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nik-the-bik · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mina: Oooh! I might get to hear how Dr Seward fell in love with Lucy!
Seward's Diary: So my patient is eating spiders. Again.
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the-bug-geek · 23 hours ago
Mina "Document Review" Harker!
"In this matter dates are everything, and I think that if we get all our material ready, and have every item put in chronological order, we shall have done much."
My hero. The unsung hero of the novel Dracula. And actually, our hero of Dracula Daily.
And perhaps, Matt Kirkland's hero as well.
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atundratoadstool · 23 hours ago
I love how Mina transcribes Jack's diary in the interests of making the emotional breakdown he's been continually having over the past month less obvious to other people who need access to his records, but she'll be damned if she's going to censor or expunge his impressions of Van Helsing's accent.
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cattuladaily · 17 hours ago
If I was physically capable of writing wholesome stuff I'd write a little ficlet about Jack and Mina working together on editing the cylinders and like, the diary starts much earlier than the events so they quickly sort through, jumping from one to the other, and then they start getting close to relevant dates and they have to listen more carefully.
And of course Jack being Jack shows through. Jack is sort of mortified at the start, but Mina shows him some parts of her diary she self-censored and while of course shess still leaps and bounds cooler than him he realises shes laughing with him not at him and cracks a couple self deprecating jokes and soon enough they are giggling together at the whole thing.
But then they get to the entries were Arthur introduces Jack to Lucy and he talks about falling in love with her and they both fall silent. We know Jack can spin a good sentence when he's inspired, and few things in his life inspired him as much as Lucy. They hear his voice describe the way she hid a bit behind Arthur when she first met him, but soon she was hooking her arm with his without a care, how they danced together one evening and he was surprised and endeared at how bad she was at it, how she laughed in a different way when a joke was mean because she was forcing it to be polite, how she said she hoped she afforded him a good study and he died a little inside because he could indeed look at her forever and never tire, but the gallant answer never comes when he's in front of her, only when he's alone with his phonograph.
After that, they're silent for a minute. Then Mina grabs his hand. "My apologies. I shouldn't have listened to this."
"I gave you permission."
"And yet I feel as if I am intruding."
"Madame Mina, if what Lucy said to me about your deep friendship is true, then there is only one person in the world i would tolerate hearing this, and that is you."
Mina smiles weakly. "Your kindness knows no bounds. It's true, you know," she adds after a beat. "She was a being of grace in all things, but she could not dance to save her life."
Jack snorts. "Two beautiful, perfectly formed left feet. A medical anomaly."
Mina laughs now. "She truly was an unique subject of study!"
They waste a whole evening, at a time where every hour could be important, talking about her. How warm she was, how bright, how she never took offence or meant it, how she was tired sometimes and melancholy but never ever forced her bad moods on anybody, how they both wished sometimes that she would.
They tacitly decide they can leave all of this out of the final typed version, and move on.
Later that evening, Jack finds copies of the letters where Lucy talks about him, laid out in neat type on his desk.
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animate-mush · a day ago
We can easily retrieve the word count on Jonathan's diary (it's just the first four chapters)
We can with more difficulty retrieve the word count on Mina's diary
We can make reasonable guesses as to how long she worked typing them up (she does not, for instance, claim to have stayed up all night)
We can calculate Mina's WPM typing speed (or a range for it at least)
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demonrubberduck · 15 hours ago
Another gift of the Dracula Daily format: highlighting how Jack and Mina immediately dive into their respective diaries the second the other leaves the room to squeal about how nice/smart/cool the other is.
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dathen · 17 hours ago
It really is fascinating how much Van Helsing’s gushing benevolent misogyny about Mina being a “pearl among women” and the like is practically identical to modern fandom’s Exceptional Woman Girlboss approach.
I really did love Mina’s “bro you don’t even know me” response to the worshipfulness. Does she deserve praise and recognition? Is she amazing? Absolutely! But the idolization and “you’re sooo much better than other girls” adoration diminishes her from a human to an idea, and one she feels no connection to.
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diavorchid · 13 hours ago
welcome to dracula daily, Jack! thanks for subscribing to the podcast, Mina!
Tumblr media
(ps. click for better quality) || sorry for the inaccuracy of... everything i just wanna see them hangout ok<3
also everyone has to know my mind was fighting over drawing this vs suitor squad sleepover
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Dr. VH: [hands Jonathan's & Mina's trsnscribed dairies to Jack]
*XBOX achievement sound*
DR. JOHN SEWARD has subscribed to Dracula Daily
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mari-oaky · 21 hours ago
Congratulations to Seward on finally finding his first podcast listener!
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snigora · 2 days ago
Our good friend Jonathan Harker is the most simp that ever simped he will listen to a stranger go on about how awesome Mina is without interruption, and then shamelessly record that he did that in his diary
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demonsandpieohmy · a day ago
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gellavonhamster · a day ago
The meeting of Jack and Mina always makes me think back to Lucy’s first letter and how she thought Seward would be a good match for Mina if she wasn’t already engaged to Jonathan. Because after all this time, they finally meet and actually like each other - not romantically, and it takes Seward some time to trust Mina completely, but still - and geek out over phonographs together! And Lucy isn’t there to see it.  
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picklepie888 · 16 hours ago
Dracula Characters + The Type of Students They Would Be in a Group Project
Van Helsing- The teacher who assigns the project, gives a vague description of the criteria, then tells everyone to just read the pamphlet.
Jonathan- The kid who read the pamphlet and understands it.
Jack- The kid who read the pamphlet, didn't understand it at all, but tries to act like he does.
Mina- The kid who does all the research, and ends up doing 90% of the work.
Arthur- The kid who gets stuck doing the tasks no one else wants to do.
Quincey- The kid who doesn't show up until just before the project's due, skims the pamphlet, but still somehow ends up being more helpful than most of the other group members.
Lucy- The kid who was eager to help out in the beginning, but ends up getting sick half way through and misses most of the group meetings.
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lorereadsclassics7 · 2 days ago
Some Dracula discoveries I have made while reading:
Vampires are a liquid in the way cats are
Mina queen
Dr. Malpractice is trying his best despite Van Helsing existing
Dracula is either immune to sunlight or is just wearing a large hat
Did I mention Mina Queen?
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presidentofspace · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
ALT ID: Text from Dracula, Mina’s journal, 29 September: “How good and thoughtful he is; the world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it.”
Feeling a bit emotional about this line. This feels like the point of Dracula.
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carpenoctemmementomori · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
September 29th
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