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faemothra · 15 hours ago
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poor lucy
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snckt · 18 hours ago
i think there’s something to be said about the processional of lucy westenra on the evening of september 28th, her would-be wedding night, and her three suitors standing side by side, watching her come down the avenue of yews ,,,
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moonsun2010 · 2 days ago
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The "Bloofer Lady"
Other portraits:
Mina | Jonathan | Dracula | Lucy | Lucy...? | Lucy (Final)
Before vs After:
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crepuscol · 22 hours ago
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(Sep 29) ... the eyes seemed to throw out sparks of hell fire ...
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yardsards · 2 days ago
today would've been arthur and lucy's wedding...
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beenovel · 2 days ago
"He have always the strength in his hand of twenty men; even we four who gave our strength to Miss Lucy it also is all to him."
Ok so when I first read the book I was confused by Renfeild's obsession with the life being eaten thing (and the movie I watched didn't clear up ANYTHING) but I get it now! In this lore, it sounds like vampires absorb the strength of the victim they take blood from, even those who are not directly fed on. So Renfeild's thought process seems to be the more he feeds others, the more power he in turn can receive.
Also, the fact that Val Helsing & Co were trying so desperately to save Lucy but were inadvertently just giving dracula more power is haunting in hindsight.
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allegorymetaphor · 2 days ago
Based on how Seward acted even after all the evidence he's seen first hand, Van Helsing was absolutely right not to tell him about vampires earlier. At this point, Lucy is literally walking from her grave and drinking the blood of children and Seward still doesn't really believe it. Had Van Helsing told him any sooner, with any less evidence to back him up, Seward would have written him off as crazy. Maybe even tried to put him a nice room next to Renfield for a while.
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carpenoctemmementomori · 2 days ago
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September 27th
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bacchanal333 · a day ago
me, chasing vampire lucy with a broom, yelling Drop that victorian child! DROP IT
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atundratoadstool · 23 hours ago
When it's what was supposed to be your wedding night and your would be bride spends the evening biting a small child and slipping through door cracks.
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wellsbering · a day ago
van helsing explaining what happened to lucy
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yellyfeeve · a day ago
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pretend im not late
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noctilionoidea · 2 days ago
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That is not our Lucy.
I do not remember the small things like her burial outfit or hair in this part of the passage but anyways take this impractical skirt. Also hair is down because improper and all that stuff…
Not taken from any scenes, I just think that the thing that used to be Lucy is among the most terrifying parts of the book and voila
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moonsun2010 · 22 hours ago
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She is long gone.
Alternate version:
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sadriennewrites · 2 days ago
I get that Van Helsing delays killing Lucy so he can recruit the suitors and avoid looking like a cold blooded murderer.
But also, I think he has to build himself up to kill her. It’s not an easy thing to kill someone you know and like. Especially when you believe, as he does, that she is herself again when she’s asleep.
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theacadominique · 2 days ago
van helsing really said "we gotta get the whole squad together for some communal trauma"
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saturninedilf · 2 days ago
*chugs my hot broth* The russian translations of "Dracula" really missed out on some worldplay, cause in our language the words "прекрасный" - "beautiful" and the word "красный" "red/crimson" have the same root and sound very similar. So we could have toddlers walking around talking about the "crimson/beautiful lady".
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