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call-me-sunpaw · a day ago
Time to post evil memes again
(I've already posted this on pinterest so i hope the audience's different here)
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cuckoovampiro · a day ago
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serious business men
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lilisouless · 2 days ago
Matthias: This is Nina, she is the love of my life
Nina: aww
Jesper: This is Wylan, he is my little whore
Wylan: Jes!
Jesper: Sorry, just my whore
Wylan: thank you
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she-posts-nerdy-stuff · 2 days ago
Grishaverse text posts I made based on things my friends and have actually said. In real life
(Part 6) (oh my god I can’t believe we’re on part 6 this is getting ridiculous)
Nina: are you promoting alcoholism?
Jesper: yes
Nina: well done
Jesper: I wrote “film is important to everyone. Except deaf people” and then I realised that I meant blind
Wylan: I’m drinking my problems away
Wylan: *references Innocent flavoured sparkling water*
Matthias: I’ve reached a point where if I don’t understand what someone’s saying I just assume it’s a sex joke
Matthias: It’s become a real problem in Chemistry lessons
Matthias: We should probably make a move
Nina: oooo wait lemme pack all my croissants into my bag
Inej: Honestly, in y7 I was scared of all the y13s for the single reason that they were so tall that I thought they wouldn’t see me walking towards them and knock me over
Wylan: I just had that fear of [Jesper]
Jesper: Stop laughing at my struggles!
Kaz: Stop making your struggles so funny
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helnikdaughter · 2 days ago
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Helnik // Arthur and Guinevere AU
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thecrxwclub · a day ago
calahan and danielle are never beating the allegations
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nicostiel · 2 months ago
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Shadow and Bone Season 2 (2023)
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grishaxverse · 2 months ago
we were all supposed to make it
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feluart · 3 months ago
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"She'd laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him."
-Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
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helnikdaily · 2 months ago
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MATTHIAS HELVAR & NINA ZENIK in Shadow and Bone, Season 2 Sneak Peek
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manikas-whims · 2 months ago
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leecheedoodles · 3 months ago
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Recently finished reading the Six of Crows duology! Loved this crew’s banter and following them through all their chaotic schemes!!
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kazbrekkersdekappel · 10 months ago
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But when we see them all in one scene together in the show then what
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lilisouless · a day ago
"The crows chilling and watching tv"
Nina: can you imagine how our lives would be if we were on a fantasy tv show? I would be the main character of course, the choosen one with a great hidden power that is also revealed to be royalty and the daugther of a god and a demon. Don't forget that everyone falls in love with me instantly, just like in real life.
Matthias: and i would be your one true love
Kaz: please! you would be killed on the first episode
Matthias: hey!
Kaz: come on, you have "fridged to cause angst to the main character" all over your face. And i know that because , as the main villain, i am the one who killed you.
Nina: I will avenge you,Matthias!
Jesper: are you going to be the "evil incarnate" villain , or the "not evil just missunderstood" villain
Kaz: This writers will try to make me both, will result in fans loving me and justifying all my horrible actions just because i had a sad backstory. Nina will sucessfully kill me and the end of the first season, but after the ratings fall because the other villains are not compelling (traslation: played by old and unnatractive people), they will bring me back with no explanation in a desesperate move to got the views back.
Jesper: Wait, isn't Jesper , Nina´s handsome and charismatic bff enought to catch some views?
Kaz: They love you, as long as you don't overstep your role as "comic relief" , they won't like it if you take some agency or do anything else than being Nina´s support
Wylan: hey, Jesper is way more than that
Kaz: He could be if the writers bother to develop him, but don't get sad, he will have more screentime than you for sure. As the supporting character for a supporting character , your only job is be Jesper´s boyfriend
Jesper: Yeah, they can't have two gay main characters. It´s always a main one and their minor character partner; they probably won't let you even exist if i am not onscreen with you. And the show needs to be called "ground breaking" in terms of representation so, they can either show us as human beings ...or have a borderline inapropiate sex scene (but the people playing us will be on their twentys so it´s okay) which is more likely. Maybe by season 4 people will begin to demand more from you...
Inej: And thats when you become unbereable, Wylan. By "developing your relationship" the writers will understand "make is as unbereable as possible" , with you becoming a nag, slut shamer , needy and Jesper will probably cheat on you once. But since you are the only same sex couple on the show´s universe, they will still promote you are "true love"
Jesper: Straight people settle for less
Nina: wait! I am not straight, therefore my show is mostly directed at a queer audience
Kaz: Oh Nina, sweet inocent child, first; they would never call you "bisexual" onscreen , they will make olympic mental gymnastics in order to not call you "bisexual" once. And your love interest are going to be seven men and one woman that will die right after you sleep with her-
Wylan: With a fade to black, liplock covered, very chaste compared to your sex scenes with men or mine with Jesper-
Kaz: And she will never be mentioned again unless it´s a joke about it "being a phase"
Jesper : #justiceforSusane
Wylan: what about Kuwei?
Jesper: He is just a background character that pops once a season to say a funny catch phrase
Kuwei: i need better friends
Jesper: See? he gets it
Nina: Stop! you are making my show sound terrible! We are interesting people, we probably would make interesting characters
Kaz: Thats when Inej comes, she would be a strong female character that is strong thanks to trauma, solves her problems with violence, she doesn't have a love interest because "she is too strong and independent for a man"
Inej: ahemsheisnotwhiteahem
Kaz: But she is actually complex because sometimes she cries. Only pretty crying of course. People are just laying there, waiting for an Inej spinoff to be announced. That one is very sucessful and only lasts one short, but very satisfying season.
Matthias: Oh no-
Nina: Now what?
Matthias: I just realized you end up with Kaz
Kaz: i don't want it either ,Nina. But the audience will call on the erotism of me trying to kill you and destroying all of your beloved friends and family.
Jesper: You are the main character, love. You can't have a personality, that would stop the audience to see you as a self insert, so Kaz´s fangirls will demand you to comply their wish fulfilment fantasy.
Inej: Because only your love will change his genocidal issues.
Nina: STOP! why are you ruining my fantasy show?!
Kaz: We have realistic expectations on what executive producers do. Why make something good when it can be marketable?
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pancakes507 · 4 months ago
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alessiajontrunfio · 4 months ago
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"Crows remember human faces. They remember the people who feed them, who are kind to them. And the people who wrong them too.[…] They don’t forget. They tell each other who to look after and who to watch out for." (The Crooked Kingdom) -
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