jesus Christ » Bob whispered, he seemed to lose all self control. Suddenly his hips snapped into yours and the speed kept picking up. The grip he had on your waist was bruising but you were too lost in your own pleasure to care. You hadn’t even noticed you were being loud until Bob covered your mouth. It was lazy and his fingers barely covered your lips which told you Bob was only pretending to care that his neighbours might hear, and the fact that he liked you being loud only added to the arousal you felt right then. Then, his thrusts became more erratic and you knew he was nearing his own release. The speed of his thrusts were moving you towards your second orgasm at dizzying speeds  
« Where do you want me to come ? You want me to fill you baby ? » 
You nodded furiously. And as soon as you tightened around his member, you felt Bob release himself inside you. He fucked himself through his orgasm. He moaned with every thrust, joining your whimpers and groan until eventually he stilled inside you and you both caught your breaths.  
Eventually he pulled out and left to get a washcloth to clean you up, careful to smack your ass as he stood up. You watched him stroll away with all the confidence of a man who knew he’d fucked someone so hard they couldn’t walk. And you removed your phone from the pocket of your skirt to check the notifications. Six texts from Jake. 
« Back at the Hard Deck »  
« I have your keys » 
« Where are you ? » 
« Coyote said you left with Bob ? » 
« OH » 
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waitwithwaluigi · 4 months ago
Why I like Quirkless!Midoriya AUs
TW: explicit mentions of discrimination and bullying against disabled (ends at ***)
TL;DR at the bottom
So I've got mental illness. (I know, I'm a pretty rare find on tumblr) Despite the fun cocktail of disabilities I had, I wasnt diagnosed until later in my teens. As you can guess, school wasn't very fun. I was disadvantaged because I was different. I was treated as less, as if I had something missing and nothing I could ever say or do could fix that. I didn't know what people thought of me though.
Dont get me wrong- I am not my disabilities. But I can say for certain, it's been a huge factor in how I see the world now, how I move around it. The protective rage and resigned acceptance I feel when I see discrimination against minority groups might not be the same as an able person. The desperate kicking and clawing to establish better resources for people like me isnt the same. The frustration and exhaustion I feel when the school board sees my 'condition' listed and having to prove myself competent over and over again isn't the same.
I've had my fair share of Fun!! and Exciting!!! experiences in discrimination!!!!
Like saying hello to the koi fish while trying to rescue my school bag that a teacher had flung out of the classroom after she got tired of my ADHD ass. (I bet you can guess how I felt when I saw That™️ koi pond scene) I was called out to the front of the class and told to unpack my bag and and show my classmates how disgusting I was (I was depressed and decided to just carry all my books around instead of unpack and repack according to schedule). I remember sprinting after my packed lunch but being so depressed and exhausted to keep going for more than 5 minutes. I was made an example of when I forgot my things and had to go back to school during the afternoon classes to grab the worksheet I left in class.
Through it all had to keep quiet. I was less, after all. If I wasn't, why did so many ignore the bullying? Why did they let go of me and say I was exagerating when they found me Too Much To Handle?
(Not looking for pity btw, just giving context)
Now, I initially began reading MHA fics because I was a teen who saw pretty people and cool fighting and was like "damn shawty, I'm gonna need more". (All hail Yaomomo) Then I came across the Quirkless Midoriya Izuku tag and was like huh.
Pretty interesting concept, right? So I read. And I read and I read and I read. And something just clicked. It wasnt like one of those mental illness success stories where they where overly positive or ones where I had to keep taking breaks because I kept getting reminded of the bs I went through. It was just removed enough but still relatable to my experience. Midoriya wouldn't be less if he didn't get a quirk.
In these fics, he found ways to work around it. Like yeah, maybe finding a work arounds when fighting your besties with god-like abilities while you have nothing isn't the same as finding a way to study that best suited my ADHD ass. But the fight to be considered equal, the ways I had to find creative ways to problems that my classmates thought nothing of. It resonated with me. (The fantasy and escapism were bonuses too)
It gives me a little extra push when I get too exhausted after the 100th time that day I have to prove that I am just as capable as anyone else.
While I'm not really a fan of Quirkless Villain!Midoriya cuz its typically a little too edgy for me, I do like it when its written well. Fuck the system and fuck the assholes who doubt us, right?
Something Fun!! I've experienced with disabilities is that you sometimes have to ignore any system entirely and just Do It. Just kick people in the shins and carve out the opportunity that nobody would bother giving you. Maybe one day they'll recognise you, maybe not. But you're doing what you've always wanted to do. That's something I feel when I read Quirkless Vigilante!Midoriya fics.
Quirkless AUs aren't like Batman where he's Super Intelligent and has 70 black belts. There isnt as much angst oof. He was just some Dood with determination and some smarts. We get to see him train, see the emotions and struggles all written out. Not to mention, I was a teen when I found MHA so it was extra relatable. I'm very sure that there are superheroes who fit that description but this niche is what I found.
That's why I like Quirkless!Midoriya AUs so much.
Do I think him becoming a hero will change a lot? No, not as much as me becoming a world famous super star would. But it would inspire. Even if it inspired just one person, stopped one person from doing something bad to soothe the ache, wouldn't it be enough? It inspired me at least.
Tl;dr: I seeing people with 'less' ability than their peers be equal and overcome challenges using creative solutions since they arent as 'catered' to, just like a disabled person. Its also easier to read without getting triggered compared to an actual book about mental illness discrimination.
Please enjoy this adorable panel as thanks for reading
Tumblr media
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teamgreenheart · 9 months ago
chris worshipping seb’s body…
listen.... i've been thinking about this since you sent it. i feel like this is something that was a big part of their early relationship, and obviously going forward as well but in a different way. seb is probably someone with more experience with men than chris (thank you for this, i agree with it completely) and so this is very much a way for seb to hold space for chris to explore what he is interested in but in a way that is low pressure, and is a way for chris to open up maybe a little in a way that keeps seb center stage and thus lets him be a little less self conscious about it? idk i just have..... so many brain worms. uh minors dni from this point on okie dokie.
the first time chris saw seb without a top on was a complete accident, way before they ever got together. britta was looking for seb, and chris was wandering about keeping an eye out, and stumbled across him struggling out of his nomex, and. well, the guy is ripped. chris realised pretty quickly into their first season that the rumours of seb's effervescent and entirely magnetic personality are not exagerated and the dude basically has his own gravitational pull but the revelation that he is also, like, out of this world hot was like a lead weight to the face.
fast forward a few months and seb and chris are officially Seb and Chris and he still feels that same slightly awed, slightly overwhelmed sensation every time he gets to look at seb but it's even better because now he can touch. chris has known, objectively, that he is attracted to men - has had one night stands and third dates with guys before but none that have quite mattered this much. and certainly none that have lit him up from the inside like this.
seb is, naturally, kind and patient and understanding, even the first time that he bottoms for seb and thinks that he might pass out from the sensory overload and he cannot possibly look sexy in the slighest and then seb pushes in deep and laughs when he comes like someone's just told him they've added an extra 60mph to the amr21 in time for the final straight, mouth pressed to the side of chris' face, so much joy and elation and love that it's got nowhere else to come out except in this incredulous laughter and chris thinks it might be the hottest thing he's ever heard.
the thing is, seb has been the instigator for a lot of this. he's slowly and meticulous fingered chris open, checking at every movement that it's all okay and that he's comfortable. he's fucked himself on chris' cock like the culmination of every wet dream he's ever had. he's sweetly coached chris through sucking him off, a gentle guiding hand on his head and a low constant murmur of praise and encouragment the whole way through. but chris is a grown up with this growing adoration in his chest that he hasn't felt since his first girlfriend when he was seventeen, love and lust making him stupid with it, and he needs to express it.
"would you please just let me do this?" he insists, forcefully taking seb's hands off of the button to his jeans and putting them on the bed, either side of his naked body. seb's got this curious look in his eye, like he's trying to figure out what kind of game they're playing and why chris is insisting on having his clothes on for it, but he allows it, let's chris lie him down on the bed and kiss him - his mouth, his jaw, his neck, the shell of his ear. and then he moves on.
(he is, at his core, an engineer. he breaks things down and rebuilds them professionally - he likes to know how things work, how the smallest individual parts come together to make a fully functioning item and he knows, in his heart, that seb would appreciate that same logic being applied to him. one part scientific process, one part act of devotion. understanding the greater picture, find a little confidence in digging his fingers in, and show seb he's willing to put the work in.)
it's strangely methodical. he works his way from the delicate bones of seb's hands, down his arms, delights in the ticklish spot on the inside of seb's elbow. he kneads the strong muscles of his shoulders, runs his tongue along the line of his deltoid where it dips under the clavical.
(he still feels clunky and awkward tracing his tongue over seb's nipples, like he's doing something weird or embrassing even though he knows full well that he's isn't, until he distracts himself when seb shoots off the bed with a squeak, chris having apparantly found another ticklish spot on his ribs. he runs his fingers over it again and again until seb is cackling on the bed, gasping for air, and then chris bites at it, and the noise seb makes is the same but oh so different-)
the entire time, seb watches him intently. chris carefully catalogues which spots make him hum contently, which ones make him giggle and flinch, which ones make his breath catch in his throat, but seb repays the concentration with his own. when chris kneels on the bed and presses his mouth to the solid lines of seb's abs, he whimpers.
"would you please just touch me?"
"what do you think i've been doing all this time?"
by the time he's caressed over his legs, dug his thumbs into the arches of seb's feet, they're both distractingly hard. seb drags him up his body to kiss him, messy and hot and unlike seb usually lets himself get, and they finish each other so quickly they'd both be embarassed if they weren't so out of breath.
(seb feels like a sharp blade to be handled carefully here, but it's a kind of game they come back to often through their time together: seb delights in watching the way chris quickly becomes accustomed to handling him, searching out the places where their enjoyment overlaps and revelling in them. chris himself feels like he could 100 years and never feel like he's seen enough of seb's body, could never fully express his pleasure enough, but he's determined to try.)
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thebluelemontree · 5 months ago
Do you think some people in the fandom tend to associate morality with beauty?A big part of people seem to be okay with the shady staff commited by charactes like jamie and jon because they are conventionally atractive and fit better the ideal image of a hero.To me it seems like they give a much harder time to sandor and tyron that have similar beliefs/characteristics to the heroes of songs, and tend to exagerate their flaws ir straight up despising them .
Sometimes? Beauty bias is a thing. If very shallow takes are frequently showing up on your dash, maybe reconsider the blogs you are following. It's just a thought. You may have accidentally gotten into a bubble with a very small minority within the fandom, and those attitudes might seem like they are more commonplace than they actually are. I'd like to think a majority of the general fandom has a fairly humane view of most characters, no matter what they look like. Most readers are aware that GRRM wrote all his characters in shades of gray and appreciate that. Most readers are informed enough to understand how things like trauma and abuse can affect a person's psyche and behavior. Acknowledging that truth isn't the same as saying problematic behavior is okay. The extent of that compassion and capacity to forgive bad acts will vary over a wide range. Some you might agree with. Some you won’t. 
Every individual brings their life experience and biases to their value judgments. IMO, we all tend to seek out and select for characters with qualities that are already congruent with our beliefs. People naturally tend to be less harsh on characters they're horny for that speak to them or that they identify with. Conversely, we're probably more likely to have less charitable opinions of characters the more incongruent they are with our beliefs. How that relates to beauty, I think, is simple. When you compassionately vibe with a character, it's just more likely you will find their beauty, regardless of how that character is actually described in the text. I don't think a character written to be conventionally attractive or fitting a certain fantasy hero profile means as much as you think it does. GRRM can say Jaime is canonically handsome, but I don’t think most readers actually find him attractive unless they feel for him first.  Anon, I think you should probably cut people some slack, too, because you sound a bit judgmental with your phrasing. Maybe that wasn't intentional, I'm just saying it came off that way to me. What I'm reading sounds like you are bothered by people not being compassionate enough toward characters you feel deserve more compassion or are sometimes unfairly maligned. That's fine. Nothing wrong with that. But you already concluded those who gravitate toward Jaime or Jon are doing so for shallow reasons; therefore, they must be papering over their misdeeds and misplacing their compassion on characters who deserve it less. In your eyes, they aren’t doing a good enough job of holding Jaime or Jon accountable, and they must be the same people who irrationally hate on Sandor or Tyrion. Yeah, that can be true with some individuals, but I don't think that's a fair conclusion to make in most cases. I can think of many reasons why someone might care a lot about Jaime or Jon and they have nothing to do with looks. They are also not required to devote equal energy to Sandor and Tyrion. Just because you don't get why they are vibing so hard with X or will go to the mat for Y, does not mean they are somehow causing your faves to get a raw deal. I don't know if you noticed, but Sandor and Tyrion have pretty big fan bases, so... ... look, just block the ones that are being gross about them, okay? Don’t let this shit bother you so much. Keeping score on how much grace or condemnation some characters receive versus what they deserve is really just your perception from where you are standing. Just make sure your dash is cultivated in a way to be able to see how much compassion and understanding there really is out there. People are also allowed to enjoy things in a totally lighthearted way without having to be mindful of morality all the dang time. So what if they like Jaime or Jon’s conventionally attractive good looks? Why is that a sin? Let us thirst for whomst we thirst, while we exercise our right not to dwell on every instance of problematic behavior. It’s all made up shit anyway! I mean, I can’t possibly spare more than a single brain cell to that kid my fave cleaved in half when I’ve got so much thinking to do about his big naked muscly body and stupid huge dick XD 
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supportingfandoms · 8 months ago
Anyways, Gringos amirite?
Tumblr media
Comments from a video talking about the ShutUpGringo event and Whitewashing
Traduction because yes (and you may need it):
Brackets are my opinion=[..]
I'll add the fact that when Latin American countries do ask for help (like various last year's incidents) we didn't see gringos [as of SJWs] do anything, they made fun of Chile's fires [they even made it a f*cking aesthetic], some gringos of color beat up a neurodivergent latino, they have taken the BLM movement to discriminate other minorities [this is f*cking true]. And I thought the "I'm latino because my parents/grandparents where born on Latin America" meme was pure exageration, but no, turns out there really is people that says that.
And if yes, there is a lot of racism and classism in Latin America and there will be people who lived it and people who don´t, many of us are conscious that if we want to change that then we have to stop classifying ourselves as skin tones, and not lose it over simple drawings.
The thruth is what angers and makes me laugh the most is their own big racism, xenophobia and the fact that they believe themselves as 'warriors' when they don't even know what is to live here.
Yareth Yuki:
It is common that there [in the US] exist problems as of "whitewashing". This is due to the factionism they have with "which tone of X is the best" when here in Latin America we're a wide color palette... many options and many mixes.
And for them to talk about it like "But I haven't seen any cases, and you?" is deniying it. [this is specifically about gringos who deny White Latinos exist, Surprise Surprise! they do! and we're all not all a bunch of dark brown tones :D]
That´s all of it, ofc theres more but we all talk about the same, and it´s always about gringos with a white knight complex aka SJWs that are fairly ignorant and very very dumb.
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unolvrs · 3 months ago
Buddist anon here again (god I should really create a tumblr to talk to you). I think I know why our perspective of the jedi differ. Sorry, I should have made clear to you that only consider the Prequels (PT), Original Trilogy (OT), and the The Clone Wars (TCW) canon and I base most of my opinions from there bc George Lucus worked on those things and Lucas doesn't view anything out of those things canon. For the rest (Legends, EU, games, etx), I pick and choose what I take as canon. If it doesn't align with what I think Lucas's ideas and themes are like the entire idea of gray jedi, i ignore it. Some things that I like and consider canon that's not apart of Lucas's canon is "Obi-wan & Anakin", "Dooku:lost Jedi", "Shatterpoint", the Revenge of the Sith novelization, and "Scum and Villainy". I really liked the "Star Wars Propaganda: A history of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy" book and thought it was really interesting.
So when you say that the galaxy can't be held accountable for standing up for themselves because their the victims and the government is corrupt enough that it wouldn't matter. But how do you think their government ended up that way? It's because the public gradually stopped holding their government accountable and stopped paying attention to politics (you kinda see this in the US). Of course this doesn't apply to governments who were corrupt from the get go. In the PT and TCW, the jedi do help where they can help. But they can't be everywhere at once. I don't know anywhere in the PT and TCW, where the jedi refuse to help when they can help.
The galaxy views the jedi as miracle workers because most ppl have never seen a jedi (remember they're a tiny minority in galaxy full of billions of people) so exagerated rumors spread about everything a jedi can do NOT because the jedi themselves believe that.
For the children thing, based on my understanding from the PT and TCW, the kids aren't taken from their parents, the kids are adopted by the jedi. For most cases, the jedi are given the kids by their parents. In TCW, the Disappeared episodes show the Jedi respecting the wishes of and stopped going to the planet of Bardottans who were unwilling to give their kids to them and accused them of being kidnappers (they found out later that the anti-Jedi attitudes was influenced by rumors spread by the Frangawl Cult, who didnt want the Jedi to discover their plans). In The Children Of The Force episode (esentially Cad Bane steals force sensative babies/infants), Wee Dunn (the Rodian infant) was left with his bio mom despite being intended to be a Jedi. His mom specially said "Master Ropal said that they would come for him to go to the temple but nor for some time." to Cad Bane when he pretended to be a Jedi to steal her kid. If the Jedi just took force sensitive kids, Cad Bane wouldn't have to trick her into giving her kid up. Roo-Roo Page (the Gungan child Bane attempts to steal) is left with her bio mother, there's no indication that she's going to be a Jedi, only that she was on the Force-senssative list. The Jedi don't seem to feel a need to have every single Force-sensative child become a child, considering:
a) they first thought that it was safer to leave Anakin untrained
b) left the Bardottans, Nightsisters, etc alone
c) let ppl leave if they want and still speak highly of them (in Attack of The Clones, the Jedi are reluctant to even entertain the idea that Dooku tried to assassinate Padme).
The Jedi ADOPT kids they don't kidnap them. And from what I can see from the PT and TCW, the Jedi Order are preety respectful about other people's culture and that Jedi from different cultures are allowed and encouraged to celebrate and practice and learn about their birth culture. Are there parents who were pressured to give their kids up? Probably but its probably a miniscule ammount and isnt mensioned in the OT, PT, or TCW. Tbh I don't know why there is a cut-off for kids, I have to think about this more.
I do agree with you that people with power should be held accountable. But why should the Jedi be held more accountable then the corrupt government that rarely ever listens to them? A few notable examples:
- Obi-wan tries for diplomacy bw the Talz and the Pantoran, but is told it's an internal Pantoran matter (TCW, "Trespass")
- Mace tries to prevent further testing done on the Zilo beast and set the Zilo beast free in an uninhabited planet but Palpatine overruled him on Malastare. Later on Coruscant, Mace tries warning Palpatine that bringing the Zilo beast here was a mistake, but Palpatine ignores him (TCW, "The Zilo Beast")
- Mace says that they don't want to send Anakin to Tatooine to make a treaty with the Hutts, but Palpatine does anyway (Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie)
- Mace attempts to stop Palpatine from interfering with Anakin but Palpatine pulls rank and shuts him down:
"Thank you Chancellor, but I'm sure Obi-wan has it well in hand."
"Why, young Skywalker is a Jedi, is he not? The Jedi are under the Senate's jurisdiction. And as i the Chancellor of the Senate..." (Obi-Wan &Anakin)
-Dooku as a Jedi advocates for Serenno in the Senate is practically told to fuck off: "With all due respect, our honorable friend oversteps the mark. The Jedi Council claims to be a servant of the republic, and yet here they are ateenpting to influence senatorial policy. Master Dooku has no buisness petitioning the Senate on such matters." (Dooku: Lost Jedi)
- Mace tries to get Boba's sentence reduced, but is ignored: "A recommendation from Gerneral Windu suggested leniency and rehabilitation as opposed to corporal punishment, a request that ultimately fell on deaf ears in the Judiciary, who cited zero tolerance to attacks against military assets in this time of war." [Scum and Villainy]
Obviously the Jedi weren't perfect because they're people and people are never flawless but they do try to use what little political sway they do have to help better things, but they just get shut down time and time again. They work within the system because they still belive that the Republic can become better.
Now, I'm sorry but I'm going to ask something completely off topic. Do you like thriller psychological crime kdramas? If you do I have a rec for you.
ooh, i treat most games as canon because swtor is amazing, let me tell you that. i can't stop talking about it tbh.
and if i made it seem that "the government is corrupt enough that it wouldn't matter" because that's definitely not what i meant. what i meant with my whole rant is that yes, while the government should be held accountable, the jedi should also be held accountable. it's not entirely the fault of the jedi but they should also share that fault. and you can't really blame the victims for it because that would end up as victim blaming.
victims don't normally know they're victims and have to rely on higher power for them to realize that they really are victims. hypothetically speaking, while some may acknowledge and know that the government should be held accountable, what are they going to do about that without resources? my point with telling victims that they're kind of at fault for not standing up for themselves, is just that you can't expect them to do that. because that's what they are: victims. it may be because of education and the influence of their government as to why they don't know they are victims, which goes back to the government being at fault too, and there are many factors involved but you don't blame the victims. i understand that maybe, that's not what you're trying to say, but i want to clear that up. they should never be held accountable for failing to stand up for themselves because they're the victims.
as for the jedi, i'm sorry if it seemed that i was throwing all the blame at them but what i was trying to say is that they should be held accountable too. they are, at the end of the day, in a privileged position with magical jedi powers, an organization that's been out and about for a lot of years.
i'm also not saying that they should be held more accountable than the people who are literally doing the bad things themselves but they should be held more accountable than they should be. jedis have been around for, like we all know, more than enough years, and there are many times when they sat around and did nothing (though this is in reference to kotor which isn't considered as canon by most people, like you said). so you can ignore this part, but privileged people can always do more. they can always try harder.
and as for the kids...
i get that the jedis don't kidnap them. i hope i didn't allude to that accusation but there's just something inherently wrong with jedis taking kids from their parents, whether it looks like adoption or not. i don't think anyone can justify this to me. i understand it's for the children's safety, and for the "no attachment" rule, but it just bothers me a lot. i feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. that's probably the 'i grew up in an asian household and had a complicated childhood so i'm 100% more sensitive towards the topic of children' in me. but while i understand that, imo, it can't be justified for me.
no one can really convince me to stop being uncomfortable at the idea of jedi taking children, adoption or not. so that's it for me :") and you should definitely make a tumblr! i'd love to talk about this more with you ^
as for the psychological thriller, yup! i love psychological thrillers. i'm not very fond of kdramas since i find them really long and repetitive, and i'm not the type to watch them tbh... but i'd love recommendations regardless :D
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stellocchia · a year ago
So a hot take (that might not be a hot take idk) is..
So until Tubbo is de-canonized to have seen Phil as a dad
^^ (because it is canon that Phil only had Wilbur but it is also canon that Phil sort of was Tubbo's dad figure AND is michael's grandp?)
Then I will say his parenting is kinda crap. I mean he babied Wilbur (which Wil did do Fundy), he killed Wil, but adding Tubbo and their kinda dubious father(ish)-son relationship then he really doesnt look like a good dad.
Also I would have just complained about his treatment of Wilbur and Ghostbur but many people say that Wil is a adult SO adding Tubbo who last I heard wasnt decanonized is a minor who I can complain about his parenting.
I really dont think Phil (or Wilbur) are the worst dads. They have their issues some worse then others (cough killing your kid cough)
Other Hot Take.Sally should stay a fish and not be a shapeshifter /j.
But no my actual hot take (that again may not be one) is as much as I love Techno and Tommy and I want them to become friends again. Their relationship feels volatile? Idk ut feels the relationship goes up and down.
(Thanks for reading this. I dont think I phrased my toughts correctly but I tried :/ anyways have a good day)
1) I kinda agree with that one, but also Phil assisting Wilbur in committing suicide is often either exagerated to make it so Wilbur is the aggressor or the other way around to make Phil seem like a cold unfeeling d*ck and I generally don't like that.
Because, yes, Phil went through with it. But he really wasn't thinking clearly in that situation. He couldn't have known that Wilbur was on his last life, Wilbur just detonated a bomb that could have killed somebody and was yelling at Phil to be killed. It wasn't a situation were ANYONE could have thought clearly. I don't want to hear people say they would act differently in that situation because, quite frankly, they don't know.
That said, he is an utter asshole for keeping up his whole "there was no other choice after what Wilbur had done" even AFTER Doomsday. Where Phil did worse. Why didn't he deserve death after that if Wilbur did after doing less?
2) Yeah, their relationship is definitely volatile. There was always a power imbalance there simply in virtue of how much stronger Techno is and Techno being incapable of self-reflection definitely doesn't help.
I honestly don't even want them to mend things. Like, maybe apologize to each other and move on with their lives, that would be enough.
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todaysbat · a year ago
Vampire bats are cute but his bite is dangerous or it's just exagerated?
I'm going to discuss bats in general, since this is an issue that applies to all bats, not just the vampire bats of the tropics, focusing on the United States since that's where I am and have good numbers for.
Short answer: Bat bites are no more dangerous than the bite of any other animal.
More depth answer and sources below the cut.
In the United States, only a small percentage of sick and injured bats tested for rabies have it (about six percent). But because human rabies cases are so rare in the States (only about one or two people get it on average per year), that small percentage means that about 90 percent of human rabies cases involve a bat.
Rabies is a scary disease--it is pretty much lethal if treatment is delayed until onset of symptoms. But if you get treated--ie, get the vaccine--, your odds of survival flip around dramatically.
Nowadays in the United States, the only time someone dies of rabies is because they didn't recognize that they had been exposed--rabies is spread thru bodily fluids, often via a bite but not always--and failed to get the vaccine--or they waited until they had symptoms to seek medical care.
That all said, the following rules should always be followed if you encounter a wild animal--not just a bat:
Love your own, leave all others alone -- never handle unfamiliar animals, wild or domestic. Teach children this rule as well as teaching them to tell an adult if they find a bat in their room immediately
First Aid - Wash any wound from an animal thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately, even if the bite itself is a minor injury.
Get Tested - Have all dead, sick, or easily captured bats tested for rabies if exposure to people or pets occurs.
Prevention is Best - Prevent bats from entering living quarters or occupied spaces in homes, churches, schools, and other similar areas where they might contact people and pets.
sources: CDC - https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/bats/education/index.html
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waterbenderkat · a year ago
Yeah, I’ve seen some Zutaras say and I quote “Kiawentiio will already be an adult so the age gap between her and Dallas won't matter much.”, I wasn’t exagerating about the age countdowns 🤢
That is disgusting, and anyone participating in that behaviour should be ashamed of themselves. Minors, stay away from anyone like that— it’s a major red flag. That is most definitely not the Zutara or behaviour I stand for.
I’m personally religious, and honestly praying for Kiawantiio and the other actors. They’re going to go through hell on either end.
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restnowyourhardshipisover · 6 months ago
What's fandom doing???
(Disclaimer: 90% of fandom is vibing, or basking in amazing fun stuff, I may have exagerated)
Trying to backsolve their imposition of "must be traumatized and a minor" on Tubbo.
More specifically, every time Tubbo builds a base there's people who in trying to make storyline lore angst out of Tubbo just wanting to play the game.
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talldarkandroguesome · 8 months ago
3rd of Sun’s Dawn, Turdas
I cannot say that this has been the most fruitful nameday.
I treated myself with a cart ride from Rellenthil to Shimmerene. I was exhausted from my late arrival to the former. I drank overly sweet wine and listened to a pair of self-important minor nobles talk about why they felt justified to have treated their servants so poorly. One talked about how the poor girl just never seemed to get the tea quite hot enough and over steeped it every time. The other suggested a beating was going easy on her and she deserved worst. The other said that his servant was far worse, was supposed to have his clothing always properly pressed by the time breakfast was done and never seemed to have the job finished on time. Worst yet, he continued, when his clothing was finally laid out, it was often not free of wrinkles and often was the wrong garment. His companion asked what punishment was dolled out. He said he had burned the man’s hand with the same iron.
It was hard to sit there and listen to them talking about handing out tortures as if it were a discussion about the weather, casual, matter-of-fact, without remorse.
Knowing that it was my usual ritual to make offerings to my Prince on my name day, I decided that this pair was more than perfect for such an offering.
Besides, I was a Widow now and it was important for me to conduct myself accordingly. Ensuring my Prince was given proper offerings was a part of that. 
I thought about the various tools I had on me. How would I do this? What would I use?
The thought of Leythen’s dagger came to me. It was the Widow’s blade, sharp and thirsty. These were the sorts of unredeemable nobles that abused their power to the detriment of all, I was performing a service.
Even still, I was aware that the killing of people of notoriety is always a dangerous undertaking. Particularly nobility. People would be aware of them, expecting them.
I would need to stage the scene when I was done. To ensure no questions were asked, it would need to look like an argument gone wrong.
It was not a worry. I felt confident. I would be disappearing from the area through the portal soon enough and there was little evidence to be able to link things back to me as it was.
I pretended to be tinkering with a hair ornament, looking as though perhaps I were a craftsmer fixing it. I waited until the two nobles were busy looking out at the scenery and a curve approached.
With a well practiced exageration of movement, I feigned that I had not been prepared for the curve and simply bumped into the one man, dropping a pinch of a slow acting poison into his cup.
I immediately apologized, called myself clumsy and caught up in my work, and excused myself back to my tinkering. 
They sneered and told me to be grateful that I did not work for them or I would lose more than just my job.
I continued to act as though I were very sorry and prostrated myself before them.
They laughed coldly and spoke of my lack of intelligence and how dark and ugly I was, as though I were not there. It only hardened my resolve. I knew one of them was going to start to suffer symptoms within an hour and already the shape of the city was fast approaching in the distance.
When we arrived in Shimmerene, I made as though I were headed in the opposite direction of my targets, calling thanks to the driver for having been so generous. It was important that the driver give me no thought if he were ever asked a question.
I slipped around a corner and drew my invisibility, hurrying to follow the nobles. The one was beginning to complain about dizziness and having some trouble breathing. The other jested with their companion about having had too much to drink.
It was only a few more minutes before the poison was really starting to take effect. They had to walk together and made their way to an inn.
The whole thing was rather by the book. They got a room. I needed only to wrap a fine cloak around myself and pretended to be delivering water for them and entered, hood over my face, making myself seem as a servant. When the one who was not ill turned to me, I drove the Widow’s blade into their chest several times in quick succession. They were not random strikes, though they would seem so. I went for the places where it would do the most internal damage, make them fall the fastest. They had only enough time to scream and cry out how dare I do  such a thing to them, before I slipped around behind them and held them above their friend who lay coughing in the bed.
I pulled the small knife they had from their belt and drew it across their own throat, the blood coating the poisoned man. Then dropped the body onto him.
The man on the bed screamed and threw his friend backwards onto the floor. He asked if I had done something to him. I whispered poison. He screamed at me to give him the antidote or else he would see me killed.
I agreed and pulled a small bottle from my satchel. The lettering clearly marked for a curative.
He eagerly snatched it from me and drank it down.
It is a shame that he did not have the decency to actually find remorse before the poison caused him to claw at his own throat, his strangled scream unintelligible. 
There was no way around it, it had to be done. I do hate using that poison on the truly terrible, it takes so little time. His body seized up and his heart and lungs soon would follow.
I tucked the knife into his hand, then let it fall to the ground naturally.
I burned the blood off my body as I whispered my prayers at the offerings. I heard Farayn besides me and turned to see her watching me curiously.
With a smile I gave her a little pet and then asked if she could inform Zethith I had made an offering to our Prince.
Farayn teleported away and I dealt with my clothing and leaving the inn.
I made my way to the agreed upon spot with Nettle and found that he ahd left me a message. He and Nabine had been captured by cultists, but the both of them, and the children as well, had managed to escape unharmed.
My heart was soothed to know that they were alive, at least whent he message was left. According to the innkeeper, it was likely only a few days after I had left.
The note mentioned that they would be heading northwest on my trail and that they hoped to meet me at the College of Sapiarchs. I kicked myself for not having checked in Lilandril first. But at least I had this much.
I got a room, a couple bottles of wine, and a decent meal.
Now I must decide the best way to get back to Lilandril.
I could teleport to the Cathedral of Webs. At least that way I would be able to spend the remainder of my nameday somewhere more hospitable. Or I can try to indulge in some enjoyable activities in the city here first.
I do not wish to take the cart back to the city. I cannot stand the idea of spending hours besides any more Altmer nobles.
My Prince, I thank you for your blessings on this day. Please enjoy these blackened souls I have sent you.
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st-just · a year ago
Wherein I shill for a 9 year old RPG
At the request of @lifeattomsdiner Answering this as a proper post, because I have yet to figure out quite how to do formatting in the chat box. Sorry about that.
But, okay, concession first: The game could absolutely have used another 6 months in development. They re-use the same, like, 5 maps for 80% of the game’s quests, the entirety of act 3 is just a mess, thematically, and, well, I don’t consider it a problem, but if you liked Origins the whole aesthetic of the game is much more stylized and 4-color.
That said – so, the central contradiction of Bioware games (or at least the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, Anthem is just a whole other mess) is that they’ve got a studio of really excellent character writers, and are clearly very good at making likeable, engaging characters with personal dramas you get invested in and endearing interactions with each other, but for some reason they insist on every game being based around the most cookie-cutter, boring, ‘save the world/galaxy/kingdom/colony from the unending hordes of [space] orks and their [space] demonic masters! You are our only hoped, poorly justified PC messiah!” generic map fantasy/space opera plot imaginable. Dragon Age 2 is the only time they actually ratchet back the stakes a bit, and tell a story about literally anything else .
(Similarly, Mass Effect 2 is the best Mass Effect game because, while the ‘save humanity’ plot is terrible garbage, it’s also pretty ignorable and the majority of the game’s run time is (mostly, sorry Jacob) really well done character-focused stories.)
Specifically, it’s about the rags-to-riches-to-who-the-fuck-knows story of Hawke, their relationships with their companions, and the past and future of Kirkwall the city. And, like, calling it an actual tragedy is absolutely overselling it, but it’s not so much of a straightforward power fantasy, either? Hawke is exceptionally good at doing violence to things and saying terrible one liners, but they’re no Savior or Chosen One, so at the end of the day they’re covered in blood and beloved by half the city as everything burns down around them. That, to me, is interesting, far moreso than the standard save-the-world plot, anyway.
Getting a bit more specific – I know that quite a lot of people like a protagonist whose a total blank slate in these sorts of games, but generally speaking I do like a main character who has, well, character, and Hawke delivers that far better than either the full blank-slate protag or Origins or the miserable bland middle ground in Inquisition. Or, well, properly they have three characters – there’s generally three possible responses in any dialogue prompt, diplomatic/righteous, snarky/charming and aggressive/intimidating, which does helpfully signpost what tone your response is going to be read in when you choose it. And the game does actually keep track of which you choose most often, which can determine the lines spoken in cut scenes and, well, I have admittedly only ever played as sarcastic asshole, but if you commit to it you occasionally get fun little monologues like this.
But really, it’s a Bioware game, the real draw are the companions. And it’s, like, 60% just that the framing device is ‘10 years starting out as a refugee in a fucked up cesspit of a city’ and not ‘chosen one on a desperate quest to save the world’, but they really do seem much more their own people who happen to have close relationships to Hawke, and not adjuncts or subordinates or aides on her Epic Quest. They help you get rich or deal with a political crisis, and you help them deal with their ill advised blood magic experimentation, or with the agents of the slaver lord trying to drag them back in chains, or in one case do their job so they can use their evening patrol to flirt with a coworker. Or you don’t – the game does absolutely let you be a massive piece of shit and sell companions into de facto slavery on at least two occasions. But it also avoids the problem where you basically have to go along with your friends terrible ideas or you’re locking yourself out of content – you can be Friends with your companions, but you can bottom out approval and keep going down to be Rivals instead. (This goes for romance as well, and I think DA2 might be the only big-budget game ever made with a whole mechanic for hatesex). There’s also a lot of banter between companions when you’re just walking around the city, so much so that I usually end up cycling through every possibly combination to have with me as I walk around every act to make sure I’m not missing out on any (it’s often really funny, too)
Beyond that, well, minor things – the combat’s divisive, but I really do enjoy it, playing as a mage anyway (though difficulty spikes like 1000% when you switch up to the setting that enables friendly fire). The outfits and aesthetic are exagerated and silly, but I like the look, and at least the rogue with a V-neck going down to their navel is a guy for once. It’s not especially elegant or anything, but I maintain ‘just make all* the romance options bi’ is a better solution than anything Bioware has come up with before or since. The voice acting’s uniformly extremely good. And the loading screens are very, very pretty.
So, in conclusion, I want to replay the game now. Can’t wait for my new laptop to arrive.
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cheesesteakphil · 9 months ago
🌺HIBISCUS - do they have any allergies?
I can honestly say I have never considered Orlifa being allergic to anything (besides bugsnax but that's a certainty for every journalist OC pretty much)
since it's possible to develop a new allergy at any time in your life, not just when you're a child, I think it would be very funny if that happened to Orlifa but just for something really minor. Like not even a food allergy she just got up one day and now can no longer use her favorite hair conditioner or something like that. It doesn't really hinder her quality of life or anything serious at all, she's just very upset about having to find a new hair product.
I'm going to be thinking about this all day now lmao
💥COLLISON - what emotions do they have trouble dealing with?
She has a lot of trouble dealing with frustration, typically brought on when she's dealing with situations for her friends like trying to mediate an argument between two friends. She doesn't really know the best way to process it out loud, added on to her anxieties about being a burden to others, she will usually isolate herself to talk herself through it and come back into the situation with a rational head. That's another thing, the 'not wanting to be a burden to others' mentality, that's essentially Orlifa's major character flaw, and she'll cover that up by helping others before herself, and having so many tasks to help folk so that it won't give them the opportunity to offer help back to her, but if they do she'll always insist that there's nothing she needs help with. (there is)
🕷️SPIDER - what is their biggest fear? do they have any irrational / mundane fears?
Another one I haven't thought about, since Orlifa's a half-insert, it'd be easy to just pick one of my own incredibly long list of fears and exagerate it to make it a main fear. But I do not want to give you any of my weaknesses /j
I think her biggest fear would be something to do with being alone. Less in literal sense and more in the sense of being terrified of losing all the people she surrounded herself with (something you'd know has already happened once before if you've been keeping up with these asks lmao)
As for irrational fears, I will give her one of mine because it's stupid and weird, but she's scared of crossing large bodies of water in enclosed vehicles (crossing a river on a train/car etc, like I said. Weird.) Also clowns because that would mean grumpus clowns would be a thing and I think that is a terrifying and hilarious concept.
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josiecarioca · a year ago
*Contains spoilers for ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor*
So, while watching the series one thing bugged me a bit: how come Miles acted like Peter when he was possessed, but didn´t speak like him? I mean he spoke the words Peter would say (about how exhausting dealing with children is, or playing games at bedtime etc), but without any hint of Peter’s accent, not even a slip up. What was even the point of givng Peter such a pronounced Scottish accent anyway, when it would have been easier for him to pass for Miles if they had similar accents?
Then I rewatched the scene where Miles gives Dani the Butterfly pin. In that scene I noticed how Miles over-enunciates some his words, like when he says “How happy we are”. The “how” is suuuper open to the point of sounding jarring, specially compared to how he normally speaks.
That’s Peter trying to imitate Miles accent´, and naturaly he exagerates at some spots because it’s hard to hide his own very pronounced accent. That “How happy we are” is one of the first hints that Miles isn’t himself all the time.
Also, there’s a little bit of fridge horror there: how did Peter learn to put on a different accent so well, with just minor hiccups like overenunciating a word or another? Maybe he has pretended to be somebody else before? In a another fraudulent scheme, maybe? How many crimes has Peter commited before, and how many people he had harmed already when he started working for Henry? Was stealing from Henry a crime of opportunity or was he a professional con artist who started to work for the Wingraves with ulterior motives?
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violentviolette · a year ago
yo im uninvolved just now reading about the situation and all, but if in that discord server actual 'cp' has been sent you should def report that to the authorities. thats not something to be taken lightly. why does that person even have access to that, christ
they have access to it because they seek it out because they get off on children. but they have not sent any cp publicly or posted it directly to servers. though Jaden did run a cp blog on tumblr that was thankfully bannned
they only discussed the cp they owned and agreed to send it to eachother privately so we could not directly report it. these people are insidious and they've been doing this for years so they know how to hide their behavior so they can't get in trouble
which is why I feel its so important to name and out these people so they stop getting away with this shit by hiding in dms
ur very right that this situation is serious and not a joke. I know tumblr likes to throw around the word pedophile a lot but im genuinely not exagerating
these people are literally attracted to children and have admitted it blatantly and yet are still to this day being allowed access to minors.
this shit is serious
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