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A/N: Ok this wasn't meant to be this long! Whoops 😁
Warning: swearing, drugs, drinking, smut, angst
Tumblr media
You greet the goofy group of boys and lone girl as they bound up your driveway with excited grins. It’s been so long since you’ve seen their happy faces, you almost don’t recognise them. Rook somehow thought it would be a good idea to braid his long locks and that unfortunately hasn’t changed. You can’t help but think he looks ridiculous. Slim and Baze don’t look that much different on closer inspection, perhaps a new tattoo here and there. Sophie’s hair is still blonde and hanging halfway down her back and she looks the most excited to see you. Colson’s appearance is the one that shocks you the most. He looks…exhausted. His eyes are sunken in, his skin is pale, his usual pink lips are faded and chapped. His eyes have lost their sparkle and are lifeless. The bags under his eyes tell you more than anything else, that he’s suffering. The first friend you’d ever had in LA is a shell of his former self. 
Rook wraps you in a bear hug completely unaware of your disturb expression, or so you thought. “I’ll you later,” he whispers in your ear as he sets you down.
Everyone else gives you a hug and makes small talk while Colson hangs back, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else but here. You welcome everyone inside and they all trail in behind you, making themselves at home. Colson chooses to stand in the doorway between your entryway and your living room. You decide to ignore him, thinking you know him well enough to know he’ll talk when he’s ready. His phone rings and he simply heads out your backdoor to answer it, not excusing himself or acknowledging that there’s anyone else in the room.
“Ok, what the hell happened?” you stand in front of the boys with beers in your hand, a scrutinising look on your face. They all avoid your eyes and you begin to feel impatient. “Spill it or I’m throwing these beers out the door!”
“Megan happened,” Slim spits and snatches a beer from your hands, the others doing the same. Your heart breaks as you take in his words and you sink down onto the couch next to Rook.
“What did she do this time?” you ask cautiously. 
It’s never been a secret how Colson’s friends felt about his ex-fiance but she has a habit of coming back into his life and draining him until she gets bored and moves on again. He was devastated when she ended their engagement but she hates the idea of him moving on. Which is why she pops up again after a few months to make sure he’s still miserable and then once she’s got her hit she takes off again. No matter how nice you try to be to her, for Colson’s sake, she never liked you and she made it pretty obvious.
“She did what she always does. She texted him to find out what city we were in on tour, showed up, hung off him, demanded things, slept with him and then took off before he woke up. Her usual MO,” Baze sighs and takes a sip of his beer.
“We thought if we came here, to see you, it might perk him up but apparently we were wrong,” Sophie leans back on the couch, suddenly looking exhausted.
You feel for Colson’s close friends. Out of everyone in his life, they bear the weight of his mood swings and relationship breakdowns. Most of the time, Colson only wants you to see his fun side. When he and Megan broke up, you didn’t see him for a month because he was so depressed and he wanted you well away from him. He didn’t really want anyone around him to be fair, so you didn’t take it personally. For some reason he doesn’t talk about Megan with you, or about any women for that matter. Sometimes he opens up certain things but if all he wants to do is hangout and watch movies, that’s what you do. You respect him enough to accept that you don’t have that sort of friendship with him. That’s what he has Rook for.
“Maybe you could talk to him,” Rook practically begs, his eyes wide and innocent. You’re shock that even Colson’s go to person can’t get him to talk.
“I don’t know. We never talk about her and I just,” you start hesitantly and look down at your hands, avoiding his puppy eyes.
“He’ll talk to you about how he feels though! He doesn’t talk to us anymore, he just sulks in the corner and keeps telling us that he’s fine, like we’re fucking idiots.” Rook is on his feet pacing now. “It’s like he forgets that we know him and I fucking hate that she does this to him every time he starts feeling happy!”
“Ok Rook, calm down. I’ll talk to him, honey. It’s ok, just drink your beer.” Rook sits back down and throws back half his beer.
It’s rare to see Rook up or angry around his friends but it hurts him to see Colson so broken. You don’t really know what you could say to Colson. You grab him a beer from the fridge and head outside. He’s sitting on your shitty patio furniture, scrolling through his phone and jittering his leg with anxiety. He doesn’t hear you approach so he jumps at your voice.
“Hey, I thought you looked thirsty,” you hold the beer out to him and he just stares at it. You place it on the table in front of him and sit in the chair opposite. You don’t know how to bring it up so you decide to ease in. “How was tour? You guys looked great from what I saw.”
“Long,” he mumbles and continues to scroll through his phone.
“Colson-” you start but you’re cut off.
“Look, if you’re here to give me some sort of lecture about my fucking attitude or about treating my friends like shit, I’m not interested,” his tone is so angry and you’re taken aback. He’s never spoken to you like this before and, if you’re being honest, it hurts. “So, if you have nothing helpful to say, why don’t you run your pretty ass back inside and tell those FUCKERS THAT I’M FINE!” he yells the last part loud enough so the guys can hear him and you flinch at the volume of his voice.
“You think I have a pretty ass?” you can’t help but smile and his face shifts and he’s staring at you in stunned silence.
“That’s what you took from what I just said?” 
He's trying to hide his smile from you but he’s failing miserably. He chuckles and shakes his head, placing his phone on the table and taking a sip from his beer. You decide to pounce on his changing mood and stand to your feet, rotating yourself in front of him trying to see your butt, like a dog trying to catch their tail.
“Well, no one has ever complimented my butt so I’m kind of curious. Is it really that nice?”
“The things I could do to that body,” he mumbles under his breath and you can immediately tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t meant to say that out loud.
“Please, do share,” you gesture towards him and his cheeks blush. You made Colson blush. You’re kind of proud of yourself.
“I could spend hours on your lips alone,” he admits and you’re not really sure what kind of twist this conversation has taken but at least Colson is talking and the colour has slightly returned his face. “I would wrap my hands in your soft hair, envelop myself in your scent by burying my face in your neck, watching your big, beautiful eyes roll into the back of your head while I trail kisses over those full breasts of yours,” you shift uncomfortably as moistness seeps into your panties at Colson’s descriptions. You bite your bottom lip and Colson growls at the motion. “I want to do that,” his eyes are intense, his pupils completely blown.
“Well, glad you know what you’re thinking about when we hang out,” you joke but he doesn’t laugh, he just gets to feet and sulks off to the edge of your backyard. “Colson, it was just a joke,” you follow him and reach for his arm but he shrugs you off.
“I fucking hate when she’s right,” he says between gritted teeth and now you’re confused.
“Who was right about what?” you ask softly and that seems to just be making him angrier.
“MEGAN!” he screams and you jump back with a yelp. 
“Right about what?” you try to keep your voice as soft and calm as possible but your heart is racing and you can hear your blood pulsating. Nothing she’s said about you could ever be good.
“That I’m fucking attracted you! What else?” you're hurt that he thinks being attracted to you is the worst thing in the world and you can’t hide the pain in your chest.
“Sorry, I didn’t realise I was such a burden,” you hiss at him and he looks…surprised? 
“Yeah, well you should be. I should’ve seen it earlier really, you were bound to trick me into wanting you. She always warned me that you were pretending, just the friend in the background until you decide I’m actually good enough for you, miss perfect fucking prentious princess,” he turns to look at you now, no emotion in his eyes. “It’s kind of funny because if it weren’t for you, she and I would be married now. Makes me kind of wish I’d never met you,” he laughs without humour. You fold your arms over your chest as a way to protect yourself from his harsh words, begging yourself not to cry.
“Get out,” you grit your teeth together and it makes you sound angry instead of upset. He shrugs and strolls straight past you and it’s not satisfying enough. You want to hurt him like he’s hurt you. “And don’t ever blame me for your fucking women problems. I’m surprised she keeps coming back to a fucked up, drug addict. She must feel sorry for you or something, can’t be because she genuinely loves you.”
You know as soon as the words come out of your mouth that you were too mean but you’re so hurt that you can’t stop yourself. You expect Colson to hide his feelings and keep walking but he stops and everyone, who had come outside to investigate the yelling, is begging him to shut his mouth. You almost want to apologise until he turns and you see the murderous glare on his face. Suddenly you’re afraid, very afraid. You brace yourself for him to come out with the most hateful thing he can think of to say to you. 
Instead, his crumbles. Literally, falls to his knees, a gut wrenching sob ripping through his chest and your hard demeanour cracks. Your friends stare at him in stunned silence and no one makes any move towards him, probably worried that he’ll lash out. You take a cautious step towards him and he doesn’t move so you rush to him. You envelop him in your arms and sobs into your neck, your shirt suddenly soaked with his tears. You shush him comfortingly while rubbing a hand up and down his back, trying to soothe his shudders. 
“Why the fuck would you ever want me?” he cries into your neck and your heart breaks at his pain.
“Of course I want you,” you whisper into his ear. He pulls away to look at your face and you cup his cheeks to wipe away the tears still escaping. “Colson, you are the kindest, loving man I know. You are smart, mind-blowingly talented, handsome, fun. I could list a million things that make me want you but we’d be here all night.” 
He nestles into your hand and you smile at his need for comfort and that for once, he wants it from you. You watch him as his breathing slows and his eyes close as he slowly relaxes. Everyone slinks back inside and you’re grateful. There’s so much you want to say to him but you don’t know where to start. So many years of built-up emotion and you haven’t had enough time to put it all into a coherent explanation. Your stomach clenches at the reminder of what you said to him a few moments again and the guilt is gnawing at you.
“Colson, about what I said before-”
“No, don’t you dare apologise for that. I started it and you were just lashing out. You’re not a nasty person, I just bring out the worst in everyone.”
“No you don’t. I shouldn’t have said anything. I have no right to comment on your relationships and it won’t happen again, I promise.”
Colson hauls himself to his feet, pulling you with him and crushing your body to his. He holds you and you feel so relaxed against his body. This is what you love about being around him. You feel so safe. The world could be ending around you but when you’re with Colson, you don’t have to think about anything else but him. He is this bright light in your life that just warms your soul and he’s your haven, if only for a couple of hours. You feel so lost when he’s gone.
“You’re my safe place,” you mumble against his chest. He pulls you back so he can look at your face.
“I’m you’re what?” he questions, cupping your face and stroking his thumb once across your bottom lip.
“My safe place,” you repeat but he still looks confused. “You just make everything better. You have this presence that makes a person forget about everything shitty in their lives. You’re this larger than life guy who makes me somehow feel special, even though you treat me the same way you treat all your other friends. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to, you welcomed me into your life and you’ve made me feel important ever since. That’s why I want you, I never want that feeling to go away.”
He doesn’t say anything, he just grins this big goofy grin and continues to stroke your lip, your cheeks, runs his fingers through your hair gently and you just stand there and let his fingers explore. He runs his index finger from your earlobe and down the side of your neck. You shiver as goosebumps invade your skin’s surface at the intimate gesture. He smiles and repeats the movement, the same outcome happens. He likes watching your body react to him. He leans closer to you until he is inches from your face and you can feel his breath on your skin. 
You can tell he’s teasing you and you’re relishing every moment but you begin to feel impatient. You decide to end the teasing and you slam your lips to his. He smiles against your lips but takes over quickly, wrapping his long fingers around the back of your neck and holding you flush against him. The kiss is the best kiss you’ve ever had in your life. It’s hot and frantic but somehow gentle and calm. You wrap your fingers in Colson’s hair and tug gently causing him to moan into your mouth. Your tongues dance together and you never want the moment to end but your lungs protest. You pull away, gasping for air.
“That was…” you pant out unable to finish your thought.
“Fucking amazing,” Colson finishes for you. You both laugh as you hold each other.
And just like that, you and Colson went from ‘just friends’ to together and in love. You’re not sure who in your little circle is the happiest that you two got together. If you’re honest, it’s probably a tie between you and Casie. Colson begs for you to come on his next tour that he’s planning while he works on his new album and you’re hesitant. You don’t want to become that woman who makes her boyfriend her whole life but you’ve never done anything spontaneous in your life. You’ve always made sure you had a plan, direction, and a clear goal. Having Colson in your life has taught you how to have fun, how to live. You decide to agree one day while you sit in the studio with Colson, strumming out a melody on his acoustic guitar.
“Ok,” you say with confidence. Colson looks up from his sheet music and cocks his head to the side with confusion. “I’ll come with you on tour,” you explain and his reaction is reward enough. 
His face lights up and he puts his guitar down, opening his arm to beckon you into them. You happily accept his invitation and sit on his lap, his arms wrapping around your body. He holds you against him and you soak up his joy. He begins to ramble off different things you can do together and all the places he wants to show you, how much fun you’ll have together and with all your friends. His excitement begins to make you feel more sure of your decision with each new idea he comes up with. 
The sound of Colson getting a text interrupts your conversation and he swings his chair around, with you still on his lap, to retrieve it. His mood instantly changes as he reads the text, typing something back, before throwing his phone back down with a huff, pushing you off his lap and grabbing his guitar. You go back to your seat and watch him nervously. You haven’t really witnessed many of Colson’s mood swings since you’ve been together. Rook and Sophie agree it’s because you make him too happy but you don’t agree. This change makes you nervous as you wonder who could have messaged him to make him this pissed off.
“Go on, ask who messaged me. I know it’s killing you,” he mumbles at you as he scribbles.
“I’m not going to ask, you’ll tell me if you want to, otherwise it’s none of my business,” you shrug nonchalantly. 
Colson looks up at you with curiosity and then relief. He stands and your heart begins to race as he walks towards you. You prepare yourself for a fight but Colson surprises you by kissing you deeply, hungrily. You happily kiss him back even though you’re not really sure why he’s kissing you so intensely. 10 seconds ago he was mad and now it’s like he could care less.
“This is why I love you,” he murmurs against your lips. “You know me well enough to not make me share my every thought and feeling.”
“You haven’t magically changed personalities from who you were when we were just friends. You share things in your own time, which is completely fine. I don’t want to force you to tell me everything just because I’m your girlfriend, I trust you.” he kisses you again and feathers kisses all over your face, which has you giggling in no time.
“It was Megan who texted me. She said a little birdy told her that I was dating again and she wanted to know if it was you, not that she used your name.”
Your stomach twists at the thought that Colson still talks to his ex but you don’t want to be the jealous type. It’s never been your thing and you’re not going to let her turn you into this needy mess. That’s what she wants, to come between you and Colson and you’re not going to let her. You want to know what he replied but again, you respect his privacy.
“Wait there,” he kisses you again before jogging over to grab his phone. 
He crashes down onto the couch beside you and opens the camera on his phone. He holds the phone up before crashing his lips to your cheek. The surprise causes you to squeal and laugh at the same time and that’s when Colson snaps a picture. He won’t let you take his phone to look at it before he’s sending it to Megan, without a caption. You snatch the phone from his lap when he’s done and look at the photo in his album. It’s the happiest you’ve ever seen yourself on camera, ever. You love the photo and instantly send it to yourself. You contemplate doing the same to Colson, surprising him with a kiss and taking a photo but the sound of his phone ringing in your hand sends that thought flying away quickly. You don’t have to see the caller ID to instantly know who it is.
“Answer it,” Colson whispers beside you but you shake your head and try to give him the phone. He pushes the phone towards you and mouths for ‘loudspeaker’. You reluctantly accept the call.
“Hello?” you hear Megan’s voice and it sounds shrill and irritable which makes you gulp. “Helloooo?” you take a deep breath before you speak.
“Hey Megan,” you say as calmly as possible even though you’re pretty sure your heart is about to burst through your chest.
“Why are you answering the phone? Where’s Colson?” she demands and you begin to feel your skin prickle with annoyance at her attitude.
“He’s busy, how can I help you?” you reply with an impatient tone.
“Don’t give me fucking attitude. What, you actually believe you’ll be enough for him? Please honey, he’ll have his fun with you and within 2 months, he’ll be bored with you and your Miss I’m-better-than-everyone opinion of yourself,” she cackles at her own attempt at an insult.
“Well that’s interesting because it’s actually been almost 5 months since he’s started having his fun with me and he doesn’t seem bored. Definitely wasn’t bored last night while he was screaming my name.” Colson is trying hard to cover his laughter by pulling his t-shirt over his mouth.
“You’ll never replace me. She’ll try as hard as you can but a part of him with always want me. He’s tied to me and in the back of his mind, he’ll always be thinking of me. He’ll compare everything you do to me, even when he’s buried inside you, he’ll be thinking of me and the way I made him scream. The feeling of me, the way I marked his skin, my nails on his back, the sound of my moans.” 
You begin to feel sick as the images her words create rush through your mind. You know that she’s intentionally messing with you because she’s angry. You don’t want her to win. Your mind is desperately trying to think of something to say to put her in her place but you can;t form any words. You don’t want to think about Colson with anyone other than you but what if she’s right? What if this whole time he’s just been comparing everything you’ve ever done to her? Even what you do in the privacy of your bed? Before you can say anything, Colson snatches the phone from your hands, angrily.
“Fuck you Megan! You are nothing compared to her and you never will be. You won’t ever be enough for me, you never were. You were only ever happy when I was broken so you could feel better about yourself. I was just so caught under your fucking spell that I actually believed that I needed you and your toxicity but I’ve never needed you. I have exactly what I’ve wanted and needed my whole life. Someone who loves me un-fucking-conditionally and I will be forever grateful that she chose me to love. Enjoy being alone and don’t ever contact me again.”
And with that, Colson ends the phone call, immediately blocking her number. He chucks his phone on the floor beside the couch and grabs you, kissing you passionately. The breath is knocked out of you and you melt into the kiss. You’re still trying to process his words but his lips won’t let you, they’re too intoxicating. You let Colson invade all of your senses and you feel yourself getting lost in him. He pushes your chest so that you’re laying back and he settles his body between your legs, pressing himself to you. You can feel his arousal and it makes you instantly wet. 
You moan as his lips find your neck and you lace your fingers through his hair. He trails kisses down your body, pulling your t-shirt up and over your head to expose more of your skin. He releases your breasts from the confines of your bra and your nipple is immediately in his mouth. He sucks and licks at the nub and your moans grow louder. He pulls away only to attach his mouth to your other nipple while his hand massages your free breast. He turns his attention to getting the rest of your clothes off, ripping your jeans and panties from your body until you’re completely exposed. Colson eyes roam your body, trying to drink you all in, his fingers stroking your skin. 
“I know you want foreplay but I need you baby,” you beg and Colson’s eyes light up at your request.
“Could you be anymore fucking perfect?” he asks with a growl.
He quickly discards all his clothes and rests back between your legs. You stare at his length, the sight of it still a shock after all this time and countless times seeing it. He rubs his length up and down your slit to lube himself before slowly sinking into you. Once he’s bottomed out he begins to pull back. He groans as you pulsate yourself around his length. He thrusts in and out of you slowly a few more times as you continue to clench around him. He kisses you deeply as he moves painstakingly slowly in and out of you.
“This is going to be a quick, rough fuck baby,” he warns against your neck with a moan.
“The best way to be fucked I think,” you agree and he groans again.
“So fucking perfect,” he kisses your neck lovingly and your eyes flutter.
He begins to quicken his pace and he wasn’t joking when he said rough. He wraps his hand around your throat and pounds you relentlessly while you moan and writhe under his assault. He spits filth to you as he moves in and out of you. He pulls himself completely out of you before slamming back into you over and over again. It’s not long before your orgasm explodes through you and you scream Colson’s name as loud as you can. His orgasm follows not too far behind and he is exploding inside you, screaming your name followed by at least 10 ‘fucks’ and you’re both a panting mess as you come back down to earth. 
Colson pulls out of you and you feel suddenly empty. He pulls his boxers and jeans back on quickly while picking up your pieces of clothes and handing them back to you. You check over all the clothes he’s given you and laugh, holding your hand out to him with a quirked eyebrow.
“What?” he asks with a big ass grin on his face, knowing exactly what you’re asking for.
“Give me my panties mister,” you playfully scold him and he pretends to not realise they’re in the back pocket of his jeans.
“How did they get in there?” he asks with fake shock and you’re laughing your head off at his terrible acting.
Instead of handing them to you however, he kneels in front of your legs, pulling your panties up your legs. He purposely grazes his fingertips up your legs as he pulls your panties up. You lift your butt slightly so he can get your panties all the way up. He spreads your legs slightly and kisses your inner thigh, making your eyes flutter. You bite your bottom lip to muffle your moan. Then your mind suddenly clicks to something that your hazy, post orgasm thoughts have been masking.
“You told me you loved me,” you accuse him and he jumps at your loud voice. “Sorry, I just realised that’s the first time you’ve ever said that.”
“Nice of you to notice,” he laughs before kissing you softly. 
“I love you too, in case that wasn’t clear already.”
“It’s always nice to be told, just in case,” he smiles at you and your heart fills with happiness. “I love you more.”
You throw your head back in laughter and he wraps his arms around you, pulling you to your feet. You spot Colson’s t-shirt flung on the back of his chair and you pad over to it, pulling it over your head. You inhale his intoxicating scent while he watches you and you smile at him before looking down at your still bare legs. You don’t notice him reaching for his phone until you hear the sound of the camera.
“Afterglow,” he explains and your cheeks heat at the intimate photo.
“No fair, you have all these photos of me and I have barely any of you,” you pout and he chuckles at you.
“Come here,” he reaches out to you and retrieves your phone from your bag. 
You step into his open arms and he spins you around so you’re standing with your back against his chest. He hands you your phone before wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. You hold your phone up, leaning into him, and he looks at you with a face splitting grin and you can’t help but match his energy. You snap the picture and he kisses you so you continue to take multiple photos. He lifts you up and swings you and you throw your head back in laughter, still taking pictures even though you’re pretty sure they’ll be all blurry. 
“Ok, one normal one please?” you ask once Colson puts you back on your feet, out of breath slightly from laughing so hard.
“I thought that was normal,” he jokes before kissing your neck.
You hold your phone up one final time, the two of you both smiling into the camera and you snap the picture. Once you’re satisfied that it’s an acceptable photo, Colson goes back to writing and you pull your pants on. You offer him his shirt back but he declines, telling you that he prefers it on you, and you settle back onto the couch, happy. You change your phone background to the picture of the two of you smiling and check through all the other photos you took. You’re surprised that some of the photos of Colson swinging you actually worked. Your head is thrown back in delight and Colson's face is scrunched up in laughter and it’s the most perfect image you’ve ever seen. You hardly recognise the happiness clearly written on your face but you love it and you never want that feeling to go away and you know with Colson, he will spend forever trying to make sure you’re happy and for that you love him even more.
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So everyone’s into pirates, vampires, and pop punk again? 2007 is back in full force
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apparently we have a type of man ...
long-haired man >>>>
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Tumblr media
Bruh... someone save her
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The rapper Machine Gun Kelly has been arrested more times than the 20th century gangster Machine Gun Kelly. The pastry chef Machine Gun Kelly remains at large.
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Tumblr media
I love this man! 💯
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My friends and I were trying to get food but there were exams in all of the McDonald's restaurants we went to, so we kept getting kicked out. :/
Then MGK walked in and he was gross.
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double trouble
Tumblr media
Colson x Reader X Pete
Warnings/Tags: Smut (18+), threesome, anal, fingering, edging, swearing, double penetration, general filth
Words: 4264
I wrote and rewrote so much of this many times lol. Hope y'all enjoy!
If you were being honest, hanging out with Colson and Pete was surprisingly docile. 
That was, until they got drunk, high, or both. Then, shit went crazy. 
You liked the chill nights, too. Sometimes you even preferred them. But the nights when you’d all smoked too much or passed around one too many blunts and fallen asleep on the couch together were fun, too. It depended on your mood. 
Tonight, you wanted fun. It had been an exhausting week and you just wanted to unwind in the best way you knew how — getting cross-faded with your boys. 
You’d met Colson first, on the set of a movie. Where Colson went, Pete wasn’t far behind, so it wasn’t long before you met the comedian, too. You and Colson had hooked up a few times, but it wasn’t anything serious. You both saw other people and were fine with that. 
Pete, on the other hand…you’d had a crush on him for a while. You crushed on both of them, to be honest, but there was something so sweet and comfortable with Pete. He reminded you of friends back home. He made you feel safe. The two of you, however, hadn’t even discussed your relationship in that way, let alone hooked up. 
You hadn’t gone into the night with expectations, so when Colson suggested truth or dare, you had to admit you were intrigued. 
“Y/N,” he said thoughtfully, pausing to pull from his blunt. “Best sex you’ve ever had. With who, and what happened. Go.”
Your cheeks flushed and you glared at him. He smirked. Cocky bastard. He knew good and well that you’d told him he was the best you’d ever been with. He just wanted to hear you say it in front of him and your mutual friend. 
“What am I missing?” Pete asked, looking between the two of you. 
“Yeah, Y/N. Enlighten us,” Colson said innocently, blue eyes piercing yours. 
You rolled your eyes. “Fine,” you mumbled. “Colson was the best sex I’ve had.” Pete’s eyes widened slightly. You went on. “He was the first and only person to make me squirt.”
“Don’t sound so disappointed,” Colson teased. 
“Are you guys fucking with me?” Pete asked. 
You snorted. “I wish.”
“No she doesn’t,” Colson retorted. 
“You guys have hooked up?” Pete asked, looking back and forth between you and Colson frantically. “When? How many times?”
“Lost count,” Colson replied, followed by a groan from you. 
“No way,” Pete said. He shook his head and leaned back on the couch. “Shit. Can’t believe you never told me.”
“We just did,” you said flatly. “Pete, truth or dare?” 
Pete looked flustered but he shook his head. “Uh, truth.”
“Have you ever had a threesome?” you asked. 
“No,” Pete said, shaking his head. 
“Would you ever?” you asked. 
Pete shrugged. “Why not?” You bit back a smirk. God, you knew how you wanted tonight to go, but was it just a fantasy? Could it actually happen? 
“Colson, truth or dare,” Pete said in a dumb voice, clearly finding the game immature and stupid. 
“Dare, man,” Colson said with a smirk. He leaned back in his chair, pushing his hair out of his face as he took another hit. 
Pete was eyeing you even though his dare was directed at Colson. “I dare you to kiss Y/N’s most sensitive spot,” he said, and his voice was noticeably lower. 
You swallowed hard and glanced at Colson, who appeared calm and relaxed. He got up from his chair and leaned over you on the couch, tucking your hair behind your ear. He dipped his head and parted his lips around the space beneath your ear, twisting his tongue before nipping gently. You were embarrassed at the involuntary whimper that left your mouth. 
Colson sat back down. You waited for a truth or dare, but instead, Colson asked Pete. “Dare,” Pete said. 
“I dare you to kiss Y/N for at least 10 seconds,” Colson ordered. 
Pete wet his lips. Your heart fluttered in your chest. You were about to kiss the guy who you had a mad crush on. You couldn’t help but be excited. 
Pete leaned down over you, reminiscent of Colson’s posture just a few moments before, and you looked up at him shyly. He was biting his lip but he let it go as he leaned down, pausing with his lips millimeters from yours. Your breath hitched when he finally kissed you. 
The kiss was dizzying in the best way. 
His big lips were warm and soft, and the way his tongue teased was making your stomach twist with desire. Your hands went to cup his face and you were just getting into it when Colson called time. As Pete went to sit down, you noticed the bulge in Colson’s gray sweats and you raised a brow at him. 
“Colson, dare you to make Y/N moan,” Pete said immediately. You noticed that Pete hadn’t even asked truth or dare, but Colson didn’t seem to mind. He was already leaning over you again, lips on yours. Your breathing was shaky as he kissed his way slowly down your neck, then down your chest, tugging down your tank top to leave kisses between your breasts. You were tense as he kissed his way slowly down your stomach before pushing your tank up and nipping at your hip bone. You could have moaned and put a stop to the dare, but it was no secret that you were enjoying yourself too much to stop things too soon. 
You gasped as Colson popped the button on your jeans and tugged them down under your ass. Your cheeks bloomed red as you felt Pete’s eyes on you. You closed your eyes as your jeans were completely removed from your body. Then, you were gasping as Colson pushed open your thighs. The moan that left you when Colson placed a firm kiss over your panties was completely involuntary. He smirked and pulled back. “Easy,” he said, looking up at you. 
“Dare you to suck on her tits,” Colson said, glancing at you for consent. “If you’re okay with it, of course, Y/N.” You managed a nod and blushed when Colson laughed. 
Pete’s throat bobbed as he came to sit beside you. He rested a gentle hand on your bare thigh. “You sure this is okay?” he asked. 
“Y-yeah, it’s okay,” you managed breathlessly. 
Pete nodded and pulled you into his lap. He looked up at your face and shook his head almost imperceptibly. “God, you’re beautiful,” he murmured, and then his lips were on your neck again. Your chest heaved as Pete pulled your tank top over your head and tossed it to the floor. His hands slid up your waist and cupped your breasts over your bra, making you whimper slightly. 
You heard fabric shifting and you turned around to see Colson palming himself through his sweats. Your eyes widened and he smirked. “Ask Petey if he was being honest earlier,” he said, voice as warm and sweet as honey. 
You looked at Pete, brow furrowed, and the brunette smirked. “Yeah, I’ve had a threesome before,” he chuckled. 
“Tell her who with,” Colson added, breath hitching as he moved his hand.
“Colson and another girl.” Pete smirked. 
“No shit,” you breathed, glancing between them. They met eyes and smirked at each other. You shook your head and looked down at Pete. “You guys suck,” you complained, and Pete’s body rumbled with laughter beneath yours. His big hands were resting comfortably on your hips and his head was resting back against the couch, putting his milky white neck on display. 
“Come on, Petey,” Colson coaxed. “A dare’s a dare.”
“Right.” Pete grinned, remembering where he left off. You shivered as big hands went around your back to touch the clasp of your bra. He met your eyes again and you nodded your consent, and then he expertly unhooked your bra. You let it slide down your arms, cheeks red and lips tight as you revealed yourself to him. Pete’s already dark eyes seemed to grow almost black as he took in the sight of you. His hands slid to the arch of your back, pulling you closer to wrap his lips around your nipple. You whimpered, head falling back as his teeth lightly grazed your sensitive bud. 
Pete took his time with you. He made sure to give each breast the same amount of attention, sucking and licking and biting gently until you were gasping, thighs shaking slightly. You were panting when Pete pulled back, smirking up at you. You could feel him through his sweats beneath you. You knew at once that the BDE wasn’t just energy. Ariana hadn’t been saying shit vindictively at all. The rumors were true. 
You jumped at the sound of Pete’s soft voice, snapping you out of your daze. “Y/N, truth or dare.”
You swallowed, gathering your composure. “D-dare,” you stammered.
Pete’s eyes flickered in the low light. “Pick truth,” he insisted. Colson smirked from where he sat, rolling up a blunt. 
Your eyes widened slightly. “Okay. Truth,” you obeyed.
Pete licked his lips. “You ever taken two dicks at once?”
Your eyes widened. Colson set the blunt down, then sat on the couch beside Pete, reaching to pull you into his lap. You settled in with an arm around Colson’s neck, glad you weren’t sober. It made being nearly naked while they were still fully clothed a little easier. Colson’s hand rested on your thigh, thumb stroking gentle circles. 
“No,” you said, voice small. “But I would.”
Colson’s head snapped over to meet Pete’s eyes and they smirked devilishly at each other. “Y/N,” Colson said, cupping your cheek so you’d look at him. “Do you trust us?”
“Yes,” you said honestly, nodding. 
“Good.” Colson’s voice was soothing as he leaned in to kiss you. You sighed into the kiss, tangling your hand into his blonde locks. He pulled you closer, then flipped you around so you were still on his lap but facing outwards. Pete knelt in front of you then, and your breathing hitched. 
“I’ve been wanting to taste you for a very, very long time,” Pete confessed, guiding your panties down your legs. You swallowed hard, wondering if you were dreaming. But no, this was very real. You whimpered and closed your eyes as Colson’s hands cupped your breasts. “Just relax. Let us take care of you.”
Colson’s arms slid beneath your legs, bending your knees and pulling your legs back, opening you up to Pete. Your head fell back onto Colson’s shoulder and your chest heaved as Pete leaned in, burying his face between your legs. Your cheeks reddened at your position, completely vulnerable. 
You moaned immediately. Pete’s lips were incredible, and you weren’t surprised at how good it felt. “Does that feel good, baby?” Colson murmured, kissing your neck. You closed your eyes and nodded. “Hey, quit holding back,” Colson insisted. “Don’t go quiet on us. She’s louder than this, Petey.”
Pete hummed his response and your hips jerked at the vibration. Colson groaned softly at the stimulation this brought to his cock. “It’s going to be a long night, Y/N.”
“Fuck,” you squeaked, goosebumps covering your skin at the sensations taking over your body. This was too good to be true. The two men you were most attracted to in the world, about to fuck you. Together. Pete drew his tongue slowly through your folds, gathering the wetness that had gathered there, and then sucked your clit in pulses, causing your back to arch sharply. 
“Fuck, my turn,” Colson said, tapping the top of Pete’s head. Pete pulled back and wiped his mouth, getting to his feet. Colson pushed you off of him and you immediately grabbed Pete, pulling him close. He leaned down to kiss you, your head tilting up to reach him. Your hands were under his shirt then, pulling it up, and he helped you yank it over his head. Your hands ran down his chest and stomach and he watched you with desire in his eyes. 
Then, you pulled Colson to his feet, pulling him down for a kiss, too. He kissed you back  hard, stubble grinding against your face in a painfully pleasurable way. You helped him remove his shirt, too, then looked between the two gorgeous men. Colson, only a couple of inches taller than Pete but with so many more tattoos. Intimidating. Dangerous. Pete, with his soft, brown eyes. Warm. Inviting. You loved their yin and yang and how they worked perfectly together. 
Colson leaned down to pick you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He leaned in to bite gently at your neck, making you roll your head back with a moan. He carried you to his bedroom, Pete close behind, then laid you out on the bed. “Spread your legs,” Colson demanded. “Show me that pretty pussy.  That’s it.” His eyes darkened and he bit his lip, palming himself over his sweats. “Touch yourself, Y/N.”
Pete sat in the armchair in the corner and groaned softly as your fingers found your wet pussy. You liked the way that both pairs of eyes were glued to your hand, their lips slightly parted with intrigue. “Fuck, she’s so wet,” Pete told Colson, who just nodded. 
Colson grabbed your thighs, yanking you sharply to the edge of the bed, pulling a startled gasp from your lips. He dropped to his knees and pulled your legs over his shoulders, leaning in to get a taste. You moaned and shifted your hips at the pleasure. He and Pete were both great at this in their own ways. Your legs shook against his head, so worked up from Pete’s mouth, followed by Colson’s. You let out a high whine as Colson’s tongue assaulted your sensitive clit.
“Pete,” you said. He met your eyes from where he sat watching, palming his cock. “Come here. Kiss me,” you pleaded. Pete let a gentle smirk grace his face and then he climbed onto the bed, leaning over to kiss you hard, tangling a hand in your hair. Finally, with a gasp, you yanked on Colson’s hair, pulling him away  from your sensitive core. 
You pushed him off of you and then dropped to your knees, pulling down Colson’s sweats. He helped you by pushing his boxers down. As he stepped out of them, you turned to Pete, helping him discard his own pants and boxers. You  were immediately intimidated by the sight of two gigantic dicks in front of you, but you liked a challenge. You wet your lips and started with Pete. 
The brunette groaned as you ran your tongue over his balls and up his shaft before sealing your lips around the head. His hand wove into your hair as you pressed your tongue into his slit, drawing a hiss from the brunette’s lips. You gave him attention for a few moments more and then you switched to Colson, mimicking your movements from moments earlier. Colson’s moan was gravelly, his head falling back as you took him in your mouth. His hand went to the back of your head and pulled you onto his dick, causing you to gag. He held you in place, your eyes watering, and when you felt like your air had run out, he released you. You gasped for air, sitting back on your heels. 
“What do you think, Pete?” Colson asked, looking down at you. “Do you think we should make her come first or make her work for it?”
“Dunno,” Pete said, biting his lip as he looked down at you. You looked up at them with pleading eyes, throbbing between your legs. You’d never felt so needy or desperate in your entire life. “She’s a bad girl. Wanting to take two at once,” Pete continued. 
Colson smirked. “Yeah, true.” He helped you to  your feet, then laid on his back, looking at you as he wrapped a hand around his cock. “Hands and knees, pussy in my mouth,” he commanded. Confused, you looked at him, then glanced at Pete. Colson chuckled darkly. “Don’t get too excited,” he said. “You’re not coming.” Your stomach dropped slightly. Pete nodded his head, encouraging you to follow Colson’s instructions, and you hurried onto the bed, guiding yourself to the position Colson had asked for. 
Pete followed, climbing onto the bed. “Up,” he demanded, and you pushed yourself upwards, balanced precariously over Colson’s face. Colson grunted in irritation and grabbed your ass, pulling you down so your full weight was on his face. “Good girl,” Pete said with a smirk, climbing onto the bed. He tilted your chin upwards and then you made a surprised sound as he shoved two thick fingers between your lips. You coated them with your spit and he pulled them back harshley. 
Pete moved beside you and stroked a hand over the curve of your ass. He pulled your cheeks apart and pressed one finger to your hole, making you gasp sharply. “If you want to take both of us, we need to get you ready,” he explained and you nodded. “You ever taken it in the ass before?”
Colson laughed against you and your jaw dropped, his noise causing you to whine. Pete chuckled. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He bit his lip as he pressed one thick finger slowly inside of you. 
“Mm, Pete,” you moaned, digging your nails into his shoulders. Between his finger and Colson’s tongue, you were coming undone quickly. 
You barely noticed as Pete added another finger, you were so deep in pleasure. Colson’s tongue moved expertly as Pete reached around to rub at your clit, picking up the pace. You breathed shallowly, feeling yourself start to tighten up. Colson’s finger pressed inside your pussy and you cried out, hips stuttering. One of your hands was clenched in Colson’s hair and the other was wrapped around Pete’s shoulder. You were shaking as they worked you up together, in complete sync.
“Oh fuck, I’m close,” you managed. In unison, the boys removed themselves from you, Colson guiding you off of his face and Pete removing his fingers. 
You whimpered in protest as you turned over and sat on the bed. Colson smirked and wiped his mouth. “Patience, baby,” he purred, clutching your face in his big hand and kissing you firmly. “You’ll get yours.”
“Please,” you squeaked, chasing the kiss. 
Colson raised a brow. “Please, what?”
You bit your lip, legs trembling and stomach still clenching from how fucking close you’d just been. “Please, fuck me,” you said quietly. Colson moved aside so Pete could crawl over you, shoving your legs apart. Using the hand that hadn’t been loosening you up, he slid a finger inside your pussy and you mewled. He pumped it slowly in and out and then laughed darkly, glancing at Colson.
“Can feel her clenching around me,” he said. “Needy girl needs to come so bad.”
“Mmmm.” Colson hummed, settling on the bed beside you. You barely breathed as you looked over at him, trying your best not to come yet. “You need to come, baby?”
All you could do was nod frantically. The room was starting to grow hot and your vision ebbed slightly. “Mm, fuck,” you whined, feeling yourself clench around Pete’s finger again. “I-I can’t–”
“Hold it,” Pete demanded, dark eyes fixed on yours as he fingered you.
“Pete, f-fuck, I can’t,” you whimpered, back arching as you tried to scoot away from his finger. Just as your high began, Pete pulled back and you let out a frustrated groan, snapping your knees together. 
“Alright, that’s enough teasing, I think,” Colson said, reaching for you to straddle him. “Here’s what’s gonna happen, baby girl.” You were having trouble focusing with Pete’s hands running over your curves behind you. “You’re gonna ride me while Pete fucks that tight ass. Got it?”
“Mmph, yeah,” you managed as you heard a familiar click, the sound of the lube bottle being uncapped. 
“And you’re not going to come until we give you permission,” he explained. 
“But nothing,” Pete said, giving your ass a firm slap that made you yelp. “You’ll take it and say fucking thank you.”
You nodded, legs trembling as Colson guided you down onto his cock. He pulled you so you were folded over him, giving Pete access to your ass. You gasped sharply as his slicked up head pressed to your hole. You pulsed around Colson ‘s dick as Pete pressed the thick head inside, and you whimpered at the sharpness, closing your eyes. 
“Good girl,” Colson cooed, squeezing your breasts and pinching your already sore nipples. Your breathing shook hard when Pete was all the way inside. Fuck. It was happening. One of your greatest fantasies. Two dicks at once. You’d seen it in porn a million times, but the real thing was even better. You were impossibly full with both of them, and you were having a hard time steadying your breathing.
“Hey,” Pete soothed, rubbing your back. “Breathe, Y/N.” Colson tucked a piece of hair gently behind your ear and studied your face. Neither of them wanted to actually hurt you in any way. They wanted you to enjoy this. Finally, you caught your breath and nodded, and then you cried out as Pete retracted his hips and rolled them forward again. 
“O-oh fuck,” Colson moaned, gripping your ass to pull your cheeks open more, giving Pete more access. As Pete fucked you, your hips rolled unintentionally forward, helping you to ride Colson without any effort from you. Your eyes were squeezed shut with pleasure as your mouth hung open. You were shameless. There was no other way to be. 
After a few minutes, Pete carefully pulled out, panting. “Fuck, that position’s too hard,” he said. Colson patted your ass, telling you to get up, and you did on shaky legs. He scooped you up quickly, wrapping your legs around his waist as he sank you down on him again. You felt Pete behind you, pressing inside again, and god, this was even better. You leaned back, letting Pete hold you under your arms, leaving both boys face to face. They smirked at each other as they timed their thrusts perfectly, working you up.
Your legs trembled around Colson’s hips and all you could do was moan and arch and just take it. But nothing had ever felt better. Your eyes flew open when you felt Colson’s fingers press to your sensitive clit. “O-oh, Jesus, fuck,” you gasped, legs fighting to close. “C-Col–”
“Yeah, baby, fuck,” Colson moaned, brow furrowing. “You like being fucked by two guys at the same time?”
“Mm, yeah she does, little slut,” Pete said, massaging your breasts. Your orgasm was sneaking up again, or  racing towards you, rather. Both boys moaned in unison when they felt you contracting around them.
“Please!” you spat out, trying to wriggle away from the pleasure. “Let me come, I’m so c-close!”
“What do you think, Pete?” Colson teased, still rubbing tight circles on your clit as they thrusted. 
Your whines and moans were ignored. “Hmm,” Pete said, twisting your nipples lightly. “I think she’s earned it.”
“Yeah,” Colson agreed, biting his lip. “Go ahead and come, baby.”
That was all you needed. Your body bowed and your vision whited out as your orgasm ripped through you, more intense than any you’d ever felt before. The intensity made you go boneless in their arms, panting and fucked out. 
Colson chuckled, holding your legs to his hips. “Let’s get her on the bed,” he told Pete. They pulled out of you and settled you on the bed. You panted but smiled up at them, feeling so satisfied and exhausted. 
You bit your lip, looking between them. “Hey,” you said shyly.
Pete hummed in response and Colson asked, “What babe?”
“Will you…I want you both to…” Your words tapered off and you bit your lip again.
“Nah, don’t be shy now, girl,” Colson said with a grin. “Tell us what you want.”
“Want you both to…to come all over me,” you blurted. Pete and Colson made eye contact, smirking, and together, they got on their knees. You watched in awe as each man curled his hand around his cock and started jerking, slow at first, then faster as their breathing intensified. 
“Fuck, touch yourself,” Pete demanded. Thankful for his permission, you let your hand drift down between your legs. You couldn’t  get enough of them over you, panting and grunting and moaning as they brought themselves closer and closer. 
Pete was the first one to come. “Oh shit,” he gasped, hips stuttering as he painted white ribbons on your chest and face, falling forward onto a hand. His orgasm encouraged yours, and you whined out, squirming as you came again. This was the catalyst for Colson, and he groaned lowly, shuddering as he came hard, his cum mingling with Pete’s. 
Pete collapsed beside you and Colson went into the bathroom for a towel. After he cleaned you up, he pulled you to his chest and Pete snuggled up behind you. You yawned as Colson’s chest rumbled as he laughed. “Was that what you wanted?”
“Fuck yes,” you breathed.
Pete grinned and pressed a kiss to your shoulder. “Yeah, that’s happening again,” he remarked. You and Colson nodded in agreement.
As you fell asleep, so exhausted and satisfied, you found yourself smiling at the prospect of many more late nights with Pete and Colson, far from docile.
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Even when I’m drunk your my only type
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Me: Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't do drugs, all around good girl
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