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pyjamac · 5 months ago
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together at last at long last together!
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cottagecorexboy · 2 months ago
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Oh my god he is so pathetic I just wanna *gently tucks him into bed*
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hauntingrabbits · 2 months ago
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Peak character design
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toytle · a year ago
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The Gang Gets Ponified
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megadinkloid · 6 months ago
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mac and cheez
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macadam · 7 months ago
The best part about making transformers ocs is getting to choose the most heavy handed cliche tech-sounding name for them
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goatpaste · a month ago
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sorta reuploading this with the secondary character lineup and some additional stuff thrown in this time ^^
anyways, my lil jojo oc part iv been sorta fleshing out for the last few months. most of the characters iv thrown around and stuff. With Holly and the protag for this fan part. Taking place in 2006 when a corrupt underground fighting ring centered around stand user fighting has one of their wrestlers attempt to contact the elderly Joseph Joestar only to have the letter intercepted by his visiting daughter Holly Kujo. Not wanting her father to get involved in some more drama that has approached their family she goes in his place and ends up roped up into the seedy and dangerous lives of these wrestlers who live under the never ending threat their job has brought to them.
also 4 pic my holly act stand with ash’s/ @ubashaaa Holly act stand, brudders in arms for holly act stand superiority :)) [Commission Prices] [Etsy]
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callmemrskenway · 3 months ago
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Made a character based off of the MK x Macaque's Apprentice! Headcanons.
This isn't gonna be the last time I draw them, they're like as edgy as Macaque but they're as dorky as MK.
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anotherexistingbeing · 4 days ago
An interesting discovery (Mini comic)
Kito: "Why do I get a feeling you're important..?"
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Kito: "That's why-
Yandere Wukong belongs to @lopsushi
Human Macaque belongs to @zarinosa
Kito belongs to me :3
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popfizzles · 5 months ago
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here’s your monthly reminder that cuphead is actually from the country
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pyjamac · 6 months ago
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cottagecorexboy · 11 months ago
More incorrect quotes for the Redacted characters and my OCs!
Lawrence, panting as he shuts the door to David’s office: Sorry I’m late, Alpha, I was doing something important
Asher: Now you can’t tell anyone, but Milo and I are gonna bust some heads. There will be no questions, a lot of blood, and someone’s gonna end up hospitalized. David can’t know. Are you in?
Beau, already pulling on their jacket: Well who’s car are we taking?
Sam: Not a lot things scare me in life
Frederick and Bright Eyes coming back to his house covered in blood and in different clothes than when they left, Lawrence following them with a proud smile: Hey dad!
Sam: But that…That terrifies me
Jessie: Shut up, you’re adopted.
Elliot: At least my parents wanted me, accident. I MEAN SUNSHINE—
Landry, trying to call Lovely while also spending time with the damn boys: Sorry Asmo, I’ll have to call you back. I can’t hear you over the sounds of EVERY NATURAL DISASTER POSSIBLE HAPPENING IN MY HOUSE
Aaron: Smartass I swear to god if you don’t listen to me right now—
Jet, taking out their heading aids: I’m sorry what?
Damien, after meeting Landry’s childhood friend: I have only known Finch for two hours but if anything happened to them I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself
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juicedoesthings · 11 months ago
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fuck moral alignments, what does ur character put ketchup on
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petitegobeline · 22 days ago
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funny mac moments
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windupcharibert · 7 months ago
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"She has survived despite the odds, and without her, none of us would be here! Today, we save Denerim! Today, we avenge my husband, your King Cailan! But most of all, today we show the Grey Wardens that we remember and honour their sacrifice! For Ferelden! For the Grey Wardens!"
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goatpaste · 4 months ago
"The year 2006, we find Holly Kujo, recently left a single woman living on her own. Taking a visit to the states to visit her parents and collect her life again. However when intercepting a strange letter in the mail asking for the elder Joseph Joestar to meet, claiming to have found someone bearing the “Joestar family birthmark” attached with an obscure image of a starshaped mark blessed upon someone's skin. Holly, worried about what may come of this if she doesn’t follow up, but not wanting her father involved in something like this at his age has taken it upon herself to investigate on her own. 
However upon arriving to were she was told to meet, she find the location to be a beautiful upscale building with an more than shady underground fighting ring specifically for stand users to fight. When meeting her informant, a few things come to light as the letter that brought Holly here seems to have held more than a few false leads. Information learned all too late as Holly find herself being thrown into the belly of the beast as something dangerous is lurking in these waters and the employee’s of ring the seem to think Holly is the answer they’ve been looking for. 
A small lil animation of a fake ed for my jojo ocs, because i said “lol i think if they had an animated part One Week by the Bare Naked ladies would be their ed song” that apparently I thought it was funny enough that I needed to animate out the whole thing.  So here we are fellas
its a lil messy but aint that just the way when your one little guy with his clip paint studio and video edit or against the world
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