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fullfrontalfish · 3 days
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So they've discovered like 5 new deep sea species of fish this month, but this guy is by far my favourite. Autism creature batfish
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marinememes · 18 hours
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Babe, wake up, new long creacher just dropped
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The strange world of brine pools.
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Deep under the sea, there are pools of water, separate from the rest of the ocean. Created when water seeps down through the ocean floor, mixing with long buried salt deposits, resulting in these highly saline pools.
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The brine itself is uninhabitable for the vast majority of creatures. The lack of oxygen and extremely high salt content quickly sends just about any creature that enters them into toxic shock.
Still, these pools are oases of life on the sparsely populated abyssal plane. The mineral-rich water provides much-needed nutrients to life surrounding these toxic waters.
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justacomicsjinx · 2 days
⚠️ Important News! ⚠️
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Look at this little guy :)
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Daily fish fact #303
Blue grenadier!
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Also called hoki! They live in depths of about 400 to 1000 meters (1312 to 3280 feet) and their diet consists largely of crustaceans, squid and lanternfish.
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mila14-16 · 2 days
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Octopuses are usually solitary, but the gloomy octopus Octopus tetricus live in very high densities. Perhaps due to this living arrangement, scientists have captured footage of octopuses throwing stuff at each other, everything from silt to shells to algae. A few evidence to suggest this throwing is deliberate (not just octopus coincidentally flinging something in the direction of another octopus):
Throwing requires an unusual positioning of the siphon (think jet water propulsion device)
The things that get thrown make pretty strong contact with the receiving octopus
Throwers often exhibit uniform dark/medium colour, suggesting that these throws are linked in some way (not random throw events)
Octopus in the receiving end have been shown to try and dodge the missile
Choice of missile is often silt, and not random
Throwing is often done using a specific set of arms
Scientists think it might be some sort of communication. But it's not clear what sort, e.g. whether antagonistic or not, or is it play, enrichment etc.
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reasonsforhope · 3 days
“Millions of sharks could be saved from being caught on fishing hooks with a recent invention that acts like a car’s hazard lights.
Called SharkGuard, the device fits onto the longlines used by fishermen and creates an electrical field around a baited hook, which sharks and rays pick up with their electroreceptors.
Tests have shown that it can reduce the bycatch of these animals by 91% for sharks and 71% for rays...
With efficacy proven, Dr. Enever and colleagues said they are now working to overcome a barrier of battery life so fishers can “fit it and forget it.”
A full set of induction-charged SharkGuard devices for 2,000 hooks would cost around $20,000 (£16,790) and would last three to five years, which the researchers say is a modest annual cost for most commercial tuna fishing operations.
They are now encouraging fishers who experience high shark and ray bycatch, as well as retail companies who want to improve the sustainability of their supply chain, to seek contact with Fishtek Marine early as sea trials and engineering developments are planned for commercialisation.” -via Good News Network, 11/23/22
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salmonidae · 1 day
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california sheephead (semicossyphus pulcher)
one of the largest members of the wrasse family, the california sheephead is a vital part of kelp forest ecosystems. they prey on shelled creatures, which includes sea urchins, who are kelp grazers. their large teeth allow them to crush through the shells of their prey. they are protogynous fish and often travel in a harem - with one dominant male leading a group of females.
this species is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list.
gif creds: our planet (2019)
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thrashz · 7 hours
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twas inspired by this post
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rubiscodisco · 3 months
tumblr used to be a high throughput reef ecosystem but then they banned titties and now we’re like an ecosystem in the abyssal sea floor just quietly chugging along, cycling through nutrients at a much slower rate.
then every once in a while a some huge news comes along like queendeath and it’s like a whale fall, we come crawling out of the woodwork like isopods, hagfish, and burrowing worms to feast on the memes for years
it’s been almost two years since destiel-putin-election and we still linger around those bones like limpets
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fullfrontalfish · 4 hours
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Gasflame nudibranch (Bonisa nakaza)
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marinememes · 1 day
Today is Wet Beast Wednesday!
Today’s wet beast is: Sea Angel
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Olive’s Wet Beast Fact: most known from being aesthetically pleasing on Animal Crossing, these sea slugs are protandrous hermaphrodites, which means they start out their lives male and turn female throughout the course of their lives. Trans Legends.
Stay tuned for more Wet Beast Wednesdays!
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Hadal Snailfish my beloved
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bees-with-swords · 5 days
"Do you ever dream of land?" The whale asks the tuna.
"No." Says the tuna, "Do you?"
"I have never seen it." Says the whale, "but deep in my body, I remember it."
"Why do you care," says the tuna, "if you will never see it."
"There are bones in my body built to walk through the forests and the mountains." Says the whale.
"They will disappear." Says the tuna, "one day, your body will forget the forests and the mountains."
"Maybe I don't want to forget," Says the whale, "The forests were once my home."
"I have seen the forests." Whispers the salmon, almost to itself.
"Tell me what you have seen," says the whale.
"The forests spawned me." Says the salmon. "They sent me to the ocean to grow. When I am fat with the bounty of the ocean, I will bring it home."
"Why would the forests seek the bounty of the oceans?" Asks the whale. "They have bounty of their own."
"You forget," says the salmon, "That the oceans were once their home."
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fishyfishyfishtimes · 23 hours
Daily fish fact #305
Greenland shark!
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They have the slowest swim speed for its size across all fish, about  1.22 km/h (0,76 mph)! Due to this, it's hypothesised they mostly hunt prey that is asleep.
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