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I have to say that this is @yukinohananana017 fault for commenting and saying this one line
“He tried his best but it wasn't enough to change anything meaningful, as well as the fact that Fate was locked in and his hands were tied”
your fault, I love you for this and hate your (affectionately) for giving me brain rot
Going for the Ghost King Danny idea, Danny is the ruler of all things that are both dead and are either born/created in the Infinite Realms from not only his dimension but from every dimension. His is the king of all things dead and the passageways and crossroads of ghost or entities that live in the Realms from crossing other dimension and such. 
Danny is not the person who sees the future of those dying nor does his cause it, he only gains his people once they are truly dead or are an entity that is created/born of from death.
What I’m trying to get at is that he is the living embodiment of Death as he is Death himself, similarly how Clockwork is the embodiment of Time itself. Other entities such as Life, Space, Fate and Universes are that of the same level of power of both beings as they rule or have control of their domain of their names.
For example, people that have power over death, such as necromancy or supernatural people, are a shared custody with both Life and Death (Danny) since they are living beings to willingly choose to use death as their means of power
Custody with people that are revived, those that fully die and go back to living are people that Life and Death (Danny) both fight for as, unlike those that borrow Death’s power, they actively became his subjects/people when they died and then went back to life. Those custody battles are always a struggle (and Life likes to pull the halfa card a lot on Death as its within their rights to order Death to certain terms and conditions (unfortunately this is also a double swords as because Death still is living, Life likes to make it so that Death is spoiled for his last living years before he truly becomes dead (or unless his becomes immortal in his human form but that’s a whole other idea)))
(Arguing for Batfam rights like: “Why can’t I have them???” “Because they aren’t dead!” But they did die, almost all of them died!!!!” “THEY REVIVED!” “THEY DIED MORE THEN A MONTH!!!!” “THAT WAS ONLY TWO OF THEM AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!”)
Same as with Fate, Death can’t choose his subjects, nor can he tell or influences when someone dies, however, Fate is never set in stone because Time can always change, and bend and Fate can’t do anything against Time if Time chooses to change its course so Fate can’t do anything to Death if he has Time to help prevent some people from dying. Although both work together when it comes to reviving people because its not their time to die yet. 
(Jason, no more need to be said. “Your doing what now?” “A revival.” “And you need me why???” “I can always ask Life-” “Fuck no. I get custody rights.”)
Death and Space also have an easy relationship as Space always shifts the Infinite Realms to fit Death’s people and to travel to other dimensions whenever Death wishes. They are always at peace with one another unless Fate or Time tells Space to not let Death go to certain places at certain times. 
(Summoning circles are Space messing with Death to get pulled form one dimension to another.)
(Lazares pits are cracks in Space that Spaces leaves for Death to use)
Universe on the other hand is more powerful than all other embodiments and doesn’t make contact with those embodiments when they feel like it. The  Universe is more powerful than Time and Fate, shifts Space and goes beyond the rules of Life and Death. They are more powerful than all. 
However, they all live and work in a harmonic system that work so well with one another.
(Or me brain rotting over that one capital letter “F” and running many ideas how Danny is truly Death itself and then Clockwork is added to the mix before Fate is added and my mind is brunning)
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BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez backstage at the Born Pink World tour in Newark
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Liam Gallagher on twitter 10/10/22
LG is partnering with Talk Club on his latest single Too Good For Giving Up for World Mental Health Day Oct 10th 2022. Talk Club “provide a global male community of peer-to-peer talking groups, sports clubs and therapy that ultimately prevents suicide.”
watch the video for Too Good For Giving Up here
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Ugh this took a lot longer than I thought it was going to KEK Anyways Queenie being a creep and listening on high school gossip to figure out her next target. Which happens to align with a certain ghost she has a grudge on. kek Also had more dialogue written out but wouldn't fit. Basically Paulina goes on rant. "Like I get it. I be embarrassed too if I had a crush on Fenton, but seriously? -Why does he have to try and compare Phantom, my beautiful future husband, crush of everyone in the school, and the town hero to... creepy Fenton? Like you can have your crush, fine, but don't wrap mine into because you know you have terrible taste." "At this rate, he's creeping me out more than Danny ever has." "If I was Fenton, thank sky daddy that I am not, I put in a restraining order." "Same." Something between her and star like that kek. ..I also did not expect to redesign Paulina and Star but I did... clothes are not my strong suit XD
... Also also.. Queenie is 100% about to mess with Wes. :I Be funnier if he did have a crush.. so her trying to hypnotize him into crushing on Danny.. fails.. And Danny finds out like.. eoe are you acting normal wes? Wes still spouting how he hates Danny.. Danny just like... uh-huh... >>' Ok. Whatever you say wes~
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I just think Geto should be happy
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commissioned @dad-dumpster​ to draw the ending scene from this post and  they did not disappoint!! they were a pleasure a work with and so accommodating to my many changes 💖 if you have the money to spare i would def recommend ordering from them (✿◡‿◡)
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i love the discord webhook integration that is part of tumblr labs and make extensive use of it. i was wondering if you would ever add a notification toggle option for new "mentions" in a post? it would be super helpful. thanks!
Answer: Hey there @steadfvsthearts!
Why, what are the chances. We have only gone and added this very feature today, of all days. Praise be!
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We hope this helps, and thanks for your feedback! And keep the questions keep on keeping on.
—Cyle (Tumblr Engineering)
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Louis Tomlinson earns the highest grossing and most attended concert of his career, with $950,209 from 13,950 tickets sold at Arena Peru in Lima on June 1 as part of the ‘Louis Tomlinson World Tour’.
Touring Data via Twitter! 17.06
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The most impactful promotion you can ever have is artist-to-artist. The artist community talks. And over the last few years the relationship between artist and label is often fractured, but what we have here is the opposite. There was a wonderful meeting of Kylie and Rita Ora in Milan where they congratulated each other for being on BMG. You cannot make that moment up. There are many examples of artists asking each other about what label they are on, what it’s like there etc. The discussions and the chatter definitely help. We created that first with the songwriters, we now have it with the artists, and as a result we have it with the management community. The new curveball we didn’t anticipate is the fan. When we signed Louis Tomlinson we had no idea what world we were entering. It’s a different level of fan engagement. For the very first time there are fans outside the office expecting him to come in. For the first time our digital team saw their personal social media following rise stratospherically because they are being bombarded by the Louis fan base. But also, his fanbase are commending him on signing for BMG, so there is this other world of punters talking about BMG.
Has your reputation with established acts spread through the artistic community via word of mouth? Is BMG seen as a company that can be trusted with established catalogues?
BMG UK President, Alistair Norbury, for Headliner Magazine.
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hii doreen, thank you so much for all the content and information you put out on your blog — it's been so helpful as i've gotten back into the bl fandom over the past month. idk if you already have a post abt this but do you have any recommendations for blogs like yours centered around gmmtv/thai bl/bl in general? thank you!! ❤️❤️
hi there anon!!!
thank you very much for your nice words!! 🥺💜
here are some of my favorite tumblr people that I love and appreciate and that you should definitely give a follow (some of them are not (full-on) bl blogs but I'm gonna link them anyway bc I want to 💜):
@leonpob @khunvegas @emisfritish @mrsandypants @sleepypurplenote @benkaaoi @hecalledhimhyung @my-wandering-rabbit @clairificusrex @wanderlust-in-my-soul @tumcialgun @vegaspetes @eaasysarcasm @german-bl-kpop-lover @boy-meets-boy-1004 @odi-et-amo85 @boogie--wonderland @offspring-of-calliope @dollopheadsandclotpoles @patandpran @earthpodd @tobeornottotc @ilajudica @spine @theblbois @zeejade88 @bl-recs-and-reviews @laowen @hunginggrapes @malec4everr @nanons @praninllove @itoldsunset @flukenatouch @rachelcheeser @sarawatism 💜
@ anyone reading this feel free to add people! 🙋🏼‍♀️
have a good day anon!!
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don't blame me // champagne problems
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[221006] iammaeng instagram update with Rosé
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i was tagged by the lovely @querencva to do this tag game, thank you so much for the tag, i loved doing this! 💜
1. Why did you choose your url?
when i was choosing the name, i had an obsession with billie eilish (which i still do ksksk) and bad guy was my jam, and then i never really got to changing it lol, but it's become my name now so it all worked out!! i also never thought i'd actually get to posting so i just picked something random : ))
2. Any side blogs?
yes, but it's all pure bs so i'd rather not mention it 💀
3. How long have you been on tumblr?
I've been on tumblr for a little over a year actively, only started actually using it towards the end of 2020 and started posting in 2021, earlier i just had the app and didn't use it because i didn't know how lol
4. Do you have a queue tag?
no, i never even use my queue, and the one time i tried i messed it up so 💀
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
i've always loved reading and writing and exploring new stuff, and one day i randomly stumbled upon this app when i had my peaky blinders obsession, and i fell in lobve with the blogs and people here. then i started to write and reblog and stuff and i just eventually fell in love with how much fun it was, and when i developed an interest in F1, i met a bunch of people who also shared my interest !!
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
it's a picture of lewis on a bike, which was my favourite photo from that photoshoot!!
7. Why did you choose your header?
i edited all the photo's from the WSJ mag photoshoot together because it remains superior 😌
8. What’s your post with the most notes?
hmm, it'd have to be this one and this one, this and this but y'all have shown so much love to so many of them!!
9. How many mutuals do you have?
i have a few but i'm lazy as a guesstimate would be like 20?? there may be more i'm just not counting 😂
10. How many followers do you have?
currently, i have 710 followers (holy guacamole) and i love and every one of em <33
11. How many people do you follow?
i follow 76 people!
12. Have you ever made a shit post?
i don't know??
13. How often do you use tumblr a day?
way too often, i have no social life 🤧
14. Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?
nope, it takes time and energy i just don't have
15. How do you feel about the ‘you need to reblog’ posts?
i think people should have the choice to reblog what they want, but this is a difficult one. if it's about needing help or for a humanitarian crisis i feel the need to reblog it, but once again it depends on personal preferences, but reblogging is just a click of a button and if it makes someone happy or helps them, might as well!
16. Do you like tag games?
i love em!!
17. Do you like ask games?
YES i do but for some reason, i can never get people to participate in ask games lmao
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
oh lots of em, and as they should be!!
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
nope, but i love em all
20. Tags!
tagging @grandestrategia @theonly1outof-a-billion @e44hamilton @lucent-knight @itsallyscorner @heureux4430 @soadoya @quillsink and whoever wants to, as always, only if you want to !! 💜
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