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ko-rka · 2 days
a stop motion animation remake of my favorite scene from goncharov
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playa-pariah · 2 days
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Goncharov (1973)
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manny-jacinto · 3 days
martin scorsese:
dissed the mcu so hard that the mcu stans proclaim he never did a good movie once in his life 
made the masterpiece goncharov 
watched derry girls
king shit
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agir1ukn0w · 2 days
so…..who do we think we have to thank/blame for goncharov: crowley or aziraphale?
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deanwinchestergf · 3 days
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hes such a tumblrina
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The Martin Scorsese collection
Taxi Driver (1976)
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uhhh-ghouls007 · 8 hours
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I drew this for my 2D studio art class but my friend said it looked like a Goncharov poster. So here we are.
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fllnorder · 2 days
goncharov is just the goldfinch if it was not in theo’s first person point of view?
the quotes i’ve seen are all devastatingly reminiscent of the goldfinch. specifically boris and theo’s relationship. you would only need to make the slightest alterations and bam. these are all actual quotes from the goldfinch.
- “you’ve wasted time you didn’t have”
- “what is marriage but a way to escape our fathers names”
- “if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have missed”
- “but the whole world is against you.” “are you against me.” “never.” “then the world is not against me”
- “you one have one mother, father, brother. but you could trace a path from naples to our childhood house in moscow with the blood of all the men who’ll tell you they love you.”
-“no matter what name you would say, i’d know it to be mine from the way you said it”
-“god will forgive you, andrey. it is you who must forgive yourself.”
(also where can i “see” goncharov i don’t know much about it and i don’t know where to start atp)
(and this is based on the idea that goncharov is a real piece of media and not some social media mandala effect)
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foone · 2 days
I was gonna joke about how "at this point, I'm not sure I believe that Martin Scorsese is even a real director!" but then I looked over at my pile of VHS tapes AND I LITERALLY HAVE ONE OF HIS MOVIES RIGHT HERE.
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Well played, reality. You win this round... for now.
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matan4il · 1 day
Okay, but have we considered the new Goncharov effect, which is that now posts about real movies sound fake?
...A film called Glass Onion, you say? (hmmm, like the parody site “The Onion”?) In which international heartthrob and Bond actor Daniel Craig plays a confirmed gay character? In the middle of a murder mystery? On a beautiful exotic Greek island? With the legendary and gorgeous non-binary bicon Janelle Monáe as a part of the cast as well? In a double role? All of my queer heart’s dreams coming true in one subtextually homoerotic action movie? Nice try, Tumblr. I’m not falling for that one twice.
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can't believe i haven't seen any edits of the parallels between derry girls and goncharov yet
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rebewatson · 2 days
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yodaprod · 1 day
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Bringing out the dead (1999)
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ghost-is-gone-18 · 2 days
when taylor swift said "you know the greatest films of all time were never made" she was talking about goncharov (1973).
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theforswornelite · 2 days
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Ok fine. C u in about 3 hrs 32 min
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geekysteven · 3 days
Goncharov isn't the first film made to pass the Bechdel test, but it is the first film that Alison Bechdel personally saw which passed the test.
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