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lateonsetemo · 1 day
characters with lots of creepy eyes are so gender. i will not be elaborating at this time
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ikuuyyuki · 3 days
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Tumblr don't like me when I try to post more than one art so...
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takabrows · 3 days
Doodle I did for Halloween. Vampire AU!
Dear Diary,
my new "roommates" are in desperate need of a wardrobe update.
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ra1nestorm · 2 days
grief does not come without rage.
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A very important reminder this Marcy Monday <3
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ilovetvtoons · 2 days
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hanyuleum · 2 days
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I’ve always wanted to escape. To go to a world where I could be more than some strange Asian girl in the corner of a room. Maybe a world where I wasn’t the only Asian who wasn’t normal. Maybe a world where others shared my interests. Maybe a world where I was accepted. 
That’s what Marcy did. She found another world to be with her friends so they could go on adventures together forever. I would have done the same if I had that chance. Because any other world and life seemed better than the one I was currently living in. 
But just like Marcy’s adventure, all of that would have come to an end. Because life has chapters and arcs where you develop and grow. And that’s hard. Growing up isn’t easy but we all have to do it. I think that’s what the adventure is even if it’s not in a different world. 
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sashannarcycanon · 2 days
Revolutionary Girl Utena or smth idfk
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amphibia-a-day · 1 day
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Day 562 of Amphibia Screenshots
Episode: Maddie & Marcy
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chimeracreations · 2 days
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this is my life
this is my choice
this is my damnation
this is my only regret
this is my sacrifice
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coconurt · 2 days
Happy Monday, y'all!!
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And now, the Marce herself...
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hoopadaboopa · 13 hours
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Anne's various drawings of Marcy... :(((
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takabrows · 11 hours
Tattoo shop AU stuff!
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We got Anne the Yoga instructor, Marcy the Tattoo Artist, and Sasha the Personal Trainer! (And their messy love triangle)
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strangeststranger01 · 16 hours
Marcanne but i suck at drawing hands (pt. 2)
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lonywu · 12 hours
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King Darcy Wu
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