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welldresseddraconianempress · 3 months ago
Sure, the Dead Robin's Club is a nice name and all, but you cannot look me in the eye and tell me that Jason "we could start a poetry slam and still bust these dorks" Todd, the original Dead Robin, theater kid energy given form, Shakespeare and Austen nerd, literature lover, would not call it the Dead Robin's Society.
It is a petty hill to die on, but I will do so.
Give him an oh captain, my captain moment, damnit!
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gravityfallsrockz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
OH?!!! :0
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queenlucythevaliant · 3 months ago
Have I pitched my Acts sitcom to you guys yet? I don’t think so.
Basically, I want a sitcom made based on the book of Acts with a combination of Christian and secular writers and creatives. Preferably a few of the Christians will have served as committee members in some capacity in their local churches. The goal, essentially, is to riff on the human messiness and frequent absurdity of the early church with good humor and some irreverence, but never with God or the Gospel as the butt of the joke.
Peter is the young, energetic guy who suddenly has Administrative Responsibilities. He’s energized by his evangelism/discipleship work, but he’s always Tired and Unwell while trying to manage the leadership of the church.  
John is overly affectionate. He’s always hugging people he barely knows, giving people really enthusiastic compliments, that sort of thing.
Luke is quiet and nerdy, maybe even a little nebbish. When he speaks, it’s usually to ask people vaguely uncomfortable questions “for his book.” If you want to go mocumentary style with the show, Luke’s interviews can be the framing device.
Paul is generally a pretty chill guy, but he’s super gung-ho about suffering for the Gospel. People are a little weirded out his wannabe martyr energy.
John Mark is really, really annoying in some way. Like maybe he’s always playing his original music on the lyre and he’s really bad at it. Maybe he’s really flakey and irresponsible and sort of has Jean-Ralphio energy. Paul, in particular, finds him really annoying and always looks absolutely miserable when they’re in a scene together. When Barnabas eventually suggests bringing John Mark on a missionary journey, the “sharp disagreement” is just Paul going “oh hell no” and walking straight out of the room.
Lots of women and people of different races represented, particularly as church members. Lydia should be a major character, although I don’t quite know what her personality should be. Rhoda (the servant who slammed the door in Peter’s face) would be a fun inclusion too. Racial diversity should at least reflect the actual ancient Mediterranean, although I don’t think I’d be super picky about which specific characters are which races.
Ongoing plots:
The organizational nightmares of running a church is a running theme. Basically just crib from the funniest parts of church government and organization. Things are poorly run and disorganized and people have different opinions and everything somehow still gets done. This stuff can have Parks and Rec energy.
Lots of conflict of personality issues, but also an increasing closeness between the Apostles and members of the church  
Lots of missionaries getting run out of town in increasingly comedic ways. Like, I want Paul and Barnabas running out of Random Roman City #52 while getting pelted with eggs.
Lots of what I can only describe as late night theology. Like when you’re sleep deprived and discussing the deep questions of Scripture with your friends in the car, often arriving at weird conclusions. Lots of that kind of stuff. Also, in general, the characters talk about God the way Christians actually do-- casually, often humorously, sometimes irreverently, as an important part of life and not just a serious subject for Important Conversations
Paul’s Roman Citizenship is milked for all it’s worth. Yes, it gets him out of imprisonment and torture, but it also gets him out of like, minor municipal violations.
Episode plots:
Philip finds himself teleported to/from Ethiopia to convert the eunuch and, upon returning to Jerusalem, spends an episode getting startled by sudden movement (knocking things over, accidentally slapping people) because he thinks he’s gonna get teleported again. There’s a long scene where Philip tries to interrogate Peter and find out if teleportation is just like a standard Holy Spirit powerup or if it was a one-time deal. Peter’s just getting progressively more and more confused.
Saul’s conversion from Ananias’s perspective. He’s woken up in the middle of the night and told to go pick Saul the Murder up and take him home. He’s sleep-deprived and low-key freaking out and he hasn’t gone grocery shopping so he’s running around trying to find some food for Saul at 2am. Episode ends with Ananias collapsed sideways on his bed and Paul coming and pulling a blanket over him.
Extended physical comedy scene where they’re lowering Paul over the wall in the basket, but the ropes are uneven and he’s getting tossed from side to side and the guy at the bottom isn’t in place yet and they’re all trying really hard to be inconspicuous.
There’s a whole road episode where it’s just everyone cooped up on a ship or in the middle of the desert or something while they’re on their way to spread the gospel in a new city.  They all get on each others nerves. Somebody goes a little bit stir-crazy and loses it.
The show shouldn’t be ashamed that it’s about people spreading the Gospel, but I don’t want lots of scenes that try to evangelize the viewer. We’re not trying to proselytize, we’re trying to make light of the human messiness that is life in the church. Embrace anachronism (I’d love to see some modern church potlucks, for example), but also lots of nerdy historical and Biblical/theological jokes.
There’s such a dearth of genuinely funny Christian entertainment, particularly that which (a) is entertaining to seculars as well and (b) actually embraces the Bible and not just some form of cultural Christianity. And Acts is right there! It’s hilarious! Top tier sitcom material! Somebody fund me.
@citrussunrises other friends, anything to add?
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asongofmarvelanddc · 10 months ago
…yeah I think it’s time for Jon Bernthal to do one of those Buzzfeed thirst tweet challenges
Tumblr media
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red-room-studi0 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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ilovetvtoons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
So True. Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom was remade and the Nicktoon's Unite series deserves to be remade too.
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lefbunny · 11 months ago
does marvel not see how gay this is?
The suits
The meet cute
Flirt fighting
“Stop making me like you”
Bickering like a married couple in the elevator
KB being a stubborn butthead and pushing all the buttons
One fork??
Disaster bisexual at the very least
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opbackgrounds · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Somewhere in an alternate reality there’s an enterprising fanfic writer with a 100k fic about the tragic story of Jerry, the only boxing champion on an island full of karate masters. 
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what-is-even-going-on-69 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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eldritch-gilthoniel · a month ago
Put Tom Bombadil in the Rings of Power you cowards
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its-just-me-chey · 27 days ago
Alright last on from this episode
He checked her out! He checked her out! He CHECKED HER OUT TWICE! Also I like to believe he looked at her lips eek! I’ve convinced myself that he did that look at the way he glanced downwards! Losing my mind! The Uncle Rafa comment has my heart in knots everytime! He came to check up on them and I love it! Barson needs to happen… things need to be forgiven 😭😭 this is to much
Liv has her family 😭💙😭
Honorable mention the jaywalking deer comment 🤣🤣
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lena-in-a-red-dress · a year ago
Or what if, in order to take Lena out of the fight and even the playing field for Nyxly, Lex abducts Lena one night. Lena's shoved into the same room as Esme.
Esme throws herself tearfully against Lena's legs, and Lena just scoops her up and holds her, for ages and ages. When Esme's finally falls asleep, Lena sets about breaking them out.
Her signal watch is gone, and her magic is nullified, but that isn't Lena's true strength anyway. She hacks her way out of the room, and she takes Esme to try and escape Lex's bunker. When they're caught, Lena puts herself between Lex and Esme. She won't let Lex ruin another little girl.
But when Lex fires his gun at Lena-- because he's totally not above killing her-- the love totem activates and a shield emanates from Esme and envelopes them both. Because Esme loves Lena, and she protects the ones she loves.
Lena uses the distraction to scoop Esme up and run. They end up on a cliffside, and faced with a deathly drop and Lex's nefarious plans, Lena takes a deep breath. She looks at Esme. Esme looks at her.
"Do you trust me?" Lena asks her.
Esme nods.
Lena nods back, and hugs Esme close. She takes a deep breath, and plunges them both off the side of side of the cliff.
"SUPERGIRL!" she bellows, at the top of her lungs.
It's a harrowing plunge, and Lena can only hug Esme closer and close her eyes against the rapidly approaching ground. The next thing Lena knows, warms arms are around her, slowing their descent. Lena pries open her eyes, and chokes out a breath of relief at the sight of Kara's wide blue eyes.
"You found us," she gasps unnecessarily.
Kara nods, as stunned as she is. "Yeah," she says. "I just... knew."
Esme peeks out of Lena's arms, hugging her zebra tight. "Can we go home now?"
Lena gives Kara a small smile. "Yeah... can we go home?"
Kara nods. "Yeah. Let's go home."
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really want an Owl House prequel series about Young Eda's adventures in Hexide
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noope306 · 4 months ago
So F2004 in Monza and RB9 in Abu Dhabi?
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mulderscully · 2 months ago
people who don't watch wwdits can be so annoying bc when you talk about guillermo bc they're like "lol i thought this was about guillermo del toro xd" as if only two people in the world are called guillermo. hate to tell you this but...... latinos are real.
but also i really want guillermo del toro to cameo on the show somehow.
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strqyr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
besides the obvious mystery person walking away, one thing that stands out to me in this scene is the other set of footsteps, which brings two possibilities to mind;
those are ruby's footsteps, and this person found themselves at the beach after ruby, or
this person is living in a loop and those are their own footsteps
i'm going to focus on the second one, because that's where the wild theories live in. for one, we've already seen ruby go through something similar right before she meets little, so it's not impossible that this person would be going through it as well, just perhaps in much, much larger scale.
but then, who are they? the color of their clothes reminds me of ozma—their skin colors may not completely match, but then again, depending on whether it's cool or warm lighting, skin color in rwby can alter quite a bit.
Tumblr media
so what if this person is ozma? remember, when oscar and ozpin were talking about the girl who fell through the world, ozpin said that he has lived through his share of fairy tales—maybe in this case, he really meant it.
"but wait," you might say, "the person on the beach wears a skirt/dress, so they're probably a girl, unlike ozma" and to that i say:
princess ozma was known as a boy called tip before being transformed back to a girl. they could be flipping it the other way around.
after all, it's the girl who fell through the world, but the boy who fell from the sky.
so. if this person is ozma, what does that mean for everyone else? if he's stuck in a loop, it may be up to ruby and others to help him get out of it, and back home... which opens up an interesting conundrum; team rwby have already seen ozma saving salem, and where that eventually leads to. in trying to come up with a way to stop salem, would they consider not helping ozma, leaving him in ever after to live through the loop he's stuck in?
i could definitely see it being an option, one they obviously won't take but would still genuinely consider to some extent, but even so, helping ozma would end in another sweet if a bit trippy outcome;
ruby, who always helps anyone in need, not for fame or glory but because it's the right thing to do, would be the one to inspire ozma to become the hero he was.
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