themedicalstate · 2 days ago
This hungry macrophage just macrophaging
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ancientorigins · a day ago
A Turkish professor has announced that he has identified silphion, an ancient aphrodisiac and ‘cure-all’ plant thought to have gone extinct almost 2000 years ago.
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medstudentblues · 21 hours ago
it’s sunday and all I did all day is sleep. we didn’t get to rest this med week because we are the organizers. I planned on cleaning and working out a bit but even standing up fatigued me so much so I just napped, took a bath, and now going through anki before I continue to study patho OB and pedia. sometimes it’s okay to just listen to your body and rest. you deserve it.
also about to have dinner, maybe some lemon juice? tea? but I’ll just stay on the couch for tonight while I wait for the superstorm to pass. stay safe and dry, everyone!!
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motivatemycollegelife · a day ago
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pondering-the-kaiju · a day ago
I notice that a lot of pseudoscience runs on a staunch refusal to admit that there’s just an upper limit to what stuff can do, or assuming that because something can help in small ways, then in purer, stronger forms it must be able to help in immense ways. Like sure, it’s true that light exposure can help with SAD, and avoiding blue light in the evenings can help you sleep better, but that doesn’t mean that light therapy can cure any and all diseases. That’s kind of like assuming that because staying near a fire can keep you from freezing to death, then actually getting into the fire will make you invulnerable to bullets or something.
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plaguedocboi · 3 months ago
It’s insane how many organs will just Make Rocks if left up to their own devices. Kidneys. Gall bladder. Pancreas. Tonsils, what’s that about???
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killerqueenofficial · 3 months ago
I'm so extremely serious when I say doctors should be put through an extremely extensive reliscensing process every 10 years. Doctors should have their knowledge scrutinized against current medical research and be de-barred at even the tiniest discrepancy. Too many old doctors absolutely refuse to stay up to date on research and dismiss patients because of their personal experiences. Too many people die every year because doctors don't take us seriously and refuse to listen to people who KNOW something is wrong. Too many people are told their problems are nothing and come back in a year or more with serious illnesses and doctors are just like "lol everyone makes mistakes" but doctors mistakes routinely cost people their lives! I'm tired of medical malpractice being swept away under the guise of "mistakes were made."
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apas-95 · 11 days ago
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legitimately what the fuck
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beardedmrbean · 9 months ago
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themedicalstate · 6 months ago
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Anatomical Works Sculpted in Crystal and Glass
Santa Fe-based sculptor and jewelry designer Debra Baxter combines glass, bronze, crystal, wood, and found objects to create ghostly sculptures of human forms. 
For many of her recent works Baxter shares with Roq Larue Gallery that she drew inspiration from the phenomenon of the “Ghost Heart.” In this medical procedure, a heart is cleansed of all of its blood cells and then injected with hundreds of millions of new blood steam cells which cause the heart to begin beating again. Baxter is interested in how this concept explores the complexity of existence, walking the line between life and death.  
1. Catch Your Breath, 2021
2. Love Side, 2019
3. Cross My Heart (1), 2019
4. Cross My Heart (2), 2019
5. Love Hard, 2021
6. Holding Onto Black Metal, 2020
7. Heart of Gold, 2019
8. Ghost Hand, 2019
9. Silver Heart, 2019
You can see more of her sculpted artworks on her website and Instagram.
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mysharona1987 · a year ago
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This is why fat shaming can have tragic consequences.
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a-young-doctors-journey · 4 months ago
You cannot ban abortion. You can only ban safe abortion.
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leeshajoy · a year ago
A lot of the substances we think of as protection against the supernatural (e.g. salt, silver, garlic) are actually antibacterial, and would have helped stave off infections and illnesses that people once attributed to supernatural influence.
Based on this, I want to see a story where vampires are repelled by hand sanitizer.
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elierlick · 3 months ago
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It’s also older than the polio vaccine, dialysis, penicillin, ultrasounds, oral contraceptives, flu vaccines, and the entire field of organ transplants! Far from experimental.
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encasedinpermafrost · 9 months ago
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macleod · a month ago
Pig skin protein gives sight back to 14 blind people nearly instantly, including three with perfect vision.
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Twenty people who were blind or on the verge of being so have had some or all of their sight restored thanks to a food industry byproduct — pig skin.
Researchers from Linköping University and LinkoCare Life Sciences AB were able to give the group their vision back with a special corneal implant made from medical-grade collagen from porcine skin, a purified food industry byproduct that's used in FDA-approved medical devices for treating glaucoma. The implant was given to those who suffer from diseased corneas, the outermost and transparent layer of the eye, an issue that affects millions of people worldwide.
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Along with limited donor availability, the typical treatment, which requires doctors to surgically replace a cornea and sew it into place, also risks graft rejection, healing complications, infections, astigmatism and the need for long-term support. The new method, however, allows doctors to insert the implant into the existing cornea, requires no stitches and incision is minimally invasive with either an advanced laser or by hand.
"The operations were free from complications; the tissue healed fast; and an eight-week treatment with immunosuppressive eye drops was enough to prevent rejection of the implant," a press release for the study states. "With conventional cornea transplants, medicine must be taken for several years. The patients were followed for two years, and no complications were noted during that time."
Source: CBS News 08/12/2022
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medstudentblues · a month ago
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Finals studying starts tonight. Napped after my classes, did requirements, went on meetings with org and MSC, and now going to take a break to wash up and have dinner before I full-on study.
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