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Sunday Morning Epiphany: Belly Dancer Markus
Will add a link in the comments, so you can see where the inspiration for this render came from.
(click for better quality)
³ᵈ ᵐᵒᵈᵉˡ ᵖᵒʳᵗ ᵇʸ ᵐᵉᵗᵒʳᶤᵃ ᵒᶰ ᵗʷᶤᵗᵗᵉʳ
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the hunt!!!
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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"everything will be alright."
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"Don't you give up"
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my favorite ending
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*Marcia voice* "Sure, Jan." 😏
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so this is how entering a dying fandom feels like
upd: GUYS i forgot this post in my drafts for a whole year and now im like… congratulations… at least a dead fandom can not die twice, you know
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→ Finished work here ←
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“𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞 𝖜𝖔𝖐𝖊 𝖚𝖕" 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 1
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The androids have won the war and you, along side other mechanics, were forced to stay in Detroit as their medics. The more time passed, the more they got attracted to you, until finally they took what they wanted the most.
Connor x Gender neutral reader
The androids have won. The war was over and the humans have lost, forced to withdraw once they realized that the androids had clearly the upper hand inside the war.
To top all of that, thousands of android from the the warehouses of the Cyberlife have deviated and marched towards the field, indicating the final victory of the androids.
A very small group of people remained in Detroit. The android forced them to.
All of them were mechanics and workers of Cyberlife, just like you. All of you became some sort of slaves to them.
Your job didn't necessarily change much. Not much changed in what you actually did, but the way it was viewed changed. Instead of being seen as a mechanic, you were elevated to a similar status as a doctor or surgeon. Now that androids were alive, their lives became as equal to humans.
The pressure of your job increased as, suddenly, it wasn't just machines anymore. It was real living being put into your hands. It caused you a lot of stress that you avoided significantly in the past.
Androids weren't even very nice to you. You had always been kind to them even before the revolution but a lot of them received abuse by humans and acted cold towards you. Surprisingly enough though, they never dared to hurt you in any way.
Maybe it was because of your most frequent patient.
Connor. The detective android that came to live thanks to you
Even before the android revolution you would always found him in the waiting room with different type of injuries.
He was created to find and track down deviants, so it was normal that he would get injured.
Your superior told you that if a Connor model would be damaged too much to be saved, a new one created by Cyberlife would be activated and the memory of his predecessor would be transferred to him.
Luckily, this procedure was never necessary. The injuries he would get were, indeed, bad, but never fatal for him and, as he would always like to say, 'you are better then any other mechanic out there'.
Thinking about it now you should have gave it more thoughts on it instead of just shrugging it off... just like that moment during one of your many encounters after the revolution.
"How did you get all of this injuries?" You asked him while using different tools to patch up the various cut he had on his hands.
"A group of human approached Detroit saying that they only wanted to talk proclaiming of being disarmed. After Markus and Simon refused their offer they pulled knives out and started to attack" he explained bluntly.
You tensed at little at hearing this.
Fights like this started to happen more often.
"How are the others?" You asked him while continuing to repair his injuries and cleaning all the blood that escaped from them.
"Markus is okay. Simon more like me since he shielded Markus from majority of the damage" he explained to you while arching a little his eyebrows.
Deviancy is still new for a lot of them. He still haven't learned all of this different emotion and would always come in your office to ask you for help.
At any time.
One time he literally entered the room of your office to ask about some new emotion he felt right when you were operating an android...
You placed a hand on his shoulder and gave a firm and comforting grip to him. Genuinely intended at making him feel better.
"You did the best you could Con. I'm sure of that. You can always tell Simon to come here so that I can help him with his injuries. He has been here some times and is a quite nice-" immediately you were cut off by his hand that grasped yours on his shoulder.
"Thanks for the kind offer but that would not be necessary. He is already being visited by some other mechanic right now".
Its nearly impossible to tell when an android lies, especially Connor, because his job often requires it.
But something about the brief flash of red, and his odd response made you skeptical.
But you didn't push the subject, simply moved on. You quickly sealed up the cut and wiped off the remaining thirium. The only cut left was on his right cheek. Small but still not ignorable. The tool you used needed a moment to recharge and you momentarily seated it to the closest table you had near you.
You lingered for a moment, his hand still holding yours. His gentle touch and (surprisingly) warm skin was indistinguishable from a human. You knew that androids couldn't feel pain, but you were always very delicate anyway.
He looked down at you inquisitively, face blank but eyes holding behind something indecipherable for you.
Despite the short time it took to bring him back to tip top shape, you let go of his hand and talked a little while.
It was a slow day at the clinic, so you didn't mind sparing the extra time. Especially because besides him no one else came to you recently.
You asked him if he knew how Hank was doing, and Connor informed you that Hank was ok. You definitely missed the old, cranky lieutenant. Having Connor in his life had boosted his spirits significantly. He started to drink less and less and it was great to seem him finally been able to live again.
It was sad for you realizing that you won't see him anytime soon since he was forced to escape Detroit after the war.
After talking for a little bit more, you realized that the whole thing had distracted you from working on his injure.
You quickly picked up the now recharged tool and got close to the android, gently placing one of your hands on his face.
He leaned his face into your hand in such a subtle way that you might have missed it if it wasn't for your highly trained eye.
He locked his eyes with yours. His neutral facial expression was impossible to read, yet it felt very devoted and soft.
You focused yourself, trying not to get lost in his gaze. You ran the tool you were using over his damaged skin and it began to instantly return to normal, thanks to also his self-healing program.
Your steady hand moved over his wound, repairing the burst vessels underneath his skin and cleaning the trace of thirium on his cheek.
It wasn't until you moved the tool away that you realized how close he had gotten to you, mere inches away from your face. He was inching closer, more and more close as his eyes fixed on your lips while you froze, brain trying to process what was happening.
Nothing happened, however, as a loud noise of gunshots made you flinch and backed away a little, moving your gaze up from where the sound arrived.
"What's happening?" You asked him raising your voice a little to make sure he heard you.
To your surprise he remained in the same position you were in seconds ago, led changing from red to yellow while he looked up at the ceiling with... annoyance?
The door behind you opened, hitting the wall and making you turn around.
North was at the door with some red blood on her hands.
"Of course you are here..." the red-haired android mumbled before making a gesture at Connor to follow her.
"Another group of humans just like last week. Call your brother and then meet us in the same spot" and with that they both took their leave.
From that moment on you really started to realize his strange behavior towards you.
Even his brother acted in the same exact way but in a more straight-forward act.
'My son, what's his name?' Hank asked, pointing his gun at one of the Connors. He had no idea which one was the real Connor, which one was his partner. The fake Connor had uploaded Connor's memories, so there was almost no way to know which one was which based on that.
'Cole,' Connor responded. 'His name was Cole. And he just turned six at the time of the accident.' A silence fell over them before Connor spoke up again.
'It wasn't your fault, Lieutenant.' Hank began to lower the gun ever so slowly while you stayed right next to him.
'A truck skidded on a sheet of ice and your car rolled over. Cole needed emergency surgery but no human was available to do it. So an android had to take care of him... Cole didn't make it... That's why you hate androids. You think one of us is responsible for your son's death.
'Cole died because a human surgeon was too high on red ice to operate,' Hank responded 'He was the one that took my son from me. Him and this world, where the only way people can find comfort is with a fistful of powder...'
'I knew about your son too!' the other Connor spoke up. 'I would have said exactly the same thing! Don't listen to him, Hank, I'm the one who-' in an instant you jerked Hank's arm up in the air before he could shoot him. The sound of gun-shoot echoed inside the big place.
"Why the fuck did you do that?!" Asked a very angry looking Hank at you.
"He deserves to live just as much as every other android!" You responded back at him and looked at Connor.
Connor-60's arm was grabbed by the real Connor. The synthetic skin disappeared from their arms and he fell to the floor, his LED constantly changing between yellow and red as he tried to deal with the information he just received. With his new-found deviancy.
'I don't think it’s necessary shooting him Hank' the Connor you knew said and Hank completely lowered the gun, looking at the android kneeling on the ground.
The android seemed completely overwhelmed, not able to do much else but sit there as he tried to understand everything.
'I've learned a lot since I met you Connor,' Hank said. 'Maybe there's something to this... Maybe you really are alive. Maybe you'll be the ones to make the world a better place...' He softly motioned with his head towards the androids standing around as Connor kept staring at him. 'Go ahead, and do what you gotta do.' Connor walked towards one of the androids.
He took the android by the arm, just like he had done to Connor-60.
'Connor...' Connor looked away from the android, once again interrupted by Connor-60.
Hank raised his gun as Connor got ready to fight again and moved his arm, moving you protectively behind him.
Connor-60 just walked to one of the thousands of androids, taking it by the arm. The synthetic skin from his arm disappeared as his LED flickered between yellow and red. Connor-60 made eye contact with Connor, giving the other a solemn nod. He then focused back on the android he was holding. The synthetic skin from the arm disappeared as Connor deviated the android.
'Wake up.'
That's how you met him. An exact copy of Connor but with completely different character.
Sixty, that's how everyone called him due to the 60 present on his jacket, didn't really respected anyone beside you.
Just like his brother, he would come to you at any given occasion and, unlike his brother, just flirt, whisper dirty jokes in your ear while you were taking care of his bruises and so on and so on... one time he even pinned you against the wall,trapping you in between his arms just because he liked see you all flustered and red.
Thinking again about everything, it all made sense now. If you would have been able to realize it faster you could have maybe... maybe been able to anticipate it...
One day you were adjusting a bit your office and moving things one place to another to make it more tidy and clean.
A clinking sounds echoed inside the room as the tool you were holding met the floor.
Strong arms wrapped around you, one hand blocking your mouth while another another held you still from the waist.
You felt a sharp pain on your neck before your vision became black and you fell asleep.
When you woke up again, everything around you was black. You were laying down and your head was resting against something you couldn't figure out.
The sedative still held an effect on you. All tentative of movement were impossible.
But you could sense something. Warmth enveloped all of your body and, as more time passed and you started to recover a bit, you sensed a series of arms wrapped tightly around you.
You moved very slowly your head trying to see something but, as soon as you moved a muscle, a series of blue lights appeared inside the dark room.
Things started to move around you. Hands moved all over your body, groping and touching everywhere.
Another hand touched gently your cheek and moved your head in the same exact position you were in seconds ago.
What was against your head moved up and down, pressing harder against you and in an instant you realized it was the cheek of someone else.
"You finally woke up" a very familiar voice said right next to you.
"Where... where am I?" Your voice came out so small and fragile.
"Inside our house", "here with us" "you are safe here" a series of very similar voices answered from different positions.
Fear crept inside your chest and you tensed significantly at hearing all of this voices similar at once; your eyes moved everywhere trying to see anything besides the black silhouette and blue light in front of you.
The very unique scent that came from the figure in front of you helped you realize who it was.
"Con-Connor what's happening?" You started to command shakily, trying to not let the fear creep into your voice.
You felt the hot breath of someone else on your neck and a pair of hands took a hold of your waist, adding to the series of other hands on your body.
"You exaggerated the doses for the sedative" said the owner of the new pair of hands from behind you in a scolding way to Connor.
A long silent fell inside the room and the series of blue light changed yellow. Despite this you continued to feel movement from around you, those hands stayed still and continued to greedily touch you.
Who was here with you besides Connor?
An eternity passed until Connor spoke again, as if reading your mind.
"Cyberlife had inside of their warehouse about 8 other Connor models besides me and Sixty..." his face then moved again, your head rested on a soft pillow. "...just as you said months ago with Sixty, even they deserved a chance to live... and I shared my memories with them. Now you can live together with us and away from the danger of the war" and with that his lips made contact with yours.
If you liked this story, please let me know in the comments 。^‿^。
You can find the rest of the story on both wattpad and ao3:
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(click for better quality)
³ᵈ ᵐᵒᵈᵉˡ ᵖᵒʳᵗ ᵇʸ ᵐᵉᵗᵒʳᶤᵃ ᵒᶰ ᵗʷᶤᵗᵗᵉʳ
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They told me he paints and I was like, ight there can be no other
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Markus: Oh yes, Senator, very sound. I agree with you completely.
Markus, turning to Connor and whispering fervently: Execute this clown immediately.
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More 10-minutes sketches at work
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starfruit-baby · a month ago
Connor believed himself a unique prototype, so much so i'm assuming seeing Markus' serial number was what kinda led him to ask Amanda about being a 'unique' model (when normally that didnt make any sense to me, since he knows he basically respawns lol im slow like that), but does Markus know he was originally the unique one? he certainly knows his functions, but would he have any thoughts in knowing he mightve served as stencil for the deviant hunter? 🤔
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I need to make more fonts so I don't have to write by hand, but I really wanted to do the lettering this way for once :D
This is the silly princess AU you didn't know you needed. I really want to draw some cool, edgy dbh fanarts but everything I do is just silly af.
RK1K month prompt: Leap of Faith
If you'd like more Connor/Markus do check my fic Gardengate! (it's not silly AU, although it does have a good dosage of humor, also feat. Hank, Elijah, and evil(?) Amanda)
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Markus' arsenal of weapons
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