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My brain is a void
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Pretty sure this was posted on the shallot (@star-trek-shallot ) but in case it isn't on the internet
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I saw this template on Pintrest
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And I couldn't keep myself from drawing it with my favorite dummies 🥰
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But while I was drawing I couldn't shake something familiar about Dolly's gaze:
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I had to share this discovery with my friend, @eldritch-dad and they made this gem for me:
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I love it here you guys ❤
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Hen: Buck, get out of my ambulance
Clip-board Buck:
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Sometimes it do be like that
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“...What d’you think? Are we gonna have to kill Jon?”
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(Fandango All Access Interview)
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So. Since I'm one of those Broke Millennials, I figured I may as well get a taste of The Reason I am broke, according to Financial Experts and The News.
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Behold, I have purchased and eaten the illustrious Avocado Toast (with roasted tomatoes).
...it was delicious. But as this is the only one I've ever purchased, I think some other factor may be tanking my finances.
(Probably the stagnant wages that are about 10k below industry average, or lack of contract work the last two years.)
At least the experiment improved my hangry. Capitalism is stressful. Eat good food whenever you can.
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Stabby stabby stab stab stab
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Again, memeage
Tagged by @cairistiona7  Thank you!
Rules: If you’re tagged, make a rec list of your own fics that you’re most proud of. The ones you personally want people to read because you know they’re good. The ones you get extra excited when you get comments on them because people are responding to what you know is your best work. As part of the list, say why you’re proud of them! Participant’s choice on how many that is and where you draw the line on pride, but the more the better. Bonus points for fics that you like to reread yourself or fics that have low engagement because they’re in a small fandom or an unpopular ship/trope. Then tag however many people you feel like to continue the game. (If you want a guide number, try for seven or however many fics you listed)
Secondary rule: If you get tagged and you’re not a fic writer, consider doing the same for art you’ve done or meta you’ve written that you’re proud of.
Tertiary rule: This is the time to be the opposite of humble! Hype your own stuff! Share why you’re proud of something. Do some self love! And please give the game a chance even if you haven’t written much or are just starting out etc etc.
Do or do not – there is no tag.
 All these are in the Tolkien fandom – the list got a bit longer than I had planned, even with vigorous weeding (and would therefore probably look partly different if I made it at another time). They’re all stories that I like to reread for one reason or another. Even if I felt a ‘must edit’ itch for some of the older ones as well *g* I’ve tried to say something more than the original summary for them, but didn’t succeed for all.
An excess of weather - Life in Eriador can often be harsh, even more so when the weather becomes as much an enemy as Orcs or wolves. A look at how the Fell Winter of 2911 affected the Dúnedain. 
A gapfiller story with mostly OC Rangers. What I like about this one is how the circumstances test the Rangers to their limits, and in some cases beyond.
 Troll country - Where were the Rangers when Thorin & co. encountered those trolls?
A gapfiller I didn’t know I needed until the plotbunny turned up
 Out of time - FA 83 - King Elessar visits the North and realises something that has been bothering him
There are precious few stories about the Fourth Age – another gapfiller I had to have.
Inheritance – Recipe fic:  A taste from history in two drabbles and a double drabble - originally written for the October 2014 challenge, Sweet or Savoury, at the Lotr-genfic LJ community; my element was 'spicy'.
My only recipe fic, and therefore also my best recipe fic *g*
 2nd Age
Et Eärello Andorenna utúlien - Númenor: thoughts upon arrival and departure.
There’s a lot more to explore for both Elros and Ar-Pharazôn I think, and maybe someday I will. Until then, this short sketch will have to do.
 Spindrift - Of the seven palantíri, it is said that the one kept in the tower of Elostirion is the chief, and that Elendil looked in it often to alleviate the yearning of exile. This vignette examines one such viewing in the year 3423 of the Second Age.
 Opening - Sometime early in the second millennium of the Second Age: a moonlit night in Eregion, and two craftsmen anxiously wait the unveiling of their latest work.
Edge of the world - After the Downfall it was believed by the remnants of the Dúnedain that the top of Meneltarma rose once more above the sea level. If so, sailors of later Ages may have found it on occasion.
 Recall - Thengel, captain of Gondor, deals with a small family crisis, considers the past and receives some news.
 Holiday - Snapshots of a summer spent in Dol Amroth. Gimli is ambivalent about it all.
This entire fic was written to justify the use of one specific word in a Tolkienian context. I’ll leave it up to the reader to spot the word.
Back to Middle-earth month 2012 - A collection of the various drabbles and short stories I wrote for B2MEM 2012
A very miscellaneous bunch of stories, but one I’m pretty happy with. Definitely my best BMEM year.
 Tales of the North - banner
And in hope… –  Arwen finally understands one particular vision she saw in Galadriel's Mirror, and starts work on a special project.
Watching from afar – It is said in The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen that Arwen watched over Aragorn in thought. At times, this must have been a harrowing experience.
Envinyalë –  About a week after their wedding, Aragorn and Arwen spend an evening by themselves. Arwen has plans, but the evening does not turn out quite the way she had in mind.
A small collection of three stories in which I explored Arwen a bit, of course also against the background of my related stories on Aragorn and the Dúnedain.
Some that live - It is 3013, and Orcs are raiding and destroying Dúnedain farms in Eriador. Aragorn sets out to stop the raids. Alternate timeline leading up to the War of the Ring.
This story… During the writing its working title was “the Heap O’Angst”, and I’ve also been known to refer to it as “the story that ate my life”. It took some work to get out of its headspace once it was done. Without giving away too much, it’s an exploration of honour, guilt, redemption, friendship, loyalty. It may also be the best story I’ve written so far.
 As may be obvious, I like writing AUs, both long ones and shorter stories, because they allow exploring different approaches to characters, events and themes They’re also a lot of fun to play with: “what breaks if I change this…?”
 Unto the ending of the world - Dark AU, diverging from the end of the Two Towers: Sauron regains his Ring in Ithilien, and a very bleak world emerges for those who survive the Ringwar to make their way in. 
This is the only still ongoing story in the list. I started it in 2007 and am still writing it. I do actually know how it ends, but I’m a slow writer to begin with, and it’s taking just a bit longer than I expected to get where I want to go – plus I spent some time away from it writing the Heap O’Angst. The basic idea was quite simple, Sauron gets the One Ring, so what happens now? Quite a lot, as it turns out, and not much of it good.
 Elenion Ancalima - Nerdanel wonders whether perhaps it would have been better if Fëanáro had not listened to his father.
 Still standing - Six vignettes from Halbarad's point of view - from the siege of Minas Tirith until the day after Aragorn's coronation
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5 and 28!
5. What’s a tag you never want to use for your works even when it applies?
'self-indulgent' lol they are all enormously self-indulgent
Uh, more in the spirit of things I guess, I have seen the tag "Historical Accuracy" -- I have an incurable habit of writing fic in various historic settings, and making it as accurate as I can is important to me, but, no.  Using that tag just seems like performing a ritual invocation to turn up something that invalidates a key point.  There's so many ways for things to go wrong! ask me about some of them  Besides the fractal challenges involved with getting the factual details right, I am also not necessarily trying very hard to realize a truly accurate period mindset all the time, this is hobby fiction for fun!  And sometimes you just plain have to make things up.
28. Any writing advice that works for you and you feel like sharing?
Rule #1: nothing that you just wrote is either as good or as bad you think it is; wait a few days and read it again.
Rule #2: kill your darlings, i.e., yes, sometimes you really do have to cut that beautiful bit or rewrite the whole damn opening scene, but really, truly, the whole thing will end up better, and even if you're a slow writer getting over writer's block, the more you write the more you will be able to write other lovely things.
Rule #3: getting the words out on the page fast really is a good strategy, even if the words seem terrible! This has been a hard one for me to internalize, but it's true.  (sigh)
Rule #4: adverbs are beautiful treasures and should be cherished.
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Oh hell yeah!
"Eyes" for the WIP word meme. 😁
This is from my upcoming Sterek Reverse Bang fic.
Stiles zombie-shuffles with bleary eyes, flinging the door open. Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in.
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