#me: oh god i'm already in my 20s
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I feel like i'm being left behind and I hate it
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mutuals i miss you
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The shocking revelation that I'm actually so much more out of shape than I thought
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I'm still unsure how I'm going to write Mikey's dark impulses in Green Light, but it's funny and kind of weirdly coincidental how Reader acknowledged and made jabs that there's always been something wrong about Mikey lol. The 'the evil brother' and 'he's gonna murder you' comments had me in hysterics the day chp 241 came out and I was like, 'wait a fucking second, they just meant that as a poorly executed joke!'聽
If I'm adding the timeline correctly, the Sanzu incident happened when he was 9-10 yrs old, and during that time, Reader already left for Nagoya. Either way, I think Mikey was capable of doing fucked-up shit way back and Reader probably knew 鈥 or, well, related to it. Doesn鈥檛 help that they're both violent children growing up; difference here is that Reader didn't exactly like the delinquent lifestyle, despite getting involved in that world.
I'm really just riding with the theory that Shin was too soft/lenient on Mikey (but still waiting for more info because I don't mind this getting debunked in future chapters 鉁岋笍). Like he'd excuse something so horrific if it's his family (because it's his family and his family is his everything), even at the cost of his morals. Kind of like how Baji stuck around Kazu all the way, but that doesn't mean Shin didn't feel guilty about what happened. He'd still attempt to fix something, but the problem there is that he's just a teenager himself and he isn't really equipped for it. Grandpa Sano isn't going to be much of a help here because elders don't believe in therapy and he's too busy providing for three kids. Look, I could be wrong, but I just like Shin being flawed like this haha. I always contemplate how stressed he was, not having much of a childhood with all this responsibility.
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chuck s3 thread pt 20
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i ...need to finish my get to know me meme don鈥檛 i???
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My Wife, My Love
Tumblr media
pairing: Construction!BF!Chris x GF!Reader
Summary: with y/n taking a new job across town, her hunk of a man pays her a steamy visit, and big decisions are made
can be read as part of build up
Warnings: Age gap (Reader is 8 years younger and is in early 20s), dirty talk, spit, breast play, penetration, breeding kink, slight humiliation, squirting, oral
- Requests are open!
Likes, Comments and Re-blogs are appreciated鈾ワ笍
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(Y/n's P.O.V)
Ever since I had met Chris all those months ago, we had honestly been texting non stop even though I had started a new job as a chef a whole town away. I was missing his cute handsome face, and the way he just loved on me.
After throwing out the rest of food I couldn鈥檛 bare to finish, I just sat staring at the dull ass grey walls of my apartment, the atmosphere itself just draining. Sure there were a few family pictures laying about the place and mementos, but nothing ever beats being back home where everything you know is.
With the occasional sext and visit from Chris I was able to get by, although he did say I was not to touch what was his and I was not going to go against that
Even though my pa strongly disapproved of us, mostly due to the age gap, I did not let that waver my decision of seeing Chris. I'm in love with this man.
*Knock Knock*
Letting out a massive sigh I opened the door to see a massive bouquet of flowers being pushed to my face, before I saw a head poke out from the side.
"CHRIS?!" I squealed grabbing the flowers and setting them on the table by the door, jumping straight into his arms, a deep chuckle reverberating through his chest as he brought us inside.
鈥淲ell don鈥檛 ya look all pretty? Don鈥檛 suppose you were dressin' up for someone else were ya sugar?鈥 He teased setting me on one of my bar stools in the kitchen, his hands not letting go of my waist.
鈥淣uh uh, was jus' thinkin bout you鈥 I replied bitting my lip smirking back at him, his beard had grown and so had his hair, giving him a more matured sexy look.
鈥淥h yeah? what was you thinkin鈥 about?鈥
He inquired leaning in closer to me, his hands situating themselves onto my thighs to rub onto them softly. 鈥淛ust thinkin thoughts鈥 I said dismissively kicking my legs back and forth.
鈥淎lright alright I won鈥檛 push ya, but I got somethin for ya鈥 He laughed taking off his backpack, that鈥檚 when my eyes were glued to what he was wearing. A white tight polo shirt that accentuated his body, along with a pair of black trackies, how was this my man?
鈥淭his is for you when i鈥檓 not around鈥 He said pulling out a brown teddy bear, dressed in construction work, it even had the name tag Chris on it.
鈥淎w Chris鈥 I pouted taking the furry thing into my arms and hugging it dearly, hell he even sprayed it with his citrus cologne.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so sweet鈥 I cooed looking up at the older man who I now had wrapped around my finger. Setting the teddy onto the counter behind me, I brought my hand up to behind his neck and pulled him down for his lips to meet mine.
My soft pink ones being pressed against his, it wasn鈥檛 long before I felt his tongue probing at my lips to open them, which he did. His teeth clashing against mine as his tongue ravaged my mouth, both of our lips now shiny with saliva as he pulled away smirking.
鈥淕od did I miss my sweet girl鈥 His whispered, his thumb brushing under my bottom lip before he stood up fully.
鈥淲here鈥檇 you get this flimsy thing then?鈥 He suddenly asked pulling at the bow of my sundress, with it now being spring I had spent a lot of my pay on new dresses, this one being my new favourite.
鈥淚-I bought it at the mall鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 beautiful honey, ya look like my wife already鈥 He smirked playing around with the tied ribbon at the front of it, his teeth holding onto his bottom lip as he stood back to look at me full view.
鈥淎-are you hungry baby? I have some pasta from this morning in the microwave, I did have some pancakes but I threw them out鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l take anythin my girl makes鈥 He said sliding onto the bar stool after I got off, his eyes trained on me while I moved around the kitchen flawlessly, my hair now tied into a high ponytail. 鈥淕ah I can鈥檛 wait to come home from work n鈥 jus see you waitin for me at home like this. All pretty and domestic鈥 He swooned, his head resting on the palm of his hand.
鈥淵eah well you gotta ask me first鈥 I joked taking the pasta out of the microwave and setting it in front of him, taking the seat beside him.
鈥淏aby this is so good鈥 He groaned as I fed him his first bite, a proud smile coming onto my face knowing my man enjoyed what I was eating.
鈥淵ou gon cook for our babies like this? They鈥檙e so lucky鈥
鈥淪top it Chris you鈥檙e makin' me all flustered鈥 I groaned gathering some more macaroni onto my fork,
鈥淲hat? Am I lyin? We both know we鈥檙e gettin married and havin kids鈥 He shrugged knowingly, a smirk evident on his face while his hand rested on my knee.
With the pasta now finished, Chris had taken it upon himself to grab my hand and walk us into my bedroom, luckily it could even fit a double bed. Kicking his socks off, he layed down with an arm folded behind his head, the other patting his chest as an invitation for me to lay down.
鈥淐'mere I missed ya?鈥 He whispered nuzzling into my hair once I got down beside him, his arms now surrounding my waist.
Using his nose he nudged me head up and caught my lips between his, if there was anything Chris loved, it was kissing, doesn鈥檛 matter how filthy it gets.
鈥淪tick your fuckin鈥 tongue out baby鈥 He growled into my mouth, taking my tongue and sucking it between his plump lips. Mewls leaving my mouth the harder he went, letting go he leant back and spat straight onto my tongue, his mouth clamping right back onto mine to delve deeper.
鈥淕ah your mouth is so fuckin' pretty baby, is this all for me? My mouth to use?鈥
鈥淢hm all yours鈥 I moaned feeling him flip up the skirt part of my dress and shove his hands down my underwear. His fingers wasting no time,
鈥淪pit鈥 He demanded holding his fingers out in front of me, smirking when I did so and using it to lube up my own clit.
鈥淎ww did you miss this beautiful? Your pussy is soaked, awk look your panties are soiled鈥 He said in a degrading voice, now holding up my stained underwear between his fingers before throwing it off to wherever.
鈥淧lease baby鈥 I breathed out, feeling his fingers slide back and forth between my pussy lips.
鈥淧lease what hunny? Ya know I need words鈥
鈥淚 need your mouth鈥
In seconds he had moved downwards, his hot breath fanning me,
鈥淲an' you to look me in the eyes while I kiss your pretty pussy alright? Wanna look at your pretty eyes while I make you come鈥 He said taking both of my hands and intertwining them with his, his eyes staring deeply into my soul. His lips first placed a kiss onto my lips, his tongue teasing the slit between them with his spit.
鈥淵a like how I kiss your pussy like I do your mouth?鈥
鈥淢hm鈥 I moaned out watching more and more of his face disappear, his mouth now sucking gently on my clit, my hands squeezing his letting him know just how good he was making me feel. A knot started to build up in my stomach, I knew this feeling before, it happened last time we met up
鈥淐hris I-I think i鈥檓 gonna sq-鈥 Chris groaned like an animal, the sound of him slurping up my juices only made me even more horny when he came up and kissed me. Letting me taste myself onto his tongue, I felt my eyes roll back when he started humping his hardened cock into my sensitive clit.
His trackies now pulled down to his ankles as he rutted against me, his face in between my tits as he kissed and licked them as if his life depended on it.
鈥淏aby i鈥檓 gonna wife the fuck outta you, gon have you everyday all day when the time comes, your pussys just gonna be throbbin constantly for me鈥
He groaned, the tip of his cock now slipping in between my folds and into my wet hole, it鈥檚 almost as if we were made for each other.
(Chris' P.O.V)
鈥淔ahk Y/n, jus wanna be in you all day鈥 I moaned sinking into her, bottoming out so my balls rested on her ass. Her face dazed out, with her eyes half lidded looking at me with so much love, this girl really had my heart in her hands.
I always thought I鈥檇 end up alone in life in the end, everyone else around me had gotten married n whatnot, but here I am fucking the love of my life senselessly.
Thrusting up into her once, a small whimper came out of her pouty lips, her hands grabbing on tightly to my biceps. A smirk forming onto my face as her eyes rolled back the faster I went on.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful baby, you鈥檙e my wife aren鈥檛 ya? Jus made for me and for me alone鈥 I taunted, one of my hands ripping the front of her dress to reveal her braless breasts, the sight of them bouncing in rhythm only made me harder. Her nipples only getting bigger the harder they got, bless they were basically asked to me sucked on and who was I to defy them of that.
Bending my neck down I took one nipple in my mouth sucking relentlessly,
鈥淔uck Chris, you know how sensitive my tits are鈥
鈥淚 know baby, but i鈥檓 here to take care of you remember?鈥 I said licking all over her breasts, my spit gathering on her sternum which slowly dribbled down to add onto her wet pussy. Releasing her tit with a loud pop, I felt her clench around my cock tightly, she was about to cum and I could feel it. The thought of filling her up only made this even more hotter, my cock starting to build up.
鈥淚 wanna kiss you while I cum baby, please I want a kiss鈥 She moaned out hazily, her tongue just sticking out helplessly, her drool spilling onto her chin making me smirk at her expression. Taking her tongue into my mouth, I felt her moan into it, instead of thrusting faster I chose to go deeper and slower hitting her spot over and over again.
I opened my eyes to see her brows furrowed in ecstasy, feeling her suck and bite on the tip of my tongue cutely almost as if she couldn鈥檛 take the size of it either.
(Y/n's P.O.V)
With his tongue between my lips, I was pushed over the edge when his thumb started toying with my clit, my body arching back into the bed as I came, Chris kissing all over my tits and stomach. His thrusting continuing to slap into my hips as he chased his own high, my pussy now throbbing from him.
鈥淧lease cum Chris, wanna feel all warm n full of you baby鈥 I moaned taking his face between my hands and pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek, my hands going around his shoulders to hide myself in his neck.
鈥淥h baby I鈥檒l do whatever ya want, even give you a baby if that鈥檚 what it takes. Gonna show everyone that you鈥檙e walkin' around full of my cum鈥
He whispered gritting his teeth, his cock twitching inside of me before I felt him spurt his warm cum deep inside me. A deep chuckle leaving him as he sat up and grabbed his phone from the floor, taking a picture of his cum leaking out of my abused raw pussy.
A raw blush on my face as he showed me the picture with pride, throwing the phone once again to the side.
鈥淵a alright gorgeous, didn鈥檛 go too hard did I?鈥
He asked, his eyes now looking at me tenderly, coming up to lay beside me. Shaking my head I leaned over and rested my head onto his chest, his arm resting over me as it softly tickled my back.
How could I survive another minute without him here? In another few days he鈥檇 have to go back home and i鈥檇 be here all alone again, glooming about the place because despite being here for ages, there was not one friendly soul in this place. Sure the pay is amazing, but what about my dreams of starting my own bakery? Was I really about to give all that up? What about Chris? I really really love him and I don鈥檛 wanna stay away from him, and I don鈥檛 think I can
鈥淲hat ya thinkin' about babe鈥 Chris' hands ran over my furrowed brows, a concerned look on his face as he kissed my forehead comfortingly.
鈥淚-I wanna come back home Chris. I hate it here, i鈥檓 so lonely and it doesn鈥檛 feel right at all. I miss you, ma and pa, Dodger and everything else鈥 I whined nuzzling further into his chest, if that was even possible.
鈥淚f that鈥檚 what you really want baby, who am I to object to that and I certainly won鈥檛 object to havin ya home alla time. Heck if it was alright with ya i鈥檇 move you straight in with me鈥
He laughed out,
鈥淩eally? You would do that?鈥 I said shocked, wide eyed looking up at his baby blues,
鈥淥f course hun, ya know i鈥檝e been workin on my house for a while, there鈥檚 enough space for kids n' everythin else you could possibly need and want. N鈥 I know your pa probably won鈥檛 agree cus we ain鈥檛 married, but trust give me a few months and there鈥檒l be a rock right here鈥
He whispered holding onto my ring finger, a gushy smile creeping it鈥檚 way onto my lips before I leant up and pressed a small sensual peck onto his lips.
鈥淚鈥檇 love to move in with you Chris, if you鈥檒l have me?鈥
鈥淚f i鈥檒l have ya? Baby you鈥檙e already with me鈥
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butthisismorefun 27 days ago
More Batfam on Vacation
Bruce: Jason, Stephanie, and Damian.
Dick: 鈥 What?
Bruce: Jason. Stephanie. Damian.
Dick: I heard you. What about them?
Bruce: Your assignments for vacation.
Dick: 鈥
Dick: Jason and Steph are both over 18.
Bruce: Hn.
Dick: As are鈥 Cass and Tim? Who I assume are your assignments?
Bruce: And Duke.
Dick: So do they really need chaperones?
*A crash from the other room followed by Steph yelling*
Dick: Point taken.
Bruce, already walking in the other direction: Your assignment.
Tim, catching on: Oh my god Bruce and Dick split us up to keep track of everyone.
Jason: Like we鈥檙e kids on a field trip?!
Cass: Valid.
Jason: I鈥檓 20 years old.
Dick: I already had to stop you from getting lost like 3 times.
Jason, embarrassed: Because I'm trying to separate from you people.
Tim: You really drew the short end of the stick. Bet you wish you had me, Cass, and Duke.
*Tim bumps into something and it breaks*
Dick: 鈥
Tim: 鈥
Dick: Looks like a Bruce problem.
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hyuneluvbot 6 months ago
skz when y/n kisses them in an argument
pairing: stray kids x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: descriptions and mentions of kissing, if that makes you uncomfortable please do not proceed to read.
word count: 2387
author's note: hello my darlings <3 thank you so so so much for being so patient with me yet again, i know i have absolutely no posting schedule :/
-i have intended for the "arguments" here to be just misunderstandings or bad days, because idealistically this is how any serious issue should be resolved.
-i wrote this over the span of three days during study breaks, i'm still v v caught up in exam prep so please excuse my errors if i've made any :D
-as always, i hope you enjoy reading! take good care of yourself y/n, i'm cheering for you! <3
-look, he's not usually the type of guy who'd let something as 鉂泂tupid鉂 [i hope u read that in his voice] as an argument let him get carried away enough to say some dumb shit he probably doesn't mean.
-but it was a really bad day and his head's in too many places, too many things clouding his head and he cannot focus, so he ends up saying something he regrets, but when he regains focus and pays attention to what he said, you're already walking away from him.
-its not that you don't want to get this argument over with, its just that right now is not the time, you can clearly see he has too much going on and he needs to think properly before he talks to you.
-he's following you though, trying to tell you he didn't mean what he said and "oh wow i should really start paying more attention to what i say" and "oh god this was so dumb of me" and now he's overthinking.
-you don't really see any other way to get him to stop talking for a second, so you cup his face and plant a big fat kiss on his lips.
-he's shocked, eyes wide, but he soon relaxes, and right before you know it he's holding onto you so tight, refusing to let you go.
-"i really hope you know i didn't mean that, really had no clue what i was saying" still a little upset, gives you a sad smile :( [chris and a sad little smile is giving me major heartache i will never type this sentence out again]
-"everyone has bad days, i know to not take it to heart, don't beat yourself up,"
-no more work for him tonight, spends the rest of the day with you doing whatever you want to do, giving you lots and lots of kisses throughout, making sure to prove just how sorry he is for all his harsh words
-chrispy my precious he has every little bit of my whole heart i will say this again & again.
-atp this blog is just me tryna find excuses to mention how much i love chan and everything he does, down bad fr.
-it was a stupid argument, really.
-but it was definitely starting to get heated.
-minho is such an amazing person, but his tendency to get possessive really gets to you sometimes.
-you love him; so much, and when he complains to you about how "you're being affectionate with so & so" it only gets to you because you feel like you haven't done a good enough job with showing him just how much you love him.
-its probably not the best idea to shut him up with so much so a kiss, especially when he's "getting his point across because no you are not listening to him y/n" but hey when does y/n ever listen to the author in a fanfiction; so you do exactly that.
-you're on the kitchen counter and he's standing in front of you, so tug him down to you by his shirt and kiss him.
-it takes a second to register, but the moment he starts to feel himself lose control and kiss you back; he's pulling away and staring down at you trying to catch his breath.
-"you should not cut people off when they're talking where are your manners y/n,"
-& before you process his words he's capturing your mouth with his again, kissing you longer and harder this time, biting down on your lip as his anger vanishes. [a man who always wants the last word]
-a good 20 minutes later does he finally pull away, letting you reassure him by telling him you love him, and only him.
-he's a sucker for your lips.
-even if you give him a peck while he's sleeping, it is to wake him up and make him ask for a proper kiss.
-so you get the memo, he's probably going to give you a good reaction.
-this wasn't even an argument, it was just a shitty day for the both of you and trying to talk to the other person to confide in them all the while their emotions are still lingering; only resulted in both your emotions letting out in a wrong way.
-you're both prideful, but not enough to let it cloud your judgement so you're soon to realise this was wrong.
-he's starting to talk again, to apologise this time, but you don't get to hear the rest of it when you cup his face and smash your lips against his.
-let's out a shocked little "oh" against your mouth but nonetheless melts into your embrace.
-very touchy and grabby now, hands all over any body part in his reach, your shoulders, arms, waist, thighs, and you can feel his satisfaction with how this turned out with the way his kisses start to intensify.
-you have to really pull away and place a hand between you to stop him from kissing you again, offering to heat up some dinner so you guys can eat properly without screaming at each other this time [how dare y/n deny him a kiss]
-"only if you give me one more kiss here" points to his nose :(
-"and here" forehead this time
-"okay okay last one, on my lips again" makes kissing sounds
-now *stretches and cracks knuckles*
-unlike chan, this one right here is giving you an attitude.
-the argument couldn't have been dumber, but homeboy is petty and he will roll his eyes so hard every damn time you tell him he's wrong he's probably seeing his brain back there.
[our very own drama queen we love to see]
-you're both just really throwing petty remarks at each other at this point, but you're the first to realise this is going nowhere and you need to apologise in a mature way.
-he's standing in front of you, pacing back and forth and making these extravagant hand gestures to accompany his elaborate speech on how wrong your attitude is right now.
-so you intertwine one hand with this and wrap the other around his waist to pull him to you.
-when you kiss him he gasps so loud and tries to pull away in shock, but you tighten your grip on him and slowly put your hand inside his shirt, rubbing little circles on his back to encourage him to calm down.
-is a little hesitant to kiss you back but you can easily feel his attitude start to lose away the longer he kisses you, his mouth against yours soft and delicate now, contrary to all his actions before.
-once you're sure he's calm you slowly pull away, reaching upto push his hair behind his ears. you bring your hands upto his face and ease the wrinkles formed from the tension resting there.
-"let's talk properly, yeah?"
-"one more kiss and we'll do just that,"
-he says the first thought that pops in his head and he might unintentionally get really mean sometimes, but you already know he has no filter when he's annoyed, so you make sure to not take his words to heart.
-you're just trying to end the conversation, very well aware this is going nowhere, but its really starting to tick you off how he's huffing and puffing, mumbling under his breath, doing everything but listening to what you have to say.
-you decide you've had enough of his attitude and this argument, so you lean down to his face and give him a kiss.
-did i mention he is an absolute sucker for kisses? anytime, anywhere, pretty boy just wants a kiss :(
-takes a solid minute to process the moment so he doesn't really respond to the kiss; but hey he's finally not talking, so you back off and leave the room.
-afterwards he's all red ears; pink cheeks; big round eyes & hands by his sides, doesn't know what to do at all.
-mindlessly follows behind you and turns you to face him, argument long forgotten by now.
-"o-one more kiss, please, i mean only if you want too ahahha you don't have to, i'm sorry i was being mean i don't want you to be mad at me i love you :("
-very hesitant because he knows he was being a little meanie back then, but knows its best to apologise right now than to delay it and possibly piss you off and spew another argument.
-"you silly boy, come here,"
-will not let you go the moment you do kiss him; you can breathe sometime later you're supposed to be kissing him rn
-he is very very calm in an argument; i cannot peg him for the sort who would raise his voice or talk over you, so really, an argument with him is just like having a conversation.
-but of course, everyone has bad days. on bad days, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes he tends to lose his cool too.
-you're sitting across from one another on the dinner table, and this conversation is absolutely going nowhere because he's not letting you speak and is only jumping to his own conclusions.
-you reach out for his hand that's sitting on top of the table and tug him closer to you, meeting his lips halfway.
-no matter how pissed he is, there's no way he's denying a kiss. "kisses make everything better" in his own words :(
-besides, this is just an argument. a stupid little argument, no way its gonna hamper your relationship.
-he has faith in you guys, he knows this is going to be over before you know it; so really, a kiss sounds very nice right now.
-he's definitely smiling against your lips as you're kissing,,
-he slowly starts rubbing small circles on the back of your hand with his thumb as he starts to forget about the argument more and more.
-"i needed that, i was starting to lose control of my thoughts right there," he is the bestest boy to ever exist i will scream it to the world lix. best. boy. nobody's got anything on my precious :(((
-"do you wanna go on a date? i still feel bad for being mean to you," still a little shy and refuses to look you in the eye properly until he knows for sure you've forgiven him.
-one more kiss for lix so he knows the only emotion you feel is adoration for him :(
-he's really always such a sweetheart, but the moment he's pissed, a switch flips; he is not ready to let go of the situation or how he feels about it until he's ready.
-he's sitting on your guys' bed, still grumpy over the argument, and you're trying to make him atleast acknowledge what you're saying because his blank expression is really giving away nothing.
-you jump to your very last resort and straddle him, grabbing his face and kissing him, pecking his lips over and over. you then move over to the rest of his face, placing gentle pecks in hopes for him to atleast crack a smile.
-instead of smiling like you'd hoped, he scolds you even more for kissing him out of nowhere.
-"you weren't even looking my way and i didn't know if you were listening to what i was saying,"
-"so you'll kiss me? you really are something y/n,"
-he felt like it was obvious he wasn't pissed anymore, but to you his 'scolding' made it seem like you pissed him off even more so you just back away to your side of the bed and sit facing away from him, leaving him dumbfounded.
-takes him a few minutes to understand why you did that, but he proceeds to apologise for his actions properly.
-gives you a huge hug and explains to you [in a very very hushed voice] how he only responded like that because he was caught off guard and flustered, not because he was mad at you.
-"wouldn't want you to know i was shy and my ears were red, right?"
-kisses you once again, longer this time to prove he's anything but pissed at you.
-lots of cuddles by the end of the night, might even sing you to sleep :((((
-arguments rarely ever happen, he's a very calm and understanding person, always willing to listen to whatever you have to say.
-he just came back home in a shitty mood today and it was very prominent, so you made an attempt to try to ask him what was wrong, and if there was anything you could do to help.
-his head was too clouded and he wasn't thinking straight, so he didn't even realise when he snapped at you, and just when he kept going.
-ended up pouring out all his frustration on you, and the moment he realised what he was doing, he started apologising.
-he thinks he's hurt you and the thought of you being hurt, because of him? waves of guilt washing over him as we're speaking :(
-one second he's profusely apologising, taking back all his harsh words and the next second he's not.
-all his apologies fall against your lips as they reach to meet his, your hands circling around his neck.
-he's stopped talking, but he's in shock and not responding to the kiss. it makes you think he's still feeling guilty and maybe this wasn't the best idea so you slowly try to pull away from him, arms still resting on his shoulders though.
-before he himself processes it he's brainlessly pulling you back to him and kissing you.
-you start to toy with his hair as you ease him into the kiss, knowing he's still hesitant.
-you only pull away once his arms are holding onto your waist and his kisses have a rhythm rather than being sloppy and all over the place, and you offer to run him a bath so he can properly unwind.
-"can we talk too? i want to tell you about my day," :(
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reallyromealone a month ago
Can I request Aizawa A/B/O with his male omega mate? Like maybe Alpha Aizawa forgets something important at home so his darling mate brings it to him and UA goes crazy not knowing he had a mate? (If not I completely understand. Also if knowing my age is important for request I'm 20 turning 21 in a few months)
Age isn't important unless it's nsfw content then I would recommend looking at my rules for that lol
And you sure can my dude
Also I am very anti all might and no I don't accept criticism on my feelings
Tumblr media
(Name) was a bit confused as he was directed to 1-A, the halls empty as students were in classes and such as he made his way to the classroom only to see a sign that said "at gym Gamma" on it in his mates messy handwriting causing (name) to sigh and continue his journey to find his mate and not get lost in the maze of a school.
When he made it to the gym he was hesitant to open the door but eventually cracked it open "I'm..I'm sorry to interrupt but is this 1-A?" (Name) asked hesitantly to the students who stood around all might who looked confused behind the large grin "yes can we help you?" All might boomed out, something that would startle (name) if he wasn't already used to his mates close friends "I'm looking for Aizawa... Is he here?"
All the young alpha and betas looked confused, this didn't look like a hero at all if anything he looked like a house husband not to mention the Omegan collar he wore as omegas weren't really in the hero industry and if they were they masqueraded as betas.
"And why would you need him?" All might asked the omega with a slightly raised eyebrow "oh! Well you see he forgot some papers and lunch... So I brought them for him! Do you know where he is?"
"Well whatever you have you can leave and can be given to him when he returns, you may leave"
"I'm sorry but I can't do that" all might wasn't expecting the Omega to just outwardly reject his words, holding the papers close "he told me anything should be given directly to him"
"Well I'm sure he would prefer these papers to be with a pro hero instead of some Omega"
And the room halted at that, the dismissive tone and blase attitude that made (name) stare down at him "if that's the attitude you will have I will go and find him"
"You can leave the papers"
"Absolutely not, he said they have to be given to him directly if he forgets anything"
"I understand but if those papers are so important they should be with a pro hero"
"Pro hero or not these aren't going with you and I'm sorry"
"Who even are you? How did you get into the school"
"He's my mate"
The room halted as Aizawa walked in annoyed but proud of his mate for standing his ground and knowing if things escalated his students would step in "mate?"
"Sho!" (Name) perked up and trotted to his alpha happily "you forgot those papers and your lunch" (name) said happily as he handed the items to his alpha as instructed "I knew I was forgetting something..." Aizawa said as he took the contents "did you have any troubles?"
"Not many, I did get a bit lost after getting Nedzus directions to your class but it wasn't too hard"
"That's good"
"Can someone explain what's going on?"
Aizawa sighed at the blond before looking at his class "this is my mate (name) yes he is an Omega and yes when the dorms are built he will be coming with me"
"Aizawa it's highly unprofessional to have your Omega walking around here! This is no place for them!"
Aizawa glared down the number one hero before spitting out venomously "refer to him as if he's second class and I swear to god"
All might for once knew to keep his mouth shut as the class swarmed he mates "what's your name?" "What's your quirk?!" "Are you really mates with our teacher?!" "Are you also a pro?!"
(Name) looked a little overwhelmed at the students swarming him but put on a smile none the less, he just challenged the 1 one hero, answering a few questions from pups is nothing!
"One at a time problem children" Aizawa said loudly to the students who quieted down, the teacher already knowing he's not gonna get out of this without them learning something about him.
"Well to answer your questions, my name is (name), my quirk is (quirk) and he's my mate yes and no I'm not a pro"
All might looked annoyed at the omegas presence but chose not to say anything as the students looked at the new person with awe "how did you two meet?" Mina asked starry eyed and before (name) could answer Aizawa shut it down "alright back to class!" He grumbled and led his mate out by the small of his back "they're so lovely" (name) said softly and Aizawa rolled his eyes "get home safe ok?" "I will sho" (name) said softly as they kissed gently, Aizawa watching his mate leave with a warm heart.
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ieathighlighters 2 months ago
SUMMARY鈾 Steven gave you a key to his flat when you started dating and sometimes when he had to work late you would sneak into his bed and sleep. Today you didn't want to sleep though...
Tumblr media
You walked to Steven's flat feeling a bit down because today your boyfriend, or technology, boyfriends had to work late and you were really looking forward for Steven's day with the body. He always seemed to have something to put before spending time with you. You knew he loved you more than anything, and he did but he was very passionate about his work.
You grabbed the key from your bag, putting it into the hole. Steven's flat always had so much going on at once but it was still so quiet. Your bag hit the floor with a small thud and you took your shit off. You wanted to wear one of his, the were so big and comfy. They smelled like him, and right now all you wanted was to be close to him.
His bed was soft, comforting. But so was Steven.. and he wasn't here. Your hand reached out for an extra pillow to Lach onto, wishing it was Steven. Eventually you kicked your pants off because no one sleeps in jeans. But when you went to wrap your legs back around the pillow you felt it brush your clit causing you to whimper. As if things couldn't get worse. You quickly checked the time '3:40' you had about an hour and 20 minutes to get off before your boyfriend came home.
Your hips slowly grinded up the pillow. His, pillow it caused your body an electric feeling. Arousal grew in between your legs at a slow pace making you moan. You got up to your knees, putting the pillow back in between your thighs. You then did the most dirty act in all your years of life. Your hips rocked back and forth at a medium pace. You thought to yourself 'oh my god, I'm riding on my boyfriends pillow behind his back' steven didn't know you were at his flat, he didn't know you were so aroused, and he definitely didn't know you were riding his pillow, but he wasn't ever gonna know. Your hand reached down to play with your clit through your panties. "Ugahh- Steven, yes just like that"
The door opened. Your boyfriend walked into his apartment to find his innocent baby a mess, with her eyes crossed and her head thrown back moaning his name.
"Damnit steven" Marc retorted "our girl is touch starved idiot, she needs attention!" Jake chimed in
"Jesus christ! Don't just stand there go help her!"
Guilty tears started to build in your eyes "I-I'm sorry" but in all reality Steven was sorry because if it had been marc or Jake that caught you, they would have already been pleasing you. Steven was so embarrassed he couldn't move. "Oh my god" Jake tried to take the body but Steven wouldn't let him. You tried to cover up with a blanket but Steven's hand pushed the blanket back down.
"Please don't I-I want to see you" a light blush spread across your cheeks. There was a long silence, neither one of you knew what to do. "Love..keep touching yourself for me yeah?" "I- o-ok.."
Steven sat across from you and watched as your fingers went back down inside your underwear. "Tell her to take them of." "Can you please take them off?" You looked up surprised but obeyed. "God's you're so beautiful.." your hips went back and forth emberesment spread across your face when you saw that your wetness was being spread on his pillow.
And it felt so good to finally be exposed in front of your boy. Soon enough your body bounced up and down, the fabric hit that special spot "S-Steven.." you threw you head back while you came. There was watery mascara running down your face and you didn't stop. You couldn't stop. Your speed increased, your voice grew louder, and steven only got harder.
"please touch me.." you said desperately looking up at him.
"(Y/N).. use me please use my cock for your pleasure..." you bounced up and down on your boyfriends cock using him like a sex toy. Marc and Jake always laughed about how you were both so submissive. But to you it wasn't about anything other then making each other feel good. Steven always used the term 'making love' he would fuck you every now and again. But it was mostly sensual and slow with Steven.
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spookyspecterino 23 days ago
You're So Cute When You're Jealous
Tumblr media
Tangerine x GN! Reader x Platonic! Ladybug
Word Count: 2.6K
(I almost forgot how fun and rewarding it is to write short little one-shots lol)
Mild NSFW; Non-explicit sexual content, jealousy, possessiveness, language
Ladybug watches your back for an easy mission that isn't supposed to take more than 20 mins. When Tangerine shows up the plan goes out the window.
A/N: I interrupt your assassins hunting assassins/murder mystery series to give you this! Hope you enjoy, and there's more one-shots coming! <3 Also, I'm trying to get my NSFW writing skills back into shape for future fics鈥 馃憖馃拝 Let me know how I did!
鈥淎re you listening to me?鈥
鈥淢m, yeah.鈥
鈥淲hat was the last thing I said?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I thought.鈥
There was a good-natured laugh, easy and light over your comms piece. 鈥淵ou worry too much. This job is gonna be a piece of cake.鈥
It was, but you weren鈥檛 going to admit it. The task was straightforward鈥攖ake the provided SSD card, which you had taped to the inside strap of your watch, and stick it into some yuppy senator鈥檚 laptop; wait until the files are uploaded, then take the card and get out. It was all being done at night too, so the office building was empty. Still, best not to get sloppy. Maintaining a reputation is important.
You hoped the sigh you made was loud enough for the mic to pick up.
It was.
鈥淥h comon鈥 don鈥檛 be like that.鈥
鈥淟ike what? Concerned over the job we鈥檙e currently on?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 鈥榗ause you miss your boyfriend, isn鈥檛 it?鈥
With a scoff, you attempted to make a rebuttal, but the best you came up with was, 鈥淗e鈥檚 not my boyfriend.鈥
Ladybug was smiling, you could hear it in his voice. 鈥淥h! Well, excuse me.鈥
鈥淛ust focus.鈥
鈥淚 am鈥攜ou focus!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 already focused!鈥
As the elevator dinged open you peeked your head out and looked up and down the hallways. All clear.
Ladybug practically giggled, something crinkled on his end. 鈥淲hy are you acting like this is Mission Impossible?鈥 He was currently watching you on thermal imaging from the roof of the next building over.
You held back a loud scoff. 鈥淚鈥檓 being careful.鈥 There was a crunch followed by loud chewing. 鈥淔or Christ鈥檚 sake, Ladybug鈥攁re you eating?鈥
鈥淲e didn鈥檛 get dinner beforehand鈥o, yes.鈥
Hoping he could see it through the camera, you exasperatedly threw your hands up into the air as you made your way to the office. Rounding a few hallway corners, it came into view.
The door was a lacquered wood with the identifying number and senator鈥檚 name displayed in fancy, hand lettered script on the frosted glass window. You attempted to go in, but it was secured with a keypad and deadbolts.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the combination for the door, Ladybug.鈥
Your stomach sank. 鈥淵es鈥or the office door. There鈥檚 a keypad.鈥
Pinching the bridge of your nose between your fingers you were running through ways of getting inside when Ladybug鈥檚 voice returned, it held more urgency than before. 鈥淗ey, yeah, listen. There鈥檚 bad news and there鈥檚 other not-so-bad news, but it鈥檚 still not very good.鈥
鈥淛ust tell me!鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 someone coming out of the elevator鈥攖hat鈥檚 the not-so-bad news.鈥
鈥淵ou think they鈥檙e going for the senator鈥檚 office?鈥
鈥淟ooks like they鈥檙e making a beeline straight for it. Better move!鈥
You hiss, cursing between your teeth. The nearest place to hide is at the other end of the hallway and you sprint to it, trying not to make too much noise. Once behind the corner you peek out, feeling like a child trying not to get caught. 鈥淕reat, what鈥檚 the bad-bad news?鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e got no idea what the combination is.鈥 There was another crunch as he continued to eat.
You grumble under your breath. 鈥淕od fucking damn it鈥︹
鈥淚鈥檓 looking through everything, they never gave us any combination鈥攄idn鈥檛 even mention it. I鈥檓 gonna chalk that up to an oversight on their part.鈥 There were a few beats of silence save for the sound of Ladybug鈥檚 crunching. 鈥淥k, here comes company, they鈥檙e coming down the hallway now.鈥
鈥淲hat do they look like?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 a guy. Judging by his build, he鈥檚 probably in his early thirties. Struts as he walks鈥斺
鈥淥h, motherfucker鈥︹
鈥淵ou sound like you鈥檝e got a guess as to who it is.鈥
鈥淵eah, I鈥檝e got a pretty good guess鈥︹
Sure enough, the muscular outline of Tangerine鈥攃lad in his usual blue Italian suit, walked into view and up to the office door. The familiar gate of his walk and the slope of his shoulders sped up your heart rate.
鈥淲ho is it?鈥
Forgoing a reply, you positively simmered as Tangerine effortlessly entered the keycode and waltzed inside.
If you know Tangerine, which you do, he鈥檒l shut the door behind himself鈥攚hich only gives you a split second鈥
Ladybug鈥檚 voice was slightly obscured by the food in his mouth. 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
Without a second thought, you had dashed toward the door as it slowly closed. Pivoting with your shoulder, you bash into it鈥攕ending it flying open. Tangerine鈥檚 eyes are wide with surprise as you barrel into the office. There鈥檚 a flash of recognition, quickly replaced by confusion as his brows furrow and he takes a few steps back.
You鈥檙e breathless. You tell yourself it鈥檚 from sprinting and not the way he looks up close in that suit. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
He stammered a moment before he remembered how to speak. 鈥淢e? I should ask you the same thing, love.鈥
Ladybug chortled over comms. 鈥淗oly shit, what are the chances. Well, there goes our plan, I鈥檒l start packing up.鈥
Turning your head to the side you hissed as quietly as you could. 鈥淐ut it out, the plan鈥檚 still on.鈥
There was a crunch. 鈥淯h-huh, suree.鈥
鈥淛ust eat your dinner!鈥
You faced Tangerine again, who was watching closely. Somehow, his brows had pinched together even more.
He was opening his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it. 鈥淚 was awarded the contract bid鈥攖his job is taken.鈥
The corner of his mustache raised as he took a step closer. 鈥淥h, that was you who won? I thought I鈥檇 just nick it, honestly. Didn鈥檛 seem like a big deal.鈥
鈥淲hat a charmer, and you鈥檙e in love with this guy?鈥
Ignoring Ladybug鈥檚 commentary, you stared down Tangerine, who was obviously fucking with you to get a reaction. Something he loved to do.
Well, maybe two could play at that game. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a big deal to us鈥︹
His eyes instantly narrowed. 鈥淲ho鈥檚 us?鈥
It was just too easy.
鈥淢y partner for this job.鈥
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 bring me into this! He already wants to kill me!鈥
Tangerine stalked closer, eyes flickering over your ear. 鈥淒on鈥檛 fucking tell me鈥︹
鈥淵es, don鈥檛 tell him.鈥
You simply nodded.
His jaw moved from side to side. 鈥淎re you fucking kidding me, love? You chose to go on a job with him?鈥 He shook his head like he couldn鈥檛 believe it. 鈥淵ou chose to do it with him and not me?鈥
A tired sigh came through comms.
Between Ladybug鈥檚 annoyance and Tangerine鈥檚 reaction you couldn鈥檛 help the grin that spread across your face. Something about Tangerine鈥檚 jealous side really softened you up. Maybe it鈥檚 the way he seamlessly goes from angry to pouting every few seconds.
鈥淚 chose Ladybug for obvious reasons鈥︹
He marched a few steps closer. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 that supposed to mean?鈥
鈥淵ou know.鈥
鈥淣o, love. I really don鈥檛.鈥
鈥淲ould you please mute yourself for this, I might vomit.鈥
Tangerine鈥檚 eyes flashed to your ear and back to stare into your eyes. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 that prick sayin鈥?鈥
A quiet snort broke its way out of you. Covering your mouth with a hand at the sound of Ladybug scoffing and grumbling, you tried your best not to laugh. There was a click as he disconnected himself from the comms.
Tangerine鈥檚 eyes were practically bulging out of his head as you took a deep breath and looked back up to him. 鈥淥k, we鈥檙e alone now.鈥
His mustache twitched. 鈥淲hat did you mean by obvious reasons?鈥
This was probably the easiest job you鈥檝e had in a while, in and out, wasn鈥檛 supposed to take more than 20 minutes. And now Tangerine was here and everything got all muddled. How were you supposed to do your job correctly as he stands this close, with his lips looking like that.
His tone dropped low, husky sounding. 鈥淎re you gonna answer or just stare at my mouth all day?鈥
Oops, you鈥檇 been caught.
Raising your eyes slowly you grinned. 鈥淭his is exactly what I mean.鈥
Tangerine鈥檚 eyebrows raised a fraction and his frown lessened, obviously pleased. 鈥淥h.鈥 He paused for a beat, eyes glancing at your lips in return. 鈥淪o, I have to suffer because you get a little distracted?鈥
鈥淪uffer? Why would you be suffering?鈥
He closes the short distance between you and him, his chest brushing against yours. 鈥淵ou know how much I love working with you, darling.鈥 His eye twitched slightly. 鈥淎nd you also know how much I hate seeing you work with others, especially that fucking鈥斺
鈥溾擫adybug isn鈥檛 distracting. He lets me get the job done.鈥
That is when everything went smoothly and his bad luck wasn鈥檛 complicating things.
Tangerine鈥檚 head leans in a little, his eyes softening鈥攚arm breath fanning out against your lips. 鈥淚 can let you get the job done, too.鈥
鈥淎s evidenced here, I don鈥檛 think you can, Tangerine.鈥
The silky caress of his name on your lips makes his eyelids flutter as his brain short circuits. One of his coarse hands, thick gold rings around his fingers, raises to trace along your jaw with a feather-light touch. The understanding that he can use those same hands to go from killing, to brushing your face in such a sensitive way has you swooning.
He鈥檚 so close to kissing you now, you can feel the ghosting touch of his lips against yours as he speaks. 鈥淢aybe we would be more focused if we took care of our little distractions before the job.鈥
Well, that was incredibly tempting, but a sneaking suspicion told you it wouldn鈥檛 make a difference. There was a fire between you two that couldn鈥檛 easily be put out.
Sighing, with the nagging feeling that you were still on the job creeping into your mind, you were about to poke holes in his theory. 鈥淚 doubt it would鈥斺
Tangerine鈥檚 lips molded to yours, smothering everything else that followed. One hand cupped your face while the other pulled you closer by the small of your back. You weren鈥檛 getting the rest of that sentence out no matter how hard you tried, so instead of fighting, you melted into it with a sigh.
There was a breathy chuckle as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss; mustache scratching your upper lip. Tangerine鈥檚 cologne invaded your nose, flooding each of your senses until it was all just him. You swallowed it up, wishing you could wrap yourself in it forever.
He seemed to be equally affected; his strong hand skating along your back, gripping and tugging as it explored the curves of your body. Desperate to touch all of you. The other held your face to his, pressing into your soft skin with a calloused, but warm palm.
Your arms had wrapped themselves around his neck without you even realizing it, and they brought you up on your toes closer to him. Messing up his slick-backed curls, you ran fingers through them. Tugging, and scratching at the roots rewarded you with a few soft moans.
Tangerine鈥檚 mouth pulled back into a slow spreading smile under the press of your own. God, he loved this鈥攖hought about it at night before he fell asleep, dreamt of it. Dreamt of other things too, things that had him waking up harder than steel with your name gasping from his lips. Just the reminder of those mornings had him swiping his tongue along the bottom of your lip with a groan.
While tempting, the SSD card poked into the skin under your watch as a reminder. You pulled back slightly, panting from the waves of heat between you two.
Pressing light kisses to his chasing lips, you mumbled. 鈥淚 need鈥攖o do鈥攎y job鈥擳angerine鈥︹
At the sound of his name again, he made a low moan. His hand left your face to wrap around the base of your head, pulling you back to him. He spoke between feverish kisses as his lips attacked yours, tongue occasionally swiping at your lower lip, begging for permission. 鈥淎lright, sweetheart. Let me鈥攕how you how well鈥攚e could work together.鈥
Never once breaking the kiss, his hands snake up to your wrist and grab the SSD card from under your watch strap.
Murmuring against your lips, he grins. 鈥淵ou should find a new place to hide things, you always stash them there.鈥
You scoff, going to pull away with a snarky retort but he bites and sucks on your lip, holding you in place. It pulls a light gasp out of you and he hums triumphantly, taking the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth, fed up with waiting for permission. It slides against yours and you return the movement twisting your tongues into a dance.
He broke the kiss and bent down lightning fast to place a strong arm under your thighs, picking you up as if you weighed nothing. Returning with a crash of his lips on yours, he walked you both over toward the desk. Your hands flew up to hold onto his face and neck, leaning into him for support. He didn鈥檛 seem to notice one bit as he kissed you like you were the only thing that mattered in the world.
The smooth motion was enough to leave you breathless already, but when Tangerine plopped you down to sit on the desk and pressed himself between your legs, you forgot what the concept of breathing even was.
He grumbled, the sound vibrating in his chest. 鈥淢m, see? We鈥檙e getting the job done.鈥
You turned your head to see him roughly shoving the SSD into the laptop, the force he used scooted it further away, but that was all you saw as he turned your face back to look at him, thumb and forefinger holding your chin. His blue eyes looked at you with hunger.
Moving down he began to bite and suck at your neck as his fingers tilted your head up, exposing the entirety of your throat to him.
Finally free to speak, you couldn鈥檛 help yourself. Panting, your voice was breathy and halting, distracted by the sensation of his teeth on your skin. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e getting my job done. What happened to nicking it?鈥
There was an amused hum. His hands moved to your thighs, running up and down the length of them, gripping the muscle. They traced around to slide underneath your ass and he roughly scooted you closer to him, connecting his hips to yours. The feeling of his rock-hard length pressing into you stole the last of your breath away.
He pulled back from leaving bruising hickeys and bite marks on your neck to look into your eyes. 鈥淭o be perfectly honest with you, love鈥擨 couldn鈥檛 give a rat鈥檚 arse about the fucking money right now. Have it.鈥 A thumb moved up to caress your cheek. 鈥淏ut, promise鈥攐n the next job, you鈥檒l work with me.鈥
You about rolled your eyes into the back of your skull. 鈥淭angerine鈥斺
A low growl ripped through him as his hips snapped forward against you and he devoured your lips. It pulled a moan out of you before you could even form a thought.
His breath was hot against your skin. 鈥淔ucking promise me.鈥 His fingers traveled down and started working on your belt.
鈥淎lright, I鈥擨 promise.鈥
Tangerine shoved his tongue into your mouth with a groan. As his hands expertly slid your pants down and thick fingers traveled past the elastic of your underwear, your mind drifted off into a blissful haze.
Working with Tangerine might actually be a fantastic idea.
Tumblr media
馃崐 Taglist: @felhomaly @whatiswrongwithpeople @marquisdefrenchfry @everythingisspokenfortbh @titaniusanglesmith @sjprongs @piechans @cherrygayness @queenofstarsanddarkness @idkwhattowritelol
If you'd like to be added off let me know!
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h0neyfire 3 months ago
About Damn Time | Max Brinly X Reader
Good evening, I've been inactive for 6 months but I'm back on my bullshit. Can someone tell me why the FUCK Max is built like that? I'm too lazy to write a full-fledged thing but I couldn't get the idea out of my head, so here's,,,whatever the fuck this is ig.
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3,400 Warnings: Swearing & NSFW content ahead. The end of this is literally just straight smut. I'm not sorry 鉁
Tumblr media
Your initial application to work at Hackett's Quarry summer camp was rejected, much to your dismay. But, as luck would have it, you got a phone call exactly a week after summer camp started, asking if you were still up for the position. The person who got your job had fallen and broken her ankle, and someone could pick you up as early as the following day.
The next thing you know, you're sitting on your suitcase in a Waffle House parking lot, watching a stray feline chow down on your leftover breakfast. You can't remember the last time you saw the town this quiet, deserted. It's too early for any sane soul to be awake; the poor Waffle House employee wasn't even awake when you initially showed up.
You're beginning to wonder if this Max guy is even real. Maybe this is a mean prank being played on you by a counselor who found your resume, or perhaps Max has wrecked his car and is dead in a ditch somewhere. You've been in this parking lot for over an hour now, long enough for the Waffle House employee to resume her slumber in an unsuspecting booth and long enough to befriend the resident silver tabby, honorarily named Waffles.
The light of God himself strikes your eyes as an old-school Jeep Wagoneer rolls into the parking lot, and a man about your age steps out of the vehicle.
If your ride is already this good-looking, you can't imagine how hot the rest of your new coworkers must be.
He introduces himself to you as Max Brinly, apologizing for how late he is. "I took a wrong turn 20 miles ago and ended up in the wrong city," he explains, lifting your heavy suitcase as if it weighs聽nothing. You're just about as surprised by that as when he opens the passenger door for you, shutting it once you've settled inside.
You're about halfway to the quarry when a bundle of fur jumps over the seat. Max just about veers off the side of the road. "Waffles?" "Did you seriously just bring your cat to camp?"
It's a miracle, but somehow you, Max, and Waffles arrive at Hackett's Quarry summer camp by the time the sun has come up. Mr. H isn't thrilled about your stowaway, but a girl you later come to know as Abigail comes running up, and nobody has the heart to call animal control to have the cat removed.
Despite your late arrival, you settle in rather quickly. Your new coworkers are impossibly sweet, and someone is almost always in your office, either taking a break from the screaming counselors or paying you and Counselor Waffles a visit.
The first time Max shows up at your door, shirtless and covered in a thin sheen of sweat, your life just about flashes before your eyes. He has absolutely no right to be built like that. It turns out he's injured his shoulder, and it's all you can do to not stare at the muscles that ripple under his skin. You absolutely do not notice how his v-line disappears under his swim trunks, and you certainly do not see how his hand nearly encompasses yours when he takes the ibuprofen from your open palm.
You don't think much of it at first. But then Max is coming back the next day asking you to recheck it; two days later, he's cut his palm, and the day after, he has a migraine that conveniently keeps coming around right as your shift ends.
"You know you don't have to have an injury to come and talk to me, right?" "Oh, uhm...how did you...figure that out?" As if pretending to take the ibuprofen and then stuffing it in his pocket wasn't a noticeable act. And just like that, the headache stop, and your office is rapidly becoming his second home.
Every few days, a kid will show up, happily declaring that Counselor Max has sent them to bring you something, and it's always something different. A rock shaped like a boot, a treat for Counselor Waffles, hell, one day, he sends you a basket of pinecones to see what you'll say. You begin to look forward to his gifts; your heart skips in your chest every time a kid totters in with a peculiar object.
There's one particular day when your office is empty, and you take advantage of it by taking a long walk through the forest, blissfully unaware of the storm clouds overhead. Once the rain starts, it pours. Umbrella-less and alone, you're forced to walk through the freezing rain, suddenly all too understanding why Waffles refused to come outside today. Max finds you at the boathouse and welcomes you in with open arms, quite literally.
"C'mere," he cooes, wrapping you into a tight, tight hug, "you have to be freezing, sweetheart." If it isn't his words that don't kill you, it's the mind-numbing realization that he does not have a shirt on. You can't bring yourself to oppose. You're shivering so bad that you can't even speak; all you can do is wrap your arms around him and thank the heavens above that Max is a walking furnace.
Max is slow in guiding you to the rickety recliner in the boathouse office. It's dusty and reeks of mildew, but Max is clouding so many of your senses that you barely notice. You're settled in his lap, straddling his thighs as your chin rests against his shoulder.
Impossibly warm hands travel up your soaked shirt, "I know this sounds strange, but you should take this off; it'll only make you colder," pause, and then, "I'll give you one of mine."
And that's how you find yourself tugging your wet shirt off while still settling in Max's lap. He tries to help, but the extra hands make it all the more confusing.
"I've got it," you can't help but giggle as you finally wriggle out of the wet shirt, tossing it to the side. One of Max's hands land on your hip; he doesn't seem to do it intentionally, but fuck, if it doesn't make your mind wander to places it shouldn't. His fingers are so long 鈥 nope, no, you shouldn't be thinking like this.
Before long, you're cozy in Max's shirt, cuddled up to his side as the two of you wait for the rain to stop. You don't realize quite how big it is on you until you're walking back, and it hits you that his shirt ends at your mid-thigh. You're pretty warm now that the sun has come out, but Max has his arm draped around your shoulders because he thinks you're still cold, and you feel so safe and warm that you can't bring yourself to shrug him off.
Max doesn't ask for his shirt back; you're thrilled because it's quickly become your favorite thing to wear.
As if a dam had broken, Max becomes touchier overnight. At breakfast, he's got a hand drawing circles into your shoulder, sits you in his lap when there's no space left at the campfire, and insists that he give you a piggy-back ride after an exhausting day of boating. And if he isn't touching you, he's following you around like a lost puppy until Mr. H scolds him for not working.
Emma catches on much faster than you do.
"You're falling for him," she observes, lips wrapped around a straw of freshly brewed sweet tea, courtesy of Nick. Her observation catches you so off guard that you nearly choke.
"Who?" The word is so heavy on your tongue that you're surprised when you don't immediately sink into the ground, never to be seen again.
She needn't say a thing because Max comes bounding around the corner behind Jacob, giddy like they'd gotten away with murder. "Still wearing my shirt, I see," Max observes, as if Emma needs any more ammunition to use against you.
Despite how touchy-feely the two of you get, neither of you dare go any further than cuddling by the campfire, and that one time you fell asleep on the recliner, and nobody bothered to wake you.
The last thing you remember was sitting on the arm of the recliner while Ryan rehearsed one of his newly written ghost stories. You wake up early the following day, settled into the couch with a heavy weight on your chest. It's Max, head resting on your shoulder and his body somehow tucked between your legs. You're not sure how he got there, but there's an ache in your hips and a strange pressure between your legs that you can't quite identify. It takes your sleep-filled brain more than a few minutes to figure out what it is.
As soon as it hits you, your cheeks light up in flames. Your attempt to worm your way out of your situation is futile, Max is heavy, and your squirming only makes him shift closer to you. If you couldn't feel it before, you can feel it now 鈥 hard cock pressing directly into your core. Between that and the hot breath against your neck, you're torn between heaven and hell.
Max wakes not long after, doesn't realize where he's at until he sits up, cock rubbing against a particularly sensitive spot, and you聽whine.聽His breath hitches at the sight of you, legs stretched around his hips, pink-cheeked and panting. He lingers, doesn't step away but doesn't move either.
"Max," your voice is hoarse, but it's enough to break him from his trance. "Sorry," he pulls himself away, mindful not to justle your already aching hips. It takes you a minute to be able to stand, and despite his inability to meet your eye, Max carries you back to the lodges.
Emma is far too excited for her own good, cheering when she sees you waddle into your lodge. "He really did a number on you!" "I wish that was the reason." It takes you a whole day to be able to walk without pain, and in the wise words of Jacob, "he could have at least fucked you if he was gonna have you walking around camp funny." You wish you didn't agree as much as you did.
Max is distant all of a sudden. It confuses everyone just as much as it does you. Nick and Dylan quickly reveal that Max has a thing for you, making it all the more strange that he's gone cold after something so minuscule.
It stays that way for a few days until Jacob gets an idea. Emma formulates the plan. You're left in the dark, unsure if you even want to know.
Max comes around five days after the recliner incident, shirtless and sulking on the bed as you pry a splinter out from under his fingernail. "I'm sorry for avoiding you," he mutters, meeting your eye for the first time in almost a week. You want to hold a grudge, but it's impossible when he looks at you like that. Just like that, you've got your friend back, like nothing ever happened.
A few weeks later, Emma and Jacob's plan goes into action. The four of you are on the island, up in the treehouse, looking for a lost action figure one of the campers left. Emma announces that she and Jacob are rechecking the docks, and you don't think much of it until you reach for the door and learn it's locked from the outside.
There is no action figure. You and Max tear apart the treehouse, from top to bottom, and the closest thing you find is a toy racecar. Max is strangely quiet and doesn't make much noise other than humming when you say something. Acknowledging that you're speaking but not engaging.
"Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?"
No response; you're not sure why you're surprised. It feels too quiet between Max's apparent refusal to speak and the lack of screaming children. You've become so used to the constant noise over the past two months that silence has become foreign.
"They left a note," he begins dryly, "it said, and I quote, "Hi losers, have sex, and we'll let you out. Love, Emma and Jacob'."
"They planned all week for聽that?" You scoff, reaching for the note when he hands it to you鈥擩acob's handwriting.
Max's eyebrows shoot up into his hairline, "you knew about this?"
"I knew they started planning something devious when you started avoiding me," you shrug, tracing the poorly drawn heart on the sticky note, "to be completely honest with you, I forgot all about it."
"I wasn't..." Max stands up from his spot on the floor, pacing in front of the window, "I wasn't avoiding you."
"Because you just coincidentally quit talking to me right after I woke up with you between my legs," you can't be fucked to dance around it anymore.
Max falls silent again, and you find yourself burying your face in your bent knees, unable to look at him anymore. Your heart pangs in your chest. Once you get out of here, there's no way he will talk to you again. He's already gone back to the silent avoidance, probably only talking to you because there's nothing else to do.
It doesn't hit you that you've said that last part out loud. Not until Max cautiously sits next to you, muscled arm brushing against yours. "Is that what you think?" Barely a whisper; you're genuinely not sure if you heard it or not.
It's your turn not to respond, remaining frozen in your spot while he fidgets. You feel the heat of his arm before it touches you, slowly draping over your shoulders like it's meant to be there. He shifts next to you, warm breath hitting your arm, head resting against your shoulder. You don't want to look at him, but you find yourself doing it anyway, withdrawing from your cocoon to meet his eyes.
They're watery.
"I'm sorry," he chokes, a stray tear tumbling down his cheek, "I didn't...I didn't mean to upset you."
You find yourself facing him, cradling his face as the tears begin to fall. That's how you end up in his lap, arms wrapped around each other, teary-eyed and trembling. That's when you feel the unmistakable pressure of a fleeting kiss pressed into your jaw. It's all you need.
It starts with one little peck, pressed into the thin skin of his neck, then another, and another, until you've made your way past his jaw and your noses bump together, puffy eyes searching for any sign of hesitance. Max makes a move.
His lips are soft, molding so perfectly against your own; it's like he was made for kissing you. He sighs into it, pulls back, then kisses you again. You whine, absolutely melting as his hands wander up your shirt, settling on the bare skin of your waist.
"Was Jacob telling the truth when he said you wanted me to fuck you back there?" "Do you really need an answer to that?"
By the time your register that your back has hit the floor, Max is already between your legs, kissing you again, harder, firmer now. His teeth are nipping at your bottom lip oh so gently, hips experimentally canting against yours. You gasp into his mouth and can't help but whine when his hot tongue tangles with yours in the sloppiest of kisses. And then he's kissing down your neck, fingers tugging at your shorts while you tug at your shirt.
"Wait," you freeze, afraid you'd crossed a line, but Max kisses you again, "keep the shirt on." "Why?" "I've been dying to fuck you while you're wearing my shirt." He's pulling back, fingers hitching under your shorts and shimmying them off your body. His clothes come next, and suddenly you're incredibly grateful that Max is built like he's sculpted by the Gods themselves.
Your staring is short-lived because suddenly his pants are off, and "Jesus Christ, Max."
He just laughs.
You're genuinely not sure if he'll fit. He's not long, but god, he's thick, and you don't know聽if your body can even聽take that.
He's kissing you again, slow and sweet, like he isn't about to put his dick in you. Faintly, you feel a gentle pressure against your entrance; two fingers dip inside, an easy slide that has you whining against his lips. They twist inside you, searching for a spot that has your nails digging into his shoulders when he finds it. "Just fuck me already," you grumble against his lips, and that's enough for him.
His fingers disappear, replaced by a different, more significant pressure, opening you up but not quite. "Tell me if anything hurts, 'kay?" He waits until you nod, and the pressure is suddenly growing. You keen at the way his thick cock sinks into you, stretching you wide. "There you go," he murmurs, eyes trained on where he's disappearing into you, "are you okay?"
All you can do is hum, body trembling as he sinks into you, inch by inch. You're almost relieved when he bottoms out; quite frankly, you're unsure if there's more space for him to fill. You feel so full; there's no way you're not going to be limping back to the lodges. Experimental, Max rocks his hips, grins wickedly when you whimper. "That feel good, sweetheart?"
He repeats it, gradually working his way up to long, slow thrusts that have you whining against his lips; he's so thick that he hits every one of your sweet spots perfectly, rubbing against them without fail. "Is this what you wanted, hm?" He cooes, picking up his pace, adjusting himself to fuck you properly. One of his hands comes down to grip your hip, holding you in place as he draws himself back, and you frown at how your body feels empty in the places he once filled you. He pauses when the head of his cock catches at your entrance, groans at how you flutter around him.
His hips snap back, fills you halfway, and then pulling back again. "Max..!" You cry out; it's the first word you've managed to spit out; it feels like the only thing you know how to say. He sinks back in, chuckling an apology before he really begins to fuck you.
Nice and slow, he takes his time to open you up with every thrust and makes you feel every inch of him, panting into your neck as you squirm. Max moans loud when you clench around him, dropping his head into your neck as he hits you with a particularly hard thrust that has you clenching again. It's a vicious cycle that leaves your legs trembling; you can barely keep them up around his hips.
"Faster," you beg, tangling your fingers into his hair, "please鈥擬ax!"
He picks up his pace. Short, snappy thrusts that knock the breath out of you. Your back is arching, body squirming, unable to decide if you want to push back or run away from the pleasure between your legs. Max is kissing you again, sloppy and teeth clattering against your own. "Are you close, darling?" "Y-yes!"
He's losing his rhythm, pounding into you with twitchy thrusts that end up harder than he intends. Your head is spinning, fingers yanking at his hair as you cry out underneath of him, so, so close. He's sinking his teeth into your neck and slamming into him, and you're all but crying out as you cum around his cock. He fucks you through it, hips driving into you relentlessly, chasing his high.
Your body is sensitive, legs trembling, but you still find it in yourself to squeeze your legs around him. "In me-," you gasp, "cum in me."
And just like that, his hips slam to a halt as he cums with a strangled whine, long and loud as his cock pulses inside you.
It takes you a moment to catch your breath, whining when he begins to pull out. Then, with a soft 'pop,' he's out of you, and only then do you feel the hot cum leaking out of your thoroughly fucked entrance.
"I think you're gonna have to carry me back to camp," you pant, giggling at how Max rolls his eyes.
He leans down and pecks your lips with a short, all too innocent kiss. "What do you say to a proper date after we get out of here?"
"You have one hell of a way to ask someone out, Max."
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sparklingchim 9 months ago
long way home 09 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2k
rating: pg
genre: dilf!jungkook, friends to lovers
warnings: cheeky jimin, shirtless jimin, sad jealous angy gguk
summary: the one where jungkook wants to surprise you on your birthday but then he gets surprised with a half naked jimin in your apartment.
a/n: i've got nothing to say except that i envisioned lwh!jk as that one baby pic of bam, where he was held by jk, at that one particular line
chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 |08| 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 |
masterlist | long way home masterlist
"Should we really already start drinking now?" You watch Jimin filling the glasses with the red wine, perturbation contorting your face. "Of course. We gotta see if the wine I bought for you is actually delectable." "But I get drunk easily, tho." "I know," he replies, handing you your drink. "But I'll take care of you today." A coquettish grin falls over his lips.
You feel your cheeks heating up. "Fine," you say, accepting the wine. You clink glasses and both take a sip. You savour the taste of it for a moment before swallowing. "Mhm, this actually tastes good" you exclaim, turning to him to see his reaction. He agrees with a nod. "This is really good." You're both in your kitchen while you do the little wine taste test. Soon you'll both be leaving to get dinner with Seulgi. And after that you'll go clubbing with them. You set your glass on the counter before you turn around and open the fridge. "I think I've got some-" you twirl around again to grab open up a drawer but you didn't realise that Jimin got closer to you, making it inevitable not to collide with him. The glass of wine that he has been holding spills all of its liquid on Jimin's pullover and on the floor. You grab his biceps to avoid tripping. Luckily, the glass doesn't fall on the floor. There's just a huge puddle of red wine on the ground. You don't even want to look at Jimin's pullover that got half of the wine splashed on it. "Oh my God," you mumble in shock. Looking at this red stained pullover with a guilty face you say, "Please tell me this was an old pullover that you wouldn't care about never being able to wear again?" "Actually, this was the last thing my grandma gifted me before she passed away." Your eyes widen. "Jimin - I'm...I'm so-" Suddenly he starts laughing and although you're usually totally whipped for his squeaky laughter, you get confused hearing him amused. "Y/n, it's fine. This is just something I bought last week and I'm sure there is a way to get the stain out." "You-...your grandma didn't pass away?" "No, she's all fine. Probably making kimchi while watching the currently airing drama on TV." "Don't you ever scare me like that again." You squint your eyes at him, threatening him with your pointer finger. He just chuckles and you can't stay mad for too long. You look down at the mess on the floor. "I can clean this up," Jimin offers, but you shake your head. "You should change your clothes. I've got some of Jungkook hoodies in my closet. Just open the left door of my closet and they should be in the second drawer." It takes him a second before he starts moving. "I- okay, thank you." You watch him as he leaves the kitchen. You almost turn around to clean the floor, but then you get side tracked by Jimin pulling his pullover off of his body. You only see his back but oh fuck, his back is enough to get your imagination going. As quickly as the imaginations emerge in your mind, they all disappear at once with the sound of the door bell. You know who it is without even having to check. Jungkook has been texting you all day since morning. And all you had responded with was a "thank u <3" and ignored every call of his later on. When you open the door your surprised to find Jungkook standing with his back facing you. "Jungkook?" Abruptly, he whirls around, making Nabi who's strapped against his chest squeal in delight. She has a tiny party hat on her, chubby cheeks looking like little apples the way she smiles. "Happy Birthday!" Jungkook exclaims, his biggest smile on display. You've got two pairs of doe eyes staring at you with so much happiness, it makes your heart drown in love and fondness. You notice the gift in Jungkook's hands, a cuboid shaped present, neatly packed in some wrapping paper. "Thank you," you say. A smile falling over your face as you look at Nabi with that cute hat on her head. "She looks adorable." "You look beautiful as well," Jungkook replies, eyes briefly ogling the short and tight skirt that hugs your curves. He clears his throat. "Okay so, I've got some things planned for today," he begins. "First I wanted to pick out a fancy restaurant with the best food to ever exist but then I realised that you don't like fancy settings and stuff like that, soo I decided that we could stop by at the new burger place? They have a five star Google rating and I think that says a lot." "Jungkook-" "After dinner we could, I
don't know, watch a movie at my place? Get ice cream? Take a walk along the river? Play Uno? It's totally your choice, birthday girl. Oh and we should definitely-" "Jungkook." "Hm?" He stops his long speech about the plans he has for your birthday with the sweetest smile you could ever imagine. "I actually already have plans for tonight." "Oh? Let me hear. But we're definitely going to that burger place. Nabi is so excited to have her first burger in her life." "No, I mean-" you pause, uncertain how to tell him that yes, you've got plans but no, he's not involved in them. "Jimin and Seulgi planned to go clubbing with me today." The boyish grin on his face fades. Jungkook looks like a kicked puppy when the realisation starts hitting him. He can't come with you. His babysitter doesn't work for him today. "We're getting dinner before that, though. You could tag along with us if you'd like?" you try to make the guilt that claws on your skin vanish by asking him that, though you can already sense his answer. "Y/n, I couldn't find-" you turn your head when you hear Jimin's voice next to you, jerking a little at his sudden appearance. "Oh," he stops, taking a look at Jungkook standing at the door. "Didn't know you were here." Jimin greets Jungkook with a genuine smile, but you don't miss the little sparkle of mischief shining in his eyes. And it's only then when you realise that Jimin is - still - shirtless. His etched in stone聽abs - with聽deep cuts聽that you could wash clothes on - are enormously distracting you come to realise when you have to gulp and blink before you can force yourself to shift your gaze back to Jimin's face. Jimin's mouth twitches. He's holding back a grin and you're glad he does, because you're sure you wouldn't survive one of his charming smirks while he is shirtless - his toned upper body all on display. You look back to Jungkook, only to find him already staring at you. He raises his eyebrows as if he wanted to say mind to tell me what's going on? But you're so startled, nothing comes out of your mouth. Jungkook's nostrils flare. He looks Jimin up and down, his jaw twitching. "You're coming with us, Jungkook?" Jimin asks, totally unfazed by the situation. "No, I'm not coming with y'all." He sends a piercing stare Jimin's way before he sets his gaze back to you. "We can hang out tomorrow, right?" Jungkook asks you, despite his cold demeanour, his voice softens when he talks to you. "Sure, yeah, we can do all the things you had planned tomorrow." You nod as you talk, ending your sentence with an encouraging smile. You don't know why he is so huffy all of a sudden - well, it's probably because for years you've spent your birthday with Jungkook and now he has to find out that you're having plans without him on this day - but you try to get him into the mood that he was in two minutes ago. "You should still get your present, tho," Jungkook says, handing you his gift. "Open it when you're alone, please." "Thank you, I will." You weigh it in your hands, curios as to what it might be. "So, you'll be just standing half naked in front of the entrance or...?" Jungkook inquires, his pierced brow raised as he casts a questioning look to Jimin. "Jungkook," you warn, scowling at him. "Don't be rude." "Just asking," Jungkook mumbles. "No, I just wanted to-" Jimin starts explaining, but you cut him off. "No, it's fine, Jimin. Jungkook wanted to leave now anyway, right?" Jungkook narrows his eyes at you. "I guess." "Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the gift," you say. "Oh, and thank you, too, Nabi." You softly pinch her doughy check, coaxing a bright smile out of her. "See ya tomorrow." "I'll get going then." He manages to force a tight lipped smile on his mouth before he leaves. You close the door, leaning against it with a heavy sigh. Ignoring and storing away all the mixed feelings that float around your body, you ask, "how couldn't you find a hoodie in my closet?" "I dunno, I checked right where you said they'd be, but they weren't." You try not to look
down, but it's inevitable. Your eyes flick down to Jimin's chest and you huff a little annoyed. "Just- don't-" you can't even form a sentence. Jimin smirks. "What?" You look away, feeling the blood rush through your cheeks again. "Nothing." ~ You don't know what time it is when you arrive home. You're drunk and tired and couldn't care less. When you finally change into your pyjamas are ready to tumble into bed you notice the present on your duvet. Jungkook. You totally forgot about his gift. Within a few seconds you grab the present and unwrap it, probably a little too brutal - and maybe a little too excited - than you'd normally need to. You frown when you realise what Jungkook's gift is. It's your favourite fantasy novel. But why would he gift that to you? You already have it at home. In both the paperback and hardcover version. You open the book to see if it's maybe signed by the author but then you stumble across Jungkook's handwriting. On the front page he had written when he had started and finished reading the book. You sit down on your bed. He read your favourite book? That doesn't make sense. He would never pick up a book. No matter how many times you've wanted him to read one of your favourites. But as you flick through the book you see all the little notes he wrote with his black pen on the side of the pages. Sometimes there were sticky notes attached when his thoughts were too long to write next to the paragraphs. It's a thick book as well, so you're stunned to see almost every page marked with his black ink. On the very last page, there is a folded piece of paper attached to it. You unfold it. You didn't expect to see Jungkook writing a full review about the book, but he did. You skim most of the parts, too tired to read through it (and maybe because that way you'd have something worth anticipating for when you wake up the next morning). Your whole body is filled with little butterflies flying around and filling you with so much happiness, you can't help but smile. Jungkook, you think. You sigh contentedly as you slowly let your back hit the mattress while you hold the letter up in the air. A tiny giggle escapes your lips. You can't wait to start rereading your favourite book again, and this time you'd have Jungkook's thoughts scribbled all over the pages with you. Before you fold the letter again and put it back into the book, your eyes land on the last line of his review. I think I'll always love whatever you love, too.
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soft-zawa-png 3 months ago
Hello again, Miss. You are too kind to me, my Miss. Thank you very much鈾 I absolutely understand, if you don't like my request and you refuse it. It's totally fine鈾 And, I apologize, if my English will cause you inconvenience in reading and understanding馃憠馃憟 And, oh my God, yes. Zawa is the best of the best.
Can I, please, have dilf stepdaddy Zawa, who took me away from my biological mother to himself? Something like:
Shota Aizawa has been dating your mother for several years. He often comes to your house, stays there overnight, and in general, he is, practically, already a member of your family, just not officially. He helps with cleaning, cooking and all sorts of household chores. If you or your mother need something - he will buy and bring it, if you need to be taken somewhere - he will do it. He always helps you both. All in all, he's an amazing person. Yes, with his own oddities, but he's good. And he takes care of you. He loves you, you're his daughter, after all. He really loves you.
Returning home, Shota felt strange tingling in the chest area. Apparently it's old age. Opening the front door, the man heard loud screams from your room. But it wasn't you who screamed. It was his new wife, your mother. He dropped everything and walked briskly towards the source of the noise. - "I wish you'd never been born at all! A daughter like you, is a real torture and torment! I've invested so much in you, and you're so useless and pathetic, like a worm! I gave birth to you in order for you to take care of me, not me for you! Oh, my God, how I wish I had different child. A normal daughter, not you! Unlike you, I don't take a bunch of expensive, useless pills, to interact with people and get out of bed! You're useless! Pathetic! Weak! I'm so disappointed in you, milksop! I wish so much, that you were never born at al..." "That's enough!" - Aizawa has heard enough. He managed to cover you with himself, so the hit fell on his shoulder. You just stood there silently, and accepted it all, with a detached look. The man hid you behind his back, looking disappointed at his wife. He tried to speak in an even voice. Aizawa has been guessing about this for a long time. He had guessed this, since the first day he came to this house. But he really hoped he was wrong. The conversation is over. You and he are leaving. Tomorrow Shota will come for your things and file for divorce. And if necessary, he will sue you from her! And he doesn't care that you're over 20! You're his baby girl!
A man has always liked, that you are so calm and collected, shy. Maybe you're a little apathetic, but he thought, it was just your nature. How could he have been so wrong. How could he have missed it. He'll take you to his house and never let you go anywhere again. In the beginning, Aizawa wanted you both to move in with him, after the wedding, but he let go of the idea, because he was afraid it would make you even more nervous. While you were silently driving to your new home, Aizawa was thinking about, what sincere care you showed to your mother. How you, at their wedding, made him promise, that he would make your mother happy, because she deserves it.
"How long has she been doing this?" - You were silent for a long time. - "Y/n, please. Tell me, baby." "As long as I can remember. Come on, it wasn't that bad today. Before you started dating, it was worse. So, I got lucky today. It is fine." - You shouldn't smile, when you tell him that.
Aizawa hugged you all night. He kept you as close to him, as he could. He was thinking about how the two of you were choosing a ring for your mama. About the wedding. About all those moments, that he missed. That he allowed such a thing, did not intervene earlier. And then, when you finally hugged him back and buried your nose in his neck, all the suppressed emotions and memories came flooding back to him. When he first saw you, his heart skipped a beat. When you first smiled at him, his stomach warmed up. Once, while making love to your mother, he almost said your name. Since then, he hasn't touched her. He recalled, that he fantasized, that he was choosing a ring for you. He remembered, that he looked at you, when he was on one knee in front of your mother. On the one hand, Aizawa was thankful, that you are not friends and do not date boys. You're too innocent and pure for these dirty hands. He wasn't sure, he would be able to contain his jealousy, if you brought someone. On the other hand, it's damn hard for him to keep his hands to himself around you. You are the most valuable thing he has in this world. He loves you, very much. You were made for him. Made for him to take care of you, love you, be with you. He will be the first and only one in your life.
"Daddy loves you, baby girl. Loves more than anything in the world. Daddy will never let you go. Daddy will never hurt you and won't let anyone hurt you. She won't hurt you again, ever. No one dare. You're safe with Daddy. Daddy will make you as happy, as you deserve, baby girl. Daddy will make sure, that you feel safe, that you feel calm and comfortable. That you feel loved and desired. Of course, love, Daddy knows, that you love him too. You make Daddy so happy. Please, be a good girl and kiss Daddy again. Daddy loves you too. Just relax and let Daddy fix it. Let Daddy take care of you. Daddy knows, what to do, to make you feel better."
Please forgive me, if this is too much..! Thank you for your time. Don't forget to take care of yourself鉂
Yours To Take 鉃烩潵 Stepdad!Dilf! Aizawa X Stepdaughter!Female! Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Dark content, smut, stepcest, broken family, angst, male mastrubation, mega daddy issues, mentions of abuse, dubcon, age gap, mind manipulation, daddy kink, pet names, fondling leading up to sex
A/N: Ouchie- when I first read this I was blown away. Anon... this is simply genius. Wickedly sweet and brain rottingly genius. I feel like your elaboration covers the plot really well and I honestly don't have anything better to add, lol. But I'll put my 2 cents in and throw in some nice smut with Stepdaddy!Dilf! Aizawa :3 This is kinda long but I wanted to contribute to this beautiful idea of yours. Hope you enjoy dear <3
Also I lied, this is way more than I anticipated writing. I didn't write all that I wanted but if you or anyone else wants me to write more of this, I'll write a Part 2!
It had been a month since your step father and biological mother had legally separated, and only a couple weeks since you and he had moved to a new area of Tokyo.
The two of you had settled into a nice, lavish apartment amongst yourselves, and were able to easily afford it thanks to your father's retirement money he earned in 20 years of professional hero work. Shouta Aizawa was no foreigner to money and a well-off lifestyle as a pro hero, even in his era of retirement and at the ripe age of 40. This sudden move came about with the abuse you faced from your mother, finally brought to light and cut off with the intervention from your step dad. He hadn't seen the worst of it, but he had seen enough to decide that you were done hurting.
After finally finishing up with unpacking and decorating your new place, your mind finally fell into a space of ease and comfort. You had hoped this was a new start in your life, though the transition won't be easy. Some part of you missed your mom, though another despised her and her hateful nature toward you. The love she supposedly had for you in your childhood had suddenly vanished once you turned 18, replaced with disgust as she saw her little girl "change".
She also didn't like how close you became to your new step father. At that same time, she had met and started dating him. This was around 4 years ago, and you were now 22 years old. You loved and adored your step father, not having known your biological father well and honestly didn't care to. Maybe the lack of a father figure for 16 years made you stir crazy for some male acknowledgment and affection, but it seemed like you always felt some sort of burning ache for your step daddy to tend to you and your needs, even in adulthood. He just made you feel better, made all the hurt go away.
It was a Saturday evening that would soon embark on nighttime. You were in your bedroom in your shared luxury apartment reading manga and chatting away on your phone with your friends, assuring them that this move was for the best and that you'd be OK. The low twinkle of your fairy lights strung on your walls provided enough light for you to read, yet the bright ass light from your phone strained your eyes, leaving you no choice but to take eye breaks and constantly rub them from the irritation.
Knowing your step daddy would have some eye drops on hand, you texted your friends and told them you'd be taking a quick break as you plugged your phone up on your nightstand and left your bedroom to search for your father. The apartment was dark, with the only light sources coming from multiple lit candles along the counters, warm lamps in the living room and the illuminated glow of the city from outside the large windows.
Around this time, he would be watching the news, his fav soap operas or tv shows or keeping you company. He was never far away from you, always hovering over you, glued to your side. But today he seemed... farther away than usual. He was distant and kept his interactions with you brief and direct. His hands were pinned to his sides, almost reluctant to give into the hug you gave him earlier today. Was he ok?
"Dad, you alright?" You sing-songingly called as you roamed the square footage of the apartment. You check the living space, kitchen, wash area and small home office he was sometimes in yet no one was there. You rarely go into his bedroom due to privacy but you figured he would keep his eye drops there on his nightstand or on the bathroom counter.
You crept your way into Aizawa's bedroom, minimalistic at best, and found that he wasn't in bed. Light softly peaked from under the door that lead into the bathroom. You heard water running and reasoned that he was in the shower. Your eyes continued to burn and itch, a sign they were dry and needed some sort of relief. You called to your father again, desperate for his answer.
"Hey dad, can you please tell me where your eye drops are? I really need some." No answer. The shower water continued to run and tears began to fall out of the corners of your eyes. You wiped them and fanned your face and decided to be patient, not wanting to anger your dad in his privacy. As you waited, your ears picked up a faint rhythm coming from inside the bathroom.
You listened intently as you sat on Shouta's bed, the same bed you two would watch movies together in, the same bed you would sleep with him in whenever you felt lonely on the other side of the apartment, the same bed you could've sworn you felt large hands gliding over your pliant body in the middle of the night. You offered silence in order to pick up on the sound better. The rhythm picked up pace, becoming louder and heavier, like a slapping sound.
You then heard muffled groans, strained and almost painful. Curses slipped out from the deep voice inside as strangled chokes and grunts coupled the slapping rhythm. You slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom door, putting your ear against it to listen even closer. That's when the door slightly gave way and creaked open just a smidge.
You quietly gasped and moved back now that the door was partially open. The noises you were hearing sounded like exactly what you were thinking but hoped that you were wrong. You peaked through the crack of the door, greated by initial foggy mist from the hot shower. As it cleared, you had a front seat view of your step dad in the shower jerking himself off against the shower wall.
Your breath shuddered as you couldn't believe what you were seeing. His moans were heavy with lust and filthy desires, deep and low groans and grunts that were animalistic and possessive. Your eyes raked over his muscled form, from the top of his head to his feet that were unstable from his shaking legs. You had always believed your step daddy was attractive, had rugged and admirable looks surely no one your age could fall for. Yet here you were, watching your daddy pump his thick cock in the shower to the thought of what, exactly?
His eyes were tightly shut as his large hand glided up and down his shaft, making obnoxiously loud slick noises. He bucked his hips as his ebony locks of hair fell beautifully over his face, panting desperately as he whined and moaned in pleasure.
"For f-fucks sake, y/n, why do you do this to me?" He choked as his strokes became irregular. You gulped and clapped your hand over your mouth after you heard your father moan your name in pure ecstasy. You didn't deny the way your thighs were pinned to each other to fight the arousal dripping from your quivering pussy. Your panties were soaked already, and it had only been 3 minutes since you entered the bedroom.
Your step dad had been avoiding you all day to prevent himself from pinning you to any nearby surface and fucking your lights out immodestly. He tried to convince himself that he was a good father, made an oath to never touch you without you wanting, never using you for his selfish needs. But you left him no choice when you prettily exposed yourself to him out of innocence and not knowing his true intentions.
"So fuckin' pretty for me, baby. So-fuck-beautiful," he stuttered as his hand gripped the tip of his dick as his thick load shot onto the shower floor. He came with stifled moans and grunts that made the knot in your stomach pinch tighter. Your own breathing shuddered as you continued to watch your daddy cum for you, because of you. You rubbed your legs together and cursed yourself to hell for intruding, but you couldn't help that he was so sexy.
He rinsed himself off and opened the shower door, wrapping a towel around his waist to intently walk into the bedroom. You fell away from the door yet still made your presence known, if not known before. You moved to the edge of the bed and pretended to face the wall, showing interest in the very few things on his tv stand. The bathroom door opened fully as Aizawa's large frame took up the doorframe. His eyes grew wide and his face flushed a deep shade of peach once he saw you standing in his room, trembling.
"D-dad, I need t-" you stammered as Aizawa cut you off. "Y/n, I'm... so sorry." He dropped his head and put his hands on his hips. You slowly turned around to face him, with the eye drops at the forefront of your mind but not forgetting the awkward situation at hand. Your heart was hammering in your chest, rattling against your rib cage as your gaze met your father's once more. You instinctively bit your lip and sucked on it, mustering up the courage to refocus the conversation on the eye drops.
"I-it's ok. I came to tell you that I need to borrow your eyedrops, my eyes are extremely dry and itchy." Your timid hands fidgeted as you peered at Shouta through your lashes. You waited for him to answer but you felt his heavy gaze on you. He was glaring at you, the same intimidating stare he had become notorious for in the hero-villain world. With furrowed brows and a deep sigh, he turned around and paced into the bathroom, retrieving his eyedrops from the counter.
He returned and held out his hand to give it to you. For some reason you hesitated, letting your eyes linger at your step dad's pelvis and sharp hip bones, decorated with a dark happy trail of hair. He was so beautiful.
Shouta cleared his throat and chuckled, noticing your stares. You blinked and took the eyedrops from him, thanking him as you began to unscrew the cap. You thought and realized that you weren't that good at administering your own eyedrops, a disgruntled look on your face that didn't go unnoticed to Aizawa.
"Need some help," he piped up. You nodded your head as you handed the bottle back to him. He smirked and nodded back to you as he spoke. "Here, lay down straight on the bed and relax. I'll help you drop them into your eyes." You obeyed and let your feet carry you to the side of the bed. You layed down evenly as you stared at the ceiling, awaiting your dad to drop the soothing medicine in your eyes.
"Now, I'm gonna need you to hold still for me sweetheart, alright?" He lovingly cooed. The nickname made your heart skip a beat. His voice was engraved in your ears and in your mind, that same voice that often guided you to cum every night on your own. Your imagination was a strong one.
"Yeah, ok dad. Make sure they go in all the way." Shouta lightly laughed and assured you were in good hands. His large frame leaned over you as he held the dropper over your eye. Your eyes were shut, almost afraid to look at him again. "Open those pretty eyes, baby." On command your eyes flew open, met with the chiseled face of your step dad. His hair still covered most of it, yet his dark eyes found their way to yours. Heat rushed to your cheeks and the two of you stared at each other, lovingly. He counted to three and was able to drop the medicine in both eyes. You blinked repeatedly to ensure they were in and effective.
"Alright, that should do it," he affirmed. You still lay in the bed almost in a state of shock. You had so many emotions and feelings right now that your body felt like it was ignited in flames. The heat between your legs only grew as you continued to gawk at your step dad, shifting your thighs together while being unable to hold back a small whine. Of course, your dad heard and saw it all.
"Something wrong, princess?" Your eyes never left his strong form, glistening from the shower water from earlier. His chest was decorated in scars and dark, curly chest hair. God, he was so fine it made you ache in pain, and you wanted him to do something about it. Equally, he wanted to help you ease this ache of yours, wanted it just as much if not more than you did. He couldn't help but feel pity for you with all those nights of hearing you moan and mewl for him as you made yourself cum the same way, each and every time. That's how safe you felt with him, to the point where he invaded your psyche and took care of you in ways no good father ever should.
"Need you, daddy. Wan' you so bad, fuck~" you hissed as you continued to shift your legs on the bed. You bit the tip of your index finger and bat your lashes oh so beautifully up at Aizawa, who was towering over you with the same damp towel around his waist, the same towel that wasn't doing a very good job with hiding the growing print of his dick against his thigh.
"Fuck~ you know you make it so hard to be a responsible father, y/n," he groaned. "Don't care, want you to help me, please. Take me." That last plea lit something in him that had been wanting to burn for so long. Your pussy throbbed at the way your stepdad's eyes hungrily devoured you, all wet and sticky all because of him, with his now not-so-secret desires to corrupt his sweet stepdaughter.
"Beg," he purred deviously, leaning down to latch his mouth onto your throat, nipping at it so sensually. You shakily breathed in as your eyes threatened to roll right out of your skull. "Fuckkkk daddy~" you whined. "Please take me. Wanna be yours~" This confession made his mind grow hazy, as he bit down with small force on your jugular, making you moan in pain and pleasure.
"Atta girl," he groaned as his calloused hands made their way to your body. He threw his leg over your body, straddling you as he loomed over your aching frame. How pathetic you looked withering under him, trembling when he touched you, melting into his touch, aching for him to show you even the slightest bit of attention had you soaking wet in minutes.
The towel around his waist draped away from Shouta's deeply cut hips, revealing his thick cock leaking precum just from hearing his pretty stepdaughter beg for him like a needy whore. His hands groped your swollen tits that threatened to spill from your low cut tank top. His skilled tongue licked behind your ear, making you cry out for him. You couldn't take his teasing anymore, all you could think about was how fucked out and dumb you would be once your daddy sat you on his cock. The cheap act the two of you were about to commit was beyond naughty, but outright wrong.
Not that either of you cared. He had been aching for so long to touch you like this, to claim you as his. Now with your nasty mother out of the picture, his fantasy and ideal life was becoming a reality. You would be his to finally take, only his with the intention of having you all to himself for the rest of your life. All the ways he would have you cum for him were a clouded blob in his mind as he grunted and panted in your ear, thrusting his dick up against your thighs. And he knew it would be 100x better to enjoy your pretty little pussy cumming on his dick knowing that you wanted him just as bad.
Tumblr media
饾樇饾櫋饾櫋 饾櫂饾櫎饾櫍饾櫓饾櫄饾櫍饾櫓 饾櫁饾櫄饾櫋饾櫎饾櫍饾櫆饾櫒 饾櫓饾櫎 饾櫒饾櫎饾櫅饾櫓饾櫙饾櫀饾櫖饾櫀饾櫏饾櫍饾櫆 漏 饾櫃饾櫎 饾櫍饾櫎饾櫓 饾櫑饾櫄饾櫏饾櫎饾櫒饾櫓
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饾挻饾憸饾搳'饾搵饾憭 饾搱饾憭饾搲 饾搨饾搸 饾搶饾憸饾搰饾搧饾捁 饾憸饾搩 饾捇饾捑饾搰饾憭
Pairing: best friend鈥檚 dad!Andy Barber x fem!Reader
Summary: Andy isn't a hit it and quit it type of guy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Age gap (reader in her early 20s), smut right out of the gate on this one 鈥 phone sex, fem masturbation, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, slight degradation (one 鈥渟lut鈥), ass slaps (literally just two), overstimulation probably, pet names (princess, babygirl, pretty girl), 18+
Word count: ~1,200
a/n: This is technically part two of Someone Like You, but it's all just PWP 馃樀鈥嶐煉 so this can def be read separate!!
路锘 路 鈹堚攢鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 鈰嗎煿 鉁┷熪熪壄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路 路
鈥淚 knew you wouldn鈥檛 be able to stay away,鈥 he teases, pressing a hand on your back to hold you down, other hand on your hip, keeping you in place as he takes his time thrusting into you, letting you get used to the feeling of him again.
鈥淣ot when you, ah鈥撯 You gasp, his cock filling you to the brim in a swift, final motion. 鈥淣ot when you left me hanging the other night.鈥
His call shocked you. You tried to push what happened three weeks prior to the very back of your mind, knowing it probably wouldn鈥檛鈥搃t shouldn鈥檛鈥揾appen again.
鈥淎ndy?鈥 You answered, rolling your eyes at yourself for how hopeful you sounded. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think鈥︹
鈥淲hat, sweetheart?鈥 His tone was teasing as ever. 鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me you thought I was a hit it and quit it type of guy.鈥
鈥淣o, I鈥︹ Your voice trailed off, a nervous laugh falling from your lips. 鈥淢aybe.鈥
鈥淥uch,鈥 he joked, a hand coming up to clutch his chest in feigned hurt on his end of the phone. 鈥淒on鈥檛 know how I even could be when you鈥檙e all I鈥檝e been thinking about鈥 Your soft skin against my palms, your voice whispering my name, your body trembling underneath me.鈥 He let out a laugh hearing your breath hitch. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been thinking about it too, haven鈥檛 you?鈥
Your thighs clenched together, seemingly involuntarily, listening to his voice deepen as he recalled that night. 鈥淚鈥 Andy,鈥 you whispered, a faint whimper following.
Hearing your voice go quieter suddenly, he knew this was going to be fun. And you knew exactly what he had up his sleeve with the call then.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, baby. I know,鈥 he assured you when you freaked out about being heard, your family just right downstairs. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to say anything, just listen to what I鈥檓 telling you to do.鈥
You were responsive to him even just listening to his voice. It wasn't long at all before your shuddering breaths had him chuckling.
鈥淒oes it feel good? Those fingers fucking that pussy of yours,鈥 he taunted, telling you to go ahead and add another finger to the ones you were already working into your tight hole. 鈥淏et it doesn't feel as good as when I do it though.鈥
鈥淕od,鈥 you choked out hushedly, causing him to laugh again, but you didn't even notice as you felt your high building up. 鈥淧lease, Andy.鈥
鈥淥h, princess,鈥 he cooed, and you believed he was finally going to let you come. 鈥淣o.鈥
It took a second for his denial to register, your hand slowly stilling between your legs. 鈥淲hat? No, please鈥撯
鈥淎h, ah,鈥 he tutted. 鈥淚 said no. I told you the next time I want to hear your pretty moans and I'm not going to get that tonight, so you鈥檙e not coming. Sorry, babygirl.鈥
鈥淵ou're the worst,鈥 you cursed him, but something about him鈥 You couldn't actually be mad at him, instead letting out a laugh of your own, one of disbelief.
鈥淵eah?鈥 His rough voice brings you back to the moment. 鈥淲ell, now you can be as loud as you want and come as many fucking times as you want.鈥
It feels like he鈥檚 lying though, a frustrated sigh coming from you as his cock drags in and out of you agonizingly slowly.
鈥淢ore,鈥 you whimper. 鈥淧lease, harder.鈥
鈥淟ike this?鈥 You can tell he's smirking, the pace of his thrusts picking up, but you still need more.
Gripping the sheets for leverage, you impatiently push back against him, your ass colliding with his hips. He wouldn't admit it, but watching you take what you want鈥 Well, the groan he let out speaks for itself.
鈥淵eah, fuck back against me, slut,鈥 he growls, removing his hand from your hip only to bring it back down against you in a sharp slap to your ass cheek. 鈥淢ake yourself come, I want to hear you.鈥
Another backward drive of your hips, paired with another strike of his palm against your sensitive skin has you seeing stars. Your movements come to a halt as you shake beneath him, a string of broken moans spilling from your lips until you instinctively turn your head so the bed can muffle your voice.
He can't help but chuckle as he takes over again, leaning over you as he continues fucking you through your high. 鈥淭hat's what gets you, huh? Being called a slut?鈥
You're in a daze, barely registering what he's saying, only able to whine in response as you come down.
His thrusts slow a bit, giving you a second to come back to him. He waits patiently, pressing soft kisses to your shoulder, your neck, while his hand slips down, around you to gently rub your stomach.
鈥淵ou with me, pretty girl?鈥 he whispers.
鈥淢hm,鈥 is about all you can muster it feels like.
鈥淯se your words.鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 you manage to sigh, taking in a breath when you feel his hips snap harshly against you.
鈥淕ood,鈥 he smiles, sitting back up. 鈥淔lip over then. Wanna see your pretty face this time.鈥
You practically flop over, your shaky legs not doing you any good as you attempt to move so you can lay on your back.
In one brisk motion, he's pushing his cock back into you, letting out a deep moan feeling your pussy flutter around him.
鈥淚f you don't stop shaking鈥︹ He drops his head to the crook of your neck, wet kisses being pressed against your delicate skin as he waits for you to calm down. 鈥淥h my God.鈥
鈥淚 can't,鈥 you whine, burying your face against him, clawing at his arms. Overly aware of your legs still trembling against him, you can't help but let out a laugh, but it turns into a whimper. 鈥淚 can't stop.鈥
鈥淪hit, sweetheart,鈥 he breathes out, pushing up off you so he can look down at you. 鈥淕onna need you to come again for me. Can you do that?鈥
Nodding, you let your eyes flit shut. His movements are merciless, your back arching further with each deep stroke.
鈥淥h, Andy鈥撯 You gasp, feeling his pelvis rubbing against your clit each time his hips meet yours.
鈥淟et go, princess.鈥
Your body gives in again, crying out his name as you writhe against him.
鈥淭hat's it,鈥 he grunts, chasing his own release now. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥
鈥淕ive it to me,鈥 you breathe out, hooking your legs around his waist to keep him close to you. 鈥淧lease.鈥
His hips stutter, his head dropping again to your shoulder. The low groan he lets out sends shivers down your body, mixing with the aftershocks of your orgasm.
He carefully lays down, making sure his weight isn't completely on top of you, and your arms move to wrap around him.
鈥淪o good, baby,鈥 he praises, kissing your neck and lifting his head to press his lips to the side of your forehead. 鈥淵ou're amazing.鈥
Letting out a breathy laugh, you turn your face to rest your forehead against his. 鈥淵ou are going to make it so hard to leave tomorrow.鈥
路锘 路 鈹堚攢鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 鈰嗎煿 鉁┷熪熪壄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路 路
Tag list: @chris-butt @patzammit @denisemarieangelina @thummbelina @pppsssyyyccchhhiiiccc @princess-evans-addict @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @la-cey @turtoix @katiew1973 @harrysthiccthighss @tvckerlance @bluemusickid @rocketrhap3000 @mrspeacem1nusone @murdcox @starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @geminievans1 @doozywoozy @americasass91 @dwights-new-plague @wwwmarissa92 @redhairedfeistynerd @whxre4cevans @aubreeskailynn @white-wolf1940 @melchills-j @xoxabs88xox @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @before-we-get-started @chrissquares @christowhore @ice-dtae @mariestark @justile @andy--barber @rogersdrysdalebarber @dilfbarber @livstilinski @payperhearts @vintagestarlight @gitasor
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Tumblr media
{ 54 }
the obnoxious genius.
tsukishima kei x fem.reader
kei is blunt and doesn't show his emotions often, but he is actually a very hardworking and kind boy.
you weren't sure if you admired or hated tsukishima kei.
he was someone whom you believed had the world handed to him on a silver plate. the fact that he exuded traits that made him such a natural genius was seen in the list of talents he displayed, which were almost dizzying when put into perspective.
straight A student.
star volleyball player of your university's team.
had a plethora of fangirls and fanboys alike thanks to his oh so angelic features that included his massive height and eyes the color of liquid gold-
you swore you heard it all.
and you were sick of it.
despite tsukishima not knowing your existence, you sort of made him the target of your academic rivalry. ever since the moment you first laid eyes on him and heard your professor commend him on writing such a deeply moving essay, you labeled tsukishima as your rival at that very moment.
if you shared a class with him, you worked twice as hard to score just as high as him (but always fell 1 or 2 points away from his damn near perfect score.)
the subject matter that you chose for your essays were topics that you made sure were ones that interested you, just so you could pour your fervent words into them.
your desire to somehow get ahead of tsukishima was somewhat of an unknown anomaly to you. you didn't know why he made you feel so strongly, so aware of your own inferiority to him, and that just made you push yourself even harder.
you kept this ongoing, yet silent competition, going on with tsukishima for god knows how long-
but that all came to a standstill when one of your professors paired the two of you up for an incoming project worth 20% of your final grade.
"now i'm sure this comes as no surprise, but you two are the best students i've had this entire semester! i would love to see how my two star students work together and just blow me away with this project!"
your professor kept going on and on about her high expectations, but all you could focus on was the blood rushing to your ears and the fact that you would be working in close proximity with tsukishima.
for this crucial project that made up a significant portion of your grade, you wouldn't be working against tsukishima, but with him-
and you weren't sure how to feel about that.
"oi, pipsqueak."
you were so caught up in your panicked thoughts that you failed to realize your professor had already left, leaving you utterly alone with your rival as he glared down at you in annoyance. when you didn't reply to him, he ends up smacking the front of his binder against the top of your head, earning a wince and a shout of 'hey!' from you.
"what else could i do with you standing around like a moron, pipsqueak?" his full lips were turned up in a smirk, making his golden eyes light up with amusement whilst you huffed at him, trying to ignore how attractive he looked at that very moment.
"shut up, tsukishima. and stop calling me a pipsqueak, i'm not that tiny."
a lot of times, you considered yourself to be average in height, but tsukishima sure as hell made you feel otherwise with how much he truly towered over you. and the cocky bastard had the nerve to feel smug about it.
after convincing yourself that the heat you felt pooling against your cheeks coupled along with the sudden racing of your heart were signs of anger toward your rival, you head to the library first, not even bothering to see if he would follow you.
perhaps in hopes of further annoying (and spiting) you, tsukishima pretends to lay back, keeping several feet away from you as you both made your trek toward the library. just when you were falling into a steady and comfortable pace, tsukishima would take advantage of his ridiculously long legs and catch up with you in just a few strides. he'd look back, flash you a shit-eating grin, then proceed on forward, now leaving you several feet behind him.
much to your dismay, tsukishima reaches the library first, already choosing a table near the back as he drops his backpack against one of the seats. while whispering profanities from beneath your breath, you follow his actions and settle on the seat opposite of him, getting your own notes ready.
after agreeing on a topic, you each got to work on your own research. with tsukishima searching the library for physical sources as you scoured the internet for scholarly journals. for several hours, no words were spoken, the only sounds heard were the occasional scraping of pen against paper.
during your research, you found articles that took two contradictory stances on the subject matter, and you couldn't decide which paper would be more beneficial for your project. you kept chewing at the end of your pen, unsure of which paper to use.
to your reluctance, you knew you had to discuss this with tsukishima, since his input would be a vital part in your decision. softly, you call out his name, only to hear nothing in response.
believing he had his headphones in for the sole purpose of tuning you out, you visibly got annoyed and called out his name again-
only to stop when you saw him slumped over a book, using his folded arms as a pillow whilst he slept.
you feel an unknown emotion spread over you, watching him sleeping with bated breath. tsukishima was always so loud, so obnoxiously annoying in the way he displayed his intelligence and physical prowess during volleyball. yet now, with this almost vulnerable side you had never seen before, you felt overwhelmed with how achingly soft he appeared.
if he was handsome before when awake, then he was absolutely breathtaking now when asleep. his hair appears just as enticing as spun gold, and you felt a bit of shame at how his golden eyes were hidden beneath his closed eyelids. they seemed to flutter the tiniest bit from beneath the frame of his glasses, seemingly lost in a dream.
your hands itches with a desire to reach out and touch him, to feel if he was real and perhaps even figure out why he made you feel this way. every time you catch a glimpse of him, you would feel something akin to a yearning for him. but what you truly wanted from him, you couldn't say for sure.
feeling confident that he was caught in a deep sleep, you reach out to him and whisper his name, "kei..." delving your fingers into his soft locks of hair when a voice makes you freeze in your tracks.
"i knew you liked me this whole time."
you were left frozen in place when tsukishima awakens, eyes glittering with mirth, as if he'd won some long sought after prize. he takes a hold of your hand, intertwining them together with his as he inches himself closer to you, "you like me, right?"
feeling beyond mortified, you shove yourself away from him and quickly gather your belongings in a hasty manner. "a-as if! i'm just tired, t-that's all!"
"j-just message me, and i'll email you the parts that i've written."
refusing to look back at him, you left the library, all while vehemently denying what your heart already knew was true.
you and tsukishima made a 95% on your project, and that was all that mattered.
the following weeks since the incident with him, you stayed away from him like the plague. what nerve did he have to say that to you? and just how egotistical did he have to be?!
so what if he was a little handsome? that didn't change the fact that he was obnoxious and annoying! and what girl in her right mind would like him?!
tsukishima kei was just your rival. someone who you forced to play a part in your life in hopes of helping you to push yourself to do better. that was all he was: nothing more and nothing less.
so why did it make you feel so empty, pushing him away like that? why did you feel as though you had ripped a hole in your own heart, just from denying your feelings for him?
those were the thoughts that haunted you when you lay awake in bed on a saturday night. you kept staring at the ceiling, wondering if you had made a mistake after all.
when tsukishima had confronted you, there wasn't a look of disgust in his eyes. he didn't act like he was going to reject you, so why-
before you could dwell on that fateful day any longer, you heard several loud knocks coming from your door. you look at the time and saw that it was pretty late, almost nearing 2am to be exact.
maybe it was the dorm representative? thinking you would see the familiar sight of the rep, you opened your door without thinking about it-
only to be floored at the sight of tsukishima standing in front of you dressed comfortably in a hoodie and sweatpants. instinctively, you close the door, but tsukishima was one step ahead of you (as always) and stops it from closing with the front of his sneakers.
he calls out your name in a painful grunt, "dammit, be an adult for once, i just want to talk!"
swallowing your pride and doing your best to hide your embarrassment, you let go of the hold on your door and allow him in. you couldn't look at him, and your face felt warm with the blood rushing into them. "okay, then talk."
he ignores you, shutting the door while going straight into your living room. he settles himself comfortably on your couch all while you stiffly take a seat on the other end of the couch, doing your best to keep a considerable distance between the two of you.
there was an awkward silence, with neither one of you saying a word. tsukishima kept his gaze toward the front, staring at, but not truly seeing the wall ahead of him. you kept moving around in your seat, unsure of what to say, or why he was even here to begin with.
"okay, i'll admit it. if i wanted you to know that i liked you, too, i should have said so to begin with instead of teasing you about it."
his words make you immediately turn around to look at him, yet your wide eyed gaze was met with his blushing face, with him now refusing to look at you.
"i just wanted to see you become flustered because of me. i've always noticed how hard you worked to try and surpass me. at first i thought you were annoying, forcing this invisible competition on me, but lately, i found myself enjoying the victorious look on your face during those few times you did surpass me."
he finally meets your gaze then, with a scowl on his face, "now, whenever you're around, i can't help but blush and want to tease you, just to get back at you for making me feel this way. like i'm some idiot in love with an equally idiotic girl."
tsukishima finishes his speech, reaching over to take a hold of your hand to pull you even closer so that you were now settled across his lap. he looks deeply into you, his golden gaze filled with determination when he leans even closer to you, "just admit it and say you like me too already, dammit."
when he finally leans forward to capture your lips with his, you couldn't help but melt into him. his kisses were sweet, like strawberries and cream and caramel all wrapped up into an addicting taste that made up tsukishima kei. now, you finally realized that he was everything you wanted and more.
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