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ladysimmer94 · 3 days
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🌿EMILIE BERRY🌿- a sim download
Hi simmers, I bring to you a new sim download finally! This lovely gal is called Emilie Berry, she is a lil bit nerdy but has a heart of pure gold.
Feel free to tag me on Instagram and my other socials so I can see what you do with her!
Both pics were taken using my GShade preset ‘Angel Cake’ 
Emilie comes with a ready-made everyday outfit, and the rest are blank aside from cc eyes and underwear since I have a WW mod installed.
Age - 21
Star Sign - Capricorn
Sexuality - Pansexual
Favourite colours - Yellow, Brown, White
Aspiration - Bestselling Author
Traits - Creative, Bookworm, Loves Outdoors
My Terms of Use
@mmfinds @maxismatchccworld @emilyccfinds @mandy-ccfinds​
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glimmerguk · 2 days
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just a cozy sweatshirt in plain swatches in a variety of colors because i felt like the game is lacking in those. enjoy:)
base game compatible.
all lods.
teen to elder.
female frame sims.
@maxismatchccworld​​ @mmoutfitters​​ @s4library @love4sims4​​ @ts4cc-finds
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notpikaman · 8 hours
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glitterberrysims · 5 hours
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Ruby Teardrop Earrings 1
Ruby Teardrop Earrings 2
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modmouse · 3 days
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He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
Shirt @lonelygravescc
Leggings @mellosakicc
Shoes @trillyke
Hair @leahlillith
Lip ring @pralinesims
Head gem @suzuesims
Necklace @giuliettasims
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its-adrienpastel · 3 months
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📑 First Fits Kit - Adult Conversion Add-Ons ·
A pack of 14 converted items from child to male sims age. You don’t need the original kit for this pack.
Base Game Compatible
14 Items: 1 hat, 7 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 acc & 2 pairs of shoes
Male Frame, except for the socks
Original Swatches
All LODs & Maps
✨ Download: Patreon (Free)
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twisted-cat · 1 month
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Lip presets ❤️
4 versions
T - E
Custom catalog thumbnails 
🥀 Download 🥀
Public release November 23rd 
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jellymoo · 17 days
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i love christmas season, mainly because this is when i start rewatching my favourite movies and shows, and while watching atla for the 1000th time two days ago, i decided that i needed to make a cosy jacket. so... teddy coat! with a hoodie underneath. 
also major credits to my amazing friend @moontaart who helped me make this, after this mesh kept giving me issue after issue. it’s also a good time to announce that the two of us will be releasing a collab in december which i’m super excited about ❄️
24 swatches
base game compatible
teen - elder
correct maps etc.
disabled for random
DOWNLOAD FREE @ Patreon or Simfileshare
(PLEASE NOTE: i tried for days to fix this but there are some seams that are visible, mainly on the biggest weight - its not really that noticeable but just letting u know) 
Also thank you so much @solacedo for helping me test! 🫶🏽
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chewybutterfly · 6 months
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The basics set ♥
download here - xxx (patreon, early access till 7/6/22)
♥ 6 BGC items
♥ 3 nose presets
♥ 2 lip presets
♥ 1 set of face/body beauty marks
* items may appear different on different sims/skin details*
let me know if there are any issues
other socials here xx
check out my youtube here xx
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breezytrait · 3 months
Tumblr media
✿ - roses, acne skin detail
this was supposed to mimic rosacea and I had hoped to add color to it, but it turned out to be a skin detail instead. very customizable with blush so that it could look similar though! :)
download here (link) - sfs, free, no ads! tou: do not claim as your own, do not upload behind paywalls/ads
enjoy! <3
update 9-14-22: compatible for teens now!
more info + preview below the cut ~
overlay, 3 different opacities
categories: acne, left/right lip mole, left/right cheek mole, mouth crease
merged package included in download
@emilyccfinds​, @public-ccfinds​, @mmfinds​, @eileenccfolder​
no makeup/reshade preview:
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mossylane · 17 days
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DenUmm pt. 2 | 👖
I'll never stop making high waist jeans and that's that. So it's a bunch of denim related bottoms for your sims' tushies.
What's included:
Dido Denim - is a set of cuffed straight, flared, and baggy jeans
Halima - is a long below the knee length skirt
Pippa shorts - is a pair of raw edge, low & high denim shorts
Dida Denim - is a pair of mid-rise denim with an elastic tie-band
for a grand total of eight items all together !!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
5 jeans, 2 shorts, 1 skirt
female frames
disabled for random
all lods 'n stuff
credits: caelhinn for the cotton jar palette
❗ Notes: In the preview picture above, the "Halima" skirt for some reason has a weird dark spot at the bottom which I assume is a shadow, rest assured it doesn't look that in-CAS/live mode but if there are problems let me know !!! ❗
Tumblr media
Download 📂- [Patreon], freebs of course! - alt: [sfs]
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thekunstwollen · 25 days
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Helloooo! So I've been really obsessed lately with NewJeans, and I decided to make a Hyein inspired hair. I think she's never wore butterfly hair clips with a hairstyle like this, but I really liked how it looked like :D
Tumblr media
-Female, teen to elder
-Maxis match
-Hat compatible
-All LODs
-Disabled for random
-Restricted for opposite frame
-EA colors + 17 extra colors
-Custom thumbnail
-Butterfly hair clips:
-11 swatches
-Hat cattegory
Tumblr media
-My site
-Patreon 💜
Tumblr media
-Please don’t reupload to other sites
-Please don’t edit this hair, you can recolor but tell me first
All the clothes I used are by @rimings
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pluto-sims · 5 months
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Sheer Hubris Curtains
these curtains are dedicated to MUNA, whose new album was playing on loop whilst making this lmao
helloooooo everybody, here I am with some more cc! These curtains were actually so much fun to make - i easily could have made a billion swatches, but reigned myself in lmao. They come with 23 total swatches - mainly nature focused (lots of butterflies and florals), but also a few kids themed ones, too! Parenthood pack is required, sorry!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy them! Details and download under the cut.
@maxismatchccworld @mmfinds @mmoutfitters @emilyccfinds
Sheer curtains with 23 swatches, each featuring different nature themed decals
Requires the Parenthood Pack (sorry!)
Custom thumbnail, correct colour tags etc
Aaaaaaaand I think that's it? I was actually...kinda pleased with how these turned out, which is something I don't often feel about my cc lmao, so hopefully some of you like them too!
Huge thanks as always to the amazing CC creators whose wonderful items I've included in the preview pics. If you have any WCIFs about the items featured, please feel free to send them!
Download: SFS │ Patreon (both 100% free and available to all)
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myshunosun · 4 months
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Daria Bedroom
Daria Bedroom is a set of 11 new bedroom objects. The bedframe and the bedding from this set are now my favorite bedroom items 🌚 You can read more about the items, find the in-game preview and download the set below!
Download set (always free on Patreon) / Follow me on social media
@maxismatchccworld @s4library @sssvitlanz @mmfinds @public-ccfinds
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Here’s what you get: 
Double bedframe, 30 swatches, 1100§   
Double mattress, 18 swatches, 650§  
Bedroom bench, 30 swatches, 200§ 
Shelf, 14 swatches, 800§ 
End table, 14 swatches, 150§ 
Dresser, 14 swatches, 500§ 
Rug, 18 swatches, 200§ 
Stack of books, 5 swatches, 80§ 
Potted plant, 14 swatches, 120§ 
Short candle, 16 swatches, 50§ 
Tall candle, 16 swatches, 50§ 
Here’s some more info and credits: 
Base game compatible 
New meshes, all LODs 
Custom specular and normal maps 
Custom catalog thumbnails, tagged swatches 
Simlish font is by gazifu 
Swatches come from my personal palette and from peacemaker-ic's color palettes 
You can get more decorative stacks of books from my other sets: Arrie Office, Lottie Bedroom, Dawn Living 
You can search for "daria" or "myshunosun" in the buy catalog to quickly access these items. Enjoy! 
Follow and support me here: Tumblr / Twitter / Patreon / Instagram 
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taurusdesign · 1 month
Nina Livingroom (Availible for everyone!)
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Hi guys! I hope you are all fine.
My plan for this month was to make small sets. But when I started this set, I couldn't stop myself. Actually, this is a small set compared to my other sets. In the beginning, I only planned a seating group. Anyway.  Our set consists of 27 items. I was inspired by the magnificent Zanotta sofa, loveseat, armchair and bookshelf.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and I thought I should do this. I had to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, but I think I did it. The rest are my own design. There is not much need to introduce the set for a long time. In addition to just the standard bookshelf, there is a version of the same bookshelf, divided into 7 parts. Because the shelves of the bookshelves I am inspired by can rotate exactly on their axis. I wanted to experience this in The Sims 4 as well. These pieces are snapping to the base shelf piece. Then you can rotate it as you like. I won't take this any further.
(In some images, I used items belongs to Maxis and my previous sets. You can see everything included in the set in the GIF.)
I hope you will like it.
Public Release: November 24th, 2022
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jellymoo · 6 months
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things have been wild, but here we are - i’ve left it until the actual last minute, but now no-one can say i didn’t release anything this month 🧍🏾‍♀️so i actually own a pair of these abominations and i love them so i knew i had to subject our sims to the same thing
thanks so much to @moontaart, @mossylane and @glistenofthemoon for helping me test them!
34 swatches (10 snake print)
base game compatible
teen - elder
correct lods etc.
disabled for random
DOWNLOAD FREE @ Patreon or Simfileshare
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chewybutterfly · 24 days
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recent sets i've made
all are available for free on my patreon (no more early access! haven't done early access in a long time & i'm enjoying making content more. my tiers are just donation tiers now)
you can find them here
makeup, eyebrows, presets, skinblend
~ haven't really been updating my tumblr for a while but I figured i'd show some of the things i've made in the past couple months
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