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ilya-boltagon · 9 months ago
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This flashback in ATLA, Azulon becoming enraged with Ozai for disrespecting Iroh and the recently deceased Lu Ten, is usually interpreted as Azulon then ordering Ozai to kill Zuko. I disagree with this for two reasons. 1: We don’t actually hear Azulon say that, it’s only referred to by Azula (who was around seven or eight at the time and might have misunderstood what she heard) and by Ozai, years later, when he is taunting Zuko on the Day of Black Sun. Neither Azula nor Ozai are reliable narrators. 2: Azulon is, at the time of this flashback, the ruler of the Fire Nation who has just lost one of his only two grandsons and heirs. What kind of monarch loses one heir and then turns around and demands the death of another, especially when losing Zuko would hardly bother Ozai? My interpretation of this situation is Azulon ordered Ozai to give Zuko into Iroh’s care, replacing Lu Ten as Iroh’s heir, neatly removing any argument Ozai had about Iroh’s line having ended. Ozai of course would never accept this. He either lied to Ursa, claiming Azulon wished Zuko dead, or outright told his wife he’d kill Zuko before seeing him get ahead of him in the line of succession, thus manipulating Ursa to help him assassinate Azulon. I think this theory makes far more logical sense than ‘Azulon ordered the murder of his nine-year-old grandson’.
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chiptrillino · a year ago
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WARNING very graphic visual of Lu-Tens last moments. the footage shows, how prince Lu-Ten son of Iroh second in line. has to fight off on his own, two small hatchlings, both enraged by their pray being stolen. and you can clearly see, how his father, the general, dragon of the west crown prince Iroh, JUST SITS ON THE SIDELINES SIPPING HIS TEA AND LAUGHING HIS BELLY OF!
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soupdots · 5 months ago
hey atla fans.
what do you call a mid-ranked military official who died in the 600-day siege of ba sing se?
a Lu Ten-ant!
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asiriyep · 24 days ago
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Atla Gen Week 2022.
Day 5: Childhood/children.
This is a glimpse of our AU "Fire Sage Lu Ten".
[ID: Mini comic with two vignettes in monochrome magenta.
In the first vignette, a pre-teen Lu Ten confidently and excitedly says "I'm a prince!, how hard can it be?" he holds Zuko and Azula who are little children in each arm, Zuko in the right arm and Azula in the left arm, they are holding hands on the front of Lu Ten. In the background on the left side it reads "Babysitter for the first time" with emphasis lines on the edge of the vignette.
In the second vignette, in a darkened stillness, Zuko and Azula are floating, both with glowing eyes, mouths open as they hold hands. Lu Ten screams frightened. End ID].
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stardust948 · 2 months ago
Zuko: I am Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. Chief Hakoda, I have come here to ask your blessing to seek you daughter’s hand.
Zuko: I have brought many things. Diamonds, pearls, gold, and many more.
Zuko, nervous: … and all of them are very expensive.
Katara: What do you hope to buy with those expensive things you have?
Zuko: You!
Katara: *Glares at him*
Zuko: N-No! I-I mean… a moment! A moment with you!!!
Katara: Prince Zuko. Are you suggesting I’m for sell?
Zuko: Of course.
Lu Ten: *Kicks him*
Zuko: NOT! O-Of course not!!!
Azula: I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life.
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smokeys-liveblogs · 4 months ago
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So. Uh.
Give me a minute.
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tadpole-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
Leaves from the vine, falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells, drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy, come marching home
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home
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fyrenation · a year ago
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atla gif challenge
a sad moment [½]
leaves from the vine
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attackfish · a month ago
I found this fic with an interesting premise and I would love to know your twist on it: Ozai tried to have Lu Ten killed, but he survived and has been a captive in Earth Kingdom, presumed dead. When Iroh and Zuko find him, he is bitter, angry, wants to kill Ozai and all his progeny. I.e., Lu Ten is not a good person, a danger for Zuko and all that emotional pain and agony. =)
This could of course go horribly. It could be utterly tragic. But on the other hand... I can't help but picture Iroh figuring out Lu Ten's goal, tying him up, and locking him in a bedroom. Zuko comes to visit and is like, "I'm gonna level with you. Dad hates me. Like so much. I am, uh, a dirty traitor who stole his throne, so yeah, killing me is like... The best present you could give him. And like, he doesn't hate Azula like he does me, but he also doesn't give a shit about her, so no revenge there either. But, you know, he's in prison back in the Fire Nation capitol, and I'd rather you didn't kill him, but, uh, here's a kazoo. Have fun."
And Lu Ten thinks about it, and decides, "You have a point, my funky little cousin." And he takes the kazoo and heads off to torment Ozai.
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zuko-always-lies · 2 months ago
I just can't take Iroh seriously as a parental figure anymore. He did nothing but LOOK AWAY as Ozai burned Zuko. What kind of (good) parental figure does that? (This also implies very bad things about Iroh's parenting of Lu Ten.)
Yeah, there's no evidence he really did anything to protect Zuko from Ozai's abuse. The real kicker for me, though, is that he told Zuko that his father, his abuser, still loved him and that Zuko should keep trying to go back to him in order to "give Zuko hope." The many, many complex issues that surround Iroh's treatment of Zuko suggest that he wasn't a great father to Lu Ten. To be fair to Iroh, he grew up in a very toxic environment and probably had no good parental role-models.
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the-land-of-dreams · a month ago
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Oh hey look, two cousins talking shit about their lives. Look at how alive they are!
this was SUPPOSED to be for day 3 of @azulaweek for the “No War AU” prompt but i couldn’t finish it in time ;w; im sorry
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comradekatara · 11 months ago
we only get snippets of what iroh was like “back when he was a different man.” we know that he joked about burning ba sing se to the ground in a goodnatured manner; that azula referred to him as “his royal tea-loving kookiness” before his change of heart; that he learned from the dragons and respected the sun warriors, but lied about it to protect them as well as his own image. we know that he was azulon’s uncontested favorite, that ozai resented him for it, that he was once a mighty general, but still a charming tea-enthusiast who kept a level head.
before the death of his son, he viewed war as a game to be won—like pai sho—rather than recognizing the brutal reality, the senseless violence and devastation war truly is. he had a reputation—as a mighty general, a fearsome firebender, the dragon of the west, next in line for the throne, a charming, affable, tea-loving ladies’ man.
we don’t see lu ten, but we can vaguely infer snippets of what he was like from the way iroh attempts to raise zuko as his surrogate son. he is endlessly supportive and yet he still makes assumptions about what zuko would want and would like, and perhaps this is based on both his own proclivities as well as those of his first son. lu ten was a soldier. he was the heroic older cousin of zuko and azula. he was raised by a loving father as a doted-on only child, destined to someday take the throne in a peaceful exchange of power and continue to promote the fire nation’s conquest, their greatness.
iroh, and by extension, lu ten, do not wholly align with the typical image of the fire nation disposition that we are shown as embodied by ozai. yes, iroh conforms perfectly to standards of fire nation masculinity. he is a powerful firebender. he is a confident chauvinist. but despite his imperialist outlook, he does not view his family as mere pawns in his game. he is so self-assured in his position that he could never be so insecure as to not love his family. he cares about his son, his nephew and niece (despite not actually being around enough to truly understand them), his father. azulon might be a powerful, intimidating figure, but he clearly cares for iroh, and iroh cheerfully conforms to his standards and expectations without breaking a sweat.
what must it have been like for the great dragon of the west to knock down your gates and raze your village to the ground with a calm yet mischievous twinkle in his eye, pouring himself a cup of ginseng tea while he oversees the abject destruction of your life, your family, your people? he laughs merrily as he summons lightning effortlessly. he is just doing his job. this is fun for him, just another game at which he excels.
ozai is heartless, power-hungry, and deeply insecure. he has something to prove, and he cares about nobody but himself. he is exceedingly easy to hate. but what about general iroh, the dragon of the west, who is completely confident in his position, who genuinely loves his family, who cultivates hobbies, who charms, who takes an interest in the arts, who approaches every conquest with a carefree cheer that chills you to the bone? what then?
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chiptrillino · a year ago
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just normal babydragons children, behaviour! art by - @chiptrillino     please don’t repost my art on other social media
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zutarawasrobbed · 2 months ago
Katara: *Posts a selfie on instagram*
Meanwhile, in Zuko’s Car…
Zuko: *Opens Instagram* Purrrr
Lu Ten who just wanted a ride: Ummm…
Zuko: …
Lu Ten: …
Zuko: Never speak of this again-
Lu Ten: Yeah, not happening.
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asiriyep · a month ago
Tumblr media
Atla Gen Week 2022.
Day 1: Family.
PD: Well, we have an au about this, it's called "Breakfast Royal Family" (”Familia Real del desayunito”), and it's too random to explain it, because that's it, just random.
[ID: Mini comic with four vignette in color monochrome magenta. In vignette one, Azula as a little girl is slightly disheveled, Zuko also a child tells her "Do you know your’e messing up you hair while your’e triying to fix it?". She replies "I want it to be like father’s". Zuko replies "Father doesn’t even know potatoes, Lala", while Azula claims "If you know how to do it, help me!". Ozai stands in the background waving his right arm shooing away a falcon as he replies "As if combing hair was so simple! And get your falcon out of here, Zuko!".
In the second vignette, several journalists are surprised and confused by the scene. Two of them, a man and a woman, are holding notepads.
In the third vignette, Lu Ten is shown in the foreground saying "Not again" with a slightly doubtful and resigned expression, with a straight mouth, one eye narrowed, and a small frown.
In the fourth vignette, Lu Ten slides in from the right side saying "The fishing industry this year regarding..." side trying to hide Zuko who grabs the detached bun from Azula's head as she flails, and Ozai grapples with the falcon that is attacking him on the head. At the lower left corner of the vignette you can see part of the journalists' heads with question marks above them. End ID]
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stardust948 · 26 days ago
Lu Ten: Who wants to make fifty bucks?
Azula: How?
Lu Ten: I need someone to take the fall.
Zuko: What did you do?
Lu Ten: I can't tell you. Yes or no, no questions asked.
Ozai, from the other room: What in Agni's name?!
Zuko and Azula:
Lu Ten: Make it a hundred.
Azula: Deal.
Lu Ten: *Gives her the money*
Ozai, storming in: WHO DID THIS?!
Azula: It was Zuko.
Zuko: D:
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smokeys-liveblogs · 3 months ago
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Oh. Oh.
So they did have fun here. Baby Zuko and Azula with their father, before he was Fire Lord. Iroh, too, with Lu Ten. I'm.... I'm not okay, actually.
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