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The kid downstairs
pt. 6
Pairing: Platonic Bonten x GN!Reader
Genre: SMAU
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❈ 𝗹𝗲𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝗺𝘆 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗮𝗴𝗮𝗶𝗻 ❈
Tumblr media
❝one day i will stop falling in love with you, some day, someone will like me like i like you.❞
♡ manjiro sano ♡
a/n: current mood - wanting to breaking people’s hearts 😈 (sorry mikey stans)
content: mikey x reader (y/n), very heavy angst, right person wrong time, you’re mikey’s childhood friend, he’s getting married (lolz), not grammatically checked/edited
you finished adding the final touches to your makeup, a heavy sigh leaving your lips as you checked in the mirror if your concealer hid your puffy eyes well. some would say that whatever you were going through was tragic, a scenario that you would read about in romance novels where the main character is destined to a miserable fate.
and perhaps that was right.
you’ve been feeling miserable, sad and pathetic for the last month and a half since you’ve received the invitation. a piece of paper that felt like a sharp knife slicing your heart in half.
what was worse was that you couldn’t even find it in your heart to throw away the card. it was beautifully decorated with happy pastel colors and confetti, printed on expensive card stock, pop-up designs and a photo of him with the girl that was supposed to be you.
it was your childhood friend’s wedding, except for the catch that you’ve been holding in a burdening crush on him for the last twenty years. he was your person and you were his, being there for each other through thick and thin.
you both created a world where it was just the two of you while everyone else became a blur, a bunch of white noise. he was the invincible mikey and you were his key.
you couldn’t help but wonder, when did things change so fast? how did the perfect world you both created become nothing but dust?
(17 years ago)
“how is she, doc?” the young boy with a dragon tatted on his skull asked curiously as he stared at his friend, well practically family, in concern. 
“it was just an upset stomach, little man. we gave your sister some antibiotics to fight off those nasty little germs that’s been bothering her. she’ll be good in a few days. you sure you don’t have a parent or older family member we can contact?” the doctor asked, cocking an eyebrow as he held the pen in his hand eagerly, hoping the blonde boy would say something to him. 
“we’re orphans and she’s not my real sister. we have someone that’s been taking care of us for all these years and he’ll come by shortly.” he murmured, shame painting his face as his gaze went down to the floor. 
the doctor looked at him with sorrow, patting his head. 
“hang tight, buddy. keep her company, but don’t make her laugh too much or else it might make her cry.” he tried to create humor and it successfully made the frowning by crack a crooked smile. 
“yes, sir!” the little boy playfully saluted as he watched the man in the white coat walk away with a chuckle. 
“ken?” his ears rang up when hearing your faint call of his name, a small whimper following after. 
“y/n! are you hurting anywhere? should i call the doctor back? uncle’s gonna be here soon with remi. i told them to bring your favorite chocolate pudding.” draken gave you a cheeky grin, his hand now holding yours tightly. 
“you know me so well, sometimes i forget that i’m an orphan.” you laughed quietly, trying to not put strain on your stomach. 
“you’re not an orphan, y/n. you got me, uncle, remi and the other girls too. we’re one big happy family.” he persisted, eyebrows furrowing as he tried his best to convince you to believe his point. 
“you told the doctor that i’m not your sister, ken.” you whispered, your throat becoming dry as the words left your mouth. draken fell silent for a few seconds before sighing, laying his head besides your hand. 
“i told him that you’re not my real sister, y/n. there’s a difference. i don’t care what the law says because my heart says otherwise. you’ll always be the sister that i’ve always dreamed of having.” his eyes twinkled, a hand coming up to ruffle your hair. 
“so i heard one of my little girls was sick? maybe some chocolate pudding will make those little bad guys in your stomach go away.” your uncle’s voice boomed in your ward, a small smile plastered on his face as he shook the white plastic bag.
your eyes glimmered in content before you were pulled into a bear hug by remi. the girl sobbed on your shoulder, wetting it with tears and snot as she roared by your ears. 
“y/nnnn!!!! i thought you were gonna die when kenny told uncle! i love you, y/n, don’t leave ever me. ever.” she hiccuped between every word as your uncle and draken tried to console her and calm her down. 
“it was a stomach bug, remi. i’ll be better in a few days.” you tried to cheer her up. she raised her head, looking at you in doubt. 
“promise?” remi sniffled. 
“promise, you know i’d never lie to you.” you wiped away her tears before hugging her once more. 
your uncle handed the three of you the small containers of chocolate pudding. 
“why don’t you three take a walk outside, i’ll have this really nice nurse walk you guys. it’s good to get some fresh air.” the doctor said, patting your back and you all agreed, soon leaving the room. 
you happily skipped through the hallway, one pudding container in your pocket, while the other one was tightly secured in your hand as you ate it. 
“let’s play hide and seek, you’re the seeker ken!” you quickly blurted out, not giving either of them a choice before running off to the other direction. you faintly heard draken groan in annoyance, being tired of always being the seeker but he’d always do it for you. 
you saw a pretty quiet hallway and decided to turn to that corner, only to find a small quiet room. you figured that it wouldn’t be too much of a trouble to hide in here for a few minutes
you opened the door, nearly having a heart attack from the sudden appearance of another person. it was a boy with short blonde hair, he was huddled up into a ball, quietly whimpering and crying. 
“hey, kid.” you called out to him, only to not receive a response. a heavy sigh left your lips as you walked over to him, sitting on the floor besides him. the boy looked up at you, eyes all puffy and his nose red. 
he’s pretty cute.
“look, i’m really bad at comforting people. but, when i’m super sad, i eat chocolate pudding to make me happy again.” you said with a grin, digging in your pocket to get your other container out. 
you grabbed his hand and opened his palm before placing the treat in it. he stared at it in momentary silence. 
“who are you?” he finally spoke, looking at you with slight confusion. 
“just a stranger who’s hiding from her siblings in an intense game of hide and seek. what about you?” you chuckled, scooping another bite into your mouth. 
“i’m.. i don’t know.” he said with a shaky breath, shaking his head. 
“that’s fine, we don’t always know the answer to everything. ken is really mean sometimes, he’s a year older than me and asked me what 345 times 82 is. i could bet you my whole stash of chocolate pudding that he doesn’t know himself. tch, smart my ass.” you scoffed, earning a small giggle from your side. you side eyed him, seeing him detach the small spoon from the plastic lid before opening it. 
“what’s your name?” he asked you, eyes anticipating for an answer. 
“y/n. you?” you continued to inhale your treat as you waited for him to respond. 
“mikey.” the blonde boy scooped in a hefty amount into his mouth as he consumed the sweet dessert. 
“why were you crying, mikey?” you asked, not realizing how insensitive you were being. 
“it’s personal.” mikey shortly dismissed, but you were a little slow to understand and continued to persist until he caved in. 
“it’s just me and you in here. think of it as a bubble with just us, nothing comes in or goes out of this bubble.” you assured him, patting his back. 
for some strange reason, mikey felt like he could tell you anything from how comfortable you made him feel. considering the fact that he didn’t want to show any kind of reaction or emotion towards his family, he decided to seek that comfort and release in you. 
“my mother just died, about an hour ago.” he bluntly dropped the bomb, placing a very awkward and tense atmosphere between you both. 
“you’ll get over it, mikey.” you calmly answered, making his brows furrow with annoyance and slight anger. 
“how could you say that to me? my mother just died.” mikey said in disbelief, his tone heightening a little. 
“i’m telling you the truth. i’m sorry that this happened to you, especially at such a young age, but it’ll all pass and soon, today will just be one of your many bad memories. you’ll find peace and love one day and heal, mikey. that’s life.” you defended your previous statement, looking into his eyes with a gentle look. 
“and how do you know that? you’re just some ten-year-old weirdo that walked in on me.” he mumbled under his breath, making you giggle. 
“i’m an orphan, mikey. i don’t even know what my parents look like or if i even have any to begin with. not even any knowledge on if i have sibling or not. ken and remi aren’t my real siblings, just people i grew up with.” you shrugged, making the blonde boy thin his lips. 
“i’m sorry.” he apologized, his gaze lowering to meet his shoes. 
“it’s not your fault. there’s too much love in this world to be consumed by regret or grief. i’m not saying that you shouldn’t grieve, but you have to pick yourself up and continue with the rest of your life eventually. it’s what your mom would’ve wanted, mikey.” you ruffled his hair as his eyes shimmered with hope. 
“thanks, i’ll try. also, promise me that you won’t tell anyone about me crying.” mikey gave you a embarrassed look, holding up his pinky. 
“i promise.” you intertwined yours with his.
suddenly, the door flew open, which startled the both of you. 
“found you!”
“i’m really sorry, sir.” the doctor heavily sighed, trying to pat your uncle’s back as the man sobbed in his palms. 
“how bad is it? please, tell me she has time! she’s only ten, i want to be able to walk her down the aisle one day.” your uncle begged, choking between every word and cry. 
“the tumor in right in the middle of her brain, wrapping around each and every blood vessel. it’s to aggressive for us to remove it, i’m sorry once again, but it’s inoperable. she’ll bleed out before we can even remove a centimeter of it. with proper treatment and medications, we’re looking at maybe ten more years.” the doctor replied, making your uncle rub his temples in worry. 
“uncle!! meet my new friend, mikey! they live on the next block from our house.” you vibrant voice broke the depressing atmosphere. your uncle quickly wiped away his tears, giving you all a smile. 
“hey, i remember you! you were in s.s motors with shinichiro.” your uncle patted mikey’s head. 
“he’s my big brother.” mikey answered. 
“i see, why don’t you come and have lunch with us. we’re going out for burgers, i’ll text your brother that you’re with us.” your uncle suggested, making the small blonde boy nod his head.
and just like that, the both of you became inseparable. 
high school came around and you were the only thing that was piecing manjiro sano, or rather the invincible mikey, together. he formed a gang and that included your brother in it as well. you all were a pretty tight group to say the least, yet no one could truly understand him better than you could.
not even his right-hand men such as draken or sanzu. 
“i think i’m gonna disband toman and move away for some time, you now escape life for a little.” he sighed, opening the lid of the chocolate pudding before handing it to you.
“where’s yours?” you asked, confused as to why he only got one. 
“didn’t want one.” he shrugged, digging in his pocket before pulling out a box of cigarettes. he plucked one of the cancer sticks out, planting it in between his lips before lighting it. 
you watched him in disappointment, as he inhaled the smoke before coughing it out, eyes becoming watery as you scoffed. 
“dumbass, give me that.” you grabbed the stick before throwing it on the ground, stepping on it. 
“and that.” you grabbed the pack out of his hands before tossing it into the trash. 
“y/n.” mikey called out. 
“no, i’m really mad at you. i can’t believe you, mikey. pull that type of shit again and i’ll bury you, i swear. no girl would ever want to kiss you with a mouth like that.” you scoffed, flicking his forehead as he winced in pain. 
“not even you?” he teased. 
“i’d rather kiss a roach.” you playfully punched his bicep, earning a small laugh from him. 
“they only had one pudding left, so i didn’t get one for myself.” he explained himself. 
“we could always share, idiot. say ah.” you ordered, scooping a hefty amount of pudding before placing the spoon near his lips. he opened his mouth, eating it with content. 
“see, much better than cigarettes. but i was being serious, mikey, i don’t wanna see those near your lips or reach ever again. swear on my life?” you glared at him, making him choke. 
“hey! why are you giving me such a harsh swear??” he cleared his throat. 
“so you’re saying you’ll lie and do it behind my back?!” you yelled, making him quickly shake his head. 
“no, no, no! that’s not what i meant. i’m just saying that isn’t it such a big swear for something so stupid?” mikey tried to reason. 
“your health is not stupid, mikey. don’t push my buttons and swear already.” you rolled your eyes, making him sigh. 
“fine, i swear.” he said in defeat, stealing the reamining of your pudding to eat. 
“hm, good. oh, going back to what you were saying earlier, why so suddenly?” you questioned, backtracking to the previous conversation before you both got out of topic. 
“i don’t know, i feel like i’m bringing in my toxic energy in and engulfing everyone. maybe i should just let it all go and step back, you know? even you need a break from me to be honest.” he bitterly laughed. you kissed your teeth before grabbing a hold of his face, turning it to face you as you stared sternly at him. 
“mikey, i’m not going anywhere. what i promised you seven years will never break, even after we die. our souls are one, and i can’t leave my other half. so, let me run away with you. wherever you want, i’ll follow right behind you.” you gave him a soft smile, caressing his cheeks lovingly. his expression grew softer, tears welling in his eyes as he buried his face in your chest. you wrapped your arms around him, kissing the top of his head. 
it’s been rough on him, especially after losing shinichiro too in an accident. mikey’s been in a really dark place for a few months, shit, even scary if you were honest. he was snappy, rude, all dark and twisty. yet, you never gave up on him. 
because you knew that at the end of the day, he was still the same small boy you found in that closet crying to himself. 
“y/n, promise me something.” mikey sniffled, pulling away as he looked up at you, eyes holding so much vulnerability. 
“i promised my entire life to you, what more should i promise?”you joked, wiping away his tears with the pads of your thumb. 
“if we don’t find someone by the age of thirty, let’s get married. i’d rather spend the rest of my life with you than all alone.” he offered, a boyish smile dancing on his lips as your heart fluttered. 
you could’ve sworn that it skipped a few beats, making it suddenly harder to breathe as your cheeks grew warm. 
“stop fucking around with me, sano. it’s not funny.” you warned him, but his expression remained the same. 
“you’re being deadass?” your eyes grew wide and he hummed in response. 
“so, are you in or not?” the blonde boy cocked an eyebrow as he held out his pinkie, making you chuckle. 
“jeez, it seems like you’re making a life or death contract with me. yes, i’m in.” you answered, intertwining your pinkie with his. 
and to think that what you’ve been dreaming of for years were to come true would become only a nightmare. 
it’s not until emma’s death where mikey completely disappeared, not answering anyones calls or even yours. you spent days trying to look for him all over the city and even begging koko to somehow track his number or something. 
but every effort went in vain. 
you cried for months, refusing to eat and giving up on the sweet treat that only reminded you of him. you had nightmares every night, and the only thought that circled your mind was that he was dead. 
he was really gone. 
until after nearly nine years, he came back. not alone, but accompanied with another person. 
a girl, his girl, to be precise. 
mikey went to the philippines for those years, returning with a completely new get up that would make it hard for anyone to guess that it was him. his beautiful blonde locks were now cut short with an undercut, dyed black. 
you remembered the first day where he showed up at your doorsteps, your knees turned into jelly as you almost collapsed to the group if he didn’t catch you in time. you cried in his arms for so long, cursing and punching him from pain and anger as he whispered thousands of apologies to you. 
you were happy, so fucking happy to see that he was alive. it put your mind and heart to peace, until you saw her walk out of the car.  
“this is my girlfriend, y/n. we met a few years back and she’s just amazing, you know. i wanted you to meet the most important person of my life first since you’re my best friend.” he mischievously giggled, snaking an arm around her waist. 
your throat became dry, heart shattering into a billion pieces as each word leaving his lips was like knives jabbing at your heart. it bled, threatening to leak out of your eyes. yet, you held back, trying your hardest to fake a realistic smile to keep your cool. 
“nice to meet you.” you shook her hand. 
“the pleasure’s all mine, mikey’s told me a lot about you.” she said, making you awkwardly laugh.
“oh, i see.” you dryly replied, clearing your throat. 
“these are for you by the way, it’s a recipe that’s really sacred to my family. i hope you enjoy.” she smiled, handing you a box of what seemed like cookies. 
fuck, i can’t even bring myself to hate her. 
“thank you, that’s really sweet of you. uh, you both should stay over for lunch.” you offered, secretly praying that they refuse. 
“sorry, y/n, i gotta get my bike inspected by ken-chin. next time, yeah?” he ruffled your hair, as you managed to let out a small hum. you waved them goodbye before entering your house, locking the door behind you. 
you fell on your knees, letting out all the tears that you’ve been holding in. your cry was ugly, gut-wrenching and painful as it stole all the oxygen from your lungs and made you gag and choke. 
it felt like someone died, well, it was sort of like that. 
mikey was no longer yours, he was somebody’s else’s. you were all alone now. 
you’re the other woman. 
you probably shed a gallon of tears by now, trying your best to turn off the water tap glued on your eyes. but, the image of him snaking his arm around her waist never left your mind. 
you glanced at the box of cookies on the floor, opening the lid to grab one and take a bite. 
“fuck, they taste delicious too.” you cried, throwing it back in the box as you decided that it’ll be best to call out of work sick for tomorrow. 
the day has finally come, where you have to let him go. he was no longer yours, those days will never come back, now only a happy memory that you can confide to for comfort. 
“y/n, you don’t have to do this.” draken sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder but you shook your head, determined to attend that damn wedding. 
“i have to, ken. he’s my best friend, i can do at least this much for him.” you answered, fixing up the green dress that you wore before putting on your earrings. 
“be selfish for once, y/n! i know that you love him, alright? i’ve been living with you since diapers, i know you like the back of my hand. you can lie to anyone but me, i know that you’re not okay. which is why i’m telling you that you don’t have to do this. i’ll tell him that you’re sick or something.” draken’s eyes softened, his expresison growing sad as he looked at your pained expression. you were smiling at him, yet he knew the thousands of thoughts and words that littered your mind. 
“ken, i know. the only way i could give myself closure is by seeing it happen, in front of my eyes. i want my last memory of him to be happy and clear, so that when i think of him, i don’t feel pain or misery. if he’s happy then i’m happy because we are each others halves and no one can take that spot. besides, his fiance is so nice, i can’t even bring myself to hate her. he’ll be fine, i know he will.” you explained, grabbing drakens hands as you gave it a tight squeeze, looking up at the tall man that stood before you. 
he bit his lips to contain himself from arguing back, caressing your cheeks before letting out a sigh. he nodded his head, deciding to butt-out of your business. 
“okay, whatever makes you happy.” he said and you hummed in response before getting up to slip on your heels. 
“let’s go, we have a wedding to go to.” you smiled at him, slipped your arm in his as you guys walked out of your house. 
the drive to the church was short as it was the same one where hina and takemichi got married. you entered the ladies room where all the bridesmaids were getting dressed up as they all waited for you since you were the maid of honor. 
“y/n, you’re here! god, you look gorgeous, maybe i should ditch mikey and marry you instead.” she joked, pulling you into a hug as you chuckled, patting her back. 
“you look even prettier. damn, mikey caught a good one i gotta say.” you answered looking at her with eyes full of nothing but adoration. 
she was sweet and understanding, a perfect wife for mikey. he deserved this, after being through hell and back, he deserved happiness and peace. 
and you were willing to do anything to give him that, even if it meant to go to the ends of the earth and come back. 
“it’s almost time! come on ladies, get in position.” one of the bridesmaids announced.
“i’ll see you at the aisle.” you rubbed her shoulder as she hummed, then taking your leave as you entered the wedding hall. you walked up where the priest stood, mikey standing right across you. 
his eyes widened when he saw you, walking up to you without hesitation. he pulled you into a tight hug before pulling away with a smile. 
“you look absolutely beautiful, y/n, as always. i’m so happy that you’re here, i was honestly so nervous, but after seeing you, i got my courage back.” he honestly said, making it hard for you to form words to respond to him. 
“better not chicken out sano, i raised you better than that.” you playfully scolded him. 
“yes ma’am!” he jokingly saluted, making you both laugh. 
“mr. sano, please stand in position, the bride will enter in a few minutes.” the priest interrupted. 
“sorry. i’ll talk to you after the ceremony, okay?” he held your hands, giving it a tight squeeze and you swore that if he was just a hair more closer, you would’ve broken down into tears. 
“yeah, yeah, of course. go get married, sano.” you teased, making him blush as he walked back to his original position. you stood with one ring while draken stood with the other, the taller glancing at you frequently to check if you’re okay and you’d discreetly try to nod and give him the signal that you’re fine.
the music began to play and the doors opened, revealing mikey’s soon to be wife, now walking in with her father. a huge smile or her face as you looked over at mikey, only to catch him staring at you before averting his gaze to his wife. 
she walked up the steps, now standing besides you as she turned to look at her soon to be husband. the priest began to read the wedding vows and it was soon time to exchange rings. the beautiful diamond ring glimmered under your eyes and you couldn’t help but wished it was for you. 
it fit perfectly, like it was made for you and you knew that because you accompanied mikey when he went ring shopping. it was unfortunate to know that his fiance’s ring size was the same as you, so you helped him pick and size it. you remember not being able to take your eyes off of it as soon as he slipped it onto your finger. you felt chills as his skin touched yours, but now, it was reality; only not yours but hers. 
“do you, _____, take manjiro sano as your wedded husband, to cherish in love and in friendship, in sickness and in health, in success and in disappointment, to love him faithfully, today, tomorrow, and for as long as the two of you shall live?” the priest asked, and without hesitation⸻
“i do.” she said with the brightest smile, giving him the most lovesick eyes known to mankind. 
“do you, manjiro sano, take _____ as your wedded wife, to cherish in love and in friendship, in sickness and in health, in success and in disappointment, to love him faithfully, today, tomorrow, and for as long as the two of you shall live?” he now asked the groom, and to your surpise, mikey’s eyes were only focused on you. 
please, say no, mikey. say no! you’re mine and i’m yours, it always been like that. please, say no.
your mind screamed and your heart bled, hoping for some miracle to change the events to bring it in your favors. but to your disappointment, none of that happened. he gave you a small smile before glancing at his bride. 
“i do.” mikey said and the priest suddenly glanced at everyone in the room. 
“any objections?” he loudly asked, as a moment of silence fell in the whole room. 
me! i object. this wedding shouldn’t be happening, not even in a million years. that should be me in that dress and ring, not her. i don’t want to be the other woman.
“that’s a no then. i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride.” and with that being said, you averted your gaze to the bouquet of flowers as the crowd roared with cheers while they both kissed. 
a few tears slipped from your eyes but you managed to quickly wipe them away, praying that nobody saw them. to which nobody did, except for draken as the man look at you with nothing but an aching heart to see you this heartbroken. 
the after party was great, from the table of stories and lunch too. the cake was amazing as well, coming from the bakery that you and mikey often went to for study dates during your teen years. 
“y/n! there you are, i’ve been looking for you everywhere. i just wanted to come here and thank you again for helping out with everything. you’re amazing and i’m so happy to know someone like you.” mikey’s wife came to you and pulled you into a hug, as you pat her back. 
“of course, i wish you both the best of luck and a lot of happiness. treat him good, okay? he’s been through so much and he really deserves this. he’s a little childish and stubborn at times but he’s so sweet. he’s great and it breaks my heart to give him away but he’ll be okay. i know he will, he’s mikey after all.” you laughed, making her break into one as well. 
“mhm, you got it!” she smiled at you once more before being whisked away by another relative for pictures. 
“looks like you’re busy.” you heard a familiar voice behind you, turning around to see mikey grinning at you. 
“yup, busy practicing how to spend the rest of my life alone without my other half.” you teased, making him chuckle. 
“i suppose if you’re not too busy then you can spare some time to have a dance with me?” mikey wiggled his eyebrows, making your lips curl as you took his hand, being pulled away to the dance floor. 
you wrap your arms around his neck as his arms snake around your waist. you both sway to the song and it felt like once again everyone else was just a blur and you both were now back in your own world, just the two of you. 
“thank you, y/n. for everything, from beginning to end. i’ll never be able to repay you for everything that you’ve done for me. without you, i don’t think i’d even be standing here. you’re my one and only, forever and always; my other half.” he genuinely spoke, eyes glimmering with love and adoration, turning your brain into a bunch of mush and heart becoming all fuzzy. 
“you just got married, mikey, don’t make your wife turn against me by saying those kind of things.” you chuckled, making him crack a smile. 
“i mean it, you’re very special to me, y/n.” mikey said, tucking in a piece of hair behind your ear. you felt suffocated, feeling your airways and chest tightening. you couldn’t tell if it was from all that food you stress-ate or the feelings that threatened to pour out right this moment.
“can we go somewhere private, i gotta tell you something.” you urgently ushered him, as he quickly nodded his head before being dragged away to the groom’s room. 
you quickly closed the door behind you, locking it before turning to face him. mikey grew concerned at your behavior and silence as he constantly asked if you were okay.
“if someone were to ask me what would be the best and worst day of my life, i would tell them that it was the day that i met you.” you breathed out, making mikey tilt his head to the side in confusion. 
“huh?” he managed to say. 
“it was the day where i found someone that understood me as a person deep from within, knew my every thought and feeling before i even had to say it or act on it. i found my other half, the person that made me, well, me. the person whom i’ve grown to not be able to live without as well. which also brings it to why it’s my worst day as well.” you grew silent, words feeling too heavy to spew out as tears gathered in your eyes. 
“the person that i can’t live without, mikey.” you choked out, tears now streaming down your face as mikey’s eyes widened. 
“y/n, i don’t under-”
“i love you, okay! not as a friend, but as someone more. i wanted to be the person that you spend the rest of your life with.” you cried, making him gulp harshly. 
“i wanted to be your bride.” you sadly laughed, looking up at him with a tear-stained face as your mascara and eyeliner was now smudged. 
“oh my god, y/n.” he whispered, trying to pull you into a hug but you quickly stopped him. 
“don’t! if you hug me right now, i’ll break and won’t be able to stop myself. please, just hear me out. when we went ring shopping, i never wanted to take it off of my finger and it felt so nice when you put it on me. that night, i went home and couldn’t stop envisioning a future where it was us instead. i’ve loved you ever since we were kids, mikey.” you confessed, making him break into tears as he pulled you into a hug, unable to contain himself. 
“then why the hell didn’t you say anything before? you even had the chance to object when the priest said the vows. why didn’t you say anything!” he sobbed, his embrace tightening as if he never wanted to let you go. 
“because she’s good, mikey. you need a wife who’s sweet, tender, gentle and understanding. she’s perfect for you, mikey. you’ll be okay, i know you will.” you gave him a sad smile, holding his face as you looked deep into his eyes. 
“but you’re also-”
“no, mikey. you need someone who can cherish you and spend many more happy years to come. i can’t give you that.” you sniffled, making him furrow his eyebrows. 
“i don’t understand, what’s going on?” mikey panicked.
“i’m dying, mikey. that day that i met you, i was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and it seems that i barely have a full month left to live. i was supposed to be long gone by last month but i guess i was lucky enough to see you get married.” you cried with a smile. 
“no, no, you’re lying to me. this can’t be! y/n, this isn’t time for jokes, please, i can’t lose you too. i’ll marry you, i’ll manage something, i promise. please, just don’t leave me.” he begged, holding onto you like you would disappear from his reach if he were to let go. 
“mikey, don’t make all of this go into vain. i worked so hard to come to terms with my feelings and get closure. which is why i waited until after the wedding to tell you because even if i do leave you, you’ll have her to be there with you. you need to live for me, and enjoy your life in happiness. okay?” you sobbed, trying to convince him but he kept shaking his head in denial. 
“no! please, y/n! i-i-”
“here, make sure to share with her, alright? don’t get too greedy.” you tried to joke to lighten the mood, as you opened his palm to give him the container of chocolate pudding. 
“y/n, please.” he cried, but you were stern with your decision. you felt yourself becoming light-headed and the familiar feeling of nausea. it almost felt like you were dying, ironically. 
“bye, mikey.” you gave him a soft kiss on his cheek before running out of the room. mikey yelled your name behind like a madman as he ran after you, but you were too ahead. the fresh air hit your skin, sending goosebumps everywhere and it felt like you could breathe again. 
you walked over to draken’s car and opened the door, sitting down as you were about to close the door. 
“i love you too, y/n! i always have and always will.” was the last thing you heard before slamming the door shut, breaking into tears. 
“start the car, ken.” you said in between your sobs, driving away from the church. 
“so, you gonna hide from him forever or what? you know, y/n, i never told you how much i love you. well, not like that. but, i’m grateful for having someone like you in my life. i’d do anything to make you smile, you’re the most selfless and kind person i’ve ever met. an angel is what you are.” draken rambled, making you softly chuckle.
“thanks ken, i love you too.” you tiredly slurred your words, draken glancing at you as he stopped at a light, a smile etching on his face.
“seems like you’re tired, let’s get takeout tonight and go to the movies with remi. you know, just like the old days. what do you say?” draken asked, only to be met with silence. he chuckled to himself as he decided to not bother you and let you sleep till you both got home. 
draken finished parking the car, calling your name a few times to try and wake you up, but you wouldn’t budge. 
“jeez, gonna make me carry your ass up those damn stairs.” he groaned while getting out of the car and opening the door to yours. 
“y/n-” he grew quiet, seeing your pale face made his blood run could. draken quickly bent down and put his ear on your heart, two fingers on your wrist. 
no beat, no pulse. 
“no, no⸻y/n, wake up! please, i need you to wake up!” draken cried, wrapping his arms around your cold and lifeless body to give you some of his warmth. 
but it was no use, you were already gone. 
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 2 days ago
Takemichi and Mikey vibes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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awkwardchick87 · a day ago
I LOVEEEE your headcanons holy shiiiit soooooooooooooooo could I ple request my 3 fave sexy men keisuke manjiro and chufuyu with a really dirty minded s/o who has a crude sense of humour BHAHHAHA sexxx
Thank you anon!! This is for you!
Tumblr media
a/n - Baji, Mikey and Fuyu with a crude, dirty s/o! *so me*
c/w - afab reader, smut, pet names, slight exhibitionism
NSFW under the cut!
Got a lot of his personality from his mom. Hes loud, rough and don't care who knows it. Nothing prepared him for you though. He always thought girls were soft, quiet and sweet.
He never ever expected a girl to be as dirty as you. Coming up behind him, when he least expects it, licking his ear and reaching around to grab his tits, exactly how he does to you, or sitting on his lap at a party, grinding down just a little harder then you needed to on the crotch of his jeans, not caring who else was in the room.
You never failed to surprise him when it came to sex either. Your mouth was dirtier then his. You pulled him into one of the unoccupied rooms at the party, locking the door behind you.
Baji was under you. Your nails digging into his chest as you bounced on his length. You had tugged his pants down just enough to pull his cock out, climbing on top of him and sinking down, "Oh fuck yes. God this cock is fucking perfect"
Baji threw his head back, your praise was making him rock hard as he thrust up into you harder.
"You like that? You like being my little slut Keisuke?" You smirked down at him, "Shit. Maybe we should get some guys in here? Let them watch how fucking good you fuck me."
His eyes snapped to yours, "You're all mine. This pussy is all mine." he grabbed your tits, "These are all mine" he planted his feet on the mattress, grounding himself so he could fuck you harder, "The only one who gets to hear that slutty mouth - shit - is me. Got that princess?"
You threw your head back, moaning loudly, "Fuck yes, Kei."
Tumblr media
He fucking LOVED your sense of humor and dirty mouth. The two of you constantly trying to out do each other with your jokes, groping and grabbing.
He was a fantastic bike rider, but you had almost caused a crash a few times, surprising him by running your hands under his shirt, pinching his nipples.
Even though you were crude and nasty and dirty, he knew you'd fold under him. He took pride in it.
Pulling his bike on to a side road, you smiled, knowing exactly what was about to happen.
"What's wrong Manjiro?" You asked coyly, sliding off the back of his bike.
He gripped your wrist, pulling you towards him, "Oh baby. You know what you did. Trying to kill us?" He pulled the helmet off your head, dropping it on the ground as he spun you around. Pushing on your back, he bent you over the bike. "Who wears a skirt on a bike? Hm? You were just asking to get fucked?"
Wiggling your hips, "You didn't say anything earlier. Like you wanted to fuck me on your bike?" You reached a hand back and flipped your skirt up, "Come on 'jiro, you gonna keep me waiting?"
Mikey groaned, running his finger up your clothed slit, feeling the wet patch already growing. "Slutty girl." Pushing the thin fabric to the side, he pushed his middle finger into your pussy. "Already so wet for me."
"I'm always wet for you." You smirked back at him, pushing your hips back to sink his finger in further, making you both gasp.
"Fuck me baby. I'm gonna make you scream." He quickly unbuckled his pants, pulling them down just enough to pull his cock out before lining up with your cunt. "Don't hold back. I want all of Tokyo to know whos fucking this pretty pussy."
Tumblr media
Like Baji, he never expected you to be so dirty. He was so surprised when he heard you swearing for the first time, and even more shocked when you whispered all the slutty things you wanted to do to him in his ear.
He'd be lying if he said he didn't love it though. His cock twitches every time you say something unexpected or brush against him, pushing your tits a little to hard against his chest.
He doesn't even try to compete with you when it comes to dirty talk. He knows you are way better then him, so he will gladly do all the nasty things you ask him to.
You pinned his hands above his head, hovering just above his cock. "You gonna be a good boy Fuyu?" you sounded so sweet, but he knew it was a farce. "Gonna let me use this cock to get off?"
He nodded up at you, whimpering.
"Keep your arms up, don't move them." You warned him, grabbing his cock and slowly letting yourself drop on to it. "Fuck, Fuyu, cock so fucking good. Just for me right? This is my cock?"
Breathing heavy, Chifuyu whispered, "Fuck yes, just for you. All yours - fuck - please just fuck me"
You chucked, lifting your hips until just the tip was inside your walls before slamming back down, picking up the pace. "Oh Fuyu, you're so desperate. Want my pussy that bad?" you reached down, rubbing fast circles on your clit.
His eyes squeezed shut as he threw his head back. A low groan escaped his lips as he bucked his hips up into you, trying to match your thrusts.
"Don't stop pretty boy, I want you to cum for me. Yeah? Fill me up." He whined under you, thrusting harder.
"Gonna - fuck - gonna cum." Chifuyu gasped, his thighs shaking.
"Cum with me Fuyu." Your walls tightening around his cock as you reached your peak, sending him vaulting over the edge.
"Good fucking boy."
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piichuu · 14 hours ago
hiiii !! <3 may i request a hc for mikey, mitsuya, chifuyu and draken where his s/o jumped into their fight to protect him from a punch or something, and s/o almost got hit but an other member from toman saves s/o. aaaand he got angry bc he told s/o multiple times, not to do such things. with fluff ending please! english isn’t my first language so if i wrote something wrong i’m sorryyyy! and thank you so much in advance! have a nice day <3
warnings: mentions of someone almost getting stabbed and killed
feat. mikey, draken, chifuyu, mitsuya
Tumblr media
after watching mikey getting bloodied up for the past ten minutes, you’ve had enough of it and decide to take matters into your own hands. your boyfriend is breathing heavily, trying to keep standing on his two feet as you put yourself in front of him. you would much rather suffer those punches than seeing him do the same thing.
the man he’s been fighting gets ready to give you the same energy he’s been given mikey but when you close your eyes and wait for the hit, nothing happens. “get out of here before you get yourself killed,” draken’s voice can be heard and you open your eyes to see him fight off the guy. you turn around to look at mikey who’s staring at you with wide eyes.
“you’re an idiot, did you know that?” he drags you away towards his motorcycle that’s been parked in an alleyway. “i thought you were about to collapse over there, i couldn’t just watch you get hit over and over again,” you try to explain while looking at the many wounds he’s gotten tonight. “it’s much better if i collapse than if you get hit, okay? i’ve told you so many times not to intervene but here you are. those guys don’t care about anyone, they could’ve easily killed you!”
you watch as tears roll down his bruised cheeks and he drags his fingers through his hair. “please never do that again no matter how bad i look,” mikey begs and you nod your head and wrap your arms around his waist. he sniffles quietly and holds you tight against him. “i’m sorry for getting mad at you, i just can’t lose you as well,” he says. you rub your hand up and down his back. “it’s okay, you won’t ever lose me mikey, i promise.”
when you and your boyfriend left to go for a walk in the cold night, you didn’t except it all to end up with him being wounded up by plenty of men you didn’t know. you were fast to call the other toman members even though you didn’t want them to get bruised up too, you knew ken wouldn’t be able to fight over thirty men himself. now you’re just watching, not knowing what you’re supposed to do about this situation.
“fuck it,” you mumble to yourself as you step right into the fight and in front of ken, right as the person in front of him pulls out a knife and gets ready to attack him with it, but before the accident can happen to you, mitsuya gets in the way and fights the guy off, throwing the knife away. you stare right in front of you, in shock about the fact that the knife was only mere inches away from your stomach.
“what the fuck are you doing? can’t you fucking think?” ken yells from behind you as he grabs your hand and pulls you away from the scene. “did you not see that he was holding a knife? he was holding a knife, what the fuck were you thinking?” his voice breaks as he looks you straight into the eyes. your eyes begin to tear up, realization slowly starts to hit you and him yelling at you only makes it worse. “but i don’t want you to die,” you whisper and he becomes quiet. ken presses his forehead to yours and allow the tears to steam down his cheeks. “i don’t want you to die either, baby. never do that again, please promise me that you’ll never try to protect me again,” he pleads with his hands on your shoulders.
“but-“ “please, i never want you to get into a fight to save me. i never wanna lose you, i’m experienced with this shit, i know how to handle it so let me take care of the fights i get myself into, please,” ken intertwines his hands with yours and kisses the tip of your nose. “okay, i won’t do that ever again if you promise to get into less dangerous fights, i never want to risk losing you either,” you say and look him straight in the eyes. he nods his head and breaths out in relief. “i promise, i love you so much, let’s get out of here, the others can take care of this.”
you got a call from manjiro earlier this evening where he told you to come over so your boyfriend could calm down. apparently he got into a fight with a few men he met in the city after a night full of drinking and after they began to say things he didn’t enjoy listening to, he got mad and started to argue. before entering the scene, you expected there to be a physical fight, chifuyu often found it hard to keep calm when he got mad, the only exceptions are you and some of his closest friends. when you walked the streets of tokyo where manjiro had guided you, you got to see your boyfriend on the ground, face bloodied up.
“thank god you’re here, please get him the fuck out of here because he’s barely fucking breathing anymore,” manjiro says breathlessly, not understanding that he’s making you panic more than you were before. you watch as some of their others friends are fighting the drunk men they met earlier, chifuyu is laid still on the ground and you see one of the men walking up to him with a bottle in hand. without thinking, you sprint towards the man and push him away from your almost unconscious boyfriend. “get away from him,” you yell out as the unknown man looks up at you, smirking. “trying to protect your weak boyfriend?” he asks, raising his bottle to hit you with it instead.
you close your eyes but before you can get hit, you feel someone push you away. “i told you to get him out of here, not to get yourself into the fight. take him and leave!” manjiro yells before he begins to handle the man himself. you look down at chifuyu who’s eyes are opened, he’s staring at you with raised eyebrows and you sit down on your knees right next to him. “we have to get you out of here,” you say and put your hands behind his back to put him into a sitting position. “idiot, why would you do such a thing? that bottle could have fucking killed you,” he says with tears already brimming in his eyes. “it could’ve fucking killed you too, please just get up so we can get away from here.”
chifuyu holds onto you as he stands up on his feet and you put his arm behind your neck to steady him. “and you’re much more important than me, it’s better if i take the punch than you,” he says as you walk away from the terrible scene. “don’t say that, you’re not less important than me, you would’ve died if he got the chance to hit you and i would never be able to go through that,” your voice cracks and chifuyu stops in his limping steps to look at you. “i love you so fucking much, god, i never want to lose you.”
you’d never seen him get into a fight before. sure, you had patched him up when he’d gotten bruised but you’d never seen him in action. you definitely didn’t like to see him in action either, especially not when his whole face gets messed up as it gets punched continually. it hurts your heart, more than anything else. he’s barely able to fight back anymore, his hands are bruised just like the rest of his body and face.
the chills spread in your body as he falls onto his back. he tries to get back up but the man who’s previously been punching him, straddles him to continue what he’s been doing before. that’s enough for you, you don’t want to see this anymore. you want to get him away from here and back into your safe home where nothing can happen to him, where he doesn’t have to get bruised up. his eyes are closed and you look at his friends who are fighting other people, not seeing what’s happening a few meters away.
you take matters into your own hands and rush towards your boyfriend and push away the man who’s sitting on top of him. you kick the man in the stomach a few times but even though he’s almost out of breath, he gets back up on his feet and walks towards you instead. “i’m gonna fucking kill you,” he says sternly and just as he’s about to push his fist against your face, baji gets in front of you and pushes the man back to the ground. you don’t have time to look at the current situation in front of you, instead you run over to your boyfriend and sit down on your knees beside him. “i can’t believe you just did that, never do that shit again, it’s so fucking stupid,” he puts his hands in front of his bloodied up face and groans. “what if you’d gotten hurt? i don’t want you to ever get hurt.”
you reach down to move his hands away from his face so you can look at him. “i’ve told you so many times that if you ever see me in a fight, you’re not gonna get yourself involved. why don’t you listen to me, i want you to stay safe, is that too much to ask? it doesn’t matter how hurt i get, you’re gonna stay safe no matter what, okay?” he grabs one of your hands tightly and squeezes it as he begins to sob. “these people are dangerous, if he’d gotten his hands on you, he wouldn’t have stopped punching you, they don’t care about people,” mitsuya kisses the back of your hand and you nod your head. “i won’t do that again, let’s just get away from here so we can clean you up, i hate seeing you like this.”
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nevermeyers · 2 days ago
more tokyo revengers reto pop series icons <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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animekingfans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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l-tora-l · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@virtue-and-beneviolence 🔺❌ ◼️
Credit: @/heizei_img on twitter
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bluerskiees · a day ago
Hiii!! Can I request a Mikey x reader where Mikey just met the reader and got to know her and the reader is like Shinobu?
Where the reader always smiles and to the enemy she's like "So we can be friends!! Oh, So I can see, you receive the proper penalty and be reborn, I could gouge out your eyeballs or slash your stomach to rip our your organs☺️"
but she's actually such a nice person when she's not fighting enemies, and so what does he think of her? :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓇼 You were a very friendly person who was always aloof and calm, no matter what the situation was.
And this trait of yours got the other bonten members question your ability in the gruesome world they were involved it.
It wasn't as if they didn't trust their boss's choice but they did try not to be their "usual self around you much. Like for instance, Sanzu stopped doing drugs around you, Ran and rindo the sadistic Brothers made sure to never go anywhere near you with blood stains on them and koko kept his mouth shut even though it was mostly only to not say something to you that he would regret later. And kakucho along with Mochi tries their best to keep these dorks in line whenever something that seem to go out of place. More than often being the infamous bonten trio, Haitani brother's vs Sanzu.
Sure they were dangerous criminals who kill people for a living but oh man— they weren't inconsiderate pricks who would traumatize their sweet, innocent teammate for the rest of their lives.
As a doctor, you always cared for them. Everytime they got involved in a fight, you were there, wide awake in the middle of the night treating their wounds, asking them if it's okay and if they're fine or if they need any mental or physical assistance even if it was tiniest of papercut. This made the members adore you and honestly, you were just a cute little fluffball for who they would do absolutely anything— until they realized maybe you weren't all how you seemed to be?
Mikey sent you out on a mission one day along with the bonten higher-ups. And sure enough, the members were arguing with their boss for doing this? They treated you as if you're a fragile glass, spoiling you with gifts, sweets, designer outfits, rare collections, you name it. Oh‐ would you believe me if I told you even Sanzu, yes the one and only sanzu "akashi" haruchiyo went out of his way to talk against mikey this time?
Sure you said you'd be able to handle this by yourself but did they trust you? Nope. Why, you ask? Because nothing about you was scary- well, nothing except the way you often greet others by saying "yoo-hoo" after suddenly showing up next to them, often startling others.
They were still not sure about u coming along with them, afterall they never wanted to take off the precious smile you wore in your face. Eyes glistening In the sunlight. Damn— they felt too guilty for this.
The members made sure to often look for you in the middle of the fights, making sure you were always safe and not out of reach for even a second. When the fight was just about to get over, they realized something— something that they dreaded, something they hoped that never happened. You were missing. They went into full on panic mode until they spotted you standing behind some partly abolished part of the building.
"Just because you haven't been beheaded don't think that you're safe from harm. There are people like me who use poison with their swordsmanship. I may be the only one among Bonten who is unable to torture people but creating a poison that's lethal to them: that's quite impressive don't you think? Oh! Pardon me I guess you can't hear me if you're dead. Silly me!"
They couldn't believe their eyes, sure theyre heard the saying that goes.."never trust what you hear until u see it happening right in front of you" but was it really the truth? The sweet, naive little girl killing people ? Sure they couldn't believe it, but oh man, they were so damn proud after seeing you unfold right before their eyes. Sure you were charming and alluring with that sweet smile on ur face, but even with that you looked so mysterious and they finally found the reason.
Needless to say, this only strengthened the bond with the guys as they started teaching you to fight, to use guns and many more gang stuffs.
Afterall they were dangerous criminals who kill people for a living and u were an angel— but the angel isn't always one too.
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the-chikyuu-times · a day ago
Tumblr media
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rozcdust · 22 hours ago
Angel of small death
Pairing: Senju Akashi x f!reader
Genre: SMAU, Crack
Warnings: Canon divergent, profanity, ooc, gay agenda, hopeless simping, PLATONIC Bonten x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
. . . next
🔖Taglist (open):
@rinsie @r-xochitl @7rkx @sunahyejin @yamaguccitadashi @minoozi @trashmemebitch @frogtits1 @sup-zfam @xashiui @bontens-whore @lumi-does-some-stuff @hana-patata @erza-uzumaki @sh4nn @sisnot @soushswag @kneeapartman @anahryal @reiners-milkbiddies @satsuri3su @aretheea @bluerskiees @winterv-black @harueyato @crueldinasty @astropheia @requiem-of-a-fool @inurmom00 @kunikya @artemis1862 @kokoshusband @medusalovessnakes
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kiwiigonbad · 2 days ago
Tokyo revengers incorrect quotes
Before they found out Shinichiro smoked:
Shinichiro, sniffing the air: So…who smoked weed in our house?
Everyone: *Looks at Mikey*
Mikey: What?
Emma: We all know it was you, Mikey.
Shinichiro: Actually, it was me. I just wanted to see who got blamed for it.
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avasmain69 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇᴅ: ᴍɪᴋᴇʏ, ʙᴀᴊɪ, ᴛᴀᴋᴇᴍɪᴄʜɪ, ʜᴀɴᴍᴀ
SUMMARY: Just would they like having you on their lap, how they react when you sit on their lap, etc.
Tumblr media
Mikey would absolutely be the type to have you sat up all pretty on his lap during a Toman meeting.
I also feel like he would do it in a possessive way, like to show everyone who you belong to.
He will randomly pull you down to sit on him and it doesn’t matter where you guys are at, he doesn’t care.
Draken will definitely sit there and roll his eyes at Mikey’s behavior and wonder how tf you put up with him.
Omg Mikey would definitely love for you to sit on him and feed him and pretty much baby him.
Anyway 10/10 would let you sit on his lap!
The first time that you just plopped yourself into his lap, he thought he was going to have a heart attack.
Like his face was beet red and he had no idea where to put his hands!
He eventually settles his grip around your waist though to pull you closer into him.
The more your relationship progresses, the more he would get used to you always being on his lap.
Later on he would start initiating it by shyly asking if you would wanna sit on him instead of in a different chair.
9/10, he wouldn’t shove you away but he also wouldn’t know how to act at first.
Oh god, Takemichi would freak out the first time you sat on his lap and wrapped your arms lovingly around his neck.
Physically I see him not having much more than a blush and that one weird face he makes in awkward situations.
However, mentally, he is screaming.
He’s not fully used to being this close to you, although he definitely wouldn’t hate it.
I feel like him being able to wrap his arms around your waist and placing his head in the crook of your neck would bring him a sense of comfort.
He would see it as a way of knowing that you’re still with him and you’re not going to leave anytime soon.
7/10 once he calms down a bit.
We all know this mfk would have nothing less than his pretty baby sat up on his lap like some kind of trophy.
He’s definitely possessive and anytime he thinks you’re not giving him enough of your attention or giving too much to someone else, he’ll just pull you down onto his lap for some cuddle time.
I personally see him as a very physically affectionate lover, his hands would be all over you.
When he’s trying to pay attention during a meeting or when he’s talking to Kisaki he’d most likely settle his hands around your waist, that way he wouldn’t get too distracted by your presence.
He would probably be the first one to initiate it tbh.
9/10 he can get kinda handsy when you’re on him.
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · a day ago
Chibi friends! Inc gremlin Mikey
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo revengers x mega hobby
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chalkscene · 3 months ago
tokyo revengers ⇢ TRACING “I LOVE YOU” ON THEIR SKIN
ft. manjiro “mikey” sano, ken “draken” ryuguji, keisuke baji, chifuyu matsuno, takashi mitsuya, rindou haitani & shuji hanma
Tumblr media
“MIKEY, stop moving! i’m trying to write something,” you scold your boyfriend who’s giggling uncontrollably as your finger moves deliberately along his spine. “it tickles!” “you’re literally the leader of a gang. act like it,” you say as a joke because in spite of your retort, your heart never not swells during moments like this when his childlike nature comes out and he acts his age. every once in a while, mikey jerks involuntarily and you have to put a pause on your gesture until he ultimately scoots away, tugging his shirt down. “mikey, i wasn’t done!” he does a 180 in a flash, facing you before you can trace more letters on his back. “you’re just messing with me.” “i’m not.” “what even was it?” “i was trying to write i love you.” you pinch his nose, causing him to scrunch it up but you don’t let go. he beams at your response anyway. “i love you more, baby,” he says in a nasal voice.
Tumblr media
“you saw this on tiktok, didn’t you?” DRAKEN suspects but he’s giving you his hand like you asked. you can’t help but laugh at his claim. “shut up. i don’t even have tiktok,” you tug his braid playfully, “i’m trying to be sweet.” “just give me a kiss. that’s sweet enough for me.” he shoots you a wink as if to persuade you and you only roll your eyes but you’re smiling anyway. with a chuckle, he completely gives in, splaying his fingers out, his palm on full display for you to write on. he pays close attention at the instant the tip of your finger makes contact with his skin, and without a struggle, understands the words the invisible letters eventually form—i love you. when draken is sure you’re done, he gently takes your hand, tracing the words back on your palm. i love you. but he doesn’t release it right away as he adds, brat.
Tumblr media
i love you, you write on BAJI’s back. when you’re done, you sit with bated breath waiting for his reaction but he only lifts his shirt. “a little to the right.” and you physically feel your face morph in surprise, “what?” “it’s a little itchy…”—before you can process the situation, baji blindly reaches behind him until he finds your hand, guiding it a little to the right—“…here.” you try to write the eight letters again but you’re only at L when he lets out a pleased sigh, “right there.” with that, you decide to rewrite those three words on his skin for the last time before actually scratching his itch. “better?” you ask when he pulls the hem of his shirt back down. “yeah. thank you, baby.” “sure.” “oh, and-“ baji swiftly turns around to face you, pressing a quick kiss on your lips before leaning away with a cheeky grin. “i love you too.”
Tumblr media
CHIFUYU is as deeply focused on the feeling of your finger against the back of his hand as you are seemingly deep in your own little world, letting your hand move on its own like muscle memory. but your boyfriend has no complaints on your lack of presence as he easily deciphers the invisible loops you scribble on his skin. i love you—written in your own mix of print and cursive handwriting, chifuyu quickly notices. as endearing as he finds the sight of you zoning out and simultaneously being affectionate, he breaks you out of your reverie, taking your hand in his to turn it over so your palm is facing up. then he writes on it: i ♡ u
Tumblr media
i love you. i love you. i love you. you’ve repeatedly written the same three words on MITSUYA’s arm in every style of handwriting you can think of. you write it more slowly this time and still, nothing as your boyfriend’s eyes are still glued to his phone. it’s only when you let him go with a huff that he looks at you. “you okay?” “no. you won’t say it back,” you mumble childishly. “say what back?” you grab his wrist and trace the words once more with your index finger applying enough pressure on his skin for him to surely understand. “technically, you didn’t say it,” he states in a cocky tone which makes your eyes roll and he can’t help but chuckle, “okay, here.” mitsuya gently turns your head so you’re completely facing him as he writes the words back on your forehead before sealing them with a kiss.
Tumblr media
“quit it,” RINDOU mutters. he tries to yank his arm away but you tighten your grip around his wrist. “i’m trying to write something.” “just say it.” you turn to glare at him only to be met by the same expression from him. when you don’t back down, he huffs, reluctantly rolling up his sleeve to expose more of his skin for you to write on, “make it quick.” “stay still. i’ll start over if you interrupt me.” and rindou doesn’t. he sits quietly, observing the lines and curves you trace on his skin. i… love… you. when you lift your gaze at him, you find the grimace on his face has already softened. “always gotta make everything more complicated than it is,” he grumbles. “stop being grumpy. you already look older than ran,” you tease as you run a thumb between his brows, smoothening the wrinkle caused by his scowl. despite the roll of his eyes and the annoyed expression on his face, he doesn’t swat at your hand and that tells you enough—he loves you, too.
Tumblr media
as you and HANMA lie in bed, the comfortable silence between the two of you eventually grows within the dimness of your shared bedroom. with nothing for hanma’s visual and auditory senses to fixate on, his sense of touch is amplified so when he feels your finger glide along the expanse of his chest, he easily understands the words you’re writing on his skin—i love you. he remains quiet for a moment, making you think he’s fallen asleep but he wonders if you can feel his heart race beneath your fingertip. “use your words, baby,” he suddenly speaks, grinning when he feels you flinch in surprise. he pulls you closer against his body, wrapping your hand in his as he places soft kisses on each of your knuckles, distracting you from the way his free hand is tracing small hearts on your hipbone.
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