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Grab my hand and press it against your bulge.. show me how hard I made you.
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writingskenya · 2 days
Cl 16 x Reader
Tumblr media
NOTES: Hello I'm posting from my cell phone again.
This was an idea I had, I didn't receive anything like it through Inbox.
The Reader comforting Charles at a bad time. Just beside him.
Charles Leclerc
POV Narrator
You walked calmly through the Paddock. The GP had ended a few hours ago, the audience was no longer there, the photographers, the journalists, everyone had already left. The Ferrari team was finalizing the last arrangements to leave the site. Charles wasn't in the crowd, you knew where he was and walked to the spot.
Whenever Charles didn't get a good result he liked to be left alone to think about events and deal with defeat. But, you wouldn't let him deal with everything alone, you would stay by his side, as you always did from the first moment you met.
His feet walked towards the empty bleachers and farther from the tents, you placed one of your hands on his four month pregnant belly and caressed to soothe yourself and the baby.
You saw Charles sitting alone on the step closest to the runway, his eyes never leaving the empty landscape. As you approached his eyes met and he broke into a small smile. You hugged him and one of his hands was placed gently on your belly.
You didn't say anything, you just wanted to be there for him, like he's always been there for you.
"You need to be careful." Charles murmured kissing his cheek.
"You take very good care of me." You joked and he chuckled "we're fine. We're here for daddy."
You sat next to him leaning your head on his shoulder and clasping your hands. The bodies close together and the hearts beating together. Charles just needed you there.
You touched Charles' free hand and brought it back to his belly so he could feel the baby move.
"He enjoyed the walk." You said smiling "He also likes it when daddy puts his hand here."
Charles opened a small smile caressing his belly feeling the movements of the baby in his fingers.
"Thank you for being with me." He said and you kissed him on the cheek.
"I love you. I will always be here. In any moment, I will always be by your side."
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confidenceiscomical · 18 hours
Phoebe Bridgers performing Milk by The 1975
🎥 by Jordan Alves
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dailydccomics · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
magical girl transformation! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Vixen: NYC #29
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bnbc · 8 hours
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thank you so much my dear it's an awesome birthday gift I'm gonna stare at it a whole year long!!!
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milf-propaganda · 2 months
if you’re a pillow princess and feel guilty for not being “active” in bed—i pinky promise, there’s people out there drooling over you. all they can think about is your legs wrapped around their waist. your nails scratching down their back while you moan into the kiss. feeling you tighten up before each climax then going limp around their fingers.
i promise, you’re not gonna be doomed or cursed, because you have firm boundaries. boundaries are beautiful and important. your boundaries matter.
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paper-lilypie · 9 months
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@bamsara’s story has consumed my weekend. have some doodles
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radiationdude · 2 years
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“what if, LOTR but little animated animals.” by jessica a. m
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cheruib · 3 months
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tunisian summer
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Tumblr media
thinking about dick
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deadlybean2019 · 7 days
Just eclipse is EVERYTHING and when you give em a evil sadistic grin I'm just OAMEVHAHA SWOON OMG
@oobbbear 's Witch Eclipse (I'll color once a ref is out <3)
@naffeclipse's writing on Sleuth Jesters Eclipse
@kabra-malvada's Mime Eclipse
@driftingmoonmenace's Club Eclipse
@sinnabee's Magician Eclipse
@maudiemoods's Beings Made Of Stardust Eclipse
@certified-handler's Dealer's Choice Eclipse
@miwachan2's Vampire Eclipse
@pure-plum 's Weal and Woe Eclipse (I'll color when a ref comes out <3)
Tumblr media
And some cute Eclipses too, because let's not forget them UwU
@suntimeswolliw Chocolate Eclipse
@poppet-seed 's Pirate Eclipse
@forkdotjpg's Eclipse
Tumblr media
On a serious side note:
I just wanted to say, I know I'm just a weird internet 'simp', but truly your art and stories and just overall welcoming attitudes have made my day multiple times! It's stupid, but to have such amazing people be in my feed to bring amazing art and stories has helped me so much. Especially in some not so fun times. So thank you. I appreciate and owe all of you a lot!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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‘Princess’ ‘babygirl’ ‘little one’ ‘my love’ ‘angel’ ‘my girl’ dude.. call me that again and I will give you head rn
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writingskenya · 2 days
Lando's first time saying I love you. thank youu!
Tumblr media
NOTES: Hello, I'm writing from my cell phone, forgive me if the formatting is bad.  I wrote it in Google docs and went straight here with the basic formatting.  I hope you enjoy.
 Lando Norris
 POV Narrator
 You and Lando were together sitting on a beautiful pier alone watching the beautiful landscape, the sea shimmered in the intense sunlight and you watched the boats, birds and nature.  The sound of the sea on the hillside soothed them, but you could still feel that Lando was a little nervous.
 "My love, are you all right?"  You asked touching his face gently.
 Norris's eyes shifted from the landscape to watch you.  The beauty of his clear eyes makes you feel trapped in the moment.
 "I'm fine. I missed you so much is just that."
 You smiled and kissed him intensely on the lips with the sound of sea water in the background.
 You were together for two months.  The best two months of your life, you had never experienced such an intense love relationship, with such a good partner by your side.
 "I love you" Lando declared keeping their lips close and touching their mouths as he spoke the words slowly.
 You opened your eyes and stretched your lips with a big smile.
 "I love you, my love" you also declared imitating your boyfriend's gesture.
 His lips kissed Lando's slowly, a slow kiss, intense and full of love.
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calamarispiderart · 3 months
Tumblr media
wahoo. wooha. etc
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psychictaledreamer · 5 months
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nathsketch · 3 months
Tumblr media
My gosh, this show!! Simply, utterly extraordinary 🥰
Happy weekend! 🐋 🐳
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