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Y’all- I spent so long on this
All I did was work on this yesterday starting at 11 am and finishing at 3 am the next morning… aka this morning
And well… I love how it came out Oml
… these two have quite literally consumed my every waking and sleeping thought
Lyrics: Mr. Melancholy by Anthony Amorim (I’ve used it in drawings before but none have fit quite so well as them)
Progress shots:
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imikhailo · 2 days
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1.10   — Nana Gallagher Had an Affair
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anastasiareyreed · 2 days
the way Mickey gently touched Ian's neck and stepped back a little but Ian immediately reached out for a kiss. I can't handle it
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doodlevich · 2 days
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Ian and Mickey showing off their moves at Lip and Tami’s wedding 💃
(This was meant to be for @shamelesscreatorsnetwork’s November theme of 🎶 music 🎶 but unfortunately… life *shakes fist*)
here’s the additional moni panel I drew just for funsies:
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7x10mickey · 3 days
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ms-moonlight-inn · 1 day
Winter blues leaving you limp? Need a lil' spice along with all that sugar? Come join in our smutty little winter collection!
It's not a challenge: no sign-ups needed. It's an open collection to post your smutty wintery fics.
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Click the link for full details & to submit.
Contact @camnoelgallavich @gallavichgeek @notherenewjersey or, myself with any questions. This is separate from any other events going on.
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gallacrafts · 2 days
🎉 did you miss us? 🎉
we're BACK and we are EXCITED, because...
we have a teaser for this month's Gallacrafts and it's going to be a beautiful thing 🕵️‍♀️
we have a special end of year treat for our followers (so keep an eye out this month on the gallacrafts account) 🎁
we have a new admin - this month Cherry @too-schoolforcool is joining Rhys and Donna. Welcome Cherry we're thrilled to have you with us! 🥰
First up...
Theme 16 teaser!
You can find ten words in the word search below that will give you clues to this month's theme. Words might appear forwards, backwards, or diagonal. Good luck!
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We'll be revealing the theme next Sunday 11 December and craft posting day will be Sunday 18 December
Short on time this month?
You can DM any of the admins and we'll be happy to send you the theme a week early (Rhys @smokey-mickey Donna @sleepyfacetoughguy and Cherry @too-schoolforcool)
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mikhailoisbaby · 2 days
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Okay let me explain:
Ian and Mickey in the bluey cartoon style. I feel like Mickey is pretty much good, Ian might need some work but it’s my first time drawing in this style and it’s not my usual art.
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darthvaders-wife · 3 days
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The new 4 pages of Notting Hill comic are already on Ao3, where there are also previous pages🖤
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I drew something silly 😂
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That time when Mickey bought Ian a bunny plushie he really wanted because "it reminded Ian on him", only to find out later that it's because of the bunny teeth 😂
I think the bunny face is my lifetime masterpiece 😂
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A companion piece from Ian’s POV of this drabble for this week’s @galladrabbles prompt of ‘collide’ from @takeyourpillsbitchh 💖
Ian’s slowly getting himself together. It’s terrifying and it’s difficult but he’s doing it. He should be feeling good about himself.
But often he just feels guilty about Mickey. He misses him so much he aches and he tries not to think about it too much. Mickey’s in prison, he needs to accept that.
But then he’s not. He’s there in front of him, slipping towards him. So when they collide, he should feel the cold as the icy pavement meets his back. But as Mickey falls on top of him, all he feels is warmth and fire and home.
If I was gonna write this as a long fic (which I’m not….so if anyone wants to please do feel free) one of them breaks something during the fall so the other takes care of them. And they slowly get back together.
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What’s your unpopular Gallavich headcanon? Like something you know is controversial or opposite to fanon , but you’ll stand by it.
So not AT ALL my headcanon. But I saw one once that said the prison guard that helped Mickey escape was Angie. And I’ve been stuck on that since. Because I wholeheartedly believe she is the only person who knew his secret from a young age and knew who he truly was beneath the layers of thug. And because of this she knew the murder charge was bullshit and helped him escape. I dare you to change my mind. Probably not controversial or unpopular but whatever I can’t think of another one 😂
If this was you who thought of this I love you deeply and forever 🥰
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look-i-love-u · 3 days
Galladrabbles - Collide
This is my @galladrabbles submission for this week's prompt "collide" set by the awesome Chey, @takeyourpillsbitchh.
This is the ninth part of my college/grindr!AU. You can read it from the beginning: HERE
It’s been a week.
Seven days.
Seven days in which doubt, guilt and lust collided and turned into a shameful chaotic thought-carrussell. 
At least uni work is keeping him busy. 
Somehow Ian manages to finish his paper, even though he’s sure it’s not his best work.
How can it be when he keeps thinking about his orgasm-high right there in front of these exact book shelves?
Ian hears his phone and sighs. Lip. Again. Probably.
“I’m fine. Stop asking.” Ian grumbles and opens the message.
It’s not from Lip. 
Number: Unknown.
“Hey, BigGuy. U up for a game?”
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anastasiareyreed · 19 hours
a parallel that makes me emotional every time I think about it:
the way Ian wakes Mickey up
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doodlevich · 21 hours
Galladrabble: Universe
Thanks to @galladrabbles and @sickness-health-all-that-shit for this adorable prompt! 🪐✨🎶 As a k-pop fan, I could not miss the opportunity to include this BTS song in this drabble!
“You, you are, my universe,
And I just want to put you first.”
“Isn’t that the song that was on the radio in the rig earlier?”
Mickey jumps. He’s been peacefully folding laundry to shove back into the dresser drawers, and Ian’s voice nearly scares the shit out of him.
“Uh… I guess. Got it stuck in my head.”
Ian gets this annoying look on his face, like he’s about to propose to Mickey all over again. He steps closer and forms himself against Mickey’s back. “And why is that? Remind you of anyone?”
“Shut up, dickhead.” Mickey mutters fondly.
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“I can take care of him. Okay, let me take are of him until he’s better.”
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