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nobility double.聽
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How do you prefer your coffee?
With you
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Every love story is a potential grief story. If not at first, then later. If not for one, then for the other. Sometimes, for both.
Julian Barnes, from Levels of Life (Alfred A. Knopf, 2013)
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I met a lot of people but nobody feels like you.
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Black love
The artist is @indaviduall on Instagram.
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TAYLOR SWIFT love story (2009) | bejeweled (2022)
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only his girl
summary : some people seem to not understand your fez鈥檚 girl which leads to problems
Tumblr media
fezco x reader
warnings : TW DRUGGED DRINK, insecure fez, jealousy, soft smut, guilty feeling, language, reader in hospital, fainting, mention of alcohol, mention of fighting, mention of blood, chocking (handprint left on throat)
The thing Fezco hated the most in this world was people hitting on you even when everyone knew you were his.
He hated when you were with him at one of his deals because any guy or girl that was there would hit on you.
You were one of those girls that everyone loved. The type of girl that was not just beautiful and looked like she should be on a runway but a girl that also had personality. You were very smart and kind and people enjoyed being around you.
Fezco sometimes hated how likable your were, you two rarely got time alone and plus everyone flirted with you even with Fez right next to you.
Many people couldn鈥檛 believe a girl like you would date a guy like Fez. Fezco often doubted himself and doubted if he was worthy enough for someone so perfect. You always assured him how much you loved him and how perfect he was.
At first your parents weren鈥檛 too sure about who you were dating. You were an 18 year old girl in her senior year that was dating a school dropout. They didn鈥檛 really know for sure what his job was but they did have an idea.
After they met Fezco they actually started to take a liking to him. Which made you two very happy.
When word got out you were taken by Fezco he thought that maybe people would back off. But no people did not back off at all. In fact he swore the flirting had gotten even worse.
Ash told him not to worry too much about it.
Fezco knew you would never do anything to hurt him, he knew you loved him and only him. But he still got nervous seeing you dancing at parties and seeing all of the eyes on you. Sometimes he got extremely anxious you would realize how much of a bad person he was for you and that you would leave him, but of course you never did and you always stayed by his side no matter what.
Fezco never brought you to deals anymore because he just hated watching the guys look you up and down asking 鈥渋f she was a part of the package.鈥
Fez always kept his cool no matter how hard it was to maintain calm.
Fezco could handle the eyes on you and the flirty comments toward you.
But his last straw were two boys from your high school.
The two boys had been eyeing you all night and Fezco didn鈥檛 miss the way they stared at your body and whispered things into each others ears.
He knew something was up.
He got distracted and lost you in the crowd when someone had come up to him to buy something.
He realized the two boys were gone as well.
He immediately got up looking for you and asking people if they had seen where you had gone.
When he found you in the kitchen with one of the boys preparing a very strong drink and the other feeling up your body, that was his last straw.
He couldn鈥檛 keep his calm when he saw the boys hand creep up your thigh and his other hand tightly wrapping around your throat.
鈥減lease stop,鈥 you said, your voice coming out raspy because of the boys grip.
鈥淗ow bout you drink this and we get a room,鈥 he whispered with a smirk, a pill in his hand.
Fezco immediately roughly tore him off of you.
He stood protectively in front of you gently pushing you over to Jules and Rue. He told them to take you outside.
The second you got outside you heard screams.
Fezco had beat the absolute shit out of both boys.
鈥淚f anyone fucking touches or even looks at my girl wrong again your getting fucked up,鈥 you heard him yell.
You suddenly were feeling very dizzy and sick but you shook it off.
Rue brought you to Fezcos car calling Ash over telling him to get the car started.
You and Ash were very close and when he saw the bruised handprint starting to appear on your neck he immediately was concerned.
鈥淲hat the fuck y/n,鈥 Ash asked concerned.
鈥淛ust start the car Ash please.鈥 Jules said.
The girls laid you in the back. Your heard on Rues lap with your feet on Jules.
The last thing you saw before everything went dark was a bloody Fez looking at you with concern.
鈥淎sh get to the hospital quick.鈥 Fez said.
Ash just sat there in shock looking at you with concern, you were family to him.
鈥淔UCKING DRIVE ASH FUCK.鈥 Fez yelled stressed. Fez never yelled, he always kept his cool but not now, not when you were in danger.
鈥淭hey must鈥檝e slipped something into her drink.鈥 Rue said quietly.
Fez held your hand tightly while Ash drove crazy and ran all the lights.
Even though the hospital was a good 10-13 minutes away Ash got there in about 5.
They pulled up to the ER and handed you away to get taken care of. Fez warned them you may have been drugged. He tried going back with you but they wouldn鈥檛 let him which stressed him the fuck out.
Fez tried calling your parents but they were out of town for work for three months somewhere where there wasn鈥檛 really any service.
Fez, Ash, Rue and Jules sat there for four hours. Every 30 minutes Fez would check to see if there was any update but nothing.
Maddy, Kat and Cassie showed up as well.
After another long hour a doctor finally came out.
鈥淪he鈥檚 stable now, we aren鈥檛 sure what she was poisoned with but it was very very strong. She鈥檚 in and out of it.鈥
The doctor said one person could see her so of course Fez immediately went.
They walked to your room. Fez was anxious he felt like this was all his fault, if only he wouldn鈥檛 have taken his eyes off of you.
鈥淗i fezzy,鈥 you said still with a raspy voice. 锟
鈥淗i baby,鈥 he said with a sad smile.
He pulled a chair up to your bed and asked how you were feeling. You said you were okay just tired and your throat hurt.
That鈥檚 when he looked to your throat to see a large purplish handprint imprinted onto your skin.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong Fez?鈥 you asked. You hadn鈥檛 been able to look in a mirror at all.
鈥淣othing baby, nothing.鈥
He held your hand until you fell asleep.
Once you fell asleep he let himself cry for the first time in a long time.
He felt like this was all his fault. He didn鈥檛 wanna loose you, he couldn鈥檛 loose you.
Of course it wasn鈥檛 Fez鈥檚 fault, it wasn鈥檛 his fault at all. But he felt extremely guilty.
You had to stay in the hospital for two days. Your friends visited you and Fez well he never left your side.
After the longest two days you could finally go home. You鈥檇 been staying at Fez鈥檚 house since your parents were out of town.
Once you got to his house he had you lay down on his bed. He didn鈥檛 let you do anything for a week even though you insisted you felt perfectly fine now.
He made you stay in bed and would bring you soup and things like that. He never left your side, he had even cancelled all deals which was a very big deal.
Ash also came to check on you many times just to make sure you were alright.
Fez did keep you from your friends which annoyed you a bit. 锟
One night you caught Fez looking very sad and guilty and you had an idea why.
鈥淔ezzy you know this isn鈥檛 your fault right? None of it. I should鈥檝e been more carful with my drink Fez, it鈥檚 not your fault, not your fault at all.鈥
鈥淢y girl, I should鈥檝e been paying more attention to you, I鈥檓 supposed to protect you and I didn鈥檛, It鈥檚 my fault. Not yours.鈥
鈥淔ezco it鈥檚 not your fault you can鈥檛 supervise me 24/7 and always be with me all the time. I should鈥檝e been paying more attention Fez.鈥
After probably hours of reassuring Fez it wasn鈥檛 his fault he finally caved and forgave himself a bit.
You were all better after a week of resting.
You had gone back to school. Everyone saw the handprint on your neck and many people knew what that was from. No one mentioned it.
The boys from the party got expelled. So that was good.
After school was over on Friday you could not wait to get home to Fez and spend the entire weekend with him.
The two of you were cuddling when you said 鈥淗ey fez鈥
鈥淵es baby,鈥 he said, his face tucked into your neck.
鈥淚 know a way you could make me feel lots better,鈥 you said.
He quickly lifted his head and got out of his sleepy state. 鈥淗ow?鈥 he asked.
You gently flipped the two of you over so you were straddling him.
鈥淢ake me feel good fez, pretty pretty please?鈥 you asked nicely. Fez had been too scared to touch you these past two weeks and you missed his touch.
鈥淢y baby, I told you we can鈥檛, it鈥檚 too soon you鈥檙e still healing.鈥 he said kissing your forehead. 鈥淏ut don鈥檛 get me wrong I miss making you feel good, we just can鈥檛 right now.鈥
You pouted. 鈥淔ezzy please we鈥檒l be gentle, so gentle, please,鈥 you whined slowly grinding your hips onto his.
Fez groaned at the feeling. He slowly started getting hard as you kept grinding your hips
鈥淔ine baby, but we鈥檙e gonna take it slow and soft, no complaining,鈥 he said strictly.
You quickly kissed his lips and he kissed back, soft gentle kisses were all he gave but you took them anyway.
Fez pushed down your pj shorts and panties as you slid off his shirt.
You two went back to kissing and he slowly started gently rubbing your swollen clit in a circular motion.
鈥淔ez im ready now, just wanna be close to you,鈥 you whined.
鈥淚 know baby I feel that, but we gotta take it slow. Gotta make sure your nice and stretched for me.鈥 He said slowly slipping a finger into your tight wet heat.
You moaned at the feeling.
He slid another finger into you to prepare you for his length. He pumped them slowly in and out as he studied your face.
鈥淢y perfect girl,鈥 he whispered.
He took his fingers out out you as he felt you clenching down on them, a sign you were getting close to cumming.
鈥淐an鈥檛 cum yet baby, want you to cum with me.鈥 he whispered.
鈥淧lease Fez,鈥 you whimpered into his neck. 鈥淣eed you bad,鈥 you whispered.
Finally he gently and slowly pushed into you inch by inch.
You both moaned in content as he finally was inside of you all the way.
鈥淚s this what you wanted baby, you wanted to be close huh?鈥 he quietly asked. You nodded your head.
鈥淔ez please move, need it so bad,鈥 You quietly said.
鈥淎nything for you ma,鈥 he said before finally moving his cock in and out of you.
The sounds of your soaking pussy and both of your moans filled the room.
The pace he was going wasn鈥檛 too slow but not too fast it was perfect. You could feel every single vain rubbing inside you and his tip hit that good spot inside of you every single thrust.
鈥淔eels so good baby, you feel so good,鈥 he groaned into your ear. 鈥淪o good,鈥 you agreed with a moan.
鈥淕onna cum baby, feels so good, cum with me,鈥 he groaned.
鈥淐um鈥 he ordered gently.
You both came at the same time. You both moaned, orgasms washing blissfully over the both of you.
He let the two of you calm down a bit then slowly pulled out of you and picked you up so the two of you could take a shower.
He massaged shampoo and conditioner into your hair than slowly washed your body, praising every single inch of your skin.
Once he was done washing you he quickly washed himself. Than you two got out and dried off.
He put one of his t-shirts on you and a pair of clean panties you had kept there. He got himself dressed in just a pair of boxers.
He tucked the both of you in, you on top of him your head buried into his neck and him running his fingers thorough your hair.
That next weekend Fez noticed how no one flirted with you or even looked at you in a flirtatious way like they usually did.
Everyone finally learned that you were his girl and his girl only.
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see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns see you make your way through the crowd and say, "hello" little did i know...鈾
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馃摳 valeriya_orl
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This couple finally got married after 15 years and look what the bride did at the alter..the vows she had prepared were covered with dust馃挅馃槏
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This love is difficult, but it's real Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
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What鈥檚 the harm if I hugged you and my anxiety ended?
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rosaline (2022) using paper rings as a credits song instead of the taylor swift song that actually mentions romeo is so funny to me
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"I fell for you and i'm still falling."
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