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Druig 馃 Matt Murdock
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Understanding that shoulder bumping is the highest caliber of flirtation
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#heart eyes, motherfucker
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"The joke at Marvel is that the reason why I made Eternals is so I can go online & read the fanfiction about my own movie. I'm also going to write some on AO3 and put it up with a different name." - Chlo茅 Zhao
interview here here
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the best relationship between the eternals
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Chloe Zhao sharing fanart and reading fanfic on AO3. Even tagging Drukkari
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druig with makkari vs druig with every other eternal
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Druig when Makkari beats the shit out of Ikaris.
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Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan | Eternals Premiere in London 聽(video)
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"my beautiful, beautiful makkari... did you miss me?"
i want whatever the fuck these bitches have
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Druig and Makkari in ETERNALS
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Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan as Makkari and聽Druig ETERNALS (2021)
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Beautiful, Beautiful 鉂
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You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn鈥檛 describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he鈥檇 ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn鈥檛 get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn鈥檛 help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig鈥檚 love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn鈥檛 matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He鈥檚 intoxicated but he doesn鈥檛 give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn鈥檛. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
鈥淵ou love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.鈥 Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn鈥檛 sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant鈥檚 serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig鈥檚 sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
鈥淒ruig! Druig!鈥 You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
鈥淣o, Ajak, I cannot leave him,鈥 you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig鈥檚 forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
鈥淒ruig,鈥 you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. 鈥淒ruig, you鈥檙e all right. Oh, I was so worried鈥︹
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e all right,鈥 he murmured. 鈥淕ood.鈥
鈥淣o, you鈥檙e all right! I thought鈥,鈥 you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. 鈥淒on鈥檛 leave me like that again.鈥 You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. 鈥淏eautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.鈥
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
鈥淢y beautiful, beautiful girl鈥,鈥 he鈥檇 murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. 鈥淵ou have stolen my heart.鈥 Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he鈥檇 put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He鈥檇 make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He鈥檇 have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
鈥淚 love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.鈥
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
鈥淵ou are a dream鈥ou鈥檝e stolen my whole heart.鈥
A small bite to your earlobe.
鈥淒ruig-鈥 your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
鈥淢y Y/N, I love you.鈥
鈥淒ruig鈥 love you.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 leave me,鈥 he鈥檚 dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
鈥淣ever,鈥 you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
鈥淎nd I鈥檒l never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.鈥
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they鈥檙e so precious I can鈥檛 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍鈽癸笍
[clips from: eternals.scenes on insta]
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my beautiful, beautiful makkari... did you miss me?
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Things I Loved About Eternals
wow that was an amazing movie and it fucked me up I have so many emotions
let's go down the list of Immortal Family Angst
1. The Immortal Family Angst: First off, the 7000-year-old gods were gorgeous and powerful and petty and human, which is everything I could鈥檝e asked for in a Mythological Deities movie. They鈥檝e definitely got that Greek Mythology Olympians vibe with their differing fields of expertise (what they were made for + what they came to embody over the centuries), but I guess what makes them more or less fucked up than Greek gods is their unquestionable love for each other. Isn鈥檛聽that such a curse and a blessing?聽
2. The physical disability representation from Makkari: When she spoke, everyone automatically fell silent, and not once in the film was her disability a hindrance to her. Why? Because her 7000-year-old family members accommodated her needs, which isn鈥檛 that impossible to do. (Headcanon: her machine body might鈥檝e been built with deaf ears because constantly breaking the sound barrier might be disastrous to the eardrums, maybe. Also I love her combat style, speed is deadly.)
3. The mental disability representation from Thena: This was done so well, with Ajak continuously reminding her, 鈥淵ou are loved,鈥 with the others supporting her in not wanting to give up who she is, with Gilgamesh agreeing to keep her company through the years and constantly being there to remind her that just because she can鈥檛 fight the same way she used to doesn鈥檛 mean she is less loved.聽
Mental illness can become more difficult to deal with when one experiences the loss of a loved one. Thena's character arc showed that though Gilgamesh was gone, the progress she had made and the determination to stay with her recovery did not become null. Sometimes remembering the love that was given to you is the reminder you need to continue to accept yourself, illness and all. (That cave battle metaphor for mental illness was on point. The Deviant was doomed the moment he quoted Gilgamesh without truly understanding the humanity he'd stolen from him.)
4. Phastos鈥檚 loving family representation: How about this disillusioned god of inventions, who saw all the bad that humanity could do and also rediscovered the good that humanity could offer? He鈥檚 a gay black man who鈥檚 got a happy, loving relationship with his handsome husband and his beautiful son. Wow did I love seeing this on the big screen. (Also his combat scenes? What a badass.)
5. Ajak, Ikaris, Gilgamesh, and fate: Let鈥檚 talk about these three. In a way, Ajak and Ikaris鈥檚 endings were almost fated due to the choices they made. Ajak could鈥檝e chosen to stand her ground sooner, or could鈥檝e not burdened her favorite child with the heaviest weight she carried. Ikaris could鈥檝e chosen to accept the change of plans and reassessed his faith earlier. But neither of them could shake off the responsibility they were indoctrinated into that easily. Ajak鈥檚 favor of Ikaris might鈥檝e doomed them both, but how could a mother love her son and not give him a chance to prepare for the approaching end? Could she have truly avoided raising him in the spitting image of herself?聽The loneliness she must have felt, with her burden. A Shakespearean tragedy, in the flesh.
In contrast, Gilgamesh did nothing to deserve his fate. Where Ajak was the Mind, Gilgamesh was obviously the Heart. He鈥檚 the one who volunteers to dedicate his life to helping Thena live hers. Without Gilgamesh, Ikaris would鈥檝e died in the Amazon forest.聽He鈥檚 the protector, readily sharing comforting words and good food, as well as a badass fist. You could say he鈥檚 the purest embodiment of who an Eternal is.聽It makes me feel some type of thing, knowing that the tale of Gilgamesh is the first human epic we have a remaining record of, and it鈥檚 the story of a man who grew into a good, compassionate king and met a very human death. (Interesting how the Deviant became so human-like after absorbing Gilgamesh鈥檚 essence.)
Ajak, Ikaris, and Gilgamesh, despite their godly power, are not named after gods. They are named after mortal heroes (Ajax and Icarus from Greek mythology, Gilgamesh from ancient Mesopotamian mythology). Like their namesakes, it was not their power that defined who they were, and for them were reserved the most human ends.
6. Ikaris, Sprite, and immortality:聽They really came for my throat with the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell reference. Eternal youth isn't all that great, especially for Sprite or Ikaris. Peter Pan killed his mother because he couldn't bear to break out of his old way of life. He was unwilling to grow up. In contrast, Sprite wants more than anything else to be able to grow up, but is held in stagnation against her will. But in the end, when Peter Pan is gone and Wendy Darling is the new immortal leader of Neverland, Tinkerbell chooses what Wendy Darling had and leaves her old self behind. She changes.
(In the beginning of the movie, the title Eternals sounds grand and impressive. But near the end of the movie, when Ikaris talks about eternity with Sersi, the name no longer sounds glorious. Eternity sounds like a curse.)
7. Kingo and his faith: Take notes, Ikaris, this is how not to聽wage a holy war in the name of your faith. Kingo did leave Sprite to loneliness to pursue his love of movies, but at his core, his first and foremost love is for his family. (Something about Fighter Classes and how they throw themselves into danger for the other robot deities does something to my heart.)聽Despite his love for humanity, he cannot compromise his beliefs. That does not mean he is willing to harm others for that faith, because that is not what faith should be for. (Looking at you, Ikaris.)
8. Druig and his burned-out love: What a way to deal with a morally gray mind-controlling god, whose only wish was for humans to stop fighting and live companionably together. Here鈥檚 this deeply tired, flawed person who was unable to lose his empathy, however hard he may have wanted to. He was willing to shoulder the blame for preventing a Celestial鈥檚 birth if it meant sparing Sersi the weight, and I think that might be the essence of his character.
9. Sersi and her destructive creation: Finally, we come to the sorceress of myth (named after Circe from Greek mythology). Sersi is the most loving, kind-hearted person, but the power of creation she wields is the most destructive force of all. She shares the same characteristic with Celestials. This movie seems to be saying, 鈥榣ook hard at miraculous acts of creation, and make sure you know what the price of that creation is鈥.
"It is the most natural thing in the world to want to protect the one you love," said Gilgamesh. Sersi did so, and so did Ikaris. What a shame that it was such a struggle for Ikaris to do the most natural thing in the world. What a shame that Sersi's heart made a choice that would weigh her down with enormous guilt and terrible repercussions. It should not be so terrible to want to protect, and yet.
(Maybe it鈥檚 the way these robot deities were programmed, but every one of these people seem to have an instinctive love for humans and their world. That includes Ikaris, who took one last look back at the beautiful planet he had loved for several millennia, before flying into his destruction. If he had listened to love more than duty, things might be different. But then he wouldn鈥檛 be Ikaris. Again, Shakespearean.)
10. Celestials and their birth: What if all Celestials who were brought forth into the world by Eternals are a little in love with them, from that first mind-meld at the beginning of their life? What if Tiamut, while connecting with these tiny implements of birth and creation, saw their sorrow for the destruction of a beloved planet and chose鈥攚ith a newborn deity's own free will鈥攖o make the sacrifice for these grieving, loving robots? (Why the continuous cycle of rebirth for this specific group of robots? Can this expression of sentiment be explained in any other way than love? Arishem may not be aware how much his tools are loved.)聽
(Also I can't believe the eventual death of the universe, which is highly likely considering the actual science of everything, can be explained mythologically as Star-Forgers who grew too compassionate for the products of their creations and chose a slow and certain death over a hard-reset cycle. What a story.)
(If you think of the planet as the mother and the Celestial as the child, the movie is a pro-abortion metaphor. Of course mothers have a right to abortion if the pregnancy is life-threatening. The potential for new life cannot outweigh the free choice of who is already here. It's a question of seeing humans as mere implements of procreation or as actualized individuals with vibrant lives.)
11. Love can take many forms: Safe, sane, and consensual sex is a perfectly natural activity for humans in love. Cohabitation of platonic life partners is also a perfectly natural manifestation of love. Familial love is a wonderful thing when shared with the right people. Kissing is a beautiful affirmation of love, but it is not a requirement for two people to share a special connection together. The forehead touches in this movie made me scream internally. (Druig and Makkari own my soul, by the way. I don鈥檛 entirely understand how this happened. My heart I鈥檝e given to Gilgamesh and Thena. Sersi can have my everything else.)
12. Found Family Dynamics: This actually wrecked me. The way Sersi and Ikaris acted in Phastos鈥檚 home, like they felt comfortable to be there, in that house and in that company. The way Ajak loved and cared for her children, and how she tried her hardest to do right by them despite knowing she was merely a tool. The way Druig, Makkari, and Phastos shared a couch. The way everyone laughed around Gilgamesh鈥檚 dinner table. The way Sprite told a story. The way Kingo said the word 鈥渇amily.鈥澛燭he way they waited for Thena to wake up. Just, so much about them. (I might need some AU fics to mend the hole they left in me.)
13. The Good Humans: Shout-out to Dane, Karun, Phastos鈥檚 family, and the other good humans I鈥檓 probably forgetting. Congratulations, your decency and kindness prompted a group of robot deities to fight for your continued survival. Keep being the good parts of humanity.
Conclusion: This is the best multi-character movie I have seen in my life. I became so intensely enamored with all of the individual characters, it was unreal. THIS is how you do a multi-character movie. What a masterpiece.
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