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lo-litas · 2 days ago
so apparently there’s some rumors going around about me and A :/
the “cool young” teacher told a whole class that she’s suspecting im flirting with him and he’s doing it back when literally there’s nothing going on and he’s just being friendly. i’m really scared to go back on monday :((
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soleilae · a day ago
I wonder what he thinks of me, he already said I was an excellent student, but I wonder what he thinks of me as a person
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babywearinbluejeans · 2 months ago
there is nothing and i mean NOTHING i wouldn’t do to get inside his head for a while.
i want to live inside his mind. i’m just so curious about him. i want to know what he’s thinking at any given moment. i want to know what he thinks when he sees me or talks to me. i want to know everything about him, even the ugly parts.
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hypnotically-kinetic · a month ago
Hey heyyy could you make a part two of the scenarios with crushes?? 🥺🙏🙏
random scenarios you can use to imagine yourself w/your crush, or whoever you want // pt.2
• late night talks
• them randomly hugging you from behind while you're preparing breakfast
• sneaking food into the cinema together
• walking under the rain together with no umbrella, while holding hands
• comforting each other when your favourite character dies
• bathing together and washing each others hair <3
• staring at each other in a crowded room
• „accidentally“ touching each others skin while they walks past you, or they hand you something
• them teaching/helping you out with something you're really bad at
• them telling you really bad pickup lines, but never failing to make you smile or giggle
• kissing under the rain
• them playing your favourite song w/any instrument they know how to play
• sending memes to each other
• car rides while a playlist full of your favourite songs plays in the background
• feeding them soup while they're sick, and viceversa
• kisses, kisses, and more kisses under the rain and in the dark <3
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promsongldr · 4 months ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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heismymathtutor · 7 months ago
me each morning at 7 am checking the tc tags as if it were a newspaper:
Tumblr media
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depressedcoffeeaholic · 3 months ago
Older men... *dramatic sigh*
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rosencigarette · a month ago
Tumblr media
word count: 1.1 k
warnings: nsfw, mdni, f!reader, unprotected sex, rough sex, edging, slight degrading, spitting, aftercare.
summary: you’re having fun with your teacher in the school’s bathroom.
ᨳ ᨳ ᨳ
A strong hand holding your hips while the other hand covers your mouth to stop you from making too much noise. With your back against his muscular chest, only wearing an unbuttoned shirt, you are flushed between your teacher and the bathroom stall.
You’re still wearing your school uniforms. Your skirt rolled up around your waist, hair all over the place. Your eyes roll back as he trusts repeatedly into you. The sound of his balls slapping against your wet center echoing the room. His face is on your neck, sucking and marking your neck.
A hand that was on your hips moved to your overstimulated clit. He rubs your clit and leaves you a writhing mess. He keeps a quick pace, slams into you with his brutal thrusts.
You let out a loud moan, feeling overstimulated. He stops his thrust, the hand on your mouth leaves and moves to your neck. He grabs you close to him by your neck, his jaw clenched.
“What did I just fucking say?” His irritated gaze meets you. He had told you to keep quiet because they’re still in school and somebody might hear them. But he’s been pounding you for half an hour and you're already on your third orgasm, so it’s impossible to stay quiet anymore.
“Ugh.. too much. Can’t take it.” You let out a whine, tears in your eyes, struggling against his hard grip on your neck.
“Well, I don’t fucking care.” He continues his thrust, harder and more rough than the last time. You cry out from the overstimulation, you feel another release is coming.
As you’re about to reach your climax, he slows down his thrust then stops. You let out a whine when he pulls out of you. But before you can say another word, he sits on the toilet lid while dragging you with him so that now you’re sitting on his lap.
Instead of putting himself back inside you, he holds your hips with both of his hands, moving your hips back and forth so that you’re grinding on his thigh. You whimper at the feeling of your bare cunt making contact with his bare thigh. You begin to roll your hips against his thigh, desperately. He relaxes his hands on your hips, stops guiding you as you begin to find your rhythm.
Both of your hands find they’re way around his neck. Your eyes closed, mouth slightly parted, head pointing to the ceiling. Cute. He thought to himself. He caught you off guard when he roughly grabbed you toward him by your neck. He smashes his lips against yours. Your eyes flutter shut as you try to keep up with his sloppy and rough kiss. One of his hands wanders to your ass while his other hand is on your breast, squeezing it through your crumpled uniform.
He pulls away from the kiss, making you whine. He let out a throaty chuckle, “Pathetic.” He keeps his hand on your breast, teasing your hard nipple through the fabric. You let out a moan, still grinding on his thigh with your juices all over his thigh. At this point, the both of you don’t care anymore if somebody hears you.
You grind faster against his thigh as you feel that you’re getting close. But before you could release, he grabs your hips, stopping your movements. You look up at him with frustrated tears in your eyes, whining. “Please.” You cried out.
Strands of your hair stuck to your face with thin sweat. He put your hair back in its place. He leans in to kiss your cheek. “Please what, baby?” He moves to your neck, kissing it and sucking it. “Hm?”
“Please.” You whimper desperately. “Please let me cum.” Your voice crack, a tear roll down your cheek.
He then smashes his lips against your as he puts his hands on your waist to pick you up. You put your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to stop yourself from falling. He slams you against the bathroom stall, you let out a moan into the kiss.
Still kissing you, he grabs his still hard length, giving it a few pumps before guiding it towards your entrance. He rubs the tip along your slit, making you moan in pleasure. He breaks the kiss, then you feel his tip easing its way into you as the both of you let out a moan. He’s staring at your face, the way your face scrunches in pleasure, the way you let out a breathy moan. Fuck. He could’ve cum right there right then.
He pulls his hips back slowly, letting his tip out of you. Then he pushes it back into you slowly only for him to pull out of you again. You were so desperate for him, and about to snap at him. But when you were about to say something, he slams his entire length inside you.
“Ah!” You gasp. You grasp into his forearm as he roughly pounds into you, giving you no time to adjust. Choked whimpers escape your mouth. The sound of him pounding into your wetness filling the room.
With every thrust, your back slams against the stall. He grabs your jaw, squeezing your cheeks together, forcing your mouth open. He spits into your mouth. Without being ordered, you swallow. He smiles proudly then puts his lips on yours. Kissing you with his tounge.
Breaking the kiss, he groans then burries his face on your neck. His thrust is ruthless, his tip hits your cervix every time he pounds into you. Your toes curl in pleasure. Your wetness is covering his length.
You feel yourself getting close, he can feel it too. He fastens his thrust. You cry out his name, your legs twitching. He looks into your eyes with one hand still around your waist while the other is hovering over you.
You look up into his eyes with a desperate expression on your face. Silently begging him to let you cum. He catches what you’re trying to say. “Go on.” He orders you and you instantly give in. You let out a scream of pleasure. Not long after that, he releases himself inside you, filling you up.
Still inside you, he rests his forehead against your neck while you lean your head against the wall. The both of you are breathing heavily. You can feel his cum leaking out of you, dripping to the floor.
After a few moments, he raises his head to meet your gaze. He smiles at you, with a smile that warms your heart, showing his dimple on his right cheek. You smile back at him tiredly. He moves the strands of your hair that are stuck to your face. “You okay?” He asks. You can’t help but blush really hard at his softness. You nod, telling him that you’re okay. He gives you a peck on the lips before putting you down on your feet.
He helps you clean the mess he made between your thighs, then he helps you put on your uniform back (although you never really take it off) and fix your hair before he gets dressed himself.
ᨳ ᨳ ᨳ
a/n: hellow! just want to let you know that this is my first time writing this kind of stuff, so i’m sorry if this is not good. i’m still figuring out how to write smut. but i hope you enjoyed this one.
also, english is not my first language. i’m sorry if there is grammatical error. don’t bully me😖
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teacherf33ls · 18 days ago
The jealousy when he talks to other students or colleagues
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admiringyou · a month ago
when you sit and talk to him all class instead of doing the work that he assigned and he doesnt even care<33
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freshmanyearhistoryteacher · 5 months ago
Cw: NSFW thoughts
Hello! I’m literally so happy that I found your guy’s blog! I think this is such a cool idea for people that just wanna read different scenarios or for kinky things lmao. Anyways hahah I have an nsfw request! I think it would be cool to have a male English teacher make the student (afab preferred but non-binary/male is cool) like sit on a vibrator or something and read old literature. Each time the student messes up he makes them restart and like degrades them? Idk I think it would be interesting to read!! Cool if not!
This might be the fastest i have ever answered an ask lmao i have ones from literal months ago... like 4-5 months old just sitting there w a i t i n g. but i fill this new one instead heheh (i wrote this the day you sent it in i just queu stuff so i can have days off with uni)
epic ask.
Word count: 1, 345
Warning, contains:
pet names like brat and good girl
No actual touch between the teacher and student
Toys ;)
The reality of your situation hadn’t quite hit you until you felt the buzzing over your clit and the old poetry book was being handed to you. Somehow, your teacher had decided that forcing you to read with the promise of ‘orgasmic pleasure’ was the only way to motivate you… not that you could be that mad. You spent half of his class imagining what it would be like to have him touch you, whisper in your ear, what it would sound like when he moaned. It was cold too, so the buzzing and warmth from your core radiated on your freezing thighs with only his suit jacket covering your upper half. Your shirt had been ripped off when you decided to see how he reacted to a brat which, you had quickly learnt, was through punishment (funishment). Your bra had quickly followed, and then his hands moved to cup your exposed chest. His hands were massive over your body as he massaged and teased you, pinching and pulling at your skin. You could feel your insides tightening at the mere thought.
It was almost more embarrassing that he couldn’t see the vibrator over the desk between you, yet he knew it was there and was able to see the way your face contorted the moment he switched it on. The thought that it was weird he had this at school occured for only a second before your mind began buzzing in time with the toy. God, it was like your nerves were being strung out and abused but it felt so fucking good.
“Go ahead,” he chuckled as he leant back in his office chair and kicked his feet onto the hard wooden desktop. He looked so good you barely remembered what you were meant to be doing between his jawline and the urge to grind on the vibrator under you. Your chair was far less comfortable and the wooden edges of the legs cut into your legs but it felt all too good to move. “Read for me, brat.”
“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint… quaint and uh-” you stuttered in soft huffs of air, biting your lip as you began to lose your place on the page. It was a mess of words and letters all floating around as your body rocked slowly on its own accord. Your skirt rode higher each time you squirmed until anyone walking in would see the lack of underwear beneath the thin fabric.. as if the half rolled down tights hadn't made it obvious. Of course, this had been the day you decided there was no real point to underwear if you had tights on- some might have called it a mistake but it was turning out to be a blessing. He had called you ‘good’ for it too, which made your ears burn with embarrassment and eagerness to hear it again.
“Restart,” he said and you looked up bewildered. “I said,” he gave you a pointed and disappointed glare before returning to complete disinterest, “that if you mess up, you have to restart, i don’t care how long this takes. I don’t care how many times you fuck up, how many times you cum.” he was saying it all like it made perfect sense but your body was brought to life by the way he worded it. How many times you cum? You could spend all day here without a care, moaning and cumming, making a mess on the chair and floor until he broke and fucked you over the tabl…. “Understand?” You nodded. “Words.”
“Yes,” you whispered “Yes who?” “yes, sir,” you whined and he smirked before gesturing to continue.
“Once upon- fuck,” you shifted your hips in an attempt to move the unforgiving vibrations away but instead exposed the nerves and felt yourself jump in shock. It felt so fucking good it was nearly too much to handle. “Once upon a- god… wait, ok fuck.. god.” He was trying to hold in his sadistic laughter with little success which earned a narrow eyed death stare in his direction.
“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, ‘tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more.’, “
You had somehow made it through the first paragraph with success, hands itching to reach down and move the vibrator, the rocking of your hips served to do little to nothing for your growing need. This was far harder than you expected.
“Good girl,” he growled in a low praise, catching your attention and taking you off guard. You moaned, shamefully and with burning red cheeks, and his head rolled back as if it was unbelievable how tempting that sound made you. His throat bobbed and body tensed and relaxed, shifting to give the hardening cock room. “Go, read brat.”
It was much harder to grasp the second paragraph, not that the first made much sense to you at all. “each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floo- FUck, fuck, oh,” your hips were bucking as you tried to read and the familiar feeling of your stomach twisting before you came began to swell inside. The chair under you was creaking with the force of your movements but you cleared your burning throat and tried to restart. “Each sep-” he cut you off.
“The whole thing, brat,” he laughed in a low tone, eyes darker then they had been before. You knew hunger wasn’t as emotion but fuck he looked like he was about to strike, like he was some hunter stalking its prey.
“The whole thing?” your voice wobbled and came out slightly too high pitched. Moans slipped out between sounds and your teeth returned to your lip as soon as you’d spoken to keep the whimpers in.
“Yes, that’s what I said.” He was trying to kill you, you mentally whined but started anyway.
“Each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor,” fuck, fuck, fuck, it felt far too good. “From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the lost Lenore-” your legs were shaking, mind fuzzy, and hands gripping the book tight enough for you knuckles to turn white. He seemed to notice.
“Are you struggling?” he asked like it wasn’t entirely obvious. You nodded and he faked a smile of pity. “Awe brat, do you wanna come for me? Hmmm?” You nodded and nodded, the moans now slipping out freely. "Please," you begged and he was leaning closer now, feet moving off the desk. Your faces were barely an inch apart from how far over he was leaning and your vision was blurry enough to make your noses accidentally bump. "Please who?" he whispered so close you felt the breath on your lips. "Please sir," you cried. "Ok, cum for me brat, go on." The second he said that he brought a hand under your chin and drew your lips together. It was so soft, so gentle, as the unstoppable waves of pleasure began to role through your body and tear your mind apart. You were right on the edge and the kiss was nearly impossible to maintain. You were moaning, whining into his mouth, his lips pecking and tasting yours with a grin. You were cumming, hard, back arching and body grinding down into the chair, but he kept his hand roughly holding your chin with the same slow kisses. It was a terrifying contrast to the overstimulated feeling of your stomach spasming and nerves twitching. When you had finished, he kissed your forehead and sat back, his hand drifting to his lap and beginning to undo his pants. The issue was the vibrator was still attacking your core and your body was already spent, leaning all of your weight into the chair and desk.
"No one said stop, brat."
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lo-litas · 16 days ago
i want to sit on his lap, lay my head on his chest and listen to him as he’s reading a book for me.
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inked-stars · 13 days ago
just need his comfort and support
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babywearinbluejeans · 11 days ago
i am just completely overcome by him. i am a mess in his hands. god, i would do anything he asked of me, become anything he asked of me, whatever he wants. i’d do it happily and without complaint. i just love him so much it’s like i can’t breathe because my heart takes up so much room in my chest when i’m near him, when i think about him.
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hypnotically-kinetic · a month ago
i told him i loved him and that i was very fond of him for the very first time.
so, yesterday i realised i had never told him i appreciated him a lot; so i told him that tommorow (today) i had a little gift to give him. He got excited about it, and when i went home in a little sticky note i wrote „I love you, and I'm very fond of you!“ with tons of little hearts around it (and all of this had a friendly tone, not an „i love you bc i have a big time crush w you“ tone)
All of this was of course with a shaky hand and my soul half-leaving my body while i wrote it and i prepared myself to give it to him 🙂🙃
When i went to meet him today, i went to his office, and told him that i already had his little surprise to give. He closed his eyes and i placed the note in his hand as i told him that he could open his eyes already. When he read it, he immediatly pulled me into a hug and gave lots of kisses to my cheek and my jawline as he kept hugging me tightly and he told me that he loved me too
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promsongldr · 4 months ago
another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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heismymathtutor · 2 months ago
R sent this.
Tumblr media
I win bitches.
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