#making u more cunning
all-inmoderation · 6 months ago
saying this as only a movie fan, I do not want Bruce to become a ~playboy~ in the next movie. Respectfully, I do not see it and I do not want it.
At most, I could see him come out of his cave after the Riddler fiasco and trying to integrate himself back into society but I can’t imagine him going out of his way to flirt with women or have a bigger-than-life persona. It’d make more sense to me that he’s the one getting approached because everybody’s curious about the prince of the city, so he’d humor them, but I don’t think he would dominate conversations.
Just like when Falcone started talking to him at the funeral, he responded but he spoke curtly. He’d be a man of few words, and let people reveal themselves to him by listening, imo.
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myfirstandlast · 3 months ago
ive only read a handful of fics ever but . would any oomfies happen to have genshin recs see tags
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laurelnose · a year ago
i’ve been playing a lot of meditative comfort games recently and i am currently kind of obsessed with the idea of Yennefer as a Moth-Long favored by the Ring-Yew. the principle of change and metamorphosis, chaos and secrecy? the Hour of desire and relentlessness, a God-from-Flesh whose other principles are Heart, of ceaselessness and protection, and Grail, of birth and thirsting? a pathway to ascension marked by the shedding of one’s flesh for new shapes, the trading of form and life for power? like, that’s Yenna!!
#my niche crossover headcanons are sexy and irrefutable 😌#‘The Ring-Yew commanded I bare my flesh and I obeyed. I will not always obey the Ring-Yew.’ LIKE#frankly when i say ‘of the Ring-Yew’ i mean ‘ascended under the Ring-Yew‚ now an Obliviate in opposition to the Hours’ rule’#Ciri is Knock like her mother btw; of openings and gateways‚ oracles and wounds#Geralt is Winter: of grieving‚ quiet‚ death and kindness by death#Dandelion is 100% mundane and everyone is working so so hard to prevent him from getting ritually sacrificed#Philippa is Edge & a Long of the Colonel (‘the actual canon polymorph should be Moth’ u say pffffft ok fine acknowledged but consider this)#(the Colonel gave his sight for power; the patient‚ lethal‚ & cunning; the counterrevolutionary & promoter of current power status quos)#(but also the one who stands against the Worms in the World just as Philippa stands against the White Frost)#so u might ask: does that make Yen’s rival Philippa? the answer is no. chiefest among Yen’s obstacles is Emhyr#Emhyr is Lantern and of the Sun-in-Rags; and more than anything he wants the daughter he fathered with the Long Pavetta returned to him#(he is consumed by it. no one knows if Emhyr himself was a Long when he fathered Ciri—but they whisper)#(supporters of his point out if Emhyr had been Long then it would likely have been Pavetta who committed the Crime of the Sky)#(...unless Pavetta made a deal in secrecy with a reluctant reckoner for him to take her child to save its life ohoho)#also listen Yen would never if she could avoid it—the House is no place for lovers#but TELL me if she wanted that Geralt wouldn't LET Yenna kill him & root the Wood in his rotting lungs so he could follow her to the Mansus#hot.#laurelnose.txt#i made this post for Me but if you need context it’s about#cultist simulator#yen of the Moth
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equalseleventhirds · a year ago
i hear u, i do, about wanting martin to have been forced into going with annabelle bcos you want him not to have made an impulsive bad decision that would upset & endanger jon (and himself) like that
but first of all, mind control is still the absolute most boring option
and second of all, [gestures to like, all of season 4]
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nbvethbrenatto · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
moodboard: nolan x margaux
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yumenosakiacademy · 3 months ago
i wish all of the “fuck off if ur in2 mc.yt” ppl a very Learn The Distinguishment Between The Different Mc/yts.
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jvkeh · a month ago
hybrid gfs
➝ enhypen, seventeen, nct dream, txt + the boyz
bunny hybrids
these boys die for your adorable bunny ears and the way your cheeks round, paired with your beautiful doe eyes and he’s a goner. every time you leap for an item you really like through the window, he’s already at the register opening up his wallet. he’s a complete utter simp for you both in and out the bedroom, and the both of you know that. dumb bunnies like you need loving carers to live a good fulfilling life. it’s such a good thing he’s there, because who else would fuck you the way they do?
pulling on your bunny ears, you let out a loud throaty groan at the feeling of your sensitive spot being prodded paired with the overstimulation from your ears, a result of your cunning and attentive boyfriend. “master!” you cry out as he began to thrust harder into your tight hole, the wetness easing the sting of the stretch and he adjusted to your cunt, his pelvis slapping your ass with every minute. “that’s my girl.” his deep voice contrasts with the sound of your childish cries, as he bullied his cock deeper and deeper within, until you felt stuffed for the hilts. “always ready to spread her legs at any notice, you’re such a slutty little bunny for me.” he says, a smirk on his face at the feeling of more liquid making contact with his dick, a sign that you did enjoy the degradation as much as you denied it. of course he knew though, he learned the ways of your beautiful bunny hybrid life better than anyone else, and he was content with that.
seungcheol, jaemin, joshua, HEESEUNG!!!, hueningkai (this man def jacks off to bunny hentai gn..) mark, HYUNJAE, SANGYEON, jacob
cat hybrids
he loved feeling your tail around him, wherever it was on his ass, around his neck, or suffocating his waist. he pops the biggest boner at the mention of it outside the bedroom, because he finds you are most reactive when your tail is involved. he finds everything about you so fucking hot, from your petite ears to your ginormous sex drive.
his lips made contact with your puffy cunt, relishing in the taste of your juices and the cries of your mouth. you looked so fucking good in that short black dress dress, paired with your cat ears that perked at the briefest physical contact with him, that he couldn’t help but drag you both home early from the casual event to fuck you til your tail was limp. “keep making those pretty sounds for papa, kitten.” his words are muffled from your pussy, but you got the gist as he squeezed your legs with his dripping fingers, a none verbal sign for you to keep going. your legs rise further into the air as he pushes his tongue deeper into your body, sucking up every inch of your cunt as you grinded against his mouths, tail perking up and rubbing up his ass from the sensation of being stimulated. he sighs into your cunt as he relieves the feeling of being able to do what he loved the most, eat his precious cat girlfriend’s pussy while she struggled to escape his grip.
yeonjun, minghao, taehyun vibes. tbh ??? WONWOO MINGYU TAG TEAMING U LIKE THIS THOO… renjun, hae to the chan, dokyeom is this sweet, sunwoo, changmin, chanhee (literal catboy)
puppy hybrids
puppy hybrid girlfriends are the horniest of them all, so of course their boyfriend needs to match. puppies can get angsty if they don’t get the attention they need, so it’s always important to rub their belly and fill it up with hot cum so they can have a good night’s rest.
he been at it for the third time, his dick feeling practically red hot with stimulation from fucking you for two rounds. but you needed the extra care, after insomniac nights for a week. your boyfriend took you to the vet, but they only reccomended activities to tire you out, such as extreme orgasms. you came heavily the last two times, your eyes showing droopiness, but he needed to make sure you were fully sleepy when you came. the more he imagined you complaining at night, the heavier he stuffed his cock into you at a fast rate.
“puppy gon get filled, aint she?” he babbled, numb to his dick’s sensation as he continued to push and pull out of you over and over again, making contact from cold air to hot gummy walls as he pushed you to your release. “want to be breeded, don’t you, sweetheart?” you could only nod, incapable of saying anything with the way he was fucking you at a fast pace, hitting your gspot over and over until you could no longer feel. “gonna breed this puppycunt and make a litter of babies.” he said darkly, his words bringing tightness to your cunt as his pace didn’t falter. “fuck me, i got the sweetest puppy girlfriend ever.”
“yes, daddy!” you groan out, pushing your tits outwards as your back arched at the feeling of him reaching all the right spots, as you begin to see stars. “you’re so mmh-ing good!” his heart fluttered at your compliment, making him speed up his pace even faster until you could no longer feel anything expect white hot, letting out a scream as your cunt squirted white. “holy- daddy!” you cried out, chanting your boyfriend’s name over and over as you continued to leak juices from your cunt, the energy sapped out of you immediately as your eyes closed from how well he fucked you. “mhm- so good daddy.” you said tiredly, as you felt his fingers re-enter you to push the cum in, making sure you would stay stuffed for the night.
JENO, HOLY FUCKING JENO! WONWOO, woozi, JAY AND JAKE R CARING DADDIES, jake loves puppies too (cries), choi line, juyeon OHCKCKG, eric
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svgarslut · 7 months ago
Hi! Just sending in a Thirst because I'm horny af and ayato's being clouding my mind all day 😩
Imagine being wedded to Ayato. A noblest from another powerful clan. Known for not giving any fucks and taking no shit from others, who doesn't want kids and is on birth control.
And ayato obviously wants to start his own family and give his clan powerful heirs. Think about him switching ur birth control pulls with something else that makes u extremely needy so u go to him, your dear husband for help.
"My my, what a needy little thing I have as my wife"
Imagine him ruting his hips against yours at a fast pace, hands on the side of your head, keeping you in place as he sucks ur tits, lightly sinking his teeth in the pink flesh of your nipples. Cumming undone at how fucked out you look.
Imagine him shoving his fingers inside your opening to keep his cum inside of you. He worked so hard to stuff you full after all. He just smirks at how your pussy sucks his fingers in.
Imagine him acting all surprised the next morning while your puking your guts out on the toilet.
Holding your hair in one of his hand as his other rubs circles on your back. "Why don't you take a pregnancy test, darling? I believe it's a possibility after last night"
You look at him as he's lost his mind while he just smiles at you. "No that can't be! I'm on birth control-" you start puking again. Ayato starts comforting you, pressing chast kisses on your cheeks. But the thing you fail to notice is the cunning smirk on his face.
And even if you don't get pregnant at that time. He won't hesitate to fuck you more. Breed your cunt just the way you like it. He'll make you bear his offsprings even if it is against your own will.
Also can I be the 🛐 anon please??
he's so good at acting surprised when you suddenly become so needy and pliable for him :( begging him to fill you up with his hot cum to satiate the burning desire inside you :( condescends you for being such a whore, creaming and crying around your husband that you detested so much before :(((
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squid-god-supreme · 7 months ago
Ace: Lmao dummy u don't know ANYTHING about the great seven
Mc, who befriended all of them: I was there when history was written, fool
Leona: The King of Beasts-
Mc: Oh you mean Scar? He was a lot like you, maybe a little more cunning, buy y'know y'all aren't that far off... cept for the fact he killed his brother and tried to kill his nephew. I mean he failed but there was an admirable attempt... actually now that I think about it, he was kinda dumb. Made like REALLY obvious mistakes
Leona: The what
Mc: Oh don't know him? Uhh, OH! Right, his actual name was Taka but he hated it when people used it, so he preferred Scar. He was a nice man if you can ignore the whole murder part
Mc, sobbing: Mal- Thorny... you're alive
Maleficent: CHILD OF MAN! YOU'VE RETURNED! Oh it's simply been too long, tell me, tell me, how has life treated you, I see you've grown since we last met
Malleus: What
maleficent seeing mc return now about her grandsons age and befriending him : :) lilia get the wedding planer
Its so cute to think about
Ace : stupid u dont know about the great 7
Mc with photos to prove it : 😎✨silence ginger twink✨i make the rules
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gogolstoelicker · 5 months ago
Twisted wonderland dorm leaders with a scaramouche! MC 👀
Dorm leaders with a Scaramouche!MC
You're a cunning individual as you could easily manipulate someone to get what you want. You could also be quite traitorous after getting what you want. You also have a hobby of exerting your authorities over others.
You seemed to be quite the selfish individual too, only caring for yourself and your own benefits, not caring for what happens to the one around you.
fights with the both of u could get very ugly💀
im talking abt straight uo collars, lightning, fires and poison likr powers
the people around the two of you are not having fun btw
as soon as they sensed u guys are gonna fight and trey and cater's words are not reaching the two of u at all?
deuce and ace are alr running to find the headmaster so nobody would get hurt
the others however?
Tumblr media
it takes yall a VERY long time to even get along
honesty? yall just mostly compete with each other on who's better than the other at smth
academic rivals to friends/ lovers⁉️⁉️
leaning more to enemies tho
if yall ever became friends, that doesn't mean you guys are gonna stop competing
it actually became both of ur little entertainment and u guys are actually having fun rather than going full on hatred and competitiveness:D!!
and if yall teamed up? the school stands NO chance against yall💀💪‼️
isnt leona kind of cunning?
so another cunning vs cunning⁉️⁉️
if you're confused, i write from bottom to top btw
except the other one is too lazy to scheme smth unless it greatly benefits the goal he had in his mind, which is becoming a king
honestly? i think you guys can understand each other like no other once y'all got along and started openinh up to each other
like you're abandoned and literally nobody likes u, nobody likes leona back in his hometown with the exception of cheka, you two have this goal u wanted to achieve no matter what (u with the gnosis and him with the throne)
so im just saying, u two could definitely be besties‼️
but just bc y'all are besties, doesn't mean yall are gonna start being nice to each other tho😁
ofc u guys are not gonna cross the line, its just smth like uh
sharp tongued mfs insulting each other as affection?🤔🤔 like
"well aren't u a lazy fucker, try using some effort and u might get what u want someday(affectionate)"
"says the person who is literally not liked by everyone. if u put any effort into having a better personality, maybe people will like u (affectionate)"
its ok y'all are just doing this daily sarcastic yet affectionate callout🤗‼️
cunning vs cunning😱😱how bad can it be🤔⁉️
well not too bad but he was definitely fooled at first
like u were so friendly and nice at first, he just cant suspect a thing
esp when u just mindlessly signed the contract with him
and then things happened
he then swore he won't ever be fooled by how friendly u are and ur smile
which he starts to doubt if he should ever start doing that honestly🤔considering how u act after letting go of ur friendly facade
the duo the school does not want to happen
like imagine u two teaming up and thr schemes you two would create together😰😰no thanks, they choose peace
idk if yall can get along honestly
its like the harbingers relationship with each other (complete distrust and hate)
so uh🤔🤔im sorry if his is kind of short? and not much?
but if we're gonna talk abt u two actually somehow being friends, the whole school would start running for their lives
its every man for themselves👹
might get intimidated by u
but eventually warmed up and went up to u despite jamil's protest
and it's all bc of how he saw u treat ortho
ur so sweet to ortho, ofc you're not a bad guy🙏😁you can't be if you're nice to kids😁‼️
-me convincing my friends abt my fav characters
well jamil tried his best to make him stay away from u, which as we can see, does not work
kalim tried his best to be friended u!! he really did!!
u need help?! kalim is alr around the corner waiting for u to ask for his help or smth
the headmaster gave u too much work? kalim is glancing at u, a silent ask if u need help from him or not
exams is near? he's next to you with books and shining eyes, waiting for u to say yes to him being ur study buddy
u went from kalim's tolerator to kalim's protection squad leader
u somehow let everything out to kalim while crying (he's crying with u btw)
idk how it happened either
maybe its because of kalim's endless support for u who knows
kalim is that one guy who accidentally entered the villain's lair and now became the villain's emotional support
you're the villain btw😁🙏
yall know how hoyoverse? mihoyo? whicheverhoyo always mentioned how scara is pretty every chance they got? (they're so me frfr. i would mention how pretty scara is every chance i got too)
yeah thats how vil sees you, a beautiful being
like when he first saw u during the uh entrance ceremony???? he was clutching his purse so hard bc like you're so??? beautiful??? omg????!'5$???!!
that skin??? that beautiful hair??? those lips??? those eyes??? and that red eyeshadow /eyeliner idk???? [email protected]??!!
someone met his standards!!
do u think it'll make vil insecure tho? ofc no. it just motivates him to try harder in being beautiful💪‼️
def tried to talk to u and got displeased by ur personality
ur face is smth but with that personality? you're gonna get a flying kick from him if u do not try to be nice🤨
honestly tried to get u to share ur beauty tips with him
u going "what beauty tips🤨⁉️"
him going "🤨⁉️"
oh no this is NOT going to slide
if you're pretty and not putting more effort into that beauty? he's gonna WHIP WHAP WHOP ur ass🤬🤬
probably how y'all got close
it's just vil making u wear beauty products and u having to toletate it bc oh no! u lost ur authority in this new world😔!!
doesn't matter if you're a puppet or not
oh yikes, he def didn't wanna get near u lol
leave an npc like him alone🤗u, as the SSR rank antagonist can just ignore him like he's some dust on the sidewalk or smth
was genuinely happy u didn't really care about him that much until u suddenly startes approaching him
why... why are u approaching him? what sins did he do in his past life to deserve this? why are u coming cLOSER?!
turns out u were just trying to walk past him
oh fuh *wipes sweat* 😁he definitely wasn't scared come on now
and then he heard a "why are u smiling like an idiot to nobody?" behind him
uh oh🙀⁉️⁉️
that's how y'all even... got to know each other? if u can even call it that?
idk how can y'all get close without idia being close to a coma but
it could... work??? kinda???? if u let him research the power inside of u and the modifications that has been made🤔🤗
you know how he's probably a few thousand years old or smth?
and since you're nice to elders and children, u are kind of nice to him🤗‼️ /JOKE
that was a joke, im so sorry malleus. i did not mean to call u a grandpapi, im sorry
well you know that feeling when two powerful characters met each other
a god's abandoned puppet and the future ruler of briar valley😱
if the earth could hide, it would hide itself.
well malleus for some reason wants to befriend u🤔🤨
maybe its bc of that "friendly" demeanor you showed him when you two first met
it was a mistake in your part, now u can never get rid of malleus draconia as he will always try to be ur friend
and honestly? seeing his efforts kind of makes u go softer on him
like omg someone is not giving up on you like someone did for being too weak??? and they actually tried their best to genuinely become friends with you????
eventually, malleus succeeded in becoming ur friend:D!! how did he know?? some people got electrocuted by you but shh for spreading more rumors about how scary he can be:D!
and yes, he definitely did a little dance in his room after finding out what happened
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tall-reader · 5 months ago
HQ Captains Falling in Love with their FWB. 18+.
Kuroo, Daichi, Oikawa, Ushijima, Bokuto x gn!reader. suggestive/ nsfw.
a/n: was gonna do meian bc hello???? but i lost the zeal halfway through so take these half baked hcs lolol. reader is referred to as cute/pretty/babe bc u r one.
 reblogs + feedback will get u hugs and kisses.
this mf knew what he was doing beforehand 
i'm a firm believer that kuroo will not sleep with someone unless he has some degree of interest in them ok his scorpio placements told me so
and he is very interested in you, my friend
he's a cunning man, so he can put two and two together 
the way your clothes start getting tighter and shorter whenever you come over for your usual friday night catch up sessions
how the distance between you two shortens by just the slightest. a less astute person wouldn't be able to pick up on all these subtle yet telling things, but kuroo knows. oh, he knows all right.
so does kenma rip
smol blonde peaces out when the tension gets to be too much and the fact that he picked up on it despite being on his handheld game most of the time while you two ‘chatted’ (eye fucked) is enough for kuroo to confirm that it isn't just all in his head
after filling your cup with water instead of the alcohol you had been sipping on (he needs you to be sober enough to know exactly what you're about to do with him,) he reaches his arm around and starts casually playing with the shoulder of your shirt
from there, it's electric
kuroo is such a magnetic person and once you look over at him from such a close distance and see the sheer longing in those eyes that has been repressed for far too long, the moist lips he's been licking all night every time he got a whiff of perfume, the way his hand tightens on your shoulder just slightly before you notice you're both leaning in
will not leave you unsatisfied under any circumstances 
it's the first time for you two so he's going all out and focusing on only you
uses his fingers to get you off and mocks you for the mess you're making on his good leather couch before he tugs you to stand with your hands against the wall so he can bend down and get a taste
from there you two are dry humping against every surface on the way to the bedroom while trying to undress, lips never leaving each other's because the desire is unbearable for him 
doesn't even bat an eyelash when he wakes up alone the next morning cause he knows from the way you were crying out last night that you'll be back for more
kuroo loves it. he loved talking to you before and found you to be genuinely good company but now he's having hot steamy sex on top of that? 
yeah, he takes a bit longer to fall but when he does, he falls hard
had a thing for you from the beginning so once he finally sorts out his feelings and confirms to himself what it is he wants, he's gonna do everything in his power to make you fall for him too
every sexual experience with kuroo is a good one but he has a sensuality that can make even the dirtiest of fucking feel like making love with just a shift in his gaze
he's gonna hella fuck with your head, making you wonder if you're going crazy
you can't even call him on his sudden need to drive you everywhere or pay for your meals or buy you small little gifts that coincidentally scream 'taken!' to outsiders, because he does it so offhandedly that it would make you seem like a fool for reading into it
yall are practically dating at this point just without the label and he's fine with that
he has all the time in the world to woo you
your new coworker that asks you on a date however? that's gonna push him into securing you as his lovely little s/o
he's a confident man and he's trying to be mature so he's pretty passive when you tell him you're going on a date
even acts like it's normal when he drives you there just so he can ‘get a look at the guy you're gonna make fun of later.' sends you off with a peck on your cheek and then sits in his car for the next 45 minutes hoping the guy has a booger in his nose the whole time
you're not impressed and it's obvious from the moment you step out. he just chuckles and pats your head while he drives you to get some 'real food' from the mcdonald's down the street
he's so fucking nervous, can't even eat properly bc he knows tonight has to be the night
pretty quiet when he wordlessly drives you back to his place for the night, all stuck in his own head
lays you down and makes passionate love to you that has tears in both of your eyes (real men cry when they cum bestie smh)
it's a whisper against your skin, so honest and just the slightest bit tired, but not of you, never of you
"just give up already. you're not gonna find anyone else like me." 
haaaaates himself for sounding so cocky and foolish, and always mincing his words when all he wants is to scream from the rooftops how in love with you he is
he's still hunched over with his forehead pressed against your sticky chest, but once you wrap your arms around his neck, he lunges up and gives you a deep kiss
one that says everything he can't bring himself to say out loud
you're his and there's no going back.
he also set himself up for this, let's not lie
accidentally confessed his feelings for the cute server to suga and asahi as if they haven't been betting on when daichi would finally make a move
man has been eyeing you for weeks
comes to pick up a late dinner by himself sometimes and is so infatuated with the tired little sighs you give while wiping the tables
wants to bring you home and spouse you up so you never have to work a day in your life again 
starts off with small talk and niceties until you're sitting with him while he finishes up eating after your shift is done
such a gentleman and so charming without meaning to be that things progress pretty quickly
daichi in the gc: so i talked to them today
and a week later he's driving you home every day because you shouldn't be out by yourself when it's so dark
honestly he's such a catch
treats you as his top priority without any labels or secks
daichi is just a good man 
but that's not what these hcs are about so
the sex comes in one day when you invite big strong dai up bc he insists on carrying all the groceries for you 
oh yeah u guys go on grocery runs together too #justfwbtingz but yall arent even fucking yet hsjsks
so you cook him a nice dinner and maybe drink a lil bc ur both off from work tomorrow how convenient 
don't get me wrong, daichi is a bit bashful, but he's also got some major courage in him
looks you in your eyes as you're telling some story he can predict the ending of and slowly takes off his tie and unbuttons just the top two buttons
when your eyes keep trailing down in anticipation after he stops, his stomach jumps and he takes the plunge
makes a playful joke about his tie and after a positive reaction from you, next thing you know it's wrapped around your wrists
he's such a shy and cautious babe around you, never wanting to overstep his boundaries but your dazed eyes and a little bit of liquid courage has him pulling you into his lap, cooing at you when you think you're any semblance of too heavy for his thick thighs
flexes his thighs under you playfully and chuckles deep and low when you go to balance yourself against his chest only to find your bound wrists being tugged by the hand holding the end of his tie
it's like a little leash. cute.
this man's kinky side comes out of nowhere and kinda gives u whiplash because one minute he's singing sweet praises about how you're the prettiest little puppy he's ever seen while you lap him up, the next minute he's pinning your knees against your ears, the short stubs of his nails leaving marks on the backs of your thighs
fucks you so hard you're shaking and is so shy the next day jdksks
lowkey regrets it bc he wishes he established a relationship with you first but he was so caught up in the mood
suga and asahi just know something went down, they can feel it in their souls
daichi goes radio silent in the gc except to reschedule their meet up somewhere else, literally anywhere but where you work and that pretty much seals it for the other two that what they think happened did happen
can't even call you a fwb bc literally after one time sleeping together he's waiting outside your job the next day when your shift is over with flowers and an apology for getting ahead of himself
"i meant to do this before that night, but if you don’t mind then would you be okay with-"
just kiss him
if kuroo dates without dating then you and daichi are practically married already
holds you so tight when you guys confirm it and won't let go
so so so happy, can't believe you're real and that you're his
playboy!oikawa begone
this man is also somewhat selective 
he has people throwing themselves at him all the time, so he's become blasé to all the flirting 
you either have to be really interesting or really his type. lucky for him, you are both
differs from dai and kuroo bc he has no intention of falling for you
sex is sex and love is love……..
……is what he thought
pls ur so pretty and yes you grumble and call him on all his bs, but you do it so lovingly 
you roll your eyes at his fanfare instead of getting jealous or blaming him for feeding into it to the point that he starts subconsciously devoting himself to you bc he values loyalty and knows it goes both ways
iwa and the boys start saying he's a little less insufferable lately (ur oikawa's dirty little secret so they dont know ur the reason)
doesn’t want to acknowledge that you have such a hold over him so he gets a little mean and acts out in the form of teasing, edging and doing little things he knows you hate on purpose
gets addicted to kinda pissing you off because you let him
it's not until he roundabout questions you one day and hears "why would i care? it's not like you're my boyfriend." that his whole world falls apart
realizes what it is he’s feeling and why he's been testing you all along
poor baby was just seeing if you'd stick with him at his worst to see if you deserve his best 
does eventually confide in iwa who gives him a bop on the head and a lecture on being a not shitty person
okay so oiks knows he likes you now but he's scared bc he knows u don't return his feelings bc he's been such a jerk 
smh that's where those games get u
pulls a 180
flowers in glass vases, chocolate covered strawberries, balloons and stuffed animals
this man believes in capitalism more than he believes in himself so he's about to pay for your nails, your tuition, your parents' house
he feels so bad about how he's been treating you so he's overcompensating
knows you’re not shallow or using him so he wants to spoil you rotten so you know he actually cares
acts like ur best friend and tries to get u to let him in since y'all weren't that close beforehand
he's such a softie at heart so once he realizes his feelings, he refrains from having sex as much bc it just don't hit the same now that he knows it's just sex for you 
when u call him on it, he turns it on you by acting like ur some horny fiend and can't keep ur hands off of him
the next time yall do get around to having the hanky panky, he makes it so obvious he has feelings 💀
won't stop caressing your breasts and face, only the softest of kisses and has a calm face while you fall apart from his smooth and slow thrusts
'you're gorgeous' 'you're so wonderful' 'i'm crazy for you' 'please cum, i just want to make you feel good, treasure.'
he's so far gone and so are you
afterwards he's quiet and pulls you to his chest, kissing your forehead and rubbing your back
"please, don't kick me out now," he jokes weakly, knowing full well that his cover's been blown
once you get the ball rolling and make him talk to you straight up instead of hiding behind his personality, he meets you halfway the best he can
does have the tendency to be evasive and hide what he's truly feeling but your intuition to read him like a book is part of what he fell for in the first place
was scared of love but once he sees what a better person you make him when he allows himself to be loved, you have an irreplaceable place in his heart
pls be careful with it, he's fragile
if there is anyone who completely misunderstands the line between fwbs, it's him
deadass thinks y'all are dating
you're part of the staff for his team and he got shot by cupid bc of how you take care of him so well 
uh it's literally just you doing ur job but sh
you guys ended up hooking up after a press conference one day
his legs just looked too good in his suit and the bulge you saw in the shared uber on the way back to his place made you forget your second destination all together 
once you come on to him, he assumes it's because you're interested in him not just his cock and he's had a thing for you since you started taking care of him (doing ur job) so he just goes along with it
three wet towels and two bottles of gatorade later you hit the road and he’s like ‘okay take care’ after you assure him that you don’t need him to call you a taxi or drop you home
he’ll do small things, like buy you breakfast or tells the other staffies to not let you lift anything too heavy
always starts his day off by coming to see you and gives you a forehead kiss
thinks you come to see him for the same reason at the end of the day but it’s really just to get your pickle tickled
so you find out you and toshi are dating on the way to his house one day when he’s on the phone with tendou
he’s driving and you’re shuffling around in the shopping bags from your latest ushiwaka sponsored spree when tendou hears and asks if he’s alone
“no, i’m with my partner on the way home now.”
tendou freezes. you freeze. you double freeze bc ?????
tendou is asking a million and one questions and best boy toshi just glances at you and answers, “we can talk about it later. if you don’t need anything else, i’m hanging up now. bye.”
he hangs up and reaches out to hold your hand and gives it a kiss
this mf looks over when he reaches the stoplight and really goes, “it’s okay that i told him, right? it’s just tendou.” like sir that’s not the problem here!!!
after sitting him down and talking it out, he’s so confused but takes it in stride
“i see. then should we start dating from now?” he genuinely does not get it
the man picks you up from work, he listens to your stories, he takes you out shopping, he dicks you down, y’all even have dinner together at least twice a week. call him kooky but isn’t that dating??
when you keep trying to explain the difference and resisting, he goes, “but we’re so good together. don’t you think so too?”
and that kids, is how i met ur mother
okok but seriously, he’s so honest and straightforward and besides his slightly low eq (he’s getting better just for you!!!) there isn’t much to criticize
he likes you and he’s a good man, what more could you ask for?
the thing about toshi is even though he’s quiet, he doesn’t hold back
until he communicates himself enough for you to see his point, he’s not giving up
lowkey also feels like you have some type of feelings for him whether u do or not bc u slept with him (ok boomer) so he’s a bit forward in his pursuit of you
doesn’t hide his feelings or play any games
he’s a simple man and he loves you
*cracks knuckles* alright
so bo is a handsome and confident young man
he’s in the prime of his life so he’s just having fun
he did take high school sex ed literally so after learning that he will not get pregnant and die from having sex, he enjoys himself regularly
enter you, pretty young thing who just looked sooo adorable wearing his jersey in the back of some hole in the wall food shop
bo def comes over and strikes up a conversation with you bc hey hey hey why not?
gives you the hottest, roughest sex you ever imagined. it’s doing wonders to his ego that such a babe like you has a ~celebrity crush~ on him
definitely fucks you while u wear his jersey, sucking your nipples through the fabric while he makes you confess just what you imagined him doing to you on the very bed he’s currently taking you on
acts out your wildest fantasies with you no matter how dirty. literally makes your dreams come true <3
the sex was better than he expected and he’s borderline obsessed with the sheer adoration you shower him with so he tells you that he might have to come back to make sure his lil babe is keeping their mouth shut
goes on for months without a problem. he’s loves the idea of you being his biggest fan, watching him during his games and waiting on him to come back and give you the best dicking like
decks you out in his jerseys and merch and always slips you tickets for free bc he loves the attention and being fawned over
always giving you signed and super rare merch and never pieces it together when they go for sale at online auctions even if he put your name on it fjaldfls 
babyboy isn’t the best at realizing his own feelings
all he knows is he loves the way he feels when he’s with you, ur so pretty and sweet and make him the best pizza bagels after milking him dry
after the nth discussion about you, atsumu of all people is the one to come out and make him face his own feelings
“yer whipped, dude.”
bokuto surprised pikachu’s his way through practice, cool downs, and the drive to your place until he’s face to face with you
“am i whipped for you?”
no matter you answer, he’s all in his head and doesn’t respond. he’s quieter than usual but makes up for it with passion and precision that he’s usually too rough and wild to bother with
four orgasms for you later, he’s sweaty and laying on your couch with you pressed into his side and confirms it
he’d rather be nowhere else than with you. he doesn't want to go home and eat dinner alone or hang out with his friends. he just wants you and him and late night snacks that ruin his diet and the little glances you steal at each other when watching a movie to ‘make up time’ while the dinner you never invited him to stay for but but always cook him anyways is in the oven
tells you right then and there that he wants to be yours and can you really deny him at that point?
🖤This blog features dark content. What you chose to interact with is your own responsibility. Don’t like, don’t read. Minors, please follow the honor system and do not interact with me regarding 18+ content.
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elychee · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
have i told you lately, i’m grateful you’re mine. — playlist
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS. the vigilant yaksha, the balladeer, the chalk prince.
WARNINGS. cotton candy fluff, mentions of slight injury on scaramouche’s part
SYPNOSIS. secrets being told under the soft moonlight as he watches you only shifting closer to his body.
NOTES. a collab with @eenie-teenieweenie!! it’s bc we both came back on tumblr around the same time and honestly i just wanted to get back into the groove of writing again. and so here we are! the collab is basically us switching our specialties, using the same lyric prompt and writing it in a different perspective. hope yall enjoy this! you can see cianna’s version on her blog!!
Tumblr media
ADEPTUS XIAO. the vigilant yaksha
— FROM BEFORE, HE SWORE TO STAY AWAY. he never liked coming into contact with any mortal beings, afraid that his karmic debt might hurt those surrounding him. while he never specifically says it, he cares for the well-being of the people around him, and if he were to be the reason why everyone chose to leave the sanity to insanity, he wouldn’t forgive himself. you however, changed it. you made your way into his life. it disrupted his way of living. he wasn’t used to it at all. but you were persistent enough even after he warned you countless of times.
he was beyond confused with his own feelings. he didn’t know how to actually hate you. you weren’t persistent enough to always grace your presence to him which could’ve made him severely annoyed, but it was just enough to make him sometimes long for your presence. he lived for several centuries and sure there had been countless of times where he was confused, but this was a moment where he had been conflicted on what to exactly feel about you.
you continued to slither your way into his world, making him slowly find himself used to this feeling. he wouldn’t tell you any time sooner, but he had this itch within his heart that you knew how he would feel. nonetheless, he still stayed with you if you wished him to. the night is young, and the stars shine brightly as he watches you smile, recalling what had happened to you for the last few days. he sipped his tea, as he feels his heart flutter once in a while from your laugh. soon enough, your eyes felt heavy, as you found yourself getting comfortable enough to rest your head on the table.
xiao could only sigh at how you act, he really should’ve let you stayed in bed. he went closer to your body, seeing as you slowly shift and turn to find a better position. “you… you should really take better care of yourself,” he muttered, aware that you still weren’t fully asleep, just drowsy. he picked you up carefully, bringing you closer to your bed as he made sure you felt comfortable. golden eyes would stare at you for a few more seconds before a soft sigh came out.
“thank you for coming into my life, i’m grateful to even be this close to someone once more”
and with that, he teleported out of your room as you couldn’t help but smile from his words, before finally heading to sleep and wishing the best for him.
Tumblr media
SCARAMOUCHE. the balladeer
— HE’S A RUTHLESS MURDERER. so what made you, someone who has almost everything planned out for a bright future be with like him? no, rather than that, he never knew how to properly feel something for you or for anyone. he was a prototype of his creator’s sister, but he was casted away as soon as he showed feelings that he shouldn’t. he didn’t know how to show kindness, and he spent his years developing into what he is now. so, seeing someone like you, who he wished he could hate, brought him into a state where he couldn’t decipher. he was cold and cunning, perhaps even maniacal, but you could always find something good to say to him.
he tells you that he could truly care less if you had disappeared, if you left, but you still stayed. giving him kind smiles as you play and entertain the children and elderly. he told you countless of times that you were just a bother to him, but it didn’t shake you up. you would nod at his words and continue to give him lunchboxes you’d make for him. his world continues to be in disruption as he was in your orbit. he didn’t exactly know what to make of it.
though, when he saw signs of injuries from you, scaramouche could feel his heart dropping. the world that he guessed was disrupted, immediately fell down. chaos only wandered his mind as the person who he unknowingly grew close to is hurt, is in pain. electricity filled the air, as he commanded you to tell him who exactly made you like this. you could only laugh half heartedly, smiling at him. “you! you shouldn’t be smiling in this situation!” he yelled at you, but you nodded and went closer to him, holding his cheek ever so warmly and told him that you were fine.
he doesn’t know if he does have a heart, but if he did, he felt his heart breaking. he would look at you, your eyes telling him that it’s fine, as the electricity in the room ceased. “do you, not trust me?” his words fall out of his mouth as he watches the panic rising within your eyes. you shook your head, telling him that you do trust him, that there really isn’t anything to worry about. you had fell down a rocky cliff, that’s all. scaramouche would huff but be rather impressed that you could survive a fall like that.
“you chose to enter my life. so you best take responsibility for it. that means, don’t ever go leaving me”
you blinked at his words before giggling softly. scaramouche could only feel his ears warming up at your giggles and at your words that called him cute. he shushed you up by a kiss before getting ready to tend to your wounds.
Tumblr media
ALBEDO. the chalk prince
— AT FIRST, HE SAW YOU AS SOMETHING TO BE OBSERVED. he was an artificial intelligence. he never was human, and he certainly never gained to understand the true extent of human emotions. so there would be moments where he could never truly know how to comfort you in certain circumstances. the moments where you’d be bubbling up with anger, where you’d cry on occasion, where you’d be embarrassed or you’d be flustered. he tried to use you to get a better understanding of how the whole world works, but there was a moment where you had told him that there is more to human emotion than yourself.
he would be confused, perhaps even standoffish from how different the both of you are. he doesn’t exactly know what to describe you as. albedo thought he had you figured out from the moment you continued to stay with him, but sometimes you go over his expectations and he wouldn’t know how to deal with it. so when you had gotten sick for the first time after working under him in the treacherous weather of dragonspine, the alchemist felt panic rising.
what was he supposed to do? he racked his brain for any information he could use to help him in the situation. albedo was a calculative individual, so when something goes outside of his expertise, he doesn’t know how to react. you would see your lover looking confused at your state, which made you laugh in adornment. after hearing your laugh is when he found himself to properly calm down, hence made you to explain what he should do. he took it rather seriously and brought you all the things needed to feel better, that would include warm soup, hot chocolate and blankets.
the blond would stand very still, just incase you need anything else as you sipped your drink, your sniffles and coughing increasing. it was noticeable that he became fidgety as this was beyond his knowledge. “is there anything else you need, love?” he voice was soft, filling with concern as you nod, signalling him to come closer to you in which he does. you placed your drink on the table as your arms reached for his and brought him closer in your presence, telling him that this is enough.
“i see… then, don’t let go of me”
perhaps you didn’t need to look at him to tell that he is flustered, and while he’s still getting used to this thing we call emotion, you found it forever enough to be close with him.
Tumblr media
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heich0e · 6 months ago
liv I beg pls 🙇🏻‍♀️,, suna + "what's it gonna take to make you smile"
anything for u (and him) babes <3
Tumblr media
smile for the camera! suna rintarou/f!reader (haikyuu!) word count: 1.2k tags: fluff, suna being a conniving little bastard, threats of murder, public humiliation (affectionate), this did not end up being hurt/comfort but such is life! Send me a prompt and a character!
Tumblr media
It all starts because he got a new phone.
"Hey... hey... hey."
A new phone with a fancy new camera (three new cameras, technically, for reasons that are entirely beyond your limited understanding of photography) that your boyfriend is all too excited to capture you with.
"Baby, how am I supposed to take your picture if you won't look at me?" Suna's incessant pestering has mostly fallen on deaf ears for the past ten minutes since you left the tech store, your attention fixed to your own trusted device as you scroll through the map app, preoccupied with trying to figure out where you even are and how the hell to get back to the train station.
Suna had dragged you to some remote, unfamiliar corner of the city to purchase his new cellphone in the exact colour he wanted--the newly released device having been damn near impossible to track down. As a result, you're both equally uncertain as to where you find yourselves-- though only you seem concerned with finding your way home.
You look up from your cellphone with an unamused frown curling the corners of your mouth down, your stare icy.
"Smile!" Suna says, holding his (stupid) new phone up to your face.
You refuse, your expression remaining flat.
"C'mon, just one little smile," he cajoles, blinking at you innocently around the edge of the device.
You continue to stare at him blankly in response. If anything, your frown deepens.
He huffs, halfway to a laugh. "That's not a smile."
"What do you care? You love taking god-awful pictures of me."
"Of course I care," he feigns offence, but his lips are pulling up slyly at the corner, a spark of mischief behind his eyes that can only mean he's up to no good. "The only thing I love more than a bad picture of you is one of you smiling."
You make a noise like a buzzer on a game show signalling a wrong answer.
He looks visibly puzzled at the sound.
"You were supposed to say 'There's no such thing as a bad picture of you, baby.'" You drop your voice down a few octaves to imitate his in what is a startlingly good recreation.
"There's no such-"
You make the loud buzzer noise again.
"Doesn't count if I had to tell you to say it."
You start walking again, confident that you've figured out which direction the train station is in, rejoining the crowd in the busy shopping district as they bustle along the sidewalk.
"Baby please, I need it for my lock screen. I want the boys to be jealous every time they see my pretty girl on there." Suna trails along after you, still pleading, though it takes no time at all for him to fall into step with you thanks to his long stride. "What's it gonna take to make you smile?"
"You could try getting down on your knees and begging," you quip back dryly without even bothering to glance at him, pinching the screen of your phone to zoom out on the map just in an effort to confirm you're on the right path.
You hear a woman gasp sharply a few seconds later, and you break your stride, faltering to a stop as your head whips in the direction of the sound.
You find almost a dozen pairs of eyes on you, with more turning with every passing moment.
Well, on you and Suna.
Who's about three paces behind you, down on his knee.
The bastard.
You hear the excited whispers start to circulate immediately; hushed words of 'a proposal!', 'how romantic!' and 'what's she gonna say?' reach your burning ears as you stand frozen in place.
"Rintarou," you hiss through gritted teeth, horrified.
Suna smiles, but it's cunning and calculating and infuriating parading as softness.
"My darling, my love, my light," he starts dramatically, and you practically see the women in the gathered crowd melt at his words. He's revelling it in, basking in the mortification on your face more and more with every syllable he utters. "This is all I could ever hope for in life, it would complete me in every sense of the word, so will you make me the happiest man on earth and say yes?"
If anyone notices he hasn't actually mentioned marriage, they don't vocalize it. If they question why he's holding up a phone and not a ring, they keep it to themselves.
The crowd waits with bated breath for your response.
Suna's eyebrow quirks like a challenge.
Your jaw twitches in annoyance.
You throw yourself towards him theatrically, nearly knocking his precious new phone out of his hands as you wind your arms around his neck. The crowd cheers as you bury your face in his soft hair, interpreting your public display as an acceptance.
Your lips ghost over the shell of his ear.
"I am going to murder you," you breathe, but a giggle sneaks it's way out of you before you can stop it--the entire situation too ridiculous for you to even process.
Suna's arms wrap around you and he stands, hauling you up to your feet along with him. You're still giggling even as he leads you away from the crowd--graciously accepting all of the congratulations from kind passersby as he goes--guiding you swiftly to a little alleyway off the main drag of the busy street to get away from the prying eyes of the witnesses to your fake proposal.
You're laughing uncontrollably by the time you're finally hidden from view--the kind of laughter that pulls at the seams of your stomach and makes tears prick your eyes.
Suna's laughing too, but it's quieter, more subdued.
Plus he's too preoccupied with snapping as many photos as he can of the wide, genuine smile stretching across your face.
"That wasn't so hard, was it?" he says once you finally collect yourself, pocketing the device that had started it all and reaching out for you. He cups your cheeks in his hands, thumbs brushing away the dampness clinging to your skin from the tears that had been forced out by your giggles.
"You're evil," you say to him, but the words are laced with such an impossible fondness that there's not even an ounce of bite to them.
He smiles, dipping down and kissing you sweetly--but neither of you can stop smiling so it's almost all teeth.
"When I really propose, it won't be in public like that, so it's nice to at least get to experience it once," Suna remarks as he pulls away.
"When?" you question him with an eyebrow raised.
He merely smirks in response, grabbing your hand and twining your fingers together.
You huff out a laugh--exasperated and adoring--and allow him to tug you back towards the street.
"At least tell me you got that on video," you say as the two of you rejoin the crowd on the sidewalk, heading towards the train station, peering up at Suna as you walk hand-in-hand.
He pulls his new phone out from the pocket of his jacket, wiggling it proudly.
"In 4K HD, baby."
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lisired · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
MEMBER(S) | Juyeon, Jungkook, Haechan, Seonghwa x Fem&Virgin!Reader
GENRE | Smut, highschool au (everyone is legal)
WARNINGS | your teacher kinda victim-blames you (dress code), edging… like a lot of edging, ice play, hand kinks mentioned, bondage, dacryphilia. 5some, thigh-riding, handjobs, fingering, oral (both m and f receiving), squirting, anal, quicky in the car, abrupt sir kink, me trying not to overuse pet names and not being sure if its working, a hint of sadism & masochism if u squint, lmk if I missed anything I’m half asleep
SUMMARY | When you heard the news about your school having new students, you didn’t think very much of it: people changed schools all the time. But you’re oblivious to their little plan, and by the time you realize it, it’s far too late. You’re already sucked in to a brand new world—and you think you like it.
NAMES USED | aira (anon), elizabeth @aaaaajonghooooo, francine (anon), ryu @saeromiz, arrie @starriearrie, melody @pjdream, angelina @nctloveclub, kyla @annyeongffs, nikola @nikkell, alessa (anon)
TAG LIST | @deobitiful @annyeongffs @idkman445 @jaylaxies @bubutaeyongie @rosasoundsgood @jenotation @earth-to-leiki @scxrlettkx @rindomo @givememunjang @nikkell @mooka3308 @roroswitherose @kthblackgf @imliterallyhighrn
WORD COUNT | 30.1k (listen… I did not intend for this to happen)
EXTRA | thank you to everyone who was patient with me and waited. I am so sorry I put you through this terrible long wait lol life is kicking my ass. it’s here now, finally! if I missed anyones name or forgot to tag anyone I’m so sorry, I will double check in the morning but rn I’m exhausted
Tumblr media
You had Good Girl Syndrome.
As the Principal’s daughter and apparently the teacher’s pet (some of your classmates' words, not your own), everyone expected a perfect princess of you. You had the top grades in all of your classes, some of the best behavior, and you were obedient. And it wasn’t like you’d ever majorly disobey your teacher or do something detention-worthy, but punishments didn’t exist for you. They would give you a simple slap on the wrist, and then it was done because you wouldn’t do it again.
Though recently, you had been feeling a little bad. Not in a behavioral sense - you’d never dare act up in class and that was probably the most out-of-character thing you could have done - but a little more…what was the word? Sinful? Dirty? Filthy?
And it was all because of the boys that now sat beside you in your mathematics class.
One, Lee Juyeon: a senior, one of the four new male transfer students, and the most flirty guy you knew. Which was outstanding, because you met him less than a week ago. And two, Jeon Jungkook: another senior, yet another one of the four new male transfer students, and he was probably the most straightforward guy you knew. Juyeon and Jungkook were just as different as they were similar. Both of their words skydived off of their tongues and crawled onto your skin, making you melt into a puddle of wetness, both knowing all the right words to say, the right time to say them, which made them impossible to win against. But while Juyeon was cunning and a charmer, Jungkook was more direct about his thoughts and less vague, never mincing his words.
Like now.
Your eyes trailed off your paper and onto your partners—well, the one on your right, Jeon Jungkook. You subconsciously watched his hands as he wrote down notes, not even acknowledging your own actions or the place your mind had roamed. You remembered your friends mentioning that big hands also meant big- Then you stopped yourself. Why were you thinking like that? And all over fingers? How did you even remember that when you were barely even tuned into the conversation because it was too sexual for you to relate to?
“Do you want to hold my hand?”
You blinked. “Huh?”
“You’ve been staring at my fingers for the past five minutes.” Jungkook said, suppressing a laugh to avoid drawing any suspicion from the teacher. “Or do you just have some kind of a hand kink?”
You sat speechless and tore your gaze away from him, refusing to look at him when your cheeks were burning. Your lips parted, but nothing came out from between. Did you have a hand kink? You had never explored that side of you before, so how were you supposed to know? It was kind of embarrassing, when you thought about it. How come you of all people didn’t know what you were into?
“No?” He cocked his head. “Or is it the latter? You can be honest with me, aren’t I always honest with you?”
He was. A little too honest.
“I-I don’t know.” You muttered, having no courage to speak any louder. Not that you should have, anyway. You didn’t want or need anyone else to hear you talk about things like this.
Jungkook could have laughed at that. “You don’t know?” He smiled. It was the only vague thing about him, because a smile could only say so much. A smile wasn’t always sincere. “But aren’t you the smartest girl in the class? Aren't you supposed to know everything? Don’t tell me you also don’t know what kinks you’re into.”
This was not appropriate. You were in the middle of math class talking about kinks. What would your dad or teachers have thought of this information? And more importantly, why was this all turning you on?
Too embarrassed to form a proper response, you shook you head. You really didn’t know.
“Well,” He tore a piece of paper from his notebook and folded it in half before picking up his pen to write again. You could clearly see his veins, and you guess this was the moment you realized that you did, in fact, have a hand kink. Once he was done, he handed you the paper discreetly. “Here’s my number. Give me a call if you ever want to find out, and we can have a little study session.” He smiled again. “That’s what good girls like you do, right?”
That was probably the least direct he had ever been in the three days that you’d known him.
This time, you picked up your head and attempted to look him in his eyes, looking away from the tease of tattoos that were visible at the bottom of his long sleeves. You looked up, seeing his coconut brown hair that fell in his face and his soft pink lips. Then in his twinkly, starry eyes. He looked so innocent, like you, but you knew it was a facade, if you could even call it that. It wasn’t like he ever tried to hide any of his filthy and sinful thoughts from you.
“Yes,” You mustered the ability to say. It made him grin proudly before returning to his notes.
And left you wondering what the heck you just signed yourself up for. You bit back a sigh. Why would your teacher sandwich you between two of the hottest guys in the school? Did she think you’d be able to handle them?
Soon afterwards, the bell rang, and most of the students wasted no time in leaving for their next class. Once you packed up, you began to walk away yourself, before the teacher called your name. You walked over to her desk anxiously, wondering if she knew what you were discussing only minutes ago.
“Yes, Mrs. Anderson?”
“I just wanted to tell you to make sure to wear a longer skirt next time.” She frowned, wrinkles showing on her face. “To minimize your distraction to the boys.”
Minimize your distraction to the boys? You didn’t even know there were boys looking at you, like that anyway. But if they couldn’t stop being perverts, that was nowhere near your fault.
“O-Oh.” You forced a smile and nodded. “Yes ma’am! Is there anything else?”
“Would you mind showing Juyeon over there to his class?” She said, pointing her arm in his direction. He sent you a small wave, and you mindlessly waved back. “It’s a big school, so as a new student, it makes sense that he forgot where it was. You understand, right?”
“Yes, ma’am.” You repeated. Mrs. Anderson wrote you a late pass, and then you and Juyeon walked over to the classroom door.
“Ladies first.” He grinned, opening the door widely for you.
Shyly, you murmured a thanks and the two of you walked through the doorway and into the busy halls, Juyeon trailing behind you like a shadow.
“So, whose class do you have?”
“Mr. Kallman.” He replied, smiling from ear-to-ear in a very suspicious manner. You couldn’t find any reason to doubt him, though. No one ever seemed to know where Mr. Kallman’s class was.
One firm nod was all it took to signal you understood and within a couple of minutes, you two had finally reached your destination. The walk was surprisingly more quiet than you had expected, but you assumed Juyeon was just running low on things to say, using all of his creativity on the first three days that he spent flirting with you instead of taking notes.
The bell had already rung, but the two of you had no concerns since Mrs. Anderson had given you passes. Juyeon stood before Mr. Kallman’s door, turning to you with one last curve of his lips.
“Thanks, Y/N!” He said, looking genuine, though you were still suspicious of his kindness and lack of flirty language. Maybe he had already found a new target.
Although you were skeptical, you smiled back. “You’re welcome, Juyeon.”
Just as you turned on the heel of your shoes, he called your name, causing you to spin back around and look at him curiously.
“Wear them shorter.”
You blinked, lost. “Huh?”
“Your skirts.” His pure smile curled into a smirk, the moment your guard was down. “Wear them shorter. You have nice legs.”
By the time you realized what he was saying, he had already disappeared into the classroom and the warmth of his hand lingered on your thigh, too fleeting of a feeling.
Boys like Jungkook and Juyeon were no good.
And that’s why they preyed on good girls like you.
Tumblr media
When you were younger, your mother always told you to stay away from boys like Jeon Jungkook and Lee Juyeon. She told you to focus on your studies because boys like them would only want you for your body. Of course, you followed her instructions, and up until now, found no difficulty in ignoring boys. But now you were wondering what was so bad about a body that it wasn’t considered a valid enough reason to desire someone?
Last night was the horniest you had ever felt before. You knew this because while you were no stranger to the feeling, you were also no more than an acquaintance, and no feeling had ever touched you this deeply before. For starters, the way you touched yourself was different: you had fingered yourself before, but this time, you had more direction. There was a specific picture in your mind, a specific person, even more particularly, specific people. Behind your shut eyes, your fingers were replaced with Jungkook’s longer ones and they slipped in and out of your wetness repeatedly. You imagined how much better it would feel if it were his fingers. Jungkook would know what he was doing, you inferred from the open way he spoke. He had even agreed to teach you, in a way you hadn’t yet fully understood, but you knew that if he could teach you then he had to have the experience you lacked.
You imagined the praise that would fall from between his mouth and land hot on your skin, making you burn inside endlessly. Good girl, he would say with a proud smile on his face, seeing how well you obeyed him, how well you took him.
That’s when you realized that maybe being a good girl wasn’t so bad after all.
And Juyeon had snook in your mind, too. You spent so long wondering if you should have listened to him or your teacher, and the moment you realized this was the moment you knew you were in trouble. Risking getting caught up in the dress code violation rules over a boy that was probably just flirting with you for the hell of it? Though, for a reason you couldn’t decipher, the risk seemed to make you want to do it even more, and that’s when you started considering everything. You had gotten away with the dress code before, like when you wore that spaghetti strap top. And if you really didn’t want to seem disobedient, you could always lie.
But lying? Over a boy? Your parents had raised you so much better than that, yet here you were.
Here you were, lying your pretty little ass off the next day, saying all your other school-appropriate clothes were in the laundry after your math teacher commented on your noticeably shorter skirt.
And you saw no punishment, even when your skirt was inches below what should have been allowed. As you walked victoriously back to your desk, you noticed Juyeon eyeing you down with that signature, pretty boy smirk of his. Your stomach started doing somersaults and you weren’t sure why. You weren’t sure why anything was happening, really.
You sat down and took out your materials for the class, not mentioning a word to either of the two boys beside you. Not like you needed to, anyway, because only seconds later, you felt the warmth of Juyeon’s palm on your thigh, massaging your skin gently, making you forget how to breathe. Your whole body stopped when you saw him lean over, his lips hovering only inches by your ear.
“Well, aren't you a good girl?” He whispered, chuckling. “Such a pretty,” his breath tickled your neck and his fingers inched up your skirt slowly, rubbing at your inner thigh. “Good girl.”
You’d think he had the blueprint to your body the way he effortlessly made you wet. Whether it was his words, his contact, or even both, hell, you could feel your panties starting to grow damp, and it was all his fucking fault. You weren’t even sure how you should have reacted, too stunned to think, which only made him laugh at you.
“Did I make you shy?” Juyeon quirked a brow. His hands still worked at your skin, each touch so deliberate, turning on all the horny switches in you that you didn’t even know existed. You sucked in a breath to hold back a moan, not wanting your classmates, teacher, or anyone beside you to hear such sinful things leave your mouth. He made it difficult, though. You had quickly learned that Juyeon was a very tactile person, and in many more ways than one, meaning he knew exactly when, where and how to touch you.
“Juyeon!” You whimpered in a half-whisper, half-yell.
“Yes, beautiful?” You refused to look at him, but you could hear the smirk in his voice. “My name sounds so pretty on your tongue.”
“Touch me more?” You begged. “Please?”
His fingers on your skin felt so much better than yours ever had, and all he was doing was rubbing your inner thigh. You wondered if he knew that he was the first person to touch you like this, the first person to touch you there. You didn’t even know why you liked the feeling so much, especially when you had never been so turned-on before. All you knew was that you just did, and you wanted more of it. Little did you know, he was aware of all of this. You were so nasty for someone so innocent. You knew so much yet so little at the same time, and lacked the experience to give you all the answers to your questions. Little did you know, there were four men holding the keys to the doors that unlocked everything. And all you had to do was walk through those mysterious doors with them.
Since you asked him so nicely, he was going to (actually, the real reason behind it was because he wanted to hear you say his name again, but he guessed manners were nice, too). But before he could respond, he was called into the front office via the intercom.
“Sorry.” He said, but he didn’t sound sorry. You felt cold as he tore his hands away from you and stood to push under his chair. “I’ll make it up to you next time, ‘kay?” He winked.
Next time. There was going to be a next time. That excited you in ways words could not express.
And then he was gone.
Hours had begun to feel like days after that. Time dragged on slowly, taking its precious, sweet time, and you swore an eternity passed by before it was finally time for lunch. The whole time you waited, you couldn’t take your mind off of the two boys that had been living rent-free there recently. Juyeon had gotten you all started up, and left without extinguishing your flames, but you knew who wouldn’t leave you high and dry.
As if your life depended on it, you searched your bag for a torn piece of notebook paper with several digits written across it. Jungkook’s number. He was the one who had offered to explore a brand new world with you, to take you on an adventure—the first of many.
As you drew your phone from your pockets, you began to contemplate if it was really worth it. Did you really want to do this? Or was your mind just playing tricks on you? You hardly even knew what you were getting yourself into, which was surprising, because Jungkook usually made things very clear. You guessed he was somehow going to help you find out what kinks you were into, but how? Wouldn’t he have to actually do things to you for you to know if you actually enjoyed it or not?
Oh. You realized that may have been the point. And it only made you even more curious.
Screw it, you thought, and dialed the digits. It rang once—nothing. Twice—nada. Three times, and anxiety began to catch up with you, until you heard the gentle sound of Jungkook’s voice in your ear.
He answered. He actually answered. Your thoughts began to scream at you and you realized that you hadn’t thought this far ahead. What were you supposed to say? Supposed to do? Did you just say hello back and assume he would work for you? He gave you his number for one specific reason, anyway.
“Hi,” you said back awkwardly. You mentally slapped yourself: what the hell were you doing?
“Y/N?” Jungkook asked, though his tone indicated he had already known the answer. He held back a laugh. Of course it was you, who else would call him speaking with such a little voice? “May I help you?”
Of course, he would betray you like this. Of course, he would make you say it. He liked when things were spoken loud and clear.
“I-I, um,” The shoelaces of your fast-beating heart were untied, causing you to stumble and trip over your words. “It’s about what you said yesterday. Remember? In Mrs. Anderson’s class?”
Jungkook did remember, and very well at that. His keen memory was in his blood. But he wanted to hear it from your own mouth without you speaking so vaguely, he wanted you to state boldly what you wanted from him. “Hm,” He hummed, smiling because he knew you couldn’t see (not like he wouldn’t have done so either way). “I said a lot of things yesterday. Can you be a little more specific?”
You took a deep breath. There was no way he was doing this to you. You muttered shyly, “You said you’d help me find out what kinks I’m into…”
“Sorry, what was that?”
Your felt blood rush to your cheeks. “You said you’d help me find out what kinks I’m into.” You repeated, louder, with more confidence, even though you felt like you’d die if he made you say anything else.
For a moment it was silent, but you could practically hear his smile through the phone. “Now was that so hard?” He laughed. “Meet me in the library. I’ll be at the back area hidden by the shelves.”
He gave you no time to respond before hanging up, but you were limited on time.
In a flash, you were down by the library. Upon your entry, the woman at the front desk greeted you hello, not even slightly suspicious of why you were there, and it wasn’t even because you were the principal’s daughter: when you and your friends weren’t having lunch together somewhere off-campus, you liked to spend time at the library, reading or studying. She even let you get away with eating in there because she knew you were responsible enough to tidy after yourself. Little did she know, as you made your way to the very back of the room, you weren’t there to read books—you were there for a completely different type of studying that was new to you.
Spotting Jungkook was easy. For one, the entire library was practically empty, and two, there was only a single table at this part of the room, but even if there were hundreds of people and a thousand different tables, Jungkook was still like the moon in the night sky with his unignorable presence.
“There you are!” Jungkook spoke cheerfully, gesturing with his arm for you to walk over to the table. You did as instructed, habitually tugging down the ends of your skirt. Even you weren’t used to them being so short, though the knowledge of who was watching you let you bask in attention. Once you sat down, you noticed him eying you with the cheekiest grin. “Are you ready?”
For some reason, the room felt hot, and it almost was as if moving the muscle of your tongue would be too much physical exertion. Almost as if you would break into sweat and lose your breath if you spoke. So you nodded your head up and down, even though you weren’t sure of the answer yourself. You didn’t even know how this would go, but you were painfully curious, wishing he’d allow you to skip over the speaking parts and dive right into whatever it was that he had planned for you both. You knew that that was an unrealistic thought, though. You kept reminding yourself he liked things vocal.
Maybe that was why you could hear the rhythm of your heartbeat, feel it panging against your chest and crawling up your throat like a spider. You were nervous, you knew it when you felt your stomach boiling, but that could have also been the excitement burning inside of you.
“I thought you would have known this by now.” His smile fell as he sighed. “Do I have to tell you to use your words like a kindergarten? Aren’t you one of the smartest girls in the school?”
You took a deep breath to calm your voice, afraid you’d stutter if you didn’t. “Yes.”
Jungkook clicked his tongue with disapproval. “Full sentences, precious. We learned that in first grade.”
“Yes, I’m ready.” You corrected yourself, swallowing your embarrassment. It was easier once his smile washed over his face again, making you feel all warm and tingly.
“Good girl. Now, we’ve got twenty-something minutes so let’s make it count, alright? I have a feeling-”
“Are you going to touch me?”
It was an accident. A loud, blurted-out accident committed in the form of words. It was also the most direct you had ever been without him having to pry it from your mouth. Your skin felt hot now and you covered your mouth with your hand.
Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, half-surprised and half-amused. He grinned with mirth, but shook his chocolate hair-covered head. “Not unless you want me to, precious. I was going to say I had a feeling that you were wondering that, and look at you, proving me right.” Your cheeks burned so hot that at this point, it was like forgetting you left the oven on. “Don’t be shy. I don’t have to touch you to help you explore yourself. Alright?”
You were going to nod, but the previous scenario replayed in your mind a couple of times and you decided that you’d rather save yourself the embarrassment. “Alright.”
“Good. Now, are there any kinks you already know you’re into?”
You thought about it hard, to the point where he could probably feel the gears turning in your brain. But other than the hand kink (which was far from the kind of kinks you were looking for), you didn’t know. It wasn’t like you needed experience to know this kind of stuff either, because you remembered when your friends Ryu and Arrie were discussing their dirtiest, kinkiest fantasies amongst each other while still being virgins, and all without you having anything to contribute yourself because you simply had never given it a thought. But then it hit you. You had given it a thought. While third-wheeling on their conversation, you heard one of them mention being handcuffed to a bedpost. For some reason, the thought was interesting to you, enough for you to day dream and imagine it was yourself being handcuffed to a bed, unclothed, waiting to be used by someone unspecified. But now the time had come where you could fill in the blanks, and you saw so many different faces. Too many different faces for this to be your sexual awakening.
“I’ll take that face you just made as a yes?” He said in a questioning tone, unsure what your expression meant exactly, but he had a good enough idea.
“I remembered something.” You muttered quietly, and before he could comment on how vague that sentence was, you started up again. “Bondage.”
“Bondage?” He repeated. He squinted: you did look like a bondage kind of girl. “You do know bondage can consist of several different kinds of restraints, right? Such as ropes, handcuffs, ties, etc. Does that not matter to you, or is there something you enjoy specifically?”
You wondered how he could say things like that so easily when you struggled to simply just say that you were ready. You guessed he was just used to it, that’s why he said things so openly and unashamed. But this was all new to you, foreign, and you still had so much that you wanted to learn. What was it like? Was it mind-blowing like how it was depicted in the media? You had heard of your own friends faking their orgasms to please a guy, but you didn’t think that it was their fault. It was the fault of those guys that the sex was underwhelming because they didn’t know how to satisfy a girl, only themselves.
Jungkook seemed to know a lot, though. Of course, he had never explicitly said that he had had sex before, but that was kind of a given. You wondered what the girls he was previously with felt with him, and it was too bad none of them (you assumed since he was a transfer) went here. Not that you would have asked them yourself, not only were you shy but it would have been weird for the principal’s daughter to go around asking strangers about their sex life, and what would you have done if they told Jungkook? You were just curious about how good he was, because if his touch struck you as hard as his words, you would implode.
“I mean, it was handcuffs, and ties once,” To be honest, you had rarely imagined it any other way. It was always handcuffs, with one instance of ties but you guessed you were open to other forms of bondage. “But I don’t think I’d mind anything else too much. Just...I’d prefer the handcuffs.”
“Well, look at you,” He was certainly looking at you, and you were being crushed underneath the heavy pressure of his gaze. “Talking about kinks in the back of the library when your friends are expecting you.” Your phone had gone off, but you silenced it, and he must have caught a glimpse of your notifications because your friends were wondering where you were. “Anyone could be listening in. What if the principal walked in? Or the desk lady?”
You knew it should have made you worried, but all the thought did was turn you on, just like it had the first time he said something along those lines. Was this another kink? Either way, you were aroused the moment you heard his honey-sweet voice when you called him, and in this moment, your studying could wait. You needed him, desperately.
“Jungkook…” You whined, and you shut your thighs together as if that would stop the feeling. You were in too deep now.
“Oh, don’t tell me that turns you on.” Jungkook scoffed. “You might have to add exhibitionism to your growing list of kinks.”
Jungkook made you feel a way you had never felt before. He made you feel bare and exposed even when you were fully-clothed. That was the strength of how he chose to deliver his words, and how your skin was so easily able to absorb them all. They made you small and as if he was a giant hovering above you, the distance so far yet everything was still communicated so well. His presence was authoritative, though not in an overbearing way, but in a way that you were at least aware of what your choices were, and you made them carefully.
“Jungkook, please.” This time, your words came out as a desperate-sounding plea. “I want you to touch me.”
You had nothing to hide. This was an open experience, and even if it wasn’t, he could still practically read you like an open book. Each syllable hit you right in your pussy, and you could barely think about anything else except for him. The feeling that made your blood pump and your pulse rush as you noticed the dark look tainting Jungkook’s two abysses of eyes couldn’t have been distinguished between anxiousness and thrill, almost like looking in the mirror, but you knew you liked it, whatever it was.
Jungkook tilted his head. “Touch you how?”
He was really doing this when you felt like you were about to burst from suddenly being filled with dirty thoughts and the images clogging the drain of your mind.
“Finger me,” The phrase felt foreign on your tongue, but that didn’t stop you. “Please?”
Jungkook looked around the corner, likely to check if anyone was listening in on your sexual conversation gone even more sexual, but at this point, you couldn’t have cared less. Your desperation won over your morals, moral roots implanted within you from your parents, and logically, if anyone saw you, they would have to be trying intentionally from the angle of which you were and how you were covered. But as you felt the warm sensation of his fingers brushing against your thigh, you forgot about everything and everyone that wasn’t him.
He made it so easy, especially when there was only one thing that you desired in that moment: the pleasure he could give you. His touch was deliberately slow, creeping up your thighs and pausing to rub circles around the skin. Then he moved his hand, repeating his actions on your panties, and you were certain he knew how wet you were, because his eyes glimmered with lust. There was no doubt in your mind that your panties were ruined, he had said and done too much for them not to be, but that didn’t matter because you wanted them off as soon as possible anyway.
Jungkook pulled your panties down your thighs slightly, careful not to do it too much in case of an emergency situation where you needed to pull them back up again. His fingers grazed your wetness and the low laugh that fell from between his lips sent a shiver down your spine. “I thought you were a good girl.” He sighed, though not in discontent. You let out a gasp as you felt his fingertips trail your slit. “But only naughty girls get this wet.”
You didn’t have it in you to speak, too busy chasing the feeling and so close to finally discovering the heaven you were seeking. But that was okay, because Jungkook would verbalize all of his dirty thoughts to you, and as a result, you would express yours in your failed attempts to hold back moans. Working with your shared time limit, he finally pushed his fingers in with zero required effort, achieving a moan-like gasp from you. It was the very first time someone other than yourself fingered you, and though he had barely done anything just yet, it was already better than anything you could do.
He started with one finger and didn’t move too quickly, understanding it was your first time and he wanted to make it memorable as much as he did enjoyable. “Is this alright?”
You nodded. “More.”
“What was that?” His voice was dripping with something cocky, and you could feel it dribbling onto your skin like drops of rain.
“I want more,” You said a little louder, longing for more of the feeling. “Please?”
“More?” He laughed. “Well, since you asked nicely.”
You felt the second finger slide in only a couple of moments later and the next few moments after that were even better. The only thing you could compare this experience to was those late nights when you were all alone in your bedroom, desperately trying to recreate the stories of bliss you had only heard of, as if pleasure was just a rumor. Minutes ago, this could have only been a dream, but Jungkook was showing you that it was more than a myth, that it was real and you could feel it all with him. You tried your hardest to hold back loud noises, but the way Jungkook reacted to hearing your sweet sounds, looking at you as if you just drained the ocean, it made you want to be so much louder, and you would have.
The moans you couldn’t control, slipping past your lips and flowing into the air around you, were already loud enough, but you couldn’t help it, because Jungkook knew exactly what to do: he angled his fingers perfectly, paying close attention to how you reacted when he did something. He studied you carefully, and for his first time with you, he made it feel so much better than you had ever done yourself. Did you really need to go to heaven when he was bringing heaven to you?
And then suddenly, his fingers hit you there, and it made a sharp moan of his name burst from your mouth. “Jungkook!”
Jungkook grunted in response. He was already hard and the way you said his name didn’t spoil that in the slightest. “Feel good?”
“God, yes. Please don’t stop.”
He laughed. What made you think he planned on stopping? He continued his movement, hitting that spot again, and again, and again, until you couldn’t form a single coherent sentence and could only chant his name. He knew you were approaching your orgasm when he felt your walls clenching around his fingers and you bucking against them. You were so close to cumming, and he was so close to winning, but that wasn’t the only thing that drove him to keep touching you. He thought you looked gorgeous like this, willing to risk so much just to have his fingers fill you up like this. He wanted to fuck you next, but he knew that he would have to wait a little longer.
There was an unexplainable feeling in your stomach, the closest thing you could describe it as was a big bubble, moments away from bursting. You felt so good, your thoughts were lost somewhere, and all you knew was that he couldn’t stop right now. You needed more, just a little more, just a little bit-
“I see you two are busy.”
The empty feeling after Jungkook pulled his fingers out of you occurred almost immediately, but the realization of why he did it only came seconds later. Your eyes grew round once you noticed the figure leaning on one of the bookshelf that shielded you from the sight of everyone else.
“The fuck are you doing Haechan?” Jungkook said. You could hear it in his voice how he wasn’t too happy about your ruined orgasm, either.
Haechan, Lee Haechan, was another boy amongst the four new transfer students. You took they were all friends, given you learned they had come from the same school and stuck together. You even were the one to give Haechan a tour on his first day, so him seeing you like this (well, it was a relief he couldn’t see anything below your stomach, but your facial expressions and noises were already enough to indicate what was going on) was a big change.
“Well, Ms. Bradford,” that was the lady who worked at the front desk in the library, “asked me if I wouldn’t mind checking up on our school’s princess Y/N because, and I quote, it sounded like she was hurt, but looking at it, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.”
A smug smile was painted on his face, while a burn crept onto the cheeks of yours. You didn’t know what to say, you couldn’t say anything, only tear your gaze away and struggle to make eye contact with anyone. Jungkook looked like there was something on the tip of his tongue, but the sound of the bell cutting through the room silenced him and you pulled your panties back up, standing to grab your backpack off of the back of the chair, all while feeling different eyes on you.
“You don’t speak?” Haechan quirked an eyebrow, not being phased by the sound of the bell. “After how loud you just were for him?”
You thought you would have been more ashamed about getting caught than anything, but the thought of being watched was only turning you back on, and that was where the shame came in.
“I have to get to class.” You stared at your feet, not having it in you to look him in his taunting eyes.
Haechan didn’t hold back his laugh. You were only seconds away from being late by now, and you certainly didn’t seem to care about time when you had Jungkook’s fingers in you. “So you do speak?”
“Drop it, Hyuck. Leave. You already checked up on her and she’s fine so go.” This was Jungkook’s voice, rougher than you had ever heard before, essentially because he had always spoke so gently. Peering up, you saw Haechan raise his arms defensely before turning around and walking away, but the fiery burn of his gaze lingered on your cold skin. Should you not have felt that spark? Even if it was a mere flicker, there one second and gone the next? Or were you just trying to convince yourself that it didn’t exist?
“Are you all right?” Jungkook’s voice asked, voice returning to that honey-sweet sound when he spoke with you and you saw your reflection swimming in his eyes when you looked at him.
You nodded. “I’m fine.”
He nodded back. “I’ll walk you to class then? We can always pick back up another time.” He winked.
That wink was a shot fired at your heart, confusing you of how you should feel. In the same day, within the same couple of hours, those sinful thoughts had crept onto you about three different people. Was it right? Being intimate with more than one person?
“Y-Yeah.” You muttered. “Let’s go.”
The walk to your class was silent but not in an awkward way. Jungkook slid his arm around your waist and the way you were entangled between your thoughts made the walk seem to last longer than it really had. You thought about the trouble that had been made of you ever since the transfers arrived. Were they any good for you? How come they were all it took to break down those walls of yours, and had done it so effortlessly at that?
“We’re here.” Jungkook said, his voice snatching you right out of your mind and back into reality. “See you later.”
“See you later.” You waved. Your lips curved into a smile just as you saw his did, and then he faded into the distance.
You took a deep breath to nerve yourself before you opened the door to the classroom. You were late, which was a first. You were taught to always arrive in a timely manner, so your teacher’s reaction to you of all people being late worried you. But you pushed your body through the doorway, deciding late was better than never showing up. You could probably make up some excuse.
“Miss Y/N? Why are you late?” Mr. Kwon asked, surprised to find you weren’t absent, though instead late.
“I- um,” Perhaps you should have come in a little more prepared than you did.
“She was helping one of the new kids find their way around, sir. I saw her on my way to class. You can’t punish her for having that kindness in her heart, can you? This school is really big and it’s not hard to get lost.” Said a voice from the back of the class. There sat Lee Haechan, your knight in ripped denim jeans and a leather jacket.
Mr. Kwon looked at you. “Is this true, miss Y/N?”
You blinked. But denying it would be stupid, so you nodded your head. “Yes, sir. I apologize for being late and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
“Alright, I’ll excuse it. Have a seat and take out your book.” Mr. Kwon said, and you did as instructed after walking over to your seat. A gaze pierced through your skin as you pulled your book from your bag, urging you to turn around. Once you did, your eyes met with those of Lee Haechan, who sat in the very back row, a teasing smile on his lips.
It was then you realized that you were in for one hell of a ride.
Tumblr media
The following night, you replayed that moment with Jungkook in the library over again and again, perpetually looped in your head like a circle. A pleasure like that was something new, something you wouldn’t be able to replicate on your own, no matter how hard you tried. That was why you found yourself upset that your bubble had been popped before it could burst on its own. Covering up your sloppy behavior was the very least could have done, and while you were ever so thankful he did, you were still determined to make him pay the price of his actions in a completely different way. You just didn’t know how yet.
So you went to someone who did.
“Are you calling me a slut?”
It was no secret that you were probably the last one to know how to approach sexual related things and topics. Hell, that was why you were even here, in the ladies bathroom before first period with one of your friend’s who was named Melody. She was more sexually knowledgeable than you, and you informed her that was why you came to her for advice, but apparently it came off wrong because you were struck with that question, and it was very far from what you were attempting to say.
Your eyes widened. “No, no! Of course not! I was just saying that you know more- why are you laughing?”
Melody sank her teeth into her bottom lip in her failed and half-assed attempt to stop laughing at your misery, but it took a lot more than that for her to finally quit. “Mel! This is serious!” You whined.
“Alright, you prude, I’ll help you!” She agreed, and you emit a breath, resisting the urge to deny being a prude. You were yet again on a time limit due to your school schedule. “So, what’s going on?”
You glanced around the bathroom: the door was shut and the stalls were all empty, so it was only the two of you in that small space. You took a deep breath, as if bracing yourself for the news of your own predicament. “Okay, so, I basically was doing something with this one guy but we got caught by this other guy - and no, before you ask, we were not having sex - and now I want the other guy's attention because he ruined everything for me.” Your words came slurred, yet even through her intense blinking you could tell Melody could highlight the most significant details.
“That was very, very vague, and you are so gonna have to tell me the full details later, but what I'm getting is that you're craving a guy's attention, huh?”
You nodded. It only hit you then that there was a less complicated way that you could have phrased your explanation, but it was far too late by now - Melody would learn everything sooner or later, even if she had to yank the words out your throat.
“Well, men are easy.” She laughed. “Can and will get turned on by anything. If you want a fuck, there's always the option of showing more skin. They've got magnets for eyes, automatically attracting to any bare skin they can see. Maybe slide in some contact, too. Not in a harassy kinda way, but if you're able, maybe brush your hand against his and play it off as an accident. No idea who you’re after specifically, but it’s worked for me on different guys, so.”
Her words ran laps in your mind all throughout the day until the single period you shared with Haechan, a boring history class. While your teacher was kind (to you at least), he was rather disinteresting in his manner of teaching and just generally not a fun guy. He made it difficult to not sink into slumber in the middle of class, and not solely even the middle of it. You've had to catch your head during the beginning and the end. You wished Haechan sat in front of you so that your eyes had something to snack on in the duration you were forced to sit cramped up by the window, your notebook lying on your desk and your hands flying about to write notes in pink ink. Yet again was his figured draped in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans, but he looked too good for complaints.
You sighed. Melody had a good plan, but you didn't know how you would apply it. You could only get away with breaking the dress code so many times and there was no way you would be able to get close enough to even tap Haechan on his leather-clad shoulder.
“We will be having a project.”
Your hands froze mid-way of you writing the letter T. A project? And you were beginning to think this class couldn't get any more terrible. You knew he wasn't intentionally trying to make you suffer, but he always paired you with people who didn't like to do the part in partner. When he began calling names (he always chose partners for everyone), you nerved yourself, preparing to be partnered with Kim Hongjoong or Jung Hoseok, the infamous class clown title earners, or Johnny Suh or Eric Sohn, who weren't troublemakers like the first pair, but they were careless and lazier than sloths.
“Francine and Elizabeth,” He called, “Y/N and Haechan.”
Y/N and...who? Haechan? Not Eric Sohn? Not Jung Hoseok? Lee Haechan?
You turned your head in his direction before you even processed your body's own actions. He was looking at you, a smug smile tugging at his lips, but a lightbulb went off in your head and your own face grew complacent within a matter of seconds.
Once Mr. Kwon gave you all the go-ahead to find your partners and discuss your plans for the project amongst one another, you were seated beside Haechan at lightning speed.
“Your place or mine, Princess?” Haechan winked, likely due to the dirty connotation of what he just said though you paid it no mind. There were a billion thoughts running rampant in your head and he was going to free them all sooner or later, either way. It wasn't even a question. Your house was no place for the kind of things you had in mind.
Ding-dong. That was the sound of Haechan's doorbell. Your finger was pressed to the button for a split second before you moved your hand to your side and sucked in a deep breath. Don't look so nervous, you reminded yourself. It didn't help though, because your nervousness was eating you from the inside out. He'll notice. The door swung open, and greeting you was not Haechan, but a middle-aged woman, likely his mother. You should have considered that a possibility: there was more than one car parked in the driveway, and you knew by the different styles that they couldn't have possibly all belonged to Haechan. Nonetheless, you wore a warm, wide smile on your face, the innocent one that always seemed to woo people.
Haechan's mother met your smile. “Good afternoon, dear. You must be Haechan's history partner?” she said, more like a question than a statement by her tone.
“Yes, ma'am. Is he home?”
It was a foolish question. His car, unique from the others it accompanied, was parked in the driveway. And you agreed on a specific time to meet, which she must have known at least slightly because how else would she have known that you were his history partner?
“He is. Upstairs, the second door on the left.”
You nodded in understanding, adjusting your backpack straps with a final smile. “Thank you, ma'am.”
“Please, dear,” She laughed. “Just call me Mrs. Lee.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Lee.” You corrected yourself.
“Of course. Have fun!”
Have fun. Working on a boring history project. You flashed her one final kind smile then followed the directions she had given you, walking upstairs and stopping at the second door on the left. You inhaled another sharp breath. Why was this so nerve-wracking? Was it because you were a woman with a plan or because you were in his house? Or both, even? Nothing had even had the chance to escalate yet, but you were imagining all the possibilities of things you could do since you were outside of school premises, in a room with a bed and no one watching (even though you already came to terms with the fact that you enjoy being watched to an extent). Anything could happen. And that made your exhilaration and nerves practically impossible to differentiate between. So you knocked, a light, harmless knock, though still loud enough to be heard through the silence in his room.
You were already holding your breath, but when the door opened was when you really felt as if you couldn't breathe: there Haechan stood, his hair a little messy though his forehead on display. His figure was clad in an unbuttoned shirt that partially exposed the upper area of his chest and his veiny arms, both of which your gaze grawled upon. You had never seen him like this before. Usually, all of his clothes veiled his body, but that wasn't the case now. He was exposed as you were, and that made the weird feeling in your stomach, the boiling bubble, come back.
As if he was stunned, he gawked back at you, equally in awe. A guy like Haechan would be determined to get into your pants either way, but you wanted him to get into your denim miniskirt. You shielded the rest of your skin with a matching jacket and if Melody's advice wasn't faulty, then your never-worn-before crop top would do the trick.
He broke the silence first, snapping out of whatever daze he was in. He leaned against his door, staring you in the eye this time. “Do you always dress this pretty outside of school, Princess?”
A burn stung your cheeks, but you held eye contact. “Most of my clothes are in the laundry.”
The sound of his laughter ringing throughout your ears left you confused, because you knew you hadn't said anything funny. Could he see through your lies?
“Did I say something funny?” You fixed the backpack straps on your shoulders.
“Yeah,” He laughed once more, “You did.” He poked his head out of the hallway, and while the coast was technically clear, he still signaled for you to come into his room with his fingers. The click of his door locking almost made you anxious, but the feeling was erased when the realization came that you were all alone and unwatched now. “Is that not the excuse you gave Mrs. Anderson because you wanted to please Juyeon?”
You were in the middle of taking off your backpack when he said it, and halted your actions when you processed his words. “How...do you know about that?”
The two of you only had one class period in common, which was history, not math. Sure, he had seen you in the skirt too (and a little bit too well at that), although that alone wasn't enough for him to know about what you and Juyeon had going on. It made you wonder if it turned him off to know that you were being intimate like that with so many guys at once. Would your indecisiveness ruin this for you?
“Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet.” His answer was vague as he spoke, simultaneously pulling the straps of your bag down your shoulders and sitting it in his electric-colored gaming chair. It didn't seem like he intended on answering you either, ignoring the confusion spelled out in bold on your face and he moved to sit back down on his bed. “Nevermind that, though. I'm more interested in how my princess dressed herself up all pretty and just for me. If my eyes could talk, they'd be saying thank you.” He winked.
You don't know what made you feel like you were melting into a puddle in the middle of the floor more, the wink or the ‘my princess.’ Either way, the rest of the discussion was long forgotten for now, and you were thinking about how his hands could talk, and so much louder than words at that. You could have  muttered you're welcome and shied away from the topic, convinced yourself that you came here for some stupid project, but it was impossible to ignore the way he made you feel.
“Actions speak louder than words.” You said, boldly.
Haechan arched his brow. “Is that so?”
You nodded.
He patted the spot next to him on his bed. “Then come and let me appreciate you, baby.”
A wave of relief washed over you once you were able to confirm that he desired you in the same way you desired him. Wasting no time, you moved to sit beside him. Excitement surfed on the waves of your veins, meanwhile you had fallen head-first into the sea. This was real, this was happening.
“Hmm,” He hummed, but the picture was already drawn in his eyes. “I know exactly what I'm going to do with you.”
As his hand ran up your thigh, you felt how hard your heart was beating in the pit of your stomach, so loud you wondered if he could hear it too. His warm touch sent a cool shiver down your spine, and all you could think about was how you'd finally get to learn what it was like. You weren't sure what he was thinking about exactly, but if you were on the same page, he was going to give you your first orgasm. “Wait,” He paused, and you furrowed your eyebrows. Had you not already waited enough? “If you want me to stop, say red, okay?” You nodded, not really thinking too hard about it. Your patience was running thin. “Good girl. Now lie down for me.”
Your back landed against his sheets, almost like falling down onto a cloud, and he was determined to show you a sneak-peak of heaven. Patiently, you waited for him to do something, anything. You were needy and desperate and he knew it just as well as you did, if not better, imagining ways to use it to his advantage. Your dreams finally came true the moment he pushed your skirt up and his hand cupped your heat, a teasing smile crawling onto his lips as his hands crept on the fabric. “Baby girl, you’re so wet. And I’ve barely even touched you yet.”
It was true that you were wet and it was all his fault, nobody but him could take the blame: you had kept yourself up last night with wild fantasies, things you hadn’t even known you were into, but were intrigued by nonetheless. You weren’t sure if you’d get the chance to test them all out, today anyway, but the thought alone turned you on and as the palm of his hand smoothed itself against your skin then curved to grab and tug down the band of your underwear, that was enough for you. You were sure he had already come to the correct conclusion that you came prepared, from your head down to your heels, but you didn’t know if he expected the cute, periwinkle lace panties that came as a set with a matching bra.
“So pretty,” he grinned. “And all for me.”
The compliment made you feel warm, but he was moving in an agonizingly slow pace and you weren’t sure how much more you could take before you lost your patience. “Haechan,” his name came out as a whine. “Do something.”
He cocked an eyebrow teasingly. “So needy you forgot your manners?”
Even now he could make time to tease you.
“Haechan,” you said again, whinier than before. “Please do something?”
It was the way you said his name, all whiny and desperate, that was the last straw of his own patience. In the blink of an eye, he was right between your parted thighs, in a daze as he gawked at your arousal. You wriggled self-consciously, suddenly hyper aware that your body was partially exposed to him and the thick air in his room, but the feeling of his finger gliding across your folds vacuumed you outside of your thoughts and forced you back into reality. The movement prompted an unexpecting gasp from you, and whiplash hit you the second you noticed him bring his finger to his mouth.
He smiled as you stared back at him with round eyes, but your words were ripped from you the second he licked a line at your pussy, driving another gasp from you. He started slowly, warming you up before he dived in completely. His tongue explored you, taking its time in feeling and searching you for all your sensitive areas and he paid close attention to how your body reacted, how you moved or squirmed; what made you make sounds and what didn’t; what made you seem to drip more and more; if that was even possible. His fingertips were gentle against your thighs as he caressed them softly, rubbing them in a pattern-ish motion, and you felt like you could combust. You had learned that your thigh was probably one of your biggest weaknesses, and that combined with the feeling of his mouth against your pussy was sending you into inexplicable pleasure.
Haechan was a fast learner, and once his movements began to progress and pick up in pace, you realized he was applying his knowledge. Your eyes squeezed shut as you felt his tongue soar across your folds: you were weak to his touch, the touch that threw your mind in a frenzy and your thoughts lost somewhere in the midst of the storm. As an inexperienced virgin, of course you had never felt anywhere near this good before, but you were blessed that your first experiences weren’t scaring you away from the idea of sex.
Haechan had a tongue like magic, the muscle somehow making any thought that wasn’t of him evaporate into thin air and turning something that wouldn’t have been able to compare even slightly if it was just you and either of your ten fingers into an ecstatic feeling. Something liberating, like you were floating above the clouds and didn’t want to come down. Just when you thought this couldn’t possibly get better, you felt his finger thrust into you and for a brief second, the licking turned to sucking. A loud moan passed your throat, tumbling into the air and being followed by more. He cocked a brow in amusement, but kept silent in determination to drive you wild.
The next time you said his name, it wasn’t in a whine. It was in a loud, satisfied moan, that made Haechan want to do nothing more but fuck you right then and there. If you acted like this from his mouth and a single finger, he knew you’d both have the time of your lives with his dick deep in you. But he composed himself, knowing the opportunity would present itself again, and besides, he didn’t want to tear you from the utter pleasure you were in just yet, not when you already looked and sounded so perfect just like this. Every now and then, you’d shut your eyes because a certain touch felt beyond good, and you’d buck your hips against his mouth, wanting to feel him to the greatest extent. Or you’d moan his name like how you just did, gripping his bed sheets as though you’d fall from heaven if you didn’t.
“Feel good, princess?” he asked, well aware that it felt more than good. Why else would you be acting like this, behaving as though he had plucked heaven from the sky, stuffed it into a suitcase and delivered it directly to you?
You felt so damn good, you couldn’t even form a coherent response, so you nodded your head and mewled his name once more. Your head was flat against one of his pillows, but if it wasn’t, it’d tilt back and loll. You felt that bubble boiling in the pit of your stomach again, steadily rising up and threatening to burst. If you were able to think straight, you would have thought about how close you were, how you were finally going to have your first orgasm and know what it was like. You would have thought about the utter silence in his house, aside from you and your moans, of course, and the sounds Haechan’s mouth made against you. When he started sucking at your clit was when you lost it, though. It felt overwhelmingly better than everything else, so much that you failed to keep your thighs together and he had to hold them in place with his elbows. It felt so good, until you couldn’t feel it anymore.
Haechan pulled his head back slowly, but his head snapped in the direction of the voice quickly. It hadn’t come from inside the room, not even from upstairs, but it was still urgent enough for him to halt his movements.
You felt lost, and a little confused as you sat up. Someone must have been toying with you, dangling your satisfaction in front of you just to snatch it away when you reached out to grab it. You were so close to knowing, so close to experiencing, so close to not being the token virgin of your friend group, not like that was your motive, though. It felt good, you liked it, so obviously you weren’t too happy about never being able to cum. It was just plain annoying now.
“That’s my mom,” he said with a slight smile (as if he was trying to hold it back), straightening his body into a stand. “She’s back.”
You blinked. “Your mom?”
You must have been eaten out stupid, because you hadn’t even realized she left, which sounded bad in retrospect, but you had completely forget she was even once there, or that you had walked into her. And you weren’t even sure if that made things better or worse.
“Yeah,” he looked like he was going to say something else, but she yelled again, this time something along the lines of helping her put the groceries up. “I’ve got to help her. We don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to, alright princess? I’ll be back.”
A firm nod of your head and then he was jogging downstairs, closing the door on his way out. You looked around the room emptily, then decided on checking your phone, and as if your mood couldn't have been tarnished any further, you saw a text from your brother. Sorry to interrupt your study sesh, but Mom wants you back home for dinner.
Dinner? An aggravated groan parted your lips. What could possibly be so important about dinner tonight that—Oh. Dinner with the pastor and his family was tonight. How could something like that even slip your mind?
Faster than a bolt of lightning, you rushed to a standing position and began to re-wear your underwear. How dumb of me, you thought, to forget such an important night. Meals with the pastor’s family weren’t uncommon: your family and his had established a great bond with one another because he was your dad’s best friend since elementary.
Once you gathered all of your belongings, you ran out of the door and downstairs. You felt Haechan’s gaze on you as you put back on your shoes, and remembered you had to announce why you were suddenly in a rush. “Sorry, Haechan, my mom wants me back home for dinner. See you at school! Bye, Mrs. Lee!”
You didn’t even capture their full responses, hearing the edge of a “see you later” and “bye, dear” before you were running through the doorway and to your car.
Before you even dared to step foot in your house, you made sure you looked presentable and not like you were doing some kind of walk of shame. A sigh of relief exited your lips once you concluded that your hair and makeup was fine, and while your outfit wasn’t necessarily a dinner-with-the-pastor’s-family outfit, you highly doubted they’d mind. You exhaled one final, deep breath before your hand turned the knob and pushed the door inward. Your eyes scanned the area: no one was in the room, but the faint sound of chatter was audible, indicating everyone was in the dining room.
Kicking off your shoes, you made a beeline for the stairs and barged into your bedroom, the door slamming shut from your rough force almost immediately afterwards, and your family could probably hear the thud of your bookbag thrown against the floor from downstairs. You couldn’t have cared less though, your underwear was ruined and you needed a fresh pair to make it through the night.
Once you felt refreshed, you were able to slip back on your Princess mask and balance the weight of your crown on your head. You walked into a familiar, homey setting, spotting everyone sitting in their usual seats; your parents and the pastor and his wife across from one another, your older brother and the pastor’s oldest son on one side, and his youngest on the other, waiting for you to take his side.
“Glad you could make it,” the pastor joked as you took your seat. “We were starting to get afraid that you’d bail on us.”
You fed into his joke with a forced laugh. “Sorry for keeping you all waiting, I got caught up with a project and it completely slipped my mind that this dinner was happening tonight.”
“Oh, right!” His wife cut in. “Aren’t you and Hwa going to the same school now? You’re in the same year, do you have any of the same classes?”
Hwa—Park Seonghwa—was the boy beside you, wearing his signature warm and friendly smile. You grew up with one another, so it was safe to say that you had been good friends since you were kids, and that was why you were surprised to see him tagging along with the other three new kids, the ones that had been giving you a difficult time ever since they arrived.
Seonghwa wasn’t like that though. All he had ever been was a pure angel to you.
You frowned. It was true that you went to the same school now, however you were devastated to know that you didn’t share any of the same periods. Sunday hardly made up for the lack of time you got to spend with him, but the two of you hung out occasionally. “No ma’am, our schedules are different. It would have been nice if we did, though.”
“Oh, what a shame.”
What a shame it was.
Sooner than later, dinner progressed and the table broke into discussion. Three different ones to be specific: one amongst the parents, your brother and Seonghwa’s brother, and you and Seonghwa.
“I heard you’ve been hanging out with my friends.” Seonghwa grinned, and you nearly choked on his decision of a conversation starter. Well, right after the usual ‘hey’ ‘how you doing.’
‘Hanging out’ was certainly one way to phrase what you were doing with his friends. You took into consideration what Haechan was talking about earlier, though his words were vague and you couldn’t piece them together. Somehow he knew what you did with Juyeon though, and if he knew, then possibly, all of them could have known. And if they knew about Juyeon, what about the others?
“Uh,” you swallowed hard. “Yeah, I guess.”
“They say you’re fun company,” his grin somehow grew wider, wilder, “Weren’t you doing a history project with Haechan? How did that go?”
Your ‘project’ with Haechan seeped into your memory and you imagined yourself back in the moment, his face between your spread legs and you moaning aloud his name. The burn of his fingers lingered against your skin and you savored every touch, every motion of his tongue, until you could almost feel him against you again. You could only hope Seonghwa didn’t take notice of the way you pressed your thighs together.
“It was alright. Projects aren’t really my thing, but he’s not actually all that bad to work with.” You replied, a little, white lie.
“Did you expect him to be a menace?”
“Honestly?” You laughed. “Yeah.”
At some point, you knew that you would have to actually put your feelings aside and work on the project because you couldn’t afford a grade lower than a ‘B.’ So yeah, you may not have known Haechan too well, but you had dealt with him enough to rightfully assume he’d be a handful. But that moment didn’t have to be now, and if you had to put up with his mouth, you wanted to do it the way you had only just a little while ago.
Seonghwa nodded in understanding. Anyone who knew Haechan knew that he could be a pain in the ass. “So I bet you’re still great at history?”
You almost laughed. One look at your grades would indicate you’re great at every subject. “I have no choice but to be.”
“I feel you,” and you knew he did. The reason you liked Seonghwa so much was probably because you found him so relatable. He was the pastor’s son, like how you were the principal’s daughter, meaning the two of you carried brick-loads of expectations on your shoulders. He was the person you could always be real with, but your sex life was different. You knew Seonghwa wasn’t a virgin and he knew you were, but neither of you had dug far into another’s sex life, rarely even mentioning the topic. Could you really open up to him about that? “But I’ve been struggling with history a little recently.”
“You’re failing?” Your eyes went wide. You could have almost laughed in incredulity. The Park Seonghwa failing history of all subjects?
The sound of his laughter rinsed through your ears as he shook his head, and you felt somewhat relieved to know he wasn’t going to be buried alive. “Oh please, never that. I’m not failing, just, barely passing. I got to get my grade up to at least a B plus.”
“Aw man. Well I’ve got notes that you could borrow if you need them.” You offered.
He quirked an eyebrow. “Shoot. I mean, you still do those decorative notes? Cause if so, hell yeah.”
You nodded your head with a giggle and rose to your feet. “Excuse us,” you said, voice drawing attention from the noisy table. “We’re going to my room. I have history notes to give him.”
And no one disapproved. Your mom muttered ‘have fun’ and their discussion carried on.
After you were in your room, you walked over to your desk to find your notes, which wasn’t going to be difficult because you kept everything orderly and organized. “Hey Hwa, I also know a good student website if you want it. Could you turn on my laptop for me?”
“Of course,” he replied, and reached for your laptop. Meanwhile, you opened your purple notebook, the history-dedicated one, and flipped through the pages to find the specific chapter he needed. You could vouch that it was definitely a tougher chapter and while your grade may not have suffered, it dropped slightly, however you knew that you would pull through in the end. You were confident that the same could be true for him with a bit of effort.
Just as you turned to speak, the sound of low groans filled your ears, and your eyes went wide. You ran a quick elimination process in your head: it definitely wasn’t you, and it sure as hell couldn’t have been Seonghwa since his voice was no where near the same, but that could have only meant…that could have only meant that…
“Blow and handjobs? Oh, you’re dirty,” Seonghwa concluded, exiting out of the browser and placing your laptop on your nightstand.
You wanted to speak, but your words were blocked because your heart was in your throat. You wanted to move, but it was as though you were paralyzed, your feet rooted to the carpet floor. If you could, you would have dug a grave in the middle of it and buried yourself with the intent of never coming back up again, but all of it felt impossible.
“Who was it?” He asked, not appearing even half as distraught as you were right then. He was his usual, chill and composed self, watching you barely manage to hold yourself together.
You blinked anxiously. “Huh?”
“Who made you feel it first?” You could have pretended the question wasn’t clear, though you understood everything he was implying. Who made you feel it, it as in the fire between your legs. He didn’t know why he even asked: it was probably Juyeon. It was always Juyeon, and that was the cause of the boy’s inflated ego.
You gulped. Hard. You too already knew the answer, but communicating it, right here, like this, was so much more difficult.
“Come on, I’m not judging you,” he grinned, patting his thigh. Your feet carried you instead of you carrying them, and that was how you found yourself on his lap, his arm wrapped around your bare waist while his other rested on your thigh. “Was it Jungkook? Did his hands make you feel something?”You thought back to the first time Jungkook’s hands caught your attention. He was writing and your eyes roamed from your own paper to his, getting lost somewhere on his veins, or the silver rings that you swore he wore just to drive you insane.
“Or maybe… Juyeon with his flirting?”
God, Juyeon’s words always made you melt. Everyday, you crumbled to things you figured he said just to pry a reaction out of you, and not because he had really meant them. Still, that didn’t stop you from caving into your desires, letting him touch you in ways no one ever had before. You were honestly beginning to miss the way he felt.
“I doubt it was Haechan, but I know the pet names he uses makes girls go crazy,” Seonghwa said, and as one of the girls in question, you could confirm he was driving you wild. “Which one does he use on you?”
“… Princess.” You muttered, still in disbelief that this conversation was happening, and with Seonghwa of all people.
“Princess?” He repeated, wearing a smile. “It suits you. Now, are you going to tell me who it was?”
You took a deep breath, yet again weighing out the pros and cons of your little confession. You had done this so many times though, that the scale was broken and all you could do was say fuck it, and take the risk, even if it cost you.
Seonghwa furrowed his eyebrows. You couldn’t see it in his face, but you heard it in his tone that he was genuinely caught off-guard. “Me?”
If it were anyone else, it would have probably been a billion times easier to say. But it was him, and you vividly remembered how it happened, the moment imprinted in the dark part of your mind. “Yeah,” you admitted, shifting nervously. “You.”
“Shit, stay still,” he grunted, the palms of his hands landing against your hips to restrict you from moving. “When?”
“Some time  in church. I can’t remember when exactly, but it was like… some months ago.” He quirked his eyebrow when you mentioned church, but didn’t interrupt your story. “You… looked really good. I mean, you always look good, you know, with your hair, suit and tie, and your smile, but… I don’t know. That day woke something up in me.”
He wore his sleek, black hair and he looked so good in that suit and tie that you wanted nothing more than to take it off of him. Your mind went everywhere that day, imagining him tying you up with his tie, touching and feeling you and all you could do was let him. Not like that would have been an issue.
“Yeah? And in church, too?”
At this point, you knew that something about your sexual awakening being in church was fascinating to him, but you couldn’t fathom what it was specifically. You muttered ‘Yeah’, and grabbed one of his hands from your hip, slowly placing it back down against your thigh. When you thought about it like that, it made you feel so dirty. Wet, fantasizing about sex in church? It wasn’t like you didn’t try to shoo away the thoughts that you were having, but it was useless, you couldn’t help it. “Why?”
“Cause,” you hear Seonghwa laugh, like the answer was obvious. “Everyone thinks you’re an angel, but I’ve always known you’re not. You’re a needy girl that won’t be satisfied until you get dick in you.”
You almost moaned from his words, taken by surprise because he had never said anything like that towards you before, but enjoying it nonetheless. Of course, you’d imagined it, but you never genuinely thought that it would be Seonghwa saying dirty things in your ear, let alone reciprocating any of the sexual desire you had for him. But now you were in his lap, soaking through your panties yet again, and you could feel something hard poking your ass.
“You liked that, huh?” He snickered. You couldn’t speak, only give a small nod of your head, silently urging him to escalate things. “I know you did. Can I touch you, Angel?” Angel, when he knew you weren’t one. The complete opposite, if you were being one-hundred. Still, you caved in, nodding your head once more.
With one hand, he rubbed your thigh, and grabbed your hand with his other, groaning a little as he placed it on his crotch. “Angel, look what you did. I can’t go back downstairs like this.”
The sight made your cheeks burn. That was why he wanted you to stop moving in his lap. He was hard now, there was the bulge in his pants to prove it. When it was so obvious, like a bright-yellow, shining sun obvious, there was definitely no way that he could have gone downstairs again without taking care of himself first.
“Sorry, Hwa,” you mumbled, diverting his gaze.
“Yeah?” He tilted his head.
You nodded. It definitely wasn’t your intention, but you couldn’t lie: you were intrigued, and wondered what direction things were going to head now.
“Wanna know how you can make it up to me?”
You were growing even wetter at the thought. You weren’t sure what Seonghwa had in mind when he said that, though the endless amount of possibilities dampened your panties even further, and it was safe to say that you had ruined another pair.
You nodded again, this time a little bit more forcefully, and he laughed at your eagerness. “Sit here,” he patted a spot on your bed, “I want to see your face.” You followed his instructions, sitting comfortably on your bed sheets. The warmth of his lap was gone, though you knew that you’d have something else to think about in a matter of moments if you were timely enough.
“Are you still a virgin? Aside from like, foreplay and stuff?” He asked.
You nodded.
“Have you ever given a blowjob or handjob?”
You shook your head.
Seonghwa stared at you in wonder, eyeing you down as though he was about to eat you and his gaze alone devoured you whole. You could tell he was thinking about something, it was painted dry all over his face, but you could only hope he’d communicate his thoughts with you. Every single last one of them, no matter how dark and dirty they were.
“I’m gonna teach you.” he decided once he finally regained the ability to speak, something dark swimming in his eyes that made you feel weak and dizzy.
“Teach me?” You repeated. “Now?”
Seonghwa shrugged. “Why wait? We know their routine, so it’s not like they’ll catch us. Those four talk for hours and our brothers play video games downstairs after dinner. Unless you don’t want to do this. I can always just jerk off in the bathroom, you know, it’s really not an issue.”
That wasn’t what you wanted, though. You wanted to touch him, to get to know him in a way you hadn’t explored yet, and from the specific kind of porn in your browser, it was obvious that you were curious about the topic. So why not kill two birds with one stone? He gets off, and you get the experience you’ve been longing for.
“No!” You protested a little too fast, in a tone a little too high and enthusiastic. “Teach me, Hwa. Please? I wanna know how to make you feel good.”
Seonghwa grunted, like he was getting even harder with every word that tumbled past your pair of lips. “You’re my kryptonite, you know that? Yeah, I’ll teach you alright. Hands-on.”
He tugged at the waistband of his sweats and for a moment you could only see the imprint of his dick against his boxers until he freed it and it sprung against his stomach. You already knew that he was hard, but you didn’t know he was this big. You ran a curious hand over his dick, feeling the warmth and the veins and hearing a groan part his lips before you realized what you were doing.
Wide-eyed, you retrieved your hand. “Did I hurt you?”
“No Angel, not at all. It felt good.” Seonghwa laughed. “Just, when you use your hand, just move it up and down like you saw that girl do in the video. Okay?”
You nodded. You hesitated a little, but brought your hand back to his dick and wrapped it around the base like you saw in the video, though cautious to not grip too tightly in fear you’d hurt him. When you started moving, you did it slowly, sliding your hand up and down his length. A couple of moans tumbled past his lips and he bucked himself into your hand, eager to feel you the best he could. As you watched, you were fascinated. Porn had made it seem intriguing as well, but it was nothing compared to the real life, up-close experience you were having at the moment. It was nothing compared to being able to feel the precum dampening his cock, being able to hear his sweet voice as he moaned, being able to see his face twist with pleasure as you pumped his dick.
“Does it feel good, Hwa?”
“It feels amazing, Angel,” he murmured, eyes squeezed closed. “Shit, just like that.”
That was obvious. From the way he was behaving, there was no way it hadn’t felt amazing. Though for some reason, you wanted to hear it from him, watch how every syllable fell from his pretty lips as his voice told you how great he was feeling. You wondered if he was so much like you that sometimes when he was too caught up in the pleasure he wouldn’t even be able to say anything, but his moans spoke volumes.
You followed his instructions, continuing your actions just as you were. Your inquisitive hand had trailed underneath his shirt and up his skin until you could feel his nipple and run your finger over the area. Not too harshly, but a gentle touch, just to experiment with his reaction. When you saw him crane his neck back and moan a whisper of your name, you knew your test was successful, and a grin crawled on your face as you felt yourself soaking. You repeated these movements over and over - one hand over his chest and the other around his dick - paying close attention to how his body responded to your touch, watching how he was like putty in your hands, weak to everything you did. How he’d mutter praise that stirred something in you, that made you feel weak yourself, that made you want him more and more as each second passed.
“Fuck, fuck. Stop.” Seonghwa said, and you did, pulling your hands away from him. Your eyes are widened and confused, wondering why he had wanted you to stop.
“Did I do something wrong?” You asked, worried.
“No, but if you kept going, I would have came,” Seonghwa smiled. “And if I do that, I wanna do it in your mouth.”
“O-oh.” His answer caught you a little off-guard, but nonetheless, you understood his implication. “So, um, do I just…”
“Just put the tip in your mouth and suck, my love. Try not to use your teeth, too.”
Sending him a nod, you did as told and wrapped your mouth around the tip of his dick, the movement provoking a gasp from between his lips. You began moving when he gave you the go-ahead, sucking him in your mouth and almost out then in again, and you kept doing this for a while before you attempted taking any more of him into your mouth. He’s more reactive than he was when you were giving him a handjob, though tried to keep in mind that you two weren’t exactly alone. Anyone could have been walking down the hallways, and if he was loud enough, anyone could have heard him even from all the way downstairs.
Your mouth slid down his dick by another couple of inches and you wrapped your hand back around the base, following the tips you had learned from a couple of porn videos, especially the one he had caught the evidence of you watching earlier. His face gave that he had enjoyed it too, motivating you to continue, right now you were being driven by two main things that had somewhat overlapped one another: his pleasure and your pussy.
“I’ve wanted this for… so long, Angel, you don’t even know.” Seonghwa admitted, unable to speak too much all at one time because of how good of a job you were doing. You looked up at him curiously, wondering how long specifically. Had he wanted you as bad as you wanted him, for as long as you had done for him? “So long, baby. Years.” That meant he had wanted you longer than you wanted him. “And I finally got it. Who would’ve thought you of all people would be sucking me off right now? And doing a damn good job at it at that.”
Seonghwa laughed at how you whimpered around his dick, like you were getting off to his words. “You know how many times I’ve gotten off to the thought of you? Imagining you wrapping your pretty lips around my dick like you are now, or fucking you in these short skirts you like to wear. Shit, I bet you’re so wet right now, I wouldn’t even have to prepare you first. Can I see how wet you are, Angel?”
You nodded before you even realized that you were and Seonghwa wasted no time in reaching out his hand to feel you. You shuddered at the feeling of his hand cupping between your thighs, and you always knew that you were wet but him touching you like that brought your full attention to it. There was practically an ache now, and as you sounded around his length, he knew you needed attention too.
“Wet is an understatement.” he chuckled. “Don’t worry, my love. I’ll take care of you soon.”
Right now you needed to focus on getting him to cum. It would be the first time you saw anything like it in real life, and not in a bunch of pixels on your laptop. More time passed, his dick still pressed against the back of his mouth, and you could tell he was close to cumming. He had grabbed at your hair, forcing your mouth on him a little harder than he intended, and it became a little more difficult for you to continue without choking.
“Fuck, you feel, you feel so fucking good,” he said, and next thing you knew, you were gagging on him. Seonghwa moaned at the feeling, but nonetheless remembered to check up on you. “Too rough?”
You shook your head and slipped him back into your mouth.
He smiled. “Good-” another groan interrupted his words, “-girl.”
Seonghwa looked so beautiful like this, like he was sculpted by God himself. His eyes were closed shut each time he moaned, his lips parting away from one another, and he looked so blissed-out. The sounds he was making turned you on so badly that it was ridiculous how wet you were, and you couldn’t even attempt to deny the fact. All it took was running as little as a single finger by your thigh and anyone could tell that you were drenched through the fabric of your panties. There was a reason you were looking up blowjobs and handjobs in the first place. With the way your life was going as of the past week, it made sense that you had been fantasizing a lot more nowadays, and those two things were sometimes incorporated in your imagination. But then you realized how much the thought turned you on, and you needed a visual demonstration. And while you never knew or could have even guessed that the visual demonstration in question would have been anything like this, it was better this way.
“Baby, I’m gonna cum. You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to, alright?” Seonghwa announced, and you gave your best of a nod, but you didn’t have any intention of stopping and he could tell.
He wasn’t joking when he said he was about to cum. Seonghwa began fucking into your mouth, moans and curses of your name falling from his lips. He was loud, but you knew he couldn’t control himself, he was simply just following his dick. He let out one last breathless moan, your name specifically, before his dick twitched and you felt something warm painting the inside of your mouth. You swallowed as much of his cum as you could, the rest of it dripping onto your bedsheets and you knew that you would need to do a lot of washing later on.
Once he got over the bliss of his orgasm, he stared at you in awe. He thought you looked so hot trying to swallow all his cum, taking more than you could handle in your mouth just to please him. Some of it dribbled down your chin, and you looked up at him with your innocent, wide eyes.
“Can I take a picture?” Seonghwa asked, not really thinking when he did but also not regretting asking once he acknowledged his question.
“Huh?” You blinked, even though you understood what he was saying perfectly.
“Can I take a picture?” he reiterated, in the exact same tone he used before. He said it like it was the most normal, usual thing in the world. “You don’t have to say yes. But you look so fucking hot right now and I don’t want my only memories of this to be in my head.”
You thought about it for a second. And then you realized it couldn’t have gone too bad. You knew and trusted Seonghwa, it wasn’t like he would send pictures of you, especially explicit pictures, to anyone or post them without your consent. So you murmured ‘yeah’ faintly, almost as if you were still processing his question.
Seonghwa pulled up his jeans and boxers then grabbed his phone and opened the camera. He didn’t spend long on taking the picture since he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, and then he reached for the Kleenex tissue on your nightstand, wiping your face clean.
“Your turn now. Come sit on my thigh.” he said, tapping his thigh.
In your desperation to feel something after what felt like an eternity of patiently waiting, you had jumped up before you knew that you did, as though your body had a mind of its own. Looking up at Seonghwa, you still couldn’t read the thoughts running wild in his mind, but you trusted him to give you the satisfaction you were longing for.
“Have you ever rode someone’s thigh?”
You shook your head. Up until today, you had never even sat on someone’s lap in a sexual context before, let alone ridden someone’s thigh.
“Guess there’s a first time for everything.” he grinned wildly, giving you another one of those fascinated gazes he had been giving you several times throughout the evening. You didn’t know why he looked at you like that, but you liked it.
You felt your cheeks go hot. “You want me to… Ride your thigh?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry, Angel, I’ll help you throughout. I promise it’ll feel good. Have you ever ridden your pillow?” you nodded. “Then do it just like that. Close your eyes and imagine you’re riding me.”
There wasn’t any reason not to believe him, not one that you could find anyway, so you followed his instructions and slowly began to move on his thigh. You gripped on his shoulders, sturdying yourself on them. The initial awkwardness of never having done anything like this before began to wear off quickly, despite the weight of his gaze on you. Once you closed your eyes, imagining the feeling of his cock buried deep inside of you, stretching you out beyond belief, it didn’t bother you as much.
Seonghwa was pretty big when you saw him; you wondered if you would even be able to take him all. You could imagine him guiding you, starting off slow and gentle, doing everything in his power to make it the uttermost pleasurable experience for you. He would press feather-light kisses to your collarbone and suck on your skin, and as badly as he wouldn’t have wanted to, avoid your neck to stir away from causing suspension. You wouldn’t be surprised if he marked you somewhere else though, somewhere only revealing clothing could display.
A moan sounded from your mouth and you fell crashing back into reality, remembering you were on Seonghwa’s thigh. Not that you had doubted him, though without using his mouth, his hands, or even his dick, you wondered how good grinding against his thigh would possibly feel; and now you were finding out just how good.
You saw the smirk crawling onto his lips. “How’s it feel?”
“Good,” you breathed.
Seonghwa laughed, appearing as if he was refraining from saying something along the lines of ‘told you so.’ “You look so pretty like this, baby. Getting yourself off on my thigh. You’re doing so well.”
Both of you had known that you were far from an angel, though in his eyes, you looked just like one, and fuck, you felt like you were in heaven. Seonghwa never failed to remind you, either, and his praise combined with the friction felt like utter bliss between your thighs. His hands curved around your waist, one resting there and the other groping your ass, feeding your notion that if you were to actually ride him, his actions wouldn’t be too different: he’d have his hands on your waist, even your ass if he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He would ramble about how pretty you looked, how well you were taking him, how long he had been waiting for this very moment. You were growing breathless at the thought. If this was heaven, then you never wanted to come back down to earth.
Like how yours did him, Seonghwa’s hands also found their way underneath your shirt, though for a fairly different reason. As if he had done the task a billion times before, he unclipped your bra and dropped it somewhere on your bed, and while he went for your chest, you felt the warmth of his tongue circling your nipples.
“S-seonghwa,” you moaned, and he grunted into your chest before sliding off momentarily. “Baby, if you keep saying my name like that, I’m gonna get hard again. And I’m barely even resisting fucking you right now.”
But you didn’t want him to resist. You wanted him to be selfish - to give in, to cave into his desires - because you knew he wanted to. Though you also knew the risks that would accompany your lust, and while you found yourself to be quite the exhibitionist, this wasn’t the way you wanted to be caught. So you chewed on your bottom lip, hopeful that it would keep you from moaning his name again, and even louder the second time. You fought against the sounds that were desperate to leave your mouth, to break free into the atmosphere, but the way his tongue felt against your hard nipples was impossible to ignore. The muscle was warm, wet, and the motion it went in won over you easily, small gasps of his name tumbling out in ‘Hwa’s.
“Fuck, do you even need to wear this?” he asked, tugging on the waistband of your panties.
“What about your pants? Won’t they get ruined?” you questioned back, worried about getting caught even if it wasn’t red-handed.
“Look down, my love. I doubt that it would make much of a difference.”
You looked down, and while it wasn’t extremely obvious, you could still see the damp patches in his thankfully black pants. You felt your cheeks burning again, and didn’t know where to shift your gaze. If you looked up, you had to look Seonghwa in his eye, but if you kept looking down, then you would have to stare directly at the wet patches on his pants. “Hey,”he tapped your chin, and without thinking you looked up at him. He slipped his thumb on your bottom lip, caressing the part you were biting gently. “You don’t have to be shy, okay? No one will find out. I’ll make sure of it, Angel.”
You nodded. “Okay, Hwa.”
“Good.” he smiled. “Now, may I take these off?”
You gave him the go-ahead, and he was taking your panties off seconds later, with the help of your mutual effort and eagerness. You both resumed your actions immediately after, your movement against his thigh and his tongue venturing across your bare chest, but this time you could feel Seonghwa’s hands roaming your body. They were big and warm and touching you in all the right places, and needless to say, you didn’t want him to stop.
Not very long after, that weird, bubble-like feeling had settled in your gut again. Your grasp on his shoulders tightened, and everything had suddenly felt more intense than it did a few seconds ago. Perhaps it was because you had already been so worked-up from solely watching how Seonghwa reacted to your touch, even with minimal contact from him to you in the process. Or maybe it was all the fantasizing you had done about riding him. If you were in the right mind to even consider something like this at the moment, you would have made more sense of the latter, since Seonghwa did add that to his instructions, but you were too focused on the pleasure building up inside of you, on how you were on the verge of losing your absolute mind.
Seonghwa seemed to notice you were approaching your orgasm, even if the fact hadn’t completely registered within you yet. Your nails were digging into his shoulder, and he slid his mouth off of your breast, letting his fingers do the work in substitute. “Are you gonna cum? Let go for me, Angel.”
Letting go was easy. For the first time, you felt that bubble inside of you burst, and it was more intense than you had prepared yourself for. Your head lolled backwards, and a way-too-loud moan was torn from between your lips, but you weren’t thinking about anything else other than how liberating this was. Your thighs began to tremble, your eyes squeezed shut, and internally, you felt like an earthquake. Seonghwa gripped your waist tightly, muttering something about how breath-taking you looked and how he wanted to fuck you right now. His words certainly didn’t calm the feeling, but helped you ride through your orgasm until it was over and you felt almost too weak to sit up straight on your own.
Immediately, Seonghwa laid you down, allowing you to catch your breath. You were still in a different state, buzzed-out almost. You felt light, like you were floating, and while you didn’t know if that was normal or if you were just on the verge of insanity, it was a good feeling.
Seonghwa called your name. “Are you okay?”
You nodded, a smile working onto your lips. “I’m amazing. Thank you.”
“Thank me? Thank you.” Seonghwa laughed, and you couldn’t help but laugh too. “We should head back downstairs before our family gets suspicious. You sure you alright? You don’t need anything?”
“I’m fine, Hwa. Don’t worry.” You reassured him, nudging him gently.
“Alright. I’m going to the bathroom, but I’ll meet you downstairs, alright?” You nodded in response, and he left to the bathroom, shutting the bedroom door behind him. You got up to look for your underwear, but when yoy don’t find them anywhere on the sheets or on your squeaky-clean floor, you’re puzzled. You didn’t even remember who had them last between you and Seonghwa, and all you knew was that you were too caught up in the pleasure to really tell where they had gone, but you swore they were on the sheets somewhere.
You sighed and walked towards your drawer. This was the second pair of panties you had gone through in a single day.
Tumblr media
“Shouldn’t you be with Haechan?”
After a couple of days of being on the receiving end of only mildly-flirtatious behavior from Juyeon, you were beginning to worry that he had moved onto his next plaything, that the ‘next time’ he had spoken on would never come into existence. Maybe it was selfish of you to expect him to crawl back to you, especially when you had been around all three of his buddies during the meantime, but you missed him and the feeling of his hands that had lingered on your skin for far too long. Days too long.
You certainly didn’t expect for him to show up like this, though. The classroom was void-empty when you walked inside, crashing your books against your desk. Since there was a huge test coming up, you decided you wanted to ditch your friends and get some studying in, which is why you went to your mathematics teacher’s peaceful classroom all alone. All alone until he barged in, that was, looking all pretty in his semi-unbuttoned uniform. His eyes were warm as they stared into your startled ones and he cast you a gentle smile, like he hadn’t just given you the scare of your life.
You didn’t even know how he found you; you thought the only person who knew about the not-so-secret place you went to to be alone was the person who gave you permission to be there in the first place. And while Juyeon wasn’t the trouble-maker type (the complete opposite, a sweetheart on the highway to becoming just as much of a teacher’s pet as you were, and without having to be the principal’s child), you doubted your teacher would be fond of you letting other students inside of her classroom without her notice.
Not that you let him in. And not that you would kick him out either. You would be sure to tell your teacher he volunteered his own presence, despite you apparently telling him to leave, though.
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied skeptically. You had a billion questions about how and why he was there with you instead of with his buddies, though answered his own anyways. “But if you’re talking about the project, then no. We meet in the afternoon since lunchtime isn’t ideal.”
Juyeon knew that. He just wanted to make a little joke and as expected, you didn’t go along with it.
“Oh, I’m sure it isn’t,” he laughed. You understood the implication, but didn’t pry for your own peace. Everyone really did know.
You tried to focus on the sheets of paper in front of you the very best that you could, until you just couldn’t at all. Your books were suddenly flying out of your field of vision and when your eyes went to follow their journey, you saw Juyeon stretching the book far above your head, much beyond your reach. Despite that knowledge, you still tried to grab it, lips curling into a frown when you realized it was impossible.
“Juyeon!” You whined.
“Don’t you get tired of this, baby?”
Ignoring the flutter in your heart at the name, you still outstretched your hand in your desperate attempt to get your book back. “Tired of what?”
“Of studying. And reading. And being a nerd. I get you’re the principal’s daughter and all, but do you ever just relax?” Juyeon said, remaining perfectly still, because no matter what you did, his hand was still far above your entire body. “You deserve a break. Won’t you let me give you one?”
Your hand soon fell in and you nearly froze, remembering just how weak Juyeon had the ability to make you feel. His words carried so much weight, you were fighting the urge to allow yourself to look down at his revealed chest, and the cherry on top? His signature smirk peeled up the corners of his lips, and that was the moment you realized Lee Juyeon was irresistible.
“How?” You prodded. Although Juyeon had finally put the book back down now, you were no longer focused on the item as you felt the warmth of his hands crawling against the barest of skin that he could find. Statue-still, you froze, allowing time for your body to process his motions. “There’s a party this Friday night,” he said, somehow engrossed in touching you while also not sounding like he didn’t care about the party. “And I want you to be my plus one. I plan on getting you alone. I mean, I still owe you after Tuesday, don’t I?”
You couldn’t deny that it was true. He had left you hanging after mysteriously being called to the front office, which initiated the series of you being undeservingly edged (though a chapter a certain someone had thankfully closed). Getting you alone could have led to so many more possible outcomes than being in a full-to-the-brim classroom could anyways, and you wanted him a lot more than you were leading on in the moment. You could only respond in a nod, feeling as though someone had snatched the words right out of your mouth, and you couldn’t breathe. His hand fell to your thighs, a place he must have loved, and you sucked in a breath.
“Where’s your phone?”
You gestured to your bag, and Juyeon went to grab the device. He asked you to unlock it, and you froze once he told you that you should make the password something related to him. Before you could register his actions, he was typing.
“Text me your address,” he smiled, handing you back your phone. “I’d tell you to dress pretty, but you’re beautiful in anything you wear.”
Trying your hardest to ignore the burn in your cheeks (your body always betrayed you in moments like these), you nodded once more as you retrieved your phone. You were already imagining Friday night in your head, and you desperately wished for the clock to tick even just a little bit faster.
“See you tomorrow!” Juyeon announced with a wave, and you waved back, muttering back the same phrase, still stunned.
Lee Juyeon was no good, but what did that make you for wanting him?
Tumblr media
To your lack of surprise, Juyeon’s flirty schemes win you over.
You had spent the rest of Thursday with an ache between your thighs, longing for Friday to approach faster than it was, engulfing you with the warm comfort that he was finally going to make the wait seem worthwhile. Now though, you were a nervous wreck. Somehow battling the almost compulsive urge to chew on your nails, trying to ignore the unsettling feeling lurking in the pit of your stomach, spacing out a couple of times too many during class. And the trigger was his absence.
Unfortunately, you didn’t see him in class. Or in lunch. Or in the hallways, waving at you because he knew how the simple waiver of his hand made your heart race.
You looked at your iMessages, internally debating on whether or not you should’ve texted him; the only time you had texted another between today and Thursday was to make sure you both had the right number and for you to send him your address. What if he didn’t want you to text him? Or worse, what if he planned on standing you up? Then you realized how ridiculous that sounded and you were likely just overthinking. What if he was just busy? There were hours left until it was time for the party.
After school, there were a lot of things you did in an effort to kill time. Despite contrary belief, you do acknowledge the value of a break, and weekends were typically your two-day resting periods. However it’s no surprise that with so much coursing through the stream of your mind, you couldn’t relax.
Initially, you tried going on a walk with your brother, though much to your chagrin he declined your offer so that he could continue to play League (you think that’s what it’s called?) with his buddies. So instead you cooked yourself a meal, and probably for the better. You’d never been to these kinds of parties, but if it was anything like the stereotypical high school ones, some kind of alcoholic plus punch concoction would not satisfy your growing hunger.
Then your phone rang. A couple hours later technically, when you got absorbed in some god-awful-though-entertaining Netflix show. You leaped up, expecting to see Juyeon’s caller ID but instead being met with one of your friend’s names. Not completely disappointing though, you needed to get him off of your mind until you could get him on you.
“Hey, Y/n!” It’s your friend, Angelina. You met her through Seonghwa, and she’s been dearest to you ever since. “A little birdie told me you’re going to the party tonight. If it wasn’t for the fact that the little birdie in question doesn’t tell lies, I would have never even believed it. Can you feel my surprise? I’m actually still in shock. Disbelief.”
You quirked an eyebrow, though you could tell immediately who the ‘little birdie’ was. “It was Hwa, wasn’t it?”
“Bingo! Why didn’t you tell me you’re going to your first real adult party? What are you wearing? Are you taking somebody? Is somebody taking you? I want to see the final product before they do!”
Angelina is also a bit of a talker. Okay, screw that, she’s a lot of a talker. You didn’t mind though, because she’s not the talk-your-ears-off type, though easy to engage in conversation with.
“Whoa, one question at a time, please,” you giggled. “Sorry I didn’t tell you, it was kind of sudden for me too. But yeah, Juyeon is taking me. You might know him, you went to the same school before he transferred here.”
Angelina gasped. A loud, genuinely astounded-sounding gasp. “Might know him? Juyeon? As in Lee Juyeon? The hot Juyeon? Oh, why doesn’t this surprise me.”
“Yeah, that Juye-” you paused, taking a moment to register her words. “Wait, why doesn’t it surprise you?”
“Because- Wait. Oh my god. Yo… just know you are in for it tonight. And I mean in for it. This will possibly be the best night of your life.”
“Angie, what are you talking abou-”
“Well, would you at the time? Gotta blast, and so do you! Wouldn’t want to keep your Prince Charming waiting, now would you?” She smiled so hard you could almost hear it through the phone. “See ya!”
You were left there to blink once the phone call disconnected. Then you realized you had forty-five minutes remaining until Juyeon got here and should’ve probably started getting ready. You put on the peach, satin dress you decided to wear after a grueling task of going through your unworn clothes and being astonished by the amount of things you owned that probably would have never seen the light of day if you never met those four. Did your hair, a dash of make-up, and in thirty-something minutes you had been transformed into a brand new person.
Utilizing the rest of your time, you grabbed your phone off of the charger, some lip gloss, and plopped them both into your purse. You checked the time, one more minute until- Ding dong.
You peered through the window blinds and saw a park, other than your own and your brother’s, parked outside. Juyeon was here. Quickly, you plucked your purse off of your bed and burst into the hallway, seeing your brother finally leaving his bedroom after several hours.
“Tae, I got it. It’s for me.” You said, too in a rush to question how he even heard the doorbell over video game sound effects and his own aggressive screaming, which seemed to have caught him by a load of surprise. “Where are you going dressed like that? I know you’re not going out.”
“Yes, I am going out. Unlike you, who stays confined to your bedroom all day screaming over fictional characters.” You rolled your eyes. “Goodbye.”
Taehyung gasped dramatically, feigning offense. “Excuse you, I go to college! And work!” You were already completely down the stairs by the time he churned that all out. “And bring back my sister!”
Taking a deep breath helped you relax for a maximum of two seconds before you could feel the anxiousness prickling your skin again. Your tentative hand fluttered only centimeters above the door knob, but it felt as though it was yards away. Suddenly, you could feel cool air making your skin tingle, and you would have grabbed a jacket but the sight before you had temporarily stunned you.
Lee Juyeon was an infamous thief. He came to your house, your front door-step with nothing to shield his identity from the world, and unashamedly stole your ability to breathe with his breath-taking appearance. And if being so breath-taking was a crime, you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to tell the world about how much of a charmer he was, how he used his beauty to trap himself in. How once you were stuck with this young man, it was irreversible.
“Hey,” you managed to get out, somehow not recoiling in embarrassment at the fact that he had seen you checking him out.
Juyeon smiled. “Hey. You, you look beautiful, beautiful.”
And there he goes. He was finer than wine. Hair combed, clothes fresh, and he smelled amazing. Like his usual scent, because the guy always smelled fucking great, but stronger in a way that wasn’t overwhelming to your senses.
You smiled back shyly, “Thank you. You’re very handsome.”
He shot you another wide grin as he accepted your compliment then guided you to his car. Being the pure gentleman he was, Juyeon opened and closed the door for you. You were used to the action by now (he always opens the door for you, even at school), though nonetheless, it warmed your heart.
Then you were on the road.
“Yes, beautiful?” Despite appearing a billion times more concentrated on driving (which you weren’t mad about, you admired that he was an attentive driver), Juyeon would never miss the chance to call you something along the lines of beautiful.
You gazed at him, “Why weren’t you at school today?”
“Why,” the smirk crawled onto his lips as his hand did your thigh, “you miss me?”
There was the option of lying, but who would you be trying to convince? Come on, saying you didn’t would have been a bold-faced lie. Between the both of you, it was a well-known fact that you always missed him. That was why you had asked, that was why you were here in the first place, that was why you going to this party as his plus one. That was why his hand was inching up your dress and you were doing absolutely nothing about it.
“A lot,” you replied honestly. “Did you miss me?”
“You know it, babe. I also missed touching you, I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday.” Juyeon spoke in a manner akin to glass; see-through and shameless, prickling you with the sharp edges of his words with no regrets. He cupped between your thighs, and it was then you decided that you were tired of waiting. He had missed touching you, you had missed the feeling of him touching you. He had been thinking about you since yesterday, and you had been thinking about him since way before then. What were either of you waiting for?
“Juyeon?” You called out once more.
“Yeah, babe?”
You made a last-minute decision, ultimately deciding whatever happened next would be worth the sacrifice. “I want you.”
At that, Juyeon smirked.
“Where? Here?” He cupped you again, and you emit a small, unexpecting moan. It was safe to say that that was where you wanted him and he knew it well, without having to take his eyes off of the road. He could see you nodding through the rear-view mirror, though. “How much?”
You whined impatiently, “Juyeon, I need you. Can you please pull over and fuck me.”
In a matter of moments, Juyeon had driven and parked the car in an area more secluded than the bustling road. He figured you both could spare time since the party didn’t start until eight and he knew this was going to happen. Plus, even if you couldn’t then he’d make time. Although it may not have seemed true, Juyeon was starving for you—he was bear-hungry, despite how well he had hidden it with those seemingly careless touches, somehow making it appear as though you were the only one desperate. You both made a beeline for the backseat and the next few seconds occured mindlessly, spur-of-the-moment actions, though you were far from regretful. Juyeon pinned you down, and you gasped unexpectingly as he allowed his hands to roam your body freely. One stroking you through the fabric of your underwear, and the other diving into your dress, gently massaging your chest. Oddly, having Juyeon on top of you didn’t feel real. After all the time you had spent fantasizing about moments like this, your mind just couldn’t process that it all was no longer figments of your imagination.
This was real life, though. Juyeon was touching you, and it wasn’t so innocent anymore. Not his hands brushing over your bare skin quote-unquote ‘accidentally’, or even playfully squeezing your thigh. Bold, loud and clear, this was him declaring that he wanted you equally as bad as you wanted him. However, wanting Juyeon was an understatement. Your whole body ached for him, yearned for him, and as his hand slipped between your folds, you knew that he could feel it. Your mouth parted widely, a moan of his name slipping past and those two syllables hit him square in the dick.
Right then and there, Juyeon decided he was going to give you an orgasm you’d never forget. Two, actually, but who was counting?
And he did exactly that, discarding your panties eagerly to begin his mission. Almost instinctively did your legs spread on their own free will, making Juyeon snicker but you were practically deaf to any external noise. His lips pressed gentle kisses from your upper thigh down to between them, and you realized his touch was, albeit eager, caring. You mewled once he made a tentative lick at your folds, in desperate need of more.
Soon enough, he was giving you everything you wanted and more. The muscle of his tongue worked wonders against your folds, sending waves right through your body that came back out in moans. If you had to describe the feeling, you’d say it was warm, wet, and brought you earth-shattering pleasure. Juyeon left no part of your body unoccupied, either. If his hands could touch it, then they were there. One of his hands cupped your breast while the other played with your clit, making you feel as busy and full as the bustling road you were just on. A highway to heaven, you could call it.
Usually, Juyeon was the louder of you two. He did all the talking and you did all the reacting. Now though, you were the one doing both. “Juyeon,” you cried out, all your mouth could churn out. You made an effort to squeeze your thighs shut though he worked against it, parting them again and holding them in place. If this was the edge, you were hanging by a thread thinner than a stick.
Your orgasm hit you like a twenty-thousand pound truck, and no matter how quiet you may have tried to be, you couldn’t prevent the burst of his name from between your lips. Your thighs quaked and your face scrunched in pleasure and it was like you were shocked by lightning with how electric the sensation was. Your chest hiked up and down as you tried to collect your breath, though once you caught a glimpse of Juyeon, you were mortified and felt as though there was no air.
You just squirted.
“Hey, hey. Baby, relax.” Juyeon laughed, wiping his face. You had no idea where the napkin came from, though you were too mortified to pay attention to anything, even his pretty hands. “I didn’t expect it, but it was still hot.”
You felt your whole body untense at that, and you admitted he was right. He had looked hot with his face painted wet, lips dripping, and his eyes boring into your skin. He thought it was hot for the opposite reason, though. You looked beautiful, crying his name ecstatically and inhaling and exhaling deep breaths as you came hard.
“So,” Juyeon broke the silence. “you good?”
You nodded, feeling collected again. You weren’t sure how long that would last, though. “Yeah.”
“Can I fuck you now?”
You nodded again, “Ye– Wait, we don’t have a—”
“Condom?” He smiled, waving the item in the air. You blinked a couple of times, wondering where the hell he kept all of these things, but you cared more about getting his dick inside you to ask.
“Okay. Now you can fuck me.”
Juyeon shimmied out of his pants and boxers, not allowing a second of time to go to waste. His erection stood tall as he rolled on the condom, and he pressed the tip near the entrance of your pussy, but stopped himself in his tracks abruptly. “Tell me if you want to stop, ‘kay?”
You hummed and then Juyeon was thrusting himself inside of you, stretching you out. You moaned as he slid inside you: the process was swift and easy considering you had already came once from the tremendous orgasm he had given you only moments before, and now he was finally filling you up with his dick. Allowing you adjustment, his first few thrusts were slow, but he knew when he first slid in that he wouldn’t be able to resist you and it wasn’t long before he had found his own pace.
“Fuck, you’re so… tight.” His face scrunched up in pleasure. You had never seen him so near speechless before. “Gonna fuck you so good, baby.”
Mark his words. Your dress had rose up meaning Juyeon had a magnificent view of you, and that only relieved him that he was fucking you more. You felt purely amazing, walls clenching around his dick as he slammed his hips into yours for the first time, and summarizing the feeling would be saying you felt full. His dick fit perfectly inside you, slipping in and out with ease, giving you a mutually blissful experience. His fingers still played with your nipples as he brought you into a brand new world, definitely worth all the waiting you had done.
Your moans blended with one another in a perfected harmony, sounding so blissful above the noise of skin-slapping clouding the area. Juyeon muttered something about how he should have fucked you sooner, and inwardly, you agreed, wondering why he kept the two of you away from this. You almost didn’t even want to go to the party anymore, thinking, knowing you could have more fun in a bedroom somewhere. What mattered now though was that he was as deep in you as deep got, expressing no intent on pulling away from you. He let you pull him closer, wrapping your legs around him and grabbing the thick lumps of hair on his head. You wanted to feel every single inch of him as he did you.
Juyeon’s lips parted in a moan and his head lolled backwards and you swore you could have come right then. The car felt hot, your skin felt hot, Juyeon looked hot, and as long as you had him, you were safe to melt into him, your bodies molding together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Together, you spelled out a beautiful picture, where everything just fit so nice and snug, as if destined to be this way. You yank on his hair as Juyeon striked your g-spot, making you cry out his name. “What, you like that?” He asked, repeating the action. Your physical reaction was a better response than a verbal one, tugging his locks once more and clenching around him. He grunted at the feeling; this was how you knew you both weren’t going to last very much longer. Not if he kept fucking you like that, so fucking good, and not if you kept clenching around his dick.
“Does that feel good, babe?” Juyeon asked you breathlessly. You nodded lazily in response, too deeply immersed in the feeling to do otherwise. “No one else could fuck you this good, right? Only me?”
A particular thrust made you cry out his name again before you get the opportunity to respond, giving him his answer clear as day. Your insides had turned to mush by now and you felt so close again, chasing your sweet release, craving it more than anything else right now. Your mind blurred out everything as you were built up and crashed down, deafening the sound of a final moan and Juyeon’s honey-sweet groans. His hips stuttered to a stop, and you felt time practically freeze as you came. Your whole world shook with you included.
Juyeon pulled out and it was silent for a moment, though not awkward. You two collected your breath and let what just happened register within you. First of all, you had just had sex in a car. In public. And lost your virginity. And it was fucking great.
“Do you feel okay?” Juyeon asked once his breath was tame.
Pfft—okay? Only okay? After he just made you cum twice and it was incredible enough to leave you nearly goddamn speechless? “I feel great.”
“Anything hurts?” He’s still persistent on making sure you’re alright. “Your head, your legs, your-”
“Juyeon,” you said, and he paused mid-question, gazing at you attentively. “I’m fine. Better than fine, actually, by a landslide. So don’t worry.”
Juyeon smirked and then his lips parted to say something, but you beat him to it.
“If you’re going to say something cocky, please refrain.”
“But you love when I get cocky. Don’t you, baby?”
You scoffed. “Who said that?”
“You,” he gestured his body towards yours. “You may not say it, but your body tells me loud and clear, my love.”
Your face flushed, and you decided to ignore the words that had just come out of his mouth. “Anyway,” you found your panties and put them back on. “So, we have a party to go to, right?”
Ah, right, the party. The biggest event of them all.
“Sure do, babe.” Juyeon smiled. “And I can’t wait.”
Although math may have been his all-time favorite subject, somewhere in the term ‘plus one’ seemed to be something Seonghwa did not understand.
He had four girls on his arm when you saw him, two on his left and the other two on his right. They’re pretty things, drop-dead gorgeous in outfits that outlined their bodies flawlessly. Though you had no idea who any of them were, judging from the way Juyeon was gawking in surprise, you had a feeling that he might.
“Is everything okay?” You asked, eyeing him with genuine concern.
Juyeon nodded, though it didn’t feel reassuring. “Yeah, peachy. Do you see the guys?”
“You mean minus Hwa?” he nodded, and your eyes scanned the room momentarily before they somehow spotted Jungkook and Haechan amongst the sea of red cups. “Yeah, there.” You pointed.
He gestured for you to follow him and you both make a beeline for the duo, who were chatting with another near the stairs. Your stomach churned when you stepped in front of them; you could handle being in their individual presence, though you realized that you had never been with this many of them in one frame. All you needed was Seonghwa to seal the deal, and then you would be standing before four guys that had seen parts of you most of the world hadn’t and never would.
“Did you know?”
Juyeon interrupted their conversation, and Jungkook and Haechan looked back and forth between each other and him. “Know what?”
“About Seonghwa, Aira, Nik, Alessa and Kyla.” He said, and spectating, you expected it to all come together like puzzle pieces, however neither of them seemed to have any idea what he was talking about, staring at him dumbly. It was almost amusing, especially since neither of them acknowledged you.
Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed, completely lost and confused. “What about them?”
Yeah, what about them? You asked inwardly, not because you knew, cared, or understood the situation, but because you were on season eight of everyone’s business, and as long as they didn’t acknowledge you, it felt as though you were watching reality TV.
“I saw them when we came in.” Juyeon gestured to the area you had just come from with his shoulders. “He’s got all four of them on his arm like charm bracelets.”
You had zero clue what in the hell they were talking about, but honestly, you felt for Seonghwa. Four was the lucky number.
Haechan gawked. “All four?”
Juyeon nodded.
“And you’re sure it’s them?” Jungkook asked for Haechan who stood still in shock. “Aira, Kyla, Nikola and Alessa? Not just look-alikes, right?”
“Yes, Jungkook, I’ve fucked all four of them at least once—I know what they look like.” Juyeon rolled his eyes and you sipped your metaphoric tea. If they were his ex-flings, then the commotion made sense.
“Having a family reunion without me?”
The sudden fourth voice stilled them all, and it was like slow-motion how their bodies turned to look in the direction of the sound. Seonghwa stood there, no girls on his arm this time and you wonder where they all went. There was no way he had just abandoned them, was there?
“Hey, Y/n, you look lovely.” Seonghwa greeted you. You smiled, making him your new favorite again since he actually acknowledged and complimented you. “Hey, Hwa. Likewise.”
“So,” Seonghwa broke in a grin, wrapping his arms around the shoulders of Juyeon and Haechan. “care to enlighten me on the conversation?”
Neither of them seemed willing to enlighten him, caught off-guard and still appearing shocked. You held back a sigh, deciding you’d do them all a favor. Spending time with Seonghwa was fun anyways so it wasn’t like you minded at all.
“Seonghwaaa,” you called, making yourself seem as disinterested in the conversation as possible. “They’re just talking about boring stuff. Come entertain me.” you giggled, and with that started your journey to the drink table. As expected, he followed you, not before muttering something you were too far away to hear to the guys, though.
“Thirsty?” Seonghwa grinned widely.
“Yeah,” you replied, scanning over your drink options reluctantly. “Are all these alcoholic?”
“Hongjoong and Hoseok managed the drinks, so yeah, probably.” he laughed. You quickly moved your hand back down to your side: you wouldn’t trust those two with a rock, let alone something you were going to consume. “Whatever you do, don’t get drunk.”
“Yes, sir. Didn’t plan on it.” you murmured.
For a split second, Seonghwa’s eyes went wide though you couldn’t really tell why, and he had returned to normal in a matter of seconds.
“Good,” Seonghwa wrapped his hand around your waist. “because you look good enough to eat and I hate having to resist you.”
Your face flushed, but before you had the chance to reply, you heard someone call your name.
“Y/n! Hwa!”
You blinked, then turned in the direction of the noise to see Angelina. She looked gorgeous, her dress the same shade of her favorite color and matching her make-up. You hadn’t expected to see her here, though you should have realized she was coming. She knew about the party and what time it was happening.
“Angie!” You wrapped her in a hug. “Did you and Juyeon do the do?” she whispered, wiggling her eyebrows.
Your eyes widened. “Be quiet!”
“I am being quiet! I’m literally whispering!”
That was no whisper.
“I mean, shut up. But if you really need to know, then yes. And before you ask, he’s amazing.”
“Oh my god, you’re getting out of your little shell. I could cry.” she faked a sniffle.
“I feel like I’m interrupting something.”
The both of you froze, and separated seconds later. Angelina greeted Seonghwa and he dapped her up, postponing the Juyeon talk as conversation broke out between you three. Somehow, Seonghwa found himself beside you again, rubbing circles against your back. It wasn’t unusual - he had a habit of doing that to you - but for some reason, you couldn’t concentrate. Seonghwa was the opposite, seeming completely and entirely engrossed in the conversation occurring. He was grinning and laughing and unfazed. So you needed to faze him.
And luck was on your side. Haechan walked by, and you immediately called him over.
“Yes, Princess?”
“Could you go get me a popsicle, please?” You asked him sweetly, looking at him with innocence shimmering in your eyes.
Expectantly, he agreed.
“Thank you.” You kissed his cheek, and for a second he was stunned, stammering ‘you’re welcome’ and went to go get you your popsicle, returning only moments later.
You sucked the ice-cold treat into your mouth, and the conversation carried on smoothly until one of Angelina’s friends came over to speak with her. You didn’t stop though, ignoring the urge to look at Seonghwa because you could feel his eyes boring deeply into your flesh.
“You got us all wrapped around your finger, huh?” he said, and only then did you look at him.
You hummed around the frozen treat, your muffled version of a ‘huh?’
Seonghwa bit his lip. “Don’t do that.”
The popsicle slipped out of your mouth with a popping sound, and you feigned innocence, looking at him with such purity in your face. He knew better than that now, though. “Do what?”
“Play innocent—act like you don’t know what you’re doing or what effect it has.” His hand halted its movements on your back, only to pick up where it left off on your thighs. You mimicked his action of biting his lip, though that was because you were trying not to make any noise. The crowd was a particularly loud scene, but your friend was only inches away from you.
“I think you’re just dirty-minded, Hwa,” you tried to tease, but your breath had gotten stuck somewhere in your throat.
“Yeah? You saying that if I touched you right now you wouldn’t be wet?” You nodded. You were in front of a bunch of people, it wasn’t like he would check. “C’mon Angel, between you and I, we both know you’re nowhere near as innocent as everyone thinks you are.”
You were dead wrong. Where anyone could see, Seonghwa’s hand slithered up your dress and you put the popsicle back in your mouth so that you wouldn’t audibly moan. You shuddered and it definitely wasn’t because of the damn popsicle: you could feel his fingers through the fabric of your panties, and his low laugh made you weak. Seonghwa leaned in your ear, voice a whisper, “Liar. Only bad girls lie, and you know what bad girls get?” he tore his hand away. “Punishments.”
You had not meant to turn Seonghwa on this much.
‘Turning him on’ was already an understatement, you think you accidentally awoke the demons in him because all the resistance talk he liked to give you was gone, out the window, and you thought you were dealing with a different person for a moment. Seeing you in your dress was already knocking the wind out of him, but then you called him sir and seductively sucked a popsicle right in front of his face, and that was definitely his breaking point.
“You gonna steal those, too?”
That night, you didn’t realize instantly. In fact, you went hours thinking you had genuinely lost your underwear even though they were lying on your sheets moments before. You even considered them growing legs and escaping before you considered that he had stolen them, but once you realized where they’d gone, you were quite impressed. Livid (those were a personal favorite!), though impressed. Something about the way Seonghwa smiled made you want to forgive him though—even while he was lying through his teeth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now be quiet.” He shoved the fabric in your mouth before you could sound a response and you guessed he hadn’t planned on stealing them (not now anyway. He was probably saving them for later, you wouldn’t put it past him).
With your mouth stuffed with your panties, everything you said now came muffled. Seonghwa laughed as he reached for the cup of ice resting on the nightstand, and you quickly remembered the punishment he had spoken of. You were confused when he grabbed the ice from the kitchen on your way upstairs, though asked no questions. Now though, you were wondering if you should have.
“I’m gonna have so much fun with you,” he murmured, more to himself than towards you.
Seonghwa saw your naked, doll-like body as a toy to be played with, therefore meaning he was going to do exactly that. Instead of bending and twisting you however, he pinned you down against the sheets and picked up one of the ice cubes from the cup. You shivered, feeling the chilly contact of ice as it smoothed over your bare, sensitive nipple. In contrast to the cube, your body was warm and heated, so the cool sensation gliding over your skin felt pleasurable in a way you hadn’t expected it to. You liked it, despite the frosty feeling. Cold, melted water trickled down the skin of your breast, resulting in you crying out through the cloth about how cool it was. That didn’t deter Seonghwa though, only making him more determined if anything. He looked fascinated, watching how you gasped and squirmed underneath his literally ice-cold touch. There was zero warning as he ran an experimental trail over your clit, and your reactions grew more extreme. Your thighs squeezed shut, and a muffled mewl of his name parted your two lips wide.
Seonghwa mentioned that the panties in your mouth were because you were very loud more than it was because seeing you in such a way turned him on. While it did turn him on, hearing you moan his name turned him on more than anything else. You tried negotiating, promising that you could be quiet, but you had already done enough lying for the night.
Deciding it had been neglected, Seonghwa grabbed another ice cube and pressed it against your other nipple. Your breath got trapped somewhere in your throat and you felt as though you were being frozen into an ice statue, piece by piece. You squirmed and whimpered each time, but each time again he would be unfazed, simply moving you back into his desired position and looking at you with something dark glistening in his brown eyes.
You had never seen him like this before, so overcome by lust that he didn’t even seem like the same person anymore. This was out-of-character, so much that he hadn’t even acted like this the other night with you. Then again, he had mentioned several times that he was struggling to hold himself back, so perhaps this was the side of him he was trying to resist revealing towards you. Nonetheless, you were enjoying him regardless, him exposing his bare self to you, how he was and what he liked and what you never imagined you’d be into as well, yet here you were, soaking every piece of him up like a sponge.
“You’re perfect, Angel,” he praised absentmindedly, dragging the ice against your skin.
“Sir—” you tried to say, and it wasn’t entirely useless because he understood you enough to hum in response.
“Almost done, I promise,” his thumb smoothed over your bottom lip and you quivered at the feeling. “Just a little bit longer, yeah?”
Somehow, you found the ability to nod your head, though you were so overwhelmed that tears began to fall from your eyes. “Good girl,” Seonghwa whispered in your ear, making you weak to your damn knees. You wondered why he didn’t wipe away your tears like he usually would’ve, and if only you realized how this all was just getting him off. He tried his hardest not to show it, but innocent things like you sucking a popsicle or fantasizing about him in church of all places; odder things like stuffing your mouth with your underwear, making you cry from dragging ice across sensitive parts of your body; it all drove him mad and made him want to do nothing more than fuck you until it physically hurt to continue.
‘A little bit longer’ was defined by ‘until the ice cube melted and you were shivering and blinking back tears and your body was cold and wet in more ways than one.’ Like ocean waves on a beach shore, relief washed over you the moment Seonghwa’s warm mouth attacked your delicate skin, kissing gently at your thighs, to your stomach, to your collarbone, until he was at your neck and fighting the urge to mark you up and down. For now, he smiled at the array of hickeys he had left on your breast, how they had gone from bright-red to a deep purple, and that was when something in him snapped.
“Fuck, I got to get in you. Right now.” Seonghwa hissed. If you could tell him to do less talking and more moving, you surely would have.
After disposing of what was left of the ice cube, he slipped on a condom he had pulled from the drawer and without further warning, he was sliding his length inside of you. A half-ecstasic, half-shocked combination of a gasp and sigh sounded from between your lips as you felt his cool hands grip your waist suddenly, and you reached for the gentle smoothness of the sheets. There was a subtle taste of reluctance in his actions in the beginning, though once he caught a glimpse of this version of you, attempting a beg for him to move through your stuffed mouth and your pussy leaking with arousal, he couldn’t stop himself.
Seonghwa had faltered briefly, though it was over sooner than it had begun. An instant noise of bliss fell from his mouth and plopped down onto your dampened skin in disbelief that you felt so magical, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he had been chasing for years now. Now that he had you right where he wanted you, he could easily say that the other side was much more beautiful than the side he came from. This was something he had imagined to solely exist in his dreams.
“Fuck,” he exhaled in content, “you’ve been keeping this away from me?”
More than either of you would have thought, you enjoyed this raw side of him. Where he was whole and complete and let you slip through his cracks, blossoming something new. You thought back to when he admitted that he had wanted you like this for years now, shutting your eyes for a brief moment as your mind formed the picture of him stroking himself to you. He mentioned wanting to fuck you in the miniskirts you’ve always liked to wear, and if you had known that they had this effect on him, you would have worn them more often. Hell, if either of you had known that you were both this dirty, things would have been different a long time ago.
Deep as deep got, you could feel Seonghwa. He buried his length inside you, making you feel utterly completed. You let the sting of the ice fade gradually, letting him make your skin feel simultaneously hot and cold in a different way. His touch sent shivers down your spine but made you feel warm all over at the same time. Hwa found your g-spot soon, and seconds later you were moaning endlessly into the fabric, digging your nails into his back. He audibly hissed, though if he was negatively affected by the action he was doing a damn good job at hiding it.
Your head snapped in the direction of the door, but Seonghwa was unfazed, keeping his rhythm and never once faltering. Anyone who was searching for you would simply just have to wait until he was done with you, and he was pretty sure the wait wouldn’t be too much now: with how warm, wet and tight you felt around his dick, he was going to last much longer.
Seonghwa pulled your panties out of your mouth, and your eyes widened as the sound of your breathing and unrestrainable moans occupied the room. “You wanna cum?”
“Yes, sir,” you breathed out in a voice an octave above a whisper. You’d be damned if he thought you didn’t.
“Then be nice and quiet for me,” he grinned, “unless you want Angelina to know how you’re my Angel.”
You shook your head and sank your teeth into your bottom lip, though you doubted you’d be able to successfully follow his instructions. You were already struggling with small moans now and he was hitting the right place, so nice and deep and filling and absolutely perfect—plus, you’re louder than an airplane’s engine when taking off when you’re approaching your orgasm.
You tried, you really did. There was your bloody lip to prove it, but he wasn’t making it any easier while you were getting closer and closer to the edge, and it just slipped out. You moaned his name incredibly loud that it felt like it bounced off the walls and struck you right in the face. Seonghwa didn’t pull any ice from the cup though (it was probably melted by now anyway). He didn’t pull away at all, didn’t show any intentions of stopping. You weren’t sure what you expected him to do, but it wasn’t any of that. Instead he grunted, and drove his hips into yours quicker.
Seonghwa groaned. “I’m gonna be lenient. So either cum now or you don’t cum at all.”
Like magic, it all came pouring down. You subconsciously tugged on his hair as you came and his face scrunched in a combination of pain and pleasure, his thrusts sloppy, your legs shaky, both of you losing what little composure you had left. It felt like a spell was cast upon you the moment you heard him moan your name: you were dazed and the orgasm hit you a billion times harder.
Seonghwa came crashing down beside you afterwards, arm slouching around your waist. He smiled at you shyly, and you couldn’t believe he had it in him after what he’d just done.
“Sorry if I was too rough,” he rubbed his neck.
You laughed, breathlessly. “You… I can handle your roughness. Surprisingly, you’re never too much for me.”
His eyes widened dramatically, “Are you flirting with me?”
Playfully, you pushed him. “No! ‘m just saying. I was kind of nervous about the whole ice thing, but I liked it and that caught me by surprise.”
Seonghwa nodded, wearing his usually playful grin now. “That’s good. I’ve always wanted to do that to you, but I was worried it’d scare you away,” he laughed. You wondered what all he had been fantasizing about, meanwhile he was thinking about how you had only gotten a small taste of what he was really like. “But we’re also not done yet.”
You quirked an eyebrow. “We’re not?”
“Nah. You’ve got a long night ahead of you, Angel. Now come on and get redressed.”
Speaking of which, Angelina, wherever she was now, had said that you were in for a treat tonight too, but that was because of Juyeon. Plus, Seonghwa said ‘we’, talking about you and him. But why would you go into an entirely different place just for a second round? The night was young and you didn’t know what to expect from it.
If you had a dollar for each time you had stood anxiously before a door in the past week, in wonder of what was being concealed behind the wood, you’d be rich on a yacht somewhere with your family and a couple of friends, though still somehow probably wrapped in this dilemma. Okay, maybe rich was a stretch—you’d have three dollars—but this had still happened three times too many.
Sometimes, Seonghwa was unfathomable. He did things and you never initially understood why, but he’d always show you and then it’d make sense. So you never questioned him. But right now you were drowning yourself with an overwhelming amount of questions, and since you were already at your destination, you only had time for a single question.
“What are we doing?”
Seonghwa cast a simple gaze, not saying too much or too little. “You’ll see.”
Vague. And so was his grin.
He pushed the door open, dragging you inside behind him. The room had a bed, but it was no bedroom—it was likely 3 times larger than the one you were previously in, able to contain a couch, the three men that sat on the couch and several tables all without feeling too crowded. Wait, three men? Sitting on the couch? Your eyes gave them a once-over, and you realized they were all staring at you in anticipation. You also realized the setting held a deep contrast to the rest of the house, as though they were having their own, separate party.
And somehow, you ended up in the eye of it all.
“Surprise?” Seonghwa said in a tone that sounded more questioning than it did enthusiastic. Ruling out the possibilities - especially the one that this was some surprise birthday party because that day was nowhere near - it was safe to say you were completely surprised. You had been in the presence of all four men, hell only around an hour ago, but this was different now. You were all alone, they were practically devouring you with their eyes this time around, and as Seonghwa brought you towards them, you felt cornered, hunted. Like prey and they were your predators.
“What’s going on?” Your voice was small as you asked, genuinely and utterly confused.
Haechan laughed, “She’s the most oblivious of them all, guys.”
I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. His words rang in your head like a bell until realization dawned upon you.
Your eyes widened, and you searched far and wide for the right words, but they didn’t come. “You—knew? I mean, I knew you all knew, but you…”
“Precious, we knew before you did.” Jungkook’s laughter rang throughout your ears, the sweet noise bringing you some peace. He tapped his lap, “come sit.”
There was no thinking required as you obeyed, you just did as told. Jungkook slid his fingers into yours, resulting in you looking down at his larger, jewel-embellished hand, and being embarrassingly turned on by the size difference. You wanted to hear their explanation though, and shuffled to find comfort in the new position.
“Hey,” Jungkook grabbed your hips, holding you in place. “Unless you want me to skip this part and go straight to fucking you, stay still.”
“She likes doing that.” Seonghwa commented, recalling you doing the same thing in his lap just the other night. “Oblivious little thing.”
Juyeon scoffed. “Oblivious is right. Baby, do you know why we brought you here?” You thought about it briefly, and there was only one answer that made sense. The same reason either of them had ever brought you anywhere private, closed-off from the rest of the world. “Because you want me?” You whispered. Silence consumed the room whole, so you knew that they had all heard you.
Satisfied enough, he nodded. “That’s true. But do you know why we want you? Over anyone else?”
Shaking your head no, you began to wonder why yourself. Of all the people they could choose to target they had chosen you, and you didn’t understand what was so special when they were attractive enough to pull any almost girl they wanted. There were several gorgeous girls in the school, but you were the lucky number one. So then, why you?
“Because I bet you felt like the goodest girl in the world before you met us, huh? Then you met us and we didn’t even do much but uncover some dirty little secrets of yours. We made you want to do some things you never thought of doing, didn’t we?”
You soaked up each word, because they were true. You never thought about taking advantage of being the principal’s daughter to break rules, never thought about being ate out or having ice rolled across the most sensitive areas of your skin until you were numb. You never looked at someone’s hands and thought about them fingering you with their rings on, or ever wished someone would just take you in the classroom while no one was watching. Not until they came into your life and changed it for good.
“You know what we call this game?” Jungkook asked, holding your hand in his again. His breath tickled your neck as he whispered in your ear, “Corruption. And you know how you win?”
Tentatively, you shook your head. “How?”
He smiled. “By being the first one to make you cum. So tell us all, precious, who was it?”
Your eyes scanned the room, and you took in everyone’s appearance in a new way. Haechan looked defeated, already knowing he had lost; Jungkook seemed as though he knew but didn’t really care; Seonghwa didn’t seem like he cared either, staring at Juyeon in amusement; and Juyeon was smiling from ear-to-ear with pride.
You pointed with your free hand, “Hwa.”
Juyeon’s smile fell. Haechan and Jungkook looked surprised. The moment you saw Seonghwa grin though, was the moment you realized something. They may have known who you were with and what you did with them, but not if they successfully made you cum. That kept the game tense up until now.
“What?” Juyeon broke the silence. He looked the most shocked, staring back and forth between you two in incredulity.
“You heard the woman, it was me.” Seonghwa laughed, leaning off of the table. “Anyway, now that this part is over, can we get to the main dish? I know I just had her but I’m still starving. Unless you need a moment to, you know, let your ego recover.”
Juyeon shook his head, “When did this happen?”
“The night before you invited her.” Seonghwa shrugged then looked at you. “I think we should postpone the interrogation if Y/n wants to do this.”
Before you could even ask, Jungkook had beat everyone to another question. “Y/n, you up for a fivesome?”
The question took you by surprise, though you expected less from Jungkook.
“Shit, you didn’t have to dump it on her like that.” Haechan laughed at your stunned expression.
The four of their heads turned to look at you and aside from the surprised faces, no one reacted immediately. You swallowed, feeling slightly uneasy from the undivided attention combined with the almost utter silence, but it was all short-lived.
“Say less,” Jungkook said, hoisting you up abruptly into his arms. You gasped at the feeling of being lifted in the air though it was over before it started once he laid you down. His lips dragged against your skin lightly and gentle, as though you’d break if he was any rougher with you. You saw the others circling you both, watching you like Jungkook was demonstrating something and they were learners. You knew that that couldn’t have been too true though, they were all unflawed as far as could tell from your experiences with them. Hell, their experiences were ever-so greater than Jungkook’s but that was because they got your clothes off.
“Shouldn’t we do the system? Get some order around here?” Juyeon suggested. His eagerness was evidently soaking him like sweet.
“Sure,” Jungkook grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him instead of Juyeon. His lips found yours, enveloping them in a brief kiss, “I’ll do the honor of going first, Haechan can go second, you go third and then Seonghwa.” He replied between kisses, and the thought of being shared by them had you right back where you started, horny with no explanation why except for them, and you guessed that that was all you really needed. “Now, you take this off for me, okay, Precious?” This, meaning your dress. “Because if I do it, I’ll be tearing it off of you.”
A nod of your head sealed the deal and the dress came off as easily as it could tear. He still kissed you, but went for your chest now, throwing off your bra in a matter of moments. You sucked in a breath as his mouth latched onto your nipple, the feeling catching you off-guard and forcing a sharp cry of his name from between your lips.
Haechan muttered something about preparing you for him—Jungkook—and you didn’t really acknowledge the meaning of his words until you felt your panties being yanked down your thighs and his tongue lick an experimental, languid line at your folds, like he was testing the waters. You were wholly exposed now, the air pricking your skin though it was alright because you had felt things cooler. He had only gone at you once, but you had memorized this routine. Haechan started off slow, torturing you with the unhasty pace of his tongue until the muscle began to move expertedly in skilled motions. The present was no exception, and his hands parted your legs for access.
The pace was torturous. You bucked yourself in his mouth but to no avail; he held your hips in place, and you especially weren’t going to close your thighs now. The only relief you were getting was from Jungkook savoring the taste of your nipples in his mouth and while the feeling was enjoyable, you were greedy for more.
“Haechan,” you cried out, “faster!”
Haechan pulled back entirely and you whined. “What’s the magic word, Princess?”
“Please?” You whispered, sounding so small and desperate and doing that thing with your eyes that made them weak that you only recently even discovered you did. “Please go faster?”
Third time really was a charm, because Haechan gave in and started eating you out for real this time. He did it like he had to, like he needed to rather than because he wanted to, and you were making all kinds of euphoric reactions. Moans were one, reaching out for something to grab was another, and your back was arching and you were squirming around. It must’ve been a sight for sore eyes because it provoked a sound from Seonghwa, and only then did you remember that he and Juyeon were still standing there, observingly.
Things only got better from there, which was, simultaneously, shocking and unshocking. Shocking, because there were only so many words in existence that you could use to accurately describe what you were feeling, and you were beginning to run out, moaning out incoherent sentences. Though also unshocking, because you already knew that he was a professional and an expert at this point. The feeling of his tongue penetrating your entrance was so fucking—you couldn’t put it into details if there was dictionary in front of you—inexplicable, your vision was already being clouded white.
Juyeon and Seonghwa came into your vision, flashing you playful looks. You couldn’t even ask them what they were doing, moans slipping from your mouth each time it parted. Thankfully they seemed willing to initiate, and you wondered what words would fall from either of their lips.
“Seonghwa tells me you’re a natural at blowjobs and handjobs,” Juyeon began, eyes raking over your body and absorbing all your reactions. “Wanna put those pretty lips of yours to good use for me, baby?”
You nodded. Moments later, Juyeon had forced his dick inside your mouth and your hand was wrapped around Seonghwa’s yet again. You attempted to focus on making them feel good too, but there was already so much going on, and it was especially impossible to concentrate when Haechan was eating you out so good you were sure you’d forget your own name if no one gave up the pet names. It didn’t seem that you were doing a bad job though: Juyeon was tilting his head back and Seonghwa was groaning like he typically did, a noise you were familiar with by now but would never grow too used to.
You had to admit, the sight was beautiful and what you could hear was just as equally alluring. The pair looked breathtakingly, both their lips parting into moans as their heads lolled back, and the sweet sound of your name sounding from their mouths went straight through your ear and marinated in your brain. You could hear how badly they wanted you, shit, you could feel it too. Hollowing your cheeks, you tried to take Juyeon as deeply as you could, and you remembered all the things Seonghwa liked when you first got him off like this.
“God, you feel so good, babe. Seonghwa’s right, you’re a pro.” Juyeon moaned, and the sound was so, so nice? There you were, running out of words again. That you swore you could have come right then, and even if you didn’t, you were damn close.
“Damn right she is,” Seonghwa was in no different condition, appearing to be on the brink of an orgasm himself. “Such a good girl, aren’t you, angel? doing it just how I taught you.”
Good girl. You moaned just a little louder then, and there was no way Seonghwa hadn’t known what effect those two syllables had on you, he was smirking a little too hard.
Juyeon had seemed to enjoy the way you moaned around him, sounding even louder than you whenever you did. It only helped that Haechan was doing a marvelous job, using his fingers now if his tongue and mouth weren’t already pushing you towards the edge. Haechan might have been a fucking tease, but god, he could put his mouth to use, and it was over once he found your clit.
Your orgasm was approaching. You could feel the knot forming in your stomach and even from the outside, it was obvious: your thighs were trembling and your moans may have been muffled from Juyeon’s dick, but that only meant he could feel how close you were getting. Only the other night did you have your first orgasm, but now you were about to be on your third one of the evening.
Until, routinely, Haechan pulled away. You whimpered in dissatisfaction, now convinced that he simply just had a thing for edging you because this was like the third time now. He only slipped through your fingertips with a sly smile though, liking how he could give you the world and then take it away from you a little too much.
“Kook, you better hurry up and get over here before I take your turn,” Haechan said, licking his lips. “Which I’ll do gladly. She looks delicious.”
Despite being the one to take you over to the bed in the first place, Jungkook was probably the most patient of the four. Somehow he had kept himself entertained with your breast and now-swollen lips all this while. Jungkook shot him a glare and freed your breast from his mouth. With the effort of him and Seonghwa, they were marked all over, some recent marks red and the older a purplish shade. He had also stirred away from your neck, aware that you’d likely be doomed if your family saw.
Speaking of Seonghwa, you were taken by a load of surprise when you felt something warm dripping over your skin, and you heard the melodious sound of his voice crying out your name. You had been absentmindedly still giving him a handjob, too caught up in your own pleasure to realize. Juyeon’s orgasm occurred little afterwards, and by then your body was painted in their cum.
“Look at you, beautiful,” Juyeon cooed, wallowing in the sight. “Covered in cum like a little slut.”
“Yeah, you’d look even better riding me,” Jungkook added as he reached for a condom, smiling broadly. He may have been the most patient, but that didn’t mean his wasn’t also running thin.
Jungkook moved but not in the way that Haechan had told him to, he stripped himself and stayed on the side of the bed he was already on and pulled you towards him. He tugged his shirt off and wiped your stomach clean before grabbing you. You were in his lap now, his hands positioning you in place.
“You ready?” He whispered in your ear, and the sound had you dripping and nodding desperately in response.
His name rolled off your tongue the second you sank down on him and he moaned loudly as he felt your walls clench around him upon entrance. Jungkook was definitely on the bigger side of things, so his size took some time to get used to. Once you did relax though, you were almost effortlessly bouncing on his dick like there was no tomorrow.
Jungkook’s hands found your ass and his rings dragged a cold sensation across your skin. The size of his hand was absolutely nothing new to you either, but the way he was able to cup your ass cheeks made you feel so small even when you were the one on top of him. What you didn’t expect, however, was for him to be this vocal. Obviously, he was outspoken, but he was also loud. Not that you were complaining, he sounded gorgeous and had a voice the equivalent of silk.
“Jungkook, you hogger,” Haechan groaned, discontent at how Jungkook was making zero effort to share you. No one could blame him though, one amazing body was difficult to share amongst four and he’d feel selfish too if he was in you.
Jungkook moaned as he spoke, “Whatever. Go get the mirror while you wait.”
Haechan grumbled audibly though he didn’t argue, bringing the mirror across the room as told and knowing exactly how Jungkook wanted the item positioned. You didn’t pay any attention to the mirror, let alone what they were saying until Jungkook leaned into your ear.
“Look at you, precious,” he murmured softly.
You blinked, lost. “Huh?”
“In the mirror,” he gestured to the tall glass with his shoulder, and you lifted your gaze, seeing an identical image of you. “Look at how pretty you are like this, taking me so well.”
Jungkook was a man with a lot of love in his heart so he always praised you, and each time his words made your heart want to flutter out your chest. You weren’t sure what made you more shy though, the conpliments or the fact that you could see yourself perfectly in the reflection, but it all made your heart swell and you fell deeper in love with this.
“She does look amazing like this,” Seonghwa agreed, and your cheeks burned every time you remembered all four of them were there, watching you, but no one seemed bothered or to care. “I’m sure she feels even better.”
“She does,” Jungkook exhaled in bliss, “so warm and tight. And wet, I thought I would drown.”
If Jungkook could sense how aroused their words were making you feel, he didn’t say anything, but there wasn’t really a need to. You were visibly falling apart on his dick and even a blind man could tell. Moans of his name slipped from your mouth as you continued to watch how you fucked yourself on him, your walls pulsing around him and resulting in him calling out your name ecstatically. The two of you fucked like this for a while, you moving up and down on his dick in a repetitive motion. Using his shoulders, you pushed your hands against the surface of the blades to anchor yourself. Eventually though, your legs and thighs began to feel tired and weak, and you tried to force yourself to continue but it only prompted a trail of tears from your eyes.
“Jung—Jungkook,” you whimpered, your thighs shaking as you attempted to holster yourself up. He hummed in response, lifting his gaze. “I can’t move anymore. It hurts.”
“Yeah? You need me to fuck you?” He asked, wiping at your tears with his thumb.
“Yes, please,” you sniffled. “I need you to fuck me.”
At that, Jungkook smiled. He then grabbed the pair of handcuffs off the nightstand that you hadn’t even known were there and fastened them around your wrists before he lied you down without a second thought and spread your thighs apart gently before he began slamming his hips into yours at his own rhythm. You remembered the conversation you had in the library, when he asked you about your kinks you responded with bondage, specifying the handcuffs, and the sound of them tightening around your wrists made your stomach boil in excitement.
“So pretty when she cries,” you saw how Haechan’s eyes flared with lust and amusement.
Jungkook grabbed your chin with his thumb and index finger, forcing you to look him into his eyes then at your own reflection in the mirror. “Eyes on the mirror, sweetheart. I want you to watch.”
As you watched him fuck you, you realized this was exactly what Angelina meant by you being ‘in for it’ tonight. Those girls on Seonghwa’s arm must’ve been in your position in the past, and if they went to their old school, that explained how she knew everything before you did. That explained every word of the conversation you had on the phone, and she was probably somewhere thinking you were having the best dick of your life right now. If she was, then she wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t surprised because Juyeon went after girls like you—they all did. The innocent type that they could teach and the blank canvases they could paint before anyone else got the chance to lift a brush. The ones that knew so much yet so little, the curious ones that were eager to adventure. She wasn’t surprised because you just so happened to be right up their alley.
Haechan approached you, the sight of you making him lose his patience. The order was fair, but even being second, the line was too long. “Wanna repay the favor, Princess?”
“You didn’t even let me cum.” You replied bitterly.
The first time Haechan edged you, it was when Jungkook was fingering you, being the first time anyone had ever touched you there. It would have also been the first time you came, but then he skulked around the corner and gave you the scare of your life, also ruining your chance of orgasming. The second time, of course, was when he was eating you out in his bedroom. To be fair, he might’ve let you cum if his mother never arrived and if you two would’ve ended up resuming, but the last time was on purpose. The last time was today, only moments ago, and it was a cruel action.
“Never said I was going to make you cum. I said I was going to prepare you, and I did that, didn’t I?” He smiled tactfully, well aware that it was impossible to argue against. “Trust me, baby, it’ll all feel worth it once I get inside you.”
So you ended up sucking him off, and he became the third person to experience how naturally skillful you were with your mouth. Some porn videos and one furtherly-realistic training session with Seonghwa had gone a long way because now you had Haechan’s sweet noises filling up the air and you honestly didn’t think you’d ever heard him moan before. If you had, then you definitely didn’t recall, but he was planting the sound into your memory.
Eventually you, Haechan and Jungkook all came, the latter spilling into the condom, Haechan gawking at how gorgeous you tried to take all his cum in your mouth (feat. Seonghwa subtly bragging about seeing it first by making his own comment), and you savoring the earth-shattering pleasure.
Now that it was his turn, Haechan forced Jungkook out of the way, repositioning you over the bed before he slid his length inside, and he was unsurprisingly correct: it all did feel worth it once he got inside you. You had had dick in your pussy at least four different times tonight alone now, but the feeling of them dragging against your walls had yet to bore you, even while you were starting to feel sore. As if you hadn’t already been stuffed, Juyeon came over anticipating his turn, a bottle in his hand.
“What’s that?” You asked curiously.
“What’s it for?”
Juyeon smirked. “You’ll see.”
And boy, did you see. ‘Cause he sure did show you, in fact, he did more than show you, he had taught you hands-on. You felt entirely full, Haechan’s cock deep in your pussy and Juyeon’s deep in your ass. The few times you had thought about anal, you imagine how uncomfortable it’d probably be, but Juyeon proved to you that if done properly, it could be magical. Something else accompanied Juyeon’s presence though, and that was his need to touch you. His hands may not have been in anything particularly, but still roaming your body, you felt as though you could explode. If as little as another finger came your way, you were likely going to burst.
So of course, Seonghwa followed with his dick, claiming you had an occupied mouth and that that was enough for him. You took him too, Juyeon and Haechan’s sharp thrusts giving you less work to do and producing more moans from the male. He talked about you, but he sounded like an angel, like a gift from god himself, crafted by his bare hands. And having three things in your three holes, it was overwhelming in a positive manner.
Like dominos, you all came one after another. Your body was purely exhausted, and you collapsed against the duvet. Their bodys fell like yours, and the sound of skin-slapping, moans, and other sinful noises soon molded into heavy breathing as you reached out blindly for your breath. Somehow you felt like you had a billion thoughts but not many at the same time, in a daze, something trance-like, temporarily stunned by the pleasure as to be broken by how much you had taken.
When you snapped out of it, Seonghwa was taking you out of the cuffs, concern thick in his voice. You blinked, confused. “Huh?”
“You spaced out,” he said. “Are you okay?”
You may have been acting like you hit your head too hard or something, but you were definitely okay, more than. You felt amazing, inside-out, thoroughly and utterly, and you probably just had been fucked stupid, that was all there was too it.
“Perfect.” You smiled. “Don’t worry.”
“I want to keep you,” Juyeon commented out of nowhere, and you stared at him in evident confusion.
“Keep me?” You repeated.
“Not like a pet,” Juyeon laughed. “Usually when we do this, we don’t keep them around much longer. Well, I thought we didn’t, but then Seonghwa proved me wrong tonight.” The man in question snickered, though didn’t say anything. “It’s not a rule or anything though, we just typically avoid it. But since you’re our last, I want to keep you around. If that’s okay with you, I mean.”
Your smile grew wider. “I’d like that.”
“Shit, me too,” Jungkook joined in the conversation. “I’m not even done with you. I know you’re into more than we got the chance of covering, and I’d like to figure it out with you plus apply it alone. Without having to share you without anyone else.”
“Same. So can you all go to sleep so Y/N and I can both have some alone time?”
The other three boys stared at Haechan like he just said two plus two equals twenty-two, and you laughed, thinking to yourself how this is something you could get used to. It might have taken some time, but you could definitely do it and they would make it so easy for you. You wanted them, too.
“Jeez, don’t look at me like that. It was just a suggestion.” He muttered.
“What we can do,” Seonghwa grinned, wrapping his arm around you. “Is go again.”
“I dibs first!”
“Haechan, you’re a grown man talking about dibs.” Juyeon shook his head. “Anyway, I dibs second.”
“I think I should go first.”
“No, you didn’t dibs.”
“That’s for kids.”
“No, Trix are for kids.”
Haechan had a pillow thrown at him.
Yeah. You couldn’t believe these were the same people that just fucked you, but you could get used to it. You could let them in, let them spice up your life. You could let them use you for their games as much as they wished even if they were giving this one up, but you were through with round one, and you were more than ready for the next. Now that they had, in their terms, corrupted you, you wanted nothing more and nothing less than them. You’d break some rules and you’d lie and hide and sneak around if it meant that you could be theirs from now on.
Their angel, their precious, their princess, and their good girl.
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freesiablooming · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In episode 5, 권민우(gwon min-woo) calls 우영우(woo young-woo) "우당탕탕(u-dang-tang-tang/ipa: udaŋtʰaŋtʰaŋ)" rhyming with her name. 우당탕탕 is description of sound when somethings are falling down to the floor with a loud noise. You can imagine a scene where a clumsy person trips over their feet and stacks of books they were carrying all falling down loudly. He is making fun of yongwoo's clumsiness.
In response to that, young woo calls him 권모술수(ipa:kwʌnmosʰuls̕u) also rhyming with his name 권민우. 권모술수 means machiavellianism. Well not exactly same meanig but similar enough. She is calling him cunning and sly who would use any tactic to win even if he has to be dirty. He looks offended by it. (But why would you? You've looked down on youngwoo and called her 우당탕탕 first?). I thought this scene needed more explanation. I love how young woo never lose an argument.🤣
plus when su-yeon asks young-woo to make her a nickname, she suggests "최강동안(babyface)" and "최고미녀(most beautiful woman)" rhyming with her name 최수연(choi su-yeon).
*post edited after episode 5. It was originally written after seeing preview of episode 5*
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glowmiko · 8 months ago
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎𒀭 ‎ ‎ ‎ꜝꜞ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS. DILUC RAGNVINDR.
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNING. virgin!diluc, afab reader, implied she/her pronouns. some repition😊, sex at angels share, oral sex (m & f receiving.) lots of kissin, not really degrading more like teasing, nicknames / pet names. (baby, good girl, pretty baby, 'luc.) maybe mean diluc.. more like overly teasing diluc, finger sucking, fingering, clit play, hair pulling, missionary, creampie (never gettin tired of these 😵‍💫) possessive diluc(?) mentions of corruption. (lol his excuse to put the blame on u.)
CAMI THINKS. 4 solars 1k event !! happy 1k my lil stinky sol MWAH iluvyew fr @xianoii . I heart my baby luc too -__-* minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
ഒ ۫  ּ   ﹗ ˖  ་ the sensation his body felt each second he pictured you was inevitable. the sensation that rushed through each grimy vein of his. the sensation was mind fucking. yet, a man like him— he couldn't get over it. your touch, your scent, your smile, the glisten in your eyes, it was a never-ending prescription of bliss. he could feel his pulse through his fingers, bones twitching at the thought of you. perhaps, he could even tell how many heartbeats thumped in his chest.
you're cunning, the way your hips sway with a swift hug to the air— it isn't purposeful, and he knew that, yet feelings stormed inside his mind as clouds of lust shed his emotions. the want to stroke his fingers through his hair is undying; you're making him go berserk without the true intention of wanting to. he's driving himself mad, sweat dampening the edges of his hairline, bags lying beneath his crimson hues… at last, he could feel the overdue feelings taking over.
Tumblr media
you'd sway as light laughs cling to your lips. you were always the life of the tavern, holding women and men by the hand, inviting them to a platonic dance as loud talking overwrites the low music. it was always like this when you were there, and diluc would coincidentally accompany the bar. you'd keep maintenance on your drinking, only ever holding light wine, never overdoing it— nobody could guess as to why, but nobody dug deeper. truthfully, you fancied keeping your head clear each night you'd visit angel's share, as you'd always nag to stay behind and assist him.
diluc would find himself staring off at you, watching as you frequently walked up and down the spiral staircase, your pestering offering hand cleaning up the floor. he would have the rag rimming the glass, peering up at you behind the loose hair that played as bangs. and that's exactly how he found himself in this situation.
embarrassment isn't even the perfect word to use. cheeks stinging from how his temperature rises, drops, and rises again. you were nearly cooing up at him, the way your hand holds the fat of his cock in such a manner— you're not who he thought. not at all. yet, he couldn't feel a single useless droplet of regret. spit pools in your mouth, pushing it back out as you patrol the bulging veins running across his cock. his hand scurries along your scalp, fingertips feeling fuzzy as he draws away from the urge to pull at your hair. he's doing his best to treat you perfectly. but, the way your tongue laps around his girth, it's vile— or at least it should be with the way you're so effortlessly inhaling him. his hips tweak as you swallow him, fluff grounds of your mouth nearly gulping him down, spit coating his length as your tongue spins underneath the weight of him. his palm bunches up your hair, tugging each time you hit a nerve; adam's apple sliding up and down his throat, waist leaning against the countertop as he relishes in the invading heat of your passion.
moans roll through the hollow cavern of your throat, stimulating him as the vibrations rumble against his dick send haunting shivers down his spine, retracting and returning as he airs his breaths in and out. "s-shit..!" he bit his tongue back, hips bucking up at your jaw, rubbing your head in circles that forced your head to bob in a spherical formation. a grunt grazed his cock, eyes growing watery at the abrupt motion. your eyebrows furrowed up at him for the slightest second, nonetheless jerking your hands at the base, spit spilling on his heavy balls.
his previous image of you was ruined. polluted. rather, it was refurbished with something much better. seeing you the way you are— you're the prettiest of them all. thick cum leaking from the cracks of your swollen lips. your heads' forcibly leaned back, his wrist in which grasped your locks quivering as his fingers latched so harshly against your scalp. formerly drool-soaked lips dried up as his broken breaths fanned over them, releasing your hair as his hands gripped at the counter; relishing in the grace of the aftermath. the hair that rested up in a ponytail sagged, hair-splitting from the band, referencing the look of split ends.
your knees felt pinched from the movement he forced upon your head, successfully dragging your knees back and forth along the softwood. "wan' s'more help, baby?" your lips thumped, they ached as the edges nearly croaked in sadness from the adjustment. your hand toyed with the loose sleeve of his shirt, vest lazily dropped on the counter, luckily clinging onto a slightly chipped corner.
"you think you could?" he hummed as his lips peppered yours, tongue smothering your lower lip as it slipped past the caging of your teeth.
with a brief pause, you giggled. "you came so quick..." your fingers ran up his face, smoothing down light lines. "you a virgin?"
he becomes unbalanced, he didn't think you'd be able to figure him out... did you still want this— want him? his hands stroke the wood, fingernails scratching at it.
you giggled once more, winding up a small peck on his lips. "mm, that's real cute.. gonna show me what you got, yeah?"
he should be disgusted, shoving you away as you kiss him with the same tongue that lathered his cock; but he doesn't. it's comforting how gross it was— perhaps he only felt this way because it was you— or rather your words. either way, his hand cuffed around your waist, swapping places, suddenly shoving your hips against the wood.
gentle moans fall under your breath, hoisting up strength, sitting up on the freshly clean countertop. your fingers drew small shapes across his jawline, legs locking around his back, slowly reeling him closer and closer. your hand wraps around his, still, hard-on. releasing yourself from his entrancement of kisses, almost cupping his length in your palms, your ears turned up at the squelches being made. he's sticky with spit and leftover cum, a new layer of pre-cum plastering him. "like that?" you cheered up at him, unoccupied hand pulling your skirt up. "gonna fuck me here?" you were taunting him, new found information making you feel.. superior.
diluc should retaliate. but he doesn't. and instead, his body takes over his morals, fascination swabbing your tongue as he forces your back down, head slightly hanging off the plank. "disgusting… that's what you are." he huffed, fanning your lovely skirt over your thighs, watching as your hands ran to hold it up. his lips work up a quick smile, his hand grazes your hip, thumb smoothing down your inner thigh. what you're wearing… it's awfully inappropriate for his bar. "mm, how dirty of you." his fingers slide past the skimpy panties, rolling the lace against your farthest thigh, pushing it aside rather than removing it completely.
you're itching with desperation, doing your hardest to not lift your hand and scratch away at your skin. bowing his head low, heavy and warm breaths fanned at your slobbering cunt. "please, 'luc…" a small sigh flows easily from your mouth as his thumb rolls over your clit in the smallest of circles, you could swear they were threatening. he's bending his fingers, wrist flipped as the padding to his finger runs up your slick slit. diluc tuned into your feeble sounds, finger slipping past your hole, bending his digits as the thumb of the same hand abused your clit. your back relaxed, morphing into the perfect position as the gloved skin slid against your walls, fingertips poking you lightly.
your body's churning, nearly sizzling as spit collects itself in the pit of your tongue; lust throwing itself against the heat of your body, almost as though it's established a wildfire. your thoughts knocked over one another, the rough material of his gloves fucking you endless— you can't murmur a word, nothing is being done by you other than letting moans fall off your lower lip and down to his ears.
his lips meet your drooling slit, and so, your hips find themselves jerking up against his face, the haste stripe of his tongue making your body jerk. his mouth latched onto your labia, lolling his tongue around like a slithering garden snake— you, such a garden in which possesses the prettiest of tulips, and him, the pesky yet enchanting intruder that has no experience of wanton views tarnishes your allure.
your body moves on its own will, thighs quaking in weakness as his hands forced your legs down as tears threatened to bundle against your waterline. "need to ride it out?" you knew what it was he spoke of, and with puffy eyes and a frown, you nodded. it was hell. or at least, you felt as though you were in hell. he wasn't the clueless virgin you thought upon him, rather he knew everything he wanted, everything he desired to do, but saved each twisted moment for the time needed. it sickening. the way he knew what you needed— he even knew how your body responded, he knew how your legs would kick and stretch as his tongue slid in and out of your gushing hole. in the smallest knick— smallest, stuffiest corner of your mind, you somehow found the great satisfaction in that.
his palm slapped the side of your leg, reeling you in closer. he kicked off his pants with ease— thanks to the button you'd slipped out its socket from earlier. "gonna fuck you.." his fingers pressed against the wood, tapping it. "right here, you'll like it though, won't you?" he was rambling on and on, slapping your closed thighs.
somehow, in some sick and twisted way, arousal dripped off your cunt. he was far more vulgar than usual, and archons' did it feel good. "need it now, please, baby.." your teeth chewed on your lip, soon to be thumping from the swelling of your aggression towards the fluff flesh.
it's all it took before his hand grasped his hefty girth, rubbing the tip against your cunt, circling and teasing you like a shark with its prey. his waist sunk, deeper, deeper, and deeper. and with the slightest feel of your cunt wrapping and adjusting around him like the most skin-tight latex glove, he already started to grow attached. he swallowed a moan, grunting instead. your leg slipped from its folding, brushing and rubbing against his waist. you lost track of your fingers, digging into the mane of his cherry hair, tugging him closer to your face as you swallowed him whole.
heavy airy breaths caved and escaped your chest, loose leg now resting on his shoulder as the other folded into a shape that matched with a horizontal 'v.' as your lips matched with his, his waist bumped your thigh, a groan rolling off his tongue as your pussy did a light squelch against his girth. you hummed, eyelids shedding over your hues. that's all it took for him to press his overly large hand over your thigh, rocking his hips, feeling the way your ankle nudges his shoulder with each thrust. he grunted, kissing his teeth, "suck." he offered you two gloved fingers that still dripped in the essence of your arousal, prying your mouth open as he sat his fingers on your tongue.
"'luc, feel so good!" you submerged his length with your slick, tears almost welling up in your pretty eyes from the way he's pounding into you. your head leaned back, webs of spit flying onto your collarbone and chin, his fingers hopping off your tongue, sliding on and off the countertop as he serves your cute moans with utmost aggression.
"fuck—" he's spitting venom, your thighs resonating a certain warmth and sting that represents the way he submits all his anger into the way he's fucking you. his face cranes its way to yours, a sour kiss of spite pecking your lips. "wouldn't you look all pretty if someone walked in?" a chuckle slides off his mouth, teeth grazing your nape as he laps his tongue around the circle his lips have formatted. "my pretty lil' baby? she wouldn't mind, would she?" possession leaks from his mouth, thumb smoothing down the edge of your jaw, listening to your mewls as he pounds the base of his messy cock at the brim of your thighs.
"mm—" he interrupted your moan, rather forcing a grunt out of you. "no, baby— I won't care..!" your hips rejoice with his, sliding closer against him, as your body rocks with him, matching the rhythm, the speed, and the touch he gives you. you shut your eyes. squeezing them closed so tightly as your legs shake, trembling against him as his thrusts become thick rather than runny; breath caught in your lungs as you suck in the oxygen patrolling the building.
with your leg slumped over his neck, he shoved his body as close as he could to yours, sloppily swapping spit with you as his hips lost control, flinching against your skin, cock twitching as his fat glob of cum slowly leaked around your inner skin. "shit, baby…" he huffed, sighing as you yanked on the roots of his hair.
you were as beautiful as ever. confidence flooding your eyes as your hands caressed his warm chest. your legs were sloppily thrown at each of his sides, sliding off his broad shoulders as the other clung to his waist. the lingering scent of fresh and musk cologne nipping at your nostrils. your lips drew blood from the tight grip your canines had on them, his hands stroking loose hair that stuck to your face as murmured words swapped themselves between the two of you. his heart was pounding so horribly, sweat making your skin collide and stick to one another.
ambition took over, the nails to your fingertips scratched his scalp, your hips grinding against him with a rhythm so irritatingly slow. your tits pressed up against him, radiating the heat that flowed off your skin. you're menacing, the way your dazed eyes look up at him as your eyelids bag over the majority of your stalking gaze. he played into each of your moves, adjusting the way his hips hugged your own, your thighs squeezing with each twitch your body shuffled.
realization hit him, and it hit him horribly hard. trashing his own place like this? he sighed against your neck, finding comfort in the way your fingertips stroked his scalp. he knew why he'd done this— it was you. it was you who'd corrupted him. the way you strut every day, the way you smiled at him every time you could— it was completely your fault. he wouldn't have fucked you in his shabby tavern— on the same counter he slides mugs and glasses on if it wasn't for you. no, no. diluc ragnvindr would've lost his virginity in his home, on his bed, entranced within the welcoming sheets. even if he was a virgin, even if he had fucked you so maliciously, even if he instigated to fuck you against his very own island.. it was all because of you. a manipulating monster is what you were, a cunning, pretty, charming little devil.
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❝ hold your breath, dim the lights. I won't say you're safe this time. here and now, you're mine tonight. ❞
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REQUESTS : I would like to have a nsfw with prompt 6 with Dazai Osamu please!! If it possible can u make it with PM Dazai?? / Can I request nsfw prompt 6 with dazai please? / Omg, regarding to prompt 6 with Dazai, I don't mind if u will make it as a dark content!
NOTES : both of you requested the same character and prompt, so i combined the two ideas together. i hope you like it!
TW/CONTENT : general smut, minors do not interact!, nsfw, manipulation, implied breeding kink, dark content, unhealthy relationship, undecided reader, fem!reader
Tumblr media
“Eyes up here, belladonna.”
You raised your eyes, twitching in fear as you looked up to your lover. He was smiling at you — such a sweet smile yet it gave shivers up your spine. Not from the growing butterflies in your stomach but the growing nervousness.
“Are you scared now? Oh, no no. Don't tremble like that, sweet girl.” he whispered as his hands trailed onto your shoulders. He eyed you, which forced you to lock your eyes together. Pressing your lips together, you tried to make an excuse — anything to cool his invisible anger.
“D-Dazai. I.. I didn't mean to—"
Your words were cut off by a sudden seize on your jaw. Dazai smirked as he leaned down, making your lips and his touch each other. He spoke to you in the softest hoarse voice against your lips.
“Shush~ I never say you have to explain. I get it already.”
“No, you don't..! Let me explain, please..! Chuuya was just helping me from those men—”
Your words were once again cut off by a harsh grip on your throat. Your breath hitched, eyes teary as you tried to mutter another word to clean your name.
“He.. he was just—”
“I never say you are allowed to talk, naughty girl. Guess Chuuya's hands on you could change your obedience to me, hm? Why? Do you want that shortie to touch you more? Do you want to be his puppy, then? You seem to not flinch when he touched your waist.” he said. Any ounce of sweetness in his voice disappeared — only to be replaced with malice and clear jealousy.
“No- Dazai! Listen, please...! I beg you to listen..!” your voice came out hoarse from your throat. Your tiny fingers wrapped around his wrist, begging him for a little mercy.
“Chuuya was just helping me— I swear! I swear we don't have anything! I swear I don't cheat on you! You know I won't leave you, right? You're precious to me. I won't abandon you, Dazai..!” you said, giving him a broken smile. Dazai laughed a little.
“I like to see your fingers on me,” he replied, completely ignoring your pleading. His hand trailed from your throat to your face, sticking his thumb to your lips, rubbing them gently before he pushed his thumb into your mouth.
“I'm not a fool, naughty girl. I saw how you relaxed your body around him. Why, hm? Do you feel safer by him than me? Do you feel more comfortable if he's beside you? Then if I invited him here, could I breed you nice enough without having you exploit your safe word over and over before I could even cum in you? You sure like to say it when you know this cock is throbbing hard when it's in your cute cunt, hm?” he asked. You shook your head fast. Tears dripped down to your cheek. You could only let out a gagged sound as he pressed his thumb hard on your tongue.
This wasn't a healthy relationship — almost everyone could see it at the first glance. Your superior — this executive of Port Mafia also was your lover. But knowing how he's far darker and more sinister than the current Boss, many were speculative about your relationship. It was always wondered — why don't you leave him yet?
Well, can you actually leave him in the first place?
Chuuya, his partner wasn't that of a fool either. Dazai is a cunning man and as your friend, he often backed you up whenever he sensed Dazai was being an asshole — which was very bad to your advantage.
It's your fault for being so slutty that Chuuya likes you.
It's your fault you're being nice to that shortie.
It's your fault for making the relationship with Dazai look worse.
“Remember, naughty girl. This is all your fault that you ended up like this.” Dazai muttered, kissing your cheek before his lips trailed to your mouth. You accepted his kiss — else, the consequence would be severe.
Dazai pushed your body down to the soft mattress, pinning your body down while his lips never left you. You could feel his hard boner grinding against your clothed core. Your body betrayed you — every fucking time and you hated it.
You hated how easy you were. But you had to give yourself props as you often managed to mutter your safe word despite him fucking you stupid to not let him cum inside you. You wouldn't dare to bear a child — it was a fear for you. It was quite a relief that Dazai always stop whenever you muttered your safe word. But he would have you milk his cock with your mouth or jerk him off with your tits.
You and he were naked on your shared bed. “You have the nicest skin.” he praised, tracing your body with his knuckles as the bandages around his body came loose. Dazai sighed in adoration — your body under the dim orange light in the room. You looked beautiful — yet so sinful.
He knew — no matter how much you tried to push him away, your heart and your body dominated your mind better. Rationality is only temporary to you — only there when you were at your disadvantage in fear of getting hurt physically. Once you have to get what you desire from him — either sex or affection, you will crawl back to him anyway. It all disappeared once he took control.
That is why you are still with him after all. He provides sex and affection the best for you — out of all people you had dated before. It was incomparable.
Undecided girl, you're such a fool if you think Dazai wouldn't take any chance to bend your mind. And you aren't a fool — you knew he was manipulating you to an extent. He could read you like a book. And you should feel cautious yet your heart thought it was such a sweet gesture that he perceived you so right.
“No more safe word, baby,” he muttered when he kept thrusting his fat cock into you. He buried himself deep, letting the tip of his cock keep pressing that spot in you. Your eyes rolled back, seeing stars. This is too dangerous. This is not safe at all. He was already leaking in your cunt as he fucked you raw.
You were worried but his voice conmforted you more than anything else.
“I promise I'll make it good.”
“That’s it, belladonna. Breath slowly. I'm here.”
“Ah, yes... Let out the beautiful noises, naughty girl.”
You whimpered, hands trying to push him away yet your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. “D-Dazai. Please... wanna cum..! I'm sorry already..!” you whined, bucking your hips up to meet his thrust. He groaned as his thumb pressing your rosy clit harder.
“Hush, darling. Not yet. I need to make sure you're still my sweet girl. And tonight I'll make you mine forever.”
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