hoofpeet 2 days ago
What鈥檚 shiny h Zoruas name again? I need it for reasons
The little blue guy is Pumpkin!!
Tumblr media
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roseborough-if 2 days ago
can we maybe get some ro reactions to seeing mc wearing a sexy halloween costume please? 馃憠馃憟
doing this for crushing stage!
B would be absolutely tongue tied at the sight of MC in that kind of outfit. 馃槼 they wouldn't be able to know what to say, and if it was a party they probably tried to hide from MC, so they wouldn't embarrass themself. 馃槱 would drink a one drink too many and wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it later.
oskari has known them for a really long time, so if sexy outfit would be normal for them to wear on halloween, he wouldn't be really affected by it, tbh. if it wasn't he would be flustered as hell the whole night, maybe try to awkwardly compliment their outfit of choice and be internally "sjskssjsjsj why did i say that, please kill me". a highly likely scenario is also locking himself in the bathroom to send a voice message to leslie who would tease him relentlessly. 馃き
james would flirt with them, she can be very smooth when she wants to be and would forget her own grumpiness for the night. would also be kind of weirdly jealous if she didn't get MC's full attention and someone else kept stealing it and she would send murderous glances to everyone who bothered their conversations. 馃槖馃敧
juniper would try to act normally around them, but wouldn't be succesful at all, lol. fae wouldn't be nearly as composed as fae usually is. would sneakily steal glances at MC and think about how good they look in the outfit, but wouldn't say anything outright. would instead compliment their hairstyle or makeup, maybe even their shoes. 馃槶
i know i said in a previous ask that will would be dressed as ghostface, but the chances of them wearing a sexy costume are also highly likely. they would compliment and flirt with the MC openly all night, maybe compared their outfits and which one was sexier, lol. they would be very hot and bothered under their cheery demenior.
aaa sage would just be like, "aren't you cold, MC?? please, take my *extremely extravagant fur* coat. there you go, nice and warm", lol. honestly wouldn't think too much about it, they don't really notice things like that. 馃様
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tinytinybumblebee 2 days ago
Tiny Izzy who knows one single word and that's "mama" and he uses it to mean "person I love lots and lots who looks after me really good", Stede and Ed are both mama when he's at that age
Tumblr media
Aww!!!馃挄馃挄馃挄 He's just there babbling "Mama, mama!" while pointing towards both Stede and Ed ;w;
When Stede figures out what the meaning behind Mama is, oh you know he gets teary-eyed over the idea that tiny Izzy trust him and loves him 馃槶馃挄 (Ed does too but he acts like it's totally cool and nonchalant xD)
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mymarifae 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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owlpip 29 days ago
Tumblr media
this鈥 got away from me..
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cremanata 6 months ago
girls girls prety drawings of pretty girls 馃ズ馃ズ i amn just a litle boy
i made this for you because this is what you look like inside my brain <3
Tumblr media
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venusflytrapstar 2 months ago
uhh y/n having her toxic ex bf eren on call every time her and her current boyfriend argues馃槦
馃 this video
It could be over something small, like literally so micro and she鈥檚 running, crying and fucking eren.
And eren would be slamming into her so hard and being so smug saying, 鈥渙h shit, he just don鈥檛 do anything right, huh? he鈥檚 nothing like me. and you still want him?鈥
having your face deep into his bed and you can鈥檛 even breathe really but he鈥檚 slamming inside and going so fast because he鈥檚 trying to prove a point.
鈥渉e doesn鈥檛 even fuck you good, you鈥檙e always so wet for me tho, right? my little pretty girl. sucking me in and never wants to let me go.鈥
he doesn鈥檛 even ask and he just cums inside of you. 鈥渟o easy.鈥 he tells himself as you drift to sleep.
even though you know he was filming, you kinda trust that he won鈥檛 send it to anyone. but you have like a million missed calls from the boyfriend and eren just wants you back.
so maybe he will send it
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willowwhispersspeakeasy 9 months ago
I had the best thought. You ever watched Hotel Transylvania? What if the obey me brothers did the zing thing??? Can I convince you for headcanons for them?
this is a cute idea! so here's my lore for this lil AU:
Zing: the "zing" is a slang term, it refers to a phenomenon some demons experience, in which they will discover a human who's soul perfectly fits their "lack".
Soul: each human soul is completely unique. while some souls can reincarnate that soul retains its unique fingerprint regardless of how many times it returns to life.
Lack: referring to the hole within a demon, where their "lack" of a soul would be.
Obey Me! demon brothers "zing" Soulmate AU
warnings: gender neutral reader, spoilers for before lesson 16, angst
Tumblr media
Lucifer was an intimidating demon, as such while you did look at him, the first time the pair of you actually held eye contact was back at the house of Lamentation.
he was explaining that Mammon would be your guide and body guard, when your eyes met the dark red of his. you heard a strange "thrum" sound echo in your head, nearly causing you to jump out of your skin.
Lucifer took a step back in shock, hand placed over his chest. he blinked down at the startled human before him.
no, there is no way. his father surly wouldn't curse him like this, hadn't he been punished enough?
if you didn't realize what happened, he wouldn't tell you. he would shake his head, cheeks lightly pink and simply continue speaking. he had always pushed the "zing" idea away as a stupid superstition. however, he would begin spending every spare moment he had digging into the old story.
you had assumed that the strange "thrum" was just in your head, or perhaps some frightening ability Lucifer had. it wasn't until much much later, you heard the story of a "zing" from Asmo.
its up to you if you want to confront Lucifer about it. if you don't however, his pride will hold him back from confessing, instead biting the truth back and attempting to maintain keeping you in line through his intimidation.
however, each time you enrage him, he can hear that strange noise in the back of his mind, almost feeling your heart rate match his own. he pushes it down in shame and fear.
he'll wait until its too late. watching your broken body you lay in Mammon's arms. only then will he regret his own cowardice. he should have held you and treasured you when he had the chance.聽
the demon broke his own heart, and the narcissism began eating him into self hatred and inferiority instead.
Mammon moaned out about having to聽鈥渂aby sit鈥 until his golden blue eyes met yours. his breath caught in his throat as his heart pounded in his ears, a strange聽鈥渂sst鈥 sound like electricity echoing in his head.聽
you were so thrown off you stumbled back, almost falling to the floor, but a pair of arms reached out to steady you. Mammon was panting as though he'd just run a marathon as his left hand held your arm and his right rested on your waist.聽
鈥...ya heard that to right?鈥 his voice was a whisper, a shaking sound in his voice. when you nodded, you heard a small聽鈥渇uck鈥 from the demon and he pulled you into a gentle hug. while you barely knew the demon, his arms felt safe and warm.聽
鈥渃mon, I need to show ya 鈥榬ound at least.鈥 he sighed, but pulled you along deeper into the house.聽
Mammon would explain to you what the聽鈥渮ing鈥 was. he鈥檇 be embarrassed and refuse to look you in the eye the whole time, his tsundere persona still at a head. but, he'd be much quicker to take your safety seriously.聽
he refuses to let you out of his sight for to long, you are a human, and how delicate you are he is hyper aware of. if you except him, it won't take long before he's practically your boyfriend.聽
or actually your boyfriend, but you鈥檒l have to ask. his shy tsundere personality is far to frightened you'd push him away.聽
oh dear, lets say since he鈥檚 pretty eye contact averse in my headcannons anyway, that he never meets your gaze until you鈥檝e beaten him in the TSL trivia challenge.聽
Levi鈥檚 shoulders shake as his tail whips wildly, a yell of outrage emanating from him as you try and duck away. Levi raises his head, eyes a toxic orange as he aims his tail to attack you, and the otaku meets your gaze for the first time.聽
a buzzing like a rattle snake聽echos in your head. you jump and raise your hands over your face, thinking its some strange ability of the demon, when everything stops.聽
Levi is stunned and shaky and he just, runs. he bolts out of the room without ever looking back. no one can find him for two days. he's not in his room, not at RAD, and the brothers have turned the house of Lamentation upside down to find him. no luck.聽
when you tell Mammon what happened he pieces it together and explains to you what a聽鈥渮ing鈥 is. Levi returns late in the evening, slinking quietly into the safety of his room. if you wait for him there, make sure you stay hidden until he's far enough in the room for you to get between him and the door. because he will try and run away again.聽
his face is red under his fringe and hands, trying to make himself small and hide from you. he's terrified of you. not only did he let his jealously get the better of him but he nearly killed his soulmate.聽
if you manage to get the demon to speak he's going to word vomit a variety of apologies, self deprecation, and hatred between tears and hiccups. he鈥檒l beg on his knees, blubbering that a disgusting, shut in, weirdo, otaku like him doesn't deserve your forgiveness.聽
your聽鈥渮ing鈥 with Satan accrued in the library, of course. it was only a couple days after you'd come to the devildom. he snuck up on you, causing you to jump when he asked you what you were looking for.聽
his face was just over your shoulder as you turned and backed up against the bookshelf, the sadistic satisfaction on his face changing to surprise as the sound of a聽鈥渉isss鈥 rang in your ears.
鈥淢C?鈥 he questioned.聽鈥渄id you just hiss at me?鈥
鈥渘o! you heard that too right?鈥 you looked around trying to find the source of the sound. it was then it dawned on him what actually happened.聽
Satan was conflicted like Lucifer. he refrained from talking to you about it for a while. it was only when you sought him out for a pact he brought it up. to his surprise you were already aware, having asked Asmo and Mammon about it.
when he asked why you didn't come to him about it, you replied, believing he didn't want to talk about it since he'd left quickly after the incident and had avoided you since.聽
Asmo鈥檚 curiosity with you lead to your聽鈥渮ing鈥 also taking place quickly. you had run into the demon on the way to the dining room on your first day. you'd nearly bumped into him, his eyes glued to his D.D.D. and yours noting the wallpaper on the molding of the hallways in the house of Lamentation.聽
鈥渉ey! watch where you鈥檙e going human!鈥 he screeched, dramatically stepping aside and turning to send you a glare. the glare never came as when your eyes met a gasping sound ringing in your ears.
you placed a hand over your mouth, thinking it had been you. quickly scrambling to apologize to the shocked demon. Asmo stopped you, placing his D.D.D. in his pocket and grabbing you by the shoulders.聽
he shook you lightly, eyebrows furrowed.聽
鈥測ou simply cannot be serious.鈥 he muttered to himself before letting out a sigh.聽鈥渃ome with me, we need to chat.鈥 there was an underlying threat in his words as he dragged you by the wrist back to his room. give him a mouth or so, he鈥檒l fall for you faster then he鈥檇 like to admit.聽
hes a naturally gentle creature, so when he looks up from his rummaging through the fridge late one evening, he is met with your curious eyes. a shiver runs down your spine as you here a humming noise, one you can only describe like the purr of a cicada.聽
Beel stiffened. oh, oooh. so that's what a聽鈥渮ing鈥 feels like.
he blinks at you, not saying a word for a moment.聽
鈥...are you okay?鈥 he asks.
鈥渄id you hear that?鈥 you ask in unison. he blinks at you again.聽
鈥測eah, yeah I did.鈥 he nods. closing the fridge, his appetite abandoned. he stood to his full hight, running his hands though his hair in slight embarrassment.聽
鈥渄o you know what it was?鈥 you asked. he bit his lip, before nodding again.
鈥測eah, but... this may sound strange but I need you to listen to me, okay?鈥 and with that, you now have a very large, sweet, hungry demon at your side.聽
well, it looks like your luck has run dry. Belphie immediately ignores the thumping sound that rings in each of your ears the first time your eyes meet. he probably even gaslights you into thinking it was in your head.聽
he's fully aware of the聽鈥渮ing鈥 but he's so angry and blinded by his own lust for revenge it only fuels his hatred for humanity. he won't tell you anything, but he will use the fact of just how drawn to him you are.聽
you cannot get the dark haired demon out of your mind, and your heart races a little each time you see him. his smile is warm every time he sees you. and even Belphie cannot deny the raw chemistry between the pair of you.聽
he finds himself aching for your company, but he tries to just add it like logs onto the fire of his heartbreak and trauma.聽
half of his heart longs for you, to hold you in his arms. but his mind is dark and clouded, scolding him for 鈥渞eplacing鈥 his baby sister with you. he will refuse to care about you, believing it would be betraying his care for his lost sister.聽
the regret will only choke his lungs after its too late. after your blood is already on his hands.聽
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80sfinalgrl a year ago
yo aint "biden" that shit boys use to hold their titties or some shit?
everyone shut up this is the only inauguration related post i care about
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hoofpeet 15 hours ago
my favorite headcanon for ingo is that arceus didn't send him to hisui and neither did dialga or any other pokemon he just kinda got lost and ended up in hisui one day. not even thru like, a spacetime distortion or anything, his sense of direction is actually just that bad
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I do like that Arceus itself was either just playing around having fun. Or that it has absolutely no idea how Ingo got to Hisui either
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suget 8 months ago
Geto w a tonge piercing eating you out *rattles the bars of my cage*
As soon as that piercing healed, the first thing Geto did was tease you. He made you beg for his mouth and his wet kisses, for his lips that went back and forth on your chin, for his fingers that formed circles on your covered pussy and for his pierced tongue that licked your lower lip every time he denied you another kiss.
And you no matter how much you tried to stick to your dignity you saw yourself falling for his charms, begging him every single time he asked you to do it; watching your pride melt before his caresses is something Suguru will never get used to鈥 then after you've been good, he lays you down on the surface, spreads your legs and plays with your slit for quite a while discovering in which position his tongue gives you the most pleasure, touching every space of your dripping pussy with his expert tongue and his now, nice metal piercing.
The sensation makes you arch your back, curl your fingers and occasionally tap his shoulders because it's just too much. It seems that with each suction your clit feels more sensitive.
His humming, the little ball tickling your folds, spreading them apart, soaking in your juices, plus, two of his fingers he adds later is what ends up making you cum with one hand on your aching lips while he accompanies you on your high, kissing every little corner his mouth can find: your thighs, your legs, your pussy, to finally spread your trembling thighs apart and apply occasional pecks to your still throbbing clit.
Suguru traces a path of kisses from the middle of your legs, going over your navel, your chest, throat and mouth: there he kisses you four, three times, as he did your thighs and legs before taking you in a deep kiss where he seeks your tongue to give him the freedom to play with his, allowing you to taste yourself in every space of it.
The sensation of the metal is strange, you're not used to it but every time you feel it massaging against your tongue there is something that begs for more, you want to feel it even deeper, on your skin, in your mouth, on your legs, in your pussy.
But you'll have to beg him one more time to take care of the pool that's being created between your thighs a second time and even though you know he'd love to do it again and again, you know he won't do it without you inflating his ego just a little bit first... Without you reminding him how much you adore that he pierced his tongue and how patient you had to have been these days waiting for him.
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roseborough-if 16 hours ago
What are the ROs favourite colours, what colour do they actually wear most often AND what colour do you associate with them?
ohhh, this a fun one!!
B's favourite colour is peach and lemon yellow. they wear a lot of neutral colours, but also blue and yellow. i associate them with baby pink and beige because they used be two sims of mine (that i merged into one person) and i always made bunny wear pink clothes. :")
oskari's favourite colour is light green. he wears mostly blue, white and green. i associate him with blue because of his eyes and also because he's finnish like me and our flag is white and blue, lol. 馃嚝馃嚠
i think the colour james likes the most is just plain black. she wears mostly black and white. i associate her with green because her truck is dark green and also black, obviously.
juniper's favourite colour is magenta and gold. fae wears a lot of very dark blue and silver. i associate faer with black because of faer hair and also any shade of blue.
will likes every shade of the rainbow, they truly have no preference, all of them look pretty to them, lol! they wear a lot of light green, yellow, pink and white, doesn't really have a cohesive style when it comes to colours. i associate them with red, idk why, they've just always appeared as red in my mind.
sage likes orange and cyan, but they don't wear those colours. like ever. mostly just black, tbh. i associate him with purple despite his name.
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tinytinybumblebee 2 days ago
Little red guy little red guy little red guy!
Tumblr media
Yarn baby and pubbets!
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dogtoling 19 days ago
honestly, if i had to boil down the issues with splatoon 3's plot to just one thing, i'd say it suffers from being... unfocused? like, ok, in octo expansion, your goal is to escape and reach the surface. and everything in the mode, all the characters, all the gameplay objectives, are obviously related to the goal, progressing it or commenting on it or relating to its themes. splatoon 3 doesn't have that; technically your goal is to find cuttlefish, but the game isn't ABOUT that. it's not about anything. things just kind of happen to you without any clear relation to each other; the only reason for you to be doing any of this crap is because you as the player know it will lead to the end of the game.
if i were in charge of writing the thing, i would have just made the game's plot be about finding human secrets from the get-go. like say the prophecy about the end of the world comes into play more heavily and that's the only way to stop it, something like that. i honestly think all the issues with the game feeling overloaded with random elements would be solved if they just made everything tie in to a centralized goal!
YES!!! unfocused is the exact perfect word to describe it.
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1coweveryday 5 months ago
have you ever drawn the two headed calf? :)
I have ! It's one of my personal favorite pieces still :]
Tumblr media
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serominee 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lvlpin 6 months ago
i have this image in my head where after ingo comes back emmet hugs him massively and he has no idea who the fuck this guy is but he seems happy?? so that's probably a good thing and i kinda want to see it actually existing instead of just rattling around my brain
i cant tell if "he" refers to a. ingo not knowing who emmet is, or b. emmet not knowing who ingo is (and vice versa) so im gonna run with the first
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ shippers get the FUCK away!! ]
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