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itszygoart · 2 days
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the anime only’s are gonna be so shook this season assuming they haven’t seen the 173729356910 spoilers posted since the manga reveal 🤧🤧
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fayelynnee · 3 days
Doting | Dabi
Happy Sunday xoxo
sum: scoping some sketchy areas had its perks, especially if it meant getting your back blown out by a villain in an abandoned building.
warnings: no real stuff, just smut xx. they/them pronouns, but reader has a vagina and is a pro hero. it’s just nasty 😩😩. not proof read
wc: 800
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The earpiece that once fit snugly into ttheir ear was gone, cracked into two just a few mere feet away. Stray rubble laid across the cemented ground, a glimpse of the moon could be seen through the open, busted windows. With their back pressed against the brick wall, stray whimpers and whines escaping their parted lips as they’d let the villain sink his warm fingers deep into their heat. Petty crimes really paid off for moments such as this. A menace to society is what he was, the lost son of Endeavor. They could feel the warmth of his quirk spread amongst their body as his chapped, pierced lips nipped and sucked at the nape of their neck.
“Careful” Dabi purred, angling his fingers upward, grinning widely as they’d muffled their noises. “Wouldn't want your little sidekick to know how much of a whore you are, would we?.”
“Careful” Dabi purred, angling his fingers upward, grinning widely as they’d muffled their noises. “Wouldn't want your little sidekick to know how much of a whore you are, would we?.”
It was an easy job, in and out, to report anything suspicious to their agency. Simple task, right?
That was the original thought, before he caught them at a great time.
His words filled with false lust, and a need to corrupt something as innocent as you flooded his mind the moment he saw them trotting around the abandoned lot. They were just as eager as he was, mumbling out soft ‘yes’s, and even spreading their legs so easily for him. His thumb pawed at their clit harshly as their cunt clamped against his digits. Their neck was littered with bruising and bites, something that won't be easy to hide. Your shaking hand gripped at his wrist, begging and pleading for him to keep going, to chase the high he’d given her so easily. He saw how your legs trembled and threatened to close around his hand.
“Easy there, pretty thing. I’ll touch you how I want, okay?”
To which they whined, feeling how easy he went with his fingers. The exact opposite of what they wanted, surprisingly. Soon enough, he let his hand fall from their heat. Moving to lift them up, pressing them further against the wall. Their hero costume felt tight, etched against their curves so nicely. He’d ripped it just enough for his own access. Ignoring their protests and snaps on how they’d have to pay for its repairs. He breathed so harshly, hungrily as the click came from his belt. He listened as they begged, pleading for him to touch them. To finish the job he started so harshly. Letting his cock sink deep inside of them, he let out a soft breath, listening to their gasps and whimpers.
“Dabi-” They muttered, breathless and sputtering amongst their words. “Touch me, please, Need it..”
They’d been so desperate, and so was he.
Out of all the heroes he had access to. They were surely his favorite. With how easy they accepted his touch, his eagerness to fuck them rough and how he wanted. And their need to keep him close, enveloped in their cunt and gripping at their achy heartstrings.
No one touched them like he did, and that's how it was going to stay.
Dabi moved their arms to link around him, gripping tightly against his back as he rutted his hips upwards into their dripping heat. He listened, golly it was a symphony to him. Their breathless moans and begging could make him cum on sight if he didnt enable his sense of his own self control. The way his cock had fit inside of them perfectly every time, as if they were made just for him. It reminded him of how needy he was for them. Weeks, months would pass before he’d be able to experience their velvety walls once more. Each moment he cherished like it was a gift from the gods.
He could have a hooker in a second, but none of them could fuck like they did. He’d burn up millions just to have a taste of their precious heat again.
As much as he enjoyed how his name fell from their lips like honey, they needed to keep cover. Pressing his fingers past their plush lips, their tongue ran along the digits, sucking on them eagerly as they tasted the reminiscence of their orgasm. Their eyes rolled up, thighs pressed against their stomach as he fucked her hungrily.
Nothing beats the feeling of their tight cunt and the sound of their muffled sounds of pleasure. The way they let their head fall back, mouth agape as they came around his cock. How they begged and pleaded for him to cum inside of their plush heat and breed them against the brick wall.
A thick spurt of white painted their walls messily as he let out a huff.
It was a feeling he’d always miss. Until next time.
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theartofsimpatry · 2 days
Dabi is sassy babygirl who wants a partner who’s gonna put him in his place before coddling him and whispering how much they love him. Dabi has daddy & mommy issues CANONICALLY and they deeply contributed to his wants and needs in a partner. He wants a person who’s gonna take care of him and love him unconditionally. He especially wants to be babied and taken care of. All of this is canon as Horikoshi himself told me all this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cheezritsu · 2 days
I don’t particularly care to stand on polarizing fandom opinion, but this one gets under my fucking skin.
I don’t consider myself a hero or villain stan when it comes to My Hero Academia because I just look at the individual person. I find myself siding a hell of a lot more with the villains because in general, I think it’s true that society failed them, and it’s so sad and infuriating that it failed them at such a young age.
And then there’s Hawks.
And what baffles me about the perception of Hawks is that people will never admit that he’s far more like the villains than the heroes.
Indoctrination goes both ways. Just like Shigaraki was indoctrined by AFO to bring about destruction, Hawks was indoctrined by hero society and the JPHC specifically that Heroes were the ultimate good. Just as Shigaraki was “saved” from his family, Hawks was saved from his. Shigaraki was a tool for AFO to bring about his plan. Hawks is a tool for the JPHC to keep control.
Hawks and Shigaraki are at most two years apart. Hell, we barely ever use Hawks’ birthnames just like Shigaraki and Dabi!
It just doesn’t make sense that people will call the hero society corrupt, but then not call Hawks a victim for being made to carry out its will. Like yes, Hawks chose to be a hero, but he was like, fucking 8 years old and saved from abject poverty and parental neglect. And then you call him a monster for doing the job he’s been brainwashed to do.
If you’re going to have sympathy for villains, and if you’re going to erase some culpability from Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga and Twice because of what they endured, then you have to do the same for Hawks. Because they’re literally all the same. Society failed ALL of them.
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Dabi or touya?
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Ok, I was hesitant to publish this cause many artists don't allow reposts.
But there was nothing stated on their account.
So, here's the link to their Twitter post! Please follow!
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valeriele3 · 14 hours
An idea for MHA Villains or whatever show/game with “villains”
What about a blind! Reader x [villain]? They just found this lovely person who just so happened to be blind and clueless
At first, [Villain name] wanted to kill the reader since they thought the Reader might snitch or call the authorities on them but nope! The Reader got separated and lost with the person they were with so now they need help with directions
After realizing the fact that the Reader is blind and doesn’t seem to know them
[Villain Name] decided to help the Reader since they(Reader) remind them(Villain) of themselves in some way or another
They remembered the times where they needed help, asked for help. But no one helped them..They didn’t want someone else to maybe end up like them. They don’t want this innocent untainted person to become tainted with the real world
Since their first encounter with each other they got to know each other more and eventually they fell in love with each other
[Villain Name] feels a bit bad about not having told the Reader that they’re a villain and have been lying about what they do for a job
They thought about telling them the truth a few times but decided against it. They were scared that if the Reader found out who they really are they(Reader) would hate and leave them(Villain)
Everything was perfect.
Until one day, someone found out about their relationship and told Reader that the person they’ve been dating was a villain. And not just any old random villain, a very popular one. One that’s known for having killed many people, robbed, a psychopath, crazy, created/in a very dangerous group, and etc
What would be the Reader’s reaction? Will they still love their s/o? Will they hate them? Will they break up with them? Or just leave without a word?
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dabislittlemouse · 10 hours
MHA Episode 11 preview
Tumblr media
We have been waiting TWO WHOLE YEARS for this to finally be animated on December 10th 😭 (i also saw the date in my dreams bro i predicted it lmfao)
The pic is not good quality but I can already tell the animation is going to be good I mean look at his body fuckk😮‍💨
Can’t wait for him to break the internet again because he is THAT iconic bitch.
Tumblr media
The original picture
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reineydraws · 7 months
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i hope hawks gets paid overtime for this
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keigoswifeyysblog · 14 days
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"Here's dabi~~~!!"
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tojirights · 1 month
dabi always sits with his legs open when he slouches on the couch. every time you see it, you're half pissed off and half turned on. there was something so undeniably attractive about how he sits so... inviting... he's caught you staring from across the room on more than one occasion, and he always smirks in response. he'll tap the inside of his thigh to beckon you over, shifting to get even more comfortable. normally, you flip him off and turn away to hide the embarrassing flush on your cheeks, but today you feel like throwing caution to the wind.
dabi's eyes widen as you approach him, one eyebrow cocked as you kneel between his feet. "hm?" he starts, cold eyes peering down at you. "feelin' brave tonight, babe?" the smirk on his face one again makes you feel a mix of anger and lust. "don't be an ass, dabi." he chuckles at your remark and leans down, ring covered fingers gripping your jaw. "hey now. i've only been tryin' to get you to do this for months now, just know there's no going back." he whispers in your ear. you already knew that, but his words spark something dark deep within you. "better not be a waste of my time then." you shoot back, tugging on his belt.
"mh, that attitude's gotta go. nothin' i can't fix in time."
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dabispoledance · 2 months
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Origin : MHA volume 37 extra
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biopsssihozz · 3 months
some freehand dabi sketches cause he still is my comfort fictional psycho murder boi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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httpdabi · 7 months
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Genre: Smut, Best friends to lovers I guess
Summary: You really wanted to lose your virginity. Why not ask your best friend ?
“I’ll make it fit “
Word count: 4.1K
Warnings: 18+ (minors, i don’t like you, stay away), virgin reader, Dom!Dabi, unprotected, creampie, spitting, praising
,, Girl, just use tinder or something‘‘ Nejire said as she took a sip of her cappuccino, talking so casually about it. ,, These days, everyone is finding someone there‘‘ she added, hoping that will help.
,, I don‘t know, that‘s really not my style‘‘ you answered, playing with the straw in your drink. It‘s not like you have something against all those dating apps, but you really don’t believe that you’ll be able to find anyone appropriate there.
Well, it‘s not like you needed someone appropriate in the first place. You didn’t look for a relationship after all, you were looking for someone to snatch your v-card. That damn card that was giving you a feeling like it‘s keeping you in one spot forever.
Every time you would find someone you like, you end up waiting for too long, trying to see it they are the good one and if they are worth of losing your virginity with them. Sure, the times are different as they were before, and sure, losing your virginity isn‘t something special anymore, but you still didn’t want to lose it with someone you don‘t know at all.
Knowing Nejire, if you told her what your real intention was, she would push you into installing Tinder even more, and you really didn‘t want that at all.
Going home, you found yourself thinking about all the possibilities you have and once you were home, you took a pen and paper, scripting down the names of the possible candidates that might take your virginity if you blink few times and bite your lip maybe twice.
,, Fucking shit‘‘ you cursed, ripping the paper aggressively as you took your phone, searching for the familiar contact, ready to cry out and scream about your frustrations to him. Maybe if you tell your best friend about the problem that‘s bothering you for god knows how long, MAYBE he’ll be able to help? Find someone good and kind ???
Maybe he‘ll have some advice for you, after all, Touya never had the same problem like you do.
,, Hey doll‘‘ he greeted you on the other line with his husky voice you alway found so attractive.. and in that moment, something crazy got on your mind. Something, you never thought about before.
,, I have to ask you something‘‘ you spat out, walking around your room nervously.
,, Sure, what‘s up ?‘‘ Your best friend asked, sensing that something‘s weird with your behaviour. Not sure what to do anymore, you took one good minute, forming your words and thinking if you should keep them in your head or really bother Touya with it.
,, Will you take my v card ?‘‘ You breathed out, squeezing your eyes in embarrassment.
,, Excuse me ? ‘‘ Touya choked out, shocked with your sudden question. ,, You‘re crazy‘‘ he added, laughing loudly, thinking how you‘re probably pulling up some prank on him.
,, Come on Touya, please‘‘ you begged, throwing yourself on the bed, ready to scream into the pillow.
,, Fuck no, go take a cold shower to calm your tits down‘‘ He laughed, knowing very well that what he said isn‘t funny at all, but he still hoped it‘ll help with the weird situation.
,, Toyuaaa please, I swear nothing will change between us, I just don‘t want to stay virgin forever, it‘s fucking depressing‘‘ you whined, rolling around in your bed.
,, I‘m not sure if you‘re serious, or just fucking around doll‘‘ Touya said on the other line.
,, I‘m serious.. so we gonna do it ?‘‘ you asked, and with that question you noticed how desperate you sound. What the fuck would even Touya think about you after all of it ?
,, Forget it, I‘m sorry.. I‘m gonna find someone else to do it I guess.. I didn‘t want to force you into this‘‘ You apologised to your best friend, understanding how forcing him into it won‘t bring anything good. After all, he‘s your best friend, is it really a good idea to fuck him and with that maybe ruin your friendship?
,, Jesus fuck‘‘ Touya breathed out, thinking about the right time to tell you how he always wanted to fuck you. Every time you would show up in that fucking plaid skirt that was showing way too much of your skin, he wanted to bend you over and spank the shit out of you. He wanted to bend you over and fuck you hard and fast. But he never had a chance to do it, knowing very well that you are a virgin and that he would probably destroy your insides.
he wasn‘t really sure if you are joking or not once you called him, and if he knew that you are totally serious from the very beginning, he would probably say yes immediately and just try to control himself, try not to ruin your guts, but there he was, listening to your apologies and how you‘ll find someone else.
,, Come over then‘‘ Toyua added, hanging up immediately after he spoke those three words.
Not sure what is going on, you spend a short amount of time just on your bed, trying to understand everything clearly. In that time you had few things going on inside of your head. Should you go or should you call him and tell him how you don‘t want to put your friendship under a risk. Even telling him how it was a silly prank was a great idea in that moment.
But fuck it.
Fuck it.
You asked him and he agreed at the end.
That‘s what you wanted after all.
Once you got ready, and once you were in front of his apartment, it was hard for you to knock on his door. Somehow, your hand felt heavy and you almost thought how it‘s a sign from God. Was he giving you a second chance to think about your decision ? Was that a chance to turn around and leave ?
All those thoughts filed away, when Touya opened the door, asking you if you are planning to get inside, throwing few jokes at you, as he could see thru you and sense how tensed you are.
,, Tee or coffee ?‘‘ Touya asked as you made yourself comfortable on his couch, covering yourself with his favourite blanket. Somehow, you always found more comfort in his apartment than in your own. Maybe because of the nice scent it has, or because you made so much memories with him in that apartment. Well, it‘s probably just him. He was your comfort all the time after all.
,, Cappuccino‘‘ you answered as you cuddled yourself into his blanket.
,, Bitch, I asked you if you want tee or coffee, I don‘t have cappuccino‘‘ He snapped, glaring at you. Rolling your eyes playfully, you just ignored him as you waited for him to bring you your drink.
,, So how is it ?‘‘ He asked, once you tried the coffee he just gave you. Furrowing your brows, you took another sip, acting as you were deciding if the coffee is good or not.
,,So ?‘‘ He asked impatiently, giving you few small pushes with his elbow.
,,Wait, I‘m trying to taste the flavour‘‘ You pointed, pushing his elbow to the side. ,, cause there’s none.‘‘ you added, joking around.
At your surprise Touya didn‘t mention the phone call at all, or joke about it. Instead he prepared your favourite snacks before he found some nice movie on Netflix. Telling you to move your ass to the side, he hopped beside you on his couch, placing one arm around you as he got under the blanket. You weren‘t really surprised, it was something the two of you always did, but it really made you feel more comfortable after your request and it didn‘t make things awkward as you expected them to be.
Thanks to him, you almost forgot why you were even there. The two of you were simply enjoying the movie and the company of each other.
,, Doll, you sure you wanna do it ?‘‘ Touya asked once the movie was done. Turning the television off, he faced you, his arms still wrapped around you. You were grateful that there was no light in the room, since he would see the blush that was spreading across your face.
,, Are you sure you want it ?‘‘ You asked him back, as you played with your fingers nervously.
,, It‘s your virginity we‘re talking about, not mine‘‘ Touya joked, pulling you more into his embrace. ,, but if I‘m being honest, when you said how you‘ll find someone else, it did upset me a bit‘‘ he added, as he slowly started to caress your back.
,, Well, I‘m sure it would be more comfortable to do it with you than with someone else‘‘ you mumbled under your breath. Every word felt heavy, since all you could focus was his fingers that were moving slowly against your skin.
You didn‘t feel nervous as you felt before and it was all thanks to all the comfort your best friend always gave you. Just thinking about all the times he was there for you, how many times he held you after your break up, how many times he would ditch everyone and everything to buy you snacks and painkillers when your period got you. What did he not do for you after all?
,, Why did you get upset tho ?‘‘ you asked him, your breaths getting deeper as you felt his fingers tracing your lower back. It wasn‘t the first time that Touya was caressing your skin, in fact, he did it billion little times, yet now that the topic was so intimate, it felt different. It felt like his touch was burning your skin.
,, Because you’re my girl‘‘ Touya breathed out. You could feel his nose brushing your own and his soft and minty breath, slightly mixed with a taste of cigarettes, on your face. He was never so close.
,, I am ?‘‘ you whispered the question as quiet as possible, like you just shared a secret with him that was only for his ears.
,, You’ve always been baby‘‘ he whispered back, rubbing your waist with his left hand.
Last thing he wanted to do was to rush you, but he knew very well that you won‘t be the one to do the first move. But he did encourage you, as he slowly started placing soft kisses across your face. Closing your eyes, you enjoyed the feeling of his soft lips, you wanted to absorb every second of it, the more the better.
Placing your hand on his cheek, you stopped him for a second, only to connect your lips with his own. You knew how Touya was, you knew very well that it would take him forever to move foreword as he was too gentle, too patient with you. And that was just enough for him. Touya hovered on top of you, kissing you back passionately.
Your hands found their way under his shirt naturally, placing them on his waist and his back as he rolled his hips against yours. The way he was smiling while kissing you, was showing him away a little bit, it was showing exactly how he felt in that moment.
Touya started playing with the edges of your shorts. Not sure if that was some kind of sign, you moved your hips up. That was no sign, but since you moved them up, Touya pulled your shorts and panties down, throwing them somewhere over the room.
You were pretty sure that you would feel more than uncomfortable once you end up naked under someone, but to be true, you didn‘t feel any of it. Maybe because you were in the dark and you couldn‘t see his face clearly? Or was it because you were doing it with Touya ?
Instead of thinking about what’s going on and being embarrassed about it, like you expected, you took your shirt off instead, placing it on his couch.
,, Fuck‘‘ Touya muttered under his breath, before he positioned himself between your legs. You weren‘t sure what was he doing, until you felt his lips on your left nipple, sucking on it softly. Touya‘s lips were everywhere. Your neck, your boobs, your shoulders. He had to claim every spot on you.
Stopping for a second, he took his shirt off, before he started placing soft kisses around your tights. For the first time that night, you wished the lights were on, even just for a second, so you could admire the way he looked between your legs.
You froze once you felt him placing soft kisses around your pussy, tracing his finger slowly over your clit. It was the first time someone has touched you down there, and damn, you really wanted more.
From your heavy breathing, Touya knew that he could go on. Your eyes flew open when you unexpectedly felt his tongue against your clit. Somehow, he was going all the time around, you simply didn‘t think he would do it so soon. A moan escaped your lips, as he started sucking onto your clit, giving you a gentle bite, satisfied with your reaction.
,, Touya‘‘ you mumbled his name, trying to catch your breath, as you played with his hair. Oh, if you only knew what you were doing to him. If you knew how hard he tried to keep his shit together.
The fact that you were so wet for him, was sending Touya over the edge. If you just touched him, he would probably cum the same second.
Slowly, Touya slipped a finger inside of you, smiling, when he realised how relaxed you were with him. There was zero tension in your body, and his finger got inside so naturally. You let out a soft moan, as he started moving his finger in and out of you. Toes curled up as he started sucking on your sensitive nub again.
,, Fuck doll, i could eat you out the whole night‘‘ Touya commented, going back to the sucking at the nerves that made your legs shake. You couldn‘t answer, you couldn‘t say anything, way too lost into his touch and his mouth. Bucking your hips, you moaned loudly, as your hole clenched around his finger.
He could feel that, picking up his pace a little bit. It felt like he knew your body perfectly, even tho it was your first time. It didn‘t take you so long, you found yourself grabbing onto his hair, as you came all over his mouth, but he didn‘t move away. Why the fuck would he ? He knew by the way you move, by the way you grabbed his hair, by the way your tight hole was hugging his finger. He knew very well that your orgasm would be there any second. So why would he move ? That’s what he wanted since he met you. You cuming all over his mouth.
And that got him hornier even ten times than he was just minutes before. The taste of you.
Touya had to take a second just to promise to himself to be gentle with you. He had to promise that he will have his ways with you just after he takes your virginity.
Standing up, he took of his sweatpants together with his boxers, not surprised how hard he was, but surprised once he felt your small hand against his cock. You were laying on his couch breathless, but since you couldn’t really see him, you had to touch his dick. You had to feel it. Eyes wide open, once you realised how big it is, surprised that you could feel the veins, and shocked once your felt a small metal ball on the tip of it.
Touya groaned as he felt your touch, your tumb moving over the tip of his dick. If he didn‘t know any better, he would have thought that you were teasing him. Knowing that you were just curious, he let you do it, giving his best not to cum all over your hand.
Once you were done, he positioned himself, slowly rubbing the head of his dick around your hole, asking you if you’re ready before he slowly pushed in. The way you grabbed his shoulders, and the way you twitched under him, he understood that it will be painful, giving you more than enough time to adjust to every inch of him.
Touya closed his eyes, listening to your deep breaths. You were so fucking tight, putting just the tip inside almost made him cum. Once you were good, he moved a little, bringing the first reaction back again. You were thankful that he was so understanding and patient with you, because it felt like he was tearing you apart.
,, It hurts Touya‘‘ you admitted quietly, unknowingly digging your nails in his back.
,,I know baby‘‘ Touya said, placing small kisses over your neck, helping you forget about the pain, as he let you violate his back. ,,It will go away, I promise‘‘ he added, kissing your lips, as he moved a bit deeper. With every inch his dick got inside you, it felt like your insides were burning up in pain.
,, That’s it baby, just like that‘‘ Touya whispered, moving a little. He wanted to burry his dick inside you fully, so you could finally adjust to his full size, understanding how painful it is to adjust to one inch, only to feel the sharp pain with another one. ,, Fuck, you’re so tight.. You feel so good‘‘ he confessed, breathing heavily on your ear. God, how it turned you on. Just hearing him like that, you were ready to suffer ever more pain just to make him satisfied with you.
,,Let me finish, I promise you’ll like it in a bit.‘‘ He mumbled, moving once again, he wasn’t even halfway in, yet it felt like forever to you. ,, Come on, be the good little girl that I know you are‘‘ he added, still moving so slowly, so painfully. Squeezing your eyes, you dig your nails even deeper into his skin.
,, Just relax baby‘‘ he placed a soft kiss all over your face once again.
,, Touya, I don’t think it fits‘‘ You whispered, feeling the sharp pain down there.
,, I‘ll make it fit‘‘ He breathed out, moving slowly. A moan escaped your lips as you heard him say that. Even tho you were in pain, just hearing those words from your best friend, made you even wetter than you already were. He moved his hips a little more than before, pushing fully inside you, to finally get you over the pain. You screamed loudly, one hand grabbing his shoulder as you tried to find some comfort, you tried to catch your breath as the pain took over your body.
,, Shh, shh, it‘s okay baby.. You can take it‘‘ Touya whispered softly, caressing your soft skin, as he let you adjust to his full size finally. His words made you whimper, eyes closing in pain and ecstasy at the same time. You knew that first time would be painful, you heard about it, but you weren’t prepared for that kind of pain at all. You understood that his size played a big role too, but you were still so fucking glad you were doing it with him, than with someone else.
Touya groans as you move your hips against his, his hands are down on your hips, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into your soft plushy skin. When he moves, you realise that he is so deep inside you, it made your mind all hazy, as you felt his length go all the way out, only to move back in.
Once he knows that you’re all good, and that the pain is not there as much as before, he starts rolling his hips against yours slowly, stealing few moans from you that made him go insane. He was right again, when he said that you’ll like it, that the pain will go away. Touya is always right.
,, Oh God, I‘m gonna cum so hard baby.. I‘m already so close‘‘ Touya groaned as he rocked his hips at a steady pace. You felt like heaven for him, just like you were made only for him and no one else.
,, Toyua‘‘ you moaned his name again. You weren’t able to talk, or even think, all that was on your mind was Touya, and nothing else.
,, You’re taking it so well doll..fuck‘‘ He praised you, almost like he knew that his words were doing wonders on you, just like his dick.
Stopping suddenly, buried deep inside you, Touya pressed his palm over your lower belly, smirking widely as he put just a bit pressure into it.
,, Feel me here doll?‘‘ He asked you. Nodding your head, you were fucked dumb, too dumb to answer. ,, Feel how deep I am?‘‘ he added, rocking his hips again.
Once you encourage him that he can go faster, once your moans get louder with every move, he starts pounding into you. Snapping his hips into you, he forced a loud moan out of you, loud enough for his neighbours to hear. Touya retraced his hips slowly, until he is almost completely out of your just to slam back in, the head of his dick hitting against your g-spot, making your moans and whimpers fall from you louder than the second before.
Touya grabs your chin, giving you a sign to open your mouth, as his other hand found its way to your clit, rubbing it fast once he noticed how your insides started pulsing around his dick.
You opened your eyes together with your mouth, unsure why he wanted that. Touya‘s face was inches from yours, giving you a satisfied smirk as he tilted his heads slowly to the side, only to spit inside your mouth.
,, Swallow‘‘ Touya commanded, as he fucked into you, surprised when you did, without any complaints. His dick twitched inside you once you closed your eyes after you swallowed his saliva and opened your mouth again, tongue out waiting for more.
Spitting one more time, he rocked his hips at animalistic pace, hitting your spot all over and over again. Touya felt his own orgasm reaching the peak, as your pussy clenched around his dick, hugging him so tightly as you came all over him again, moaning softly, yet so loudly.
Touya lets out a string of curses as his hips slam into you two more times, thick ropes of cum painting your walls white, as he grinds his hips against yours slowly.
,,Fuck, doll‘‘ He groaned, snapping his hips few more times, as he fucked his cum deeper into you. The pressure of your nails and your hands on his skin was almost lost, as you tried to catch your breath from the orgasm Touya just gave you.
,, You did so well doll‘‘ he said, kissing your neck softly, as he collapsed on top of you, not wanting to pull his dick out, not wanting for the moment to end. ,, so well for me‘‘ He added, smiling into your neck, as you played with his soft hair.
The moment he pulled out of you, and you felt his cum leaking out, you thought you’ll feel some regret, but you really didn‘t, smiling widely as you realised what you just did.
Touya stood up, wearing his underwear and sweatpants,as he told you to wait there and not to move, only to come back with warm towel just a second after. Gently cleaning you up, trying not to get hard again as he saw his cum leaking out of your tiny hole. Once he was done, told you to push your hips up a bit, as he rolled your panties up.
Helping you sit up, he told you to put your arms up a bit, as he helped you wear his shirt, it felt like he was babying you and you liked it so much.
,, You okay?‘‘ he asked, as he hopped onto the couch beside you, wrapping his arms around you, as he caressed your arm softly, chin on your shoulder, not breaking the eye contact even for a second.
,, I‘m good, it hurts a little bit tho‘‘ You said honestly. The pain wasn’t something unbearable, but it was still there. ,, But you were really gentle with me‘‘ you added, as you covered the two of you with his blanket.
,, Doll, next time I‘ll fuck the shit out of you‘‘ he commented, making your eyes widen in shock.
,, There is a next time?‘‘ you teased, as you played with his fingers. He stopped with his caressing and pushed his upper body up, just enough to face you completely.
,, you can’t expect us to stay friends after this?‘‘ He said, shaking his head lightly. ,, I told you, you are mine‘‘ Touya added, wrapping his fingers between your own, as you played with them still.
,, My doll‘‘ He smiled, pulling your hand toward his lips, as he placed kiss on top of it. ,, You’re all mine now” he added, in between the kisses.
That was also right, you were always his. Touya is always right.
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