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mysteryteacup · 3 months
Aliens Vs Human Instincts: "preservation of the status quo"
Human Official: Welcome to Earth!
Alien, just out of their ship: Thank you for having us. ...ah, why is there a crowd wearing masks and waving signs that say "don't land, it's not safe"?
Human Official: urgh. Some people are just addicted to the pandemic you know? Still wearing masks. They just won't let us get back to normal.
Alien: ...pandemic?
Human Official: Oh, yeah, we had this nasty virus called Covid-19, because it only existed in the year 2019, and everybody had to self-isolate for two weeks if they caught it cause that's how long they were infectious and had to wear masks and all sorts of incovenient stuff. Really bad for the economy. Now that most of us [glares at protestors] have gotten back to normal things are much better.
Alien: Because the pandemic is over?
Human official: [smiles with visible teeth]
Alien: ...the pandemic is over, right?
Human Official: Anyway we're working on getting the isolation period for the people who annoyingly still test down to five days so everybody can get back to work and things can be normal again!
Alien: [dawning terror]
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marchempel2 · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A fashionably face-masked foursome: Dream, Delirium, Desire, and Death of the Endless.
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neonarboretumart · 13 days
Tumblr media
🌟Especially when it comes to safety and health during the holidays🌟
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odinsblog · 3 days
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It’s so funny how gun nuts call anyone else cowards for wearing face masks, when they can’t even go to the bathroom without bringing a gun for “protection”
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medicmando · 8 months
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There were talks of making him Charge, but he thought little of it. He was preoccupied with work, his son, and the stolen moments with the blond haired, blue eyed doc.
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tiinamenzel · 4 months
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Don’t forget to wear a mask this year while taking out Julius Caesar. Health guidelines also suggest avoid meeting in large groups so that should be kept in mind while stabbing Caesar. Instead of 23 stabbings 10 should be more than sufficient.
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spooniestrong · 2 years
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We shouldn’t have to remind people there’s other people in the world to care about other than themselves, but we do… if you don’t wear a mask around me, you’re putting me in danger. I will protect myself by wearing a mask.
Don’t you dare tell me to take mine off. 💙🥄
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and-speak · 11 months
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got my covid booster shot today! still masking in public spaces and keeping my distance. stay safe folks <3
[image description: a photo of op, a white person with long straight brown hair tied back in a braid. they wear an earthy green tank top over a black binder and hold a rapier. end image description.]
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IMPORTANT!  Please read!
The delta variant of the coronavirus appears to cause more severe illness than earlier variants and spreads as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal federal health document that argues officials must “acknowledge the war has changed.”
The document is an internal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention slide presentation, shared within the CDC and obtained by The Washington Post. 
The document strikes an urgent note, revealing the agency knows it must revamp its public messaging to emphasize vaccination as the best defense against a variant so contagious that it acts almost like a different novel virus, leaping from target to target more swiftly than Ebola or the common cold.
It cites a combination of recently obtained, still-unpublished data from outbreak investigations and outside studies showing that vaccinated individuals infected with delta may be able to transmit the virus as easily as those who are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people infected with delta have measurable viral loads similar to those who are unvaccinated and infected with the variant.
One of the slides states that there is a higher risk among older age groups for hospitalization and death relative to younger people, regardless of vaccination status. Another estimates that there are 35,000 symptomatic infections per week among 162 million vaccinated Americans.
The CDC’s revised mask guidance stops short of what the internal document calls for. “Given higher transmissibility and current vaccine coverage, universal masking is essential to reduce transmission of the Delta variant,” it states.
[emphasis added]
Having closely followed what was happening with the delta variant around the world, I knew this was coming. The CDC should have never changed the mask guidance in May. Now it is going to be hard to undo it. 
The bottom line is the vaccines will help prevent hospitalizations and death but they are less effective in the elderly and it seems that breakthrough infections are more common than they initially thought they were. It also appears that vaccinated people who contract the delta variant can infect others. 
If you care about your loved ones you will mask up in indoor public settings even if you are vaccinated. 
If you care about yourself and your loved ones you will get the vaccine. It might not prevent a breakthrough infection but it will make it less likely you will face hospitalization or death. 
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"No Face, No Case" Graphic by @canadapoast
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needy-lilbunny · 1 month
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Definitely taking pictures naked with this beauty here soon. Need black light rope
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thepopoptic · 1 year
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LOL, It's right on the box, Idiot!
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odinsblog · 11 months
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Why Cloth Masks Might Not Be Enough As Omicron Spreads
👉🏿 https://www.wsj.com/articles/cloth-face-mask-omicron-11640984082
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caffeinatedlittle · 1 year
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nonbinarymlm · 4 months
I love mlm and nlm with cute masks! There's nothing like seeing someone with a styling mask that matches the rest of their outfit, fun pride masks, and patterns. Also consideration toward others is super attractive imo
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