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murdersins · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing — james potter x fem!oc, sirius black x fem!oc
warning — angst, no fluff, bad writing
summary — perhaps some things are not meant to be.
Perhaps it was the branches of the lanky trees which flew in the chilly air like a unsung melody which sent shivers down his spine. Or possibly the sight in front of him which caused his heart to drop to his stomach. He didn’t know. Tears were begging to form. Yet he did not once let them take over him, he didn’t let the air around him suffocate him.
But the sight in front of him made it harder. Every time he saw you flash him a small grin, it made him want to look away - it felt so wrong to be staring at you like this. Not when you were getting married to the man he had almost know for his entire life. He wishes he was the one holding your hand like that, one who wished to caress your cheek with such care and affection. But he fucked up. James knew this was his fault.
But he prayed that maybe one day you would have forgiven him. Perhaps he should have put his hands together in a praying gesture and dropped to his knees in front of you. Maybe he should have told you to not leave one more time.
You stood there, covered in a white silk gown, which hugged your body like a warm blanket. Your eyes travelled to find his. Once they found his blue ones, you smiled. It was a genuine smile. You wanted him to know that you had forgiven him. You were kids. Kids make impulsive decisions. James being one of those impulsive decisions you made. It was harsh, yet no far from the truth. You had loved him. Loved. Past tense. But it didn’t make you weak to your knees every-time he would flash you a smile or make your heart flutter every time he would glance your way. Sure, it was nice receiving such attention from a being. Love was a strong word.
You liked James. Nothing more. You never once regretted dating James. He was the sweetest soul. But maybe one part of that soul of his never really stopped loving liking Lily Evans. He tried so hard to forget her, and he eventually even thought he had. When he first asked you out and when you had agreed he felt like the luckiest man on this planet.
Seven months into the relationship. It went downhill. Gryffindor had won their first quidditch game of the year, everyone was cheerful, the marauders had planned a party in the Gryffindor common room. Everybody was invited. Even slytherin. Which meant you were going to be attending. But nothing a few drinks and a red head can’t fuck up.
You never blamed Lily for the drunken kiss. It was James who you had trusted with your heart, you had given him your entire heart in the palm of his hands and what had he done? Thrown it to the side like a piece of meat. If you hadn’t caught them red handed by the astronomy tower, maybe you would’ve still been with the potter boy. Maybe he wouldn’t have remembered the events of the previous night and pretended as if nothing had happened. Maybe everything would’ve have been fine. If only.
Yet, here you were. Both of your hands interlaced with his best friends’. Your white gown shining in the dark as the waves of the beach sun in your ears like a lullaby. Sirius black stood in his black tuxedo, his long hair which had previously been in a bun now let down, the wind blowing it in his face here and there causing the shorter male to brush the black strands out of his face constantly.
It was Sirius who had been there after the breakup. After you had yelled, cursed and cried to James. He denied it. He said he didn’t remember. And you thought bullshit. You broke up with him. And Sirius was there for you. After all, you were his best friend. But over the few months spending endless time with the oldest black, you had grown closer than ever. You knew it made James jealous, but you couldn’t care. You were finally happy and you weren’t going to let him wreck it. You started dating Sirius in your seventh year.
It had been many years. You lot were out of Hogwarts. Grown. Adults. More mature. Which was when the realization had hit him. The first war had ended. Voldemort was gone. But a piece of James still felt missing. And that was you.
But he paid the consequences of his jealousy, for lying, and for cheating. He felt like somebody had wrapped their hands around his heart and clenched it, spilling all poison from it. As he had been feeling so guilty right now. And the smile you threw in his face hadn’t made it any better. A part of him wanted to run over to you, snatch you from the arms of his best friend. To hold you and tell you how much he loved you. How sorry he was.
But it was not worth it.
He watched Sirius wrap his arms around your waist, like he once used to do, and pull you closer to the warmth of his body and pressing his lips against yours. James bit his lips. He wanted to scream. Yet this was his fault. There was no going back.
And now, they both felt like strangers again. Their story had ended where it begun. Strangers once again. Only this time, it hurt to even glance her way.
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poly!marauders who are mafia and the reader, their wife, is just casually reading a book while getting flirted on by one of the men who want to work with them and her husbands catch it and the man gets in so much trouble
“hello darling.” the voice wasn’t one you recognized, looking up from your book, seeing the man towering over you. one your husbands had invited over for a conference with a few others.
“hi.” you were starting to get uncomfortable, the door to the conference was still slightly open, and james always sat closet to it in case anything were to happen.
“what’s got you waiting out here?”
“my husbands.” you tried to shuffle away from the coach, trying to get up before he grabbed your upper arm.
“there’s no to run.” the way he made you smile was uneasy, and you were just praying james was listening to you closely enough to hear the commotion.
“can you let go, please.” you pleaded, wincing loudly when he tighten his grip.
“lovie?” james peeked his head out seeing the two of you, immediately storming out of the room towards the two of you.
“mr potter.” the main shook in fear, letting go of your arm, pushing you away from him. 
you stumbled away, james quick enough to catch you. “go get pads and remmy.” he whispered in your ear sending you off.
“where do you get off on touching my wife?” james sneered.
“sir-i-i didn’t know.” his hands were starting to become sweaty.
“doesn’t make it any better.”
“there a problem here?” sirius came out, you and remus lingering by the doorway.
“yeah there is, this bloke thought it was a good idea to put his hands on y/n, i think it should be repaid.”
“lovely idea.” sirius smirked.
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Behave [P.M]
Tumblr media
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A/N: This fic is dark and is very much noncon (bordering on cnc), so if that makes you uncomfortable DO NOT READ. Also thanks to Amanda ( @draconisxcaput) for helping me through this as my own personal cheerleader 💗
Pairings: Mafia! Poly!Marauders x fem!reader
Words: 5.7k
Summary: Everyone knows not to fuck with the Marauders, so when your father does just that, they decide to pay him a visit; instead of finding him, they find you sleeping abandoned in your fathers house. Sometimes improvisation is necessary.
Warnings: NSFW 16+, NONCON/DUBCON, kidnapping, oral (m and f receiving), degradation, daddykink (only used once), cum mention, overstimulation, slapping, spit play, choking, gagging, crying, aftercare. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
Another cold gust hit you on the chest, the AC on full blast, chilling you to the bone and pulling another shiver through your body. The warmth of the man you were sitting on did absolutely nothing to keep you warm - being pulled out of your bed, blindfolded and shoved inside a car in nothing but your sleep shirt probably didn’t do much to help you.
“Moony, turn down the AC, will ya’?… the fucking thing’s shaking like a leaf on me,” the man you were sitting on murmured, his voice gruff, breath smelling faintly of cigarettes and something citrusy.
The tears wetted the blindfold, some of them successfully dripping down your face, warming you the tiniest amount. The taste of salt leaked into your open mouth as ragged panicked breaths fought their way out of you.
“Please, I promise I won’t tell anyone… I never even saw you properly… I just wanna go home, please,” you stuttered through a sob, chin quivering between each word.
“Thought we told you to keep your mouth shut,” the man you assumed was the one they called Moony spoke at you through gritted teeth.
A sigh was heard from the front passenger seat, the otherwise silent man finally opening his mouth to say, “Pads, do something about it.”
Pads let out a low grunt of acknowledgement, surprising you when a pair of icy fingers entered the warm carven of your mouth in one swift motion.
You gagged lightly as his fingers pressed down on your tongue near the back of your throat - if tears weren’t already leaking from your eyes, they would have welled from his assault.
“So fucking dramatic, ain’t ya?” he scoffed, moving his fingers from the spot, yet keeping them firmly on your tongue.
You gargled around his fingers, whimpering a muffled, “no.”
In one quick motion, he had removed his fingers from your mouth only to use that hand to deliver a quick but stinging slap to your cheek. He had your face in his hand, squeezing your cheeks in his grip and forcing out a deep pout.
“You should be grateful that we’re letting a whore like you ride anywhere but the fucking boot,” Pads growled, “not only that but also getting my fingers to stop all your fucking whining…- so shut the fuck up and take what I give you… you’re only making it worse for yourself.”
The tears came in waterfalls as he slipped his fingers back in. You tried your best to hold back the small gag as they pushed down on your tongue yet again.
You didn’t quite know what to do, so you sat in silence as they drove you to an unknown place, tears silently leaking through the blindfold. It did surprise you when cold no longer blasted, and now the shaking of your body was from fear and fear alone.
The AC was off.
This was not the way they had planned the night to go - far from it, actually.
But, desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes improvisation is necessary.
Everyone knew not to fuck with the Marauders - it was common knowledge around these parts- because no one wants to be in the bad books of the most notorious gang in the whole of London. And yet your father, foolish man he was, did just that - fucked with the Marauders.
Of course, they didn’t appreciate your father snooping around in their business and, as punishment, found it only acceptable to pay him a visit.
… Unfortunately, the lucky bastard had heard the news of the planned attack and fled the city.
So, arriving at a presumably empty house set a roaring fire loose in all three men. They angrily combed through the house, looking for anything of value or anything that could point them to where your father had run off to.
They didn’t find anything of the sort… what they did find was your peaceful sleeping figure, abandoned in the house - very much unbeknownst to you.
All they had to do was share a look, and a nod before Sirius had your limbs tied and your eyes blindfolded, startling you awake and setting your mind into an instant state of panic.
Your body was tossed over Remus’ shoulder as if you weighed nothing at all; not even your squirming and screaming made him falter as he carried you out into the cold of the night.
“‘S not every day we find a perfect little slut all ready for us,” the voice you now recognised as Pads spoke in amusement.
Your knees shivered upon the scratchy carpet, your sobs and hiccups echoing throughout what you presumed was a large room.
“Please, I didn’t even see your faces… I’ll keep my mouth shut, I swear!” you tried again, your shaky hands fumbling in your lap.
As soon as the words left your mouth, the floor creaked, and the blindfold was ripped from your eyes; you had to blink a couple of times to adjust to the light of the room and blink away the cloudiness of tears. Before you stood three tall, brooding figures, all intimidatingly looking down at you like predators finally catching up to their prey. The tallest of the three, face heavily decorated with scars, crouched down and took your face in his hand, squeezing your cheeks uncomfortably in his grasp.
“Well, now you have, haven’t you, doll?” he smiled sadistically, looking down at your swollen lips in their forced pout.
“-do you know who we are?”
You looked at them, between them, but you were sure you’d never seen them before in your life; you were sure you would’ve remembered; they weren’t exactly men you would forget.
You shook your head as best as you could in his grip, eyes growing wide as his sadistic smirk found its way onto the two other men's faces.
“Your father really kept you in the dark, huh?” he laughed, letting go of your cheeks to give it a pat before standing.
You couldn’t keep the shock off of your face as he spoke his following words.
“I’m Remus; this is Sirius and James,” he pointed to each of the smirking men.
“Lovely to make your acquaintance, dolly,” Sirius chuckled darkly. You could easily match the voice to the man who had his fingers down your throat during the car ride.
It was strange how they abandoned the aliases, but realisation struck only a moment later - they wouldn’t be needing them because they were going to make sure you could never tell. The newfound knowledge only caused you to tremble harder, your breathing growing so panicked the airflow almost couldn’t make it through.
It was the bespectacled man’s turn to crouch down in front of you, taking your face in his large veiny hands, his face cold and neutral, “what’s with the tears now, sweet thing?”
The tears flowed down the apples of your cheeks; your whole face a blubbering wet mess. You reached your bound hands up, gripping James’ wrist.
“I.. I- don’t.. I,” you tried stammering out through ragged breaths, but the tears and hiccups kept catching in your throat and interrupting you.
“I’m guessing you’re aware of the type of business your father is in, yeah?” James questioned with a raised brow, his thumb wiping the tears from your cheeks even as they kept coming.
You nodded, very much aware. You knew it was his fault you were in this situation, and the crushing feeling you felt in your gut couldn’t be described as anything but loathing. You fucking hated his guts. He left you to fend for yourself because his business and money were more important; nothing mattered more to him than that.
Your shaky hands were cold against James’ skin, freezing to the bone from fear, he supposed.
“We won’t hurt you,” James started, but a mischievous smirk quickly replaced his neutral facade, “we’re just gonna have a little fun…- aren’t we, lads?”
A collective agreeing hum echoed through the room; you felt small under their gaze, and the small glimmer of hope you had had was just as quickly washed away by James’ words and the look in his eyes.
A gasp left your parted lips as James’ hand slipped from your cheek down around your throat, giving it a notable squeeze. Your eyes widened, and your grip on his wrist tightened, nails digging into his crisp white dress shirt.
“No,” you whimpered as a cold shiver ran up your spine.
“I expect you to keep those hands in control, or we won’t be as nice,” James warned, ignoring your protesting whimper, choosing instead to untie your wrists.
Remus and Sirius stepped closer, surrounding you with their large, broad bodies. Remus hooked his hands under your arms to lift you onto your trembling legs; you thrashed a little in his grip, but just as quickly as you’d done it, you were pulled against him, your back meeting his solid chest and a large hand squeezing your throat. Your gaze was forced up, looking up at him awkwardly, seeing the angry sneer that decorated his scarily scared face.
“Behave,” he growled darkly.
Your gaze shifted to the man in front of you when ring decorated hands slipped under your sleep shirt, cupping your breasts in a bruising grip.
“No use in fighting, little thing,” Sirius smirked, his hands switching between kneading your breasts and pinching your nipples until he found them peaked enough for his satisfaction.
You could only stare and shake your head with a pout. The feeling of Sirius’ hands on you stunned you into silence, even more so when the same hands quit their assault on your breasts, only to move down and lift your shirt, exposing you to their hungry gazes.
Your hands instinctively flew up to cover yourself, trying to hold onto an ounce of dignity, but Remus’ hands were quick to catch your wrists.
He gathered them in one large scarred hand, placing the other one back on your throat to keep you in place.
“Please, don’t,” you cried again, trying to plead even though you knew it was fruitless.
This time they didn’t answer or say anything. Sirius and James just observed and took in your almost completely exposed figure with smirks on their lips. Sirius’ tongue even slipped over his lips, licking as he slowly kneeled in front of you.
They let you cry silently, shaking as your panties were slipped from their place and down your legs, Sirius’ touch leaving a trail of goosebumps that spread over your arms and stomach as well.
“Would you look at that,” Sirius grinned sadistically, “such a pretty fucking pussy.”
He used two of his cold ring clad fingers to spread your lips to get a good look. His other hand had a tight grip on your thigh, spreading your legs back open after you tried closing them in protest. Your body instinctively jumped at the touch, and a startled gasp and whimper left your lips - you wanted to keep begging for them to stop, but you knew it wouldn’t do you any good, so instead, your eyes shut tightly, and you tried to imagine yourself anywhere but there.
Your eyes fluttered, struggling to keep shut as your legs were thrown over Sirius’ shoulders and his warm breath fanned over your cunt, an ever-present tingle spreading through your abdomen, despite your current frightened state.
“Open those eyes, doll… don’t you want this?” Remus whispered, his long arms holding you up against him.
You shook your head, “no,” but as soon as the word left your lips, your eyes sprung open from the stinging slap Sirius landed right on your cunt.
“It wasn’t a suggestion, you dumb little thing; open those eyes and look at me,” Sirius snarled.
He gave you a smirk and a teasing wink before his tongue darted out to flick over your clit, making you jolt in their grip. Sirius groaned, clearly losing the last restraints he had left and attached his mouth fully to your sensitive bundle of nerves, his hands gripping your bum so hard there would surely be bruises there as a reminder.
You whimpered out yet another ‘no please’, but they fell on deaf ears. You bit your lip to keep in the sounds Sirius’ skilled tongue was trying to bring out of you, instead focusing on the light stream of tears that still leaked out of your bloodshot eyes.
“Fuck,” Sirius grunted, voice muffled as his tongue started an all-around feast of your cunt.
Your arms wriggled in Remus’ grasp, but he didn’t budge, not ever faltering his hold on you - keeping you still and pliant for Sirius to devour. You squirmed and twitched as you felt one of Sirius’ fingers circle your entrance; a bashful blush grew on your cheeks and warmed you all the way down your chest.
“If you’re not enjoying this, then why are you so fucking wet, huh?” Sirius smirked before inserting a finger into you, “fucking needy slut, you are.”
A gasp left your parted lips, and you looked around the room, trying to find any way out of this. Instead of finding anything helpful, your eyes met James’, who was standing right behind Sirius’ knelt figure, staring at you with amusement and lust; he wasn’t doing anything but staring at you with his arms crossed, looking intimidating and frightening all at once.
You whimpered again and pouted, only for James to cock his head mockingly with a pout, mimicking your expression. It was like a small game to him - pretending to gasp as you did when Sirius added two more fingers to join the first and sucked on your clit, like his life depended on it - it was all rather amusing to him, watching you.
“Does it feel good, sweetheart?” James asked with mock sweetness after your breathing slowly began to pick up. Your teeth were digging into your lip so hard you could taste the iron crimson bleeding onto your tongue.
You shook your head, flexing your hands in Remus’ grasp, causing him to chuckle darkly, the vibrations rumbling against your back.
James smirked, moving from behind Sirius to be right next to you. Your eyes followed his every move until his hand had your face in a firm grip.
“No?” he asked, an almost evil glimmer in his eyes as he leaned in so close to your face you could smell his cologne, “I don’t believe you.”
James pulled your lip from between your teeth, forcing your mouth open. With no way to hold back, a long high pitched moan escaped your bloodstained lips.
“There it is,” James breathed, satisfied by your no longer concealable noises.
James tilted your face up, forcing you to look up at a smirking Remus, his large hand squeezing your wrists. Your mouth was left agape as you stared up at the smug-looking man, your eyes filled with tears as your legs started to shake lightly around Sirius’ head; you could feel him smirking against your cunt, his fingers moved faster and curled inside you, working you closer to the edge.
“Come on, grind that little cunt of yours on Pads’ face, doll,” Remus said quietly, but with that same smugness, each of them seemed to have about them.
You couldn’t quite react, still breathing hard along with breathy whimpers. When you didn’t react, Remus raised an expectant brow, leaving no room for a fight - so you did as you were told.
You moved your hips slowly at first, breath hitching at the more vigorous friction against your core.
“That’s it… look at you, taking it like the slut we know you are,” Remus smirked, chuckling at your whimpering moan.
“No,” you whined again, feeling yourself grow weaker as the edge grew nearer, making your release inevitable.
“Don’t fight it; I can feel you squeezing my fingers…- cum on my face, dumb little slut,” Sirius murmured against your cunt, prodding at that sweet spot inside of you, grinning as he found it.
You shook your head but moans spilt from your lips, and your body stiffened and shook; with one last pump of his fingers and swipe of his tongue against your clit, you came around his fingers, pulsing strongly against them.
Tears rolled down your face as your eyes fluttered, and as you came down from your high, realisation was striking you.
You stayed silent, staring into space for a moment, already feeling your body go numb as it went more pliable in the hands of the three men. It almost felt easier to give in, perhaps enjoyable to just let it happen - no point in fighting an un-winnable situation.
Sirius’ fingers slipped from you, and your feet were planted on the ground once again, upper body still held in place by Remus’ arms. You weren’t even registering the quiet muttering around you, the three of them planning in front of you - planning what to do with you.
As you slowly came back to, James had removed his shirt, upper body lean and flexed, his cock straining in his dress slacks. Sirius’ shirt was unbuttoned, showing off his tattooed torso, his eyes looking straight into yours, making sure to give you a show of him licking your arousal off of his fingers.
Remus’ warm breath hit your ear, making goosebumps form on your entire body.
“On your knees, pet.”
For the first time that night, you gave a small, barely noticeable nod before slowly falling to your knees.
If they were shocked, they didn’t show it; instead, they looked pleased. James stepped closer to you, toying with his belt, but left it as it was.
“Good job, sweet girl, finally doing what you’re told,” he grinned, hooking a finger under your chin to lift it, “now… you’re gonna open my belt, pull out my cock and be a good little slut and let me fuck that throat.”
Your arms worked on their own accord, lifting and working on his black leather belt, opening everything for you to fish out his throbbing cock, clearly starving for just a sliver of attention.
The sound of shuffling caught your attention; you watched as both Sirius and Remus got comfortable on the brown leather couch, watching everything happen; even sitting, they looked powerful and unbothered. Remus caught your stare and smirked. Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, he took his chin as if studying something important right in front of him.
“Go on, make Prongs feel good.”
With another small nod, you grabbed hold of the base of James’ cock, feeling it twitch in your hand. You opened your mouth, leaving James to freely thrust into your mouth, making you gag slightly at the surprisingly quick motion.
James groaned loudly, cock twitching in your mouth as soon as it made contact with the back of your throat. He started out with quick thrusts, giving you no prep time as he forcefully fucked your mouth.
He switched between fucking your mouth with a quick pace to keeping his cock deeply buried in your throat, your gags music to all of their ears.
Tears streamed down your face again as you gagged around his cock; it was getting hard to draw breaths through your nose when his cock was shoved so far down your throat it was creating a bulge. You looked up at him, seeing only the blissed-out expression decorating his face and deep moans escaping his lips. You didn’t know how much longer you could go without a proper breath; therefore, scared of passing out, you tapped three times on James’ trouser covered thigh.
Somehow, he knew what that meant and pulled out of your mouth within a second. You coughed lightly and closed your eyes, drawing in deep breaths, trying to regulate your breathing.
James watched you, searching your face slowly as you coughed. He bent down just to cup one side of your face, looking over again. Your eyes opened, and you stared up at him as you opened your mouth again on your own accord, inviting him back in. James raised both brows in question along with a questioning nod of his head, waiting for you to give him a small nod of your own before he pushed back in.
“So fucking good - fuck - this is what you’re made for, isn’t that right, sweetheart? Only made for sucking cock like a cock hungry little cockslut,” James groaned, thrusting into the warm cavern of your mouth at a steadily building pace.
You could feel his pace start to falter, and his moans grew louder, seemingly close to the edge. James gathered your hair, fingertips running over your scalp to hold your head as he thrust his way to his release.
You held onto his thighs as he stuttered, his warm cum filling your mouth, gathering on your tongue.
“Fuck… that’s it,” James moaned loudly, emptying himself in your mouth.
You swallowed everything as it came, prolonging his high and making his thighs shake in your grip.
James pulled out slowly, panting lightly as he looked down at you, your eyes already on him.
“Show me, sweet thing,” James murmured.
He groaned quietly as he watched your tongue loll out, presenting him with your empty mouth.
You heard a hum of satisfaction coming from the couch, all three of them watching you, pleased by your participation.
James hooked his hands under your arms, pulling you from your knees and onto your feet; he looked you over for a moment before turning you to face the two smirking men leaning back on the couch.
Two large hands rested on your shoulders, leading you to them, making you stop in front of Sirius.
Sirius sat up and leaned forward, taking your hand in his.
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Sirius asked smugly, pulling you onto him to straddle his lap.
It was insane; you felt embarrassed and crazy; your skin blazed under their gaze, hands fumbling on top of Sirius, tracing his tattooed chest lightly before giving a small nod.
Sirius’ smirk only grew, taking your chin in his hand, forcing you to turn your downcast gaze upon him.
“Knew you’d come around, dirty girl.”
You whimpered at that, mind clouding with thousands of thoughts - what was wrong with you.
“Tell us what you want,” Sirius continued, keeping your face in his grasp.
Your mouth opened and closed, like a fish out of water, “I… I don’t k-know.”
“Oh, I think you do… but don’t worry, I’ll help that dumb little brain of yours.”
Sirius’ face was right in yours, staring straight into your eyes as his fingers dug into your bare hips.
James had made himself comfortable beside Sirius, himself and Remus just enjoying the show, seeing you so flustered.
“You wanna ride daddy’s cock? Huh, baby?”
Again, your face blazed as you nodded, humiliated by your own body and needs.
“Ah ah, we gotta hear you say it…- wouldn’t wanna do something wrong now, would we?” Remus interjected with a sadistic smirk, forcing your gaze on him, “speak, pet.”
You drew in a deep breath, looking at Sirius again as your fingers fiddled and pulled at one another, shaking ever so slightly, “yes, please.”
Sirius grinned sadistically in triumph, scooting you back so he could pull himself out of his trousers as well. With a signal, Remus had you lifted to hover over Sirius’ proud length, watching as he stroked himself a couple of times before leaning back on the couch once more.
“That was all you had to say, doll,” Sirius smirked before Remus sank you down onto Sirius’ cock.
You gasped, gripping onto Remus’ hands on your hips as they slowly started moving you on Sirius’ cock as he pleased.
Remus bounced you like a doll; all the while, Sirius bucked his hips in a fast pace up into you, creating a mind-numbing amount of pleasure as he hit that spot inside you.
“Look at you,” James grabbed your face, squeezing your cheeks in his grip before leaning close to you.
It was quite shocking when his lips connected with yours, moulding over them with an aggressive force that numbed your brain even further. You couldn’t quite tell if you were kissing him back or not, all of the sensations too much to focus on, especially when Sirius’ thumb made contact with your clit.
The noises you were making were muffled by James’ mouth but still very prominent in the large room.
“So fucking tight… sluttiest little pussy… feels so good around my cock,” Sirius groaned, pressing his thumb harder against you until you couldn’t help but twitch and clench against him.
Remus ground you down, making you take Sirius as deep as you could, giving you extra sensation all over.
You couldn’t even help it if you tried; your body shook and tensed as your second orgasm of the night washed over you in substantial pulsating waves. You moaned heavily against James’ lips, unable to focus on anything but the movements of Sirius inside of you.
Even as you rode out the pleasure that turned everything sensitive, they kept going. Sirius’ thrusts quickened along with Remus’ movements of your hips, squeezing your skin between his large hands.
“Shit, ‘m gonna fill you like the fucking cum dump you are,” Sirius panted out, gritting his teeth as his thrusts grew less calculated the closer he got to his release.
With Remus’ help and a few last thrusts, Sirius stilled with a loud groan, fucking his cum deeper into you. He panted with small moans as he rode out his high, feeling a sense of reward when he saw the fucked out look in your eyes.
You had no idea how long it had been, but guessing by the sheen of sweat that decorated yours and their bodies, you would say it had been a while. Your body was completely pliable and fucked out, letting them ruin you as they pleased with no complaints left.
Remus was rutting into you, looking down at you from where he hovered, his body in between your spread legs. Your head rested on James’ lap as he sat on the couch beside Sirius, both nursing a glass of whiskey as they listened to your prominently loud moans.
Remus brushed some strands of hair from your sweaty forehead. Your mind was swimming in the clouds after the many orgasms they’d bestowed upon you - too many to count at this point.
“You gonna cum again, little thing?” Remus smirked, not nearly looking as tired as you did. His hand snaked between your bodies to find your overworked clit.
You shook your head as tears streamed down your face - almost a permanent feature of your face.
“No, can’t anymore… too much,” you babbled through cries, nails digging into Remus’ strong, scarred arms.
“You can, and you fucking will,” he gritted out through his teeth, fingers working faster on you to match his fastening pace.
A sweet symphony of moans, whimpers and gasps flew from your mouth, the overstimulating pain leaning more and more toward the pleasure that had come so many times this night.
James grabbed hold of your chin, forcing you to angle your face up.
“Open up, sweetheart,” he smirked.
You did as you were told, letting your mouth drop open at his command, eyes fluttering.
Without warning, James bent his head over yours, spitting in your open mouth. It burnt as it went down your throat, the whiskey mixed and warm. You swallowed and looked up at James for approval, sticking out your tongue to show him.
He chuckled lightly, patting the side of your cheek as he nodded with a hum.
“Such a good little slut you are,” Remus grinned, moaning as you clenched around him, another release right in front of you.
He put pressure on your clit with his thumb making you yelp out in pleasure.
“Please don’t stop,” you whined out, moaning in discontent when Remus’ hand faltered as he looked at you.
A huge smirk decorated his smug face; both Sirius and James looked down at you with similar smirks. Remus picked up his pace once again, rubbing fast circles on your swollen clit as his cock prodded your g-spot with every angled thrust.
“Don’t stop, huh? Look at you giving orders now, doll,” Remus was smug with his way of speaking, bringing you right to and over the edge.
Your nails dug into Remus’ biceps as you came, body shaking yet again as that all too familiar feeling overtook your mind and body. Your moans were gasping and loud, your release tugging Remus right with you as he emptied himself in you, filling you to the brim. He moaned and grunted at your clenching cunt, the way it spasmed around him, drawing out his release.
You could feel your mixed release seep out of your abused and overused cunt as Remus pulled his softening cock out, all of their cum thoroughly mixed in you.
Small twitches ran through your body from the aftershock of so many orgasms; you panted, trying to catch your breath, brain foggy and clouded, not able to really process anything that was happening around you.
You heard shuffling and the muffled voices of the three men, yet it felt like your head was underwater. You watched Remus pull on his boxers and dress pants, leaving his upper body bare, just like the two others.
Your own body was hoisted up in a seated position by Sirius, who you hadn’t even noticed left the room, returning with a bottle of water and a small towel.
Sirius held the back of your neck, kneeling beside the couch as he held the bottle to your lips.
“Drink up, little thing,” he instructed, tilting the bottle so the cool liquid could run down your dry throat.
You gulped the water, holding onto Sirius’ wrist. You choked a little on the water, making all three of them look at you in concerned amusement.
“Calm down, doll, you can have all the water you want,” Remus chuckled, kneeling as well to clean the remnants of their cum from your inner thighs and cunt.
You drank the water slowly, closing your eyes as you felt the cloudiness of dehydration slowly disperse.
Your feet hit the cold wooden floor, your legs shaky as you stood with help from Sirius.
James came over with one of their abandoned dress shirts in hand, kneeling on one knee in front of you as he helped your arms through. You watched him slowly button it up for you, the way his fingers worked on the small plastic buttons with such ease and gentleness - everything was throwing you off.
It was strange the way they behaved, it made you both confused because you didn’t know what was coming, but you felt safe and somehow secure.
“Thank you,” you whispered as he finished buttoning it enough to cover you.
James smiled, standing to tower over you once more, “you’re welcome, sweet girl.”
His hand slipped into yours, guiding you with him out of the room and into a large hall with the two others following close behind. The thumping of steps echoed around the ceiling from the carpet that decorated the wooden floor along the hallway. The house - actually more like a mansion - looked old but well kept, decorated with fancy and very expensive paintings and furnishings. You wondered how much of it was stolen, but you didn’t dare ask, too confused at the situation you found yourself in.
“I’m tired,” you spoke quietly, not knowing what they were planning to do with you.
“We know, sweetheart,” James chuckled, coming to a halt in front of a large door with curved golden handles.
He pushed the door open, revealing what looked to be a large master bedroom. The ceiling was tall, making the room look larger and a little intimidating. In the middle of the room, against the wall, stood a large bed, way too large for just one person.
You looked up at James, squeezing his hand for attention, “I’m a little confused… I thought you were going to ki-kill me,” you whispered the last part meekly.
Remus came to your side, placing a large hand on your shoulder.
“Now, why would we do that?” he asked.
“Because of my father.”
“We won’t kill you because of him… -but we are going to keep you as compensation for what he took,” Sirius spoke with a smirk, standing so close behind you, you could feel the heat from his body on your back.
“But I have a feeling you don’t mind that… do you, doll?” Remus whispered smugly, making you gasp.
You took a moment, staring between Remus and James, not knowing what to say or how to react to your newfound information. What scared you the most was that Remus’ words had truth to them - you didn’t mind.
They didn’t expect an answer; they just knew.
You were pulled toward the bed by James, guided under the covers, the bed soft like a large cloud.
“We have some work to take care of, but don’t worry, it won’t take too long,” James explained, rubbing his thumb along your cheek.
“We expect you to behave from now on… it’ll make your life so much easier,” Remus said sternly, making you gulp at the change in tone, so you nodded.
“Goodnight, babydoll,” Sirius grinned and winked before leaving the dark room to start whatever work they had to do.
Remus and James bid their goodnights as well, making a small whimper catch in your throat at the thought of being left alone, but you bit it back, instead saying goodnight with a small pout.
“Now, don’t give me that look… we’ll be back before you wake up, but now you need rest,” James chuckled, giving Remus a nod as he too left the room.
“Promise you’ll be back?”
“Always…- you’re ours now, and we take care of what’s ours,” James stroked your cheeks before standing, making his way to the open door.
“Go to sleep, baby… be good,” he said gently but with edge to it.
As the door shut, millions of thoughts crawled through your brain. There were too many to actually think of something cohesive, just loud noises that bounced around.
Eventually, they lulled you to sleep, the soft pillows catching them between the feathers instead.
Tumblr media
A/N: to be notified of future work follow @saintlike78slibrary and turn on notifications 🤍
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morwap · 5 months ago
mafia!sirius black x maid!fem!reader
was semi innocent! but as i wrote it just wasn’t giving innocent!
nav • s.b.m list •
dom!sirius, sub!reader, p in v, blood, maid outfit like Moira O'Hara on AHS, drinking, use of “good girl”, praise, unprotected sex, drug mention not specific, oral f!receiving, fingering, use of the word cunt, sir kink, spanking, caught in the act, nipple sucking, creampie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
───────✧ 𓆩♡𓆪 ✧───────
you inhaled deeply as you carried the laundry basket up the stairs, your arms straining as it was a long walk from the downstairs laundry room all the way to sirius’ room which was on the second floor.
your heels clicking on the shiny wood flooring, it was of course always shiny since you were the one that mainly cleaned them.
ever since you started working for sirius the two other maids seemed to take advantage over your sweet and people pleasing nature, always asking you to do things they were assigned to do or simply noticed and didnt want to do it themselves but of course would take credit for your work. not only did they do this because you just didnt have it in you to say no to them and tell them to do their own damn work, they did it because they saw sirius’ lingering gazes on your figure that you didnt see.
it wasnt even two weeks before you heard the two women gossiping to each other that they suspected that you were secretly fucking sirius and thats how you got the job and thats why sirius seemed to request for you to do his laundry and was why you were allowed to clean his office. and as soon as the women would see you fake smiles fazed over their faces in an instant and their passive aggressive tone would activate.
at first their little gossiping kept you up at night, laying in bed not being able to sleep and just thinking about what they said. youve caught sirius watching you sometimes when you were cleaning his office so maybe that was why they came to that conclusion or maybe it was when sirius called you to his office when he got back home to take his shirt and clean it immediately since it was one of his favorites and he asked you to undo the buttons for him.
you opened sirius’ bedroom door, walking in and setting the laundry basket on his bed then going to shut the door.
coming back to the laundry basket, new sheets and pillow covers along with another smaller basket on top of the bedding with his some of his white button ups and ties, along with a couple of plain shirts.
taking the smaller basket and carrying it to his walk in wardrobe, flicking on its lights and sighing. it would be nice to have a walk in closet, though your clothes would take up only a rack or two along with four or five drawers.
you sat the basket on the ottoman, taking a look around, breathing in the clean smell before grabbing hangers from a shelf beside the light switch and bringing them to the ottoman.
hanging the shirts and folding the button ups neatly, placing them where you knew he wanted them. once you were done you carried the basket out before flicking the lights off and shutting the closet doors.
now you were onto stripping his bed and putting clean fresh sheets and pillow cases on then his black comforter. fixing his bed nicely then putting a softer fuzzy blanket at the bottom of his bed.
grabbing the baskets and leaving the room, you didnt like being in sirius’ space for too long; it felt nerve wracking and being in his office was worse maybe it was just because you barely knew what sirius did for work but most definitely knew it was bad. having to sign paper after paper saying that you would not tell people about anything youve saw or seen and sirius made it clear bad things would happen if you did; plus you couldnt tell people if you didnt know anything so you tried to keep away from listening in on things or gossiping with the other staff about sirius’ work and work partners.
you only knew three of sirius’ friends and work buddies since they were constantly together, pettigrew, potter and lupin those were the names you were familiar and heard on a regular basis from sirius’ mouth and had seen in person and you sometimes heard of a mckinnon and meadowes but didnt know the relation.
you remembered when sirius introduced you to them, calling you into his office as he sipped on alcohol while chatting with his friends and from then on out they were ones youd see come in and out of sirius’ place.
remus leaned his head back onto the back of the leather couch him and peter occupied, laughing at something james muttered out then dragging his cig to his mouth. “i’m telling you- lily was furious with me! wouldnt even let me hug harry til i got out of the shower” james laughed, shaking his head and running his hands through his hair.
“i wouldnt either, prongs youre the absolute worse at getting blood off you.” sirius said with a grin.
“i dont want to hear it! you have maids to do it for you!” james defended and pointed at sirius.
sirius laughed and threw his hands up in defeat. “speaking of maids—james—i have a new one. shes a beauty, so sweet and looks amazing in the uniform” sirius said smirking at james, making james to shake his head in response to the last bit.
“rob will you ask ms y/l/n to come here please” sirius said to the man that stood by sirius’ desk, “yes sir” rob answered and left the room to get you.
you were washing dishes when rob came to you, telling you sirius requested your presence in his office. you were hesitant and almost trembling when you got to his office door. you always got the feeling something bad was happening either getting fired or something worse.
you tried to walk in quietly but your heels clicked against the floor loudly. you picked at your nail polish behind your back. “sir?” you mumbled shyly.
sirius smiled, then looked back at you, “ms.y/l/n come, come. i was just telling my friends about you, so they get used to a new face around here” he said gesturing for you to come closer.
smiling as you got closer, giving the men a little wave when you felt that you were close enough.
walking back into the laundry room and putting the baskets on a shelf next to the other baskets. “y/n is that you?” you heard from the kitchen.
you smiled and made your way to the kitchen, the only sort “friend” you had was sirius’ chef; she was sweet and always told the other two maids off. “yes its me” you said with a soft laugh.
she smiled at you then went back to chopping onions, “heard you took maggie’s shift tonight” she said.
you huffed and leaned against the fridge, “jen, you know i cant say no, she cornered me by my car and asked me to” you whined and played with the hem on your skirt.
jen shook her head, “i promise if youd just snapped at them theyd stop running all over you.” jen said, looking at you with soft eyes then going back to cutting.
“i have tomorrow off so its fine, i wouldve just sat in bed all day if i got off at 8” you said trying to make light of the situation. jen waved her hands dismissively. “im sure they’ll talk about how you took her shift so you and sirius could you know” she added teasingly and sent a quick wink your way.
you laughed, jen had heard the two women gossiping and now constantly teased you about it. “i still can’t believe they keep saying that” you giggled out and made your way out of the kitchen.
hours passed, your knees ached as they rested on the hard wood floor. you were almost done getting the red from off the floor.
you had stumbled across the mess, broken glass from a vase that sat on a stand beside sirius’ office doors, the rug was moved and bunched up in places and a little pool of blood with little drops across the wood. you didnt ask, honestly didnt want to know what happened, you just knew youd have to clean it.
you got up, the blood was now cleaned up and the floor looked spotless. you put the two buckets to the side then wiped your brow, thinking of what to do next.
vacuum, thats what you needed, heading downstairs to the spot you knew the vacuum would be; except it wasn’t there.
groaning as now youd have to think of where you had put it. drumming your fingers on the washing machine as you tried to remember.
fuck—it was in sirius’ office, of course it was in his fucking office. no one was allowed in his office without him being there. you had left it in there earlier this morning after he asked you to get him a cup of coffee while you were in there cleaning then forgot about the vacuum.
it wouldnt hurt to just grab it right? just quickly grabbing it and leaving. so quick so that he wouldn’t see you, plus you were sure he was out, you hadnt seen him at all after you left his office this morning.
now you stood in front of his door, debating in your mind whether you should go in or just leave it. wiping your hands on your skirt and taking a deep breath.
opening the door and peeking in, it was dark and the only light that was on was a lamp on his desk. looking around the room, and spotting the vacuum by a bookshelf.
walking in, trying not to make noise. making your way to the vacuum. your plan was going perfectly, in and out.
you were almost to the door til the vacuum got stuck, you turned around, “god damn it” you whined quietly. a couple of loose threads from a rug had gotten stuck in its wheel. you tugged again, of course it was fucking stuck.
giving it one more tug, expecting it to not budge but the threads snapped and you stumbled back a bit, hitting his desk, papers that were at the edge of fell to the floor.
this is what you get for coming in here while youre not supposed to, its like everything in this room was out to get you. inhaling deeply before letting go of the vacuum and walking to the papers that were now scattered on the floor.
bending down and picking them up. you tried not read them but you couldnt help yourself, now standing with the papers only reading the page that was on top. furrowing your brows, you didnt understand it, the only thing you could grasp from it was that it was maybe about drugs and someone named evan rosier—whoever the fuck that was.
“snooping through my things are we?”
you froze, tears coming to your eyes, setting the papers on his desk. “no sir” you muttered, your lip quivering.
you could feel his presence behind you, “i-i” you started but was cut off by sirius. “look at me when youre talking to me” he said.
turning slowly, you put your hands behind your back. now making eye contact, sirius didn’t look angry or displeased that he found you in here.
tears filled your eyes, “dont cry darling” sirius whispered as he got closer to you. “take a deep breath,” he instructed and you listened, following him and taking a deep breath.
“there’s nothing to be afraid of darling” sirius added.
“mr. black im s’sorry, i left the vacuum in here— it got stuck and i pulled on it then knocked over your papers” you tried to explain, your words jumbling sometimes. you were becoming aware of how close he was, how handsome he was too.
sirius wasnt going admit he had seen the whole thing on the cameras in a room beside his office. sirius thought you were the cutest thing ever, always giving him a smile and wave if you passed him in the halls or whenever he asked you to do something you did it with a pretty smile on your face. sirius also thought it was cute when you were oblivious to his flirting.
“please dont fire me” you pleaded in a low whisper, sirius’ eyes softened. now this situation would be different if it wasn’t you, if it was someone else they wouldve been fired immediately just for breaking the rules of no one allowed in here if sirius wasn’t present or worse if they were looking through his papers.
“im not gonna fire you, get that thought out of your pretty head.” sirius reassured, his voice was soft and comforting. you took in his appearance as your nerves slowly calmed after hearing that sentence. his button up was untucked and a few buttons were unbuttoned and his pants were black along with his belt. you pressed your thighs together
sirius got closer and you backed up a bit, your ass hitting his desk. you looked up at him, “may i kiss you?” sirius asked, as glanced down at your lips.
you nodded and whispered yes, sirius leaned in, your lips and his lips touched softly.
sirius’ hands moved to rest on his desk, pulling away from the kiss just a bit “can i touch you?” he asked.
“yes sir” you said before his lips landed back onto yours, his hands moving your thighs. feeling the straps that held up your stockings, flicking it against your skin teasingly.
sirius pulled back again, “since you broke a rule, there’s a punishment that comes with. there’s a personal punishment or there’s a punishment we could discuss on monday” sirius said, waiting for you to pick.
“the personal punishment” you answered, looking up at him. you could feel your arousal and hoped the personal punishment would help you take care of it. sirius smirked.
“bend over the desk” sirius ordered, taking a step back from you. a small firework of pleasure popped from his words and your thighs pressing harshly together. you turned around and leaned over the desk; the side of your face pressed against the cold wood.
sirius walked towards you, muttering a soft “good girl” as he got closer. sirius took your hands and put them behind your back, “keep them there” he said sternly and you did.
you felt his hands go from the back of your thighs to your ass, pushing up your skirt as he went. sliding his fingers tips teasing under your panties. “ten spanks, thank you sir after each one. you understand that darling?” sirius asked.
“yes sir”
his hand came down hard on your ass, causing you to jolt and gasp softly. “one, thank you sir” you said trying to take your mind off the sting.
another smack happened and “two, thank you sir” followed.
after fifteen minutes you were on your last one, your ass was sore but sirius would try to sooth the pain by keeping his hand there after the smack.
“ten, thank you sir” you said, sirius massaged your ass as he whispered little praises.
“you did so good for me angel” he whispered as he unclipped your stockings from your garter belt then started to pull down your panties, sirius kissed down your left leg. feeling the drag of the fabric then his soft kisses after the fabric touched the areas was heavenly.
sirius kissed back up your leg after having you step out of your panties and putting the white lacey piece into his pocket. “you’re such a good girl for me” sirius praised, his erection straining in his pants and had been straining in his pants since he “caught” you in his office. he was surprised how you didn’t notice but grateful.
“turn for me” sirius said softly, lifting yourself off the desk and tuning to face him. sirius rested on his knees in front of you.
you leaned back resting on his desk. sirius ran his hands up your thighs then started placing kisses on your right knee, moving to your inner thigh. you opened your legs, your eyes pleading for him to use his mouth on you.
“please” you whined softly, sirius could’ve came at that, could’ve came from just seeing you like this even if he wasn’t the one doing this to you. he’d wanted to do this since you started working for him months ago and now it was finally happening.
sirius pushed up your skirt a bit before flatting his tongue and licking up your cunt. you shivered, humming in delight as your cunt finally got what it needed.
sirius’ tongue circled around your clit before sucking softly. his hands held your thighs apart, you moaned, your moved your hand to hold the edge of his desk but ended up knocking the papers onto the floor.
“fuck—“you whimpered, sirius’ tongue working wonders and you getting closer and closer with each swirl and suck. one of sirius’ hands left your thigh, bringing it to your cunt and now his middle finger teased your entrance.
there was a light knock at door, neither of you cared.
“mr.black a delivery is—“ tay started as she opened the door, the hallway lights coming in from the opened door and lighting up you and sirius. her mouth dropped as you moaned loudly as sirius pumped his fingers in and out of you. you made eye contact with tay. the one that started the gossiping and now the gossip just turned into a fact.
tay left quickly. you already knew the word would get to jen just as quick but you could think and deal with that later.
sirius stopped before you could cum, taking his mouth and fingers from you. you whined a soft “why?”.
“you’ll cum when i tell you to” sirius said as he got up.
leaning in and locking your lips with his, your hands moved to his dress shirt, unbuttoning it the rest of the way and pulling it off him.
sirius started trailing kisses down to your neck, his hands moving to your top. undoing the buttons on it and then moving his kissed to your tits, his left hand massaged your breast through your bra as his mouth bit and sucked on your right one.
lifting your tit out of the cup of bra so he could suck on your nipple.
your hands fiddled with sirius’ belt, finally getting it unbuckled. you palmed him through his dress pants.
sirius left your boobs and made his way back to your mouth. “i need you” you begged in the kiss.
“i know darling” sirius said softly, leaning back and looking at your hands on his clothed cock, he nodded his head giving you a signal to get his cock out.
“go on” sirius whispered, you moved the fabric down and let his cock spring out. you moved your hand on him, spreading his precum around his tip. sirius groaned, his core muscles tightening.
sirius guided you to lay back onto his desk, spreading your legs with his hand gently. he moved one hand to your cunt, rubbing gently on your clit making you quiver. sirius moved his from your cunt to his cock, guiding himself to slide through your folds and over your clit with his cock.
both of you moaned softly, sirius did this a few times before pushing his cock into you. sirius watched his cock spread you open as your back arched.
“you’re so-s’fucking big” you whimpered, his thumb moved to your clit, rubbing in circles.
sirius started to thrust back and forth slowly, building speed as he went. “you feel so good angel” sirius moaned.
your left leg was now over sirius’ shoulder as he thrusted in and out of you, your back was arched and your head was tossed back with your mouth agape letting out moans. sirius was saying sweet praises as he continued to fuck you, and the coil in your tummy tightened and tightened.
sirius was close too, you felt heavenly and your moans sounded heavenly. his thumb moved faster on your clit earning incoherent swears from you.
“please let me cum sir! im s’close” you begged, moving your head down so you could look at him. he looked beautiful.
“cum. be a good girl and fucking cum for me” sirius groaned, going faster. your body moving harshly against his desk.
“thank you sir!”
you shut your eye as the coil snapped, your legs shaking and you tossed your head back again and couldn’t help but let out moan after moan and whine after whine. after a few minutes your hand caught his wrist to take it of your clit, sirius helped you ride your orgasm out and then his own happened.
sirius’ cum painting your walls, your walls clenching around him—milking him of his cum. the sounds of deep breathing filling the room. you both taking your time to grasp what happened.
you whimpered as sirius pulled out of you slowly, watching his cum drip out of you. sirius reached to his drawers in his desk and pulled out some tissues to clean you up with.
sirius cleaned up what he could. you sat up, sirius kissed you softly then pulled your skirt down to cover you. “let’s get you a shower and some comfortable clothes, okay princess?” he said, hoping you had no intention to go home to your apartment.
you nodded and hummed a quick “mhm”, sirius fixed himself into pants then went to help you button up some of the buttons on your shirt so no one would see your bra, then helping you fix your skirt. you left the stockings alone not bothering to mess with the garter belt. sirius picked up your shoes and his shirt and walked you out of his office to his bedroom.
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gxtitobxby · 6 months ago
omg i just had this idea of maybe mafia!remus upset because reader wants to sunbathe braless in the beach and knows that if he says she can't she will throw a fit
Tumblr media
the call had taken longer than he expected. a shipment gone wrong turned into an endless discussion about possible solutions and new strategies moving forward, and remus can't help but sigh and close his eyes when it's finally over, tossing his phone down on the makeshift desk he set up in the hotel room.
he'd promised you a week off, no business no calls no work, just you and him—and the three bodyguards he refused to go without—in the private little resort he bought for your special vacation.
in just his swimming trunks, remus heaves himself off the hotel chair and reaches for his sunglasses, tossing them on before moving past the sliding doors and down to your private beach.
the first thing he notices is how tense his men look. they're all flushed, and not just because of the beaming sun, it seems, because they're all also deliberately avoiding looking at you where you're lounging back on a beach recliner. the closer he gets, the deeper his scowl gets.
"what do you think you’re doing?"
your skin is glowing, the tanning oil making it shimmer brightly under the hot sun. his eyes trail up your stomach to the perky nipples nipples at the peak of your breasts, and with an angry growl brewing in his chest he finally reaches your face—the bratty little look on your face that does not help calm his rising temper. "don't want any tan lines."
remus reaches for the discarded tunic hanging off his empty chair and tosses it at you. he barks, "put it on."
"no," you snap back, tossing the cover-up back at him with a frown. "if I don't get my husband during my vacation the least I deserve is a good fucking tan."
his brow quirks at the swear word, knowing you must really be upset if you're risking a punishment like that. he nears the recliner and thumbs at your chin, pinching tightly and lifting your face so you have no choice but to look at him. "I know you're upset but you better watch your mouth, sweetheart."
you huff, and the upset little pout that grows on your face contradicts your angry furrowed brows. "you promised."
taking a seat by your legs, remus sighs, running a tired hand across his jaw. "I know, love."
"promised I wouldn't have to share you while we're here." your voice is practically a whine, and he knows you're verging close to a full on tantrum.
he meets your eyes, taking off his sunglasses and hoping you can see in his eyes that he means it. "I'm sorry, dove."
your pout deepens, half annoyed at the lack of attention you've been getting and the other half at how easy he gets his way with you. your eyes narrow at him. "no more." you warn, fingering threateningly at your bikini bottoms. "next time I'm taking these off."
before you know it you're squealing, remus' fingers twisting meanly at one of your nipples while his mouth takes over yours. "you better not be threatening me, sweetheart."
"I wasn't!" you whine, although it quickly morphs into a moan when his mouth trails down to wrap around your other nipple. "it was a promise."
he can't help but breath out a laugh against your skin—as much as he loves it when you're his sweet, well-behaved girl, he can't deny the way his cock twitches whenever your smart mouth makes an appearance. "you're gonna give my men a heart attack, y'know?"
you giggle, twisting around to wave at the men who continue to stare anywhere but at you. "I think they rather like it."
"I will kill them," he grunts against your neck. "every single one of them, I'll take out their eyes and then I'll teach you a lesson."
you moan at his words, bottoms getting slicker every second that goes by. your small hands are demanding as they bring his face to yours, lips hovering right over his so you can flick your tongue at the seams. "are you threatening me, husband?"
he shakes his head and smirks against your mouth, nipping at the bottom lip and bringing down his hand hard on your ass. he swallows your gasp. "it's a promise, wife”
Tumblr media
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prettybabybaby · a month ago
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
content: implied kidnapping, implied noncon, mafia!sirius, fem!reader.
¡ marauders masterlist !
mafia!sirius holds a gun in your mouth as he fucks you, holding you up, uncomfortably arching your back. you breathe shakily around the metal weapon, holding the arm thats snaked under yours, lodged between your bouncing tits and leading to his hand that wraps around your throat. the cuffs burned your wrists as you tried to escape the confinement only minutes prior.
you hear the rough slapping of skin and wet squelching of your dripping pussy, feel the ripple of your fleshy ass as he ruts into you with desperation. you stare up at him, fear and lust in your eyes as he stares back, lips in a tight line, pupils dilated and covering the stormy color of his irises. you hum in pleasure, walls spasming around him.
“daddy raised a little slut, didn’t he?”
you shudder at his silky voice, blinking your watering eyes as you shake your head slowly, barely moving it all. you can hear the guards outside the door, conversing about you in a way you don’t like. the guards in your estate wouldn’t dare speak about you that way, they wouldn’t even think about it. your father would never allow it. but here you are, being fucked senseless by your fathers biggest rival, his long, inky locks drenched in glistening sweat.
“y’pretty pussy so tight and warm, takes me so well,” he grunted, shifting the gun when you squeezed his throbbing cock, “I think I might keep you.”
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padfootprongsmoony · 7 months ago
the miss upstairs, don't be scared ; remus lupin
summary; remus is owed a debt, and when they don't pay he decides to take their daughter instead. very much inspired by behave written by @saintlike78 go check out their writing it's amazing!
warnings: dark fic, dub-con/possible non-con, mafia au, abduction, kind of mean remus, oral (m receiving), degrading, dacryphilia
part two
✩.・*:。≻───── ⋆♡⋆ ─────.•*:。✩
Remus didn't normally do things like this, but his patience had run out and enough was enough. His fingers tapped the steering wheel, the soft pats being the only sound in the car as he waited. He wasn't dumb; he knew not to strike alone. His two best friends, and accomplices in the business, had been appointed the task of getting you. Remus would wait in the car.
A smile crept onto his face when one of the back doors of the Cadillac opened and you were almost thrown onto the seat. "Be careful with her, Pads," Remus spoke, placing a cigarette in between his lips, "Don't wanna hurt her, do we?" Sirius sat himself next to you, leaning forward to steal the cigarette from Remus, "Sorry, boss, y'know I get carried away,"
When James had settled himself in the front seat, Remus put the car in start and sped away. Soft cries could be heard beside Sirius, tears staining the canvas bag that was placed over your head. "Be quiet, dollface, don't wanna hear you whine for the rest of the ride," Remus growled, reaching behind him to pat your knee.
"Wha- where are we going?" you sniffled, still struggling in the restraints. Sirius and James had done a good job; no matter how much you struggled, the rope binding your wrists and ankles together wouldn't budge. "Somewhere you don't have to worry that pretty little head about," James answered you, lighting his own cigarette after passing one to Remus.
✩.・*:。≻───── ⋆♡⋆ ─────.•*:。✩
"Please let me go," you sniffled, tears running down your cheeks as you looked up at the man standing in front of you. The other two people, Pads and Prongs, had gone; only staying to carry you into the house. You had struggled as much as you could, kicking your legs at them, but unfortunately the knots they made were strong and you could only move your legs about an inch or so.
"Now why would I do that, angel?" he chuckled, walking over to you before kneeling down so he was at eye-level and patting your cheek. You only cried harder, thoughts racing around your mind. What was he planning? Was he going to hurt you? Or worse, was he going to kill you?
"M'not gonna hurt you, you're too pretty for that," he said, almost as if he had read your mind, "Do you know who I am, darling?" You nodded your head, your bottom lip cowering as more tears filled your waterline, "Dad told me to stay away from you if I ever saw you," you muttered, moving your gaze to the floor.
"Guessing he never told you my name, then?" he stood up and walked to the desk that sat in the corner of the room, pouring himself a glass of whisky and bringing it to his lips. "N-no," you stuttered. You knew your dad was involved in some messy business, and he had a fair share of people you had to avoid, but he never told you the details-- including people's names.
He knocked back the rest of his drink, smacking his lips and letting a small ah leave his mouth, "It's Remus, darling," Remus walked back over to you and rolled up his shirt sleeves, a small grin planted on his face, "Now, are you gonna be good for me?"
"What are you gonna do to me?" you whimpered, shuffling slightly since your knees were hurting from kneeling for so long. He raised an eyebrow at you, his hands coming to unbuckle his belt, "I asked you a question, didn't I?" Remus grunted, pulling the belt from around his waist. You gulped, looking up at him once again, "S-sorry, yeah, I'll be good,"
"Yeah? Gonna be a good slut and suck my cock, eh?" he started working on the buttons of his trousers, pulling them down to mid-thigh so you could see the growing bulge in his boxers. You bit your lip, deciding what to say. If you said no, he'd surely force you to anyway, "Yeah, I'll be a good- a good slut," you replied through choked sobs.
Remus shot you a smirk, pulling down his boxers to let his cock spring free. He reached towards you, wrapping your hair around his hand and pulling your head closer to his crotch, "Get to it, then," he spat.
You nodded and opened your mouth, letting the tip rest on your tongue before you wrapped your lips around it. Remus let out a soft moan, pushing his hips forward so you took more of him in. He hit the back of your throat, making you gag around his length, "You're fucking fine, relax your throat," he sighed, rolling his eyes like he was annoyed.
Trying your best to nod with the dick in your mouth, you relaxed your throat-- swallowing in the process and earning yourself a loud groan from him. Remus moved both of his hands to grip onto your hair, holding your head in place whilst he fucked your throat; using you like a sex doll.
"S'like your made for this," he grunted, the pace he set brutal, "Just a bunch of holes for me to use," To the surprise of both you and Remus, you let out a soft moan around his cock, his words going straight to your core. "You like this, don't you?" he chuckled darkly, slowing down his thrusts slightly.
You only hummed in response, the arousal going to your head as a slight fog set over your mind. You hadn't expected to actually enjoy this considering he quite literally abducted you, but you couldn't help but feel slick build in between your legs as he continued to fuck your throat. "Fuck, that's it, gonna cum down your slutty throat," Remus moaned, his grip on your head getting tighter as he came closer to his release.
He took one look at your face and that's all he needed to reach his high, the tears pouring from your doe-like eyes as he abused your mouth sending him over the edge. You jumped slightly when his load shot into your mouth, some leaking from the sides of your mouth when he pressed your head into him; the patch of hair on his lower stomach brushing against the tip of your nose.
"Swallow," he ordered as he slowly pulled out of your mouth, "All of it," You blinked the rest of your tears away, nodding at him before swallowing. The slightly-salty liquid covered your taste buds as you swallowed, the taste of him left in your mouth even after it had gone down your throat. "Let's see," he spoke, grabbing your chin and turning your face so you could make eye contact with him.
"Good girl," he smiled when you stuck out your tongue, showing him that it was all gone. After fixing his trousers and putting his belt back on, Remus walked behind you to take off the ropes that were binding your wrists together. You had no energy to run, and he knew that. "Now, I need you to be behaved or I'll think about the decision I made earlier," he muttered to you once he helped you stand.
"I'll be good, promise," you replied, "But what are you gonna do with me?" He gestured his hand towards the chairs in front of his desk, signalling for you to take a seat. Obeying him, you sat down on one of the red velvet armchairs and rested your hands on your thighs. Remus sat opposite you, behind his desk, and passed you a bottle of water, "Well your father owes me a little debt, honey," he explained, "And until he pays me, I'll just have to keep you, won't I?"
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little monster - one: anonymous
pairing: mafia!remus lupin x fem!crybaby!reader
summary: you spend the night with remus and he leaves in the morning; twenty four worried missed calls from your boyfriend reveal something insidious.
w/c: 1931
warnings: smut (vaginal sex, fingering, daddy kink), stalking, general mafia-ness, crying, lotsa comfort, bodyguard!james (he’s a warning 🤤)
note: new series!! my first series on this blog! pls lmk how you like it and feel free to ask questions or anything you desire about this series as i’ll go into as much depth as people want:) looking forward to writing this one!
Tumblr media
“Remmy…” Your voice comes out in a pitiful whine, even to your own ears, but you persist trying to get your boyfriend’s attention, which he refuses to give you for even a second. When he ignores you once more, tears well behind your waterline, threatening to spill over with every plaintive blink of your lashes. Desperately, you try to control the trembling of your bottom lip, hugging your knees to your chest and huddling on the bed with a soft sob. Remus’ brow quirks at the pathetic noise and he opens his arms for you where he lounges on the armchair, flicking through paperwork. Being the most notorious crime boss in the city certainly has its perks - the main one being he can afford a life of luxury for you - but the amount of work is infinite.
“C’mere, silly thing,” he chuckles, spreading his thighs for you to sit on. You hesitate and he repeats himself, firmer this time, “Come here.” You scramble to obey, swiping at your eyes in frustration as you advance on Remus. He rolls his shirt sleeves as he waits, revealing strong forearms lined with protruding veins. Those same arms are then grasping your waist and pulling you down and into his lap. Gasping, you shuffle until you’re tucked into him, hiding your face.
“Now, what are these tears for, little monster?” He thumbs at your cheek, wiping the wetness away and kissing your forehead. “C’mon, out with it.”
“Was ignoring me…” you murmur into the safety of his chest.
“Who? Full sentences, baby. Proper words.” You lift your head, teary eyes locking on him.
“You were!” you shout, voice rising about three octaves and piercing through the air in a terrible screech.
“‘Cause I was busy, brat. I can’t pay you all of my attention all the time.” He knows it’s not fair to be like this with you, not when he spends so much time away, leaving you here with no one but your bodyguard for company.
You cower away from his hard tone and words, burying your head in your arms as more tears slip past your eyes and down your cheeks. He sighs heavily, prying your face from its hiding place and gripping your jaw to keep your gaze locked on him. “What are you being like this for, hm? What’s upset you?”
“You have,” you sniffle. Writhing in his hold, you try to turn away from his stare, whimpering.
“‘Cause I ignored you?” You nod, casting your eyes downward. You feel pathetic. “You feeling extra sensitive? Need daddy to take care of you?” You nod again.
“Daddy,” you cry, “‘M sorry.”
“Oh, baby,” he coos, the hint of a laugh still present in his voice, “Got yourself all worked up. Daddy’s here, shh.”
He holds you as the tears subside, groaning as you begin to rock yourself in his lap.
“Fuck, little monster. That’s what you wanted? Want daddy’s cock to make you feel better, hm?” You whimper at his vulgar words, planting your face in the crook of his neck as you drag your pussy over his lap.
“Please, please,” you chant over and over, fists curled into his shirt as you rut against him. He reaches down, slipping his large hand beneath your skirt and immediately coming into contact with your bare folds.
“No underwear? You are needy.” He tweaks and rubs at your clit mercilessly until you’re keening, legs shaking and body lax. “There’s a good girl.” He keeps his pace until he knows you’re on the edge, and right as you’re about to fall off of it, he stops. You whine petulantly, chasing his hand.
“Thought you wanted my cock, hm?”
“Please, daddy. It hurts.” Your voice is high pitched, dragging out every syllable - the brattiest voice you own. He unbuttons his trousers, pulling them down just enough to allow his cock to spring free; lifting you by the armpits, he lowers you onto him slowly. You moan brokenly, clinging to him as you start to move in tandem. You come down all the way just as he snaps his hips up harshly, leaving you seeing stars.
“Fuck, look at’cha,” he rasps, pressing down onto your lower tummy; you choke out what is supposed to be his name, but all that is heard is a mindless babble. “Oh, ‘ve fucked you stupid already, little one. This is what you needed, hm? Needed daddy to take care of you properly?” Nodding vigorously, your hips start to lose rhythm as you near your end; Remus stands, pushing you into the chair still facing him and starts to thrust into you mercilessly. You wail, head lolling as sobs and tears of pleasure slip past your eyes and rip from your throat. He sticks two fingers in your mouth, chuckling as you instantly begin to suck on them, drool gathering around the corners of your mouth and dripping onto his hand.
“Come on, baby. Come for daddy.”
You wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him deep inside of you as you come, arching off of the chair. He soothes you the whole way through, brushing his lips against your cheek and eyelids before he’s coming too, thick ropes of his spend painting your insides until you’re full and leaking. When he pulls out, you whimper, holding your arms up for him to lift you. You’re still crying, big, round tears trailing down your cheeks as you reach for Remus, seeking comfort. He coos gently, lifting you into his arms and carrying you to the bathroom.
“There’s a good girl,” he murmurs into your ear. “You did so well for daddy. ‘m so proud of you. So proud.”
“Daddy,” you sob, clutching his shirt and sobbing even harder when he pries you off and sets you down on the floor.
“Hey, hey,” he says, leaning over the bath to turn the hot tap on; billowing streams of water pour into the tub, steam rising in the room. “I’m here. Let’s get these clothes off, okay?”
“M’kay.” Your chest is heaving, your vulnerability obvious as you press yourself into Remus.
“Good girl,” he repeats over and over, reassuring you in your fragile state of mind.
“You come in too?” you ask in a heartbreakingly soft tone as he sits you in the warm water.
“Yes, baby. Me too.” He strips, slipping into the tub behind you and pulling your chest flush to his back. He traces shapes into your skin, kissing your temples and your neck, your shoulders, your arms and your tummy. Every square inch of your body is claimed by him. You’re his and he’s yours.
“Love you,” you murmur sleepily, turning and nuzzling into his chest. He rubs your head, smiling as you crane your head into the touch.
“Mmm…” you mumble, “‘s nice.”
“I know, little monster. Love you more.” He doesn’t stop until you’re wrapped around him, murmuring unintelligibly as you lay against his warm chest. Your eyes flutter shut, deep and even breaths expelling from your parted lips.
“Uh, uh,” he chuckles, lifting you from the tub, “No sleeping yet. Gotta get to bed first, baby.”
“But-“ you whine, curling into him.
“No buts. You’ll be comfier in bed.”
Wrapping you in a towel, he dries you off and then himself, retrieving your favourite pyjamas and dressing you, only stopping when you demand kisses.
“Miss you,” you mumble around a yawn.
“I’m right here.”
“I know,” you answer softly as you crawl into bed, “Miss you when you’re gone. Gone so much.”
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, his heart breaking with how resigned you sound; you know he’s going to leave you and you’ve gotten used to it. “I’m gonna be here now, okay? Gonna stay with you lots more.”
“Don’t have to if you don’t wanna,” you whisper, “Know ‘m tricky to be around.”
“What’re you talking about, silly thing?” He climbs in next to you, pulling you flush to his chest. “You’re my favourite person in the whole world.”
“Mmm,” you muse, “Don’t have to say that to make me feel better. Understand if you want to leave me.”
“Stop that right now,” he snaps, voice suddenly dark, “I’m here. And you’re mine. Forever. I don’t want anyone else.” Your lip trembles, more tears forming and gathering behind your wide eyes.
“I’m sorry,” you cry, “I’m just so scared when you’re gone.”
“Oh,” he soothes, voice softening with your upset. “Whatever are you scared of?”
“Scared of everything. Of other people. Scared you’re not coming b-back.” A hiccup forces its way out of your throat and you bury your face into the crook of Remus’ neck, soaking his skin with your tears. “You’re not gonna be here w-when I wake up.”
“Shh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, baby.” It feels like someone has ripped his heart out, leaving a gaping hole in his chest. This is all his fault.
“I’m tired,” you sniffle, curling against him quietly, suddenly all the energy drained from you. Physically and emotionally. “Gonna… sleep.”
He holds you as you clamber onto him further, nuzzling his now bare chest.
“Miss you…” you murmur again as you drift off, your breaths evening out as you hold him tightly, even in unconsciousness.
When you wake, you’re alone. You knew you would be, but it makes your chest ache nonetheless. Your lip trembles gently and you sniffle, grabbing your phone from the bedside table. It lights up, revealing an alarming number of missed calls and texts from Remus.
Remmy: 24 missed calls
Remmy: Call me right now.
Remmy: Are you safe?
Remmy: Where is James? Is he with you?
Remmy: Answer me.
You press on his contact name immediately and he picks up after one ring.
“Little one?”
“I’m here, I’m fine. What’s the matter?”
“There’s someone in the house.”
“What?” Your voice breaks.
“A-an anonymous number sent me a picture of you this morning from inside the house. I need you to find James. He’s downstairs, okay? Go to him and he’ll take you somewhere safe, baby. I love you. Go quickly.” You feel increasingly sick the more he talks and you stumble up, running from the room and down the white, carpeted stairs.
“Love you, daddy,” you murmur over the phone, frantically looking for James. Spotting him out of the corner of your eye, you run to him, “Jamie’s here.”
“Good girl. I have to go, okay? I’ll be back tonight.”
“Okay. Love you.”
“Love you more.”
The line goes dead as you hurtle into James’ arms, already sobbing.
“Hi, sweetheart.” His deep voice rasps, “I know, I’ve got you.”
“I’m scared.”
“I know. I’m gonna keep you safe. We’re going to the safe house to keep you hidden, and I’ll be with you the entire time. And we’ll have lots of fun whilst we wait for this to all blow over.”
“You promise?” you sniffle.
“Oh, I promise,” he chuckles, keeping his tone light to comfort you.
“Don’t leave, Jamie,” you whimper against his chest; he coos, leading you to the door.
“I’m not going anywhere. C’mon, we’ve gotta go, sweetheart.”
As you’re being taken to the safe house with James, Remus is fixated on the message on his phone. A single photo takes up the screen: you, sprawled out and limbs askew in the huge bed, your favourite pyjamas rumpled from sleep and the most peaceful aura exuding from you, completely unaware of the intruder. There’s a message under it:
Tumblr media
Anonymous: you should be more careful where you leave your precious Little Monster. I might have to take her for myself…
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Causal dominance between poly!marauders x fem!reader could look like
Mafia!sirus getting up early to make breakfast for reader and reader only whilst they sleep in because cute bunnies deserve it.
This then causes little wolf boy to wake up earlier than usual which he hates because of the smell. When he gets down to the kitchen he tells mafia!sirus "this looks good" whilst trying to to steal a bit of bacon. This action doesn't go unnotice by mafia!sirus who slaps his hand away and tells mafia!remus "for bunny only" which makes mafia!remus shocked and then go on a rant about why it's not fair and other things.
Only for mafia!sirus to brush it off and tell him maybe he shouldn't of accidentally made princess cry last night, which makes mafia!remus even more grumpy.
Mafia!James on the other hand is listening to the noise whilst in bed with you laughing to himself because this has happened to him before but not because he accidentally made you cry but because mafia!sirus only would do these things for you and look for an excuse as to why he didn't do them for mafia!remus and mafia!James.
<He's a massive pushover for you>
Needless to say after you finally awake and go downstairs to the kitchen you can see mafia!remus eating toast grumply whilst shooting you a glare, you in turn just smile at him before getting into your seat. Mafia!sirus personally greets you with a "hello princess look what I made for you and only you" with a cheeky grin and wink, you just reply with a "thank you handsome" which cause him to blush.
But that stops when you can hear Mafia!remus gagging in the background and saying "ewwww" Mafia!sirus just tells you to ignore it and that he's only jealous, which makes you giggle. Mafia!remus doesn't let that pass by him and tries to tell you to "watch yourself" only for mafia!sirus and mafia!James to shut him down and remind him of last night and how he should put on his big boy pants and leave innocent bunnies alone and stop being a big bad wolf.
You giggle at that whilst mafia!remus grumbles under his breath about a punishment for you giggling at him getting scolded but this'll never make it to real life as mafia!sirus and mafia!James will be quick to defend you but also because deep down he was in the wrong and because this breakfast and you laughing at him getting scolded is the least you can get as payback for last night though he'll never admit it.
This is my first drabble/oneshot so please excuse grammar errors I have no idea if this is causal dominance but imma say it is anyways.
Give me suggestions if you want
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pls all I can think about is mafia!marauders passing you around until the plane lands
yupyupyupyup!!!!!! james having you ride him, fucking up into you, remus having you bend over the table so he can fuck you from behind, sirius pinning you against the windows and fucking you upright <333 plzplzplz sirius like “shame we’re so high up, doll. Wish everyone could see you gettin’ fucked like a whore”
ugh it starting off with them just groping you <33 sirius’s hand trailing up your thigh while you stand in front of them offering them snacks <33 snaking around to squeeze the flesh of your ass through your little uniform and loving the way your voice gets all squeaky with surprise.
remus having to walk by you and putting two big hands on your waist as you move past one another in the narrow space near the bathroom, murmuring “s’cuse me, pretty.”
james eyeing your cleavage as blatantly as one can, eyes trained on it for 90% of the time you’re in his line of sight, a hungry little grin on his face <33
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Well then Mafia!Remus in a meeting with the rest of the boys, but reader just wants to be close to him so she goes in and sits on his lap (she normally isn’t allowed in the meetings). You decide how he reacts!
today is sacreligious saturday >:)) request some dark fics!
Silence filled the room as soon as you entered, your shoes clicking softly on the floor while you made your way over to Remus's seat. He sat menacingly at the head of the table, but all of the animosity drained from his eyes at your arrival.
You strode with confidence over to his chair, gripping the table for support as you pushed him backwards, sliding the legs of his seat backwards on the carpet and plopping into his lap.
His eyes went wide at your actions, and the other people at the table pointedly looked away, giving Remus the privacy to discipline you as they knew he would. He didn't take interruptions lightly, and especially wanted to keep you out of his business, everyone knew that.
Instead of shouting, though, or throwing you out, you felt his arm wrap protectively around your waist, hand slipping under the hem of your shirt to rest on your stomach. He took a deep breath, waiting until you were settled against his chest before picking up where he'd left off, the deep, strong timbre of his voice lulling you into a state of euphoria as you sat, everyone's stunned gazes on Remus's tender hold around your waist.
"Anyways, as I was saying, they won't stop unless we make them. We've given them time after time and chance after chance to back down, but they refuse. So we'll just..." Remus hesitated, glancing down at your form draped securely over his lap, "Well, y'know."
You watched everyone else around the table nod solemnly, tilting your head back to gaze fondly at Remus, who was already staring down at you. You grinned toothily at him, not missing the way that his hand tightened around your waist.
"Right, well then, meeting adjourned. Don't come back until the problem's solved, boys." He gave his inferiors stern glances, watching as they bid him polite goodbyes, eyes lingering on you for a few seconds too long.
As soon as the door shut behind them, Remus nudged you into a sitting position, heaving your back away from his chest from where you'd been reclining, a stern frown on his lips.
"Now, angel, what have I said about interrupting?"
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sxriusblxck · 6 months ago
heyy, love!
hope you're doing good :)
I was wondering if you could write this concept- poly!mafia!marauders taking you out to a mafia gala. you were shy at first, but being your extrovert self, ended up flirting with the host of the party. and needn't say, the marauders were NOT happy.
mafia!marauders are my fav 😩
at first you weren’t quite sure what to do with yourself.
wearing a tight red dress that the boys had picked out for you, you felt out of place amongst the sea of rich, mafia men that worked for your boys.
it was a gala type of event, so everyone was dressed to the nines. there weren’t many women, but the few were dressed in similar dresses to yours, most likely picked by their boyfriends and husbands as well.
the boys had deserted you a bit ago, chatting up some random man while you sat at a table with a champagne flute in hand, sipping occasionally while you bounced your leg to the beat of the music playing through the speakers.
“what’s a pretty girl like you doing all alone?”
you want to scoff at the overused pickup line, then an idea strikes you.
“my boyfriend left me.” you feign a sigh, turning to look at the conventionally attractive man with an exaggerated pout.
“poor thing.” he coos, taking an uninvited seat beside you, placing his whiskey on the table near your flute. “anything i can do to cheer you up?”
the suggestive tone of his voice makes you want to gag, but you refrain. you can see remus and sirius out of the corner of your eye, nudging james to direct his attention to the little show you were putting on for them.
“i can think of a few things.” you giggle flirtatiously, drawing your heel up his calf in a less than innocent manner.
you see his lips part, ready to shoot back another flirt when three men walk up to the table.
“hello, rob.” remus spits his name like poison.
“h-hi, mr lupin.” the man stutters, immediately cowering at the sight of his boss, straightening up in his seat to appear professional.
“you ready to go, bunny?” sirius directs his question toward you, not even bothering to acknowledge rob.
“he’s your boyfriend?” rob blubbers, looking over at you with wide, fearful eyes.
“we’re her boyfriends.” james cuts in, a smug smile stretched across his face.
the way his eyes widen comically large makes you feel slightly guilty, but mostly satisfied that your plan had worked.
“let’s go.” sirius grabs your arm, pulling you up from the seat before the words even left his lips.
you were in for it.
Tumblr media
a fifteen minute drive later, you were bent over remus’s lap, dress hiked up and panties pulled down, ass exposed to the three boys around you.
“i want you to count for me.” remus says, hand massaging the flesh of your ass.
“okay, daddy.”
“good girl.” he croons condescendingly.
“o-one, thank you, daddy.”
“two, thank you, daddy.”
“f-fifteen! thank you, d-daddy.”
“twenty- twenty-five.. thank you, daddy.”
“have you learned your lesson yet, pumpkin?” remus murmurs, dragging two of his fingers through the slick pooling in your cunt.
“yes, daddy. i-i’m sorry.” you cry, ass on fire and cunt throbbing with need.
“i don’t think she has.” sirius chimes in, his sadistic grin sending shivers down your spine.
“i-i have!” you whine.
“don’t talk back.” remus growls, landing another firm smack on your sensitive ass, eliciting a cry from your lips. “ten more spanks, and you’re not coming tonight so don’t even think about it.”
“yes, daddy.”
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vxntagedior · 6 months ago
mafia!marauders taking you out shopping and just buying everything you touch or look at
You held tightly onto Remus’s arm as the four you walked around the shop. The boys had called in that morning clearing out every shop you were intending to go to.
But you wouldn’t buy a single thing.
Having access to their cards and knowing they made well enough money to spend on you, you still clung into the mindset you had growing up.
Remus noticed how your steps slowed, your eyes trained onto the earring in the case.
James saw you first, ushering over the closest employee to package it and send it to their penthouse.
“Are you sure you don’t want anything love?“ Sirius asked pulling your baby hairs away from your face.
Packages were hidden in one of the rooms, piled high and ready to give when the moment was right.
“No, nothing really caught my eye.”
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saintlike78 · 7 months ago
Flashing lights [P.M]
Tumblr media
1 | 2 | 3 | navigation | Series masterlist
A/N: this is a part of the Behave au. You can read this on its own, but it is a second installment of the series.
Pairings: mafia! Poly!marauders x fem!reader
Words: 2.9k
Summary/request: “it’s like a couple weeks after the first fic & the reader is bored of being left alone a lot in the house so she asks the boys if they can all go out for a night on the town”
Warnings: NSFW 16+, kidnapped reader, dubcon (but not explicitly), smut but no actual sex, daddy kink, buttplug, thigh grinding, exhibitionism. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“Doll,” Remus sighed, gripping your left thigh harder, “the agreement was that you sit still and keep quiet until we’re done.”
“I’m trying… you’ve just been working for so long now, and I’m bored,” you whined, leaning back against Remus’ chest, wiggling even more in his lap.
The sound of the pen dropping echoed in the room as that same hand came up to roughly turn your face to look at his icy expression.
“Are you going to act like a brat now? Is that how you want this to go?” he seethed, patience on its last breath at your complete disregard of the rules instated upon you.
You blinked a couple of times, all of the possible scenarios running through your mind - each just as bad for you as the last.
So, you did the smartest thing you could think and shook your head.
Remus let out a huff but let go of your face, patting your cheek with hindered gentleness.
“That’s what I fucking thought,” he murmured, picking up his pen again to continue his work.
You kept your gaze on his face, kissing the underside of his jaw lightly, “sorry, Remmy.”
Remus hummed, squeezing your thigh again in his own show of appreciation.
Sirius and James both snickered from their respective place around the large oak table, their fingers clicking away on the keyboard as they worked.
“Testing our luck today, are we, sweetheart?” James smirked.
Even though you were the one to ask to join them in the meeting room to watch them work, you were not prepared for how mind-numbingly dull it would be to actually watch them do work.
“No… I just thought we could do something,” you spoke quietly - as James stated, you really were testing your luck.
“Oh, and what would that be?” Sirius leaned forward on his elbows, raising a questioning brow at you, face laced with mischief.
You shrugged, feeling Remus drop the pen yet again.
“I don’t know… just something.”
“We’ll do something tomorrow, doll…- we have a meeting at the club later,” Remus spoke, boredom lacing his tone as he referred to the business they planned to do.
You perked up a little, making all of them raise a brow.
“Please, can I come?” you pleaded, trying to sound as sweet as possible as you looked at Remus with the biggest puppy dog eyes and pout you could muster.
Remus huffed out a chuckle, “doll, it’s gonna be nothing but a bunch of men discussing… business.”
“Not something for our sweet little girl to hear,” Sirius added, smirking as he talked.
“No, please… I promise I’ll be good… just please let me come with you…- I’ll be quiet and sit still now if I can come.”
Remus rolled his eyes at you, “if you didn’t sit still now, I would send you to another room.”
“Please…- pretty please,” you put your hands together in prayer, lips wobbling, “please, daddy.”
“Fine… but one wrong move tonight, and you won’t be able to stand for a week,” Remus spoke sternly. Not a threat, but a promise.
You nodded, a triumphant but small smile on your face.
“Lucky girl,” James winked at you, returning to his work while you got comfortable on Remus’ lap once again, giddiness radiating off of your body.
Your reflection stared back at you in the large standing oval mirror, your hands smoothing down the dress adorning your body. It was tighter than what you normally would wear, accentuating your body in ways that made you wrap your arms around yourself in an attempt to hide.
You were too caught up in examining yourself to notice the three men entering the room, until a pair of arms had snaked around your body, pulling you against a hard chest - the smell of cigarettes and citrus infiltrating your nose.
“Look at you,” Sirius whispered in your ear, his breath making goosebumps rise over your entire body. His lips trailed over your neck, teeth scraping against the flesh teasingly.
Remus leaned back on the bed, watching your figure in the mirror, a hungry glint in his eyes. Everything about them radiated power, dominating energy swimming in their nature.
James rummaged through their closet for something to wear, his lean torso shining from the evening sun. He turned as he buttoned up the crisp white shirt he had found, smirking as he caught your eye in the mirror.
“Do you like the dress, doll?” Remus asked, sitting up to remove his shirt and find a fresh one to wear out.
You whimpered quietly as Sirius squeezed your hips, hands gliding over your body, keeping you right against him.
“It’s nice… it’s just a bit tight,” you murmured, still focused on your accentuated figure.
“That’s the point, little thing,” Sirius chuckled against your neck, “gotta show everyone how pretty our little slut is.”
Sirius’ hand glided up, coming to rest around your throat, making your breath hitch. The way he gripped you forced your head angled up as his other hand travelled to the hem of your dress, slipping right under.
“Our good little toy… always ready for us to use,” he smirked sadistically, tightening the grip around your neck, forcing out a gasp as your air supply was strained.
Your own hands held onto Sirius’ arm, your eyes wide as your gaze flickered between his and the two others in different places in the room, each smirking as they watched the scene unfold.
Sirius’ fingers danced lightly over your sweet bundle of nerves, covered by the pretty pink fabric you had been gifted and instructed to wear. Your breath hitched and followed by a whimper, your eyes fluttering at the minimal amount of friction.
Already you could feel the fabric dampen at the teasing, so when Sirius dipped his fingers lower, feeling over the wet patch, it came as absolutely no surprise that his fingers glistened as he pulled them from you.
You whined as he withdrew his fingers, watching with a pout as he brought them to your lips, only having to raise an eyebrow before your lips parted for him.
“So fucking needy,” he chuckled darkly, watching intently as you licked your own arousal from his fingers.
A whiny ‘please’ fell from your lips as Sirius pulled his fingers from your mouth, chuckles echoing through the room.
“Later, you needy thing,” Remus smirked, his arms crossed in the black dress shirt he adorned.
James came to stand beside you, smiling smugly at the far out look in your eyes, achieved by Sirius’ minimal teasing. He carried a blue velvet box in his hands; it looked as if it was for a necklace but was too large for just that.
“We’ve got another thing for you to wear tonight, sweetheart,” he grinned.
You whined as Sirius detached from you, leaving your body to wobble in front of the mirror.
A large hand came to roughly grip your face, squeezing your cheeks and forcing your gaze upon the bespectacled man's face.
“Stop with the fucking whining, or you’re not coming with us,” James spoke harshly, “do you want to stay home alone, huh?”
You quickly shook your head as best as you could in his grip, “no, I’m sorry.”
James hummed with a smirk, letting go of your cheek to open the box for you.
Inside was a beautiful simple necklace with a green gem hanging on the end of the chain; what caught your eye was the item beside it - a delicate metal plug with a matching green jewel on the end, sparkly from the evening sun shining through the large windows.
You stared, unable to form any sort of words. You had never done anything like that before, and the thought of having to wear it for a whole evening was daunting enough to stun you into silence.
“What do you say, pet?” Remus asked with a raised brow from the bed, leaning forward to study your reaction.
You gulped, looking up from the box only to be met with a very pleased and mischievous look from James.
“Thank you, daddies… I-I..”
James patted your cheek, “-no need to say anything more, sweet thing… now, go lay across Moony’s lap.”
You could only nod, moving over to Remus with shaky steps. As soon as you were within arms reach, Remus tugged you across his lap with a not-so-gentle force.
“Just relax, doll… it’ll be worse if you don’t,” Remus murmured. Scarred hands gripping your thighs before sliding the bottom of your dress up and your panties to the side, revealing your bottom and already dripping cunt.
“I don’t want it to hurt,” you whispered, trying your hardest not to whine at the soft touch.
Remus’ hand dipped down, his fingers running through your arousal and spreading it over your tight ring of muscles.
“It won’t if you just relax, pet,” Remus murmured.
You tried relaxing as best as you could, but you couldn’t hide the startled whimper when a sudden cold prodded at your backside - the metal slowly pushing its way in.
Your eyes shut tight, your fingers tightening around the tussled sheets. Remus held your hips up, angling them for easier access as Sirius slowly pushed in the sparkly plug.
A long moan escaped your parted lips as the plug fell in place, fully seethed in you, filling you in a way you had never experienced.
“Beautiful,” Sirius grinned, smacking your bum - not hard enough to bruise, but stinging enough to be felt and make a yelp escape you.
With quick movements, your panties were placed prettily back in place, and your dress smoothed down once again before you were helped to your feet. A whine caught in your throat as you balanced on your feet with the foreign object in your body, putting an unknown pressure in you.
James’ hands glided along your neck, the dainty chain of the necklace following right behind. His hand manoeuvred the necklace onto your neck, the pendant falling prettily on your collarbone.
“Our pretty slut…- shining from head to toe,” James whispered smugly, one hand caressing your bum and the other lightly brushing the side of your neck.
Another moan escaped you when his large hand gripped your bum hard, giving you a stern look in the mirror.
“Thank you, daddy,” you said hastily, feeling a little woozy, but the satisfied look on each of their faces was approval enough.
The bass thumped in your heart, the music loud even from the back table you were all seated at. You observed the way all the other men spoke, the way they all acted. It was amusing in a way, and it was clear who was in power -
they were all afraid.
You sat quietly between Sirius and Remus, a scarred hand resting possessively on your thigh.
You found it almost impossible to sit still, but any kind of shifting caused the plug to poke and move, creating a small sort of friction, which was just unbearable.
You snapped out of your little daze, eyes moving to stare at Remus’ profile as you felt his hand tighten on your thigh, fingers digging into the soft flesh, surely creating bruises for tomorrow.
“No,” he growled, an answer to something you hadn’t heard.
“Why else would you bring a whore to a meeting?” a dark voice spoke.
The man sat opposite you around the table, his skin a pale white, almost sickly. He looked like a snake, his huge green beady eyes staring at you as he smirked, chin in hand, observing you.
“No more of this… let’s get back to business,” Sirius spoke through gritted teeth, clearly on the edge of losing his temper, his fists whitening as he clenched them by his side.
The man raised his hand in surrender, laughing darkly, “alright, alright, off-limits.” His eyes locked with yours and a cold shiver ran up your spine as his voice lowered.
“- got it.”
You averted your eyes quickly, scooting closer to Remus out of instinct.
The men's voices faded quickly into the background again, your mind drifting to other places that weren’t a boring business meeting.
You missed the looks shared between your three men, the mental communication they somehow shared.
“Let’s go dance, puppy,” James said, standing from his place around the table.
You perked up, looking at him with huge eyes as you spoke a “really?” making them chuckle.
He didn’t answer; instead, he reached over Sirius to hoist you up, carrying you out of the booth and straight to his side to lead you to the crowded dance floor.
You managed your way through the crowd, James’ hand gripped tightly on your hip as you found a good spot to dance.
The music was loud; you almost couldn’t hear it from the pounding of the bass. The lights flashed and blinked across yours, and James’ face, his smirk ever-present as his hands wandered your body. His moves were light, not really dancing, mostly just moving your body against him - front to front.
A light layer of sweat glistened on your exposed skin, the dance floor a huge bubble of heat, full of bodies bumping together in a huge mush.
Your own hands travelled up and down James’ chest, feeling the muscles shift under his shirt.
Standing on your tip-toes, you leaned upward with parted lips; he understood and leaned down so you could speak to him in his ear over the loud music.
“Who was that man?”
James’ hand tightened in reflex on your hip, “that’s Adder Blake…- you stay away from him, you hear me, doll?”
You don’t dare argue or question James, his stare hard and serious, leaving you no wiggle room for argument. You nodded, glancing a peek over your shoulder, only to be met with the green beady eyes already on you with much intensity.
“I don’t like him; he’s scary looking,” you shouted over the music, making James chuckle.
“Luckily, you don’t ever have to talk to him,” James spoke loudly, turning your body so he could grind you against himself.
“Come on, sweetheart, dance… that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” He spoke near your ear, making you shiver as your body moved faster against him.
You moved with the beat as best as you could with James’ tight grip on you. Every sensation washed over you, and your eyes shut, just enjoying the true feeling of carelessness.
James pulled you in a way, grinding you perfectly against him; the plug moved in you, creating friction. Your moan was drowned in the music, but James felt your body stutter and the stop in your movements.
“Did that feel good, sweet thing?” James smirked, even though you couldn’t see it.
You nodded, turning in his arms and pressed yourself close against him, your hands gripping onto him tightly.
He chuckled but held you just as tight, his hands guiding your hips as he slotted a leg between yours. He ground you on his thigh to the beat of the music; your mind went fuzzy from the stimulation.
James’ left hand left your hip, gliding down and under the hem of your dress, finding the base of the plug through your panties and pressing on it.
If it weren’t for his grip on you, you would have buckled at the overwhelming sensation.
The public nature of the interaction had heat rising to your cheeks, but the stimulation was too good for you to care.
“There we are, blossom… cum on my thigh… right here on the dance floor, like the whore you are,” James smugly said in your ear, his movements quickening.
The pressure you felt in your abdomen grew larger and larger until you couldn’t help but fall apart, shamefully hiding your face in James’ chest as you did.
The small bursts of pleasure bled through your body as you shook slightly, James grinding you through it.
As the ringing in your ears stopped, the loud bass pounded in your ears once more. You unburied your face, looking at James’ smug expression.
You turned your face, your eyes instantly meeting both Remus and Sirius, both of them adorning similar smug looks as they stared at you.
Another pair of eyes found yours, bleeding into the side of your skull like a laser being pointed directly at you.
The same beady eyes belonging to the snake-like man, his tongue darting out to lick his chapped lips. You could almost see all the thoughts that ran through his mind, but just as quick as you’d met his eyes, you diverted yours again back to James.
Adder’s stare made you feel sick, you couldn’t quite decipher what it meant, but you knew that James was right to tell you to stay away from him.
“I’m ready to go home now,” you said, tugging on the shoulder of James’ shirt.
“What did you think of tonight, little one?” Sirius asked, stroking your hair as you rested against him on the backseat of the car.
“It was fun… the people you work with are funny to look at,” you murmured, voice slurred as you tried to keep awake.
“In what way?” Remus asked from the driver's seat.
You giggled as you nuzzled further into Sirius’ warmth, “they’re all afraid of you.”
“-expect for that snake man,” you shivered at the memory of the beady eyes.
“Snake man?” Sirius questioned with a raised brow, looking at James in the passenger seat.
“Adder,” James murmured.
Sirius hummed, tightening his grip on you, “did Adder scare you, huh, little thing?”
“Mhmm,” you whined, closing your eyes with a yawn.
“No need to be afraid of him, doll… he would be dead before he even tried something,” Remus chuckled.
“Just sleep, sweet girl,” James spoke softly, reaching a hand back to brush your knee.
“Goodnight,” you yawned again, slowly drifting off on Sirius, his comforting touch soothing you to sleep.
Tumblr media
A/N: to be notified of future work follow @saintlike78slibrary and turn on notifications 🤍
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constillatedchaos · 4 months ago
For The Rest of Our Lives 1/(?)
Tumblr media
pairings: mafia!remus x florist!reader 
warnings: mentions of death [side character], remus being absolutely mean, allusions to cheating that never happens!, angst [slight], panic attacks, grief over the loss of a parent, lmk if i missed any! 
Tumblr media
You were ten when you figured out what it was that your father did for business. The dead man on your living room floor, a big indicator of that and the shock of it all caused your tea to drop right out of your hands.
That was the night your mum and dad sat you down and explained as much as they could to you. And then it was years later, when you’re pulled out your shop by your father’s bodyguard, the stems of the baby breaths and lilies snapping in your hold as he speaks.
You rush out, not even bothering to tell the man to lock up as you ask the driver to take you to your dad.
The sight of him causes your eyes to well and the tears to tumble down your cheeks. Your chest ached. You felt hollow as you looked at him.
“Tell me it’s a fucking lie, dad. Tell me she’s just banged up.” you’re inconsolable in the hospital. Heart shattered beyond belief. You never expected grief to claw at your stomach and heart and tear them to shreds. 
“I’m sorry, bug.” he whispered, holding you to his chest as you sobbed. “I’ve gotta keep you safe now though.” he reveals, but through the thickness of your tears you barely register his words. 
The day of the funeral, your father explains that now, you’re a target to get to him. And in order to keep you safe, he needs you under the protection of someone more ruthless than himself. Someone he trusts to take care of you. 
“I trust you won’t make this difficult, bug. It’s just a marriage. I don’t need you to fall in love, I just need you safe and Remus can make sure that happens.” The man, Remus, is leaning against his car, his bodyguards beside him, and they do an awful job at pretending not to listen to your conversation. 
“Are you serious?” you whisper, you barely have the strength to breathe deeply, let alone argue. Your mother had just been laid to rest, and it’s hard not to think that your father chose today specifically to expand on his words from the hospital. 
“I’m sorry bug, it’s either this or me burying you next.” he explains and you sigh. 
“How long does this need to last?” you address your future husband then. He’s shocked to have your eyes on his. You take him in boldly, and don’t waver when he lifts his eyes to yours.
“Suppose till the man who killed y’mum is dead too.” he watches your breath hitch as he speaks ‘killed’ and ‘mum’. The man with glasses and curly hair beside him shifts uncomfortably while the other one’s gaze shifts to the pavement. 
“Right.” you mutter and he nods, lighting a cigarette as you turn away from him. “When are we doing this?” you ask your father and he scratches the back of his neck. 
“This is the part you’re gonna hate.” he starts and you sigh, steeling yourself for it all. “Y’ve to make a big thing of the wedding. Maybe a month or two from now.” he says and you nod, numb already. “At least you’ll get to know each other.” 
Both you and Remus looked alarmed at that last sentence and your dad cracked a small smile. Remus’ bodyguards shaking their heads; the bespectacled one struggling to stifle a laugh while the other’s lips only quirk a little. 
You and Remus did not get to know each other. In fact, after that night, you never spoke to him again. 
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to. You had tried to, but Remus answered only in grumbles and hums, and so you gave up. Instead, you focused on your work. On the flowers that were all in bloom, their bright colours and the various bouquets that persons ordered daily for birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. It took your mind off it all. 
And then it was your turn to work on your own bouquet for your wedding. You wanted to ask Remus about the colours, but he simply sent you James’ contact to get all the other contacts to organise the wedding.
You and James had gotten close because of this. He helped you choose the colour palette, and cake because Remus was, ‘too busy’ and even helped you choose a dress. That time you ended up in tears, because your mum was meant to be sat where James was.
“S’alright. At least she won’t have to watch you dance.” it was a secret you shared with James, you were horrible at it. Well, horrible at the classical dances, two left feet your mother always said. 
“You’re mean James. I don’t know how Lily puts up with you.” he laughs and agrees with you. 
“Just think, as long as the wedding goes smoothly, you won’t have to speak to him in the house. Not like he’d mind.” James says and you nod, a little sad that your first marriage is all for show, and your future husband couldn’t be bothered to even participate in anything related to spending time with you or the wedding. He could’ve at least pretended to care. 
Two weeks later and the wedding was closer than you could have ever imagined, and you were anxious. It was tomorrow. How did I end up here, you think sadly. 
You couldn’t sleep the night before, hands sweating as you went over mental lists of the procession of everything. 
You wanted to call someone, anyone to talk to. To get your mind off of everything, but there was no one to call. Not with the way you grew up. So you just paced your room, positive that you were burning a hole in the floor but you didn’t care.
You caught sight of your dress. Then the photo of you and your mum on your lock screen as your dad sent a text. That was when you felt your breathing quicken and then you couldn’t breathe at all. You tried to calm yourself, hands on your knees as you took slow breaths, but they didn’t last so you went to your door. 
Yanking it open, you were face to face with Remus’ other bodyguard, Sirius. Just the luck you needed. Sirius wasn’t awful. He was just a bit more reserved than James so you weren’t as close. Still his eyes were worried as he took in your frazzled state. 
“Y’okay, love?” he asks, eyes wide as he watches you shake your head. Sirius mutters a small panicked, ‘fuck’ and holds your elbow, guiding back into your room and sitting you on the floor. 
He reaches for his phone, calling Remus to your room instantly. 
“Hey, try to take a slow one.” He holds onto your shoulder to keep your eyes on his, and before he can continue Remus is walking in and swearing. 
He takes Sirius’ place, the black haired man grateful to go back outside. 
“S’alright, just copy me.” he says softly, resting your hands on his chest so you can feel his steady heartbeat. “What are you seeing, right now?” he goes through a litter of questions, getting you to calm down and take a deep breath.
“Sorry.” you murmur when you calm down and he raises an eyebrow. “Didn’t mean to take you away from whatever you were doing.” you expand, gesturing to his suit that was a little unkempt. He was shocked that you noticed.
“S’fine. Feeling better?” he asks and you nod. 
“Thank you but you really don’t have to stay” you start, your eyes glued to the carpet beneath you. “You can go back, I’ll be fine. Think I’m just going to get some sleep.” you say and are about to move away when he holds your wrists so your palms remain pressed to his chest. 
“Y’gonna tell me what caused it?” he keeps his voice light, but you see the look in his eyes. He's tired and a bit annoyed. His grip on your wrists were grounding, but as his words hung in the air, you felt yourself get annoyed. 
What gave him the right to be the annoyed one? It should be you. 
You were marrying a man who refused to accept the olive branch you offered time and time again. You knew nothing about him, and he knew nothing about you; and that was his own doing. So why should a panic attack change that. 
“Do you know the flavour of the wedding cake?” you ask instead of answering and he scoffs. “Get out Remus.” you sigh, pulling your hands from his chest and moving to stand while he remained on his knees. 
“Y’ve got an attitude on you. It’d do you good to leave it here tomorrow.” 
“Fuck you. Get out Remus, I swear to God.” he doesn’t. He doesn’t even know why he wants to carry on riling you up. Maybe it’s the way you show a genuine sense of fearlessness when you answer him. Or maybe it was the scowl that stayed imprinted on your face and the way your eyebrows drew together in anger. 
Whatever the reason, Remus pressed forward. 
“Or what? What’ll you do, bug?” He sees your eyes close, and the scowl on your face deepens, causing him to smirk. “You’ll call James over here? Have him deal with me for you? Let him rough me up a little?” your eyes flash open and he watches them well with the implied insult.
“Do you hear yourself? He’s my friend. My married friend, and in case you forgot we'll be married tomorrow too!" you growl the last sentence, blood boiling as you stare at your soon to be husband. 
“Should’ve stayed with the whore. She made less noise than you.” you gasp and the tears in your eyes finally fall. The guilt startles him as it settles in his chest, a fire heavy and hot in him as he watches you dash them away. 
“Get out.” he doesn’t like that look in your eyes. Doesn’t like the tears, doesn’t like the sad frown your lips form to stop from trembling. 
He wants to take the words back. Wants your tears all dried up and wants that frown that’s really a pout to be replaced with something different. Maybe the scowl from before. He reckons it would be better than the pout and the tears.  
He leaves without another word, his chest heavy. Remus wasn’t used to this. To you.
“She’s a nice girl, Moony.” Is all Sirius says as Remus walks out. His grey eyes forward and scanning the halls as though there would actually be a threat in the hotel his boss owned. 
“Yeah well, this isn’t a nice life. M’doing her a favour, it’s not like I love her.” Sirius stays quiet as Remus stalks off, eyebrows raised a little before he mutters to himself, ‘I don’t get enough vacation time to care about this shit. Why couldn’t it have been James’ shift?’
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ilovehpandprettywomen · a month ago
PLEASE I BEG YOU. More age regression! James 🫶🏻 it’s comforting because I’m on the spectrum of age regression and it’s just so soft and warm for me!! You can write literally anything !! 🫶🏻
The meeting~James potter
Tumblr media
I’m definitely working on ideas for more James potter age regression! and Tysm for all the love<3 :)
Includes poly!marauders, little!james, cg!reader, cg!sirius and Remus, mafia!marauders, and mafia!reader
James was currently walking towards the meeting room to say hi to his caregivers. Sure you guys told him not to go in there uninvited many of times, but he didn’t listen. There was always this little voice inside his head telling him “just do it what’s the worse that can happen?”.
The worse that could happen was him getting a punished, usually a spanking or timeout since he never did anything to extreme. He was almost there when a much taller man towered over him with a smirk. “Excuse me sir” James said as politely as possible. You always taught him to use his manners. Quite rudely, the man just scoffed.
“Move please” James said losing his patience. “Who are you?” The man asked with a chuckle.”none of your business now move before-” “before what? You gonna cry to your mommy?” The man said making the two other body guards laugh as well. “No! I’m gonna tell her your being a meanie!” James remarked making the other men laugh even harder.
James was already close to slipping in head space and him trying not to cry was making it harder. James just grumbled before shoving past them as hard as he could and luckily, it worked. “That guy is just new, they probably don’t know how it works around here” James thought.
His thoughts soon stopped as he felt one of the men grab him by his shirt and push him against the wall. “Let go of me!” James yelled. “Where do you think your going hm?” The man asked rhetorically. “Into the meeting” James said struggling to get out of his grip. “Stop it your hurting me!” James yelled with tears streaming down his face.
“Whatever” the man chuckled letting James go. James ran as fast as he could leaving his pink bunny behind.
You were discussing a very important issue about your “job”. A few seconds later you see the door knob slowly turning. You weren’t the only one who saw it. Everybody had their guns drawn at the door. “Stand down!” You yelled when you saw James’s face poking in the room.
Remus was excusing you three out the meeting as you were walking over too James. “Mommy-” James tried to explain but quickly turning quiet as he saw the expression on your face. “Go outside we’ll be right there” was all you said knowing he broke a rule.
James quickly left the room and waited outside. Not a minute later you all were outside. “You know better then to just walk into one of our meetings like that.” You said sternly then softening your expressions when you saw the state James was in.
“What happened little one?” Remus said softly brushing one of James’s curls behind his ear. “This man was so mean daddy! He blocked me from walking to you guys, and then when I moved past him he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall!” James said in between sobs. “I’m so sorry puppy” Sirius cooed at the little boy.
James spent no time snuggling into Sirius’s chest. “Who was it tulip?” You asked planting a kiss on his cheek. “That one! He’s right there!” James said pointing at a man across the room with a grey suit. “Thank you for telling us love” Remus said placing a kiss on James’s forehead.
“Me and daddy are gonna talk to that man while dada is gonna take care of you mkay angel?” You said with anger coursing through your veins. “Mkay” James said sniffing. “We’ll see you in an hour dove” Remus said giving James a quick kiss before following you.
“Cmon baby time for a nap” Sirius said picking up the tired boy infront of him. “M not tired” James whined. “ sure you aren’t love” Sirius chuckled bringing him to your guys’s room.
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piecesofem · 7 months ago
𝐄𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐩𝐞— mafia!poly!marauders with some rival kidnapping reader
𝐄𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐩𝐞- dialogues
*this is when they get reader back/find reader!!
behind the blindfold obstructing your view, you tremble in the midst of the bind and gag keeping you in place on the dirty cold floor of the abandoned warehouse. emitting small sniffles, you can't help help but let the tears flood as you sit there scared wondering where your boys could possibly be.
just as your thoughts begin to wander, you screech behind the gag as you hear the metal door slam open and multiple rounds of gunfire pound against your eardrums. letting small strands of droll form around the cloth in your mouth, you let out a loud scream as you do your very best to attract attention to yourself.
after a single moment, you feel large hands firmly wrap around you. thrashing yourself about, you do your best to kick your little legs in an attempt to somewhat would whoever's got you.
"hey, hey! you're alright, you're okay. it's me, it's me sirius," you immediately hear sirius's voice soothing your worries.
"siri?" you attempt to question through your gag. feeling the tight ropes begin to slip off of both your wrists and ankles, you fling yourself into his tattooed grasp as soon as he rips the blindfold off.
"oh siri!" you sob, flinging your arms around his neck in a desperate attempt to seek out maximum comfort. just as you do, you feel another set of hands coming to gently pet the back of your head before rubbing small circles on the span of your back.
"we gotcha, princess. it's all over," james coos, helping sirius stand as you wrap your legs around the span of his waist.
with a firm grip under your bum, sirius walks swiftly throughout the bloodied warehouse with james close behind to shield your view of what's left in their path. that said, you see the man who'd originally taken you on his knees in the midst of his now slaughtered men.
"he's all yours big guy," sirius chimes, nodding his head towards remus who stoically walks past the three of you with clenched fists.
"remmy?" you whimper, catching a glimpse at the fury overcoming his usually well-kept face.
"I need you to keep your eyes closed, bunny. can y'do that for me?" he angrily questions without a glance back in your direction. "uh-huh," you practically whisper, nodding your head in response. clutching the side of sirius's broad shoulder, you tuck your face into the crook of his neck as james assumes his previous position to block your view as a backup.
without further ado, you jump slightly as you begin to hear the merciless pummel of remus's fists against, what you assume to be, your capture's face. with sirius's hands softly sneaking up your back to rest on the back of your head, assuming a gentle yet firm grip, to ensure your blindness to the situation, you press a small kiss to his neck as a silent thank you.
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