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bmgh-writing · a year ago
Hey, pssst, i know this is a lil long, but it's important!
so we all know google been Getting Too Big For Their Fucking Britches for a while now-- personally idc if a company sells my data to give more personalized ads, so that one didnt trip me up. what did trip me up was google manipulating search results to create echo chambers for users, and running large-scale psychological experiments to change users' behaviors without their knowledge or consent (I'm sick so i only found one link, but the company admitted it so there'll be more if u look it up)
so I'm switching! but the two biggest roadblocks to get me out of my google fleshmeld (i use p much all of google's services daily ^u^") were 1. the Research to find good alternatives, and 2. switching over all my email accounts
If ur like me, and you want to switch but are having a hard time carving out time to do the research, i have done it for you!
so, without further ado, here are my recs for google service alternatives!
(I have only included alts that have good privacy protection, clean/friendly interfaces, and the ability to be used on desktop or mobile)
Docs/Sheets/Keep/Drive -> paper by dropbox! (such a nice interface, although I'm still testing this out for myself)
Gmail -> mail.com! (you can pick your own domain name!!!! ie [email protected]/cutey/catlover/accountant/email/clubmember/coolsite.com)
Maps -> OsmAnd (i haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a good one)
Translate -> DeepL
Chrome Browser(desktop) -> Mozilla Firefox
Chrome Browser(mobile) -> duckduckgo (so smooth and clean)
Chrome search(mobile or browser ext) -> swisscows
feel free to add more, if u know them!
and please remember to hold companies accountable for their bullshit. Google is big, but we got alternatives to almost every one of their services, and pulling away is not impossible. It took me 90 minutes to switch over every email account I have.
And join that strike on oct 15!!! <3
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keiachi-chan · 10 months ago
Attention, all. I have a proposal.
Stop using ladies and gentlemen!
plus a cool and fun alternative
My reasoning? Simple.
Ladies and gentlemen:
-what are you, about to start a opera show?
-They/them + neopronoun erasure
-boring and dull
-doesn't apply to the people of today as we are all feral little beasts & rats
-too formal
Gamers and Besties:
-new and exciting
-can be used in any context
-not gendered
-very cool and sexy
-nice and casual
-applies to anyone
Please consider switching to Gamers and Besties instead.
Feel free to share so your friends can also use this cool term
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draw2much · a year ago
I’m Back to Linux
My hatred for Microsoft, disdain for Apple, and my generally anger at Google has reached all new heights this year. I decided to look into Linux again.
You can put an entire Linux operating system onto a USB thumb drive and boot from that, which lets you try the OS without installing it. I decided to try Pop!_OS because it’s pretty (lol). While I was trying the Pop!_OS out I was shocked to discover my Kingston SSD was failing! That was the hard drive that had my Windows 10 installation on it!
I immediately got myself a new hard drive (Samsung EVO this time). I could have installed Windows 10 on there but I thought “What the heck, let’s go for it!” and installed Pop!_OS instead. 
It’s been a surprisingly wonderful experience. 
Pop!_OS is somewhere between Windows 10 and ChromeOS in terms of user interface. It hits all the right notes for me, in that sense. I really like how it functions, easy and it’s very pretty! I like it way more than Windows 10 anyway.
Linux has gotten better with gaming. As long as it’s not multiplayer, a lot more games are built to run natively now. Valve’s Steam has a nifty compatibility feature for Windows-only games, which gets better and better every year.  GameHub and Lutris fill the gap lefts by Steam. I’m not going to say Linux is AS GOOD as Windows, but it’s good enough for me.
Some years ago I went from drawing enthusiasts to barely drawing hobbyist. What that meant is that I don’t draw, specifically digitally, much anymore. Some of the best drawing apps are on Windows/Mac. What little drawing I do doesn’t require anything that fancy. And for that, Krita is MORE than enough (almost too much) for my needs.
Speaking of that, I have a Yiynova monitor tablet that had become useless on Windows 10. Every time Windows updated, it broke the drivers. I have no idea why and no amount of searching gave me any answers. And 2020 was the Great Windows Update disaster. It felt like every month was a new update... or two. Making my tablet useless until I got around to reinstalling the drivers (which required 2 reboots). 
But on Pop!_OS the drivers are included AND THEY WORK PROPERLY. Now I don’t have to wonder if my monitor tablet will work after I update something. It just will!
In general, native-Linux apps, open source (FOSS) programs, have come a long way in 5 years time. They all feel a lot more polished and comparable to, if not better than in some cases, their Windows, closed sourced counter parts. You can get just about everything from the Pop Shop (similar to Google Play or Apple Store, only not evil).
All this to say, I really enjoy Linux. If you’re like me and just using your computer for office type stuff, consider switching. It’s free, it’s usually easy, and it’s more secure than Windows or Apple. Lastly, and most importantly, no one is harvesting vast amounts of information from you to sell to 3rd party companies (even if only indirectly). 
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italian-malmostoso · a year ago
Tumblr media
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tooquirkytolose · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
World’s Strangest Meet Cute
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slitherbop · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
#slitherdraws#kirby#bandana waddle dee#gooey#kracko#BEEN PLAYING SOME KIRBYS I HAVE and watching speedruns/playthroughs#HOLDING MYSELFBACK FROM RAMBLING. KIRBY MAKE ME EMOTIONAL#IM VERY NOSTALGIC#tumblr user nintenerd64 told me I can ramble so IM GONNA DO IT#SO I FOUND MY 3DS#I GOT SQUEAK SQUAAD WORKING IT HASNT WORKED IN YESARS#THAT S ONE OF THE HANDHELDS I USED TO PLAY A LOT#I WISHi coulda got canvas curse working but it’s all bitten up#Kirby is a slippery slope#cuz now I want to play all the games from the beginning#I played a bit of games like Kirby’s adventure and Kirby’s dreamland 3 and Kirby super star#on the SWITCH and their EMULATION ON THAT THING IS FUCKED UP?!???#it’s SO SLOW AND LAGGY BUT THAT MUST BE MY INTERNET BUT STILL SAD#anyway I found out Kirby’s adventure is what nightmare in dreamland is a remake of#that BLEW MY MIND… I PLAYED THAT SO MUCH AS A TINY KID WHEN I HAD A GAMEBOY ADVANC#ALSOALSO I’ve Kirby super star as Kirby super star ultra before BUT the one I hadn’t played before#is Kirby’s dreamland 3 and as someone who’s first kirby game was kirby 64 THAT GAME MADE ME SO EMO#THHE MUSIC…THE WHOLE FEEL OF IT PRETTY#I LUV THAT TO 100% IT U GOTTA HELP PEOPLE 🥺🥺#OK OK SO AFTER TRYING OUT THOS .. I found my game of KIRBYS DREAM COLLECTION#WHICH HAS THOSE GAMES AND MORE!!! it’s for the wii and my wii has trouble playing games so I hope it works#I’m especially excited that it has KIRBY64 that’s my favourite n most nostalgic#I have a bunch more games I would like to play again as well#I’ve been happy I been playing games again lately#BRUH I HIT TAG LIMIT LMAO OK IM DONE TALKING HAHA
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catzgam3rz · 2 months ago
NOTHING is more fun than sitting down with kids while they’re playing Minecraft.
Yes please explain to me how flint and steel works, I’m so invested on your past arson tales. Hell yes I want to hear about what a dark oak biome is
AND I get to feel smart for explaining basic mechanics. I am so powerful small child. here’s how to tame this donkey.
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theartingace · a year ago
Horses are really fragile animals. Is it still a death sentence for a centaur if one of their equine limbs gets hurt? Or can they help it somehow?
Oh god, now I'm thinking of amputees and how those would work
Horses are SUPER fragile, or maybe more like delicately balanced.. but particularly their crazy spindle-legs which centaurs get to deal with! But a big part of why hurt legs are a death sentence for horses has less to do with "It kills them" and more to do with quality of life, which a centaur can get around! A horse with a broken leg doesn't understand it can't put ANY weight on that leg for an extended period and will attempt to go about their daily life and act normally, which basically guarantees re-injuring the bad leg and a high chance of injuring the other 3 legs as they try to cope with the change in balance and weight distribution. It all leads to a really poor quality of life with almost no chance of truly healing properly. The story of all they did trying to save Barbaro the racehorse is a long sad story that illustrates a lot of the issues even with modern veterinary medicine with trying to deal with a broken leg in horses.
Thankfully with centaurs, They understand the need for healing, are able to manage their own quality of life and have the gear to support themselves in the time it takes for the injury to heal!
Tumblr media
Also perfectly good for long term use in the case of aging, amputation, or general disability! Which is common with the front legs and lower backs of centaurs given the unusual stresses caused by their body-plans. They were created with thicker and more robust front legs to cope with the permanent added weight of the torso instead of a horse head, but injury and disability in that area is still very common!
Tumblr media
Injuries to the hind are less common and usually less severe, and given the hind legs bear less direct weight than the front they can usually get away with wraps and limping until it gets back to weight-bearing. Something like a rear amputation or ruptured tendon would probably require a custom harness/brace attached to a wheel like these and/or basically a peg leg!
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buggachat · a month ago
Absolutely no pressure to answer this, but I’ve been getting curious what with what’s currently going down in the Bakery Enemies AU! Do you intend to end it shortly after the reveal, or do you have plans to continue the plot re getting the kwamis back and finding/taking down the real peacock holder?
Basically, the "end" of the comic that I have in mind still has some loose ends. I was kind of planning on doing some epilogue comics to tie them up, or even like little short snippet comics of little jokes or cute moments or what have you.
I can't completely guarantee that I'll do them, because when the comic is done I will probably need to go back to doing the other things I've been busy with, but it was sort of the plan.
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decamarks · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LOOK WHO I'VE BEEN WORKING ONNNNN still a lot of little tweaks + additions i wanna make, but here's a very quick render just to show off what i have so far >=) also bonus screenshots of the model. he has SO many different little options (not pictured: animated static glasses, pupil/eye rigs, like two more outfits + accessories, etc) and i'm just having way too much fun over here basically.
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paperhatcollection · 7 months ago
You know, one of the fun things about looking into the subway twins in the aftermath of PLA (and as someone who tends to skip the battle subway in B&W) has been realizing just what fun characters they are. The two share one brain cell whenever they’re in a room together. Literally, speaking the same lines and doing the same actions in sync. Even when apart, they tend to gravitate to the same ideas and wants (granted, in their own ways), the same kinds of Pokemon, and fixate on the same objects. Which- yeah. They’re identical twins. That tracks.
It’s when they’re apart that the differences start to accumulate.
On one hand, you’ve got Ingo: the one with a perpetual frown on his face, wears darker clothing, and whose primary partner Pokemon is presented as the floating goth ghost chandelier: Chandelure. (Fun fact they’ve both got one- in fact the majority of their Pokemon overlap, but most media (and fanwork) depicts Chandelure as being one of Ingo’s).
At a glance, you’d expect him to be serious and formal at best- until you walk into his train at the end of the single battles and he starts cheerfully introducing himself and excitedly starts the battle, or when you beat him and he applauds your victory and cheers you on. Or in Pokemon Masters, where he’s actively distraught by the fact people have trouble reading his facial expressions and so will loudly explain how excited he is and how much he loves battling whenever he enters a room.
Even in PLA, where he’s rediscovering who he is along with everyone else, he still clearly enjoys the same hobbies- not only fights himself, but seeing other people have great battles. He’ll just straight up have a heart to heart about his personal feelings and predicament with a stranger he just met an hour ago, can’t resist a smile from a good battle, and despite the fact he’s clearly lost the light behind his eyes, is still such a friendly, helpful soul who genuinely wants to see the best in everyone. (it would be so funny to see the reactions of the PLA crew seeing normal-Ingo and what an aggressively friendly ball of sunshine he actually is. It’s just something missing from most ‘Ingo is reunited with his brother and memories’ fics).
Then on the other hand, you’ve got Emmet. The Subway Boss who drifts through life with a smile on his face, wears lighter clothing, and whose primary Pokemon is a big poofy colorful dumb looking bird whose better at running then flying. And whose most famous line (I like winning more then anything’) is one of the longest sentences he says to the player in the original game.
In contrast to his brother, Emmet speaks in clipped, factual statements. While loving his Pokemon and battling, he views his team through a very strategic lens, wanting the best, perfect combination of moves and strategies. Even when you beat him, he announces how much fun he had fighting you in the same matter-of-fact way he has of speaking (he lost. You are verrrrry strong) and ends on a very simple note that you should ‘ride the trains more often!’. In Pokemon Masters, he’s much more detail orientated then his brother, questioning the Player for all sorts of details about the location and what they look for in a good battle. He’s still very clearly excited to fight the Player, and to bring the Battle Subway to a new location, but has a very ‘there is nothing in life more important then winning’ attitude that’s just barely friendly enough to stop him from having a threatening aura. It’s also worth noting that, despite the two of them both sharing the same title, Emmet talks about how much he looks up to his brother and respects him as both a trainer and in individual.
When you fight both of them in B&W, Ingo will have a whole conversation with the player about the nature of team battles and trusting in your partner as much as you trust yourself. Emmet has a serious of short quips that are no more then three words each. We get the feeling that, where his brother has trouble expressing himself with his facial expressions and falls back onto his words so that people’ll understand him, Emmet has trouble expressing himself with his words and has learned to use his facial expression to project how excited he is outwardly- large smile, over the top gestures despite his simple sentences, a sparkle in his eye so that people are actually willing to approach him and don’t get scared off by this ultra-stern rules abiding boss at the end of a train.
When you beat them together, Emmet comments on you having a good combination and being strong, and it being a fun battle. Ingo applauds the player but also reminds them that beating the two of them was only one milestone in their life, and actively encourages them to go on to do even greater things further down the line. Emmet seems like a very here-and-now kinda guy, focusing on the life that’s in front of him, while Ingo is focused on the line ahead and what he can do now to prevent regret in the past. (Which is ironic, isn't it?).
Also if you search up clips of the two from the B&W anime, one of the only straight clips you can find is a 30 second clip of them investigating someone (*coughteamrocketcough*) messing with the subway. In it, Ingo wants to get to solve the mystery to protect the city and the people who use the subway. Emmet focuses on holding the guilty party responsible. They also naturto run on the subway tracks, which is very important.
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superbellsubways · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
theres been ship dynamic memes floating around on twitter so I made one
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natsmagi · a month ago
Tumblr media
that one meme circling twitter
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vlezietale · 2 months ago
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Switch Roles AU
Miraculous Ladybug
All < prev < Part 2 > next
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grahamcore · 2 months ago
rip will graham you would have loved animal crossing
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carlyraejepsans · 3 months ago
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mama does a blep
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athenas-atlas · a year ago
Tumblr media
February 5 2020 National Nutella Day I cheated a touch in this picture. We don’t use Nutella or any palm oil products if we can help it. I try to source everything as fair trade, green, sustainable as I can. I mean everything. It’s almost obsessive. I’ve even been talking about implementing meatless mondays. Our tooth brushes are bamboo. I use beeswax wraps. Instead of Nutella, we use Kraft hazelnut spread. You’d never know the difference but at the risk of sounding righteous, I think it tastes better from all the morals and lack of deforestation 😉😉 Nutella recently claimed that they use “sustainable palm oil”. It doesn’t exist. The demand is too high. It doesn’t grow fast enough. It just isn’t possible to have sustainable palm oil. Instead, deforestation is leading to endangering orangutans. They live in those forests that are being removed. They are slow and the people cutting the trees don’t wait to move them so they are killed in the clearing process or killed when leaving their area. Palm oil is used in sooo many products. It’s cheap and easy to harvest. Quick turn around. Among other things, I try my best to use more sustainable and ethically sourced products. I know it’s impossible to do entirely unless you literally live like Amish but I try my best. Kraft also happens to have less calories and sugars. Overall healthier so there’s a whole lot of reasons to make the switch. It was an easy one.
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