#marvel au
Y/n: Wandaaaaaaaa
Wanda:...You look suspicious
Y/n: I wanna know what you want for Christmas
Wanda: Oh, I don't know, just for my family to be healthy and happy and-
A loud whinny comes from outside
Wanda: What the hell was that?
Y/n:......Is there any chance you wanted a reindeer?
Wanda: Where the fuck did you get a reindeer from??!
SW coming in: Rudolph needs some hay
Wanda: I knew you'd be involved in this....
SW: You can't tell me that given the chance you wouldn't steal a reindeer for Christmas for the boys
Wanda sighs: I’ll get Tony and Bruce to build a stable
Y/n and SW: Yes!
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navybrat817 · 2 days
The Fallout
Pairing: None
Summary: The fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just the beginning.
Word Count: Over 200
Warnings: None
A/N: The set-up for The Arena! ❤️ Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Moodboard and banner by yours truly. Divider by the lovely @firefly-graphics .
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To the victor go the spoils.
S.H.I.E.L.D, short for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, was an intelligence agency organized to protect the world from potential threats. With their advanced weaponry and skilled agents, they maintained both national and global security. For many years, it worked. What they didn't realize was that an organization bent on world domination, known as HYDRA, infiltrated and eventually controlled them.
Until it was too late.
The nation fell spectacularly after HYDRA made its move, ready to rebuild the world in their vision. A few of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top members tried to fight back, only to find that many of their allies were never on their side. The betrayal cut deep, adding an additional layer of pain to the trail of bodies and destruction.
From the ashes rose the new world order.
A sector that thrives on power and structure.
Those who stayed loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. are now forced to serve their new leaders under cruel and harsh methods. Whether through violence or pleasure, entertainment or control, they do what they have to in order to survive. Their hope is that they'll one day be free. If they don't lose themselves along the way.
Welcome to the Arena.
Tumblr media
You lovelies excited? I know I am. ❤️🔥😈
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Moral of the Story. Chapter 22.
Tumblr media
Summary: Marrying too young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of old loves and lives all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Word Count: 3900+
A/N: Ok! So this is the last official chapter! I have finally finished the series and my next plan is to write an epilogue eventually as soon as I come up with a storyline I would like this to round out to. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did writing this series. It's crazy that it all started with listening to a song while doing my hair. I have a lot of stories I've been brainstorming on, but refused to start until this one was done. So bare with me and my crazy schedule of teaching for when the next story is to come:) XOXOXOX
Chapter Twenty-two:
Another long list of flights to get her across the country, but she was back in her childhood bedroom and resting for the night. 
She had gotten a really late flight in and her dad was nice enough to pick her up around midnight. 
The house was quiet and being home brought back a form of peace. A peace she never knew she missed until she got a taste of it again in the recent months. 
But there wasn’t much time to rest and focus on that as she had lunch with one of the new businesses the next morning. 
She hadn’t told anyone besides her family she was coming in since she wanted to surprise the rest of the group. However, a piece of her was also not sure how to with a certain person. 
But for now, her focus needed to stay on work. 
She had a great lunch with one of the small businesses that she had become rather close with in her time in highschool, which was now a booming business in the community it had started in. They were the florist shop she would visit anytime she went to the farmers market and were now in the top three florist shops in North Brooklyn. 
The meeting went well and they were very flexible and open minded on starting and learning new concepts to start implementing more eco-friendly routines into their work. 
Since the meeting was short, she decided to head to one of the coffee shops in the area and get a taste for a new place she was sure she’d become a regular at. 
She did a little research as to what was the most sustainable in the area, something she was pretty consistent with, and happened to find a small shop about a mile walk away. 
She ordered a matcha latte and grabbed a chocolate chip cookie to snack on as she looked more into some of the businesses she would be talking with throughout the week. 
In a little nook, she watched as the New Yorkers went about their normal day. Dogs being walked to teenagers giggling at the videos on their phones. 
She missed this atmosphere. Though LA and Brooklyn were big city based, it didn’t mean that they were similar in every way. East coast and west coast were two very different cultures. 
After doing a substantial amount of research, and a little bit of spaced out daydreaming about the changes of the city, she packed up and headed out to get back home for dinner. 
With her hands full, she turned her back to the push door and opened it while backing up. She said a quick thank you to the barista who wished her a happy day, and before she could fully step outside, she was already running into someone. 
“Oh, sorry!” she mumbled, quickly trying to catch the extra pastry bag she had bought for her father. 
Before the bag could hit the floor, the stranger caught it and she looked up seeing those damn piercing blues as if they had been waiting for their entrance into this next chapter in her life. 
“Y/N?” he said, followed by a surprised smile. “What are you doing here?” 
“Bucky,” she laughed, somehow at ease with his reaction. “How are you?” 
“I-I’m good,” he chuckled, handing her the brown paper sack and going to open the door so she was no longer leaning on it. “Wh-What-?”
She moved out of the way as another person excused themselves behind her. Bucky and her relocated to the side of the door where a few outdoor tables stood half occupied. 
“What am I doing here?” She asked his question again for him. “Business,” she nodded. 
“Business?” he questioned relaxing in his spot. “On the other side of the coast?”
“Funny, isn’t it?” she smiled at him, knowing his brain was still trying to catch up. “Yeah, um, my co-founder, Donna, and I got a lot of feedback from the stores I handed out company cards to on my short visit here. My friend thought it would be a good move to come over here and work with them and see if we could start reaching out to other areas.”
“Wow,” he sighed. “That’s amazing. I’m sure your family is extremely happy with that.”
“Oh, you know exactly how that’s going,” she smiled, looking at her feet then back at him. His gaze never once wanted to leave hers in case this was a dream and she would disappear any second. “Dad’s my own personal alarm clock. Sherri is helping me get the bathroom organized upstairs so it's ‘just as I like’ as she put it. Chloe is insisting on a movie night every night until I leave. The list goes on…” 
“I can think of a few other things one of the best bed and breakfast might be doing,” Bucky agreed. 
“They are a really good host family, huh?” she teased. 
“So how long are they hosting you for?” Bucky questioned, tilting his head. 
“That’s TBA…” Y/N hesitated to answer. “At least 3 months, but it all depends on how business goes.”
“3 months? Wow,” his eyebrows shot up. “That’s quite a bit.”
“Yeah, I’m excited for it though,” she shrugged with a happy grin. “I had kinda been moping around work since my visit here, and Donna came up with a way I could get out of that rut and possibly make our company bigger in the long run. Sure, living with my parents for 3 months might be a push.” She sighed. “But I just feel like I missed so much of their lives being so far away that being back makes 3 months seem like no time at all.”  
She realized her short rant was a little more personal than she meant to come out with, but when she looked up at Bucky, he was following every word like it was a start on a treasure map looking for lost gold. 
She let out an awkward laugh. “That was a lot for answering how long I’m staying. I guess you’re just the first friend that I’ve seen, so I’m unloading it all on you first.”
The word. Used so simply and so naturally, either of the two could have carried on without a thought to it, but they didn’t. Because it wasn’t simple. The natural part had made it convincing and sincere. 
She had thought out the sentence and when it filtered through her mind, she didn’t think to correct it because it was… Natural. 
They were friends again. And the tension held between the two had been healed to non existence. It felt comfortable again…
“I’m glad I’m the first friend to find out,” Bucky said just as simply as she had. 
They stood there smiling at the other and a silent emotion flowed spontaneously through them that was the utter perfection of peace. 
The 10 years apart had done them good in the end. Little did they know, it wasn’t until that 10 years came to an end that they fully transformed to their best selves.
“We haven’t had a poker night with Y/N since highschool. Think she’s going to be as good as she was last time we played?”
Bucky chuckled at Steve’s comment as they laid out bags of chips and the blonde scooped dips into serving bowls. 
“I think I still owe her at least sixty bucks,” Bucky mumbled as he thought back to their highschool gambling days. “Maybe more, but don’t remind her.”
“I’ll keep quiet. I think I owe her more than that,” Steve realized, pausing on the dips. 
There was a second of silence as they set up for their party and classic rock played in the background from Bucky’s playlist. 
“I still can’t believe that you, out of all the people in the city of Brooklyn, ran into her before she told us about her return home,” Steve laughed, grabbing some of the beers they had out and putting them in the fridge before going back to his previous job. 
“You and me both, pal,” Bucky nodded, leaning on the counter. “But I’m glad it happened.”
“I’m sure you are,” Steve chuckled under his breath. 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bucky shot a friendly glare his way. 
But then a knock on the door sounded and before either could look at the direction of the wood barrier, Sam was running out from the hall to answer it.
“I got it! I got it!” he shouted, jogging as if he had been waiting for someone. 
Steve and Bucky shared a look. The crew of everyone coming tonight wasn’t going to be here for another 30 minutes or so. And they don’t remember ordering anything…
After a minute they heard him mumble a thank you as he closed the door with a box in hand. 
“Whatcha got there, Wilson?” Bucky asked, slowly watching as Sam grinned at the delivery. 
“Is that-?” Steve seemed to catch on faster than Bucky.
“Dinner from my sister? Hmm mm,“ he hummed with a wide smile that showed the gap in his teeth. 
“I thought we were doing finger food tonight?”
“Y’all are, but this isn’t for you,” Sam was quick to correct.
“Whose is it?” Bucky raised an eyebrow.
“It’s for Y/N and I,” he answered simply, putting the fresh cajun food into the oven to stay warm. 
“You and Y/N?” he resaid as if it would make more sense a second time. 
“Yeah,” he said. When he turned back to the other men he saw their faces waiting for an explanation and sighed before obliging. “Sarah is slowly starting up her business up here. She’s doing well, but I know Y/N has all kinds of connections and suggestions for local businesses. I want her to try her food and possibly take my sister as a client if I can convince her.”
Steve laughed and crossed his arms as he placed the last bowl of dip on the bar top. 
“I’m pretty sure you could have just mentioned your sister was a local entrepreneur and she would have jumped at the opportunity to get in touch with Sarah,” Steve smirked. 
“She’s actively looking for people to work with anyway. That’s the whole reason she’s here,” Bucky added. 
“Well, this way, she can sample just how good my family's passed down recipes are worth to invest in,” Sam shrugged, happy with his plan anyway. “All it takes is one bite.”
“You’re really going to not share,” Bucky asked, peering at the closed oven door. 
He had a taste for Sarah’s home cooked meals. Sam was kind enough to bring leftovers when they had family dinners, and they were also regulars at her new restaurant that had been open for the last three weeks now.
“You’re more than capable of calling a delivery in,” Sam retorted, getting a not as friendly glare from Bucky this time. “Or are you struggling with money? Cause I can let Y/N know that you may need a little longer on getting her that $60 you were talking about…”
The glare became even less friendly at the dig and he wished he hadn’t said anything with Sam in the vicinity. 
“Why did you have to go and make friends with that guy?” he huffed, turning around and directing his question to Steve even though Sam was in the room. 
“God, you guys,” Steve groaned, shaking his head and escaping to the living room. 
Wanda and Vision were the first to come, then Clint and Laura. Slowly people trickled in and though it was a small reunion, it was nice to see the entire crew back together. 
Now they were just waiting for their last guest. 
“She’s running a little behind, isn’t she?” Bucky asked, checking his watch for the 10th time in the last 5 minutes. 
“Relax,” Steve sat at the table where they were getting the poker chips sorted. Wanda and Clint laughing next to each other and Vision and Laura on the couch talking about random things. “She texted she was stuck in traffic. Her Dad took the car, so she had to haul a cab.”
Bucky heard him, but that didn’t give him any sense of ease. He felt as though he needed to be a little bit prepared for her coming, and the only thing he had control over in that area was the time they had set. Of which she was late for such a punctual person. 
As if manifesting her to appear, the last planned knock of the night cut through the room. 
“I got it!” Bucky practically jumped up from his seat and raced to the door.
In his tunnel vision to the door, he missed the looks the entire crew shared and the smirk Steve had as he shuffled the cards. 
Taking only a second to collect himself, he opened the door, and there she was; dressed in a pair of jean shorts and what Bucky knew was a thrifted vintage shirt with sneakers and bag of chips and case of beer in hand.
Tumblr media
“Sorry I’m late,” she smiled at him bashfully. 
“Better late than never,” he replied with a smile of his own. “Come on in,” he waved, moving out of the way for her. 
She thanked him as he took the food and drinks from her, yet stayed by her side. He could tell that there were nerves in her stance, but upon seeing a sincere smile, she relaxed.
“Y/N!” Wanda shouted, jumping up from her seat and rushing to hug her friend. 
“Wands!” Y/N chuckled, opening her arms as she met her in the middle. 
She went around the room saying her hellos and happy to see you’s to everyone she had missed. It took a second for them to get to the poker part of the night as they were catching up and reminiscing on life.
Eventually they were seated and Bucky grabbed the chair right next to Y/N with Wanda on the other side of her. In the olden days, he was one of the few people who could catch onto her tells in the game of bluff. Because of that, his best vantage point was from across the table, but he didn’t care about winning or losing tonight. He just wanted to be next to the person he had so long wished to be this close to again. 
And if Y/N was being honest, it was nice being in close proximity to him now that it felt like old times. She missed the comfort this group gave her, but she realized she also missed all the little quips and classic Bucky behaviors that came with being friends with him again. 
It didn’t go without notice from those around them how easily they fell back into the habits they used to share as best friends. Slight nudges when the other had tricked them. The eyes rolling anytime Y/N caught Bucky trying to jokingly peek over her shoulder to see her cards. The name drop of “Everest” every once in a while as he teased her. 
They may not have picked up on it, but it was clear as day that the flirting was happening and the sass and sarcasm they two spit back to each other was spoken as if the 10 years between now and then had never happened. 
“Sam, this is amazing,” she said in shock as she took a bite of the shrimp pasta that his sister had perfected. The buttered bread along with it was perfectly dusted with garlic and other spices to compliment the main dish. 
“My family has the talent of making some of the best comfort food around. And now I don’t have to worry about flying out to Louisiana anymore to get it,” Sam gleamed in pride. 
“This is,” she paused, finishing her bite. “Just amazing.”
“Thank you,” Sam chuckled. “I was actually wondering if-”
“Here, let me get you a card. I would love to work with your sister if she’s willing. I think she’d be a great partner as a locally owned woman started business,” she rushed to her purse to hand off her business card. 
“I told you,” Bucky mumbled, coming in and overhearing the conversation as she ran past him to the living room. 
“I like her,” Sam grinned. “I never thought I would say it, but you have good taste, Barnes.”
Bucky rolled his eyes at the comment and Sam followed behind Y/N to continue talking business until their next round of whatever card game they decided on next. 
But like any night, the evening was coming to a close and people had to get back home for work the next day. 
Clint and Laura were the first gone and Vision and Wanda had just left, leaning Sam, Bucky, Steve and Y/N. 
“Welp, I guess I’m the next one out. I should get home before midnight since I’m waking up early for another meeting,” Y/N announced, standing and stretching. 
“Do you want me to call a cab for you?” Sam offered his new friend. 
“No, that’s fine,” she grinned, patting his back. “I just need to check the app-”
“I can take you home,” Bucky interrupted, making everyone turn their head to the brunette who was sitting on the couch. 
Steve’s eyebrows raised at the quick proclamation and looked between the two as they stared at each other, both caught offguard by his quick offer. 
“I have some things I need to drop off for your dad,” he was fast to cover. “For a new project we’re working on,” he added. 
“I don’t want to be a bother-” she started, trying to be polite, but also internally hoping he didn’t listen to her.
“It’s not an issue,” he waved off, standing and coming around the furniture. “I’ll go grab those things and we can head out.”
He pointed back toward his room and waited for the all clear. 
“Ok,” she nodded with a smile. “I guess you can make it your way of paying me back for that $60 you owe me for the last poker game.”
He wasn’t expecting that quip and immediately put two and two together, turning slowly and threateningly to Sam. 
Steve tried to stifle a laugh at the conversation, but wasn’t successful. 
“I’m going to kick your ass,” Bucky muttered, walking by Sam giving him a smack to the back of his head. 
Steve’s laugh got louder as he gave up trying to not be too loud. 
“Don’t think I forgot you too, Steven. You also have a debt to my poker skills,” she pointed. 
Steve sombered at the call out and sent a nervous smile to her, before taking the beer from the end table and bringing it to his lips to keep him from having to respond. 
The ride started out a little awkward. Especially since now it was just the two of them and they didn’t have their friends to be buffers. 
The first couple minutes was quiet until Y/N spoke up pointing out a new store she hadn’t noticed on the block before. 
They had small talk about the conversation starter and it got quiet again. 
“You know, you didn’t have to drive me home. I could have called a cab,” she mentioned while looking over at him. 
He smiled and shrugged and moved to just have one hand on the wheel. 
“I wanted to,” he replied honestly, looking back at her before the road. “That and I really do have somethings to drop off for your dad.” He figured if he made it awkward, the deflection would help. 
“Not like you couldn’t come any other day of the week,” she sassed but in a joking manner. 
“Right, right,” he nodded with a small laugh, going along with her sarcasm. “Well, long shift tomorrow and the next day, and the next day…” he waved his hand, selling his point. 
“Hm, what a shame,” she shook her head with a sly grin. 
Bucky turned at that comment. 
“How so?” 
“Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to join Chloe and I for movie night tomorrow. I think she was inviting Becca, so I figured I’d invite the other Barnes kid,” she smiled looking ahead. She was too nervous to see his reaction in case she was taking too big of a step. 
But all she heard was silence. 
Her cheeks began to burn red. She was scared that if she looked at him, she’d see confusion and realize she played her cards wrong. 
But that was the opposite of what she saw. 
She turned, seeing that at the stop sign they had approached, luckily the only ones at the four way stop, he had turned and was staring at her in shock. But not a bad kind of shock. At least it looked good. He had a soft smile as if he couldn’t believe she would suggest something as amazing as it was simple. 
“You want me to come to movie night with you and Chloe?”
“Well, yeah. It would be like old times but with both of our little sisters,” she replied, refusing to look away from those eyes that she had gone so long without really gazing in. “I hope that didn’t come off weird,” she was quick to redirect. “I just realized I really enjoyed your company tonight, and if I’m being honest, I’m feel we are at a spot where we are trying to step back into our friendship, and-”
“Y/N,��� he stopped her when she began fumbling on her words in nerves. She stopped and looked at him worriedly. “I think a movie night is long overdue,” he said simply. “And I’ll be honest as well… I really miss hanging out with you too.”
His hand came to lay on top of her and he gave her a squeeze. Instinctively, she opened her hand to hold his. 
“I’m glad we’re on the same page,” she smiled widely. 
“It’s been a while.”
“I’m glad that wait time is over then.” 
“I agree completely.”
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supraveng · 29 days
Trying to mend a broken heart
part one
Tumblr media
Summary: you and Bucky don’t get along, constantly pushing each others buttons, this time he may have pushed you too far
 A/N: Non canon; Marvel characters but no superheroes or Avengers; post college AU.....I am focusing on angst for the first few chapters, I’ll decide if it changes to a happily ever after based on feedback 
Word count: 1504
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Walking up to your door, ready to end this horrible day, you heard the crowd of people on the other side before even getting your key out.  Normally you would have been prepared to interrupt Natasha's hangout, even join in, but today you just wanted to curl up in bed and cry.  
You deserved a pity party, and their fun wasn't going to stop you. Making your way into the house you took a deep breath and headed straight for the liquor cabinet.  The group quieted slightly when they saw you come in but continued their conversations while you poured your first drink.  
Throwing it back in one go, you started to pour another when Nat spoke up.  "Hey, you're back early.  How was dinner with Jeffrey?". 
You could tell by her voice that she knew something was wrong and was trying to comfort you by not asking the wrong question.  Humming at her, you brought the glass to your mouth, taking a small sip before responding, "we broke up." 
Taking another full gulp, you looked up at her, trying to put on a brave face. "Actually, that's not true….him and his wife are getting back together…..so I'm not needed" you shrugged then finished the drink in your hand.  
At this point you had everyone's attention and was doing your best to appear strong.  Wanda looked at you concerned, you could tell she wanted to ask more but you decided to get it all out of the way now so you could start to move on. 
 "Apparently he wasn't divorced, they were just separated.  Why is it that every guy I date cheats, or lies or is a convict" you start rambling, only to be interrupted by Yelena. 
"Awe, I miss Joshua, I wonder how he's doing". Sam immediately smacks her arm in warning, "what? He was fun".  Natasha rolls her eyes at her sister before focusing back on you.  
"We ordered Chinese, it should be here any minute and there is plenty, join us and forget about that asshole" Wanda begged you to join them.  Looking around the room, you knew your presence would bring down your friend group and declined.  
You were almost to the stairs, bottle in hand, when you heard Bucky mumble something under his breath, but the way Steve smacked the back of his head, you knew it had to be about you, and for some reason you were willing to confront him about it.  
Tumblr media
Bucky and you got along well the first day you met, but since then, you would both made snide comments to each other, and the longer you've known him, the worst they got.  
"What was that?  I couldn't hear you over here" you looked at him waiting for a response, not sure what to expect. 
"I said that's what happens when you date dirt bags" Bucky told you as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  At this point, all the air seem to be sucked out of the room, you couldn't hear anything besides the blood pumping in your ears.  
How dare he judge me? No one moved as you stepped closer to him, and you took a deep breath trying to calm yourself from slapping him or breaking down in tears, at this point you weren't sure which way you might go.  
"Thanks for the insight Barnes" you stared him down as best you could.  "I guess I need to break this habit of being attracted to cheating, lying, assholes.  And who better to understand that than you, right?" 
Giving him one last cold glare, you exited the room, headed up the stairs and closed your door as quietly as you could, not wanting him to think he angered you.  He couldn't have that control over you after the way he's treated you tonight and for the last 2 years
Tumblr media
~~~flash back~~~
Natasha and you were finishing up the final touches for your house warming party when she spoke up "so Steve is bringing a friend, he's known him since forever and I think you will really like him".  
She made it seem like an innocent introduction to one of her boyfriends friends but you could tell it was a set up.  
"Oh Nat, don't do this to me.  I'm not mentally prepared to meet someone tonight" you pouted at her.  
"I know what you are thinking, but he's different"
And he was different, Bucky came to the party after everyone else arrived and brought a fun but calming energy to the house the minute he walked in.  He seemed to know everyone already, so Steve introduced you and bragged about you to him and vice versa.  
You and Bucky chatted almost the entire night, he was charming and flirty but in the most sincere way.  The smile never left your face the whole night.  As the party was wrapping up, you gladly gave him your number when he asked and were left breathless by the kiss he gave you before he walked out the door. 
Bucky Barnes had left you blissfully happy when you fell into bed that night.  The following weekend was a get-together at a nearby pub to celebrate Steve's promotion at work, and once again Bucky was the last to arrive.  
Except this time, he had a petite blonde with him when he made his way to the table you were all sitting at. He introduced Britney to the table before heading to the bar for drinks, giving you a small smile as he walked by.  What the hell?  
Not sure what was going on you decided to chat up the newcomer.  "So Britney, how do you know Bucky?" taking a sip of your drink.  She immediately looked at you, and you could tell she was judging you from head to toe, but you couldn't care less.  
Giggling before she answered "I'm his girlfriend, why else would I be here?" Her condescending tone made me want to accidentally spill my drink, but you held back.
"Oh? He hasn't mentioned a girlfriend" you smiled at her, feeling stupid for even expecting anything from him besides flirting last week, but hadn't expected things to die before they started. 
"Well, it's new, it's only been a few weeks" she replied and gave you the once over again, apparently judging your response.  "And I'm not the jealous type, I wouldn't worry about him around someone like you" she smirked knowing exactly how her comment made you feel.  Stupid to think mean girls stayed in high school.  
Trying your best to not lose your composure you smiled "definitely don't have to worry about me, I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft pole.  I have no interest in catching Chlamydia''. You abruptly stood announcing you were ready to dance and dragged Wanda with you.  
~~~~end flash back~~~
Tumblr media
"What the hell is wrong with you Bucky?" Steve was probably the angriest one in the room now.  When he started dating Nat, he took you under his wing like a little sister and always protected you no matter what.  
Bucky was immediately defensive and glared at Steve, "so I'm the bad guy for telling the truth?" 
He scoffs and pours himself another drink, he did feel a bit guilty but you had said hurtful things to him since that night in the bar when he ran into his neighbor and invited her to join the group since her date stood her up.  
Thinking of that night still upset him, he hadn't even got a chance to talk to you when you decided to talk trash about him to Britney.  
At first he thought it was a joke, but the way you avoided him all night and was dancing with some frat boy the whole time, he knew whatever hope he had last week was ridiculous as you obviously didn't feel the same. 
"I still can't figure out why you two don't get along".  
Bucky growled at Sam's remark, "she has been an insufferable, self centered bitch to me for no reason, I really don't care if her feelings are hurt right now".
 But he did care, he's been defensive around you since that night, not wanting to get too close so you couldn't hurt him, but every time he made a snide remark at your expense, it hurt him more than he was willing to admit.  
It was Wanda who came to your defense, “well Bucky, when you lead someone on when you already have a girlfriend, how do you expect them to react?”   Bucky looked at her completely confused, “what the hell are you talking about?” 
Tumblr media
At this point you were finishing your shower and heard the argument going on downstairs, but assuming it had to do with a game they were playing or something on the tv, you turned on your Bad  Bitches playlist and crawled into bed.   The only thing you wanted right now was to be over this day and have a fresh start tomorrow.   
Part two
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little-spicy · 5 months
!Orc Stucky x !Princess Reader
Summary: In order to save her kingdom from a war that would turn fatal, Y/N sacrifices herself as an alliance between orc and human.
❗️❗️WARNINGS; SMUT!!! 18+Tummy bulge; praise kink, size kink, etc.
Tumblr media
IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AS THE PRINCESS STOOD NEAR THE DOOR. She could hear the sound of her father shouting at his councilmen, his anger drowning out the fear that dwelled in the room.
"I REFUSE TO SURRENDER!" He shouted and as his councilmen stood silent one came forward.
"King Anthony as much as we refuse to accept it, whether we like it or not the Orcs have beaten us and our kingdom isn't safe." One of his men; James Rhodes said.
"If we lose then my wife, children, everyone is at stake for an attack." The King said and with a sigh sat down in one of the chairs.
"We could speak with their leaders, perhaps they'd be willing to compromise." Another man; Fury said.
"We'd be wasting our breath, what would they be wanting that they couldn't take from by invading?" Rhodes asked.
The princess could no longer listen and scurried away from the door as they hardening news weighed on her.
This war had been troubling ever since she was a child and to hear that everything was going to crumble. She remembered when her father had been in the war and now all these years had caused him to grey and her mother was just as tired.
Her little sister Morgana was only a child and if anything were to happen to her, she wouldn't know what to do.
"My lady, you mustn't be up this late." Her lady in waiting; Natasha said. "If you're found I'll be in heaps of trouble."
Natasha led the princess into her room and the princess turned to her as Natasha shut her doors.
"Natasha tell me about the Orcs?" She asked and Natasha turned so quickly her head could of gotten whiplash.
"Orcs are monstrous and strong creatures, strong as twenty men. I've even heard they've even taken maidens as wives." Natasha said. "But I-"
The princess drowned at Natasha's babbling as she thought of what Natasha said when she meant that Orcs took human women as brides. She chewed her lip in thought and her eyes widened.
"- never met an orc in person I-" Natasha was cut off by the princess.
"Can you help me get out of the palace?" She asked and Natasha looked confused.
"What do you mean? It's late enough as it is and-" The princess cut her off.
"Natasha it's important I need to speak to the leaders of the Orcs." She said urgently and touched Natasha's shoulders. "It could change everything."
"My lady if we're found-" Natasha was cut off again.
"I'll say it was my idea and that I ordered you, now come on." She said as she grabbed her cloak from her desk.
"What are we doing exactly?" Natasha asked her as she grabbed a cloak as well.
"To make a deal." The princess said and with that, Natasha grabbed a lantern and quickly lit it. Entering the hallway and leading the princess to what she think was her doom.
THE PRINCESS TURNED HER HEAD AS SHE SAW THE CASTLE FROM A FAR DISTANCE. The sound of frogs and crickets rang throughout the forest and fireflies could be seen faintly lighting it.
Natasha stood in front of the princess, lantern shining bright and their hearts beating rapidly.
"This where we go to find them, my mother spoke of the forest being the home of all creatures." Natasha said and as they stepped forward each step made a loud crackling sound. "Stay behind me."
"I trust you." The princess said and as she followed Natasha and her went deeper into the forest.
"You still won't answer my question, what are you going to offer them?" Natasha asked. "I mean what's more valuable than ransacking a kingdom? They aren't know to taking gold and leaving peacefully."
"It's for me to discuss with them." She said stubbornly. "It's a private matter."
"I can't believe the war is over though, do you remember when it first started?" Natasha asked and the princess shook her head.
"It's started when I was so young, it's been going on for 10 years." She said. "Morgana was born during the fourth year of the war."
"It's always remember the bloodshed but yet never remembering what started it." Natasha said. "I remember hearing the bells and the sound of my father being taken to war."
"So many men were put in the war." The princess remembered. "I remember my father talking to the crowds of men when I watched from my window."
"All of this to be for nothing." Natasha said bitterly. "What a way for the Stark kingdom to fall."
"Not yet." The princess said and suddenly they stopped as Natasha saw the glowing of a light in the distance.
"I think that's their camp, we need to lay low or-" Natasha was cut off by a low grumble.
"Well what do we have here?" The two girls turned around quickly as they stood in front of an orc. The princess had never seen one in person and as she stared up at the large creature, she was terrified.
Their strong and large stature made her feel like a tiny bug that they could squash at any moment.
"It seems you two little girls are lost and all alone." The orc chuckled and as he was about to touch the princess, she firmly slapped his finger away and looked at him.
"I need to speak to your leaders, it's very urgent, I beg of you." She said and the orc laughed.
"And who must you be?" He laughed and looked at her smugly.
"I'm princess Y/N of the Stark kingdom." The orc stopped laughing and his face turned stern.
"Well then, come with me." He said and she nodded.
"T-thank you." Y/N said and the orc ignored her and Natasha looked at Y/N in shock.
"We need to-" Y/N turned to Natasha quickly.
"No, we can't leave now, Natasha I need you to understand everything I'm doing is for the kingdom." Y/N said and Natasha said nothing as they began to follow the orc.
"SIRS, THE PRINCESS IS HERE TO SEE YOU." The orc said amusingly.
When Y/N and Natasha had entered the orc camp, everyone had turned to see the princess and her handmaiden following to whom they heard their name was Bruce.
Y/N looked as if she would throw up and as she stood in front of the two leaders, she felt as if she couldn't move.
"The princess? Well what a lovely surprise." One of them said.
Y/N looked at the leaders and saw them bigger and more large than most of the orcs in the camp.
One of them had dark blonde hair and a beard that went across their large jaw and their tusks getting lost in the sea of dark blond curls, he wore a bear skin that draped across his large toned body, and robes that was under it, gazing at Y/N with questioning.
The other who spoke, was a bit shorter but not by much, he was more thick and more muscle and his long brunette curled contrasted with his green skin. However on the brunette's left arm was gone and all that was there was a metal one to replace it. He wore a wolf pelt instead and he had similar robes to the other man and looked more deadly than his companion.
"I came her to talk to you, privately." She said as turned to Bruce and Natasha.
"Leave us." The brunette said and Natasha looked at Y/N fearfully. "Don't worry your friend won't be harmed."
"Come along little minx, I don't bite." Bruce said and Natasha looked at him unconvincingly.
"I highly doubt that." She said and as the two of them left, only Y/N and the orc leaders remained.
"What is it you wish to speak to us about?" The blonde one asked.
"About the war, my father doesn't know I'm here and I-" Y/N was cut off by the brunette.
"If you think we'll surrender you're out of the question, this war has been nothing but pain for our people, pain your grandfather caused." The brunette growled.
"Bucky, calm down." The blonde said. "What about the war, I understand you know that we've won and there's nothing we can do to stop that."
Y/N looked at them both and fiddled with her thumbs and but her lip.
"I understand that, I was proposing- a- uh- an alliance." Y/N said and as she waited for their response all she got was laughter from them and her face turned red from embarrassment.
"If you'd ever think we'd be allies your surely mistaken we've-"
"I'm willing to become one of yours' bride, I'll give myself to one of you if it means that you'll spare our kingdom." Y/N said and then came forward and got on her knees and had her head down.
Both orcs looked down at the princess in shock, their eyes widened as the princess stood before them and they could see that she was serious.
"You don't understand what your giving." Bucky said and Y/N looked up to him and a tear fell down her cheek.
"I do, I would be the most devoted wife, if you don't wish to I understand but-" She was cut off by Bucky.
"Steve and I are to share a mate, we are very serious about our mates. Once we've made this deal you can never go back, this will be your fate." Bucky said and the blonde; Steve nodded.
"B-both of you?" Y/N asked as she looked at both of them and they smirked.
"We share, and we've always had the notion of sharing our mate." Steve said and put his finger under Y/N's chin. "You'll be our princess."
Y/N gulped and nodded.
"I'll be your princes but only if you spare the Stark kingdom." She said and the orc men nodded.
"It's a deal." Bucky said and Steve suddenly picked up Y/N and she screamed. Steve put his hand over her mouth and her screaming was muffled.
"We aren't going to hurt, we just wanted to pick up our bride." Steve said and she stopped screaming but the fear never left her eyes as she looked at Steve. "Notify the clan, we are leaving. But not before the princess sends a message to the king."
Bucky nodded and as he left the tent with a grunt, Steve placed Y/N down to were he was sitting and grabbed a piece of parchment and a feather with ink.
"Send your message, then we must be off." Steve said and Y/N looked up.
"Can't I at least say goodbye?" Y/N asked and Steve shook his head.
"Knowing your father he would never let you leave and this deal has been struck, if he dares to break our deal than your kingdom will be in ruins." Steve said and Y/N shut her eyes and tears fell from her eyes and onto her cheek.
Steve looked at the small human and felt a pain of guilt, he wiped the tear away with his giant hand. Y/N winced and Steve once again felt guilt.
"Maybe one day." Steve said and the emotion on his face then disappeared as he got up and exited the tent.
Y/N watched his retreating figure and once he was fully out of site, she looked down at the parchment in front of her and a tear fell onto the sheet.
She fully comprehended what she had just done, she didn't regret it but nevertheless still felt waves of sadness as she wrote down each word, saying goodbye to her family on the paper, and the last words she would ever say.
"I hope one day you understand." Y/N said to herself and as she signed her name down on the scroll, she wrapped it up and sealed it.
As she did, she didn't notice her soon to be husbands entering the tent. She felt one of their fingers on her shoulder and she jumped.
She turned to see them with their stoic faces and she looked away and held up the parchment.
"It is done." She said and Steve took it and nodded.
"Come princess, time to leave." Bucky said and with no warning picked her up again and she gasped.
She looked up to him as he held her.
"Get use to it, you humans are such small and fragile creatures, our mate is not to walk." He chuckled and Y/N tried to ignore the heat rushing to her cheeks.
"I-I'm very fine with walking S-Sir." She said nervously and Bucky snarled.
"I wasn't asking." He said gruffly and took her out of the tent. Y/N looked and saw all of the Orcs looking at Bucky and more directly her. She felt like shrinking away, Bucky could feel that as she squirmed in his arms and glared at everyone. His gaze made them turn away.
"LETS MOVE!" Steve shouted and all of the Orcs nodded to Steve.
Y/N began to feel drowsy in Bucky's arm, the way he swayed her in his arms lulled her closer and closer to sleep.
"Sleep princess, we have a long journey home." Bucky said but Y/N had so many questions, but he fight was sleep was stronger and as she tried to fight, her eyes closed and soon her light snores could be heard by Bucky.
"Well Buck, this seems like a better bounty than gold, huh?" Steve said and Bucky smirked.
"Once we get home, get the ceremony started as soon as possible." Bucky said and Steve agreed.
"The sooner the better." Steve said and soon they began of the ceremony, looking down at their princess every so often and excited for what was to come.
It was days later and they clan had traveled back to their home. It was already spreading like wildfire that their leaders were marrying a human princess.
Everywhere Y/N looked Orcs would stare and whisper. It was hard for Y/N to be in a strange place and to have the Orcs whispers but it wouldn't last long when Steve and Bucky would glare and pick her up, showing the clan that she was theirs.
She knew how possessive they were, it wasn't hard to tell when every moment they held her and cradled her. Every time they did it was hard for her not to blush.
She knew that they were gentlemen and could see how gentle they were trying to be with her but she knew after the ceremony it would be more than holding.
She was scared, scared of what to expect, she has been told of bedding. She was a princess of marrying age, it was told she was suppose to marry a prince from the Odin Kingdom.
But this was different they weren't a man and she didn't know if she was going to see something darker after the ceremony.
Of course she was more nervous once they began to explain that the ceremony was to be happening as soon as possible.
She could tell how much it meant to them as they explained how their mothers would say it was important.
Y/N was standing in one of the tents and dressed in a simple white gown. Her hair was put up and flowers were placed in her hair.
She looked at the mirror as Natasha did her hair, Y/N tried not to cry but her fear was overwhelming. She is trying to understand the orc men but she feels like a sheep ready for slaughter.
"We should of never done this." Natasha told Y/N. "I never should of listened to you, it's my fault."
"I don't regret what I did." Y/N said and as tear up, she wiped away tears. "It's just I wish I could be braver."
"Just keep your chin up." Natasha said, and Y/N nodded. "You'll be fine."
"I heard your going to be mated as well from what James told me." Y/N said and Natasha nodded and huffed.
"That guard Bruce ." Natasha said and looked at Y/N with a sad smile. "It already happened, while we were traveling."'
"Natasha I'm so sorry." Y/N said but Natasha shook her head.
"No it's alright, I may of judge him, and their kind a bit too soon." Natasha said. "He is gentle really- it's just I always though Clint would be my husband- and I-"
"Still I should of never-" Y/N was cut off by Natasha.
"No id rather be here with you than you alone."'Natasha said and finished the last touches. "Besides maybe the leaders won't be too bad, they have a beautiful and fierce princess as their mate."
Natasha let Y/N see her full look and Y/N looked at herself and for a moment forgot about everything and smiled.
"You look beautiful." Natasha said and squeezed Y/N's shoulder. Y/N was brought back to reality and let out a shaky sigh.
"Lets go to my ceremony." Y/N said and Natasha turned Y/N around to look at her.
"Give them a chance, I did with Bruce, what's the worst that could happen?" She said to Y/N. "Bruce took a vow and it's important to them with this vow that I know and I promise you that it won't be bad."'
Y/N listened to Natasha's words with a nod and Natasha led her outside the tent and there stood Bruce.
He was outside waiting and he bent down and kissed Natasha's forehead. Y/N looked at Natasha and Bruce and what Y/N saw was true. He looked like he was being careful, gentle. Not at all when he first met the two.
She could see Natasha needed time but she could tell Bruce would never harm her.
"Steve and Bucky told me to take you to the river." Bruce said and Y/N nodded.
"Is everyone f-from the clan going to be there?" She asked and Bruce shook his head.
"No, our ceremonies are very sacred." Bruce said. "Just the elder and our leaders will be there."
Y/N nodded and Natasha held her hand and squeezed it.
"It'll be alright." Natasha said and Y/N let out a shaky breath.
"Time to move, the sun is setting." Bruce said and led them down the path.
The fireflies glowed in the orange and purple hues of the forest. Y/N held flowers in her hand and at each step she felt sick.
She followed behind Natasha and Bruce and had her head down.
She wished her mother could of been to the ceremony, especially her father. She remembered her father telling her she would be the prettiest bride and that he couldn't wait for the day that he could dance with her.
But that sadly would never happen, she missed her family with every fiber of her being but always reminded herself it was for her family.
The farther they walked Y/N could hear the sound of the water flowing in the river. She could see torches lit in the distance, and flower scattered across the floor.
"This is where we leave you." Bruce said and lifted Natasha into his arms and nipped at her neck, which she blushed. Y/N looked away and as the two left her alone, she could hear Bruce growl.
Y/N looked ahead and saw Steve and Bucky in the distance and in between them was what she assumed was the elder of the clans.
Y/N gulped and walked to them and there they stood with special pelts and flowers on their pelts. They were groomed and could tell they had freshened up for the ceremony.
"This must be your mate." The elder woman said. "I'm Okoye, one of the clan's elders."
"H-Hello." Y/N stuttered and the warm smile of the elder calmed her.
"It is okay my dear, no need to fear." She said and looked at the two men. "May we begin?"
"Yes, please." Steve said and looked down at Y/N and for the first time, Y/N had seen joy on Steve's face.
"Yes." Bucky said and Y/N could see the same expression on Bucky.
"We stand here today in nature, within the glory of this land to bind you three together." Okoye began. "We treat our other half with love but most importantly trust, you have your cloth?"
Steve nodded and pulled out a blue silk cloth and Bucky a red one and held it out to her. She grabbed it and looked at Y/N.
"Come my child." She said and Y/N put the flowers down and held out her arms. Okoye was gentle and wrapped the two silks around her arm and tied them.
She then tied the blue and red together and both men used a hand to grab each arm gently.
"This binding is permanent, this is a symbol of bondage and mating, do you understand?" Okoye said and the men smiled.
"We do." They both said and Okoye looked down at Y/N once more.
"Do you understand?" She asked and Y/N nodded shakily.
"I understand." She said and Okoye nodded and grabbed the silk and with astonishments the blue and red silk began to glow.
Okoye's hand were glowing and in an instant the silk disappeared and she let go and Y/N stood there in shock.
"It is done, I now pronounce you mates." She said and bowed. "You may kiss the bride."
Bucky instantly grabbed Y/N and kissed her and she was shocked. Overwhelmed by the feeling of electric sparks from the kiss, she melted into the kiss. Gripping onto Bucky's arm.
Then Steve turned her around and did the same thing and kissed her as well. Feeling the same thing and touching Steve's face. She pulled away and gasped Steve got on his knees and put his forehead on hers and Bucky came up behind her and breathed down her neck.
"You are now one." Okoye said. "May Mother Nature bless your union."
Okoye bowed to her clan leaders and left the three in the flower patch. She blushed as she felt their touches.
"You're ours now princess." Bucky said and kissed her shoulder.
"We have a place to show you." Steve said and picked her up, she squealed and felt her heart race.
"W-where are we going?" She asked and Bucky tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.
"Somewhere special." He said and the men began to grab a few things as Y/N stayed in Steve's arms, her heart racing and face red. Bucky grabbed one of the torches that lit up their ceremony.
They began to walk across the river and far away from the small place of their union. She watched as the only thing lighting up the forest was Bucky's torch.
She could see the sun had finally set and night time had begun.
The firefly's light would spark every few minutes, she watched as Bucky stopped and Steve covered Y/N's eyes.
"What are you doing?" Y/N huffed and Steve squeezed her leg.
"Little minx, we have a surprise." Steve said. "We understand we've made you give up so much, and that you've lived different from us so this is a gift for you, a wedding present."
Steve released his hand and Y/N was let down and in front of her was a barely built cottage, stones and axes close near a tree. In front of the building cottage many lovely lantern lit, display of flowers, fruits, and a blanket of fur laid down on the ground.
"W-what is this?" She asked surprised, her eyes filling up with tears.
"This is going to be our home." Bucky said. "We ordered it as soon as we got back, we've only laid down foundation and such but this will be our home instead of the tents in the camp."
"R-really? And this?" She asked as placed her knees on the soft fur.
"We understand that your scared of- of bedding, especially two Orcs like us." Steve said and got down on the fur blanket. "We want this to be a good experience for our mate."
"We want to show you we want to be good mates." Bucky said and laid got on his knees and took her small hand into his larger one. "If you let us."
Y/N smiled for the first time in front of the two Orcs and threw her arms around them. They were surprised as she tried to hug them tight.
"I'm so thankful- I've never in my life been gifted something so special and thoughtful." She said and looked at the home. "It's beautiful."
"Lay down, let us make you feel good." Steve said and laid her down on the fur. She let out a shaky breath as the two Orcs looked down at her hungrily.
"I've been waiting for this." Bucky said and leaned down and and began to suck on her neck. She mewled and laughed, feeling aroused and ticklish.
As Bucky kissed her neck, he grabbed her dress and ripped it immediately. She gasped as she was no bare, her nude body dimly lit from the lantern.
Steve and Bucky looked down at her body in awe, looking down to what they believe was heaven.
She tried to use her hands to cover herself up but Steve grabbed her hands and put it above her head.
"Don't hide your body from us." Steve said and put his head on the other side of her neck and nipped. "Body sent from heaven."
"Wonder if she tastes like heaven." Bucky said grinning.
Her breath hitched and before she could protest, Bucky got down to her aching core and with his long and thick tongue, he licked her core.
She jumped at the feeling as his tongue glided through her folds. She moaned as he dragged his slowly and touching her clit every so often.
"How does she taste Buck?" Steve asked as he gripped Y/N's side with his large palm.
"Heaven." Bucky said and wiped his mouth for a second. "Glad no man has ever been in between these legs, this is better than any drink."
Bucky dove back down like a mad men, he licked little kitten licks and used his two fingers to spread her lips open.
She felt the cool air and she gasped, until Steve bent down and kissed her. He growled into the kiss once Y/N began to tug on his hair. Steve pulled away from the kiss and began to suck on her breasts.
His tusks grazing her skin and making her moan.
"Let's stretch her a bit." Bucky said and entered his tongue into her core. His tongue going in and out, Y/N screamed in pleasure from the intrusion.
The stretch burned at first but with Steve kissing and marking all over her body, the pain was unnoticeable.
"You've been hogging her Buck." Steve said and Y/N had an idea and she couldn't believe she was about to offer.
"Steve- I can- I mean can I suck you off then?" She asked and both men looked at her with bewilderment. Steve's only lasted moments until he growled and immediately pulled down his garment and there his cock was there in all its glory.
She was very intimated to say the least, his cock had to be at least 9 maybe 10 inches. It was long and veiny, the tip of it angry and leaking, waiting for it to be touched.
"It's okay, let's take it slow." Steve said and touched her cheek with his palm. "Get her on her stomach."
Bucky flipped her over and began to eat her out again, she moaned out and Steve loved the view that was in front of him.
He watched as his friend began to devour her, and the site of his bride, mouth open and drooling had him ready to burst.
Steve rubbed his cock a few times before letting her grab it. She looked up at him with doe innocent eyes.
"What should I do?" She asked and Steve chuckled, and took her hands and let her hold it firmly.
"You can lick it, suck it, do what you feel is comfortable." He said and she began to lick up and down his cock, making him jolt.
She tried but her small mouth couldn't do it, she decided to lick the tip, and as her spit coated his cock, it was easier for her to move her hand up and down.
"Oh god." Steve shuddered. "So good."
Y/N moaned on his cock as Bucky used his finger and began to pump it in and out as his tongue licked her soaked clit.
"B-Bucky." Y/N moaned and Bucky moved faster and faster and she whined.
"S-Somethings happening." Y/N said and Bucky didn't stop but went faster. "Oh god."
She began to feel an overwhelming feeling in her tummy.
"Your gonna cum." Steve said and looked up and watched as she as mess as Bucky fingered her. "Bucky she's gonna cum."
Y/N arched her back and suddenly she felt the coil snap, the overwhelming feeling washed over her, making her quiver and legs shake.
She felt something pooling at her core and Bucky came up and was coated in juices.
"Steve she squirted all over my face, her juices just kept flowing." Bucky said and as Y/N was gasping for breath she didn't realize that Bucky lost his garments as well.
"I think it's time for her to take us, don't you think?" Steve asked and Bucky nodded.
"You take her first, I'm thicker." Bucky said and Y/N looked down and what he said was true. He was about 8-8.5 but he was thicker than Steve.
Steve came over and shivered as he looked at Y/N in her lust filled state.
"I'm gonna try and be gentle, okay?" Steve said and Y/N nodded. Steve put his hand down and Y/N grabbed it and rested it up against her face and sighed. "Ready?"
She nodded and Steve used his cock to slide across her folds and when he thought he had enough, he began to push in.
She gasped and immediately Bucky laid down beside her and soothed her with words. Tears began to fall from her eyes and tried to be strong.
The burning sensation was more apparent now as Steve stretched.
"Fuck me, this is the tightest cunt I've ever been in." Steve said and tried to hold the urge of fucking her senseless. "Like velvet."
"Your doing so good baby." Bucky said as Y/N began to breathe heavily. "You taking Steve so good."
"C-can I move princess?" Steve asked and Y/N nodded shakily.
Steve began to move his hips and slowly enter her in and out. She gasped as she soon felt pleasure over pain.
"How does it feel?" Bucky asked and Steve began to move his pace a little bit more.
"G-good." She said and Steve smirked at Bucky. "D-do you want me to-"
Bucky cut her off with a kiss and pressed his forehead against hers.
"No, this is all about you, trust me we have many nights for this." He said with a chuckle and sucked on her neck, leaning another big mark. She moaned loudly and it only stroked their ego more.
"Better than any man, you need to be fucked by someone who can pleasure you." Steve grunted. "Say it, say that no man would pleasure you like this."
Y/N had her mouth open but said nothing, Bucky used his finger to get her to look at him.
"He asked you to do something. Do it." Bucky ordered and cause Y/N to grip on Steve's cock tighter.
"N-No man would g-give me p-pleasure l-like this- oh god." Y/N said and began to whimper and feel herself getting close.
"Come with me princess." Steve said and used both fo his arms to hold Y/N up against his chest. Her warm filled cheeks pressed up against his hard chest.
She felt safe and contented and it only added more when Bucky came up from behind and held his palm up against her back.
"I'm coming." Y/N moaned out and lifted her head up and looked at Steve, grabbing his face and leaning it down for her to kiss. Steve growled and began to go fast as he reached his release.
He could feel the liquid spill on his thighs, causing his sex drive to increase.
A string of curses filled the air from Steve as he emptied himself inside of her. She felt his cock twitch in her and Bucky caught her before she fell back on the fur.
He rubbed her stomach as she felt knocked out, Steve chuckled and she could see the sweat off his forehead. His hair sticking to it as if he had run a marathon.
"Don't think we're done yet." Bucky said as Steve slowly pulled out, causing Y/N to wince from the empty feeling. "I still need to feel our gorgeous princess."
Bucky then switched places with Steve and Y/N felt his seed falling out.
Bucky thick cock went up and down her folds, collecting her slick and Steve's cum and making it a lubricant for himself.
"Alright princess, if you need me to stop, tell me." Bucky said and Y/N nodded as Steve massaged her breasts. Every so often pinching her nipple, making her jolt.
Bucky began to enter and this was another wave of pain as Bucky stretched her out more.
"It'll get easier over time, Bucky and I will never be satisfied." Steve said and squeezed her left breast. "We'll be filling you up almost every day and imagine our cottage filled with little ones."
Y/N was too hazed to feel anxiety, as Bucky's cock stretched her.
"Steve you were right, velvet." Bucky said and pulled out slowly, then pulling right back in.
Y/N winced and Steve touched her tummy and felt Bucky's bulge.
"You feel that? You feel Bucky cock so full inside you, it barely fits?" Steve asked and Y/N gripped Bucky's cock from Steve's words.
"You we're made for us." Bucky said as he began to set a pace. "Made to be our mate and mother to our children."
"Yes! Yes!" Y/N chanted and began to feel that same feeling of pleasure.
"Good girl princess." Bucky said and began to go harder and faster.
"Look at you taking a real orc's cock like a good girl." Steve said and kissed her cheek.
"Hell, just like that." Bucky said and began to slam into her causing Y/N to scream and arch her back. Bucky felt the same trickle as he did on his face earlier and saw as she spilled over his thighs.
"Yes princess, yes." Bucky said and just as he did Steve, he released inside of her. Both Steve and Bucky's cum coaxed her walls, claiming her as theirs.
Y/N began to breathe heavily once again and Bucky tried not to fall straight on her. So he gently pulled out and left her empty and yet full at the same time.
"Did I do good?" Y/N asked sleepily as both Orcs laid down beside her. Steve grabbed fresh water from the bucket they had and grabbed the ladle and helped her drink a bit.
"Yes, better than we've ever imagine, mate." Steve said and laid down beside her and placed his arm around her stomach.
"You did so good." Bucky said and put his arm around her chest. "Our princess now."
"But-" Y/N tried to talk but Steve shushed her and nuzzled his face into her neck.
"Sleep now, we have plenty of time for talking." Steve said and squeezed her tight.
Steve and Bucky could hear her soft snores as she fell asleep after taking the two Orcs.
"Our princess." Bucky said and looked down at her claimed core. Shutting his eyes as well and falling to sleep.
"Best treasure." Steve whispered and was the last one to sleep.
The three of them laid on the big fur blanket and the only thing that could be heard were frogs and crickets that made sounds in the night.
The lantern began to dim, leaving them in the dark. The princess slept peacefully and for the first time since she's been with the Orcs felt completely safe.
OMG THIS IS A LONG ONE!!!!! Hope you like it and I might do more on this AU! Like, Reblog, comment if you like this and if you have any requests or ideas let me know!
I do Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.! 💕✨✨
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pricklynoodle · 11 months
Tumblr media
Spooji au lol (•̀ᴗ•́)و
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espinosaurusrexex · 2 months
Rest and Recover
Prince!Bucky x Pincess!Reader
In which Y/N is sick and Bucky visits to comfort her.
a/n: I might have a series idea in the making, and it might also take place within a royal!marvel universe. But for now, here is a little teaser for something that I haven't even finished yet. With that being said, enjoy!
word count: 2k
warnings: prince Bucky 'cause he's so sweet it'll give you a toothache, also possible misuse of lady and sir and highness (I get so confused with titles I'm sorry)
Tumblr media
The air in the room was stuffy and sick when Anne crossed it to get to the windows of the extravagant place. She opened the tall blue curtains at the very left fenestra and moved down the wall after that. The room filled with light step by step, dipping the chamber in its soft morning glow. The gold embellishing on the various frames shone in soft yellow hues that reflected on the tall ceilings. She was about to open the third, and last curtain by a slit before she noticed a pained groan coming from the bed in the center of the adjacent wall.
“Please, leave them closed, Anne.” A weak voice pleaded, a single beam of light falling through the open curtain and illuminating a part of the princess’s face. A couple lint flyaways danced in the beacon, perfectly catching the force of the sun with faint glimmers in its reflection.
“Are you not feeling well, your highness?” Annes’s big eyes grew concerned when she saw the princess laying on the bed with her left hand grasping the pillow. Her head was pushed into the soft cushion on its side, the mouth barely agape to make breathing easier. The rest of her body limp beneath the thick blanket. 
“I believe, I am sick.” The princess struggled to make her voice seem steady as she slowly rolled on her back, pulling her blanket even higher. 
The maid stepped forward, extending her hand to the royal’s forehead to test for her temperature.
“By heavens, you are burning up, Ms. Y/N!” She taunted while retracting her hand, rushing to the door. “I ought to call the maids to bathe you and-“
“No!” The woman halted in her steps at the order. “I don’t want anyone near me. I simply wouldn’t feel right if I were to get anyone else sick.” Y/N slowly pushed her weakened body up on the headboard. Though it only slumped back down with her head slightly tilted upright.
“But, Lady Y/N. A bath will do you good.” Anne strode back to the foot of the bed, holding eye contact with the barely open orbs directed at her. 
“I will be fine, Anne. Please, would you just inform everyone not to enter my chambers today?”
The maid breathed out defeatedly, her shoulders slumping as her head bowed to the princess. “Of course, your highness. Though, can I at least make you a cup of tea?” She asked, her head raised again. She would simply not accept leaving the royal entirely to herself in this state of being. 
“That would be wonderful, thank you.” The princess dully smiled and peeled her hands out of the downy material. Then she watched her maid leave the room with a hurry in her step she had always had. 
Y/N leaned her head to the right, towards the wall of windows stretching upon it. The very last one closest to her, still with a partly open drapery whereas the others slowly brightened the room farther away from the bed. She sighed as she stole a glance at the outside world, slowly waking and embracing the bright morning. It was a shame, really. The princess had planned to spend the whole day outside, riding out with the prince and visiting the townspeople at the market. Maybe she would have let the children harrow her horse like they always asked whenever she came into town. 
After Anne came back with a steaming cup of tea, Y/N had settled back in bed with a book. Though her eyes grew heavier with every word she read and her head felt like bursting after a little while. Her sickness overtook her with gradual speed and she was eventually forced to discard the book and lay back down to slow the pounding pain in her head. 
It must have been midday when she awoke again. Her limps were sore from the lack of movement throughout the day, and her left hand tingled from being pressed beneath her body for too long. When Y/N opened her eyes, her gaze fell onto a freshly poured cup of tea on her bedside. She smiled at the care of her maid that urged her to disobey the royal’s rule to stay away in fear of contracting whatever had held the princess in bed all day.
Another thing caught her attention, then. And she quickly noticed that this was perhaps the reason for her waking up. Muffled voices traveled from the tall door through the room. There was concern in their tones and an urgency she could not particularly place. 
“You simply cannot enter, your highness. The princess explicitly ordered for no one to enter her chambers today.” It was Anne who argued with reason beyond the wooden barrier. Her voice was cursory and authoritative. 
“And I simply do not care. Now, let me enter!” Another frustrated voice answered with mockery. It was deeper by a lot and laced with jurisdiction. Y/N knew exactly who it belonged to, and she could not help but let a faint smile paint her face which was pressed on the soft pillow.
“I beg your understanding, Sir. She is weak and cannot be bothered.” Anne pleaded again, but her imploring must have been in vain. Because seconds after, a metallic rattling was heard along with shuffling of heavy steps. The visitor must have shoved the guard aside to reach the door of Y/N’s dormitory. 
When the heavy wood opened with haste, a tall figure in dark blue and beige garments entered the room. His gaze searched through the space for a second before settling on the bed, where the weakened princess lay with a kind look spreading over her features. 
Anne hurried in behind the man, her eyes adorned with reproach as she directed her words to the princess. “I am utterly sorry, Ms. Y/N. I couldn’t stop him!” She had her hands resting on her hips. Her tone was frustrated, yet looped with slight amusement for the concern of the prince beside her. 
“That is alright, Anne. He can stay.” The princess confirmed quietly. The falter in the man’s features by the sound of her frail voice did not go unnoticed by Y/N. 
As soon as the maid left the room and closed the door behind her again, the prince strode forward with five large steps. His eyebrows were furrowed as concern laced through his mien at the sight of his princess.
“Bucky.” Y/N smiled, though her eyes seemed too heavy to crinkle up at her words. She reached her hand out to the dark-haired man beside her, urging him to sit down on the bed. Her hand settled in his once he did. 
“My darling,” he whispered with a smile as his other hand smoothed over Y/N’s forehead, coming to rest on her hair after the loving motion, “how are you feeling?” His eyes harbored so much emotion that Y/N struggled to keep the welling tears back at the amount of comfort he brought into the room. 
“Better, now that you are here.” She squeezed his hand weakly, nestling in his touch with her head as Bucky lifted her knuckles to his lips. 
“Oh, don’t cry, my love.” Bucky cradled her face in his hand, his thumb swiping at the wet streak of salty tears on her cheek. “I’m here, and I’m not leaving until you say so.” 
He kicked off his boots and let them fall to the floor with a heavy thud. Y/N whimpered at the lack of touch from him as the coldness spread over her body in goosebumps. 
“Don’t. You’ll get sick, too.” A warning tone threaded her words. As much as she would love to have Bucky even closer to her, the thought of him enduring what she was currently experiencing made her stomach twist.
He paused in his action, looking at her. “Y/N, you should know by now that there is nothing keeping me from being by your side.”
Then he scooted up the bed to sit beside the princess, his head resting on the headboard before he opened his arms to welcome her into his chest. Y/N did not hesitate to jump into the invitation. Though, her body reminded her of the circumstance that arose this opportunity. And she slumped back down with her strength leaving her body.
“Careful.” The prince chuckled with benevolence in his tone. He slid down a little to make the angle more accessible for Y/N and helped her ease into his chest. His right hand drew steady circles onto her back and the left held hers tightly over his heart. Y/N let out a relieved breath. The fabric of his shirt was silky and cool. It smelled of musk and Bucky, which was a scent that could hardly be described to anyone who had not experienced it. But it brought a sense of amenity and ease whenever she caught even the faintest whiff of it. 
“Tell me something, Bucky.” She closed her eyes and reveled in the comfort this position brought her after the well-needed but slightly discouraging loneliness she had requested this morning. There was a difference in people’s presences for Y/N. But Bucky had always been an exception. He made the best moments perfect and added nothing but comfort and delight to every situation. If Y/N wanted to be alone, he was allowed to be alone with her. Because it wasn’t exhausting in his presence. There was no need to entertain the other because they could simply spend hours upon hours staring at one another without saying a word and without boredom or judgment. There was no urge for etiquette and aching postures because they were so comfortable around each other that, what would be categorized as ‘deviant’ by others, was wanted by and normal for the pair.
“I went to the market alone, today.” Bucky cleared his throat before proceeding with a smoother tone. “The children asked for you,” he smiled, “they wished to make flower crowns with you.”
“I wish I could have been there with you,” she chuckled, “you would have looked beautiful with a flower crown.” The thought of the courageous prince with an array of colorful flowers atop his head was too delightful not to imagine. And Bucky would have embraced it, too. Not like other men who fled at the mere hint of degradation to their masculinity. 
“Not nearly as beautiful as you,” he answered, unbothered by the prior comment.
Y/N yawned then and sunk deeper into his broad chest. Her hand clutching his tightly, still. 
“You should sleep, my love. Rest and recover.” A kiss was placed on Y/N’s temple and Bucky could certainly feel how hot her forehead was.
The princess lifted her head in dissent. “I have been sleeping the whole day. I want to spend time with you.” But her protest was interrupted by another yawn stretching her face to which Bucky just chuckled. 
He looked in her eyes intently, stroking her shoulder. There was a love within them Y/N had only ever known from him. And it felt like home. Like a promised safety whenever she was near them.
“Don’t you worry. I’ll be here when you wake up. I'm not leaving your side until you demand it,” he reiterated with an encouraging smile.
Y/N placed her head back on his chest defeatedly, letting his steady heartbeat lull her to sleep. She was instantly overtaken by exhaustion, but she caught the faint whisper to her hairline before slumber consumed her fully in its restoring embrace.
“Sleep well, beautiful. I’ll hold you close.” And he did. He watched over her for the rest of the day until he fell asleep himself. Embraced with his princess, cozy and safe.
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buckyalpine · 12 days
Missing 2
Here is a silly part 2 to the silly first fic here 
Fluff, Mob Bucky is an adorable goof, this is worse than the first fic okay. I’m openly acknowledging this is ridiculous and stupid but I’m posting it anyway. 
“Why the fuck is he still here” 
Bucky narrowed his eyes, watching him carefully, hating the way he moved with such suave. Who the fuck does he think he is?! It had been days of him coming around, pretending his intentions were innocent but Bucky knew better. He had been in the game long enough to be able to read someone's character. 
There was nothing innocent about this. 
He was after his pretty baby and that wasn’t okay. 
“If you have such a problem with him, go do something about it” Sam snorted, watching the mob boss huff, shaking his head.
“I can’t just tell him to fuck off” Bucky grumbled, ready to give him the finger. “Even though he should, I don’t want him 10 feet near my princess” 
“I’m sure if you stare at him long enough, he’ll take the hint”
Bucky glared at him once more for good measure before smiling down at the purring ball of fur that pawed at his leg, demanding to be picked up. She had dragged your sweater into the room, dropping it by his feet, giving him a pointed look. 
“Hi baby” He picked up his sassy little fur baby, giving her a few kisses and scratching her head, cocking an eyebrow at her seeing the sweater she brought with her. “You miss her huh, maybe I should ask her out soon?”
“Merp” Alpine nudged her head against his chest while Sam shook his head, running a hand over his face. 
“For fucks sake, at least listen to the cat and ask her out” 
“He’s right” Steve smirked at his friend, snorting at the ridiculous sight of Bucky cooing at his cat, “Stop worrying about him and actually go ask her out”
Bucky thought for a moment, he had to do it right. You were sweet. Kind. Summer and flowers. His mind was all over the place, he couldn't stop thinking about you but would you even want to go out with someone like him? 
You sipped your tea, cozy in an oversized t-shirt and some fuzzy socks, snuggled under a blanket with your favorite tv show pulled up. You smiled sadly at the empty corner Alpine liked to snuggle in; even if she was with you for a few days, you missed her purrs and silky fur nuzzled against you. Then there was her owner. It shouldn’t have been legal for someone that attractive to have a cute white fluffy kitten, the combination of the two overloaded all your senses. Your mind continuously bounced between the both of them, not sure who you wanted to snuggle with more. Both with the same mischievous blue eyes and sassy attitude to match. You blinked hearing the doorbell ring; no one ever visited you at this hour. Then it rang again. 
You ran to your door, abandoning your tea and Netflix, squealing when you saw your sweet little fur baby sitting in a basket of red roses, a small note tucked onto the side. She hopped out of the basket and into your arms, nudging her nose onto yours. 
“Now how did you get here baby” you giggled, looking up to see a flustered Bucky on your drive way, waiting hopefully for you to read the note. You pulled the note out, smiling at the beautiful handwriting, biting back a smile as you read. 
Thank you for taking such good care of me, I missed you. I sleep in your sweater every single night. I wanted to see you again. 
PS: Will you go out on a date with my daddy?
You grinned, feeling your face heat up, looking up at the blushing mob boss. He made his way over while you kept Alpine tucked in your arms; the ball of fur making a show of snuggling in your hold. Bucky shook his head at his cat’s antics; if only he was as adorable as she was. 
“Sorry” Bucky blushed sheepishly, his heart racing when you took the basket of flowers and invited him inside. “I-I didn’t get to properly thank you for taking care of Alpine” 
“I was happy just to look after her” You smiled, feeling giddy over the fact that he was in your house again. “But I’d love to go out with you” 
That was all he needed to hear, kissing your cheek before leaving, his mind already thinking about where to take you. 
“I’ll see you soon doll” 
Bucky made sure he gave you the sweetest date possible, taking you out to a quiet diner where he spent the evening looking at you with heart eyes. His heart fluttered over your sweetness and he had to mentally restrain himself from cupping your cheeks and kissing you every time you looked at him. What the hell was wrong with him. 
The first date turned into a second date. Then a third. Most recently, he invited you over so he could make you brunch and eat in the large patio in his garden. Bucky’s heart started tp leap again, looking at his pretty doll set out strawberries on a plate and carrying a jug of lemonade.  He didn’t know what to do with himself when you brought him flowers from your flower shop to brighten his home, he already knew he was going to keep that bouquet preserved forever. 
You both finished eating, curled up on Bucky’s couch for some cuddles, his hand softly stroking your hair, stopping abruptly when he saw movement by the window. You sat up when you felt his body stiffen, looking up to see him staring at someone through the window. 
“Fuck, he’s back again” His chest rumbled against you, moving you over as he stalked to the window, frowning. 
“Who” You couldn’t see anyone from where you were sitting, nearly collapsing on the floor when you joined Bucky’s side. Now you knew exactly where Alpine learned her dramatics. 
“Him” Bucky growled at a stray black cat that slinked around his garden, purring as soon as his green eyes landed on Alpine who was basking near the windowsill. 
“It’s a cat Bucky”
“That’s not a cat, that’s a punk” He narrowed his eyes at the cat while he sauntered over, his tail swishing about, gracefully hopping on the ledge, his nose nudging against the glass, right where Alpine sat. “She’s too good for you”
“Oh my god” You wheezed, shaking your head while Steve walked by, stopping when he saw Bucky by the window. It had become a weekly occurrence, he was used to the scene before him, not that it was ever any less ridiculous. 
“Is he beefing with the cat again” Steve snorted while you burst out laughing, looking at Bucky staring off with the cat, his precious baby tucked in his arms. 
“Does this happen often?”
“Mhm, has he given him the finger yet?” 
“Shut up Steve” 
“He just wants a home, I think it’s sort of sweet” You nudged Bucky while he shook his head. Your heart melted, looking at Alpine trying to wiggle out of Bucky’s hold, inching towards the black cat that sat outside who was peering into the warm house. 
“I don’t trust him” 
“C’mon, he’s a little like you” Bucky frowned at you while you giggled, cupping his  face, pulling him down to kiss his lips, smiling when you felt him melt into your hold, his hands coming down to hold your waist. “He’s just a little misunderstood. Handsome on the outside and sweet on the inside”
Bucky’s ears perked up, a smirk dancing on his lips, pulling you closer. 
“You think I’m handsome and sweet?” 
“Bucky!” You rolled your eyes, “That’s what you got from what I just said?” You squeaked when he lifted you in his arms, carrying you off to his room, deciding he’d deal with the punk outside later. There were more important things that required his attention. 
“We have all night, tell me more my pretty doll” 
A few years later *
“I told you Alp would be with the groomsmen” Sam grinned, holding the white ball of fluff while Steve stood by Bucky. Alpine purred, a large silky bow replacing her collar. 
“That’s only because y/n has Bucky jr. on her side” The black cat purred in your best friends arms, his green eyes blinking at Alpine and then at Bucky, a little bowtie around his neck. 
“She named him Toothless, not Bucky Jr” Bucky groaned, shaking his head at the green eyes that blinked at him, he may have given into you adopting him but he still didn’t fully trust his intentions. 
“You love him” You giggled at your soon to be husband, waiting for his lips to press onto yours, ready to start a new chapter together along with your fur babies. 
“Hm, not as much as I love you” He whispered, pulling you into his arms as soon as he’s told he can kiss the bride, pouring every ounce of his love into the kiss. 
Who would have thought his little fur baby going on an adventure would bring him the greatest love of his life. 
*Of course when he does propose to you, there’s basically two proposals. One is perfect, romantic, intimate. Just the two of you, his sweet words, soft kisses. It was beautiful and you loved it but he already had your heart when you first feel 4 little paws on the bed earlier that day, a wet nose nudging you awake. There’s a new note attached to her collar, not a whole lot written on it but the few words bring tears to your eyes. 
Will you be my mama? 
To which you immediately say yes and gasp when you see a little ring on Alpine’s collar. Bucky smiles by the door, striding over to pull you into his lap, his heart filling with warmth when you attack him with 100′s of kisses. 
Alpine purrs proudly; she always knew you’d be the perfect mommy for her daddy. 
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doesntseemfxir · 6 months
𝑐𝑒𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑢𝑚 ⁍ 𝑤. 𝑚𝑎𝑥𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑓𝑓
Tumblr media
a/n: yea maybe this took me weeks to write... what about it.. this is the toy being mentioned btw
warnings: This is an 18+ AU, minors DNI; smut of the fluffy kind; toy use (vibrators); innocence kink gf/ corruption kink gf central; R continues to be a meanie to Wanda just for her own enjoyment, but she's a simp
words: 5.1k
summary: my soul to keep AU; Wanda hates being apart so much... you find a solution. For your own benefit of course, completely. Definitely not because you like her
my soul to keep series. 
“Are you going to send me home now?” 
Wanda knew the time of day; she grew to despise sunsets whenever she was with you. Since that first night outside, you’d been a bit more lenient, letting her stay and snooze for a while before you personally escorted her as far as you could to the boundary without detection. Sometimes if she protested enough you gave in and settled in for another night under the stars.
Those nights where she laid against your warm figure, snuggled into your chest with your arms covering her own, were her favorite. Nothing compared to the slow rhythm of your heartbeat as she fell asleep. You’d never said it aloud, but you loved holding Wanda at night too, knowing she was safe and sound and cared for. Even so, it was still outside and the longer the two of you spent together in the open, the more you risked being seen by another angel or worse, some ravenous night creature. “Do you want to go home?”
You were playing with her hair when she whipped around, shaking her head so violently you were shocked it didn’t fall off her shoulders. “You already know the answer to that question.”
Wanda hadn’t realized how lonely she was until you came along; now she knew that even her “friends” weren’t really that and with her family long gone, Wanda’s apartment always felt like it was missing something. She would love to bring you over, make you dinner, really do anything with you, but there was no way you could come close to her building. You never let her think about visiting yours; Wanda could go, but she’d be a target for sure. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to protect her from that danger, but it was a situation you’d rather keep clear of.
“Hmm…” It had taken what you charted as a few months to find the perfect solution. Something quiet, out of the way, but not difficult for either of you to get to. The hardest part was keeping it a secret; each milestone you passed working on your surprise, you wanted to come clean. Especially when Wanda gave you the saddest puppy eyes every night you stayed firm and told her to go home. She looked so dejected whenever she couldn’t convince you and it was those times you made sure to send her an extra heart or two in a text. 
Only to placate her, nothing else. 
Now that your surprise was done, it was only a matter of time before you could finally share… you just hoped Wanda appreciated it. “I have something for you. Would you like to see it?” 
She ignored the apparent change of subject in favor of whatever it was you had for her; maybe you wouldn’t make her beg to stay tonight. “Stop asking me stupid questions, of course, I want to see!” Wanda held out her hands eagerly, sadness forgotten while she awaited her gift. She was so excited, you almost hated that your surprise was a bit of a walk away. To you, it was worth the wait.
You got to your feet and helped Wanda to hers, dusting her off as if you’d accidently dropped your favorite toy in the dirt. “Come with me, I swear you’ll like it.” Wanda waved away her confusion when she noticed you were walking the opposite way of the heavens; she had never walked this far away before, she’d never had the need to. 
Everything she knew was right where she always was. You were the one thing she couldn’t have how she was now and that’s what powered her forwards, a deep desire to change into whatever it was that would let her stay by your side.
Wanda was too lost in her thoughts to remember how long they’d walked, but the sun had almost fully set by the time they got to your destination. Hidden behind a small collection of trees and bushes, you pushed open the short metal gate you’d fixed up just that morning as a finishing touch and stepped aside for Wanda to see what you’d been so eager to show off.
The small house was cute, nothing like she’d ever think you’d pay attention to, much more… for her? No, you hadn’t done this for her, just for the convenience, if this was even what you were trying to show her. Wanda hated thinking that you might be pulling some prank, taking her to some sweet cottage just to laugh at the hope that it’d been put together for her. “This… is it?” 
“So you can stop bugging me to stay, yes.” And so hopefully she’d choose to stay longer. 
“You’re always going on about wanting to do stuff together and this way, we can. When you want… no pressure..” As you watched Wanda’s shocked expression, fixed on the house, you realized this might have looked too forward. It wasn’t like you were asking her to move in. You both still had your own spaces, you could just… be with each other more. 
Wanda was fun to be around.
“You bought this…? For us?” Wanda finally looked at you, eyes filled to the brim with tears you couldn’t tell were happy or sad yet. Those ambiguous tears scared you; she was so emotional and you were the opposite. As fun as it was to overwhelm her, it was never your goal to do so in a truly negative way.
“Bought is a strong word. I’d put it more as ‘no one was using the space and I see it every day so I just… took it.’ Now, it’s mine.” There were no rules against stealing or squatting as a demon, but from the dirt and grime you’d had to scrub from this house top to bottom, no one would be coming after you to claim the property. The longer Wanda stayed silent, the more your uncertainty grew. Maybe this was too much. Of course it was too much; you’d gotten a house for the girl you had a weird, sadistic crush on. “You don’t have to go in. I’d completely understand if you’re uncomfort-”
“I love it.” She spoke matter-of-factly, walking to the front door without another word. Wanda always wanted a house, but never saw the point in it; what’s the use in a house with no one to share it with? But you’d unknowingly given her a dream she’d long given up on and no matter what the reason, her heart currently felt so fully she could burst. Wanda walked through the rooms excitedly, checking each to discover what they held and as you followed her through the house, you’d never been more grateful to have taken time to clean and furnish the place. She lingered in the kitchen, gushing over the thought of making you breakfasts— you weren’t one to eat much, but if she was that set on it, you’d oblige.
The bedroom was Wanda’s favorite on sight; it was cozy and warm as soon as she stepped past the threshold and she already couldn’t wait to lay down on the bed for a proper sleep. You stood in the doorway, watching her flit about from one corner to another, admiring each new thing she discovered. Wanda was the definition of a pretty sight; you could look at her forever.
When she acknowledged your presence again, it was with clear joy, rushing over to crash into you, bombarding you with a kiss to every part of your face she could reach. “You are the sweetest, you know that? I can’t believe you did all of this!” 
She was as giddy as a schoolgirl with how she was smothering you with affection and you let some emotion spring to the surface, returning her love with a few kisses to her happy cheeks; she was too precious not too. “Only so I don’t have to feel bad making you go home. You don’t make saying no to you very easy.”
Wanda grinned, grabbing your hand in both of hers. One look at the nervous shift in your eyes and she saw right through you. “Awww, you don’t like me leaving either.” 
“Just because you’re here sometimes doesn’t mean I’ll go soft on you. It’s still late and you should be in bed.” You ignored Wanda’s confused groan, ushering her over to the closet across the room. In bed, yes, but sleeping was the last thing on your mind.
“That’s not fair, I never go to bed this early.” Wanda protested, choosing to ignore the yawn that followed. Now that she had the space to spend as much time with you as she could, Wanda wanted to stay up forever, even if it was only to look at you.
“My house, my rules, angel.” That was a line you’d fully cash in on starting today.
Currently this was your favorite part of the house— a set of outfits you’d picked out just for Wanda. You told yourself it was because it’d look weird for her to be constantly carrying clothes back and forth, but really you were way too excitedly buying clothes on the internet for her to ever use that excuse. “You’re being silly…I can’t pick.”
You were already tying her hair back, undoing the zipper that held her dress together at the sides. There were a great many instances you’d dreamt of having her truly all to herself like this; you wanted the first time to be special. The soft drop of fabric never came, Wanda choosing to hold it to her body in a telltale moment of shyness. Still, she backed into you and you hoped you could still see your plan through. “I’ll choose for you. I can dress you up all pretty and then we can do whatever you want.  How’s that?”
“Only if it’s anything I want…” Wanda mumbled, stepping forward just enough where you thought she was going to rush into the bathroom. She surprised you when she stopped at the mirror next to the wooden wardrobe and finally let her dress fall, leaving her in her typical white undergarments. What she wore looked nothing like the things you’d filled the closet with, but you’d never mentioned having a problem with it. Wanda didn’t see the point in redressing really, but she stayed still as you unfastened her bra and didn’t protest when you had her stepping out of her underwear. 
Leaving her only for a few seconds, you snatched the short piece of chosen lingerie from the hanger before hurrying back to Wanda and guiding her arms above her head. You noticed her shiver, the house not having heated up fully yet, and while you were eager to see what she looked like in the silk teddy, you could never resist a chance to play with her. “I’m sorry you’re cold. We’ll fix you right up after I’m through, promise.” Wanda nodded, completely unaware how exactly you planned to warm her past the warm cuddles she loved so much. 
Mindful of her wings, the dress slid over her head easily, soft fabric brushing her goosebumped skin and providing no warmth, but she saw how you stared at her now —a dark look Wanda only caught every once in a while— and she couldn’t help but feel that little flutter deep in her belly. “Do I look okay?”
“Oh darling, you look much more than okay. I just forgot one thing, stay right there.” When you’d first bought it a few weeks ago, you were unsure if you’d ever use it, but seeing Wanda now standing in the clothes you’d bought for her, in the private place you’d set up for just them, you knew this would be a perfect time to introduce something else new to Wanda. 
It wasn’t a big object, Wanda barely saw what you had in your hand before you were right in front of her again. Even then, she couldn’t make sense of the thin straps hanging from the small silicone piece in your hand besides noting it was shaped like a butterfly. It didn’t look like it should function as anything, but once you were guiding her legs through the loops and letting the main part rest against her mound, she had questions. 
“Is this part of the dress?” Surely it couldn’t be; what was the point of having something decorative under lingerie? Wanda was already certain this wasn’t the type outfit you’d let her outside in anyways. 
“It’s a special toy just for you,” Wanda had to turn her head when you knelt before her, kissing the tops of her thighs while you adjusted the new addition until it nestled right against her sex. A strong hand gripped her leg to settle her squirming, letting your lips trail over the junction of her hips, “You’ve been so agreeable and I’ve been waiting to spoil you just a little.” 
Since day one, Wanda had been warned away from indulgence of any kind— she’d never been great at obeying that rule. Maybe not fully spoiled, but well sheltered, Wanda couldn’t see too much harm in letting you take care of her. She liked the attention, loved it even, and the more things she tried for you meant more time spent together and she’d never say no to that. Being here in this space meant she didn’t have to worry about going home to her empty apartment tonight at least and she hoped that maybe, just maybe, if she continued being good you’d let her stay longer than one night. 
“Can it be my turn now?” Her hopeful question met confused ears, having completely forgotten you’d promised to let her decide how you spent the rest of the night. You cracked a smile before Wanda could ask again, standing and slipping the tiny remote she hadn’t yet spotted into your back pocket. She shifted in place just enough to be noticeable, still worried that you might go back on your promise. 
But you’d let her have her fun. Whatever it was, you’d already ensured you’d be having yours at some point as well. “So eager… Did you already have something in mind?” 
Her quick nod confirmed it, face lifting in excitement. “Okay uh… get on the bed… please!” Wanda followed her own command before you could, climbing atop the large mattress and letting it bounce as she folded her legs under her. The dress you’d picked accentuated each movement and it sat perfectly on her hips as she settled in the middle of the bed. 
A small piece of you toyed with just turning your device on now, sitting back and watching Wanda twist and writhe on the bed you’d made up just for her. She was too trusting for her own good, seemingly not a singular sense of danger in her pretty little head. With this house, you could do anything to her, an angel captive in a demon’s new dwelling… and your favorite plaything had just walked right in. Thankfully all you wanted was her and you loved her silly games and naivety— Wanda didn’t know how lucky she was you’d been the one to find her that first day. 
After kicking your shoes off, you took your place in front of her, sitting with your legs crossed and waiting for your next instruction. When none came, you knew you’d have to prompt her into her own idea. “You know you didn’t have to claim a turn just for me to sit and admire how beautiful you are.” 
Wanda blushed at that, watching your hands slide up her bare thighs slowly. She still didn’t understand the point of wearing what you’d put her in, but the one glimpse she caught of herself certainly didn’t make her displeased with her appearance. If you liked it as well, handing her compliments that she’d always seen her friends get, but never received herself, Wanda would put on whatever you chose. It fit, really, considering her game was also inspired by what she’d only observed from afar. 
At parties her friends would leave her, often with another partner, promising they’d be back, but almost never actually returning. She knew they’d picked some private room or another, and only knew parts of what they’d gotten up to by listening to them gossip in the days following. Maria was the loudest of them all, always bragging about who’d she’d kissed and how they’d behaved. Wanda didn’t understand most of it and whenever she asked for clarification, they’d laugh and tell her to grow up, but she knew enough to know their activities started with a kiss. 
That’s what she wanted. Not just one kiss, or the few stolen kisses you’d given her whenever you’d met so far. She wanted whatever her friends did; Wanda didn’t know how to ask for it, but she was sure you knew enough to catch on to what she wanted. Hopefully. “I think we should kiss now.” 
Her determined face was the only thing that held back your laughter; Wanda was serious. “We had to sit here to kiss?” You gripped her thighs just enough to pull her a tiny bit closer, just to be able to lean in and reach her lips at will. You’d done it every time you’d seen her; Wanda knew she didn’t have to do all this for a simple kiss. 
“Sometimes people kiss on beds or rooms! They’re gone for a long time and it’s… different. Show me.” Wanda leant forward now, her arms resting loosely on your shoulders. “I know you know, you said I could have anything.” The tip of her nose brushed yours before she closed the distance for a second, just to kiss your cupid’s bow. True, Wanda didn’t know what she wanted, but she trusted you not to steer her wrong. You’d promised to show her things, to make her feel ways she never thought existed. Now that you couldn’t tell her it was too late or not safe outside, it seemed like the perfect time to ask. “Please…”
“Wanda…” Suddenly the toy you picked wasn’t enough; you wanted to fuck her. Take her and give her everything she was too sweet to know yet. It’d be so easy to push her back, fill her until she was crying and shaking… but no, that was too much for her right now. You’d keep Wanda as innocent as possible until she was begging for it, but when she did, you wanted her to know exactly what she was asking for. It wouldn’t be as fun any other way. 
You’d show her exactly what she was missing and tell her all about it while you did so that when you’d finally had enough, when your patience with your game had run thin and you were ready to give Wanda what she was unknowingly asking for now, you could make her beg explicitly for what she needed.
Maybe it was torturous, but Wanda wouldn’t know any better.
“That’s not a thing good girls ask for, you know?” Pulling back left Wanda pouting, upset that it seemed as though you too were denying her. Poor thing, you couldn’t say no to her forever. “I never said I wouldn’t do it, you’re just not ready for all of that yet! Don’t you want to be a good little angel?”
“I am good!” Wanda insisted, offended that you’d ever think of her as anything else. “Please can we just kiss then? I won’t ask for anything else today.” It was a fair bargain, all things considered. You still owed her and you could show her your new toy without letting her get too carried away. 
You pretended to think it over before nodding, cupping her face in your hands. You gave her cheeks a little squish, holding her still while she wiggled happily. “Precious girl… You look so pretty, how could I not kiss you?” 
Wanda was swept away instantly, letting you take over as you laid claim to her mouth. Between kisses, you’d begun to mutter the little praises she adored— how soft her lips were, the tiny noises she made whenever you nipped at them— each word sent sparks through her system until Wanda could feel the telltale tug begin low in her belly. The urge to shut her legs was strong, but she resisted, wanting to at least look like she was more resilient to you than this.
It really was so easy to stay against her lips forever; something about Wanda tasted inherently sweet, addictive… you had to have as much as you could from her. To Wanda, kisses were mostly short things, content to press your lips together in a series of pecks. So far that’s most of what you’d given her; if it was anything more, you’d been slow and careful. When your tongue slipped past her lips, more possessive than gentle now, Wanda shied away. 
But you were quick to bring her back. “I thought you wanted to learn? Let me take care of you, just follow my lead…” 
“O-Okay…” All Wanda could do was follow, opening her mouth readily this time when your tongue asked for entry. The smooth muscle ran along the perfect row of her teeth, but this time when it disappeared, you took hers with it, sucking on her tongue until you pulled a soft whine from her throat. She didn’t hate it, not in the slightest. In fact, Wanda wanted more instantly, pushing forward now each time you tried pulling back. Finally she felt she understood what was so good about a proper set of kisses; the closeness of a partner, of you, was something she wanted forever. 
Wanda was so caught up in what you were doing to her mouth, she missed your free hand slipping away from her and into your pocket, retrieving the remote you’d tucked away easily. The first vibration caught her by surprise, low and steady, just enough to be noticeable. She wanted to ask, but you barely gave her a minute to breathe, much less get a thought out. 
You had her right where you wanted her, one possessive hand on the back of her neck and the other controlling the toy buzzing between her legs. Wanda knew it was your doing; it had to be. The first time she was thoroughly kissed set her senses alight— you always knew just what to do for her. You watched her struggle with the new sensation, hips jerking ever so slightly as Wanda fought to hold it back. “You always get so worked up over the simplest things, sweetheart… we’ve kissed so many times.” 
“Not like this,” Wanda protested, shifting her hips back until her hands planted on the mattress. She’d found that with her legs apart, the flutters grew stronger and although Wanda tried to pull it away, the toy was strapped securely around her… she couldn’t escape it. Wanda didn’t dare to think about taking the small piece off herself; she wasn’t allowed to touch, especially not when you played. Not that she wanted to. “It’s tingly again..” 
“That’s what you asked for. Why else do you think people spend so much time in those rooms, hm?” You gave her mouth a break, sloppy kisses trailing down the column of Wanda’s throat. She was still squirming, rocking against nothing, getting used to the feeling of inescapable pleasure with an accompanying chorus of stifled whimpers. “I bet your friends get touched in all sorts of naughty places and haven’t even told you. You still want to try that?”
Wanda tried to speak an agreement, but it was all just a piece of a plea, willing to agree for the benefit of the growing wetness on her sex. Any touches at all she received only deepened her need, even if right now all you did was control the devious patterns strapped flush to her. Even in the privacy of your home, Wanda was afraid to be too loud, embarrassed already with the noises she couldn’t keep in. Her apprehension wasn’t nearly enough to deter you from goading her into being vocal. “Look at my pretty angel… It feels so good, doesn’t it?”
“Y-Yes…” Overwhelmed as she was, Wanda would never lie to you. Not when you were kissing along her shoulders so reverently and her admission was rewarded with a faster speed. Still, she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from saying more. You were still calm so nothing could be too wrong; you’d never let her fall into something that’d harm her. “Better than the kisses you gave me there last time.” 
You scoffed at that, knowing you’d barely scratched the surface of going down on her. Perhaps if Wanda stayed around tomorrow, you’d show her that too. That would be a whole new bit of fun. “Oh no, Wanda, that’s different. Will you let me show you that too? I’ll tell you all about it and I promise you’ll be in love.”
She nodded distractedly, having sunk lower and found the edge of a soft pillow as leverage. Wanda discovered the perfect angle all on her own, having no idea how it happened, but grateful it did. Her movements were erratic still, struggling to find a steady pace, but frustratingly, you kept your hands off. The longer she went, the tighter her muscles grew, the harder she yearned to feel you on her. “I want you to touch me like you did before…” 
“Kisses only, Wanda, I promised.” In truth it was hard to keep your hands off, Wanda’s hunched over form giving you the perfect view of her breasts as they moved in time with her hips. You wanted to touch her just as much as she did, but you weren’t confident you could control herself, not when Wanda was still trying to kiss you, desperate, frantic little things just to have a bit more of you. “Besides, you’re already rubbing your needy little clit on your new toy, making our new pillows all messy… That’s better than me, you said.” 
The brunette shook her head; no mere object could make up for how your touch made her feel. If only you’d just… “N-No.. you instead…” Her eyes threatened to lose focus as she jerked particularly hard against the soft object, almost missing the satisfied grin plastered across your face. Wanda didn’t know why you looked so pleased, not when she was so close to something that threatened to overtake her senses. 
She hated that you wouldn’t touch her; Wanda would never compare you again, never insist that all she needed was a kiss. Her friends were stupid; there were things so much sweeter than a brief peck on the lips.“I feel uh.. I-I don’t know…” She knew; it was a familiar feeling, but she still lacked the words to tell you what it was. Wanda always wondered if you felt the same and if you ever gave into it.
Every time without fail Wanda ended up like this, on the precipice of something she couldn’t explain, but wanted to feel so badly she could scream. Soon it was hard for Wanda to keep her mouth closed, the vibrations sending pleasure so intense she was near panting. You loved her like this, toying with the remote until you leveled out the vibrations, giving Wanda a break before she fell over the edge you weren’t ready for her to get to yet. She took a few deep breaths, thinking she’d managed… until you turned the vibrator right back up again. “W-Wait!”
Wanda nearly doubled over, weak arms almost buckling under the force of being edged. Everything was so sensitive, too sensitive, and no matter how hard she flailed, the toy remained secure. If she was going to find out what this intensity meant for the first time, she needed it to be by your hand. That, she was set on. “Turn it off…”
“Off? But I thought you liked how it tickled?” Hungry eyes raked over her shaking form shamelessly, the thin straps of her outfit falling off her shoulders in Wanda’s distress. You wanted to rip it from her, ruin the dress you’d bought just to watch her naked and desperate right in front of you. Saliva coated your sharp teeth, the urge to tear the garment to shreds rising as Wanda reached out for you, crawling the short distance to fall against your chest limply. “You look so pretty dripping all over the sheets… What’s the matter, sweet thing?”
“I-I can’t.. I can’t, please!” If you’d let the toy go a moment longer, Wanda would’ve cum, her stomach twisted in such a knot the throbbing lingered throughout her core. She relaxed against you with a huff, her entire upper body weight hung about your neck; thankfully you could hold her with no problem. Frustrated as she was, Wanda nuzzled into the crook of your neck, mumbling something that sounded like a plea for more. She always wanted the ‘more’ part; one day soon you’d tell Wanda what it was. 
You let her settle finally, staying silent until Wanda’s breathing evened out, savoring the feeling of being allowed to hold her once more. Her clean outfit was wrinkled now, yet again leaving her cold, but without fail, your own body kept hers warm. She truly was tired now, worn out by your games, but Wanda needed to know one last thing. “Do you think I’m a good kisser?”
This time no matter how serious the question, you had to laugh. Of course that’s what Wanda worried about the most. Your lips met her forehead in quiet reassurance, giving her something to focus on as you gingerly shimmied the toy from her legs. You hadn’t just been teasing her earlier, Wanda truly had made a bit of a mess, inner thighs coated with her slick, and you just couldn’t help yourself. Two fingers dragged through Wanda’s sex, savoring how her muscles twitched against your legs, how she let you use her even in her oversensitive state. She turned away when you cleaned your fingers loudly, messily, ashamed of how wet she’d gotten just from kisses and a quick little game. 
But you forced her head back when you were done, smashing your lips together until you were sure Wanda could taste herself on your tongue. She was sure she’d hate it, but now her eyes threatened to roll back into her skull. When you pulled away, Wanda was truly dazed, face flushed and eyes glassy— fuck, she was perfect. Wet fingers went to squish her pink cheeks once more and you found yourself returning her lazy smile, “The best kisser I’ve ever had.”
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randomshyperson · 7 months
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Date Nights
Tumblr media
Summary: The most important rule in your relationship with Wanda is to attend at least one date per week, so what happens when Natasha needs your help during whole six. | Entirely inspired by the gif. (Short of Requested by my bestie and gif maker abimess)
Warnings: (+18), a lot of teasing and dirty talk, established relationship, smut with some plot, fingering (r giving), heavy semi-public make out and smut, kissing and praise. | Words: 4.430k
Masterlist | Wattpad | AO3
You and Wanda had a simple agreement: Date nights were sacred and mandatory.
Two people with a lot of baggage embarking on a relationship in the middle of a superhero routine was a pretty high risk. Although the feeling was intense, it was necessary to be realistic that if you didn't prioritize your relationship, it was doomed to failure. Therefore, date nights were a rule. 
At least once a week, without interruptions, where you both have time just to be together. For a few fucking hours without suicide missions or killer robots.
The problem was that Natasha Romanoff found out that the Red Room was still functioning. So she needed help. And of course, Wanda understood, she had always been comprehensive. And you apologized hundreds of times - before you went and from the quinjet also by text message - the promises of 'I'll make it up to you' for not being able to go out with her that week.
It was okay. It was just one night.
Except that there was a chemical subjugation serum, and Yelena Belova was apparently your new best friend and they needed your help to free the widows. Again, and again.
Wanda was being supportive.
"I.am.so.sorry." You punctuated each word with a short kiss, and Wanda was trying not to get angry, but you were leaving again - dressed in uniform, and the cuts on your face hadn't even fully healed yet - and she was about to use magic to mess up those engines so you could stay.
Instead, she forced a smile and waved goodbye when you offered her a smile before running to the already started vehicle.
She could do this. A few days, maybe a week or two, and you would be back. And your presence would make that burning feeling in her chest go away.
When you called to say that you couldn't come back because some damn bomb went off somewhere, Wanda didn't hear half the story. Her brain shut down right after the "I'm sorry, baby," and she stared at the bedroom wall.
Pictures of the Avengers, the two of you, and even moments recovered from the rubble of Sokovia stared back at her from the small mural you helped her put up a few weeks after she arrived at the compound. She swallowed the lump of emotion in her throat, and when you were silent, she sighed.
"I get it, darling. But I really miss you." She confessed and it was your turn to sigh deeply on the other end of the line.
"God, I wish I could kiss you right now." You declare out of breath, and Wanda smiles shyly, feeling her cheeks flush.
"How bad do you want it?" she asks - not she teases - in a low tone, only to feel her cheeks burn with the husky, breathless chuckle you let out.
"Don't do this now, Wanda, I'm literally twelve thousand feet high." You whispered back. 
It is Wanda's turn to chuckle, her affected tone much like yours. She settles better on the bed, laying back against the pillows, and can hear you swallowing dryly at the rustling of the sheets. 
"I'm not doing anything, dekta." She says in a fake innocent tone, and sighs softly, tracing her fingers down her stomach under her t-shirt. "Yet." She completes and bites back a smile at the way you gently clear your throat. But all her excitement breaks in the next moment.
"Wands, I..."
"Gotta go." She completes with an evidently disappointed tone and hears you sigh on the other side.
"I'm sorry." You grumble receiving only a hum in return. "Wanda, I love you."
"I guess I'll have fun on my own then." She retorts and you are silent for a good moment. When Wanda is able to hear sirens in the background, she lets her hand slip into her shorts and sighs softly.  "Dekta, it's okay, you seem busy." She teases beginning to trace around with her fingertips over the fabric, a low sound of satisfaction escaping her lips as she sees the wetness increase. You grunt as you hear her. 
"Fuck Wanda, that's a dirty move." You complain, and she lets out a wicked little laugh. "I really, really have to go."
"Don't forget what I'm doing, all by myself." She comments with shallow breathing, and for a moment, it seems like you're going to stay with her until the end. But you sigh and mutter a goodbye that Wanda doesn't answer because she is closing her eyes and burying her fingers beyond the fabric.
You may not be here physically, but you haven't left her mind anyway and to think of you it’s all she needs.
You come back on a Thursday. It was unexpected, to say the least.
The most recent news Natasha gave about the operation was that you were somewhere in Egypt under false identities and that you had been out of contact for a few days.
Suddenly you were arriving by a ride with Maria Hill and barely greeted your other colleagues before pressing Wanda against the corridor wall.
"I guess that's our cue to leave." Ironized Sam aloud at the high-pitched chorus of complaints about the intense kiss you and Wanda were exchanging before the rest of the Avengers all left.
She giggled in surprise against your lips, but her arms remained entwined behind your neck.
"I missed you so much, my beautiful little witch." You stated with a passionate smile after breaking the kiss, and Wanda shyly giggled, feeling you squeeze her waist.
"I missed you too, but you need a shower." She commented only to torment you, you smelled like grass or wood now and she really liked it.
Despite this, you chuckled, nodding. "I would be offended, but I need to prepare for our dates."
Wanda raised a brow in confusion. "Date?"
"Dates. Plural." You corrected stealing another long kiss as if you couldn't stop. "I owe you six of them don't I?"
"Dekta, you don't have to..." Wanda tried but you just laughed and kissed her again before pulling away.
"No, no, Miss Maximoff. A deal is a deal." You say holding her hand, and pulling her away from the wall to suddenly spin her around like in a dance step, making Wanda laugh in surprise. "I hope you like Rockabilly."
Almost an hour later, you borrowed one of Tony's cars - without asking permission and turned off your cell phone when he sent a very rude text message about it - and Wanda found herself in a classic rockabilly club. It was a good thing that you warned her about what to wear.
It must have been one of the most fun nights of her life, from dancing until three in the morning to strawberry milkshakes to hot kisses on the car seat in the parking lot.
She missed this. She missed you.
Wanda would have been satisfied with just the Rock night date, but you meant it when you said you wanted to pay for all the ones you couldn't make it.
On Friday, you woke her up with breakfast in bed - which was a big surprise, because not only did you usually sleep much longer than Wanda, but she was impressed that you managed to get out of her embrace in the morning without waking her up - and right after warning Friday to cancel all the appointments for the day, you took her to the Street Market.
Wanda wasn't very good with big crowds, but having your hand in hers during the whole thing really made a difference.
You bought her new rings, and she bought you a decoration for your room. After visiting almost all the stalls, you had lunch of Mexican food and visited some tourist sites around town.
You didn't get back to the Compound until dinner time, and Steve Rogers was at the counter with reports for you.
"Girls, this is lovely, but we still have work to do." Said the Captain looking guilty of pulling off the easy smile with how you two entered the kitchen.
Wanda swallowed dryly, and was ready to say "right Captain" when you threw the car keys on top of the reports.
"I'm on vacation." You declared simply making him sigh.
"Y/N, that's not how things work..."
"Then I quit." You retorted and pulled Wanda by the hand, ignoring Captain America's protesting comments.
Wanda let out an impressed giggle, letting herself be led down the hallways toward her own room.
At the door, you slowed your pace and leaned against the wall, waiting for Wanda to take her cue to approach.
"You weren't serious about quitting, were you?" she asked as she stopped in front of you, and you dropped her hands to wrap your arms around her waist.
"Nah, I'm just trying to annoy Steve and buy some time." You retorted with a slight shrug, causing Wanda to smile.
"Buy time for what?" she asks raising an eyebrow, her hands moving up your arms to your shoulders.
Despite the mischief in your eyes, you smile sweetly as you say:  "Just to make sure my girl knows she's my priority."
Wanda felt her cheeks heat up, but she ignored this to break the distance, kissing you unhurriedly. You smiled against her lips, sliding your tongue out and onto her lower lip, begging for passage, and Wanda gasped as she granted it. Her head spun as she felt your tongue slide into hers with sensuality, her body quivering with the slow provocative stimulation, your hands gently squeezing her hips.
Her body began to heat up very quickly. Suddenly it seemed an eternity since you had last touched her. She had to break the kiss to catch her breath, and when your lips started a path down her jaw and along the sensitive spots on her neck, she knew immediately that she needed you to touch her again.
So of course someone interrupted.
"Oh, I'm really sorry." Sam asked having suddenly appeared in the hallway as he crossed the corner. You grunted in a mixture of impatience and arousal, and Wanda jumped in surprise, turning her face toward her colleague. "I'll leave you two to it." Falcon said with a teasing tone, making his way back, and Wanda hid her red face between her hands, laughing softly.
"God, he's totally going to tease us for the rest of our lives for this." She complained making you chuckle softly as well. You moved your hands to her forearms so that she looked at you again. 
"And he's definitely going to tell the others the worst stories possible, but who cares." You mutter kissing her again, feeling Wanda smile. When she goes to increase the intensity, however, you break it, a mischievous smile on your face at the other's confused expression. "What's this Maximoff, trying to take me to bed after two dates?" You joke making her giggle breathlessly. She tries to kiss you again and you move your face away with a chuckle.
"Dekta!" She complains but you break the embrace you are in, straightening your clothes as you take about three steps away, and Wanda pouts, crossing her arms for lack of warmth. "Why are you being mean?"
"No, don't make that cute little face." You say in a humorous tone. "I'm being a gentleman. I brought you to your door and kissed you goodnight. See you on your next date."
Wanda lets out an indignant grumble. "You're not even going to sleep in my bed?"
You tuck in the collar of your shirt. "We're two family ladies, Wanda, what an idea." You joke and she rolls her eyes impatiently, just wanting you to kiss her again, and the reaction makes you chuckle. "Let's go to the movies tomorrow darling, what do you want to see?"
Wanda offers you a small smile, "Anything, I won't be watching much." She warns and you let out a short, affected laugh.
"Good night Wanda." You tell her and the girl lets out a soft sigh but turns to open the door, and even after several minutes that you are gone, she can still feel her lips tingling.
So far, movies were the best plan of all.
Wanda had no idea what you were watching, however. She couldn't care less with your mouth on hers.
"We're going to..." You started between one panting kiss and another, hands roaming dangerously over the body pressed against the booth wall, and Wanda was lucky that you always held her waist because her legs gave out long ago, "miss the movie." 
"What movie?" She retorted in the same tone between one kiss and another, and you grunted when you felt her hands scratching your abdomen under your blouse.
Using all your mental control, you pulled your face away and held her wrists over her head.
"Bad movie and then food. Proper date, that's our deal." You remind her, walking away at once and leaving the booth as Wanda lets out a loud, frustrated grumble, following you.
"And what's wrong with us having sex after all these?" She questions almost annoyed and you chuckle softly, looking at her from the reflection of the mirror as you run some water over your face and neck to calm the arousal.
"You still don't get it do you, Wanda?" You retort as you turn around, leaning your back on the sink and looking at her. "Did you really think I was just going to forget about your call that day?"
Wanda swallowed dryly, feeling a wave of excitement rise with the way your eyes were dark and serious.
"I was just missing you."
You smiled sweetly, and it didn't match the glint of pure mischief in your eyes. Stepping away from the sink, you approached her again, making her hold her breath.
"I know, pretty girl, I missed you too." You tell her brushing your lips together, making her sigh. "But I had to stay 14 hours on a mission thinking about your tight pussy and that wasn't very nice, don't you think?"
Wanda chokes affectedly, letting her forehead fall against yours. "Dekta, don't say such things..." She mutters in a mix of excitement and embarrassment, but you give a soft chuckle. "I just want to feel you, why are you punishing me?"
"If I could wait, you can survive six dates without cumming for me." You murmur back, clearing your throat discreetly and taking a step back as two girls enter the bathroom. You offer Wanda a smile as if you were having a casual conversation earlier. "Come on, baby, the movie's about to start."
It turns out that movies were not the best idea at all. In fact, it quickly became the worst when the movie started and your hand found Wanda's thigh.
She had no intention at all of watching, and it became an impossible task when your touch happened. The worst part is that you didn't do what she wanted.
You got chairs in the back, in empty rows, and a movie with enough action that none of the few people there could hear anything. And yet, all you did was offer her a wink and keep your hand still on her thigh.
Wanda was a frustrated mess when it was over, but you didn't flinch in the slightest, commenting on the movie all the way back to the tower.
When you realized that Wanda still had her arms crossed and was pouting, you sighed.
"You didn't like the movie?" 
"I didn't pay attention to a word of it." She retorted with her gaze on the landscape. You let out a small laugh.
"And why was that?"
She let out an indignant sigh. "You know why."
"Wanda, we have rules on date night, don't we? Communication is number one. We do this to have fun together. If you don't like the choice of movie-"
"I want to be fucked, Y/N!" She cut in irritated, and you raised your eyebrow in surprise. But the car window was open, and the loud exclamation made the passenger in the car next to you widen his eyes in shock. You cleared your throat, closing the window leisurely, and Wanda sighed in frustration. "God, you are having so much fun with this."
"Damn right I am. "You retorted with a chuckle, and Wanda rolled her eyes, but laughed too.
"I hate you." She said, turning back to face the landscape. You smiled.
"I love you too." You retorted back, and Wanda rolled her eyes again, but couldn't hold back the silly smile on her lips.
She would like to say that this sweet and sincere moment made things easier, but it only increased the tension between the two of you. 
The next date was at a bowling alley. It was ridiculous how the slightest closeness was turning her into a hot mess.
Like now, your body so close to her, hands around her and mouth at her ear level while you teach her how to bowl correctly. 
Wanda can play your game too. When you tell her to throw, she bends her hips more than necessary to fit her ass against you and bites a satisfied smile at the little sigh you let out.
Neither of you realizes that she has thrown a strike. 
Despite the game happening full of intense glances and stolen touches, you leave the bowling alley laughing at inside jokes and Avengers stories, and the mutual desire to extend the night forever.
Wanda comments that she would like something sweet to drink, and you take her to a dinner a few yards from the bowling alley.
By the time you are seated at one of the back tables, with half-drunk milkshakes on the table, and you have your chin resting on one hand as you watch Wanda so discourteously, she interrupts her monologue about trying to learn the guitar with an embarrassed laugh.
"What?" she asks and you blink in confusion.
"What what?"
She smiles, pushing her milkshake glass aside. "You weren't hearing a word, and you were staring."
"Well, can you blame me? Have you seen your face, Wanda? I swear you're so beautiful I get completely stunned..."
Wanda laughed embarrassed. "Dekta, you're such a flirt."
You give her a soft laugh. "I just state the facts."
She rolls her eyes shyly. "Stop it." She murmurs looking away, and you smile, thinking she looks even prettier when she gets shy like this.
Your hands find hers on the table, making her smile. But Wanda swallows dryly as the time passes with your caresses and exchanges of glances between the two of you, the way you twirl her rings and draw lines superficially making her imagine other things.
Suddenly you give a low chuckle. "You know, it doesn't take a telepath to know when you're thinking about what you shouldn't..."
Despite the way her cheeks warm up again, Wanda raises an eyebrow in challenge. "Shouldn't I? And why is that?" she starts, surprising you a bit, "You're my girlfriend, I have every right to think of you that way. And in so many positions, Dekta."
You lick your lips, your eyes darkening slightly. "Wanda." You say in a warning tone, but Wanda leans in so you can hear her low tone.
"I couldn't help it yesterday, baby." She confesses suddenly, her fingers tracing yours now. "The way you kissed me in the movie theater...I could only remember the feeling when I lay down, and well, you didn't want to come to the bedroom with me."
You choked softly. "Wanda, stop it."
She bit back a mischievous smile, looking at you with dark eyes. "But don't worry, I could only cum when I thought of your tongue."
A grunt rips through your throat at the mental image, and Wanda watches you with a winning smile, resisting the urge to tease you further when she sees you squirm uncomfortably in your seat. 
It's almost comical how quickly victory is ripped from her when she feels your hand on her knee. She nearly jumps in surprise, seeing that you have leaned completely on the table - to look like a clinging couple or just someone tired to anyone taking a chance at the end of the diner - and her breath hitches as you draw patterns on her skin.
"Imagine if I fucked you now." You murmur staring her with intensity, fingers tracing up on her thigh, and Wanda moves forward immediately to increase your reach, making you smile. 
"Yes, please." She whispers in pure arousal, spreading her legs wider.
"My, my, what a naughty witch. "You comment making her breath hitch. "You want my fingers in you, baby? Right under the table?" You teased, tracing your way up her inner thigh and Wanda can only nod dumbly, her brain clouded with arousal. You didn't even touch her and she was dripping in her panties.
The fact that you stopped your movements so close to where she wanted you made Wanda let out a grumble of frustration, and you gave a small giggle.
"Shush, baby, you don't want to attract attention, do you?" You sneer, and Wanda would have replied something quite rude if you hadn't moved your fingers upward, finding her wet intimacy over the fabric and making her choke on her own breath. "You wouldn't want everyone knowing how needy you are, would you?"
Wanda felt her face burning, but she shook her head in the negative, her fists clenched on the table as she felt your fingers drawing shallow patterns against her. Wanda risked throwing her hips forward, and to her surprise, you took the cue, using your thumb to press against her covered clit and she jerked on instinct, closing her eyes for a moment and biting her lips hard to muffle a satisfied moan. "God, you look so sexy like this."
Your compliment only made her blush more, a warm sensation spreading throughout her body. She opened her eyes again and faced you, a silent plea in her gaze, and you sighed softly before pushing the fabric of her panties down and sinking into her at once.
You were quick to lean in and kiss her - stifling her moan with your mouth - before pulling away with a small smile, two fingers slipping in and out between her folds without the slightest resistance. You brought your free hand to her burning cheek, tucking the loose strands behind her ear.
You licked your lips before whispering, "If I had known you were this wet, I would have done this at the bowling alley." 
Wanda let out an affected chuckle, struggling to keep her eyes open as you found a slow rhythm that allowed you to sink in and hit that sweet spot in her before pulling out again, and repeating the thrusts again and again until a bead of sweat began to trickle down her forehead. You watched her with adoration, smiling to yourself as you moved your free hand to wipe away any sign of what was happening.
"Baby, you're so warm and tight, it's so fucking hot." You comment to her as you kiss her cheek, and Wanda grunts low, her walls beginning to throb at your fingerprints. You smile, knowing that compliments always work with her. And lucky for her, you can do that all day. "My beautiful, beautiful, Wanda, you have no idea how much I missed this when I was away."
She moves one hand to cover her mouth - trying to look like she's just propping her face on her chin - but you can hear her letting out sharp muffled breaths against her skin every time you sink in. 
When you adjust to press on her clit with your thumb as you move in and out of her, Wanda closes her eyes tightly, and muffles a whimper against her own hand, causing you to gasp, a wave of pleasure watching the scene.
"You will be the death of me, Wanda Maximoff." 
But you slow down suddenly,  she opens her eyes in desperation. "N-no, please don't stop!" She practically begs, trying to force her hips against your fingers. You murmur in contentment, feeling her heartbeat in your fingerprints. She is so close and made such a mess in your hand.
"You don't deserve it..." You remind her meanly but resume your movements very slowly, feeling her twitch.
"God, I know, I'm sorry!" She retorts affected, her face very red and her breathing quickening. "Just don't stop. I'm... almost..." She shudders in her seat, closing her eyes, her speech turning into an affected, satisfied sigh, and she looked absurdly beautiful and you can't get angry. Wanda gradually cums, biting her lips as the heat in her abdomen breaks into hot waves and she spills on your fingers, resisting the urge to put her head on the table and just breathe a little.
You hum in approval at the expression of pure ecstasy on her face, fingers moving in a gentle motion before removing them and wiping them on her thigh. "Someone is enjoying herself." You mock in a casual tone, using your other hand to wave for the waitress to bring the bill.
Wanda gives an affected laugh and pushes her hair back. "God I can't believe we did that." She murmurs widening her eyes slightly, only now realizing that she had just cum on a restaurant seat. You smile at the reaction.
"In my defense, I tried to be a gentleman." 
Wanda laughs at your comment but says no more because the waitress approaches you. When you insist on paying for everything, and give her a look, she rolls her eyes slightly as she realizes that you are just trying to prove a point.
Her legs are still shaking in a delicious way when she goes to stand up, but as always, your hand finds her waist.
Before you leave the table, however, you lean your face against her ear.
"Hey baby, I hope you know that this little treat has increased your debt." You whisper. "Now, I won't touch you again until the tenth date."
Wanda looked at you in a mixture of shock and indignation, but you offered her a small smile, and Wanda choked when you brought the fingers that were inside her to her cheek, your thumb rubbing her lip.
"What do you say we go to an amusement park?" You ask in an innocent tone, and Wanda lets out a grumpy grunt, turning away from you.
You follow her back to the car grinning.
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False punishment
Tumblr media
This has been in my drafts for a while and ive finally finished it (or at least tried) so yeah it's Demon!Y/n and subby!Wanda (kind of)
Summary: Being with a human was not something demons do often and yet here you were with Wanda being the perfect girl, unless she starts acting out, then she needs to be punished, something you didn't like to do, especially with the equally annoying demon Natasha hanging around your house.
Words: 2,800
Warnings: darkish!Reader demons, swearing, demon Nat 18+ Minors DNI
A/n: this isn't proofread soooo good luck!
“Am I special to you?"
“Awe princess, do you know how long I’ve been around?” Wanda shook her head as best she could while your hand was wrapped around her throat “I’ve told every woman I’ve been with that they’re special, that they’re my good girl for doing what I ask, how proud their master is of them for bringing me what I need” Wanda was crying and it almost made you feel bad, she was definitely more special than the others, they didn't hold a candle to her and never would but she still tried leaving you, no one leaves you! Not unless they’re dismembered or…well we won’t get into that yet.
“Now why is my girl crying hmm?” You pitifully smeared her tears around her face with your thumbs "pretty girls don't cry, not unless I make them" silence filled the room for Wanda's soft whimpers and cries
"Can I tell you a story?" your sudden soft voice surprised the brunette but she gave a slow nod as a yes, still scared of what you would say.
“You should've seen the look on your victim's face when you killed them, of course they were screaming and your eyes were closed but the look on your sister's face wa-"
"Stop" it came out strained from her mouth but you heard it "oh? I thought you wanted to know why you were special to me?" you'd pulled away but Wanda wished you didn't, your glare boring into her as she tried to look away but your hands kept her head in place "you're special because I didn't have to force you to stay with me, you wanted to be with me remember? You were so beautiful, covered in blood just to show me how much you wanted me, even hurting a family member"
"Stop!" Wanda managed to push you away surprising you both but you quickly gathered yourself and chuckled "fine, you want to leave? Leave" you turned around and opened the door "go on"
Wanda was conflicted, she did try to leave and now she was given a chance, but did she really want to do it? No, no she didn't.
"I-i erm I don't really-" she started stuttering and you were overjoyed knowing full well she "of course you won't leave my love, now let's go upstairs and have dinner, Nat will be home any minute and expecting us" punishing Wanda as never fun but she needed to learn, humans needed to be put in their place.
Wanda closed her eyes sighing "o-okay" she fell into your body and you dragged her upstairs to Nat sitting at the kitchen counter drinking some whiskey "did you try and leave?" She took another sip of her drink and winked at wanda "told you she'd be mad"
"You knew?" You should've known Wanda didn't make the decision by herself, she would never try and leave you willingly, you punished her for nothing! Looking down at Wanda you lifted her chin up softly "did Natalia put you up to this my love?"
She gave a small nod of her head and nestled back into your body whispering sorry over and over again "shh it's okay honey you're not getting punished anymore, she is" you pointed to Nat who scoffed "cut the bullshit Y/n it was just a joke, I didn't think she'd actually be stupid enough to try it"
"You know how easily influenced she is, don't do it again!" You dragged Wanda away to your room and sat her down on the bed kneeling down to her wiping the tears away in a nicer manner than before "Wanda why didn't you tell me Nat put you up to this?"
"I didn't want you to be mad at Natasha, she was talking about other girls you had and how if I left you wouldn't care and if I tried to go it wouldn't matter and I knew you would be mad but she said to try it and pretty much forced me but I still-"
She was crying harder now and you shushed her "shhh hey honey listen, I meant what I said before, you're so important to me even when you get punished but you need to be honest with me and you know not to listen to Nat when she's trying to piss me off because that's what she wants okay? She wants to see you punished harshly" Wanda had stopped crying and the tears were drying as she nodded her head
"Why would she want to make you angry?"
You shrugged "she gets bored sometimes and I've told her already to stay away to you, you should be thankful she isn't keeping you in the bedroom away from me like she did with the others"
Wanda's body shook slightly knowing what happens when Nat brought people back to the house, she rarely saw anyone leave and when she did they didn't look very alive, Nat was also a demon but didn't have as much control as you did when it came to humans.
"Now come on little one, get out of your head and go make some dinner for yourself and send Nat up" Wanda was quickly on her feet kissing you on the cheek and promising to get Nat for you "I will, love you" the 'love you' was whispered but you heard "love you too princess" Wanda smiled wide and skipped out of the room.
You waited for a few minutes until Nat's heavy sounding footprints came up the stairs and opened your door "I was told the demon queen wanted to see me so, top or bottom this time? I like you on top because its easier for me to do nothing"
You rolled your eyes "I don't want to fuck you Nat I need to talk to you"
The Russian snorted and flopped herself down onto the bed smiling up at your angry expression "lay it on me grumpy guts"
"Why do you insist on trying to wreck what I'm trying to build up?"
"That was the most dramatic thing I've ever heard you say, she's just a human" she sat up bringing her hand to your face stroking it softly looking into your eyes "how is a human better than me? I can handle all that you give me Malysh you know I can"
You remained stoic, used to Nat's advances and frankly you were sick of them "We'd end up killing each other Nat and you know that, but don't you ever think about hurting Wanda like that again, I don't like punishing her when she doesn't deserve it, you're just jealous you can't keep a human without killing them the first time they talk back to you"
Nat nodded her head in agreement "sure I kill the women I sleep with but you know what that means?" She waited for your response to which you just sighed not wanting to play her games today "okay I'll tell you, that means I'm a demon"
"Oh fuck off Natalia, don't act so high and mighty, I'm literally the only demon around here with a human, I'm respected, you're just a underground demon that crawled from the depths of hell to piss us upper level demons off" Nat gripped your throat so tight that if your lungs worked you would've passed out, it almost made you laugh
"Why are you such a bitch to me?" She relaxed her head but kept it around your throat in an empty threat "because you wanted to stay in my house and if you want to continue to stay in my house you need to leave Wanda alone"
You pushed her away and laughed when she fell off of the bed "fine whatever, your human isn't even that pretty, she just looks like a good fu-"
"Finish that sentence you redheaded whore and I'll put you in a collar and dog cage" you growled at her shutting her up instantly "okay, I apologise for being my usual self, let's just forget it" she slammed the door as she left quickly and after a few moments you heard a soft knock at the door "come in Wanda" you knew it was your precious little girl missing you in the 10 minutes she was away from you.
The door opened and Wanda walked in with a plate in her hand "now what do you have there honey?" Your sweet voice making Wanda smile “it’s a chicken sandwich, I know you can’t eat much human food but maybe we could share it if your body can take it?”
“That’s very sweet of you baby but how about you eat the sandwich all to yourself while you’re sat on my lap and I’ll take my fill from you”
Wanda face paled when you finished, you hadn’t fed from her for a while and she’d hoped you’d stopped doing it since last time it happened she had to go to the hospital "I-er don't you want the sandwich instead?"
You laughed, she was such a baby sometimes "Wanda honey I promise you won't end up in the hospital again come and sit on mommy's lap and eat your sandwich while I enjoy myself" you were looking at her sternly and Wanda moved quickly across the room to you wondering how you wanted her to sit
She didn't have to wonder for long when you lay back against your bed headboard and patted your thigh for her to straddle "don't forget your sandwich"
Wanda did what you asked and took a nervous bite of her sandwich trying not to focus on your hands running up and down her back, your breath being felt on her neck ghosting over your favourite spot on her neck "relax princess, your blood will taste sour if you tense up anymore I'll just take a little bit, you don't want me to starve do you?"
She shook her head "no no I don't want you to starve I'm sorry"
"That's my good girl now eat your sandwich and I'll make this as painless as possible" Wanda didn't have time to respond before you sunk your teeth deep into her neck, her small scream muffled by another bite of her sandwich, your hands were trying their best to sooth her body and you sucked slowly allowing blood to build up on its own instead of you pulling the blood harshly from her.
"Feelin dizzy..." Wanda had finished her sandwich and was barley hanging onto you and her vision was starting to blur definitely indicating that you were taking too much blood "m-mommy please"
You reluctantly let go of her neck kissing over the marks and soothing the burn you knew was there "shh my love I've finished now okay?"
You moved your body to a laying down position with Wanda still lay atop you "are you okay to hold yourself up?" Wanda shook her head regaining some strength to cling to you as tight as she could "you can't go, need you to stay"
You wouldn't normally let Wanda demand things from you but you felt a little guilty for punishing her when it wasn't her fault "okay malen'kiy I'll stay for a little while, but then I need to go out"
She lifted her head up to look at you questionably "going where?"
"Jealous?" you raised an eyebrow at her, she knew you only had eyes for her, no need to question your loyalties
"No I just want to spend time with you" she meekly said kissing your shoulder "I have to go to some meetings-"
"I can come with you!" Wanda sat up still straddling you, clearly regaining all of her strength back "I love coming with you to meetings"
You thought about it, she was normally very good but you still weren't sure "hmm will you behave?"
She nodded happily "yes! I'll be sooooo good I'll stay under the table and wont make any noise and take the compliments from the other demons if you want me too"
"You'll have to wear your collar-" Wanda was up and to the other side of the room before you could even finish and opened up a drawer pulling out her red sparkly collar and putting it on turning back to you "let's go then"
"Okay princess, but you better be good, Maria's been dying to help me punish you and I don't what to give her the satisfaction" you also got up from the bed and moved to your closet disappearing into it
"She's a little scary"
"Yes she is honey so you need to stay under the table and quiet" you walked back out of the closet and Wanda gasped "close your mouth princess"
Wanda didn't notice her mouth was open but how could she not open it? You looked stunning "sorry you just look really good"
You were wearing simple suit pants and a black blazer but nothing underneath it, no white shirt or bra, one wrong move and it would all be over.
"Why thank you my love, but you still have to behave tonight, now come on" you pulled the woman into a side hug kissing her forehead.
"Y/n why did you bring your human? She doesn't need to be here" one of your business partners piped up from the end of the table "because I want her here Stephan, and if you can't control your emotions than get the hell out of the room"
Another man, Tony, came to Stephan's defence "we're just saying Y/n we'll be talking about some sensitive stuff that a human shouldn't be present for"
You let out a heavy sigh and a little smile "my human can't handle this "sensitive" stuff you both want to talk about, she won't be a distraction, will you my love?" You pulled Wanda up from the floor for a brief moment "I wont be a distraction sir I promise" you gave her a reassuring kiss and she smiled "well done my love now do you need anything?"
"Maybe a blanket or something to sit on...the floor is a little hard"
You thought about it and smirked wen you came up with an idea, just to personally piss off the others.
"Sit on my lap" you rolled your chair back for her but she remained where she was "I don't think I should"
"Well I think you should and you do as I say so, sit on my lap and remain still for the rest of the meeting" she nodded and quickly moved to your lap getting herself comfortable and laying her head in your neck.
"Have you forgotten you're in a meeting??" Bruce was pissed off and so were the other demons, they thought you'd become soft when you introduced Wanda to them, but you didn't care you were respected enough to know no one would challenge you or you decisions.
"Get over yourself Bruce, she's not hurting anyone, carry on talking about boring information while I soothe my pretty girl"
Everyone in the room groaned but carried on with the meeting regardless, every now and then you'd kiss Wanda's forehead until some soft snores were heard from her "are we done here?" You spoke up and Tony stopped talking glaring at you "do you need to go home Y/n?"
"Why yes mr Stark I do need to go home, my little girl here is sleepy and I'd prefer it if she slept in her bed comfortably" you said in a condescending voice and stood up with a sleepy Wanda clinging to you "I'll see you gentlemen later" you disappeared quickly without another word.
"She's a fucking nightmare sometimes" Tony sighed, another meeting ruined for the group not that you cared.
You reappeared in your house Wanda now fully asleep in your hold, it was much better than her throwing up like she usually did, looking down at her made you smile you did love her, even when she needed to be punished you didn't revel in it, luckily she was a quick learner and didn't make many mistakes after a punishment, hopefully she wouldn't listen to Nat anytime soon so she didn't get punished anymore.
"Theres my favourite human lover!" The redheaded demon interrupted your thoughts and Wanda started to stir from the loud noise "will you shut the fuck up for once in your miserable death" you whispered pushing past Nat to your room "she sleeps a lot doesn't she, I didn't think you could wear anyone out like that"
"I'm full of surprises" you said dryly closing your bedroom door snd keeping the redhead out "okay I get it you need your special alone time, I'm a little hungry so I'm going out, I'll bring you something back"
Her footprints got quieter and you lay Wanda down on your bed kissing her softly "such a perfect girl, my perfect little human"
Wanda shifted slightly whispering to you "love you"
You smiled wide "love you too princess"
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sinner-as-saint · 7 months
Like A Villain
Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader AU
Run-through: The team is away, leaving you alone at the tower. And that’s when the enemy attacks. Assassins of HYDRA came to take you out, thinking you’re nothing but a helpless, new addition to the team. But little do they know that you too can fight like a villain. When the team comes back home to the bloody mess you left behind after dealing with the enemies, a certain blue-eyed, metal-armed super soldier is highly impressed; and suddenly he wants all the fierce aggression that you displayed directed right at him… 
Themes: smut, avenger!reader, 
a/n: for the lovely @breathtaking-cynthia​ 
Tumblr media
“Play the footage,” Tony called out to the AI, “I wanna see this.” He said, and gave you a smile and a wink to show just how proud of you he was. 
You smirked, hopping up on the nearest table and watched how the screen started replaying the security camera footage from just a little over an hour ago. The team wasn’t here when HYDRA showed up at the tower. So you had to defend yourself and the tower all by yourself, and you did a pretty good job - as the team was about to witness. 
They all stood around the screen, still in their combat suits as they watched. 
The footage: 
You were sitting on a stool at the kitchen island, on your floor, putting your nail polish on when the AI suddenly announced that someone was in the tower and that it wasn’t any member of the team. 
You smirked, “Hydra?” You asked. 
“Yes.” The AI replied. 
“Let them come. Let the bastards think they’re sneaking up on me.” 
A few minutes of complete silence later, while you were just finishing up your nail polish, footsteps were heard behind you. You turned to face them with a deadly, villainous smile; occasionally blowing on your fresh manicure. 
“Well, hello there.” You taunted the men who faced you while cracking their knuckles - showing off. 
“Did the team leave you home alone? All helpless?” One of them asked, and you’d recognize that traitor’s voice anywhere. Rumlow. “Give up, you don’t wanna mess up your pretty nails now, do you, Princess?” 
You leaned back against the kitchen island, looking all bored and unbothered. “You think I’m helpless because I just got my nails done?” You chuckled, “I could fight you and your pathetic men and still not mess up my pretty nails.” 
He snarled, and his men all took a step forward in unison. You shook your head at them. Pathetic indeed. You smirked as you hopped off the stool, “Alright boys, let’s get this over with.” 
They came at you one by one. Thank fuck it was just hand to hand combat because there was no way you’d survive bullets. But combat was your forté - though a challenge now because you couldn’t possibly mess your nails up. Of course, it was a silly promise that you made earlier but you liked to show off. Just a little. 
You limited using your hands; just the elbows. Which happened to be to your advantage because elbow strikes hurt so much more than punches. So you fought, dancing your way around the men; kick, duck, elbow strike and repeat. Over and over again. 
One of them tried to grab you but you escaped just in time, however he tore a piece of your clothes. You kicked that one extra hard in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out cold immediately, yelling, “That was my favourite sundress!” 
Rumlow fled at some point, realising who and what he was up against, leaving his men behind for you to absolutely obliterate and leave into a pile of bloody mess and broken bones. 
You pinned down the last of them with your thighs, straddling him to the floor as you repeatedly brought down your elbow to his face - hard enough to knock him out, but just enough to keep him alive - your agents could use him for questioning later, you thought. 
With the last one down, you panted as you stood up and looked around at the men lying on the floor, bleeding even more than you did. You wiped the cut on your lip with the back of your hand before lifting your hands up to your face, checking your fresh manicure and just as promised, your nails remained intact. Perfect as always. 
You even made a show of blowing on your nails before looking up to where you knew the security cams were recording. You blew a kiss to the cams and winked before asking the AI to call for backup and agents to clean up and take care of the aftermath of what just happened while you went away to clean up after yourself. 
Once the AI stopped the footage, the entire team turned to look at you with proud smiles and nods. 
“That’s my girl!” Nat said, raising her fist to bump against yours. 
You gave her a bright smile before turning to Bucky, who stood there so still. You and Bucky were known to always argue about which one of you has better combat skills. So you asked, “What do you say, soldier? Am I finally better than you?” You smirked, watching him as he frowned ever so slightly at you. 
He was indeed proud but he still scoffed, “Your strikes could be a little cleaner.” He mumbled before walking away, the entire team either shaking their heads or chuckling after him before they walked up to you to tell you how proud they were.  
Bucky didn’t stop at all until he reached his floor, where he could finally breathe right. Because fuck that was hot. Watching you fight and take down those men, all the perfect strikes and powerful kicks… you looked like a god, even in your little cocktease of a sundress. 
“Fuck…” Bucky swore under his breath, looking down to the massive erection in his pants. Yup, you did that. That footage was gonna be the death of him. Not to mention the way you’d pin down that one guy with your thighs? Bucky had never been more jealous of a man before seeing that. He wanted to be straddled by you; with you either on top of his cock or his face he didn’t mind which one. 
That alone would keep him up at night. The sight of another man writhing beneath you as you went absolutely feral while defending yourself and your home. Fuck… he couldn’t take it. He was so turned on, it hurt. 
He sighed as he walked into the shower, already knowing what his night would consist of tonight: replaying that footage of you pinning down that guy with your thighs, and his cock in his hand. 
When Bucky woke up the next morning, needless to say with a boner, the last thing he expected to see was you standing at the end of his bed. Arms crossed over your chest, with a smirk on your face. Wearing one of those damn sundresses you always wore whenever you weren’t dressed in your combat suits; the kind that made him want to tear them off of your body and empty himself inside your body. 
He held back a groan as he grabbed a nearby pillow and tried to place it over his erection as subtly as one can but you caught it. 
“There’s no need to do all that. I could see your boner through the blanket.” You said with a straight face, trying to hide the excitement. 
He groaned out loud, “What do you want? Go annoy someone else.” He mumbled, getting out of bed in nothing but his boxers, strutting lazily all the way to his bathroom. 
Your voice, more like the accusation in it, made his stop halfway. “I heard you, watching the footage last night. I think you tend to forget that my floor is right above yours, and I have excellent hearing.” You smirked as he turned to face you with a raised eyebrow. 
“And?” He asked, pretending like he didn’t care. 
“And,” You took a step forward, “Why were you replaying the ending? Over and over again?” You asked, giving him that seductive, lethal faint smile that most men fell for. 
Bucky shrugged, “None of your business. Now get out of my room.” He said, turning around to walk away, hiding his growing erection. 
You chuckled, “You look like you got caught. Otherwise why are you running away from me?” 
“I’m not running, I’m going to shower and brush, now get out of my room and go annoy someone else. I’m sure Steve would be free right now.” He said as he entered the bathroom and shut the door behind him. 
You called, “I’ll be right here, waiting for you to come out!” 
He replied back, “Be my guest!” And then you heard the shower turning on. 
You smirked and jumped back into his bed, not caring that he would kick you out the moment he stepped out of the shower. You smiled to yourself as you buried further under his comfy covers, stretching like a kitten on his warm bed as you breathed in his scent. He always smelt so good. 
Fifteen minutes later, Bucky still hadn’t walked out of that bathroom. 
“Are you hiding from me in there? Like a coward?” You called out, chuckling to yourself, knowing that that would make him walk out immediately. And it did. 
Two seconds later, Bucky walked out and glared at you as you lounged on his bed. His long hair was still damp, so was his chest. He was now dressed in dark grey sweats which matched his shiny metal arm. He looked good enough to eat. 
But first, you’d get that answer out of him. 
“Friday?” You called out, summoning the AI. “How many times exactly did Bucky watch that footage of me fighting the bad guys last night?” 
Less than a few seconds later came the reply, “Seven times.” 
You smirked at Bucky, and you said to the AI, “Thank you.” Bucky visibly tensed up as you eyed him up and down. “Seven times, huh?” You teased. “I heard you, you know?” 
He sighed as he approached the bed, looking unbothered, “Get out.” 
You shook your head, smirking at him. Bucky barely had time to process what happened because by the time he did, you’d already pulled him down onto the bed and straddled his waist, pinning him down on the soft blankets. 
“I saw the way you clenched your fists while watching the footage with the rest of the team last night,” You whispered, trailing your fingers up and down his arms before grabbing both his hands, flesh and metal, and bringing them up to rest on either side of your waist. 
Bucky instinctively grabbed you and kept you in place above him. “That didn’t mean anything.” He said, his voice much deeper than earlier. 
“Oh?” You taunted, “My guess is that you were either impressed by my amazing skills, or…” You trailed off, grinding on him, feeling his bulge throbbing beneath you, you held back a gasp as you said, “Or you were turned on when you watched me straddle the bad guy.” 
Despite being a super soldier, he couldn’t hide the blush on his cheeks at the sound of that. You chuckled, grounding your hips against his even more. Bucky couldn’t hold back the grunt which escaped his lips this time, “Fuck… are you not wearing panties?” He asked, as if accusing you of something. 
“No,” You replied, sounding so casual and nonchalant as you lifted up the hem of your dress to show him, “See?” 
Bucky groaned at the sight of his clothed, erected cock so perfectly nestled against your bare, warm, wet flesh. You were leaving behind a patch of wetness on the front of his sweatpants as you kept grinding against him, gasping so quietly in pleasure that it made him lose his mind. He looked up at you, stared into your eyes with his lips parted in hunger. 
“What do you want, huh?” He asked, tightening his grip on your waist, which was the only way to keep his hands occupied and keeping them from grabbing you and fucking you hard and fast. 
“For you to answer my question, of course.” You said, teasing him even more. “Were you impressed, or turned on? Maybe both?” You teased. “Maybe you wanted to be the one in between my thighs instead. Hmm? What was it?” 
Oh he had enough. He grabbed you by the throat, flipping the two of you around. He pinned you down on his bed, keeping you in place by your throat as he leaned in to whisper, “Stop fucking teasing me. You came here to fuck, right? So either you let me fuck you nice and hard, or you walk away right now. Which one will it be?” 
Your body melted under his touch. And he was so, so tempting to give in to. You almost begged him for it. But you still teased him because watching a man of his magnitude losing his mind was a different kind of adrenaline rush. 
“You tell me,” You sassed, “You’re the one who most probably came too many times while you watched me straddle another man last night, wishing it was you instead,” You smirked, “Like a perverted little boy.” You added, solely to mess with him. 
One moment you were pinned down under him. And with the next few seconds, he’d torn your dress off of you, throwing the destroyed scraps of fabric somewhere behind him before he flipped you two back around, grabbed your hips and brought your dripping cunt up to his face. 
Bucky dove right in, licking and tasting you like an animal in heat. He looked no less than a hungry beast either; his long hair all messy and wild, the heated look in his eyes, the way his beard made your skin burn. 
You whined and moaned above him, unable to form coherent words or thoughts as he slid his tongue in and out of you, and around your throbbing clit. “Oh… Bucky!” You exclaimed when he playfully bit down on your clit. 
“Yeah?” He whispered, lips brushing against your slippery, wet folds, “This feels good, huh?” 
You whined, nodding and pulling handfuls of his hair as he ate you out. 
“Ride my face, come on,” He demanded, gripping you by the hips and pressing you further down onto his face, smothering himself in between your thighs. 
You giggled, his beard felt funny in between your legs as you rode his tongue just like how he asked. Bucky moaned shamelessly from beneath you, barely pulling away for air as he went wild, eating you out like he so desperately wanted. 
“Is this what you wanted? Ever since you saw that footage?” You taunted, knowing he wouldn’t take the time to reply because he was having too much fun tasting you. “You couldn’t wait to be crushed between these t-,” 
He cut you off by growling, throwing you down on the bed and climbing on top of you immediately before you could even process it. Next thing you knew, his lips were on yours and you tasted yourself on his tongue when he shoved it in your mouth. 
You whined beneath him, lifting your hips up in the hopes of grinding against his throbbing erection but he wouldn’t let you. You scratched down his muscular back, making him groan against your mouth. 
His hissed in pain, “Alright, alright, you brat.” He growled, “Spread your legs for me.” And you did as he asked so quickly that he couldn’t help but chuckle. 
You whined again, “Hurry up! We can play later, not now please…” You murmured, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. They didn’t work on him. Instead he just trailed his metal fingers up and down your wet slit, casually and lazily sliding a finger or two; in and out as he wanted, making your back arch off the bed. “Damn you, Bucky!” You cried out. 
He smirked, then cupped you down there and said, “No one else is allowed in between these thighs from now on, you hear me?” 
You nodded quickly. 
He spoke again, “You come to me when you need something from now on. You want someone to eat you out until you can’t fucking think straight? You come to me. You need to be fucked hard? You come to me. You need a quick fuck at anytime during the day, or night? You come to me. Understood?” 
You nodded again, whining. “Oh my fucking God, Bucky! Hurry up or I swear I will go find out if Steve is indeed free at the m-,” 
“Shut up!” He spoke through gritted teeth as he pulled his sweats down just enough to free his cock, and slid it inside of your wet hole with ease. 
You gasped, struggling to breathe as he filled you up. Bucky groaned at how warm and wet, and tight you were. You moaned as he removed himself entirely and pushed himself back into you, and watched in awe how you struggled to adjust to his size. 
You were a moaning mess under him in no time. He kissed your open mouth while he rammed into you over and over again. “Bucky… please,” You whimpered. 
“Hungry for my cock, now aren’t you?” he mumbled as he sped up into you. He pulled away from your face to look down at you, his metal hand coming up to wrap itself around your throat. “This is what you wanted? Hmm? This cock right here is what you wanted?” He taunted as he stretched you out completely, thrusting deeper into you. 
“Yes…” You cried out, “Please, please, please… more!” 
Bucky laughed, pounding harder into you. “You’ve been teasing me for a long time, you know that? Always taunting me, always showing off how much better than me you are…” He alternated between slowing down and speeding up as he fucked you. 
Your mind was a foggy mess, struggling to register and process his words. 
“Always walking around half naked in the mornings, testing me…” He growled, “Always showing off these lovely thighs…” He pulled out, leaving you gasping at the loss of contact, he reached down solely to bite down hard on your soft thigh before sliding back into you, making you moan and lose your mind. “That’s right baby, moan for me.” He whispered against your open mouth before shoving his tongue in there, swallowing your pathetic moans. 
“I need to cum, Bucky please,” you cried, with tears in your eyes. 
He surprised you when he said, “No, not so easily,” He pulled out of you, laid down on his back before pulling you on top of him again; sliding his cock back into you from under you he said, “You don’t get to come so easily while I do all the work.” He smirked, “Now come on, work for it.” 
You growled, wrapping both your hands around his throat while he laughed. Fuck, if you weren’t this needy maybe you’d actually knock him out cold too. But fuck he felt so good inside you, you couldn’t get enough. 
“You don’t get to boss me around like this, you hear me? I’ll obey just this once, understood?” You stared down into his pretty blue eyes, keeping your hands around his throat, applying just the slightest bit of pressure. “Just this once.” You repeated. 
He gave you a cocky grin despite you choking him. “Oh please, you’ll be back time and time again begging for this cock.” 
You almost argued, but then realised that it might be true. So instead, you just placed your hands on his muscular chest to hold yourself up as you rode him. His hands gripped your hips, guiding you up and down his cock until you both found a pleasurable pace. 
“Fuck…” You moaned, “You feel so fucking good!” 
His thick, throbbing cock stretched you open as you took him as best you could, moaning and whimpering desperately as he groaned and gasped under you. “That’s it, ride me. Ride my cock.” His grip on your hips tightened as he brought you down on his cock with force each time and thrusting upwards to fuck you deeper. “Come for me, baby.” He threw his head back, growling. “Come for me!” 
Your hands tightened around his throat as you leaned in to press your lips against his, claiming his open mouth and muffling his animalistic growls as you came undone around him again. “Come with me…” You whispered, desperate to feel him inside you. 
And he did. Groaning, and gasping as your hands tightened around his throat one last time before you let go. 
You both caught your breaths, coming down from that high together. You got off of him and laid down on his bed, trying to calm your racing heart. 
“Wow.” You both said in unison, before looking at each other and chuckling. 
“That was…” Bucky trailed off. 
“Yeah.” You answered, breathlessly. 
He turned to face you with mischief in his eyes, reached out and trailed a finger lazily down your damp cheek, “You wanna go again?” 
To which you replied, enthusiastically, “Fuck yeah, come here!”
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jxbsbokuto · 3 months
hello kitty band-aids
pairing: spider-man!iwaizumi x reader
words: 1.7k
summary: your friendly neighborhood spider-man needs your help to treat his wounds
genre: marvel au, fluff, sfw, humor
tw: wounds, blood
Tumblr media
You still don’t know how exactly you got involved with him. One day he was your classmate, then you two were assigned to work together on a physics assignment, and the next thing you knew you were keeping Spider-Man's biggest secret, his identity.
Like every other girl in your school, you idolized him - the superhero, not Iwaizumi -. You acted like a fangirl whenever you saw him swinging around the streets or when he showed up on the news after saving people from a fire. Having someone to protect the city made you feel safe because you knew that if you ever needed help, Spider-Man would show up to save you, besides that, not knowing who he was gave him a mysterious and intriguing air. You found yourself awake at night dreaming of who your hero crush was and what he looked like, unbeknownst that he sat only a few desks away from you in class.
At first, you couldn’t comprehend how an eighteen-year-old teenager could be fighting bad guys in the streets when, logically, adults are stronger than him, but after Hajime pulled a truck with his web to save a kid inside it, all your doubts about his powers vanished.
And as much as people think superheroes are untouchable and invincible, even the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has his bad days, which is why he is knocking on your window right now, trying to get you to let him in.
Iwaizumi can hear the loud music blasting inside the room and moves to the edge of the glass to see past the curtains. A soft smile that hurts his busted lips takes over his face as he sees you dancing in front of your bed with a microphone - also known as your hairbrush - in your hands. He chuckles while you jump in your place with your eyes closed, too emerged in the song to focus on anything else. Hajime could stay there for hours, watching how you act when no one else is around. However, the cut on his side is still bleeding and he needs to put some ice on his left wrist.
So he shifts to the side, behind the cloths covering the windows so you won’t be embarrassed that he was watching your concert, and knocks on the glass hard enough to be heard over the music.
Mere seconds later, you open the windows and let out a tiny gasp when you acknowledge the state he is in.
“Oh my God, Iwa, you look awful.”
“Thank you, you sure know how to flatter a man, Y/n.”
“Just get in already.”
You roll your eyes and tug on his wrist, immediately letting it go once a hiss escapes through his gritted teeth. Iwaizumi slips into your room, careful not to knock anything down as he does so. He plops on the floor and leans his back on your bed, his right-hand touches the side of his ribs, and he feels his fingers getting wet.
“Y/n, can you get the first aid kit, please?” He breathes out and rests his head back on the mattress.
Now that he is in a safe place, far from all the danger, the adrenaline in his veins disappears and he feels his body hurting all over. Maybe he should listen to you for once and go to a hospital to take care of all the injuries that most certainly left sequels behind, but why would he when the hospital doesn’t have the Hello Kitty’s band-aid’s you always put on his wounds?
“You know, I should start charging you, I had to buy three new kits during the past two months, my mom even asked if someone was beating me up at school because of all the ointment I’m using.”
Hajime can’t laugh because of the pain in his toráx, so he settles with a smirk instead. You take a mental picture of the sight. Why do men with busted lips and bloody cheeks smirking look so damn attractive? How is that even possible?
You quickly walk to the bathroom to hide your blushed cheeks, take the white box from the cabin and lock the door once you return to your room. There’s no one home besides you and Iwaizumi, but you rather not take any chances of your parents coming home early and finding someone with you.
When you look at Hajime, you wish you had locked yourself outside of the room. Spider-Man has the upper part of his uniform resting around his hips, his muscular torso exposed and his chest rising and falling quickly. You can swear your cheeks are melting from how hot they feel.
Your moment of thirst is cut short when you take notice of the cut on his rib, it’s not bleeding so much anymore due to the pressure Iwaizumi put on it, but it still looks bad.
“Iwa, what happened?”
You kneel beside him and pull everything out of the box so you can treat him.
“Five guys were breaking into a jewelry store, I went down to stop them, but I didn’t see a sixth guy coming closer. He had a knife, and the rest you know.”
“Don’t you have a sixth sense? How could you not see him coming.”
Iwaizumi takes a deep inhale while you drag a cloth wet with alcohol across his wound.
“I had my mind somewhere else.”
“What could you possibly be thinking of while fighting bad guys?”
“Doesn’t matter right now.” He turns his head to the other side, but not before you catch a glimpse of his reddened cheeks.
With the blood out of the way, you can see the injury more clearly. You wonder if it needs a couple of stitches or not, you’re just a high-schooler after all, you’re definitely not the one Hajime should be going to treat his wounds. But knowing the brunette, he is too stubborn to go to a hospital, so you’ll have to take it into your hands to fix him.
You try your best to stay focused on your task, but the hardened ridges of his muscles call out for you. Just a little glance. It won’t hurt. Yes, it will. We’re only inches away, he won’t even notice you looking at us.
You give in to temptation, and as you apply ointment to the cut you let your eyes shift to the center of his abs. So that is what he’s been hiding all this time. Seijoh’s uniform for sure doesn’t make Hajime justice. His six-pack stares back at you in all its handsome glory, his chest makes you want to lay on it, and his shoulders mock you into thinking of how they move when he’s lifting some weight. Oh, if only you could take a glance at his back to see if it is nearly as perfect as his front, it probably is, even the motherfucker's calves are hot.
Panic settles in when you feel something hot under your hand, only then do you realize your fingers are tracing the edges of his muscles — touching Iwaizumi, touching his abs. You look up to him to find olive eyes already staring at you, seeing through your soul.
You pull your hand back as if he was a walking disease and pretend you’re busy organizing the first-aid supplies while he coughs into his hand.
“The injury is fixed.” You say, clasping your hands together.
“Thanks.” He says, avoiding eye contact with you. “Could you put a band-aid on my cheek?”
You nod and reach out to the Hello Kitty stamped card box on your nightstand, always in sight for unexpected moments - like this one - when your hero comes over.
Hajime lays his head back again and you hover over him, face to face. With a gentle touch, you clean the cut with a cotton ball then place the pink band-aid on his skin. Getting out of your focus, you lock eyes with Iwaizumi, who watched you the whole time you treated his face. You gulp.
“My lip is busted.”
“I can see that.”
“Will you treat it?”
“Yes.” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear and reach out to the kit, but he stops you before you grab it.
“Why don’t you kiss it better?”
Suddenly, the air seems denser inside your lungs.
Hajime slowly lifts his hand and cups your left cheek as if testing waters. His eyes watch yours for any signs of reluctance and he pulls you closer unhurriedly, to give you enough time to get away in case you change your mind.
Your lips hover over one another, not touching completely, yet you can feel the high point of his upper lip so close to the gap between yours that it almost feels like you’re kissing. But you’re not, and every hair of your body standing up in a goosebump urges for you to close the less than millimetric gap separating you two.
“Y/n! I brought you some manjū! It was fresh out of the oven.” Your mom shouts from the other side of the door, making you jump in your place.
“Shit.” You mumble under your breath.
Iwaizumi quickly gives you a peck and swiftly gets up from the floor while you push all the medical supplies under your bed.
“Y/n?! Are you okay in there?”
“Yeah, just a minute!” You yell, voice wavering from panic.
Hajime struggles with his uniform. Besides the rush, his ribs hurt- correction, his whole body hurts, and as much as he’s trying not to make any sounds, there’s only so much pain one can take. You quickly step in to help and glare at him to be silent.
In record time you dress him up and push him gently towards your window.
“Bye. Thanks.” He whispers rushily and kisses your cheek before swinging away.
You fly across the room and open the door wide.
“Hi, mom.” You smile
“What were you doing?”
“Uh… push-ups!”
She looks at you with a mixture of confusion and disbelief.
“Okay…? Here’s your manjū, Sweetie.”
“Thanks a lot, mom. I’m gonna finish my push-ups now, bye.”
You close the door and collapse on your bed. The recent events were so comic you wanted to laugh. Instead, you sit up and start chewing on the bean-filled sweet, and only then you realize.
Spider-man kissed you.
Tumblr media
reblogs and replies are more than appreciated! <3
taglist! @neliathebaddest @pelicanpizza @Awkwardaardvarkforever @humanbean-123 @dai-tsukki-desu @momoewn @julia-1901 @musecatcher
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crescent-witch · 8 months
Special Delivery
ship: neighbour!natasha x fem!reader
summary: your neighbour natasha gets your mail when you’re not home, and one day a particularly interesting package arrives at her home.
warnings: Amazon delivery drivers (yes they have their own warning, cause they’re assholes), degradation, daddy kink, pet names (detka, good girl, sweet girl), cum-filled strap, dumbification, sort of innocence kink? but like not really, a tiny bit of overstim at the end | Minors DNI
word count: 2.5k
a/n: this was inspired by a post by @onmykneesforwanda. I….I tried my best. This is the first piece of smut I’ve published so none of you can hate on me if it’s bad.
Tumblr media
Amazon delivery drivers were assholes. That’s all you could think of as you stormed out your front door.
Despite leaving very clear instructions on the website every time to leave the package in your recycling bin at the side of your house, they always ignored it and instead left your packages with one of your neighbours.
Sometimes you wondered if they were all in cahoots and did it just to piss you off.
Sometimes it was alright because the delivery guy would leave it with your neighbour to the right, an old lady who you didn’t really see ever leave her house. She was always annoyed when you knocked on her door, but her anger was directed at the drivers and not at you, so talking to her wasn’t all bad. You at least both shared a hatred for Amazon.
The problem was when they left your mail with your neighbour to the left.
Natasha Romanoff. A Russian immigrant who moved here when she was a kid.
The redheaded woman wasn’t horrible to you. Anything but. It was the fact that you were insanely attracted to her which made it nearly imposible to knock on her door.
The Russian worked for some tech company up in the city, but she was more the brawn than the brains. As far as you could figure out from what she told you, her main job was to protect Tony Stark, the billionaire philanthropist who ran the company. But given that Stark had about a million different security guards, that gave Natasha plenty of free time to drive you to madness.
You stalked up Natasha’s driveway, catching a glimpse of her through the living room window.
You jogged up the front steps, realising you had no idea how you were going to get past your blushing to ask for the package as you rang the doorbell, and a second later Natasha was opening the door, a sight which made your breathe catch.
The redhead was wearing a tank top, her strong muscles rippling from where the fabric cut off on her broad shoulders, a braid flipped over the side of one of them. She seemed so relaxed, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed and smirking at you. That god damn smirk. It would be a miracle if you didn’t faint or just outright drop dead before even asking for your mail.
“I think these delivery drivers are doing it on purpose now.” Natasha joked, although you barely heard what she was saying as you tried to focus on anything other than her biceps flexing.
“Yeah…it’s getting really inconvenient.” You laughed awkwardly, pulling at the end of your dress to give yourself something to do as you tried to distract yourself from the way her shirt rode up her abs when she reached to scratch the back of her head.
“Why don’t you come in and I’ll give you your package?” Natasha suggested, nodding into the house as she pushed herself away from the door, stepping aside to allow you to walk in.
You nodded, sliding past Natasha and into the front hall. The setup of her house was pretty similar to yours, just on opposite sides. There was a tall staircase leading to the second floor, pictures of Natasha’s friends and family lining the way up, her living room just off the the left of it, which Natasha led you into.
“So…where’s my mail?” You asked awkwardly, cringing at your slightly impatient tone as Natasha plopped herself down on the couch, manspread.
You were careful with your words when you asked, avoiding Natasha’s use of the word package, which she used intentionally, unbeknownst to you.
You weren’t one to normally buy sex toys, especially not on Amazon of all places. The strap on that was sitting in a box somewhere in Natasha’s house was an impulse buy, which you were embarrassed to admit was bought after you saw her working out in her garage on your way home from work a week ago, the door left wide open as she lifted weights, sweat glistening on her arms and forehead.
The smirk never left Natasha’s face as she stared up at you, leaning back comfortably with a cocky look on her face.
“Come and get it.” She told you, patting her thigh, and your eyes widened as you spotted the slight bulge in her sweats.
She was wearing your fucking strap.
You suddenly felt like you were in a bad porno with an even worse title to match. A blush stained your cheeks as you continued to stare at the print in Natasha’s sweats, something which didn’t escape her notice and only fuelled her arrogance.
“Come on, detka.” Natasha coaxed you towards her, leaning forward to grab your hand and pulled you into her lap. You ground your teeth together as you felt the tip of the strap grind against your clothed cunt, cursing yourself for wearing a dress since you didn’t have the thickness of jeans to help you maintain at least some of your dignity.
Natasha’s fingers wound themselves in your hair, tugging your head to the side to expose your neck, which her lips immediately began ghosting along, sending shivers up your spine as she pressed light kisses to your throat, “Let me make you feel good.”
Somewhere within the haze that clouded your head, common sense broke through. You started shaking your head as Natasha began sucking deep purple marks into your skin, although you made no attempt to push her away.
“We can’t do this. It isn’t right.” You told her. Natasha sighed as she stopped sucking on your skin, instead running her lips up and down the column of your throat.
“Why?” She asked, pressing kisses under your jaw after every other word, “We’re both single. Nobody else is here. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you watch me when I work out, sweet girl. You can pretend to act innocent all you want, but now I really know just how much of a little slut you are.”
Her words made heat pool in your lower belly and you had to bite your lip to stifle a whimper as you discreetly tried to grind down on the strap, which of course Natasha noticed.
“Look at you.” She chuckled, suddenly grabbing your hips and forcing you to fully push against the strap. You had to bite your lip even harder, to the point of almost breaking the skin, to stifle a whine as you gripped at her shoulders for support, “Come on, detka. Grind against my cock like a good girl.”
The name, along with Natasha’s firm grip on your hips and the feeling of grinding down on her, almost made you loose control, burying your face in the crook of Natasha’s neck to try and hide your flushed cheeks.
“Aw, don’t go all shy on me now, sweet girl.” Natasha cooed, and in a second you found yourself being pulled to your feet and your front was bent over the arm of the sofa, ass in the air.
“You look so pretty like this.” Natasha said as she pushed up the skirt of your dress, leaving your bare ass on display for her, your thin cotton panties being the only thing now covering your centre.
You were eventually unable to mute your noises as Natasha began grinding the strap into your ass, a guttural moan leaving you at the action.
“Come on, tell me what you want, pretty girl.” Natasha encouraged as she cupped your sex, her fingers just barely touching where you needed them most.
“Please.” You begged, your resolve finally breaking as you tried to roll your hips against Natasha’s fingers, “Please, Natasha. I want you to fuck me.”
Natasha’s hand gripped your chin, forcing your head around to look her in the eyes.
“Do you have a safe word, detka?” She asked softly, her concern melting your heart a little bit.
“Yes. Red for stop, yellow to slow down.” You nodded as much as Natasha’s vice grip allowed you to.
“Good girl.” Natasha praised you, immediately settling back into her dominant demeanour, releasing your chin and sliding your underwear to the side before suddenly plunging two fingers into your pussy.
“Daddy!” You cried out suddenly, the title even making Natasha faulted for a second before a smirk plastered across her face.
“You like this, baby?” She asked, her thumb moving to lightly play with your clit and her fingers moved in and out of you, “You like being a good whore for daddy?”
You nodded your head eagerly, a mixture of whines and moans leaving your lips as you begged Natasha for more. What she was giving you was just barely enough.
“Use your words.” Natasha commanded, removing her fingers from your core when you failed to answer her out loud, pulling away from you completely.
“Yes daddy, I like being your whore.” You quickly reconciled, huffing in annoyance when Natasha didn’t start touching you again.
“Getting impatient, detka?” Natasha teased you, chuckling at your small huffs and whines.
Natasha reached out towards your hip, hooking two fingers around the waistband of your white cotton panties and pulled them slowly down your legs, letting them pool at your feet.
“So wet for me and I’ve barely even fucked you yet.” Natasha taunted, grazing your slit to collect the wetness that had begun to spread onto your thighs, “You’ve been so good for me. I think you’re ready now.”
Confusion clouded your brain at her words until you felt the tip of her strap rest against your entrance and you caught a glimpse of Natasha’s sweatpants being kicked away in the corner of your eye.
“You want my dick inside you, baby? You want me to fill you up with my cock?”
“Yes please, daddy.” You moaned, embarrassment flooding your body at how needy you sounded, “Please fuck me hard with your cock.”
“Aw, such good manners.” Natasha told you, and you preened at the praise, “You’ve been so good for me, such a good slut. You deserve a reward.”
A second later Natasha was sliding the fake cock into your dripping cunt and you practically screamed in pleasure as she bottomed out inside you, the redheads teasing until that point having made you drip down your thighs.
Natasha pounded the strap into you, setting a brutal pace that had you moaning so loudly you were sure the neighbours could hear, although you were too far gone to care as you rutted back against her.
“God, who would’ve thought innocent y/n would turn out to be such a desperate little bitch?” Natasha grunted, “Look at you. Your desperate pussy is practically sucking in my cock.”
“Fuck! Faster, please!” You babbled, Natasha smirking down at you. She complied, her thrusts picking up in pace as she fucked into you, moaning herself at the view of you writhing beneath her and the strap rubbing against her clit.
“Such an eager little cockslut.”
Your pathetic moans mixed with the sound of skin slapping together as Natasha continued to mercilessly degrade you. The strap hit the perfect spot in the back of your pussy every time, drawing out loud and deep moans from you.
The sofa began to shake as Natasha pounded into you with force, and you found yourself quickly reaching your climax as the coil in your stomach tightened.
“Daddy!” You moaned as Natasha reached around you to start rubbing harsh circles on your clit, the other resting on your hip to give her leverage, helping her reach an impossibly deeper angle in you.
“What do you need, detka?”
“Wanna cum, please!” You pleaded, your words slurred from pleasure.
“Yeah? You close, baby? Wanna cum on my cock?” Natasha asked as her strap continued to slosh in an out of your cunt.
You nodded fervently, incoherently begging for release in between wanton moans and cries of pleasure. You couldn’t even understand what you were saying, but by some miracle Natasha understood your mindless cries.
“Cum for me, slut. Cum all over your daddy’s cock.”
At those words your orgasm hit you, your vision blurring slightly as you came the hardest you had in a long time. Your knees buckled under your weight, and if it wasn’t for Natasha standing closely behind you with her hand on your hip you would have slid down the back of the couch.
You whimpered as Natasha continued to fuck her strap into you even after you had came down from your high. You attempted to move it out of you, but Natasha’s iron grip kept you bent over the arm of the couch.
“Too much, daddy.” You complained, wiggling your hips to try and shimmy away from her, only resulting in eliciting a groan from the redhead.
“Come on, detka. You can take a little more, can’t you? Take some more and let me cum in you.” Natasha swayed you, and you nodded in agreement, allowing the Russian to continue pounding into you.
“Gonna make daddy come so hard in you, dorogoy. You make the perfect little cumslut.” Natasha’s words reminded you that the strap you had ordered was a cum-filled one, spurring on your arousal as you felt a fire ignite itself in your belly again.
“Daddy.” You whined pitifully, squirming against Natasha as her breathes came out laboured.
“You already close again? God, such a fucking slut.” She chuckled, smacking your ass as her hips began to stutter and you knew she wasn’t far from the edge.
“Cum in me, daddy. Please. Need it so bad.”
A moan rumbled from Natasha’s throat at your begging, the redhead tilting her head back in pure ecstasy.
“Such a good little cumdump.” Natasha groaned, and almost immediately you felt the load of fake cum being shot into you, the feeling in your oversensitive pussy almost making you weep as you fell over the edge again, the pleasure overwhelming.
You hardly registered it when Natasha pulled out of you, a trail of your juices mixed with the fake cum leaving a trail connecting the strap to your pussy.
Natasha stepped out of the harness, throwing it, and the dildo, on top of her sweatpants a few feet away. She lifted you up by your waist, your short dress falling back over the curve of your ass as Natasha carried you back around to the side of the couch, laying down before placing you over her chest.
“Did you enjoy that, baby?” She asked as she stroked your hair, sleep already tugging at you.
“Mhmm.” You hummed along with some slurred babbling, your mind too scrambled to even come up with one coherent thought, causing Natasha to laugh.
“Aw, sweet thing. Have I fucked you dumb? Not one thought in that pretty little head?” You didn’t take notice of Natasha’s dark, almost possessive tone as you buried yourself further into her, seeking her warmth, “Don’t worry, detka. You can just be my pretty whore. You’re just a stupid slut who needs to be fucked dumb by her daddy, huh?”
Unable to even form the words to agree or disagree, you just clung to Natasha even tighter as sleep finally took you and Natasha smirked down at you triumphantly.
And now that she had you, there was no way she was ever going to let you go.
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amhrosina · 22 days
Sneaky Link (Billy Russo x Castle!Reader)
A/N: Nonnie, the way i RAN to my computer to write this. You’re a genius! Here you go! 
Request: Oke so hear me out please...So, Billy Russo and Frank Castle's sister in a backstreet relationship. I know i know it's lame, but i can't imagine Frank's face when he finds out that his sweet-not-so-innocent sister fuck his asshole-but-charming best friend.. Hope you like that idea <3
Tumblr media
Summary: Billy finds himself in trouble with his best friend, Frank, when Frank finds out he’s been messing around with you, Frank’s sweet and innocent sister.
(Warnings: Smut at the beginning, oral (fem receiving), reader is called good girl, cursing (lots of cursing), Frank and Billy get into a physical fight with each other (lol), fluffy Billy, not canon obv)
“Oh fuck, Billy. Just like that. Don’t stop.” You moaned, arching your back. Billy’s tongue was currently making you see stars for the third time that evening. The soft comforter on your bed was soaked in sweat, and Billy wasn’t letting up anytime soon. 
“You like that, baby?” He mumbled, circling his tongue around your clit. “Gonna cum again, princess?”  
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, yes.” You breathed, squeezing your eyes shut. Your legs were shaking uncontrollably on Billy’s shoulders, who was somehow smirking and still managing to inch you closer to your release.  
“You’ve been such a good girl today. Cum on my tongue, princess.” 
The moan you let out was unholy as Billy focuses all of his attention on your clit, sucking and licking in perfect tandem. Your body seized as your third orgasm of the day rushes through you, a spark of fiery lust traveling down your spine. Billy doesn’t let up until you physically shove his shoulders away, heart pounding and ears ringing.  
You gulp in air, turning to lay on your stomach. Billy’s soft hands run up and down your spine in soothing strokes.  
“You did so good, baby.” He mumbled into your ear, planting a soft kiss on the back of your neck.  
“You are going to be the death of me, Billy Russo.” You responded, resting your cheek on your folded hands. 
“You love it.” He scoffed, chuckling.  
You push yourself towards the edge of the bed, searching for your underwear in the trail of clothes that started at your front door and ended by your bed.  
“Where are you going?” Billy made himself comfortable, stretching out on the sheets and resting his hands behind his head.  
“I told Frank I’d meet him for drinks. That’s where I was headed when you knocked on the door. And now,” you check the time on your phone, “I’m very late. If you leave before I get back, lock the door behind you.”  
Billy’s frown is evident as you toss articles of clothing around trying to find your dress. You knew bringing up Frank would cause some anxiety, but you really were going to meet Frank.  
“When are we going to tell him?” Billy asked, pointing out the dress that he’d carefully laid on the armchair before ravishing you. 
Billy and you had been messing around for months now, all behind Frank’s back. It wasn’t that you were ashamed of Billy, but Frank had always been protective of you, and you were sure he’d be less than thrilled to find out his best friend had been fucking his little sister for the better half of a year.  
It hadn’t started on purpose, you reasoned. Frank, you, and Billy had been drinking at a bar when Karen had called Frank, frantic about something. Frank had hurried off, leaving you and Billy to your own devices. Three shots later and Billy was pulling your top off in the bar bathroom.  
After that encounter, you’d avoided spending any time alone with Billy, but Billy’s charming and handsome and so good at kissing, so your resolve only lasted a few days. Since then, Billy and you had been sneaking around Frank’s back, stealing glances at each other when Frank wasn’t looking, and sneaking kisses when you could get away with it.  
It started as a casual hook-up, but it certainly didn’t develop as one. You and Billy were together. You cooked dinner for each other, went out on dates when you knew Frank wouldn’t stumble across the two of you, and spent most of your free time at each other’s apartments. He brought you flowers every week and referred to you as his girlfriend to his employees at work. You’d even gone to the Anvil Christmas party, albeit as Frank’s plus one, but you were still there, celebrating Billy’s accomplishments with him.  
“Did you hear me? When are we going to tell him?” Billy’s voice brought you out of your thoughts.  
“I don’t know.” You responded honestly. At this point, no matter how you did it, Frank would be upset that you’d hidden it from him. 
“Do you not want to be with me?” Billy rarely sounded insecure, but in that moment, you could feel the insecurities rolling off him. You moved towards the bed, cupping Billy’s cheeks and kissing his nose.  
“Of course, I want to be with you, Billy. You’re everything to me. I just don’t know how to explain that to Frank without him trying to murder you. And then me.” you added, pressing your forehead to his.  
“We should tell him soon. I don’t like hiding things from him. We’ve always trusted each other.”  
“I know. We’ll tell him soon. I promise, okay? But I really have to go.”  
Billy nodded, kissing your cheek and standing.  
A knock at the door had both of you on alert. You moved to answer it, but Billy stopped you and held out his shirt in his hands. You looked down and realized you were still naked, minus the underwear. A sheepish grin crossed your face as you threw the shirt on. 
You swung open the door, ready to tell whatever solicitor that you weren’t interested, but you stopped short when you exchanged glances with your brother, who looked rightfully concerned. 
“Where the hell have you been? I waited for you for over an hour, and then you wouldn’t respond to my texts or calls, so I thought ‘Oh she must be getting murdered. Then you open the door with this ridiculous smile on your face, like you aren’t incredibly late for something!”  
Frank stormed through the door, and before you can respond, takes in the fact that Billy is standing in your bedroom doorway, shirtless and guilt-ridden. Frank turned and looked at you, glancing down at your shirt and then back at Billy, who is holding his hands up innocently. Frank’s face is stoic, but you can see the rage churning in his eyes. The apartment is so quiet you can hear Billy’s breathing from across the room. The calm before the storm, apparently. 
“’the fucks wrong with you, you bastard?” Frank charged at Billy, who only lifted his hands higher to try and push Frank away from him.  
“Frank, stop!” You yelped, trying to figure out how to stop Frank from killing your boyfriend. Frank slammed Billy into the wall, punching Billy in the jaw.  
“It’s not what you think. I’m not just-” 
“Just what? Fucking my sister? I thought you were different, Billy. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Frank’s fist connected with Billy’s face again, and you let out a yelp as blood starts to trickle down Billy’s face.  
“Frank, stop! It’s not like that! He’s my boyfriend, Frank! We’re not just messing around!”  
Frank freezes, mid-swing, and turns to look at you. He’s very clearly confused at your confession. 
“Your boyfriend?” Frank drops Billy, who slumps against the wall and lets out a wheeze. “What do you mean, your boyfriend?” 
“I mean, he’s my boyfriend, Frank. We’re together. And we should’ve told you, but I knew you’d react just like this, like a fucking psycho, so I didn’t say anything. And I made Billy promise he wouldn’t say anything to you. If you’re going to be mad at someone, be mad at me.”  
“You’re together?” Frank looks between you and Billy, shaking his head. “Like together, together?” 
“Yes, now can I please go put some pants on and trust that you’re not going to pummel his face in?” 
“I need to talk to you.” Frank points at Billy, who stands and wipes the blood from his face.  
“Yeah, alright.” He responds, nodding.  
When you make it to your bedroom, you can hear the muffled sound of Frank speaking. He still sounded angry, but at least he wasn’t actively trying to punch Billy anymore. You searched through your drawers until you found an old pair of sweatpants, slowly pulling them on. You wanted to give Billy and Frank enough time to talk it out, but you didn’t want to leave them alone for too much longer.  
You creeped through the doorway, where you found Billy sitting on your couch with an ice pack pressed into his jaw, and Frank, searching through your fridge.  
“Is everything...good now?” You asked tentatively, looking back and forth between your boyfriend and your brother.  
“Yeah, but I don’t wanna see any of that lovey-dovey shit. I’m not happy about it, but I can’t stop you from being an idiot.” Frank responded, pulling three beers out of the fridge and setting them on the counter.  
Billy gave you a small smile, but grimaced when pain shot through his jaw again. You could already see the bruises blooming on his face.  
“Okay...do you want to watch a movie?” You asked, trying to play it off like this was a totally normal night.  
Frank handed you a beer, then handed Billy one.  
“Sure, princ- Um.” Billy cleared his throat and said your name. Frank rolled his eyes and sat down next to Billy, which left you the seat next to Frank. You tried not to roll your eyes at Frank’s choice of couch cushions and flopped down next to him. It was going to be a long movie.  
When Frank finally left hours later, he sent you a pointed look on his way out the door. He had barely looked at you or Billy the entire night, but you considered it progress anyways. It was better than physically punching each other.  
Billy had stretched his legs out on the couch, propping his head up on a pillow.  
“So that went...well?” He questioned, raising his eyebrows at you. 
“Are you okay? I’m so sorry.” You rushed to his side, trying to get a better look at the bruises forming on Billy’s face.  
Billy waved a hand and shrugged. “If all I got was a couple licks to the face, I call that a win. He’ll come around.”  
Frank did eventually come around, but he certainly took his time. For the first month after his discovery, he wedged himself inbetween you and Billy as often as he could. Whether it be on the subway, in a bar stool, or at your house, Frank always managed to separate the two of you. It was frustrating, but Billy assured you that he would take the time he needed to get over it and come around.  
When Billy took your hand to pull you out of the way of a fast-approaching cab one night, Frank eyed your intertwined hands, and then looked away, pretending not to notice it. You squeezed Billy’s hand in celebration but didn’t say a word. The first time Billy kissed you in front of Frank, he had gotten an emergency call from work and had to rush out of the bar you were sitting in. He had planted a kiss on your lips without thinking about the present company and bolted out the door, leaving you with a very red face.  
Frank had taken a sip of his beer and continued the conversation you were having before Billy’s departure. The small victories were few and far between, but you and Billy were patient.  
Finally, what felt like months later, Frank made a joke about Billy being your boyfriend, and you felt like you could finally relax. Billy clearly made you happy, so Frank got over it. Later that night, you were wrapped in Billy’s arms in your bed, half-asleep and listening to Billy’s voice as he read from your favorite book.   
“You know,” Billy mumbled to your sleeping form, “I hope Frank doesn’t react the same way when I ask you to marry me.”  
He chuckled as you snuggled into his chest, unconscious to the world around you. You and Billy hadn’t spoken about marriage, but he had clear intentions with you. He wasn’t going to let you get away.  
He leaned over and clicked the lamp off, sending the room into complete darkness.  
“Goodnight, my love.” He sighed, kissing your hair. “I can’t wait to say that to you for the rest of our lives.” 
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fanboygarcia · 9 months
AU: your camera roll but you’re dating Steve Rogers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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