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being shy w/ deku under the mistletoe im abt 2 eat cardboard {🦭}
deku is one slick motherfucker !! don’t touch me !!!! mdni.
Tumblr media
“what? don’t you wanna kiss me?”
a boyish grin spreads slowly across the number one’s lips as he corners you underneath the mistletoe. the agency party doesn’t stop buzzing around you, no one sparing you or deku a glance while you remain trapped by his arm against the wall and his beefy figure towering over you.
you blink up at him and then to the mistletoe dangling above your heads, with bambi eyes that glisten underneath the twinkling christmas lights— unknowingly making the man weak in his knees. you’re so fucking cute, so shy whenever you’re around him and deku would be a liar if he said your nervous little squeaks didn’t hold some sort of power over him.
“i-i…um,” you stutter, praying to the gods that you don’t pass out because how is it even possible that izuku looks this good. his cherry lips caught between pearly white teeth, hooded green eyes that darken with smoke from the forest fire of affection when he looks at you. his hair curls perfectly over stardusted, honeyed freckles that decorate his cheeks and you swear you’re already seeing the pearly gates when deku smiles at you again. “i-it’s not that i don’t want to…it’s just that, y-you’re my boss?” your shoulders flinch as if you’re questioning your own words. “is that even allowed?”
leaning down, deku cocks his head to the side— pressing you further against the wall. “tell you what, let’s play pretend angel,” he coos condescendingly, reaching up to brush a knuckle over the softness of your cheeks. “just for tonight, we’ll pretend i’m not your boss. and you can kiss me, if you’d like, yeah? how’s that sound?”
of course you want to kiss him, eyes flittering between his gaze and his lips— and before you know it, you’re nodding your head with enthusiasm, letting deku lace his fingers with yours. “y-yeah…okay,” you whisper, free hand settling on the broad middle of his well-built chest. “okay.” repeating the word once more to give yourself some confidence, you stand on your tip toes to press your lips against the number one’s— feeling him instantly melt into the gentle kiss. he’s warm, tastes like the peppermint hot chocolate they serving and waves of dopamine crash over your brain because you’re finally kissing the man of your dreams.
you should probably stop to breathe, pull away before your lungs combust but tasting deku is addictive, your smaller-than-his hands cascading from his chest to his biceps to the baby hairs curling at the back of his neck— tugging the large pro hero closer impossibly closer to you. he hikes your thigh up high on his slender waist, licking at the candy cane flavoured gloss on your lips as if to beg you for entrance. both of you seemingly have forgotten the traditional peck you’re supposed to give each other under the mistletoe.
his tongue presses into the heat of your mouth— your body putty between his calloused fingers as deku’s forest flame consume you whole and you both forget the little Christmas party you’re at. when the need for oxygen becomes too much to bare, the number one hero pinches your waist, pecking your lips once or twice more to lick at the trail of saliva connecting you both. “izuku…” you breathe, head falling back against the wall as you let the hero nose at the side of your face and neck.
“yeah, angel?” he places sloppy smooches along the column of your throat, burning up at the way you say his name.
“this…are we still playing pretend?”
the corners of izuku’s lips twitch up into a soft smirk, pulling your hips to meet his and leaning up from your neck until you’re a breath’s width apart. “oh angel,” he says warmly, brushing the swell of his lips over yours. “this was never pretend for me, can’t you feel how much i want you?” you squeak as he gently grinds his now obvious erection into your soft tummy, suddenly hyper aware of how close you are to pro hero deku.
“if anything,” izuku hums right into your ear next, tugging on your earlobe. “you’re number one on my christmas list this year, and getting you under the mistletoe was just the start.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
nnn is over! how did these boys fare last month?
characters: bakugou katsuki, kaminari denki, midoriya izuku, todoroki shouto, shinsou hitoshi, kirishima eijirou
genre: smut
warnings: fem!reader, minors dni, everyone is 22+, bakugou (teasing), kaminari (quirk play, sub!kaminari), midoriya (masturbation), todoroki (somnophilia, cunnilingus), shinsou (catches you maturbating, quirk play), kirishima (breeding, mentions of cunnilingus), pet names (angel, love, babe, kitten, princess)
author’s note: enjoy this treat while i hole myself up in blue lock brainrot-
Tumblr media
when the boys were discussing the challenge in the group chat, of course they had to rope bakugou to play along with them. and to no one’s surprise, he thought the whole ordeal was completely dumb and more trouble than it was worth. yet they somehow got him to partake through relentless provocation, poking at his nerves until his pride no longer allowed him to remain silent and his thumbs vehemently typed a message back, stating in all caps—BRING IT ON YOU MORONS.
what he failed to consider was how little it actually takes to get him riled up. especially when it comes to you.
on the very first day of the challenge, he freezes in his tracks, arriving home from work to find you standing at the doorway. one of his dynamight t-shirts is draped over your pretty figure, a sweet smile adorning your lips. a simple yet effective recipe to get him on edge.
bakugou has to swallow the thick lump in his throat, fists clenched at his sides, attempting to muster some willpower to resist you. the challenge looming over his head somehow makes his instincts want to act up even more, slowly feeling something stir in his pants.
it’s only the first day, dammit, calm down!
are some of the few thoughts running rampant in his deprived mind. and all from just you in his shirt? it’s fine, if he can resist you now, then he’ll surely make it through the whole month without a hitch. right?
you tilt your head naively, unaware of what has him hesitating to greet you back. holding your arms out, you try ushering him into a “welcome home” embrace. the fabric of the shirt raises ever-so-slightly, but it’s just enough to see the chiffon fabric of your black panties above your supple thighs. that’s when his nonexistent resolve breaks and he gives into you, suddenly dashing from the doorway and carrying you in his arms.
his lips quickly overwhelm you, voice reduced to a whimper in the presence of his tongue seeking yours. “those dumbasses made me agree to some challenge,” he mutters between kisses against your skin, “knew it was fuckin’ stupid to begin with. be a fool to give this up for a whole ass month.”
you can’t seem to follow every word, engulfed in the hot sensation that travels between your thighs. your simple response is to pull him deeper, fingers wrinkling the fabric of bakugou’s shirt as he hoists your body up by the large palms groping your bottoms, transporting you both to the sanctuary of your bedroom.
later that night, bakugou messages the group chat about his quick defeat as your warm body nestles next to him.
the chat erupts in a fit of uproarious texts, a mixture of confusion and hysteria throughout. however, bakugou swallows his loss, knowing that the rest of them will have to suffer for the next twenty-nine days without being able to blow their loads.
Tumblr media
being a man in touch with trends, kaminari is the one who issued the challenge to everyone in the first place. which was a surprise, given that he sounded like the last person to have the self-control to stop himself from touching you for a month.
this isn’t very far from the truth, but hey, you have to give him some credit at least. he really did try his best, but unfortunately that resolve lasts only until the end of the first week before he finds himself frantic to be in between your legs again.
his initial strategy for success was simple. he goes about avoiding you in any way he can—leaving early for work and coming home much later after a day holed up at his agency, keeping himself immersed to ward off the aching desire to have your walls hugging his cock. though it saddens you that you have to limit your interactions with him, all for the sake of his standing in some challenge, you still support him. you also figure this could help him exercise some restraint for the future.
however, his thirty-day journey stops short one night while tucked beside you in bed.
when he settles his body under the covers, you rouse slightly from your sleep. “denki?” you murmur languidly and kaminari already feels a twinge in his gut at the sweet, sleepy sound of his name from your lips.
“y-yeah, babe, i’m here,” he assures, his shaky tone eluding your ears as you absentmindedly reach out for him. denki’s breath hitches in response to your arms wrapping around his midsection.
“mm, miss you…” from behind, you pull yourself snug against him. kaminari almost goes numb at the contact. he was already walking on a tightrope throughout the entire week, even a simple glance at you could’ve been enough to make him unravel. now with your soft, pliant body squeezing into him, he was about to be too far gone. your sweet fragrance was making him delirious, his mind going blank visualizing the outline of your tits on his back. god, he can’t take it anymore. he needs you to know exactly what you’re doing to him.
shifting you both around, he has free range to touch you in any way he wants, and the first thing he needs is to feel those pretty tits in his hands. he sneaks under your shirt and overhears your breathy whimpers at the sensation.
“d-denki..!” you gasp, feeling fully awake when his fingertips find your nipples and give them a playful sting of electricity. you arch your back into his hold, pressing your ass against his clothed erection that has him hissing between his teeth.
“fuck, sorry, babe. i couldn’t take it anymore.” his whines are high-pitched and needy as he grinds into you, granting himself some of that sweet friction he missed so much. his hands travel south in pursuit of your panties. he groans at the slick sticking to your folds. “need to be in you. c’mon, please please give it to me, i’ll be good...”
the pleas falling from his lips are so pretty and desperate. it’d be a shame to let him suffer by himself. to help him out, you sit up with the intention of getting on top of him. “okay, but don’t forget that you were the one who suggested this,” you warn with half-lidded eyes looking down at the deep blush painting his face, tugging at the waistband of his sleep shorts.
“yes, ma’am…”
well, at least he can say he lasted longer than bakugou.
Tumblr media
despite being somewhat confident in his ability to resist you, midoriya was already set to fail the moment he agreed to participate.
this month his hero agency is working on a collaboration with a clothing designer and retailer for an upcoming deku christmas collection, set to debut at the beginning of december. too caught up in his pro hero work and constantly keeping himself in check around you, the collab completely flies over his head. he forgets that a package full of the draft apparel for the collection was supposed to be delivered at his residence today.
he gets notice of the delivery from your text later that day while at his agency.
guess what came? you question in your message, following with an image of a large opened box with clothes sprawled all around. it must have been some time since you last texted him because as he continues scrolling through the chat, he finds streams of pictures you sent of yourself modeling in all the clothes, wrapped up in scarves, sweaters, and other winter apparel in his signature colors. he’s glad he’s in the privacy of his office, otherwise his sidekicks might notice him smiling like a lovesick fool at his phone, seeing his cute girlfriend all dolled up.
when he reaches the end of your message thread though, the smile on his lips slowly disappears. his eyes grow beady at the brightly-lit screen. the last picture you sent is of you laying across the soft sheets of your bed, camera pointing down at your figure with a knitted sweater pulled up above your chest, revealing an enticing set of green lingerie hugging your curves.
midoriya swallows thickly at the sight, eyes roaming over every detail he can see that makes the weight in his pants heavy and stiff. fuck, no one ever said anything about a deku lingerie set. how is he going to go on patrol again like this—hot and bothered while his girlfriend was at home, sitting all pretty with her feet giddily kicking in the air, sinfully aware of what she was doing to him.
there was no way he could ignore the dull ache between his legs anymore. him dialing your number over facetime is the final nail in the coffin. as the phone rings, he situates himself behind his desk, palming his bulge over his costume. when the call goes through, your face comes into view. you feign an innocent expression in front of him.
“hey, ‘zuku, what’s up?” you greet, voice a tad chirpier than usual, “did you like the little slideshow i gave you?” you revel in how flush his expression is, a tint of red swathing over the skin under his freckles.
“yeah, angel i loved it so much… c-can you show me the last set again, please?” he asks quietly, the question morphing into a desperate plea as he adds more pressure against his erection.
“hm, you mean this one?” on cue, you pan your phone so the camera can capture every inch of your body still clad in the fancy seasonal lingerie. from your end, you hear a quiet string of curses and the scratchy sound of a zipper.
“izuku, are you touching yourself to me?”
he shamelessly fists his cock under the desk. “yes, you’re gonna make me lose that bet, angel…”
“is a stupid challenge really more important than me though?” you pout, squeezing your tits together. izuku furiously shakes his head, his pace along his cock quickening desperately. you hum, “come home from patrol and prove it to me then. you might just get your christmas present early.”
needless to say, the crime rate in that area was reduced to zero by the end of the day.
Tumblr media
todoroki is another participant who initially sees the bet as more bothersome than beneficial. he couldn’t imagine a whole month without touching you. why should he have to control his natural urges around you when taking care of your needs, along with his own, was second nature for him? and all for what—bragging rights? it just doesn’t make any sense.
to convince him, the boys use the logic that edging himself will make the experience all the more mind-blowing at the end of the month. despite the new developments, his routine remains largely unchanged. he doesn’t see the need to actively ignore you, possessing the self-control to leave you with just a kiss on the forehead before bed and ending it at that. must be thanks to all the meditation he worked on while training to be a pro.
he will admit that he narrowly dodged a bullet during the first couple of nights. albeit just barely. unaware of the bet he placed amongst his group of friends, you tried initiating intimacy with him. you sat comfortable between his legs on the couch, a movie showing in front of you. it seemed tonight was going to be a normal occurrence—just a night dedicated to you both catching up on your favorite films—that is until he felt an extra weight against his crotch.  
a low grunt almost escapes the depths of his throat when you lift your body to scoot your pretty-self snug on his lap, shifting around with intention where shouto can already sense the point of no return. feeling the first throb of his cock, he has to hold you down by your waist to keep you steady. you face him with a mischievous glint in your eye, waiting for the mood to escalate further. todoroki barely had the heart to tell you he couldn’t go through with things tonight, explaining the bet, and watching your features adjust to the disappointing realization of no sex with him for a whole month.
for his sake, you still kept your spirits high to cheer him on. todoroki was grateful, kissing the tip of your nose as he muses sweet nothings in your ear. “i promise it will be worth it.”
it hurts him to leave you all flustered and worked up, but through the patience of a saint, he manages to get to the third week. most of the time he found extra relief from blasting villains with staggering amounts of ice and flames. things were going well for him, and once he was notified of the others’ losses, he seemed like a strong candidate to survive all thirty days.
that sentiment is smothered when he arrives home one night, crossing into the living room to find your sleeping body sprawled on the couch. his first instinct is to scoop you into your arms and take you to bed, but before he could cradle you against him, your lips part.
“shouto…” a tantalizing moan calls for him, the sound immediately coaxing his cock to attention, and making all the cells in his body go numb. eyes lidded, your voice continues to sweetly muse in your slumber, “need you, miss you so much…”
fuck, the innate desire to take care of you after realizing how much he’s been neglecting your needs overwhelms his reasoning. the bet is far behind him as he’s kneeling in front of the wetness coating your pretty cunt, your shorts and panties half-hazardly pulled down your legs.
the first taste of you in what seems like forever is delicious on his tongue, intoxicating his senses as your thighs squeeze his head, at odds with your collapsing slumber. with his mouth mercilessly fluttering around your sensitive bud, you soon wake up to an earth-shattering orgasm, rubbing your eyes to the two-toned man knelt in the middle of your spread legs.
“i’m sorry, love. i just want to make sure you’re taken care of, and you looked so gorgeous in your sleep, i couldn’t resist anymore.” he grabs your hand, leading it to the tight bulge on his crotch, his balls excruciatingly heavy and seeking relief.
“you’re going to take care of me too, right?”
Tumblr media
ever the competitive one, shinsou couldn’t pass up the opportunity to one-up all these horn dogs. though that isn’t to say he’s immune to your charms. there are plenty of moments where his resolve runs dangerously thin. every time you walk around the apartment in the skimpiest shorts or let out a particularly long whine while stretching, shinsou has half the mind to come and bend you over the nearest flat surface. but he collects himself, catching his breaths before handling his problems with a long cold shower.
what keeps his streak going is the fact that your schedules don’t align. being an underground pro meant he was stationed to patrol during the weeknights. by the time he was allowed to sleep, the sun would be peeking above the horizon, and you’d be waking up to start your day. thanks to this mundane routine, shinsou is looking to be in the running to complete the challenge.
on a particularly calm night, he’s overlooking the bright cityscape atop a building. his eyes are scanning the areas below, searching for any signs of criminal activity before his attention averts to the vibration in his pocket. he gives the caller id a glance and picks it up without a thought when he sees your name across the screen.
“kitten?” he answers in a hushed tone befitting of his surroundings.
“‘t-toshi, where are you?” your words quiver, seemingly on edge, which has the hero fixing his posture.
“i’m on patrol right now. why? did something happen? are you in danger?” his senses are heightened at the prospect of your safety being compromised, standing on high alert.
“n-no, it’s not that… i–” the short string of silence has shinsou biting his lip, “i just need you to come home.”
at that, shinsou drops everything in a heartbeat, alerting his sidekicks about his absence and letting them clean things up for the night. he swings across mazes of buildings to make his way to your apartment complex, landing at your front door. the entrance is pushed aside, the abrupt slam of the door echoing amidst his steps hastening toward your room.
“kitten are you–?! oh.”
well if this isn’t a sight to behold. when he crosses the threshold of your room, he’s shocked to be welcomed by your naked form spread lewdly on your bed. that feeling of shock quickly morphs into lust, lavender eyes darkening at your hand between your legs, watching your fingers part your folds.
“‘toshi, just need you here with me, can’t come without you.” your fingers work in tandem with your delicious whimpers, trying to massage that spot inside that made you writhe, but to no avail. it pales in comparison to shinsou’s thick digits which always knew where to touch and prod to reduce you to a babbling mess.
the man approaches the bed at his leisure, taking in your debauched state. the bed starts to dip at his extra weight. your skin scorches at how close he is. it’s been far too long.
“naughty, naughty. and to think you were doing so well for me this month, ” shinsou clicks his tongue. he scoots onto his stomach, fingers digging into your thighs to get a better view of your sobbing cunt. all those moments of restraint and freezing showers catch up to him, and his cock starts to ache in his pants. “what do you have to say for yourself, kitten?”
“i’m sor–” the words are hindered by the thick fog quickly blanketing your mind. when your eyes take on a listless hue, shinsou knows his quirk has taken effect.
“it’s too late for an apology now, i need to distribute your punishment.” he cups your chin in his hand, tilting you in his direction. “and only after i make you come on your own fingers will i let you ride my cock.”
Tumblr media
this whole month has been a true test of kirishima’s wits. for days upon days, it felt like a higher being was testing him, throwing every single obstacle they could think of to get him to crack and succumb to the sweet temptation that is you and your salacious ways. whether intentional or not, you never made it easy for him. kirishima couldn’t count the number of times his layer of self-control almost shattered right next to you, like when you would bend down and show off your gorgeous ass, or doll yourself up in the prettiest, body-hugging dresses for a night out with your friends.  
the thought of ripping whatever flimsy fabric you were wearing and folding you in half right then and there nearly overtook him. he just had to grit his teeth and feign indifference, when in reality his cock was growing heavier, throbbing with every passing day. he almost wanted to cry.
he simply swallowed his desires down and waited out the thirty days. the boys already thought he’d be one of the first to lose anyways so he was extra poised to prove them wrong. as his friends fell one by one to their urges, he was slowly gaining the conviction he needed to endure the next hellish weeks. after reaching the home stretch, he was practically counting down the hours—minutes even—until he was free from the shackles of the bet and could finally have you all to himself.
on the last night of the month, he’s already under the covers with you, who was sound asleep next to him. however, the redhead is wide awake, turned on his side to stare at the gleaming numbers on the digital clock resting on the nightstand. when the clock finally strikes twelve, every cell in his body rejoices. he shoots up from bed, jolting you from your sleep.
“babe, look! i made it! i survived no nut november!” he yells and whoops at his triumph as you’re adjusting to being violently rattled awake.
“that’s great, eiji, congrats–” you don’t even get your praises across before he’s on top of you, lips fervently coaxing yours apart. his hands palm at every inch of your soft body, pushing and pulling clothing away while you whimper below him. his large, toned body towers over you, licking his lips at his prey. “that means i don’t have to hold back anymore.” his guttural tone foreshadows the long night ahead for you both.
you don’t have any idea how many times you’ve lost yourself, too fucked out by the time kirishima was inserting his cock in you and pistoning your insides. prior to that, he was adamant to get you to come at least thrice on his tongue and fingers, ensuring you were prepared for his thick girth after a whole month empty and probably weeping for his cock. now your legs are being pried apart, calloused fingers bruising your flesh as he concentrates on breeding his babydoll.
“fuck, i missed this so much, you were made for me baby, just perfect,” he grunts, too pent up to even think of slowing down despite spilling load after load in your little cunt. you think you couldn’t get any fuller than this, but kirishima proves you wrong, pushing his seed back into you with every hard thrust. “don’t get tired on me now, princess. still got plenty more for you.”
being the sole winner of no nut november he asks the boys to pool together to buy him a new sturdy bed frame as his prize after yours broke the night before.
Tumblr media
copyright 2022 shotoh, all rights reserved. i do not allow my creations to be published or translated elsewhere so please do not repost this or share my content on tiktok.
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Y/N: I did.
Y/N: *Turns to look at Kirishima*
Kirishima: That’s high praise from Bakugo.
Midoriya: With a compliment like that, he’s practically in love with you.
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bnha and csm when you're feeling cold.
Tumblr media
izuku sees you rubbing your hands up and down your arms in an attempt to warm yourself up and before he could think twice, he's already taking off his soft green coat and putting it around your shoulders, "are you warmer now?" he asks in a concerned tone, big sparkling eyes staring into yours.
bakugou glances at you from the corner of his eye when he sees your frosty breath appear in a cloud in front of him. he tuts at how cold and miserable you look and begrudgingly takes off his scarf, slowly and gently putting it around your neck. "dumbass, should've taken a scarf with you," is all he says before walking away, leaving you to catch up.
denji is staring at you in the normal way he does when he sees you shiver from the cold, barely five seconds pass and his arms are thrown around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder as he back hugs you. "what're you doing?" you ask. "warming you up, babe!" his smile is contagious.
aki shakes his head when he sees you, immediately shrugging off his jacket and gesturing you to raise your arms so he can put it on you. "i told you take a jacket with you, do you want to get sick?" he grumbles while folding back the cuffs. you shrug. he gives you a disapproving look before kissing your forehead.
angel devil stares at you humorlessly, "this is your fault. if you were going to get cold, you should've bought a jacket with you." you entertain him by staring back until he sighs. "but i'm a nice boyfriend so," he shrugs off his jacket and dumps it on your head with a small smile, "here you go."
denki looks at you bundled up in his black and white jacket and can't help but grin. "here!" he says, jumping onto the couch with a heavy looking blanket. he pulls you closer and swings a leg over your waist before covering both of you in the blanket. "nice and toasty right?"
kirishima pouts, "i told you to grab a coat or jacket babe," but nevertheless doesn't hesitate to take off his red sweater and gloves and give them to you. he smiles when you put it on and puts an arm around your shoulders, "make sure to take one next time, alright?"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
࿓ ‧₊˚ ୨ fluff. | after months of trying to work a date into your busy schedules, a simple gingerbread making sessions turns into something much sweeter. gn!reader, mama midoriya's hosting, kinda cheesy but hey it’s christmas fluff, hope its not ooc, I haven’t written for him too many times before. 
༄ ‧₊˚ word count. 1.6k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Months have passed since IZUKU first asked you out. It was hard to forget how one of the most powerful students in Class 1-A had turned into a blushing, stuttering mess just for you, his shaky hand carding through messy curls as he finally worked up the courage to ask you out. You remember how his eyes only met with yours once throughout the entire exchange but you were too giddy, and perhaps even still so as you contemplated the flutter still soaring through your chest, to give it a second thought.
A smile spreads across your lips as the memory replays in your mind like your favorite song on repeat. The only difference being that exact moment didn't seem to lose its charm the more you replayed it.
Planning a date originally seemed like a simple way to spend some time together, but it was as if the universe had other plans. Tests, exams, out-of-the-blue missions, hospital visits and stays, they all seemed to suddenly pile up at once, entirely unannounced and absolutely unwelcome.
Yet, today proved to be your lucky day.
It's now a peaceful Saturday, the chill in the winter air emphasizing just how much time had passed since Izuku first asked you out under the shade of a budding Japanese Maple. But you were able to keep warm in the kitchen of Izuku's home - the very house his mother had so warmly, and rather excitedly, welcomed you into just a few hours before.
Almost immediately, you had been greeted with steaming mugs of fresh hot chocolate and two brand new sets of gingerbread houses just waiting to be built.
"I'm not sure if you are too old for these," she begins, an almost nervous look passing over her eyes incase she was wrong for buying them as she rubbed her small hands together. "But I figured these might be a fun official start to the season!"
You and Izuku hadn't wasted a single second after that, planting yourselves next to each other at the dining room table before opening the boxes.
"This is so bad," you cry not even half an hour later, voice pitched and whiny as you let out a heavy sigh. "I think I'm gonna get carpal tunnel from these... stupid icing tubes," you nearly spit through gritted teeth.
A joyful titter moves Izuku's shoulders as he sits up, most likely attempting to soothe the new ache in his back from him bending over his masterpiece for so long.
"I'll be honest, Izuku, I didn't think you'd invite me over just to brag about your gingerbread house making skills..."
Your flat tone doesn't affect the smile that always seems to grace his lips, and a tinge of annoyance squeezes in your chest.
"I think yours looks amazing," he says brightly, grinning widely as his eyes grace your crooked little cookie house.
"I would disagree considering that yours is actually standing upright," you sob, fussing with two walls that seem to only obey gravity despite the copious amounts of icing you previously used to keep them in place.
He lets out a gentle snort before rising from his seat. You don't even have time to process his movements before his chest presses gently against your shoulders.
"Here, lemme help then," he offers, his hand carefully wrapping around your own to help guide the tube of icing along the edge of the roof.
Heat shoots through your body and you hope Izuku can't hear the now erratic beating of your heart. You had always been fond of Izuku's hands: how resilient they were, always breaking only to come back sturdier. How strong they must have been to always help him during his fights; fights marked by each and every scar that littered the otherwise smooth, freckled back of his hands. His palm feels rough against your fingers and cause yet another burst of heat to blossom in your chest.
"There," he chimes triumphantly, the sound of his voice knocking you out of your little trance as your gaze finally settles on the now sickeningly sweet 'snow' covered roof before you.
"W-wow," you whisper, still in awe of just how steady Izuku's hand could be, but you couldn’t really say you were surprised.
"Now we just have to add the icicles."
The tip of Izuku's tongue peaks from between his lips as he concentrates on forming tiny little icicles with the remaining frosting seemingly lodged into the deep recesses of the plastic baggie. His fingers dance across the edge of the roof, perfecting his design as you watch, briefly wondering what the pads of his finger tips would feel like against the inside of your wrist instead.
"Oh and some gumdrops too!" he adds, trading the almost empty bag for one of the pouches of multi-colored gum drops that were included in your kits.
"Looks really pretty, 'Zu," you smile softly, more entranced with the way Izuku's deep green locks bounce under the glow of Christmas tree lights from a nearby corner than the actual gingerbread house itself.
A soft gasp leaves Izuku's lips and a flush crosses his freckled cheeks, reddening the bridge of his nose as he starts to ramble. Just as he usually does.
"Oh I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... do so much, I was just going to help with the roof and then, well, I guess you didn't ask me to help with the roof but I guess I just got carried away and- I..." Izuku's rambling comes to an abrupt halt and the tilted half smile his little stuttering mess had pulled from you slowly falls away as you meet his gaze.
His eyes are trained to a particular spot on your face and you're suddenly self conscious. Was there an eyelash on your cheek? Was there a pimple you weren't aware of? Was there something in your teeth? God, please don't let there be something by your nose-
"You... uh, have some... icing on your... lip," he mutters.
Your eyes meet his and you notice how his long lashes almost hide the way his stare glazes over. There was no denying it: Izuku was staring directly at your lips.
The silence between you feels thick, unreal, intense, yet impossibly fragile. As if it could be shattered with a simple murmur of a name or a sigh just a bit too loud. But there was no time left to think.
The gentle weight of Izuku's hand pressing against your cheek becomes impossible to ignore as he tilts your face toward his own, slowly but surely lessening the distance between you. Even as the lights on the tree behind you twinkled with the soft glow of red, green, blue, and white, nothing could hide the gentle lilt of your name rolling off of Izuku's tongue in a soft whisper before his lips brush against yours for the very first time.
It lasts for just a second, but it's enough to tear the breath from your lungs, not even gracious enough to let it catch in your throat before he pulls away. The span of where Izuku's palm resided during the kiss is still warm on your cheek even as his hand slips down to caress the back of your neck, his hot breath fanning across your face.
"I..." Izuku starts, his eyes fluttering open as his gaze lingers on your lips.
But before you could react, a look of worry flashes across his face and he jerks away from you as if he had just touched something red-hot.
"I'm- I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to- I... I should have asked and I wasn't thinking but you just... looked so pretty with the lights behind you and I just... couldn't... help myself," Izuku's usual nervous ramble turns quiet as it slows to a halt and his gaze remains locked on the rubber toes of his shoes.
" 'Zu," you coo, gently laying your hands on his shoulders, patiently waiting, silently wishing, for his gaze to meet yours again.
Your touch is soft, gentle, and impossible for him to resist, but you wait for him, eyes scouring his body language: his eyes, his lips, the rise and fall of his chest, his hands, his feet, looking for a single flicker of regret.
To your relief, you find none.
You slowly lean in, almost afraid that doing so would cause him to pull away, only for your lips to press against his yet again. A shiver shoots down your spine as his hands immediately find your hips, and you sigh into the kiss, into his touch, into him.
"So, how're those houses coming? I haven't heard anything in a few minutes so I wanted to know if you were ready to show-"
"S-sorry, mom," Izuku stutters, a tilted grin spreading across the flush of his cheeks as his mom glances between the two of you from the hallway.
"Oh... no need for that now," she smiles, letting out a breathy laugh while waving her hands as if to say 'it's really okay'.
"I suppose it is that time of year, after all."
"W-what's that supposed to mean?" Izuku huffs, his hands falling back to his sides as he realizes he's still holding you.
"Well, it was about this time of year when I first met your father and, well you know how that one ends," she laughs, her soft smile illuminated by the glow of nostalgia. 
"O-okay, mom, maybe next time!" Izuku shouts, his voice rising in pitch as he tries to talk his mom into changing subjects.
Maybe your gingerbread house didn't go according to plan, but at least the rest of your date did.
Tumblr media
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The other woman. (part 2)
Previous: part one 
Heya, I am doing part two, no idea how it’ll go, but uhm, yeah. 
Warnings: suggestive content-but nothing really happens, cheating, lots of angst for izuku, hate-love, you slowly fall out of love with Deku, Izuku feels guilty and shit, timelaps, suicide thoughts, you feel a little guilty, but not too much, LONG CHAPTER 
summary: As Izuku thinks about how he should tell you and admit how he cheated on you, you are finishing your last preps to completely break him. Now, all he can do is think about where you might’ve headed off to. 
Also: Did I write this all with a resting bitch face?
Word count: 4k words
Have fun reading!
{...Last time : }
You gently pushed him away from you, his heart breaking at the sight of you avoiding body contact with him. you looked at him with a sad and dissapointed expression and looked away, going to sleep in the guest room. Now that the young man was alone, he thought about your behavior.
You and him didn’t really spend time together, the last time being him and you fucking last night. Before that, you were busy looking for evidences of a new case you could work on alone since you got your promotion.
He thought about you real hard then. You were always there for him. Always. You always stood up late at night to greet him. You oftentimes came to his office and brought him lunch, which then ended in a hot make-out session or even a quickie in his office.
You often talked about kids, how many you’ve wanted, how you speculated on what they’d look like, what they’d become afterwards. 
You weren’t a person of words, but of action. you kissed him at least a hundred times more than he did, you held him oh so delicately whenever you could. you were always gentle, soft, comforting for him. I mean, you could be rough when he wanted to, but you preferred a soft and calm relationship. 
He didn’t deserve you. 
In the guest room, you took a look at your phone. This time, the unknown person wrote a message. 
‘Why are you still hanging onto that cheating bastard?‘
You smirked. You didn’t really know who that person was, and if you’d sent the wrong text, then they could do whatever they wanted with it. So, you played dumb.
‘I think you are mistaking him with somebody else. He would never do something like that! I know my husband better than anyone else!!‘
The person didn’t take long to send something back. A voicemail? Let’s check if it’s a man or a woman...
“Well sweetie...guess I’ll have to show you myself...meet me at musutafu train station. Next saturday. 4 o’clock. Dress up for me, pretty. A’ight?“, the stranger said, having a voice changer and you couldn’t tell the gender. 
Then, the messenger went offline.
You didn’t have time to ask who they were or why they wanted to stop your relationship with Izuku so bad. But, you were quickly pulled out of your thoughts when Izuku knocked on your door. You had to think of something to answer.
“D-darling...?“ He was met with the sound of whimpers and crying. Izuku felt like killing himself. 
The next few weeks, you felt like shit, but it was because of your pregnancy. luckily, it was summer, then fall, and then winter, so you could put on more and more sweaters or large shirts to hide your growing stomach. 
You went to the doctors regularly to get some meds, and when they asked you if Deku knew-you shook your head no with a mischievous smile that they only interpreted as a surprise. 
Izuku didn’t feel any better. He looked like he hadn’t slept in months, his hair was messier than usual. He had a days-old beard, and if he wouldn’t have cheated on you, you’d latch onto him and fuck him until next week. 
The guilt of cheating on you was plaguing his mind so much that he even forgot to eat. He forgot to take care of himself. When he roamed around the city, he didn’t tell the villains to make a better person out of themselves with a smile on his face like he normally would. 
He used them as a punching bag and beat them up with a monotone expression. He felt like really committing suicide. 
The idea became more and more interesting as he noticed more and more things in his every day life that he didn’t think of before. Once he even drank a little bleach, but he vomitted out his entire dinner that he had with you. 
The dinner was a complete disaster.
In that dinner, he tried to try it again, tried to talk with you. He noticed that you were covering up more and more. you also looked a little more chubby to him. You didn’t really eat anything, only looked to the side with your arms crossed.
Also, he couldn’t touch you how he liked anymore.
You didn’t let Izuku touch you because he cheated (but he didn’t know that you knew) on you and also because if he would’ve touched your tummy, he would’ve guessed that you were pregnant right away. Who knows? He might even be relieved that you wanted to hide that surprise from him. 
But you didn’t let him come closer to you than arms length. And he was only allowed to hold your arms and hands or your head and face. Not more. 
Izuku thought of that distance as your dissapointment towards him. He knew that you didn’t want to make love with him. But he didn’t know for how long. and honestly? It was snapping every single heart string of his. 
Maybe he’d get a broken heart syndrome and die already. But his prayers went ignored as time went by. 
He felt numb.
Then he went numb. But you didn’t really care. It was his fault, after all. 
The brown haired woman, Uraraka, has tried to contact him more than a few times everyday, but he blocked her. Izuku felt like a traitor-which he was-but he felt much more than that. 
You didn’t deserve such an ungrateful bastard like him. He felt like a whore. He took you for granted. He was fucking another woman behind your back. He was kissing another woman. In another bed. 
When you should be in Uraraka’s place. When you should be the one he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. When you should be the one he’d meet at the end of the day. Not her. 
Uraraka was the other woman. 
But she was a woman who didn’t care if her target was taken or not. She didn’t care that you and Izuku were theoretically inseperable. She tested that theory. 
She found out that the theory was wrong. Or only temporary.
She broke a perfect relationship with a devillish smirk. 
Uraraka is a bitch.
You met up with some music and model agencies. You gave the music agency some of your music for when you were younger. Songs about love. Breakup. First date. Arguments. Everything. Nothing. 
They accepted your music. You even gave out your most recent song, but you wanted to sing that one. It was about cheating. About you, Izuku, and the other woman. And you even mentioned your two months old baby in your tummy in it. You’d sing it after your son, daughter or baby would come to the world, not sooner. 
if some other person, no matter if man or woman, would sing it, and Izuku would hear the lyrics, then he’d know that it was your song. You loved mistery, but also being simple and obvious. He knew that. so, you’d sing that song and the whole world would know about your and Izuku’s relationship being over before it could actually really blossom. 
The head of the music agency was thrilled about your plan and loved it. She even organised a concert for you to sing on. Live. And Izuku would be your guest of honour.
In the model agency, you gave the people some of your old modeling photos. Now you’d be a model for pregnant ladies. They also accepted. But, you insisted on cutting of your face in every pic, but only digitally. When you’d give birth to your child, then could they publish your photos. and Izuku would see how much he’s fucked up.
The case was finished. It seemed like the burglar was actually a group of middle school kids that had fusing quirks which they used to form into a thief and steal important or expensive stuff. 
After that case, you got another one. You had to find a mysterious person who likes to stalk people. It could be your internet friend who sent you the videos of Izuku and the other woman. 
Today was saturday. Time to meet the stranger. You contacted one of your close friends for safety reasons and made your way to the station. Your stomach got heavy with each week passing by. Now, your stomach was a little bigger than a basketball, but you could cover it up perfectly with one of Izuku’s hoodies. 
Yes, you still used them. Only to let him think that you still wanted this...whatever it was the two of you had. Now, you passed half of the path you had to take when Izuku called you. 
“Hey sweetie, where are you going?“
“I’m up here.“, he whispered and you looked up. You saw him standing on a low rooftop, gazing down at you with a smile only a real lover could have. Too bad he wasn’t your lover anymore.
But, you noticed his growing beard and hair, his eyes having big, dark circles under his eyes. He also looked like he could eat something. He should eat...
You smiled. “Aren’t you coming down? I don’t feel that safe right now.”, and just after you’ve finished that sentence, he jumped and landed on his feet next to you. He tried to be subtle, but you pretty much aknowledged the pained wince his left eye had when his feet met the ground.
You smiled again. “Thanks.”
You put your mobile away, and took his hand, swinging it around a little. That made Izuku uncomfortable, and you knew that. “N-no problem...where are you going anyways?”, he asked, giving you a curious look. 
No need to lie, right? “Well, there’s this person who began texting me, and I thought they’d be a nice friend, so I’d agreed to meet up with them.”
Izuku looked at you for a few seconds before squeezing your hand. “would you like me to come with you?” 
Don’t you have other bitches to look at?
“Don’t you have patrol?”, you asked instead, biting your tongue internally. He shrugged, looking at you with a sly smirk. “I can always come a little late.”
‘I can always come a little late.‘, my ass! He probably said that to that other bitch he’s fucking!
You looked at him with a resting bitch face before you looked straight ahead. Your phone began ringing as you went. You stopped in your tracks and took your phone out. 
The unknown number. You wrote ‘MY BESTO FRENDO!! <3’ in the contact list so that your poor excuse of a husband wouldn’t suspect a thing. “Oh, ‘my besto friendo?’ Isn’t that from Jujutsu Kai-” “Heyyy~! Where are you?”
Oh. O-okay..
Izuku visibly deflated when you interrupted him by picking up the phone and went ahead and pulled your hand away from him. He felt shitty. 
“huh? over there? Ah, I see you, you can stop waving now, hahaha...yeah, okay, I’ll come now! Bye!“, you said after you ended the call. You then looked at the man whom you’d swore to never leave. But you would. In less than a year. 
“You can go now, Izuku. I can take care of myself.“ “I can still accompany you-“ “There are your fans, I don’t want them to come closer than they already are. Bye Izu.“
And without smiling at him, giving him a kiss, touching his shoulder, or cheek, you turned around and went into a nice caffee. Izuku lookes after you with a look of longing. He missed you. 
With a sigh, he turned towards his eager fans who questioned him about everything that had happened between you two. With each question that involved you - which was every single one the six kids asked him about - he felt more and more like crying, screaming, or throwing himself into a nearby river. 
“I-I’m sorry kids, it was nice talking to you...!“, he croaked out before he took off and dissapeared. 
“Huh, so, you’re the one sending me those videos.“, you mustered the handsome but tired looking male in front of you. 
He had nice purple hair, eyebags of tiredness, and a sexy smile. 
“Shinsou Hitoshi.“ “Aren’t you an underground hero?“
He looked at you with surprise evident on his face. “How...?”
“You think I don’t know about people like you? I am a detective in that area. I know everybody here. And now tell me; Why did you send me these videos?“
He furrowed his brows. “Do I really need an explanation? You are living together with your CHEATING husband, isn’t that enough?” 
You smiled coquettishly at him. “No, why do you think that this is going to change anything?”, you scoffed, ”Do you think I want to leave him?”
He hesitantly nodded, which made you giggle sweetly. “Dear Underground hero, I am not planning on divorcing my husband. He may have had come slip ups there and there, but don’t we all do mistakes sometimes?”
“I...shouldn’t you be hurt by his actions? How can you still be so...carefree?“, he murmured, sizing you up. To him, you looked like a completely normal citizen, but he still questioned your relationship with Izuku.
“Say...are you happy in your relationship?“
If you were taken aback, you didn’t show it. You were a mistress when it came to faking your emotions around other people now. You sighed. 
“I wish I was...I am still a little mad at him for spending some nights with another woman, but he promised that he’d never do it again.”, and you had a sad expression on your face, but it was real in this fake relationship.
Shinsou nodded, giving you the illusion of the conversation dying down. But, you were wrong. Deku just had to break your heart more, didn’t he?
“I’m sorry for...putting my nose into your business, but Izuku’s been meeting up with the same woman over and over again until it suddenly stopped.”
You stopped breathing for a second. You don’t have to tell me that, you idiot-
“And I really want to know why-like, don’t get me wrong or something! I am questioning your...husband’s...moves right now.“
“Please, Shinsou. Leave it. Okay? I’ll try and talk to Izuku about it, all right?“, you only answered with a bittersweet smile.
He didn’t look like he’d believe you and you wouldn’t even believe it yourself, but here you were, lying to people who only want the best for you.
“I-just...ugh. Let me tell you, that I will be there for you when you need help, all right? Also, it’d be the best if you’d leave him already.“
You sighed for the last time before standing up, thanking him for the nice time, and walking home, with thinking about how you should approach your nearly final step.
“Phew. Onto the next step.“ 
Carefully, you put out some wine glasses with some bottles of beer and other drunk-making potions for your plan for tonight. Since it was sunday, and you had free for today, it was the perfect chance of taking it into action. 
You had prepared some nice dinner, candles and other romantic stuff and with your quirk, making plants, you let plenty of flowers bloom from the walls of your shared house.
“I’m home...“, you heard your “husband’s“ tired voice. He was later than usual and he looked like he’d need a bath-right now. Luckily, you let in a nice warm bath for him with plucked pectorals from some flowers an put them on the nice-with bath bombs and soothing bathing salts filled- bathwater. 
Now, as Izuku was stripping down to his underwear, you prepared the most important part: The divorce. You needed his signature, after all. 
You then put on his oversized hoodie-an all might themed one, of course- and went over to him, ignoring the stomach ache your growing child gave you. “Hey, Izu.”, you smiled softly at him, spoiling him with your tender, fake love.
He looked at you surprised. “O-oh, hey...”
You giggled. Okay, something’s wrong here. Why were you all happy and shit right now? With him? Even though it was nice to hear your happiness, Midoriya felt like something was completely wrong.
“C’mon, I made dinner, and the bath is also not waiting for you.“, you ushered him into the bathroom, which was lit up by the numerous candles and gave him a nice vibe. He stepped into the bathroom and groaned. His muscles relaxed after what felt like forever and he felt like taking a nap. That was what he was really missing. 
Meanwhile, your core still responded to his touch and you cursed your body for still aching after the cheater who was having a good time in the bathtub.
Your hand on his scalp brought him out of his dreamland and he sighed. Still, things were nagging him. “Hey...are we...are we good?”, he asked cautiously, testing the waters with you. 
Your smile faded. “I wish we were, Izuku...it’s actually my fault that I neglected you, you know? You’re so busy, with saving everybody...and helping people when they need help...”, you trailed off, talking about all the times you longed for his touch, his voice, his warmth, him. 
And with each word falling from your lips, he felt like drowning himself into the bathtub. “I just...I wished we could...you know...try again?”, you asked, a hopefull glimmer in your eyes. 
Who was he to deny you. 
Who was he to even think about answering that question. 
Who did he think he was for even looking you in the face after all the time he has spent countless times in other women’s places, blowing their backs over and over again?
“Yes. Let’s do it.“, he instead answered, a determined expression on his face and you smiled seductively at him. “Okay, Izu. But I am hungry, so we’ll eat first, okay?“
“Ya wan’ me dodo *hiccup* wha?“, he only asked, his mind far too gone, but he tried to seem like he’d know what you were talking about. 
You held the divorce papers in front of him, smiling devilishly down at him. “It’s so that I can get more money, sweetie...”, you whispered, grinning happily when he signed off without another care. 
“averythin’ for’ya, swee...anythin’“, he called, his red face making him drowsy and soon, he fell asleep. 
He didn’t even see you taking your clothes and leaving. He didn’t see you putting your wedding- and engaged ring into their respective boxes and placing them on the dinner table, where everything was left the way it was after you two ate and drank. You onlay drank water but he mistook it for whitewine and said cheers before drinking full-on. 
He thought about having to become confident before rearranging your gut again, but he never got to do that; with you talking about how you solved the case, your friends having kids, you solving another case and him having to get better at saving people again. 
He never got to touch further up your arm than intertwining your and his fingers and gazing into each other lovingly. He never saw you again after he signed the paper. But what was it again?
It was morning as he threw up all the bile from yesterday, even your delicious food, and the expensive liquors. He felt miserable, and when he called for you, you didn’t answer. 
As he kept calling your name, he noticed that something was wrong, again. All your belongings were gone. Your clothes, lewelry, but only the ones that you personally owned-not the ones he bought for you. Your shoes, also only from your own credit card, were gone, and so was your entire presence. 
Sure, there were still the parfumes and other belongings of yours that Izuku purchased for you, but you? You were nowhere to be seen. Izuku got scared that something might’ve happened to you. 
He searched for his phone and found it on the uncleaned dining table. There were two boxes, dangerously equal to the ones where he had his engage and wedding rings in, and to his horror, the rings were inside the boxes. 
Underneath was an envelope. He opened it and read a letter which you wrote for him. 
“Dear Izuku Midoriya. 
Dear Izu, Zuku, Mido, Midori, sweetheart, love, handsome, sweetie, darling. 
Dear Deku, 
As you might have noticed, I have vanished. Am I going to tell you where? Out of your life! Now, you can fuck as many women as you want. 
Izuku flinched as if he heard you say those words. Your words, and you found out he cheated on you. How long?
He looked down again, and continued. 
“But, you’ll surely try and stalk me or investigate where I have gotten off to. Well, spare it. You’ll never find me. 
I do have some questions though. 
Why did you cheat on me? 
Was I not enough? Not sexy enough for you? Not pretty enough for you? Not tidy enough for you? 
Too lazy? Too brat-ish? Too much attitude? Not enough confidence? Not enough attention? Not the best looking woman? Not the best cook? Not the best lover?
Tell me. why did you cheat. and why did you stop? Exactly after the night when you fucked me? 
Did a lightbulb go on over your head and you thought, ‘wait, I’ve adtually got a spouse, I don’t need a side chick!’?
Whatever your answer might be, it’s over. 
that...paper you signed yesterday. It was our devorce. and we are leaving. who do I mean by “we”?
Well, me and my son of five months.
I hope that he’ll never see you and become like you, Izuku Midoriya. I’ll raise him as a real man. 
Until never, 
Not your lover anymore.”
You were pregnant? A son? And you didn’t tell him, he also doesn’t know where you are. 
I mean, sure, he broke you, but you broke him back, you guys are even...right?
As tears ran down his eyes and his sobs echoed in the now empty and cold appartment, void of your nice and warm presence, the pro hero unlocked his phone, only to be bombarded with news and questions from all sides. 
Japan news! - Deku’s bride divorced with child, what happened to our sweetest...tip to read more
Kacchan - the fuck did you do?! Your girl left you while pregnant?! Did you cheat on her...tip to read more
Uraraka - Are you okay? should I come come over? We can talk about it if you want...tip to read more
+ Notifications - tip to read more
His phone trembled when he listened to Katsuki screaming his ear off, the news reporting about how you modeled for numerous model companies and released tons of relatable and heart wrenching songs, with an invitation to her freshly divorced ex- Izuku to be a gust at her upcoming concert. 
then, he listened to Uraraka’s voice. calming, soothing, comforting. 
He blackmailed Uraraka, blocked her, and then tossed his phone away, thinking about where you might be. 
It was cold at this hour, but Izuku didn’t want to fakk asleep after two o’clock. You heaved your luggage down the last stairs of the house you’ve lived in  for the past few years. 
Now, you were ready to leave it all behind. 
Shinsou, your chauffeur, packed all the suitcases into the car and let you sit in the passenger seat. Only then he noticed your noticable bulge. 
“You-you’re pregnant?!”, he yelled, eyeing you with owlish eyes. You winced from his loud voice and shushed him. 
“I fucked him a few months ago and now I’ve got the baby. Now drive me away from this shitty place. Please.“
After some while, you felt Shinsou trying to say something  and you sighed before urging him to tell you what’s been on his mind as he drove you into your new house-but...could you even call it a house? 
It was...so much more than that. (I’ll explain it later.)
“Well, i think that after you two had sex did he stop meeting that other woman. what was her name again? Uraa- Uraka-“
“Uraraka Ochaco. And you’re the person who’s fitting perfectly in my case. Please, Shinsou, for the love of god. Register yourself and tell your underground-hero friends to to the same or my job will only consist of tracking down my own collegues. You guys are taking that whole “underground-hero” thing way too seriously.“
“A-ah..shit, sorry.“
[to be continued...]
was it angsty enough? Because I am still bad at it I think 
please comment on my posts so that I can improve my writing and make better stories in the future...PLEASE!
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kingkatsuki · 2 months
Squirting | Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 - 𝐚𝐧 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐢𝐝 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐚 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐬𝐦.
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Midoriya is having trouble trying to make you squirt, luckily for you Bakugou is on hand to teach him exactly how to do it.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, pwp, cucking (kinda), fingering, squirting, dirty talk, one little bit of degradation, praise, multiple orgasms, Bakugou is v v mean to Deku and very much in love with reader, not proofread!
Word Count: 4.5k.
Tumblr media
Your sex life with Midoriya was satisfactory, sometimes it felt like you shouldn��t complain. Hearing stories over drinks with Momo, Mina and Jirou about their conquests or relationships and the Pro-Hero men that couldn’t even find time for them during busy work weeks, nevermind find time to copulate, you felt lucky that you’d ended up with Midoriya Izuku. Because at least if nothing else, he scheduled intimate time for you both. Even marked it on a little calendar you kept pinned to your kitchen fridge, giggling over the word “smash” written on every other Sunday.
What did it matter if you had to fake a few orgasms, pretending to finish early so he wouldn’t continue fucking into your tight heat when you were bored and on the edge of climax. Waiting patiently for him to reach his peak before scurrying off to satisfy yourself in the shower. You were content, and that’s all that mattered.
Over time you’d both had conversations about spicing things up in the bedroom. Talking about various kinks or positions you’d like to try, Midoriya mentioned a certain roleplay scenario where you pretended to be a damsel in distress with Pro-Hero Deku swooping in to save you, thanking him for his service with your pussy. In exchange, you’d revealed one of the things you wanted to try more than anything else was to see if he could help you squirt.
Of course, Midoriya immediately began to research how to pleasure you. He wouldn’t be the perfect, dutiful boyfriend otherwise. But all the pages he seemed to read online, the videos he watched, nothing seemed to help in his endeavour to make you squirt. So in the last ditch effort, he decided to pick a friend who would be willing to help, someone he could trust, someone with no strings attached—
“Bakugou?” You tugged at the hem of the Deku shirt you were wearing, trying to pull it further down your thick thighs, “What are you doing here?”
“You didn’t even tell her?” Bakugou stood, mouth agape in your shared bedroom, turning to give his friend a glare, “Fuckin’ Deku.”
“I told her! But we hadn’t arranged a day yet…” Midoriya mumbled shyly, lingering by the door.
“The most basic thing you could do and you didn’t even do that.” Bakugou scoffed.
“No, no. I promise, she knows!” Deku continued, “She wants to. We’ve discussed it.”
You wished he’d had the courtesy to at least shoot you a text, you would’ve had a few minutes to mentally prepare yourself or if nothing else put on a cute set of lingerie. You suddenly felt so vulnerable in front of the number two hero, wondering whether he really wanted to be here or if he had been promised something in return like you had with Midoriya’s fantasy.
“Do you want me to leave?” Bakugou looked at you as though you were the only person in the room, wanting to know what you wanted him to do.
“No,” Your face felt flush as he gave you a sly smile.
You looked like an innocent lamb prepared for the slaughter, and Bakugou felt like the big bad wolf ready to devour every inch of you. He felt debauched when Midoriya had approached him in his office one evening to ask for his help with something, already prepared to say no before he’d even heard what it was. But thank whatever Gods above that he didn’t, because it meant that he was now standing in the same room as you.
“Okay, sweetheart. Guess I’m stayin’,” Bakugou gave you a soft smile as he took a step closer to you, “You wanna tell her, or can I?”
“You can,” Midoriya came to stand beside Bakugou as you sat at the foot of their bed.
You weren’t naive, you could see there was a reason that the hulking Pro-Hero Dynamight was standing in your room and that you’d discussed with your boyfriend numerous times. You just hadn’t expected him to bring home the man tonight, you felt completely unprepared and an apprehensive ebb swirled inside your tummy. You couldn’t deny you’d held a crush on the Pro-Hero since Midoriya had introduced you years ago, it was hard not to when he was absolutely gorgeous. Aging like a fine wine as the number two seemed to hold a similar soft spot for you in return. But you’d never expected to act on it, so this moment had your heart fluttering in anticipation.
“Deku said you wanted help with somethin’?” Bakugou continued, “Said he wanted help to make you cum?”
The blatant explanation had your cheeks flushed and your cunt throbbing from his crude tone, biting down on the inside of your cheeks to stop the debauched moan from leaving your lips.
“To squirt-” Midoriya clarified.
“Same fuckin’ thing.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, moving to squat in front of you at the foot of the bed. His large palms pressed against your thighs as vermillion eyes stared up at you softly, gauging your reaction, “So? Do you want me to help you squirt, sweetheart?”
His palms felt warm against your skin, making you wonder how much warmer they’d be just before he ignited them for his quirk or in the sudden aftermath. Wondering if they’d be warm enough to scorch your skin and leave a mark, a reminder of your time together. You felt him squeeze your supple skin softly as he waited for your answer, obviously wanting consent before he continued further. You gave him a gentle nod as you worried your bottom lip between your teeth.
“‘m gonna need to hear you say it, princess.” Bakugou pressed, “Deku does too.”
“Yes,” You replied simply, watching Bakugou’s lips curl into a grin as he began to soothe his hands along your thighs, the calloused palms catching against your softness as he groaned low in his throat.
“Do you have a safe word?” You scrunched your nose slightly at the question, you’d never really felt the need for one with Midoriya before. The positions and kinks you’d both explored in the bedroom hardly warranted one, and often if you just told him to stop he would.
“No.” You whispered.
“Jesus,” Bakugou turned his head to glare at Midoriya, “Do you guys do anything?”
“We do—” Midoriya countered, “We just never need one. She says stop and I stop.”
“Well, I’m gonna fuckin’ need one.” Bakugou turned back to you, “If I do anything you don’t like, or it’s too much and you want to stop. Anytime, say boom. You got that?”
You found yourself nodding before you remembered what Bakugou had said before, “Yes.”
He grinned up at you, “What’s the safe word?”
“Good girl.” The praise sent a jolt of electricity directly to your clit as you tried to squeeze your thighs together to give yourself some much-needed friction. A movement that didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou as he gave you a coy smirk, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll get to you in a second, okay?”
“What if she says boom during- you know? By accident?” Midoriya mumbled.
“What? You’ve fucked her so good you’ve got her screaming ‘boom’?” Bakugou snorted.
“Well, no but-”
“So I think she’ll be safe,” Bakugou stroked your cheek, “What do you think, sweetheart? You wanna change the safe word?”
“No,” You whispered, earning a grin from Bakugou.
“Atta girl,” He squeezed your thigh in confirmation as he turned his attention back to Midoriya.
“What do you actually do together?” Bakugou snorted, “Do you even know where the clit is?”
“Of course I do,” He mumbled, “I’ve made her cum.”
“What about the g-spot?” Bakugou continued, uncaring for Deku’s endeavours in the bedroom as he was more enticed by the sight of you nervously staring down at him.
“The what?” Midoriya mumbled.
“Jesus.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “No wonder you need fuckin’ help.”
Bakugou stood from his position between your thighs as he held a warm hand out to you to move you to stand.
“Will you take your shirt off for me and get on the bed?” His gruff voice was soft as you found yourself nodding before he’d even finished asking.
Moving your hands down to the hem of the shirt you were wearing to leave yourself in your pair of cotton panties.
“Is this part of it?” You whispered.
“Nah, I just wanted to see your pretty tits.” He grinned as you saw Deku scrunch his nose in irritation behind you.
Bakugou had a completely warped sense of power having you completely naked while he remained fully clothed. Also seeing you sat there in what was obviously a shirt you’d stolen from Deku had him irritable, not wanting to make you climax while you were wearing the shirt of another Pro-Hero. It was bad enough that you weren’t his in the first place, you deserved better.
“You’re so pretty,” Bakugou groaned as he stood beside the bed, eyes roaming your exposed skin, “Deku’s so fuckin’ lucky, ain’t he?”
You looked over at your boyfriend who was watching the scene intently, a sweet smile on his face when his gaze met yours, an evident bulge thick in his pants.
“Do you mind if I touch you a little first, to help you relax?” Bakugou moved to kneel on the bed between your thighs as he hovered over you, still fully clothed.
“Don’t kiss her,” Midoriya called out from behind.
“Shut up, Deku. You wanted me here, you don’t get to bark orders at me now.” Bakugou spat, but to your disappointment, he avoided your lips as he pressed a gentle kiss against your collarbone.
“This okay?” He whispered as he reached up to cup one of your breasts tentatively, your nipple pebbling beneath his palm as you released a soft sigh.
The calloused pads of his fingers moved to pinch the sensitive buds as he twirled and twisted them between his digits, pulling more pretty noises from your throat as he felt his cock throbbing beneath his sweats.
“You like that, huh?” Bakugou smirked, leaning down to capture the other between his lips as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin. Shamelessly clenching your thighs together as your hand immediately moved to the back of his head to thread your fingers through his messy mop of hair, nails grazing his scalp as you tugged roughly. Causing Bakugou to groan against your skin, sending pleasurable vibrations through you.
“Is this necessary?” Midoriya spoke as he sat down on the bed on the other side, causing Bakugou to pull back from your chest with a snarl. The cool air in the room cooled Bakugou’s spit against your nipple as you shivered beneath him.
“You want me to get her to squirt when she ain’t even horny?” Bakugou scoffed, “You slide it in dry, dumbass?”
“We have lube.” Midoriya mumbled, “If it’ll help?”
“Fuckin’ hell.” Bakugou pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to control his temper, were you really happy with this idiot? “If she’s turned on, it’ll be easier to make her squirt. You know that right?”
“Oh-” It was as though a lightbulb had been illuminated in Midoriya’s mind, as you knew he was probably fighting the urge to grab his phone to take notes, “I get it, keep going.”
“We’re gonna take these off so I can help Deku make you feel good, sweetheart. Is that okay?” Bakugou thumbed the edge of your basic panties, wishing you’d picked one of your sexier pairs today but he was still staring down at you with the most intoxicated look in his eyes.
“Yeah,” Bakugou began to tug the cotton down your thighs as he noticed the silvery strings of slick connected between you and the fabric. Wondering if he’d manage to commandeer them by the end of the night as a depraved souvenir, “Fuck.”
In hindsight, it was probably a terrible idea for Bakugou to agree to this when he was so completely in love with you. If he had asked Kirishima for his opinion before answering he knew his best friend would’ve shot it down in an instant. Telling him not to get himself involved and end up hurt, that having a taste of you would only make him want you more. And now Bakugou could confirm this was true. It was as though he’d been led through the gates of heaven and been shown paradise, and now he didn’t want to leave. The moment he’d coveted for so long was finally happening, and now he’d had a taste of you it wasn’t enough. He was greedy.
“I’m not sure I can do it, I’ve never before-” You mumbled shyly.
“That’s cause shitty Deku doesn’t know how to do it,” Bakugou replied with a grin.
“No, I mean. I’ve never- even with myself—“ You trailed off, hoping you wouldn’t have to be subjected to the embarrassment of explaining.
“Oh fuck,” Bakugou groaned, “That’s so hot. You been trying to make your pretty little pussy squirt all by yourself, sweetheart?”
You gasped at his blunt words and how they had your clit throbbing harshly.
“How have you been trying to do it? You got toys or you use those little fingers?”
“Both. Mostly m-my fingers,” You whispered. You’d tried toys before but none had been tailored specifically to help women squirt, little bullet vibes or clit-sucking vibrators that seemingly did little to help in your endeavour.
Bakugou sucked in a breath at your response, trying to stop himself from cumming in his pants at the admission as he imagined you alone in your bed trying desperately to get yourself off with your little fingers and silicone toys to no avail. Oh, he’d show you how to cum and he’d have you cumming hard.
“You’re pure sin, sweetheart. Pure fuckin’ sin.” Bakugou groaned, “Don’t worry, Dynamight’s got you now.”
Bakugou moved his fingers to stroke against your outer labia, groaning at how soft you felt as he began to spread your folds between his thumb and forefinger as he caught sight of your tiny clit peeking out for him. Shamelessly staring at you as he committed the sight to memory, knowing that this would be the subject of his motivations on those lonely nights when he’s fucking his fist to the thought of you.
Dragging his fingers between your folds as the calloused tips caught your clit, causing your hips to buck as he continued lower. Circling your tight entrance as he began to press his middle finger inside you, feeling your tight walls beginning to squeeze around him.
Shit, you were so tight. Did Deku even fuck you at all?
“She’s so tight,” Bakugou mumbled through clenched teeth as he began to wiggle his finger inside you.
“I know,” Midoriya grinned as he watched his friend touch his girlfriend.
Bakugou continued languidly pumping his finger inside you as you felt his blunt nails dragging along the ridges of your walls, sweet whines spilling from your lips as he finally managed to slide another inside you to begin stretching you out around him. He was tempted to swoop down to taste you, but he didn’t want Midoriya to stop him before he’d even begun as he continued pumping his fingers inside you. His thumb pressed against your puffy clit as he heard the sinful groan that left your body, your walls clamping down around him as he watched your eyes clench shut in pleasure.
“When she gets close you wanna start curling your fingers towards you.” Bakugou curled his fingers as he pressed them against the spongy spot inside you.
“Curl my fingers?” Midoriya mumbled.
“Yeah? Like this,” Bakugou pulled his soaked fingers from your cunt as he showed them to Deku, his cock throbbing at how they glistened beneath the lights in the room as you made a sound of irritation at the loss of contact.
“Don’t whine, baby, don’t whine. I gotcha. I’m not gonna leave you unsatisfied.” Bakugou smirked, moving them to slip back inside your body, “Gotta show this dumbass how to please you right, don’t I?”
You sighed as he resumed position, continuing to pump his fingers inside you as you felt the tightness continuing to build in your stomach as he worked you towards your climax.
“And if you wanna speed things up you can put your palm here,” Bakugou moved his free hand to press against your pelvis firmly, increasing the tension as you bucked your hips, “See? Doesn’t that feel good, sweetheart?”
“Yeah,” You choked on a gasp as your walls began to tremor around his fingers, Midoriya’s cock throbbing in his pants at the sight as he palmed himself through the fabric.
Bakugou’s fingers were constant on the same spot inside you, flicking his wrist with each pump as he felt your legs trying to clamp down around him. His thick thighs pressed between them to stop you from avoiding the sensation as he continued his precise movements.
“I feel funny.” You tremble, your hands fisting the sheets beneath you as you feel like you might need to pee. The shame and embarrassment throbbing inside you as you try desperately to hold yourself back, cowering away from your bliss.
“Don’t fight it, sweet girl.” Bakugou cooed gently, “Just let it happen.”
An unfamiliar sensation began to swirl in your pelvis, the coil inside you tightening as you cried out, writhing against the sheets as the sensation began to consume you.
“Stop, oh my god. It’s too much.” Tears began to cling to your lashes as you thrashed beneath Bakugou, his hand against your pelvis keeping you steady as he continued his movements.
“She said stop,” Midoriya’s eyes were wide with worry as Bakugou definitely did not stop.
“She’ll tell you to stop, but she’s got a safe word for a reason. Don’t you, sweetheart?” Bakugou pressed, vermillion eyes looking up at your face, “Do you wanna use the safe word?”
“No,” You managed to choke out, “Oh my god-”
Bakugou kept his thumb constant against your clit as his fingers continued beating against the same spot inside you repeatedly.
Your climax came so abruptly that you didn’t even register it at first, a jumbled mixture of words tumbled from your lips as you felt yourself come undone. Your mind was hazy with euphoria as both men stared between your thighs unabashedly, watching the clear stream of liquid spurt from your cunt and soak the sheets beneath you.
Tears began to stream down your temples as Bakugou pulled his fingers from your spent body, his thumb rubbing soothing circles against your puffy clit to help ease you down from your high as Midoriya stared down at you in awe.
“Wow,” Midoriya whispered breathlessly as he stared down at the filthy sight in front of him, the sheets damp beneath you as you tried to blink back the white spots that blanked your vision.
Watching his friend doing such illicit things to you shouldn’t have made him feel so needy, so desperate. Groaning beneath his breath as he watched the steady rise and fall of your chest as you tried to regain your breath, reaching out to palm one of your tits as you sighed blissfully.
“Good girl,” Bakugou squeezed your hip softly, his grey sweats now soaked with your arousal, “Did it feel good?”
Your walls continued throbbing as you nodded your head, your entire body aflame as both men stared at the mess between your thighs.
“Fuck it,” Bakugou loomed over you as he brought his lips down to your messy slit, dragging his tongue between your folds.
You jolted in surprise as your lips parted in a muted cry, feeling his tongue prodding against your tight entrance as he lapped at your release like a man starved.
“You already made her do it” Midoriya mumbled as he palmed his cock, his boxers felt as wet as the sheets beneath you as he tried to adjust his skin against the sticky fabric, “It’s my turn now right?”
He sounded like a child asking to play with a toy at Christmas, his palm wrapped around your thigh as he tried to pull you in his direction. Feeling Bakugou’s lips curve into a snarl against your cunt as he growled in irritation.
“Listen, I’m helping you out it’s the least you could do.” Bakugou pulled back from your cunt with a smirk, his chin glistening with your essence as he crudely wiped it off with the back of his hand, “Alright your turn, dumbass. Let’s see if you learnt anything.”
“Okay,” Bakugou moved to give Midoriya more room as your boyfriend settled between your thighs, his hands stroking against your soft skin as he gently dragged his fingers through your slit.
“Do you think you can do it again for Deku, angel?” Bakugou cooed as he lay beside you on the bed, his scent intoxicating as the warmth of his body heat began to surround you.
“Mmm, yeah.” You hummed, breathing a soft sigh as you felt Midoriya press a solo finger inside your fluttering walls.
“Is that good, baby?” Midoriya whispered as he began to pump it inside your pliant body, feeling your walls throbbing around him as you nodded your head.
“More,” You mumbled, keening as Midoriya happily obliged. Two fingers now pumping inside you as you began to roll your hips to meet his movements, feeling the pleasure beginning to build inside as you climbed towards the same peak.
“So fingers against her g-spot.” Bakugou guided, his hand moulding your breast, uncaring that it was covered in your drying slick as he thumbed your nipple. Your back arched off the bed as you leaned into his touch.
“Where?” Deku mumbled.
“Jesus,” Bakugou rolled his eyes as he moved back between your thighs to settle beside Midoriya, “Did ya not listen to anything I just fuckin’ told ya?”
“No, no, I did.” Midoriya mumbled, “I mean I can’t find it.”
You could feel Midoriya’s fingers messily jabbing inside you as they searched for the coveted spot, shifting uncomfortably beneath him as his nails began to catch against your spongy walls.
“Fuckin’ dumbass,” Bakugou grunted as he gave a final, lingering squeeze to your tit before shifting his body to settle back beside Midoriya, shouldering him roughly to make room between your thighs. Taking one of his fingers as he hooked it inside you beside your boyfriend's, the sensation causing you to gasp as both men filled you up. Bakugou deliberately wriggled his digit until it pressed against the exact spot inside you, almost as though it was already muscle memory, Midoriya following suit as he felt the smooth ridge along your walls.
“That— right there.” Bakugou groaned as he watched your face contort in pleasure, “See how much she likes it?”
Thrashing against the bed as you leaned into their touch, “More.”
Feeling the extra stimulation from the stretch of both men inside you at the same time as they continued to press against the spot, attempting to match each other’s rhythm but it was still off-kilter as Midoriya pressed away from you as Bakugou pressed against it. The sloppy movement actually left you feeling even hotter and bothered as neither allowed you a moment of respite, moaning sinfully as you felt the pleasure building inside you once more.
“Slutty girl,” Bakugou smirked, watching your face contort in pleasure as he kept his movements consistent.
Midoriya had never called you anything like it, and it left you feeling warm and craving the sound again. Wanting to hear Bakugou spew all kinds of filth against the shell of your ear as he helped you vault into the feeling of pure ecstasy.
“Put your hand there, man. Let her feel it— that’s it.” Beckoning Midoriya to place his hand on your pelvis to try and increase the tension building between your thighs while simultaneously holding your writhing body steady, “You like both of us at the same time, hah?”
“Fuck,” You choked on a gasp as a jolt of pleasure surged through you to descend directly to your core.
“Keep hitting it, she’s clenching.” Bakugou continued, flicking his wrist with more urgency, “She’s close, you gonna show Deku how pretty you are when you’re squirtin’ for him, yeah?”
“Yeah,” You cried out, the pleasure inside you overwhelming as you felt yourself being thrust into your bliss until the sensation was promptly stolen from you. Groaning indignantly as you felt tears welling in your eyes at the loss of sensation.
“Fuckin’ idiot.” Midoriya pulled away early, causing Bakugou to curse under his breath as he swiftly added another finger to resume his friend's movements.
Midoriya’s eyes widened as he spewed our apologies, resuming his movements inside you, “I thought she already came.”
“Just keep goin’ you’ll know when she’s done,” Bakugou snarled, biting his tongue to stop himself from starting a fight with his friend just as you were at the height of your climax.
“I’m gonna- I’m- oh my god,” The sensation was so overwhelming as you were plunged into paradise. Screaming as pleasure consumed you, your walls clamping down around both men's fingers as you came undone. You didn’t think you’d be able to squirt twice in a row, but you were proved wrong as a stream of liquid began to seep from your body.
Both men kept you riding through the pleasure as more clear spurts of liquid continued to spill out against their forearms and collect against the sheets. Pressing all four of his fingers against your clit to frantically rub it from side to side as drops of liquid began to spray beneath them. Making an even bigger mess than before as both men continued to watch in awe.
“Don’t pull back now, dumbass. Are you fuckin’ stupid or somethin’?” Bakugou snarled as your boyfriend pulled back thinking you’d already climaxed, “She’s still cumming.”
More desperate cries sounded from your lips as Bakugou prolonged your pleasure, you’d never felt quite so lightheaded as you did at this moment. The euphoria completely consumed you until all you could see were those same pretty eyes staring down at you, your cunt throbbing around his fingers as he began to slow his movements. This time allowing you to close your thighs around his hand as you reached out lethargically to wrap a hand around his wrist to stop him from torturing your overstimulated sex.
"Love yo-" Bakugou stopped himself before the words slipped out, hearing Kirishima's irritating voice at the back of his head, "Love this fuckin' pussy."
“S’too much,” You whined, feeling Bakugou’s fingers still inside you as he stopped tormenting your smooth walls, cherishing the aftershocks of you throbbing around him.
“Poor, baby.” Bakugou feigned sympathy, “But it felt good, didn’t it pretty girl?”
You were nodding before he’d even finished the question, unable to remember a time you'd felt so attractive and desired by someone. The look of absolute adoration in both men's gazes as they looked down at you with lust-blown eyes had a heightened pleasure soaring through you.
“You did such a good job for us, sweetheart. Looked all pretty and shit squirtin’ for us.”
“I didn’t think I could,” You mumbled shyly.
“Clearly hadn’t been doin’ it right, hah.” Bakugou grinned, finally pulling his fingers from your slick heat as you whined from the loss of contact.
“Can’t believe you’ve never done this for her before, asshole.” Bakugou scoffed, his cock throbbing painfully hard beneath his soaked sweats as he tried to commit the debauched sight of you to memory, “What else do I need to teach you, Deku?”
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hanmas · 10 months
I can’t stop imagining my 2d man leaving me a needy voicemail when I’m not around about how much he misses me as he fucks his fist. Keigo is so whiny, I know he is 😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: takami keigo, shindou yo, bakugou katsuki, midoriya izuku, todoroki touya
tags: nsfw 18+, afab! reader, masturbation (male + female)
notes: if i don’t get a voicemail like this from dabi i don’t want him anymore
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐊𝐄𝐈𝐆𝐎 whines when your phone goes straight to voicemail again, gritting his teeth and palming his hardened cock through his pants as he fumbles with his phone to call you once more. again, he’s met with your voicemail, and he knows he’s bound to get scolded, but he can’t stop himself as he pulls his stiff, reddened cock from the confinements. he hisses as the cold air hits his pulsing length, and he collects the pre cum weeping from the tip, smearing it with a low whimper. “baby, miss you so bad,” he moans into the phone as his hand wraps around his hardened member, “miss your pussy, miss the way you—fuck—the way you take me.” he squeezes around his swollen tip, long, drawn-out moan bubbling from his throat as he fucks his fist fast, desperate, needy. “need you, need you so much, baby. fuck, need to fuck you,” he whines, hair wet and clinging to his sweaty, heat flushed skin. his balls are heavy and aching, ready to release, and he bites his lips in frustration that it’s not inside your velvety walls. “s-so much work,” he pants, “but i wanna feel you,” keigo rasps, and then there’s the sound of the beep, indicating his time’s up. but he calls you again, determined to leave voicemail after voicemail until you hear him cum for you.
✰ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐔’s voice is low and raspy as you listen to the voicemail he’s left once more, your fingers slipping into your wet folds as your thumb finds your clit. “baby,” he groans, and you know his hand is vibrating as it strokes his cock, and you miss the way it feels vibrating when he’s knuckles deep in you too. “baby, miss your pussy. miss the way you sound, miss you,” he moans softly, and the squelching sound of his fist dragging up and down his thick length makes your fingers thrust into your folds faster as you mewl. “g-god, fuck—miss that tight fuckin’ pussy. wish i was in you,” he rasps, and when he whimpers quietly, you can almost envision his palm rolling over his swollen tip as it vibrates along his sensitive length. “j-just doesn’t feel the same, no matter what i do,” he whines, erratic pants ringing into your ear through the phone. you’ve heard the voicemail enough times to know he’s about to cum, and so are you as you rub circles frantically along your clit. he chokes on a moan, voice strained as he cums, and as he mumbles a quiet “fuck, fuck, ‘m cumming, baby,” his voice cracking with every few syllables, you whimper as your walls flutter around your fingers too, orgasm ripping through your body. your breaths are in sync with his as he pants, coming down from your highs together, and you wish shindou were here too—because this really isn’t the same.
✰ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 is frustrated—and it’s no surprise, but he’s beyond stressed, and he thinks you need to know about it. he strokes his aching length fast, watching his hand drag up and down the red, angry member as he grunts loudly, head falling back against his chair. his thumb drags along the thick vein on the underside of his cock, and his mouth falls open, eyes screwing shut as his abs flex when he wraps his hand tighter around his tip. “fuckin’ tired of no one doin’ shit right,” he growls into the phone, and he chokes on a cry as his palm rolls over the sensitive head, the loud sound of his fist slapping against the base of his dick filling the office room of his agency. “w-wish you were here. could’ve fucked you over this f-fuckin’ table for ‘em all to listen,” he stutters, voice just a bit breathier as he feels his orgasm approaching. his eyes roll back as his hips buck up, needy as he chases his high, and he moans loudly into the speaker of his phone for you to hear as he cums. “f-fuck, wish it was your pussy,” he moans, cock twitching with each rope of cum that shoots from his tip, coating his hand and leaving a mess. he pants erratically as he comes down from his high, eyeing his cum smeared hand before his before letting his head fall back against his chair, growling, “leavin’ early to come home tonight,” into the phone before the line cuts off with a beep.
✰ 𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐘𝐀 knows you’re asleep, and he knows he shouldn’t have called you at all at this hour, but he wants to hear your voice as he strokes his stiff length languidly. he can’t sleep, needs your warmth beside him and the weight of your figure in his arms, and even his hand doesn’t feel the same as yours as it drags along his painfully hard length. “fuck, sweetheart,” he whimpers, “wish you were here right now. m-miss your touch,” he breathes, and he bites his lip and rolls his eyes to the back of his head as his hand twists around his cock. he sounds so sweet, panting so breathlessly, letting a soft whine fall from his lips when his thumb glides through his weeping slit, and he wishes you’d have just picked up. he can almost hear the gentle praises you’d murmur into the phone, and the thought makes his hips buck up needily into his tight fist. “oh, sh-shit—want you to hear me, w-wish you picked up, baby.” he whines, and his thighs twitch as he feels himself approach his impending orgasm. “s-so close, baby, ‘m so close. g-gonna cum—f-fuck,” he gasps, back arching off the mattress as thick spurts of cum paint his fist and his bare abs white. he pants into the phone pressed against his cheek and shoulder, moaning lowly as he milks himself with a few more strokes. “god, i wish you were here,” he sighs, staring tiredly at the mess he’s left himself to clean up.
✰ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈’s voice through the phone surprises you when it’s breathy and panting harshly against your ear, and you almost think he’s hurt until you make out the squelching sound in the background. there’s a deep grunt before he groans, and you can almost picture his thumb running through his slit and making his body jolt. you feel a familiar heat building up between your legs when he speaks, “f-fuck, doll. need to come back to you, my hand’s not doing it anymore,” he says through a raspy voice. his fist drags up and down his length faster, and you can tell from the way his breath is coming out shorter, how his grunts are almost low whines, how he’s choking on muffled curses that he’s close. “shit, need your pussy so bad,” he groans, and then there’s a choked gasp, and you know he’s cumming. “fuck, fuck, fuck,” he cries, working himself through his orgasm, wet sound of his cock fucking his fist leaving an ache in between your legs as your walls flutter around nothing. you listen as he breathes erratically, picturing his damp hair stuck to his sweaty forehead and his cum coated hand as he slumps in exhaustion. “can’t wait to come home, doll,” you hear his smug voice, and you don’t think you can wait long either as your fingers slide past your wet folds.
Tumblr media
hope to god none of my moots are reading this train wreck
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quitesins · 4 months
Calling them bro after you start dating
Tumblr media
Katsuki | Shouto | Izuku | Eijirou
Tags: SFW, but suggestive, Fem!Reader, Crack? Fluff, Comedy, kinda ooc, Characters are all aged up, Deku’s is a lot more suggestive and dominant. The tense on this is all over the place, I’ll fix once I have the brain power to do so
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Even before you were dating it sort of ticked him off- being called bro by you- so after you start dating, does it drive him MAD!
“Stop that shit.”
You’re too used to his huffy behaviour so you pay it no mind, just rolling your eyes.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He glares, albeit not harshly.
His stare lingers and you find yourself finally caving and asking what’s wrong. “Bro what?”
“That.” He points at you, looking dramatically offended. “Calling me bro? I’m your Boyfriend.”
The realisation that it’s being called ‘bro’ that had Bakugou acting all pouty, has you choking back a laugh.
“Katsuki, bro, is that it?” You sputter through the giggles.
“Oh fuck off [Name].” It isn’t angry sounding and he takes a seat by you, almost cuddling. “What if I started calling you extra, Hah?”
“You used to!” You poke him and he shoots you yet another glare. “‘Fucking extra, go out with me’ if I recall correct.”
Then he’s groaning and turning his head, sporting an evident blush. “I thought we agreed to not talk about that again.”
“What, I said yes didn’t I?” You go to cup his cheeks so he faces you. You then push yourself to his lap, seating yourself comfortably “And here I am, in your arms, 5 years later.” His frown had started to soften, but like the menace you are, you couldn’t help but tease a little more. “Bro.”
This time he rolls his eyes, smitten enough to let you tease. “You’re the fuckin’ worst, ya’ know that?” His words mean nothing with how gentle they leave him.
“I know.” You grin, pecking him on the lips. “But you love me anyways.”
He returns your kisses almost instinctively, then sighs out a soft. “Yeah… I do.”
“But actually stop calling me bro, next time I’ll kick your ass.”
“Kats’!! You’re so mean!!”
Todoroki Shouto
Thinks he’s in the bro zone.
Although he’s not unaware of the feelings of those around him by any means, he can be a little ignorant to nuances of speech, taking things too literally at times. So when you refer to him as bro, oh he assumes the worst.
To be fair it isn’t just on him, you’re just as bad calling your crush bro. What did you expect.
It takes multiple hurdles, an abundance of google searches along the lines of “Does my crush like me back?” or “How to tell if a woman is interested you.” Unbelievably useless advice from resident-playboy Denki, and a more than awkward conversation with his father, for Shouto to actually find himself in a relationship with you.
So when you call him bro even after you start dating, oh god is he even more confused.
“[Name], Do you see me as a brother figure?”
The question is out of the blue and you can only stutter out a “What?”
“You keep calling me bro, even ‘broski’ once.” He prompts.
You hadn’t even noticed that, and it’s a little embarrassing to finally realise; you very much have been calling your crush-now-boyfriend ‘bro’ for years.
“Oh god, it’s just habit.” You insist. “I don’t see you as a brother, no.”
He doesn’t respond immediately, seemingly in thought.
When he does reply though, his words are a little stuttered. “You call- Katsuki and Izuku ‘bro’ too…”
You’re not sure why that matters until it clicks, he wants to be called something special.
“Would you like it if I called you something else, how about love? I think pretty suits you too.”
It’s not often you see Shouto flustered- confused maybe- but hardly bordering shy. Instead he’s one to be blunt and direct, sometimes even shameless. But now he sways, warm in the face, nodding his head and whispering out gently. “Yes. I’d like that.”
Midoriya Izuku
It’s not even you that gets to him, it’s Bakugou.
Laughing about “She calls you bro?? You fuckin’ nerd, bro-zoned by your own girl!”
Izuku knows it’s just habit and you see him as your man, more than knows mind you.
But he’s never been immune to Bakugou’s torments so it does keep him on high alert, taking note of the multiple times you call him bro.
When you’re leaving the house, it’s a “See you bro.” When you return, it’s a damn kiss alongside “I’m back bro.” Even when you go to say those three special words, it’s somehow tainted by being followed by “bro.”
Izuku doesn’t get mad often, but it’s really starting to agitate him hearing you call for him so casually.
“Okay, no more.” He one day stands up without any warning. Practically stomps over and tackles you to the ground.
It’s a tumble of laughter but one look at Izuku and you know you’re fucked.
His eyes are dark, his expression stern. It’s a look you hardly see on him, being so doting all the time. But it’s one you certainly don’t mind.
“I think you’ve gone far enough.” His voice is deep, almost rough, you can feel it on your skin. “I think we should just remind you what I’m really called…”
Kirishima Eijirou
Doesn’t notice the difference. And it’s probably because he calls you bro.
Everyone is a bro to him, all his crushes growing up were bros [and he wonders why none of them worked out] even his own Mother is a bro.
However draws the line during sexy times.
He’s kissing your neck, clearly initiating a little time away from work, while you type away at your desk.
“Ah come on bro, not now.”
He quite animatedly deflates, literally sinking with a frown.
“You ruin my fun.” He speaks, pout on his face.
“Sorry Bro, just a lil’ more paragraphs and I’m all yours.” You turn and give him a quick peck.
“No- It’s not that- you just.” He really is a sweetheart who would never be upset by being turned down. “Stop calling me bro.”
“Oh.” You almost laugh. “But you do it all the time.”
“Not while kissing you!!” Kirishima insists.
“Broooo.” You let out a dramatic sigh, paired with a smirk that Kirishima catches on to. He frowns.
“That’s it. I’m banning the word.” Kirishima stands up, determined. “Neither of us can use it anymore.”
You raise an eyebrow in his direction, amused by his new found commitment. He takes no mind to your lack of belief and remains dead set on his new pledge.
Doesn’t last a day.
Gets a call from Bakugou and picks up with “What’s up bro.”
As if he already expects you to be there laughing at his mistake, he shoots his head round and makes direct eye contact with you.
“Told ya’ you couldn’t do it-” You both stare each other down, silently daring the other to say another word. You take on the dare with a brilliant grin. “Bro!”
Tumblr media
This is a very me thing to call everyone bro/brother or broski… anyways, clearing out my drafts and found this, I don’t particularly like each part but it did make me laugh a lil so hey! Why not post lol.
Tumblr media
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kiwanopie · 2 months
cw: mdni dubcon. drunk sex. reluctant but willing reader. praise. filth. honestly don’t even read this.
the only alternative to opening my docs when horny is doing half a backflip and landing on my neck
Tumblr media
When you open the door, he’s standing there propped on his elbow. Feet barely crossed in front of each other as he makes an attempt at posing as desirably as possible, and looking like a complete drunken fool in the process.
You raise a curious eyebrow.
“Helloo!” He greets again, and it’s tailed by a giggle as he moves forward.
His arms are heavy and all surrounding as he pulls you into a hug, you nearly stumble back from how much weight he’s putting on you. Barely able to hold himself up correctly, and already dipping his head into the crook of your neck - you shiver as your friend takes in a few good whiffs of you.
Midoriya groans quietly. “Y’smell so good.”
“You smell like a distillery.” You rub his back. “How much have you had to drink tonight?”
“Oh my god, s’much.” He giggles. And then he presses in more, kicking the door closed behind him. “Les’ have a sleepover. I’m so tired.”
He punctuates that by nearly laying all of his weight on you, giggling again when you grunt from the stress and try with all the strength you can muster to drag him to the bed.
You blow out a sigh as he bounces on your mattress from where you’ve all but thrown him, feet hanging precariously close to the floor as he stretches his arms and nuzzles into your blanket.
“How’d you even get up here like that?” You breathe.
“I took the elevator.”
You sigh again.
“If you’re gonna sleep in my bed, you can’t sleep in your regular clothes.” You turn your head to search through your drawers. “I don’t want my bed to smell like alcohol.”
Midoriya snorts behind you. “Okie.” And it’s followed by the sound of shuffling.
You’re quick as you grab the oversized college hoodie from your dresser, turning around - though hesitating a bit when you find him laid out in nothing but his underwear behind you, boxers fitting comfortably over his muscled thighs and chiseled stomach.
You try not to stare as you throw him the hoodie. “Put this on, whore. And fix yourself, don’t just sleep on top of the covers.”
“S’ bossy..” He pouts but he does it anyway.
Your feet patter around the room as you start to get ready for bed again, grabbing your phone from where you left it in the bathroom and plugging it up on your bedside table.
You're lifting a leg onto the bed while absently tying your hair up when Midoriya pulls at your lower thigh.
“Can you…?” He starts drunkenly. “Do s’mthing for me.”
He looks at you for a while, drawing circles in your thighs.
“Sit on my face.”
You pause.
“You’re too drunk.”
Midoriya smiles giddily. “So? Y’expect me to ask you when I’m sober? You’re too hot.”
“You’re like barely conscious right now, Midoriya.”
He looks up at you a little woundedly. “Y’don’t want to?”
You wait a few long beats before answering a little honestly. “I mean… yeah but-“
You wobble a little as he starts to pull you in his direction, manhandled until you’re nearly hovering over his face. “W-wait. Midoriya, but you’re way too drunk! I don’t wanna-“
“Take advantage a’ me?” He slurs as he slides his head between your thighs, and you smell heavenly. “Been wan’in to do this like forever.”
He nuzzles his nose into your inner thigh as he reaches up to clumsily pull your panties to the side, breaths heated as you struggle in his grasp but his grip is unmoving.
“N-no wait!” You fumble. But even as you protest his hot tongue is already digging between your folds. “F-fuck…. Midoriya..!”
Vibrations send electric little waves up the rest of your torso as he moans contentedly underneath you. Sloppily dragging his tongue back and forth from your clit to the quivering little hole feeding him so well, momentarily taking a moment to dip his tongue in and all but dig you out as you inadvertently hump against his face.
His hands are steely as he keeps his hold on your hips, sliding them lovingly up your torso as he coaxes you to ride his face.
“Ah,” And the way you whine has him moaning out again. “We-… We shouldn’t be doing this…!”
Midoriya presses you more into his face as he defiantly nods in disagreement. He says something too. Maybe a cross between “mhm!” or “yes, we should.” But he’s not too keen on ripping himself away to sound any clearer.
You mewl when one of his hands slide up your shirt to fondle with your breasts, roughly squeezing in handfuls as he thumbs at your pert nipple.
You start to push at his head. “Izuku! Fuck, Izuku…” He chases your clit even as his head presses further into the mattress. “God…. your tongue…”
He grunts, removes the hand groping your breast to stop you from pushing his head away and instead card through his air.
“m’gonna cum…!” You whine. “Fuck m’gonna cum….”
Midoriya nods. “S’okay,” He sounds drunker than ever, cheeks red and eyes glazed over. “Go ‘head, baby. Y’ can cum.”
You gasp airily before letting out a moan that nearly has him cumming in his boxers, desperately humping into his face as you finally cum with a cry of his name, and he groans as he devours it all.
You’re whining from over stimulation when he’s finally getting his last few slurps in, kissing the inside of your thighs before finally letting you roll over and letting out a sigh of content. “God, thank you.” He breathes. “You’re so fucking good.”
You silently catch your breath.
You’re half dozing off when you feel your panties being pulled down your legs.
“N-no, wait. Midoriya, wait-“
He pouts as he pulls himself out of his boxers and god are you not prepped enough for that. “What happened to ’Izuku?’” And his pupils all but dilate as he presses your shirt up your chest. “Call me Izuku again, it was so cute?”
You halfheartedly push him away as he lines himself up with your entrance. “Come on, wait!” You whimper. “You’re gonna regret this in the morning…!”
“Why would I regret this in the morning? ‘ve been wan’ing to do this since I met- fuuckkk!”
You gasp. You can feel him in your guts and he hasn’t even gotten the whole thing in yet. You’re all but sobbing from the pressure as his eyes roll into the back of his head.
“s’tight!” He whines. “So fucking tight, princess. You’re milking me..!”
You dig your nails into his upper back as he lays his head in the crook of your neck and starts pistoning. He’s definitely rearranging your guts right now.
“s’too much, ‘zuku!” You mewl as he pants into your ear. “s’too deep! Fuck! You’re breaking me!”
“Mh yeah?” He lazes a few whiskey tinted kisses down your pulse point. “Ah- y’feel me in there? Feel me in your tummy?”
Midoriya lifts himself on one of his arms to press on your lower stomach and you all but convulse. “Look at how pretty this pussy is.” He lowers his hand till he’s rubbing attentive circles on your clit. “Takin’ me so well. Makin’ me feel so…ah… good!”
He’s lifting one of your legs and coaxing the other further when he lays his weight on you again, forcing his tongue in your mouth that still tastes like you.
“I’ve always wanted to do this.” He pulls back and admits. “Always wanted you to be mine. And now you’re-“ Midoriya grunts. “Bein’ such a good girl f’me.”
You’re gonna squirt at this point. “You’re really suckin’ me in, huh? You want my cum?”
You whine.
Midoriya brings back his hips to push in a firm dragging thrust. “Good girls get what they ask for, baby.” He kisses the underside of your jaw. “Y’want it? You want my cum?”
“Ye- fuck!” You cry. “Yes! Yes!”
Midoriya groans. “Yeah y’do. Good fucking girl.”
Your back arches as his hips piston back and forth steadily into your core, creaming all over his cock as the way you pulsate around him has him clenching his teeth - and fucking into you even as you clench around his hot cum.
He whines as his thrusts finally shallow, slowing till he’s pressing as deep as he can and grinding his hips against yours, so desperately that the bed catches the current and the mattress wavers as he needily grinds himself in as deeply as he can.
It’s enough to have you creaming around him a second time, more managed seizing as your insides clench around him in the throws of your third orgasm and he cums again with a broken moan.
You can finally catch your breath when you reach up for him, carding your fingers in his hair before jolting a bit in his grasp as he rolls the both of you over.
You sigh. “Jesus, Izuku-“
He’s asleep.
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tired-biscuit · 2 months
fem!reader/aged up!izuku. 18+ mdni.
Currently thinking about boyfriend!Izuku, who is so into eating you out that he's literally pushing you towards the brink of overstimulation every single time he goes down on you.
He just can't help it. After all, Izuku is a pleaser - an especially eager one. Unlike other men, he is greedy for your pleasure instead of his own, and he's figured that out about himself the moment you've spread your legs for him for the first time ever and allowed for his head to become hugged by your plush thighs in the mere beginning of your relationship. So ever since then, he's become somewhat addicted to giving you oral.
That means that tasting you on his tongue is like a reward of sorts whenever he comes home after a particularly troublesome patrol and finds himself in need of a pick-me-up of the lewdest kind. Your gasps and needy whines are a blessing. Feeling your legs shake and quiver as they scrape the rough stubble on his round, freckled cheeks - that he rarely has time to shave lately, because you insist on cuddling with him for 'just a lil' while longer, 'Zuku' on mornings he has to wake up early for work - is considered a literal gift.
But what makes him turn batshit crazy; what makes that big, fat cock of his twitch and his mouth salivate to the point where he's drooling like a feral animal, is how your voice changes whenever he eats you out.
It's just something about how the tone of it trembles whenever he drags the tip of his tongue along your drenched slit that turns so adorably gooey and sticky with the mixture of your arousal and his spit. He does those tiny, precise circles that he knows drive you crazy. The ones that make you groan out his name like it were a chant, until you're whispering it so feverishly and with such intense fervour, that it makes him wonder if the letters will start to burn holes into the ceiling of his goddamn bedroom if you don't stop yourself anytime soon.
And oh, god, the way your heavy breathing fills the empty gaps between the filthy curses you keep voicing nearly makes him cum in his pants right then and there. The moans that he draws out of your heaving chest with every laggard swipe of tongue are so soft that he has to strain his ears to hear them, but whenever he does hear them, he swears that he can feel the entirety of his senses heighten.
It's all the more satisfying when those timid, almost kittenish moans begin to grow louder, after all.
Because when he sucks your already throbbing and borderline painfully sensitive clit into his mouth, and pushes his thick fingers into your fluttering hole; forcing you to orgasm yet again - you squeal. All hot and so, so bothered, you're crying his name out in this high-pitched sort of whine that turns him brain-dead as he strokes your velvety walls. Especially when your fingers find purchase in his curls and just tug.
And then you're trying to close your legs, to push him out and away so that you can climb into his lap and ride him until he'd be the one to become overwhelmed in the same manner you are in that exact instant, but he's stronger and he doesn't want you to do that, so he uses that strength against you, despite being so sugary and nice on the regular.
His palm is broad and warm as it wraps around your inner-thigh. He keeps your legs spread wide apart; soft mouth still attached firmly to your overstimulated cunt during the entire ordeal of keeping you still. Your shy, albeit lovely boyfriend is rarely dominant, but the clench his calloused digits give to your soft flesh now is his firm way of showing that peculiar side of him.
And sure enough: when you look down at him, his eyes are so fucking dark. The irises are nearly foggy like a gloomy forest that still sleeps in the cold morning as he looks up at you underneath his thick lashes and just keeps on going. Keeps on fucking you with his mouth and clumsy digits that turn expert only at this sort of thing.
He's sucking the literal life out of you right through that adorable button of nerves you possess. Hell, you can see his scar-riddled bicep flex as he puts even more vigour into the movement. As he keeps torturing you in the sweetest way possible, and making you love the ache throughout it all.
His hair is all askew and his face is completely red from all the effort - almost mischievous in a way. The way the corners of his lips twitch into a smirk by the time you scream and gush right into his mouth when you cum makes your heart beat so fucking fast that it hurts whilst it rattles inside your ribcage. Your toes curl against his broad back as he licks you entirely clean. As he laps up every last drop like they're sacred.
Because to him, they might as well be.
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hawkssimpsblog · 7 months
falling asleep on the mha boys
midoriya would slightly jump at the feeling of extra weight fall on his shoulder. he relaxes when he realizes it’s you, and would cry a bit that you trust him enough to keep you safe. he smiles and kisses you on the nose while closing his eyes beside you.
bakugo who refuses to like anyone, somehow fell in love with you. so when you collapse into his chest, you can see a hint of a smile on his face. not one of hate or anger, a pure angelic smile, just for a second. he wraps his arms around you and puts his head on your shoulder.
confused todoroki when he recognizes your soft breathing on his lap, realizes you are no longer awake. putting down his book, he wraps a blanket around you, and turns off the lights. he whispers sweet nothings into your ears and promises to always protect you.
kirishima would give a soft chuckle to your sleeping form, rocking you to sleep. flicking off the tv, appreciating the smaller moments in life, moments like these. he presses all his warmth into your body, holding you close.
overly excited kaminari seeing your cute sleeping face, cupping and poking your cheek before he lets you rest. giving you a piggyback ride back home, he smiles and truly is thankful for you in his life. you are his sunshine and his whole world.
sleepy shinsou is right next to you at three in the morning, helping you sleep after your nightmare. wiping the tears off of your face and pushing your hair back, he promises he will always be there to help. holding your hand, he snuggles into you and falls asleep.
flustered tamaki was helping you study, burns up as your head falls to his. your eyes were closed, and your soft snores made his stomach flutter. trying not to move so you don’t wake up, he can hear your heart beating, and he listens as his heart matches yours.
dabi smirks at you, getting over his initial surprise. softly whispering ‘i love you’ when he thinks you are sleeping, but shocked when you say it back. he once thought that he didn’t need anybody, but holding you close, he knew that he was wrong.
speechless hawks as you crash on top of him, half-lidded eyes finally closed. grinning wide, but also sleepy, he wraps his wings around you both and uses them as a blanket. pecking your cheek, the background noise lulls you both to sleep.
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mango-mothss · 9 months
Slapping Headcanons || MHA Boys X Reader
A/N: These hands are rated E for Everyone.
Warnings: Implied fem reader for Iida, Mild smut themes for Izuku, Bakugou and Shoto’s are pretty mild as well, Eijirou is where it gets into the more smutty part. Denki’s includes degradation, riding, cream pies, and just general masochism. Implied smut with Iida. Dabi’s has major dom/brat themes, mentions of teasing in public, and punishment. Also implied smut.
Characters: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hawks
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Izuku Midoriya
With Midoriya, it was an accident.
We all know this boy is too pure to exist
What could he do to make you slap him
You were talking to a friend when he snuck up on you, he thought it was adorable that you were so excited
You were flailing your arms around and punctuated your sentence with them in the air
And you hit something
Really hard
When you turn around, Izuku is standing right there, a red handprint on his face
His brain altogether stopped working
Did I… like that?
Yes, yes he did
“Oh my god, Izuku, I’m so sorry! I totally didn’t mean-“
“It’s alright! I’m fine! See?”
Won’t bring it up again until he’s sure the two of you are completely alone
“Will you… hit me?”
His face is as red as a tomato
“Y’know… like you did earlier, just. On purpose.”
You bring a hand to his face, rubbing his cheek, before bringing it away all of a sudden
“Are you sure?”
You bring your hand back and slap him. It leaves a sting in your hand.
“Harder. Please.”
Katsuki Bakugou
With Bakugou, it wasn’t an accident.
He pissed you off. He was being mean, ignoring you for too long.
“What’s wrong, Kats?” Kiri would ask.
“(Y/N). I haven’t seen them anywhere.”
“I’m right here, asshole.”
“It’s almost like I can hear them.”
Kirishima, who definitely didn’t want to get in the middle of whatever this was, backed away slowly. He knew better than to get involved.
At some point, you were fed up with this silent treatment.
“Kats. KATS.”
He just scoffed.
“Fine. You wanna play this game? Ignore this, bitch.”
You smacked him. Hard. Katsuki was used to being slapped but never by you.
“Oi, the fuck are you doing?”
You let out a little “hmph,” and walked away. You got your point across.
As soon as you rounded the corner, a smile fixed itself on his face. He was glad that you had the courage to stand up to him, and he loved seeing your attitude shine through.
He apologized later that day.
Shoto Todoroki
With Todoroki, it was sort of an accident.
To be fair, you didn’t know this is what truth or dare would turn into.
Mina invited you, most of Class 1-A was playing truth or dare in the common room.
Todoroki sat opposite of you.
Bad choice.
He smiled at you, giving a little wave
Todoroki was comfortable for you, and you him. You got along more than anyone else in the class
So when Izuku dared you to slap the person across from you, you didn’t know what to do.
Izuku, however, knew exactly what he was doing.
Just hours before this game of truth or dare, Todoroki admitted that he’d always thought about being slapped by a pretty girl
And he knew how you looked at Todoroki
You stood up and Todoroki followed suit, meeting you in the middle
He gulped, then nodded quickly.
Your hand came back and then landed with a loud SMACK.
You soothed the red that was spreading on his cheek, leaning in to whisper.
“Sorry, love, but I don’t back down from a dare.” You winked at him.
He was flustered, but he was trying his hardest not to show it
He was failing.
Eijirou Kirishima
With Kirishima, it was not an accident.
I don’t know what it is about Kirishima
But I can see him straight up asking you
“Will you slap me?”
“It’s for science,” he’d say, a goofy grin across his face
“What kind of science?” You knew what he was getting at, but you weren’t going to let him have it that easily.
“Here, let me-“ He cut himself off, grabbing you by the thighs and hoisting you over his lap.
“Now just. Slap me.”
He didn’t have to tell you twice
You smacked him hard across the face, a red handprint left on his cheek. “That good?”
“Eiji, are you sure?”
“Please, harder, (Y/N).” You could feel him starting to harden under you, obviously very into this.
You hit him again, this time hearing him hiss. “Shhh, baby.” You took his face in your hands and kissed his cheek.
“Eijirou, if I hit you anymore, you’re going to bleed.”
“Maybe I want to.”
Denki Kaminari
With Kaminari, it was an accident, but not in the way you’d think.
You were having sex with him. Riding him. Today he asked you to be mean to him, call him names, and hurt him.
You knew Kaminari had masochistic tendencies, but you didn’t know how far it went.
And you wanted to see how far the rubber band would stretch before it snapped.
“Pathetic whore. I bet you can’t even get off without me, can you?” He was a drooling mess, had been since the second orgasm.
“Look at me, Denki.”
He was too far gone.
“I said,” SLAP “Look at me!”
His eyes focused on your face for a few seconds, the same way they always did when he was trying to hold on for you.
“Let go, baby.”
He nods, his body shaking underneath you as he releases, cumming inside.
“Feel good?”
“That was hot,” he says, trying to catch his breath. “My cheek hurts.”
You soothe his face as he pouts, pulling your hand back to kiss the knuckles. “I love you,” he says softly, looking you in the eyes.
“I love you too, Denks.”
Tenya Iida
With Iida, it was not an accident.
Iida had pushed one too many buttons with you.
He didn’t mean for the things he said to come out like they did.
It just happened sometimes.
He was raised very respectfully, came from a house that taught him to respect women.
So when he said that you shouldn’t go anywhere without someone
He didn’t mean for it to come out as
“You’re too fragile and weak to handle yourself.”
“Iida, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, (Y/N). You need someone with you.”
You huffed. You were about to leave when you heard him mutter, “Lowest in the class….. can’t handle herself…”
You marched right up to him and slapped him across the face.
“Don’t you ever talk about me like that again.”
He was taken aback, to say the least.
You left before he could apologize
And he did make it a point to apologize to you.
“I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” It was way past curfew, and he probably shouldn’t be at your door.
But you invited him in anyways.
“I just don’t want you to be hurt.”
“Thank you, but I’m sure I can handle myself.” Your face was stern. You folded your arms over your chest, sitting on the edge of your bed.
“But (Y/N), I just. I care about you so much. More than anyone. I care about you more than I thought was even capable, and I’m so scared to lose you.” He sat down beside you, brushing the hair out of your eyes.
You kissed him before he could talk anymore, fisting your hand in his shirt and tugging him towards you.
He fell on top of you, hands holding his own weight up beside your head as he stared down at you.
Needless to say you didn’t get much sleep that night.
Tomura Shigaraki
With Shigaraki, it was an accident.
This one is technically not a slap but I thought it was funny
You were gaming. He was just trying to get your attention for a meeting.
You couldn’t even hear him calling you.
“(Y/N), we have a meeting.”
Your eyes were glued to the screen.
“(Y/N), it’s time to go.”
“YES. TAKE THAT, FUCKERS!” You threw your controller across the room when you flailed your arms in the air, and it landed right on Shigaraki’s face with a loud thunk
“Oh my god, babe, I am so, so sorry.”
His hand moved to scratch at his neck, a scowl painting his features
“It’s fine. Let’s go.”
You felt bad all day about what happened
And you made it up to him with extra kisses, cuddles, and love in general
He forgave you
After he had his time to pout and sulk
And milk the attention he was getting from you
With Dabi, it was an accident. You told him that over and over, but he knew it really wasn’t an accident.
You were being a brat
Very plainly
And you decided that today would be a good day to test Dabi’s patience
It was not.
You were teasing him in public again, something he was very familiar with
And he was lecturing you over it, deciding the way he should punish you
He saw you roll your eyes
“Y’know, I think this would be a lot more fun if you let me take control once in a while.” You loved your position as a brat, but you loved to tease him even more.
“You don’t get to make that decision, now do you?”
You rolled your eyes again.
“Try it again, bitch.” His hand was on your throat in a matter of seconds and your back was against the wall
And then
As if your fight or flight response was activated
You slapped him
The hand that was around your neck moved to rub at his face. He sighed.
“I- I’m sorry, I didn’t-“
“Oh, no no no, baby,” he tutted. “you did this to yourself. You have to pay the consequences.”
He picked you up by the waist and slung you over his shoulder, carrying you away
You weren’t walking the next day.
With Hawks, it was definitely not an accident.
Something you had to grow accustomed to with Hawks was his flirty personality
Half the time, he didn’t even know he was flirting.
You and Keigo were engaged, but you both decided not to go public with the information
He had a public image to maintain, and you didn’t mind that
Some of which you got pushed aside for
One day where you were particularly feeling ignored by him, you went out to get yourself some boba
Hawks was standing in the middle of a crowd of girls, many of which were flirting to no avail
He took pictures and signed autographs, and you weren’t too interested
“So, Hawks, are you seeing anyone right now?”
“No,” he said simply. That wasn’t what struck a chord, with you.
“You could be seeing me,” the girl said. And then
He winked at her. “I could make arrangements for that.”
You waited for the, now screaming, crowd to leave before approaching him
“She was flirting with you.”
“I thought we agreed that it wouldn’t be good to go public.”
“You didn’t shut her down.”
“I thought you didn’t want to go public.”
You slapped him across the face.
“It’s not about whether I wanted to go public or not, it’s about the fact that you flirted back with her.”
Hawks brought the prettiest flowers he could find that night. As well as your favorite candy, a stupid rom-com, and his cat, Peanut (you can’t convince me he named his cat something normal) in hopes of making you feel better
He apologized a thousand times, and you finally gave in, throwing your arms around him
You could never stay mad at Hawks.
“I think we should announce that we’re engaged.”
“Really? You think it’ll be good for your image as a pro?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know much of anything anymore. But I do know that I want everyone to know that I found the most beautiful person to love.”
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been too active recently, I’ve been struggling with motivation, but I’m doing better now! Hopefully there will be even more soon!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡︎𝐒𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐈𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚♡︎
Day 13 of Kinktober 2022
Summary: Izuku does some research without you knowing, and finally gets you to squirt.
Props to my beta reader for today @afterhourswjay - thank you for your amazing help shawdy even on short notice lol, drop 'em a follow!
547 words.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You've both been at this for an hour already. Izuku sits between your legs, his fingers stretching you out and bullying your G-spot into a state of oversensitivity.
His hand and forearm is dripping, covered with your juices as your insides shift around thick, scarred fingers. The rough pad of his thumb is pressed directly onto your clit, massaging you there in ways that have your legs spasming and your eyes rolling back, and a particular stroke has you clenching beautifully around his fingers.
He loves to see you like this, reduced to the barest, most vulnerable sense of yourself to be built back up again as he explores and experiments with you, studying your body meticulously. The greenete would never tell you, but he has an entire section of his latest notebook dedicated to every little reaction he gets from you. He knows your body in and out by now, and he knows what makes you weak. Every spasm of your belly as you cum on his fingers or the arch of your back when he scrapes a nail gently over the spongey surface of your sweet spot is completely familiar to him.
What's gotten him so hellbent this time, is an article he had recently read, detailing how to make a girl 'squirt'.
He had taken your hand in silence and lead you to the bedroom without a word, immediately turned on by the flash of your face, all scruched up and moaning, in his head. You didn't even know what this was about, and you're still clueless to the experiment taking place on your body right now.
Orgasm after orgasm has crashed over you by now, but Izuku still won't give up. Not until he gets to see you cave under his touch and drench him like he wants. Obscene, lewd noises stem from his fingers going to town on you and with a final curl of his fingers there's pressure. 'Could it be?' He thought.
"I-Izuku-! No- I've gotta pee!-
Your cries almost deafen him as he pulls out his fingers, genuinely shocked by the amount of slick you squirt. He had read that it comes from a place somewhere near your bladder, or even the bladder itself, but he didn't care. Every complaint and self-conscious whine was kissed away with a "'s fine, baby... You're okay.". The boy loves you far, far too much to be scared away by anything that could come from you.
So when, in seconds, his midriff is soaked with your fluids and the sheets are entirely ruined, he smiles like he was just awarded a bouquet, victorious and tired and very much trapped in a state of adoration for you.
That bright, delighted smile serves to make you feel a little less self conscious about whatever the fuck just happened. It had felt so good that-... You peed? The jacked but soft man before you coos at your confused and dazed expression, chuckling softly and reassuring you that all went according to plan, and that he had gotten you to squirt. Apparently he was happy about that.
Whatever. He made you do it, so it was his fault, and therefore his responsibility to change the sheets while you nap. Win-win. Izuku wouldn't have it any other way.
Tumblr media
© 2022 not-your-fucking-kacchan
Tumblr media
◃ 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 ▹
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mtsyik · 4 months
Mha boys when you wipe their kiss
Characters: Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Bakugou katsuki.
Izuku Midoriya
Looks at you puzzled thinking he might have imagined things.
Did you just wipe his kiss away?
"Something wrong 'zuku?"
You're pretending nothing happened as you continue to look through the homework.
Eyes wide, blinking a couple of times before going in for another kiss, he is about to shit himself when you wipe again.
"Is something wrong with my lips? You usually like my kisses..." He mumbles the last part and you almost missed it, but he looked like a kicked puppy as he drew his attention back on the sheet of paper before him.
Eyebrows furrowed, he pretends to be focused as he tries to think of why you didn't want the feeling of his lips lingering on yours to last. He turns the next page loudly without realizing it as he misses your giggling.
"Come here" He sighs as you kiss him and tell him that it's a prank but he can't ignore his anxious heart beat.
"Don't scare me like that.."
Will kiss you again and again to 'forgive you'
You will definitely do this again.
Shoto Todoroki
Lifts an eyebrow slightly as you wipe your lips before him.
He was just in the kitchen getting a glass of water but all he seems to get back is, disrespect.
He doesn't know alot about relationships therefore sees kissing as something very intimate and necessary in one. So when you act like you don't want them...
"Are you mad at me?"
"Huh? No, why would you assume that?"
Now he is confused as he sets his glass on the counter.
"Is something wrong? Do you want to talk about it?"
Your heart melts at his concern as he fixes a piece of your hair behind your ear.
You almost aw as you peck him on the lips.
"Sho it was just a prank. I'm sorry" You were giggling.
Blinks and smiles. To him this means that everything is okay between you.
"Oh Okay. Just be careful with those." He kisses the crown of your head and leaves the kitchen happily.
Bakugou Katsuki
Furrows his eyebrows and has a scowl.
"What the fuck was that?"
"Hm?" You look unbothered and you don't look at him. Eyes focused on the show on your laptop.
"You fucking wiped your lips after I kissed you." He stands over you with his arms crossed, like a mother scolding her child. How dare you not appreciate his kisses?
"I don't know what you're talking about". You press play on the previously paused show and you hear him huff and puff as he leans down again.
Taking your chin in his pointer and thump, he kisses you again for a few seconds and then witnesses you wiping your lips with the back of your hand, unphased as you watch your favorite character take off their shirt.
His eyes are wide as he stands up again and pauses your show.
"Hey! I was watching that you-"
You're cut off because he turns your chair around so fast it almost makes you dizzy, but seeing just how pissed your boyfriend was, just inches away from you made your eyes widen.
"You wanna keep up your shitty prank and not get any kisses for the next month?"
You can't help but giggle at how buthurt he was about the whole situation. You reach up to his face and kiss him back giggling and when you let him go you see him blushing.
"Hm." He stands up and as you're about to put on your show, you can clearly see him wipe his lips.
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hitoshiyoshi · 2 months
what friends are for | midoriya izuku
Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis ↬ your friend and coworker, Izuku, always protects you from creepy guys on the train... doesn't he deserve to be repaid?
warnings ↬ modern au, izuku feels shy and guilty, izuku busts way too fast,, ch*kan, public s-x, exh-bitionism, the reader is wearing a skirt, p*ssy job, non-penetrative s*x, c*m in panties, let me know if i've missed anything
pairings ↬ coworker!agedup!midoriya izuku x fem!reader
word count ↬ 2.4k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tired feet shuffled inside the train car, soon packed to the brim with passengers ready to go home. Luckily you managed to enter before a swarm of people filled the space, taking all of the available seats and leaving most to stand in the walkways. The dark sky signaled nighttime; only the white overhead lights of the train car made everything visible. Finding a small space in the corner, you quickly took refuge and held onto the steel bar. You rubbed your arms together, trying to make some heat with the cold air. A finger lightly tapped on your shoulder, startling you.
Turning around, you see your friend and coworker, Izuku, standing behind you. He offers his scarf, outstretching his hand in your direction, and you happily accept. He whispers something about you “looking a little cold” as you wrap the fabric around your neck. Unfortunately, you haven’t worn a jacket or sweater today. You thought your office blazer could comfort you from the cold, but alas, you were wrong. Your pencil skirt barely gives you enough room to move; it was the only attire you could find after ruining your usual work clothes yesterday.
You move into your typical position: facing the wall directly in the corner, away from the rest of the passengers with Izuku directly behind you. It was the same stance you two took for the past few weeks. After a mishap with some creepy guy getting too close to you during a trip home, Izuku came in to save you. Scaring the man away and capturing a picture of him to report to the police.
Ever since that night, he promised to help you. This wasn’t his usual route home. It actually cost him more money and lengthened his travel time. If it meant protecting you, he didn’t mind. Izuku was grateful for you anyways. You were always kind to him at work, showing him the ropes on his first day and coming to his rescue whenever he missed an important deadline. He owed you more, but for now, you were satisfied.
When he was your shield, no one dared to bother you. You trusted him not to hurt you.
Your trip home went just like normal. For a few minutes, at least.
The train came to a sharp halt at the next station, much harder than before. Izuku didn’t prepare for the harsh movement of the train, he lost his footing and collided with your back. The motion of his body pressed you further against the metal walls of the train car. You peeked behind him, he soon uttered a soft “sorry…” and asked if you were alright.
“I’m fine, just a little startled is all,” You examined the area of the car with Izuku soon following suit. “Is there any way you can make some space? I’m kinda cramped here.”
“I don’t think I can,” Unfortunately the tiny amount of room created by his actions was soon filled by people coming in from the station. Bodies bounced into each other as the train began moving again. “We’ll have to endure it until the next stop…”
Nodding along to his words, you succumbed to your predicament. The station after this wouldn’t arrive for a long time; another ten to fifteen minutes before you could have some relief. It wasn’t too bad, you felt safe with Izuku closer to you.
However, the fluffy green-haired man behind you only felt a sense of dread with the closeness of your bodies. He eagerly wished for the next station to arrive soon. You molded perfectly to him, fitting like a jigsaw puzzle piece. This time was worse than all the others; your plush ass nuzzled against his lower half, deepening with every sway of the train. He wasn’t sure how you hadn’t noticed, you always seemed quite happy with his presence. It was a terrible feeling.
Izuku couldn’t stop himself from feeling guilty.
He promised to keep you safe during these times. But with the sprouting girth in his clothed pants, he was no better than the scums who violated you with their sickly hands. He tried to cool off most days, trying to think of pure thoughts like assignments for work or dinner with his family. Izuku was scared of the small part of him that desperately wanted to caress your inner thighs and slip inside the warmth under your skirt. Your skirt. Why on all days did you wear such a stunning thing? It hugged every dip and curve of your legs just right. Any weird person could easily touch you if they wanted to.
With the next shift of the train, you felt it. Hardened and nestled into your bum, begging for contact with your skin. You blinked a few times, trying to process if it was indeed what you thought. Of course, it couldn’t be… Izuku wouldn’t dare do such a thing. His clenched fist is seen in your peripheral vision, and you notice his arm straining to keep to his side.
“Izu, everything okay?” You ask while peeping behind to check on him again.
His face flushed pink with embarrassment, not daring to stare up at you. Izuku’s head was transfixed with the ground… and his protruding member. Finally, you noticed the tent in his pants roughly digging into your backside. His face showed signs of humiliation yet his hips bucked with greed. Of course, you didn’t want to believe it. But with each of his harsh movements and his prodding tip over your cotton skirt, it was obvious. You felt your cheeks begin to burn with his sudden touches, only glancing behind you for a few seconds before quickly turning to face to the wall.
“S- Should I move?” You ask, knowing that there was no available space.
“No, sorry… Let’s just stay like this,” Izuku’s hands move to wrap around your waist and soon press his chest further into your back. Any more movements would’ve only worsened his problem.
Yet, as he nuzzled closer into your neck, he didn’t seem bothered as the seconds passed. Izuku’s palm would graze over your hips, sometimes dipping lower past the hem of your skirt and wanting to slip inside. His conscience held him back from committing an act that he would soon regret as if he wasn’t already doing so. Perhaps the only thing he found hard to fathom was your surprisingly calm demeanor, letting his wandering hands have their way with you. He couldn’t hear your rapidly beating heart over the bustling sound of the train.
Growing curiosity spurred his fingers to travel underneath your clothing and caress along your inner thighs. He let out a soft gasp in your ear at the undeniable heat that began to pool between your legs. Touching the fabric that was coated with your slick and pressing his fingertips along your clit. A feeling of uncertainty caused his hand to retreat backward to his side.
“S-Shit… Sorry, didn’t mean to-” His frantic voice seemed cute, still afraid that he’d somehow broken your trust. Until your hand reached for his own, placing it back on your skirt.
“It’s alright, Izu,” You gently spun your body around to face him, and his eyes widened at your action.
Your touching chests only seemed to make his cheeks redder. He found it difficult to face you but your closeness made it impossible to avoid. Raising his briefcase to block the eyes of onlookers, you watched as Izuku seemed to gulp nervously with his internal battle of guilt. The other passengers nearby seemed too lost in their own worlds to care about the scenes that would soon take place.
“I can help with your problem,” You say while guiding his hands to lift your skirt upwards, stopping once your panties and thighs are exposed to the chilly air. “Just promise to help me after…”
He swiftly nods in agreement, and soon his remorse dissipates. Your fingers tug at his zipper, smirking at the damp spot sullying the tip of his tent in his grey briefs. Your fingers dance around the veins of his girthy shaft before tugging the fabric and exposing his stiff shaft to the air. Patches of his dark green hair peak out as you graze along his skin. Izuku shutters and shifts in a strange manner, gritting his teeth as your soft touch seems to coax him to an impending release. Watching him swell in shyness was only pleasing for a few slow seconds.
You soon release him and stare as he whines, missing your soothing touch. Luckily, those around you stayed with their backs turned, and with Izuku’s cover, you have enough space to lift your skirt. Lifting the material well past your thighs and bum under his lingering gaze. You hooked your fingers over the lace material of your panties and lowered them just until there was enough space. Your fingers returned to his cock, pumping around his length – feeling him stiffen in your palms – before pressing your bodies closer as his tip prodded at your swollen clit. Mixing your juices on your bud before nestling his cock between your folds and lace underwear.
Izuku’s free hand wrapped around your lower back, just over your bum, and pulled you closer until there were no inches between you two. Resting your head on his shoulder, you heard his breath hitch as he tried to swallow his soft moans. It was all too much, he thought. The same reason he tried not to succumb to his lustful desires. Your clear slick coats his still sprouting cock as his hips begin to rut against your body. Moving tender and loving before being overcome with a newfound sense of vigor.
The force of his sloppy thrusts soon matched every sway and rustling motion of the train. His grip on the soft flesh on your back tightened withstinging pain, trying to clutch and hold onto anything. Panting and whimpering expletives in a hushed voice, “fu- fuck… i- i can’t… you’re so… good,” right in your ear. Izuku’s dreamt of this since the first day he laid eyes on you; the feeling of your heat against his hardened cock. Soon, he recognizes that perhaps he’s just as sick and twisted as those creepy passengers. With every roll of his hips, your bud surges with pleasure. Wanting to feel his thick girth fill your soaking walls until he paints your insides white.
Your wish was not too far from his own, he wasn’t sure how he would sleep tonight. Chasing after his release, Izuku fails to notice his voice becoming louder. A few passengers peak behind, yet the lower half of their view is blocked, thankfully. You capture his lips in a deep kiss that he eagerly reciprocates. Nipping into your lower lip as you moan quietly in his mouth. You soon garner the attention of one woman nearby who stares away in disgust but doesn’t complain. Yet, you could care less about her disapproving thoughts.
Blood rushed to his red cheeks as you felt his chest tighten in your close embrace. As he suckled on your now plump lips, you felt his cock twitch. Holding your body close, his thrusts became rushed and desperate while his muscles tensed. Soon, his hips slowed and came to a sudden halt. Izuku pulled back, breaking your kiss and moving his hand away from you to hold the base of his cock. Emptying his warm seed over the hood of your clit, overflowing after being suppressed for far too long. As more milky essence gushed, he swirled the tip of his shaft over your bud – adding pressure to your heat that yearned for a release.
Giving no time to calm from his high, Izuku helps tidy your clothes. A surge of joy fills him as he watches his cum drip onto your panties, a messy sign of his territory. Once he’s finished, he quickly fixes himself with your aid. A cold and slow trickle of his essence runs down your leg. He fetches a paper napkin and cleans you up as if nothing happened; he’s always overprepared.
The next station soon approaches allowing most of the passengers to depart and finally giving you some room to breathe. A pair of seats are empty and Izuku happily escorts you to them before they are stolen. Your routine continues; you usually sit next to each other and discuss work or any lingering thoughts for the day. Except for tonight, you rest your head on his shoulder. Too tired and distracted from the feeling of your cum-stained panties pressing against your heat.
When your stop finally comes, you raise to your feet and attempt to leave. You tell Izuku ‘goodbye’ and wish him well for the rest of his ride home. Until you feel his hand grasp yours…
“Wait..!” He says before standing. His grip is nearly as strong as before.
“What is it?” You ask, gaining the attention of a couple seated happily nearby.
“I never fixed your problem,” He starts, blushing shyly and shifting uncomfortably in his tight slacks. “My place is only a few stops away… and we have time.”
The train begins to depart from your station, and the doors lock and trap you inside. It wouldn’t hurt to stay a little while longer…
Izuku leads you to some seats right at the back of the train car, this time making you sit on his lap. The rest of the passengers are some distance away, only a few. The couple peeks at you two but turns their heads away once realizing your bodies are too far. He takes the chance to raise the hem of your skirt again. He knows this route well, people barely board the train at this hour — he has you all to himself.
Izuku slips his fingers inside your panties, instantly feeling his sticky cum from earlier. Still warm from the heat erupting between your legs. The pads of his fingers massage circles around your needy clit. With each flutter of his fingers against your core, your walls spasm, and Izuku’s soft chuckle resounds in your ear. Lubricating your folds with his cum before dipping around your opening and coating his fingers in slick.
The sudden feeling of his digits slipping inside your dripping wetness causes a moan to slip past your lips — loud enough for some passengers to hear. Izuku’s hand instinctively covers your mouth and quells more from coming out. He holds you still as the seconds pass and he believes he’s in the clear. No one disturbs you two, lacking the courage to do so.
“Careful now, can’t help if you make too much noise,” He removes his hand from your mouth, choosing to settle near your waist. “Let me repay you… after all, it’s what friends are for,”
Tumblr media
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