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馃敒 how your sexual life will be with your future spouse
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Pile1. Pile2. Pile3.
Pile 1 馃憛
Cards - 4 of pentacles, the high priestess, ace of pentacles and 5 of wands.
I am getting that your future spouse could fantasize about you getting naked while talking, lying down on bed like that. Could make out on dressing table. For most of you I feel they would love your lips, I saw them sliding their fingers inside of you, I am hearing "I'm yours and can you hear my heartbeat it's for you "
They can be someone who like to kiss you passionately; suck and tease you while being in the bed. I am getting they like you being on top of them ( more like feminine energy on top ) they might smile a lot to comfort you. With high priestess, I am getting this is a past life love and this person can easily see you, as in they can understand if you are uncomfortable or how you feel. I think you will view them as someone who love them a lot and they might remind you of your family. For some of you your sister would be close to your future spouse or she might choose for you.
You can be quite tough on them, u might tell them about your first crush or discuss about how you felt when you first saw them.
I am strongly getting your future spouse is someone who is a caretaker, lover and a die-for in bed. They are someone who will comfort you in the bed I saw you laying down head on the best of masculine.
You are going to he different but very strong mindset and I am getting babies. You might have aries child.
There gonna be a lot of passion, travelling, Hickey's, they can be someone who loves to hear hug you and sleep. They are someone who keeps eye on you as in if you are alright. They will tell you that you are beautiful. They are gonna behave as child at times but in fun manner. They might search their mom in you guys.
I am seeing kissing your weak points and a lot of teasing going on. They might speak you continuously, like how beautiful you are and very romantic conversations. As in how they felt when they met you for the first time. They might have deep voice, I am getting heavy breathing. You might love to hear them, I strongly feel you will find comfort in their presence. That you won't feel like leaving them just staying there under them.
They can quite picky, when it comes to what they gonna do. They enjoy slowly taking your lingerie off. They can move up in a slow pace but I feel they will kiss you and pick up the pace and will be wild regardless of gender here.
I am hearing that they love you even as a mess. They can be quite optimistic but a bit shy away from you when it's about telling about their private life and privacy. They can take you on different places. I think you will be the one who will tease them ( more like feminine energy teasing the masculine )
You could be showing and proving your love in the bedroom through your physical touch, more like how your tongue moves and how much you want other person. I am getting that their d**k could taste a bit sweet to you. You might be someone who have a hard time accepting these things. And I also heard ' not in front of kids '
I see they can turn you on quickly. Perhaps you will find your perfect one quickly. Your future spouse will be someone very quirky and someone who takes his kids out and family out for picnic. He will pay attention to both you and the kid. There is seriousness about him. He could be a football lover. If you will allow them they sr willing to do rounds again and again.
Pile 2 馃拫
The star, 2 of cups, King of wands, the judgement.
I am getting they will love your legs, they can be head over feels when they first saw you. They might confess their love and wait for you to be comfortable before getting into bed. I am getting they are very open-minded. I feel many of you could be wearing a saree. They are going to see you for the first time like that. So they might slip their hand underneath, could plead you, they might kiss your forehead first. They can start from smashing their lips passionately on I am particularly getting b***s. They might see you as someone who looks beautiful in saree, tall and looks very sexy. I am hearing "your looks can kill". Your future spouse is very out going person. They might wait for you to tell them to start. I see them squeezing the b***s, looking into your eyes, slow kisses, having a way down with their tongue, they will be amazed by your shyness or persuasion. I see them becoming bolder. Counting on your breaths, taking time out to see your reaction. Squeezing your nip***s, they can be single handling those and while their mouth on yours, without blinking letting you a a guide. They might turn to your hips and flip you they might squeeze them hard. This person is really slow or into teasing they like to make most of every moment. They can have a lot momentum, become more aware and going down letting you know that they will take your breath away. I see them robbing your little innocence, pinching, sipping on it. Smiling making you cum, they might smile a lot on this. They can be slow and can lay you down in a different position from usual I see you wondering what's happening while he puts you there. Again hitting your br**** he moves inside, letting it dance and give you an idea of what it is. Shrinks it in you, taking away the breath that was left. I think you match this person's pace well. I see legs wide open in the air. Hands-on air, an exploding the inside. You can be someone who will sit tight. You gonna be surprised this person. They gonna be very gentle and sensual and will take their time and love to see your reaction you could love to remove you short around them. This feels like a very new love. You could be very different from the usual taste. And you two could try to fit into. each other expectations as well. There will be challenges too. I don't think you two will trust each other completely, it will take time for both of you to do so. Don't be surprised if they take you on road trips. They might love singing and seeing you in a bathrobe. They might rub their fingers a lot down there. They have a very balanced pace and I see them fast right now. They could take you out for dinner & they love the smile when it comes from this. I think you could be someone who reads novels. You two might bring two religions together as well. I see misunderstanding and communication issues in this relationship. So it will take time to built trust and strong foundation with your future spouse but you will make it.
Pile 3 馃樈
5 of cups, the tower, King of cups , ace of sword and the high priestess.
Your person could drink and I am getting they are very smart. They might be into communication / accounts/ arts & music/ play such careers I am getting.
I see them being on call with you a lot. They can have a soft side that they only show youm they are not the kind to show it to the world or trust them. Their point of view will be very clear about youm they might test your patience too. With the, I am seeing them as a man who signs up the documents very well to make the bond of the relationship permanent. I see late night dates, long drives, them drinking. They might like to lick your lips and possibly your legs. They might see you as a woman who can treat any man so fairly.. And I feel your future spouse is someone who doesn't play games. I am hearing that your future is secure with them. They might make you we're jewellery. They will enhance your looks and could give you a status too. They can be a bit jealous and likable. They might not always enjoy social gatherings. They feel it takes a lot of time and energy from them. They might share these things with you. They might see you as sleepy and they might love your hair, playing with them. I see them going out you with a lot. You can be their muse. I see them missing you a lot when they ton on trips and texting you too. I also feel they might trust you a lot and could have given something private. They gonna keep you as an asset safe and secure will take care you. I am getting they are afraid of betrayal. They will love your nose, nails, hair, and legs. They might give you a good massage before taking you down and also when they come home from work. They expect you to see them and they might accept trust from you. I am hearing this person has daddy issues. I see they listen to you very well. I feel they can be both blunt and cold in their actions or words in general. They may not be able to hide their character. So this person is real. They can be sexually aggressive, turning you on. They love listening to you. You can feel alone without them to be honest. In your relationship you dearly love them there are really less chances of dishonesty. I feel they will make out on hill station I am getting more like in the night Time. They can be a sleep head. But could make up to be with you. I see they would like to have skin to skin and not condom. So I am getting a very thin layer between. They will test your patience a lot and could bite you between your legs, on your lips. They absolutely hate letting you know what they are up to . I see them enjoying when your eyes are closed and you surrender to them. I am hearing taking care of your hair. They will think of you very highly, they're someone who will take care of sexual and emotional desires. Will take you a lot about there passions. They might love caressing your back seeing it bare. They are more likely gonna impatient. Not giving you time to think and starting with there fingers moving up and down. Will give you a massage before starting. I see you covering their lips. I feel they will taste heavenly down there. And they will be someone who will understand your body language quick. They will give you time to rest back, won't say from their mouth but will give . they will show you love , they are going start very smartly behaving like a good child but as things speed up I see them inning your hands above your head. They are gonna give you time after that and will start making love it will go till they are not tired and most probably whole night. They might do things like candle light dinners. They are gonna most likely fu** you from behind. Running their hand through your hair. They won't stop even if you tell them too. I see them taking what's belong to them. Alpha male vibes though this person could he very insecure and jealous. But they will marry you and give you everything you deserve along with love and respect.
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Tacto que al contacto consigue que las manos puedan hacer sensaciones florecer...
Priscila Alc铆var
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Astro-vations dating edition: my experience and opinion. More than happy to share stories If interested! I鈥檓 sadly a casual dater lmao Venus in Aquarius in 7th house things. Also I鈥檝e seen these mens charts so I got this backed up. Facts haha. Enjoy!
Earth placements in men (Venus, sun, moon & rising) are gentleman like af. Super respectful and they don鈥檛 even touch you/make moves on you on the first date. Like absolutely respectful.
Earth sun/fire moon combo men flirty af and playful but will hold back or apologize if it鈥檚 too much and you let them know.
Scorpio and Libra men鈥est kissers in my opinion
I love Leo men as friends and small crushes but I dated one and like idk I couldn鈥檛 stand it lmao I want to be the only royal one LOL great at compliments though! They really do want special treatment and to let them know they鈥檙e the king. It鈥檚 fine if the guy doesn鈥檛 expect it so I don鈥檛 think I can seriously date a Leo hahahaha.
Pisces sun men are actually really funny tbh.
Air sign men鈥hosters. I鈥檝e said it and imma keep saying it. 馃檮
Am I crazy or do sag men have big heads? Literally. The ones I鈥檝e met. They鈥檙e so playful though it鈥檚 cute!
Aquarius men鈥he death of me.
Venus in 8th placement in men鈥鈥檓 currently going to therapy lmao
Capricorn placements men will literally never let you pay. Ever.
Mars in Aries men鈥o hard but leave as fast as they came 馃檮
Taurus moon men鈥reat kissers and physical touch is their love language. They need it.
Taurus rising men really do look good even if they are unconventional looking. There鈥檚 something handsome about them.
Cancer men are nurturing but they actually need space. When they come home then they want to feel homey and will do cuddles and stuff. But outside of that, absolute space.
Libra men will usually compliment you on your appearance haha. They are Venus ruled!
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I might not be your first, but I really, genuinely hope, more than anything, that I get to be your last.
Ramblings of my heart.
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Kim istemez ki .....
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@ Priscila Zovia
See more like this.
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What manifestations are coming true? 馃拰
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Dm me for paid readings 鉂
Pile 1 - 9 of cups and the world
I am getting you are turning back on your exes, even if someone could have cheated on you. This pile is an idgaf pile. You guys are over a heartbreak, I see you meeting new people. I feel you guys are getting blessings and choosing what you want. The next chapter of your life will be a romantic one. Loving someone isn't easy is what I am hearing. I see a physical glow up for you guys. In 6 months or 6 weeks, something great could happen. You are learning self-control and taking care of your finances. Your love and happiness will get doubled. Except for your reality to shift and become a new person with a new purpose. Write down your manifestation, keep taking the good and soothing baths and I also feel sounds could help you out. You guys see something and can manifest it, your thoughts are powerful.
Pile 2 - 4 of wands and 10 of cups
I see you guys celebrating a new success, remember to keep your charms intact, next summertime could be good. A big beautiful family function. If you have been expecting a marriage it will be happening in summer times. The family issues that are running in your family / if your parents has a fight I see them getting sorted. You are vibrating on a new spiritual level. Whole time what you were hoping for it could come in some months. You can also expect a child 馃槶. A abundant time where your loved ones will show you love is coming. Stay true to your purpose. Your future spouse could be a very nice person.9 months could also be a timing .
Pile 3 - Knight of pentacles and 2 of cups
You are having a surprise in terms of romance. It's unlikely that you guys know about this. Those who are seeking a new partner I see someone new coming in your life. There could be some challenges that you faced while manifesting this relationship. You guys thought it cannot be over. Or if you are daydreaming a lot. I see all the negative thoughts you guys had but regardless of that expect a new connection. I see that this will be very passionate. I feel many of you knew this person since quite a time. They can be very giving into this connection I see the masculine being very compassionate.
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Ya艧amak i莽in umudu kalmam谋艧 birine bir 谋艧谋k tutarsan谋z s谋rt谋n谋 d枚ner ve kafas谋n谋 kuma g枚mer..
Kimseye ya艧am umudunu kaybettirmeyin o kadar a臒谋rl谋臒谋
ta艧谋yacak kadar g眉莽l眉 de臒ilsiniz.
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