dxnyarya · 11 days ago
maya hawke when she’s offered a netflix role playing an outcast lesbian who befriends the popular kid that fell from grace and they end up being fucked up soulmates
Tumblr media
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a-dumb-sarcastic-bisexual · 15 days ago
Headcanons: (this is just me projecting more because it was a lot of fun last time)
Leo has ADHD and a lot of head trauma 
And because of that, he will not remember a singular thing the group says 
If they want him to remember something important they have to tell him and then text him a reminder
And then text him another reminder to mark the day on both his calendars (he has one on his wall and his phone)
If they miss a singular one of these steps he won't remember and then he will blame them
“You never told me this!” is a sentence that leaves his mouth often
Leo gets overstimulated very easily which sucks because he’s an extrovert 
He wants to spend time with his family all of the time but if too much is going on at once he’ll break down
When the boys were younger Splinter tried to force them to wear clothes and all of them hated it
Donnie hated denim he said it made his skin itch and if it was too tight he couldn't breathe
Leo used to hate loose-fitting clothes
If any fabric brushed up against him he would get irritated 
But now tight clothes make him want to crawl out of his skin
Raph can’t wear harsh fabrics they make him feel restricted and he hates that
Mikey hates the feeling of tags touching his skin
I mean don’t get me wrong they all hate it but if any tag touches Mikey’s skin he will start angry crying
Mikey and Leo have a lot of the same vocal stims
And sometimes they will say the same thing at the same time and repeat it back and forth like parrots
Raph will be hanging out in his room and he’ll just hear his siblings yell “yippie! AAAAAA” over and over again
And when someone says something funny Leo will repeat it over and over again
It doesn’t matter that the joke isn't funny anymore he’ll repeat that joke for the next week
Raph’s vocal stims are usually simple it’s a lot of grunting/coughing 
And sometimes when he’s really frustrated he’ll scream
And god forbid the group listens to a song together because they will sing a specific lyric until the day they die (or until they listen to a new song)
And even though Donnie loves his siblings a whole lot if he has to hear them sing “I’M LIQUID SMOOTH COME TOUCH ME TOO” at the top of their lungs one more time he’s gonna snap
Leo taps his fingers and feet when he’s thinking and if you try and get him to stop his brain will short circuit 
When he was younger Splinter tried to stop him from doing it and Leo screamed at the top of his lungs
He never tried to stop him after that 
When the boys get excited they’ll flap their hands
Mikey will often jump up and down and run in a circle 
And Leo will rock back and forth on his feet or he’ll hop from foot to foot
When Donnie is overwhelmed he rocks back and forth and bites his nails
And Raph can’t sit still when he’s stressed 
He often paces back and forth while scratching at his skin
When April saw the boys messing with their hands she got them fidget necklaces 
Leo cried when April gave it to him (it’s one of his favorite things in the world)
In return, Donnie makes her a lot of fidget toys 
Because if she’s not constantly moving she will lose her mind
The twins can pick just about any lock
When they were younger they found a lockpicking kit and fell in love 
They have regular competitions to see who is faster 
Leo can’t hear out of his left ear
After everything he experienced in the movie, I would be surprised if he could hear at all (I mean come on the poor boy got tossed around like a hacky sack)
If the group whispers around him he will yell at the top of his lungs “what did you say?”
The combination of ADHD and hearing loss makes him very loud 
And his family has to constantly remind him to keep it down 
Leo will hide his more serious injuries from his family and when they ask him about them he just jokes around
He dislocated his shoulder twice and just popped it back in like it was no big deal
And when Mikey asked him why his arm was in a sling he told him “oh my shoulder is a little fucked up don't worry about it”
When his family confronted him about this all he said was “I thought it was normal”
Raph almost fainted when Leo said “wait y’all didn’t start to lose your hearing at 15? That's weird”
And they all know he’s fucking around because he’s the medic he knows that it’s not normal to dislocate and relocate your shoulder and then go about your day 
And that’s what worries them
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pinkballerinas · 6 months ago
She was Princess Aurora, in lilac and rose-pink sequins and a dainty silver tiara. She sparkled like pink champagne.
M.A. Kuzniar, Midnight in Everwood
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belovedblabber · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I love Arcane’s facial animations so much and Viktor’s are some of my faves. And I LOVE this moment because…because look at the extremely tender way he looks at Jayce’s hand he’s gay your honor actually no I am not crossing that out because I’m right and I should say it he’s gay your honor and he is in love with his best friend and has been yearning quietly for YEARS and I am RIGHT
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daisiesonafield-blog · 7 months ago
Harry was there?
Hi dear.
We don't know for sure.
But Harry was seen in LA yesterday (x) Feb 25, then we got a suspicious pic today (Feb 26) placing him in London yesterday (Feb 25) instead of LA. Louis had the day off yesterday (Feb 25) and his band was pictured out to dinner without him (Feb 25). Then today (Feb 26) Louis was absolutely on fire on stage. He was so happy, bursting energy out of his skin. Playful, giggly, chatty, smiling all the time and SOOOOO flamboyant. Then he plays Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley as soon as the show ended. So.......
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k but I've seen quite a few versions of wwx being adopted by hualian and whatnot but nothing on the other way around. Wheres my fic where post-novel traveling wangxian pseudo-adopts Xie Lian in his depression era? Xie Lian supposedly looks like 17, right? And sizhui was like 16/17 in the novel. You can't tell me wangxian wouldn't take one look at a depressed and lonely 17 yo dressed all in white and not immediately think "oh? free son?" like????
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lepusrufus · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Caitlyn face study bc I'm a nerd like that and thought others may find this useful too ft my ever so helpful commentary (you know you love it don't lie)
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ito-itonomen · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Yes, yes it is
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eldritch-khaos · 8 days ago
listen, dude- im not saying i believe in aliens, but if there was anything that could convince me aliens exist, it would definitely be the fact that my friends dad took a DNA test and only 50% of his DNA showed up as human, while the rest is completely unknown with no known match. oh, and also the fact no one knows who the dad is. not even the mom remembers, so..
other facts about the friends dad:
y’know how when humans are born they have baby teeth and then another set that slowly grows in? well, mr friends dad had FOUR extra sets of teeth along with those. oh, he was also born missing two of his ribs and one of his kidneys! and we cant forget the ominous lump on his forehead that has always been there and isn’t dangerous or cancerous, and no doctor knows what it is??
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mangelickat · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zontik · 5 months ago
i have never ever not once in my life read fanfiction about straight people but tori spring and michael holden are testing me
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rain-coat-killer · a month ago
Ok, so there is actually rain and strange weather phenomenon happening in other places at the moment in the manga.
I've thought since Lady Nagant's battle that Afo may or may not have a quirk that controls the rain.
Some Eastern dragons are said to bring rain...and Western dragons typically breathe fire.
Hmmm.... Ah yes-
Tumblr media
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shrimpkidd · a year ago
Draw Gordon and Benrey as cats :)
Tumblr media
sphinx cat beny rights
Tumblr media
i think freeman would probably be mixed, maybe maine coon and ginger
Tumblr media
shleeby boys
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naksatravrsti · 3 months ago
this show is simultaneously being my therapy and being the reason I need therapy
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rimbaux · a month ago
Tumblr media
They don't hate each other. Not really.
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maaarzsie · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it was a flood that wrecked this home
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lepusrufus · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some very sef indulgent messing with character design and trying to give her an outfit somewhere in between Arcane and LoL. I tried to keep key parts of both while having functionality in mind for the most part (listen the game design grew on me slightly but you cannot look me in the eyes and tell me she'd go around fighting with a boob window).
Bonus little messy doodle bc ot is valentine's after all:
Tumblr media
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