tulip-studies · 18 hours ago
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30th of september,
i’m enjoying oscar wilde’s plays a lot!
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study-van · 2 months ago
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Whenever I’m stressed out and can’t do anything about the issue that stresses me out I just go and organize my notion page.
🎶alphaville, big in japan
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starryuniversitas · a year ago
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— 30.8.21 ☕️ studygram
my semester starts next week and i’m terrified and excited at the same time — mostly stressed because of everything else going on in my life but also because i’m finally writing my thesis this year and it scares me; with my thesis seminar i only have two other courses: swedish and environmental & economic anthro
peep some of the pictures i’ve taken for my studygram/bookstagram 🤎 i hope you’re doing okay wherever you are
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learnelle · 9 months ago
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Here are my 2021 favourites! Let’s hope that 2022 will be kind to us all ♡
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jourdemic · 4 months ago
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reading, sushi runs, and harry’s house on repeat. hope you’re all having a lovely day. <3
it’s been some time since i’ve been very active on this platform. my break has me excited to be posting again!
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peachblossomstudy · 5 months ago
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// physics notes
i love how satisfying handwritten notes look in pictures. my handwriting actually used to be very different from how it is now, it’s always funny to look through my old school books and see it evolving
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notebookist · a year ago
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i'm back, and messier better than ever, ft. a giant croissant stuffed with cream and a bunch of old bookshelf finds
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wecandoit · a month ago
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~ 22/100 ~
16.08.2022 // reading on the bus while the sunlight puts on a show for me. love how pretty the view from my backyard is <333
🎧: black coffee by elijah who ☀️ | ig: _hermit.studies
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bulletnotestudies · a year ago
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*click for better quality* (transcript under the cut)
My other masterposts: • extensions pt.1  • study sounds • dealing with failure • how to gain traction • how to study when you’re struggling
TOUCAN Learn languages without taking any extra time for it - Toucan replaces random words on your screen with their equivalents in your target language; You can see the translation and listen to the pronunciation by hovering over them. It also works in reverse - if you highlight any phrase in your language, it can give you the target language equivalent!
OPENDYSLEXIC Open-Dyslexic is a font specifically designed to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. The extension overrides all fonts on a web page with the OpenDyslexic font, and formats pages to be more easily readable.
INFINITY NEW TAB Another new tab extension. This one opens up a dashboard that's quite customizable. You can make to do lists, check your bookmarks, etc. Its design is fairly minimalistic and features lots of HD backgrounds.
WHAT FONT This one's super nice for graphic design students or just anyone who enjoys a pretty font here and there. It helps you find the name of any font you come across while browsing the web, along with the size and hex colour code!
CUTE CURSORS This one is completely self-explanatory. It replaces your boring triangle cursor with a cuter one; You can even upload your own little image. I, a professional student, can assure you browsing academic articles is way more fun when your cursor is a watermelon wedge.
POSTUREMINDER Face it - unless you have a standing desk or a super fancy desk chair, your posture is pretty bad most of the time. If you spend hours on end studying at your desk, this will help you get better at looking after your spine! This extension sends you reminders at specified time intervals.
MERCURY READER This one is great for everyone that has to read lots of articles - it removes any unnecessary clutter (ads and such) from websites. It also allows you to change the font and its size, as well as toggle between light or dark themes.
COFFEELINGS Your own personal mini journal & mood tracker. You can use different roasts to signify different moods, and you can write journal entries as well! Also works offline. You could also use this as a productivity tracker.
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acadernia · a year ago
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051221. god i wish i had even the slightest clue of what is ever going on at any moment but . math notes setup for today was nice
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myhoneststudyblr · a year ago
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my masterpost | my studygram | ask me anything | How to Stop Procrastinating 
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bennistudies · 6 months ago
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72/100 days of productivity | 13.03.2022
2 1/2 weeks until deadline. 2 term papers left unfinished. not one chapter completely done. emotional support teddy bear for late shifts. pulling an icarus. let's hope I emerge with freckles not sunburn
things I did today:
work on my term paper
check guidelines again
go for a walk
currently filling my ears: alles war schön und nichts tat weh (casper)
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study-van · 3 months ago
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I had a really challenging year but I’m proud of my self for overcoming it. The exam results will be out in a couple of weeks until then I’ll just have some fun!!
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tulip-studies · 9 months ago
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25th of december,
marry christmas to those who celebrate today! and for those who don’t I hope you have a great day overall :) I personally do not celebrate christmas on this date, but I love you the holidays and I can’t wait for new year’s!
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learnelle · 7 months ago
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My favourite read of 2022 so far ♡
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scholastc · a year ago
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managing your time is something v v important! especially now that we're all at home, it's really easy for us (or for me, at least) to lose track of time. with this, here are some of the time management techniques i've tried including what worked and what didn't!
i very vaguely explained each time management technique, so here are some additional links you can check out if you wanted to know more about them:
time blocking
time blocking method by werelivingarts
flexible time blocking by eintsein
calendar blocking // time management for students by mariana's corner
getting more done with calendar blocking by amy landino
energy management
energy management by @eintsein
the one productivity system you need: time vs energy management by rowena tsai
5 tips to manage energy for higher productivity by mariana's corner
pomodoro technique
pomodoro technique 101 by werelivingarts
the pomodoro technique by mariana's corner
eisenhower matrix
time management for college students and the eisenhower matrix by mariana's corner
how to be more productive by using the eisenhower box by james clear
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premedagain · a year ago
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07.18.21. i've realized that i'm most productive in the morning, but i have to be at work at 9am sharp. solution: waking up early, dragging my limp, uncaffeinated body to the library, and trying to work on postbacc apps for an hour before work. being an adult... wouldn't recommend.
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