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We can love the person he has turned out to be without whitewashing the crappy things he has done
Guys, I know Darius is cool, but can we please stop victim-blaming Hunter and acting like the way even the good adults in his life treated him is NBD?
‘Cause I keep seeing a lot of “okay Darius was mean to Hunter at first, but Hunter was a brat who got the job because of nepotism, so...” comments.
And look, I really think people in general are hugely underestimating just how badly Hunter was screwed over not just by Belos but by *ALL* the adults around him.
Tumblr media
1) Let’s start by establishing something first: Hunter was never a brat to anybody in the castle.
Now, to be clear, even IF Hunter had been a brat, people 30 years older than him should still have not made his bad situation worse. If there are two people, and one of them is an adult while the other is a kid, the adult is supposed to keep their cool even if the kid acts out. You can punch up but you can’t punch down.
But that point is moot because all the evidence we have points at Hunter being a little nerd who adored the adults around him and was desperate to please them.
Exhibit #1: Dana’s official art, where Hunter freaks out over being slightly less overworked because it will make Lilith hate him. Even with the mask, you can tell he has a frantic expression.
Tumblr media
Exhibit #2: the Hunter’s Palisman Observation stream, when Hunter has a question and is looking for an answer, he reaches out to the Coven Heads to ask them. He sees them as wise and knowledgeable, and wants to learn from them. That makes it extra hurtful that “Darius ignored me, as per usual. Eberwolf hissed at me, also as per usual.”
Exhibit #3: in ASIAS, we learn that Hunter genuinely loves rules and authority. Does that sound like somebody who’d disrespect an adult in charge?
Tumblr media
Exhibit #4: pretty much the entirety of ASIAS. The whole reason Hunter went to Hexside is because an adult who technically ranks below him gave him an order.
There is a grand total of TWO examples in the series where Hunter talks back to an adult.
The first one is when he sees Kikimora again after she tried to murder him.
Note that he never tells Belos what she did, even though he didn’t realise that she had recognised him by his burnt hair, so he thought that she had actually bought his “travellers found me” story and wouldn’t be able to respond to his accusations with any of her own. He could have easily thrown her under the bus, and actively chose not to, even after she almost killed him.
Tumblr media
The second one is in ASIAS, where an angry Hunter confronts the Coven Heads after they rescheduled the meeting behind his back, right after they physically pushed him aside hard enough to almost make him fall and walked away smirking at his misery.
Tumblr media
Note that, immediately after, he looks like this. Arguing with the Coven Heads makes him miserable. He doesn’t want to fight them. He’d much rather ask “how high” when they say “jump.” But they still casually assault him.
Tumblr media
They all knew that Belos had given him the order to leads the meeting. And they knew that Belos is a control freak who is infamous for his lack of mercy. They knew that Belos would see their decision to reschedule as Hunter’s fault, even though they did it behind his back.
Tumblr media
If you think he was being arrogant or whatever here, I want you to look me straight in the eyes and tell me that if your coworkers screwed you over in front of your infamously vicious boss and walked away smirking while pretending they can’t see you and literally pushing you around, you would totally keep your cool.
2) The nepotism excuse also doesn’t work.
Nepotism is supposed to make your life easier.
Hunter is a child covered in scars with huge eyebags and absolutely no social life whatsoever who rolls over and shows his neck the second an authority figure expresses any displeasure with him.
It’s plain to see that getting Belos’ “special treatment” is harming him.
Hunter eventually does pull out the “Belos’ nephew” card, in an attempt to get Darius to back off.
Tumblr media
But by this point, he:
- knows he has disappointed Belos, something that he fears more than death (as per Eclipse Lake)
- has been assaulted by the other Coven Heads...
- ...who added insult to injury by pretending they couldn’t see him, really rubbing it in that they find him worthless
- and then Darius, a man twice his size and thrice his age, grabbed him, spun him around, and stole his clothes
Tl:dr: Hunter is not acting entitled here, he is acting *cornered*. He is lashing out because he is scared, and like any scared kid he is calling out to his “dad.”
And the moment Darius tells him that he has to earn his position as Golden Guard, Hunter immediately agrees to do anything. There is no entitlement there, only a desperate desire to be good enough.
3) On the Boiling Isles, a half-a-witch is at best a social outcast and at worst a target.
For starters, a half-a-witch can’t get an education. You have to be able to perform spells to be allowed to go to school.
Tumblr media
Granted this is for Amity’s advanced class, but the idea is that you have to get there eventually, even if it takes you much longer than the gifted students. In order to go to Hexside, you must at least have the potential to use magic.
Before Luz came into the scene, glyphs were a forbidden knowledge that had been lost for hundreds of years. Add in that palismen are close to extinction, and there is simply no way for a half-a-witch to do magic.
So, you can’t go to school. But can you at least get a job?
Ah. No.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eda gets robbed in public by an officer of the law, in plain view of a huge crowd, and their reaction boils down to “sucks to be powerless.”
A half-a-witch essentially has no rights. They are not treated as citizens. It’s completely legal to ban them from essential functions and to refuse them pay for their labor.
If Eda had not found the Selkiedomus’ treasure, she and her family would have starved.
The discrimination against magicless creatures is so bad that even Hooty, arguably the nicest character in the show, still expresses scorn for them.
Tumblr media
Hunter wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest here.
Tumblr media
Being magicless is basically the BI equivalent of being disabled in a society that actively favours eugenics.
 4) So, what did Darius do that was so bad?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now, before anybody takes this post as Darius bashing, I want to bring up why he did it.
- Darius was clearly traumatised by the death of his mentor...
- ...who not only died, but also died in circumstances that must have been highly suspicious at best, so that Darius never even got proper closure and has been living with that open wound for years...
- ...in addition to the fact that Darius is extremely protecting of his loved ones, so that he must have felt the urge to protect the memory and legacy of his mentor...
- ...and that’s made ten times more painful if the replacement, who acts like the antithesis of everything his beloved mentor stood for, looks almost exactly like his mentor.
Can you imagine the grief is somebody you love with all your heart dies, and then some time later they appear to come back as an insult to everything they were?
So, I’m not denying that Darius had his own reasons here, nor am I arguing that he is a terrible person.
In case you don’t know, I like Darius so much I wrote a meta titled “Why Darius is a much better person than Fandom gives him credit for.” I like the guy, okay?
Nevertheless, he almost caused irreparable damage.
One of the reasons Hunter is so desperately loyal to Belos, is that Belos is the only one who never looked down on him for his lack of magic.
Now of course the bitter irony here is that Belos is racist against witches.
But Hunter didn’t know that.
All Hunter knew was that every person he ever met thought he was worthless for the way he was born, *except* for Belos, who said he was special.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And what does Darius do? He goes and reinforces Hunter’s belief that nobody but Belos will ever accept him.
Now, we know that Darius wasn’t really talking about magic there. We don’t know if all grimwalkers lack magic or just Hunter, but either way, later context clues indicate that he was talking about “strength of heart” or something like that.
Nevertheless, he most definitely came across like he was saying that Hunter has no place in the EC because he has no magic.
And Darius is not stupid. He had to know what he sounded like. And he didn’t bother correcting Hunter’s assumption, let him believe that the problem with him were the circumstances of his birth.
Why did Hunter befriend the Emerald Entrails? Because he accidentally stepped on a griffon’s tail. It was sheer dumb luck. If Hunter had put his foot a couple of inches aside, he never would have met Willow.
If not for a single stroke of extraordinarily unlikely good luck, Hunter would have gone back to the castle more convinced than ever that Belos was the only person in the world who could ever give a damn about him, the only one Hunter could ever love and trust.
Darius’ words would have driven him even further into the grasp of his abuser.
This is on top of the fact that Hunter canonically reaches out many times to Darius and Eberwolf over the years, and they always responded by giving him the silent treatment. Again, “Darius ignored me as per usual, Eberwolf hissed at me also as per usual.” How can they blame him for being an ignorant fanatic, if they have systematically rebuffed any and all of his attempts to talk to the only people in the castle who are not Belos’ stooges?
And on top of the fact that “you always do as you are told” is one hell of a line to give a kid *who gets blades thrown at his face* if he says a single word Belos doesn’t like. Hunter’s devotion to Belos is also his shield from violent beatings. If Hunter ever acted “rebellious” to Belos, Belos wouldn’t just send him to his room without dinner.
5) Has Darius changed?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
6) So what’s the problem?
Remember when people were like “Amity is doing right by Willow now, but she still needs to apologise”?
And when people were like “Alador has finally started walking in the right direction towards eventually becoming a decent father for his kids, but the first step was admitting that he treated them horribly”?
As far as I know, nobody was like “Amity is cool now so there is no need for her to say sorry to Willow, and Willow kind of sucked anyway” or like “Alador is cool now so wtf does Amity have to bitch about and move his hand away, just hug it out and ignore the past”?
What this whole tl;dr essay boils down to, is that S3 needs to have a scene where the good adults in Hunter’s life acknowledge that they did him dirty, without excuses and without victim blaming.
That’s all.
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Hello, I was wondering if I could request a fic, something with Eddie x reader where he catches her staring at him from time to time and assumes that it’s because she thinks he’s a freak but it’s actually because she’s got a massive crush and she thinks he’d never be interested because of the way he scowls and glares back at her when he catches her staring at him but somehow it all comes to a head (hate fucking maybe 😏) and it leads to some confession of feelings
holy shit. baby. this is an amazing concept. you should be proud of yourself for coming up with this!! and thank you for choosing me to do it <3
this turned out way longer than expected. i'd apologize but everyone on here is thirsty af, so i doubt i need to
Eye Contact
18+, minors dni, hate fucking, name calling (asshole, freak, dick, slut), yn gets a little handsy and shoves eddie, eddie grabs yn by the hair. a bit of dom!eddie, clit slapping. eddie calls yn princess, baby, and a brat. yn is a cheerleader.
It was almost intoxicating, how sometimes your eyes would meet across the cafeteria, somehow your gazes finding each other through the blur of people. And for just a second, you would have him. You would feel the spotlight of his attention burning down on you, casting the rest of the world into shadow. Your heart would stop, your whole body would tense, and you would be absolutely under his spell.
It was so addicting a feeling that you would seek out his gaze whenever you could. You shared a class and the lunch hour, but besides that, you and Eddie Munson had absolutely nothing in common. He would never attend your cheer practice or go to any games; you weren't exactly sure what Dungeons and Dragons was, and were too shy to ask. You knew he and his band played at the Hideout every Tuesday, but you were too afraid of the rough crowd there to ever hazard a night out. All you had were those stolen gazes. Those fleeting moments where he noticed you.
Your friends thought it was equal parts adorable and laughable. They knew you couldn't help crushes; they just happened. But that didn't stop them from giggling or sending up a chorus of ooh's whenever you caught Eddie's gaze. He would always turn away, working his jaw.
That's when cold rejection would fill up your chest. He never meant to look your way; he just caught you staring, and probably felt sick at the thought of this peppy little cheerleader, a representation of everything he hated about society, shooting heart eyes his way again. He probably felt embarrassed. Annoyed. One day, he would tell you to piss off -- or, if the rumours about him actually being nice were true, he might pull you aside to let you down in the most awkward but gentle way. And you'd have to smile, nod, maybe apologize for making him uncomfortable. When on the inside, even just imagining him rejecting you made your eyes sting with tears and your insides feel like they were rotting.
So you kept your distance. If you confessed your feelings, he would be forced to reject you outright, and that would be the end of stolen glances. Of papers passed between your hands, fingers brushing and sending waves of fire through you. Maybe all you could ever do was look. The thought made you ache, but from where you sat at your table, you couldn't help stealing another glimpse at him as he talked animatedly to his crew.
His dark eyes lifted, meeting yours for a second. When he registered your gaze, he scowled and looked down. All the excitement fled from him, wind from his sails. You weren't sure if he even knew your name. But it seemed you'd made enough of an impression on him. You turned back to your lunch, trying and failing not to think about it.
How long was this joke going to last? It was borderline cruel, but Eddie had become accustomed to cruelty when it came to people like you. The popular, the preppy, the ones born into money and good looks. The ones who, for no reason except being pretty and following the crowd, seemed to hold supreme influence over society.
And who apparently loved to torment him.
At first, Eddie had hoped. It was stupid, he knew; optimism was for people who didn't understand how the real world worked. But the first few times he'd caught you staring, he had dared to let himself wonder if maybe someone as beautiful as you, as smart and as sweet, might actually like him.
But then the laughter came. Right after the punchline, straight to his gut. Your friends -- the cheer and basketball teams -- tittered every time your eyes met. Laughing at him. Of course he likes her. What a creep, what a freak, what a loser. As if he could ever land someone like her. And what was worse, you laughed along with them; shaking your head, covering your face, smiling like an idiot.
Eddie was the idiot. Always the butt of the joke.
Your gaze was like venom. Stinging every time he caught it, a reminder of who he was, of how out of his league you were. Why would anyone so lovely be interested in him?
He thought that it would have been enough for you by now. You had him in the palm of your hand, easily humiliated. But you just kept coming back, kept filling your cup -- and he was a fool every time he looked your way, lingering on you. Burned a thousand times but still drawn to the flame, to the heat. He hated himself for it.
He wanted to hate you, too. He couldn't, but he wanted to.
Because there you were in that stupid cheer uniform, shaking like a leaf under the portico in front of the school, searching the headlights that passed through the grey downpour for whoever you were waiting for. It was closing in on seven thirty. Hellfire had ended half an hour earlier, and he'd stayed behind to clean up. Now he finished a cigarette, watching you. Wondering what kind of a bum would keep you waiting in weather like this. Maybe you deserved it. Or maybe, if you were his, he'd be at your beck and call, always there when you needed him to be.
He stamped out the butt and lifted his jacket over his head, making the run over to his van. Once he got in, he looked back at you. You were no longer on the portico, but walking down the sidewalk to the main road. He started the engine and drove up alongside you. You're an idiot, he told himself, but leaned over to roll down the passenger side window anyway.
"Aren't you gonna melt?"
You stopped dead in the downpour, scowling at him. "Are you calling me a witch?"
He lifted a shoulder. "I was gonna offer you a ride, actually."
"No, her." He pointed behind you, and rolled his eyes when you actually turned. "Yes, you."
You glanced down at yourself. "I'm gonna ruin your seats. I'm soaked."
Eddie frowned, squeezing the wheel. He was making a fool out of himself, wasn't he?
"Look, if you don't want the ride, just say so. I'm just trying to help."
He expected you to scoff and keep walking. To tell him to fuck off or your boyfriend would hear about this. To go stalk someone else.
He did not expect you to open his door and get in.
You weren't lying: you were soaked to the bone. Rivulets of water flowed down the curves of your body and gathered on the seat. Eddie trained his eyes forward as he started back down the road.
"Thanks," you murmured so softly he nearly didn't hear you.
"Yeah, well, looks like your friends fell through. Not that I'm surprised."
"I'm sorry?"
He glanced over at you, finding a look of genuine confusion. He nearly scoffed at you.
"C'mon, Y/N. If it weren't pouring out, you'd've told me to fuck off and leave you alone."
"You don't even know me. How can you say that?"
"I do know you; I know your type."
It was your turn to scoff. You crossed your arms over your chest, shaking your head.
"My type, huh? And what's that?"
"You don't think I see you and your friends laughing at me in the cafeteria?"
"Laughing at you?"
"Don't. Don't give me that!" He put one hand up, his jaw tight. "Acting like some innocent angel, too dumb to know what's going on. I've seen it too many times, princess."
Eddie looked over to see your jaw had dropped.
"What the hell are you talking about? You're the one giving me dirty looks all the time!"
"Sorry to break it to you, but not everyone in life will bow down to you just because you wear a short skirt and know how to do a cartwheel."
"I'm not asking you to bow down to me. I just want to know what the hell I did to make you hate me so much."
Eddie pulled over onto a small lane, covered by trees, and parked. He could feel himself getting incensed, and knew he wouldn't be able to drive that way. He turned to face you fully.
"You think I don't know what you're doing? I may be some freak to you, but I'm not an idiot. You bat your eyelashes and flip your hair, and when someone gives you a smile, you call them a perv and all your friends laugh it up."
"You're seriously paranoid," you snapped, unbuckling your seatbelt and grabbing your bag and sweater from where you'd placed them at your feet. "You may be an asshole, but not everybody else is." You practically kicked the door open and jumped out. "Maybe I'm the idiot, for thinking you were a good guy!"
You slammed the door shut so hard, his entire van shook. Eddie peaked in his rearview as you stomped down the street, back towards the main road. It should have ended there. He should have let you walk away; he'd done enough.
But instead, he cussed under his breath and unbuckled his own seatbelt.
"Why do you hate me?" Eddie yelled over the roar of torrential rain.
You stopped. The rain was cold, but your whole body was flushed with anger. When you turned, you found him standing in the middle of the road, waiting for a response.
"Maybe because you do shit like this!" You opened your arms, gesturing to the space around you. "You act all nice, offer me a ride, then a switch flips and you're attacking me for what? For being on the cheer squad? Or because you're an insecure dick?"
Eddie let out a bitter laugh, tipping his head back into the rain. "Insecure? Princess, you don't even know --"
"Really? Prove it. 'Cause I guarantee if one of my friends walks around that corner, one of the guys off the basketball team, you'd cower and call me a bitch to make yourself feel better for backing down. You'd whine about conformity and blame us for how miserable you are."
He stomped towards you. "Get back in the van and stop acting like a brat."
"Oh? You wanna stop the argument now that you're losing? Or did the switch flip again and you wanna be nice? Wanna play the poor victim of the mean cheerleader?" You shook your head as he approached. Anger, annoyance, and the sting of rejection all vied for dominance. But they only combined into venom. "There's something wrong with you, Munson. Maybe you are a fucking freak."
He halted inches away from you, the last word hanging between you. You regretted it the second it came out of your mouth. Pain and anger crossed his face in short succession, darkening his expression, swimming deep in his eyes. You thought he'd turn around and trudge back to his van. The seconds that passed felt like an eternity.
Then his hand wound into your hair, he pulled your head back, and pressed his lips to yours.
You'd always wondered what it'd be like, the first time you kissed him. You'd expected him to be soft, shy. Gentle, maybe on the shores of Lover's Lake or in the dark of his van after dinner and a movie. Instead, Eddie slammed into you, chest flush with yours, the hand knotted in your hair tugging painfully at the roots. There was something strong driving it, bubbling just below the surface. You guessed it was fury, the same fury you felt burning beneath your skin. The cold rain was a welcome relief.
When he pulled away, hand still in your hair, you had to fight to hide the fact that you were out of breath.
"Let go of me or I'll scream."
Eddie's hand loosened. When he stepped away, you stepped with him, following helplessly. Eddie chuckled.
"I don't know about that, princess. You seem to want more."
Another step back, and another step forward, following him in perfect tandem. He grinned, and you wanted to slap it off his face. When you came close enough to the van, you shoved him. His back hit the doors, but he only laughed.
"Aw," he sighed with a dramatic pout. "Is the princess angry at herself? So desperate for someone to touch her that she'd kiss the freak?"
"Shut the fuck up."
"Make me."
You grabbed his collar and yanked him down to your level. You captured his bottom lip between yours and sucked. His hands found their way to your waist and he pulled you against him. It was too tender. He was just doing this to get a rise out of you. So you bit his lip, tugging a little. You swear your heard a quiet growl from his chest. Before you could confirm it, one hand left your waist and opened up the van's back doors. He lifted you in, and you scurried back against the rough carpet as Eddie followed you. He took a second, keeping the doors open.
"You sure about this?"
You got on your knees, reached past him, and slammed the doors shut. He chuckled again.
"So fucking desperate."
You were glad for the darkness, so he didn't see you roll your eyes -- or squeeze your thighs together. As your eyes adjusted, you saw that Eddie had gotten rid of his vest and jacket. The rain had left little to the imagination, his white Helfire shirt clinging to his torso. You threw your backpack and sweater to the side just in time for him to crawl on top of you, arms and legs caging you in.
"You think I'm desperate?" you panted, fingers sneaking under the hem of his shirt as he kissed down your neck and rutted against your hip, denim scraping your skin where your skirt lifted. "You're the one grinding against a girl you hate."
"You always this talkative?" He grabbed your face with one hand, forcing you to look at him. "Am I gonna have to give that mouth something to do?"
You wanted to say yes. You were too embarrassed to say anything but no. Eddie didn't give you a chance, his thumb resting against your lips. You opened your mouth and, when the pad of his thumb pressed against your tongue, you closed it and sucked. His free hand was on your thigh, rubbing up gradually until your skirt was around your waist. You swirled your tongue around his thumb, showing him just what he was missing.
"So fucking eager," he cooed. "How many dicks have you sucked, hm? Will that shut you up? My cock in your mouth?"
You didn't mean to moan, but his fingers were at your inner thigh, dangerously close to where you'd already soaked through your panties. Eddie smirked at the sound. He pressed his middle and index fingers to the seat of your panties, rubbing you through them.
"Who got you so worked up that you had to come to me, huh?"
You couldn't take it. You pulled your mouth away, let his thumb go with a wet pop! and unpinned your skirt. When it fell away, you started to pull his shirt up.
"In a hurry, princess? Don't want to make daddy mad by breaking curfew?"
Anger prickled through the haze of pleasure. You practically ripped his shirt off and hurled it into the corner.
"You're the one whose cock is throbbing against my thigh, Munson. So are you going to actually do something, or are you gonna keep talking big?"
Eddie's wicked smile faded. He yanked your top off and unbuckled his jeans, the metallic sound sending shivers through you. He pulled his jeans and boxers down simultaneously. You bit your lip when his cock sprung free, the tip flushed pink and already leaking precum. He pumped it a few times, looking you up and down without shame, like you were a woman in a dirty magazine.
"Take off your bra," he ordered.
You sat up a little. "What? Don't know how to undo a girl's bra?"
Eddie scowled and reached for where he'd crumpled his pants. You heard a click, saw a flash, and suddenly a small knife was poised between your tits. You hardly had enough time to let out a gasp before the blade sliced up through the satin fabric that held your bra together. You were still covered, but it was more of a shrug than a bra now. When you met his gaze, you found it devious.
"Now," he said, the tip of the knife grazing down your belly, tracing over your hip, and hooking into the lace of your panties, "are you gonna be a good girl and take these off, or am I gonna have to send you home without them, too?"
Fuck. You let your bra slip off and got rid of your panties. You didn't care if you looked eager anymore; he already knew it. He slid two fingers into your pussy with ease, but you still felt an ache as he stretched you. Your back arched and you let out a moan when he laid down between your legs and lapped at your clit. You thought maybe that would stop his talking, but it only made it worse.
"You like that, princess? You like it a little dangerous, a little rough?" His pace quickened when you nodded, the sound of his fingers pumping in and out of your wet cunt lewd in the best way. "None of the pretty boys you hang out with would ever treat you like this, would they? And you're too shy to ask them. Go on: ask me. Tell me what you want."
You could only moan and arch up against his mouth. But when Eddie pulled away, you let out a whine. He removed his fingers and slapped your clit. A shocking volt of pleasure shot through you.
"You're so fucked out you can't even use your words? The assholes you slept with before this didn't even touch you like this, did they?"
You shook your head, hoping the response would make him relent, show you mercy. "N-No..."
"What do you want, baby? Tell me."
"Fuck me," you whined, grasping his forearm. "Please, please."
"You're so needy." He sounded disgusted, but the way he leaned down and licked you again didn't seem so repulsed. "Not yet, princess; you're nowhere near loose enough to take me."
You let out a groan that sounded more impatient than you'd intended. That earned you clit another hard slap.
"Keep whining and I'll make you walk home." He sealed his lips around your clit and sucked, earning another keening moan. His fingers filled you up again -- three this time. "You don't want that, do you? You want me to take care of you."
Eddie focused his efforts on your clit, pleasure coursing through you and distracting you from the ache between your legs as he scissored his fingers. You reached down, trying to find his cock -- maybe if you touched him, he'd hurry up. But you could only reach his shoulders. You dug your nails into his flesh as his tongue explored your pussy, replacing his fingers to soothe the stinging only to return to flick over your clit. His free hand drifted up your torso, rolling a nipple between his fingers.
You were so close. You could feel your legs tensing, your stomach clenching. He must have felt your pussy squeezing around his fingers, because Eddie withdrew and sat up on his knees.
"Remind me," he said, stroking his cock, "what was it you wanted again?"
You hooked one of your legs around his hip. "Fuck me."
"I just fucked you with my fingers."
"More." You tried to pull him closer with your leg. "I want you inside me."
You swore you could see a flush working its way up his neck. He rubbed the tip of his cock against your sex, gathering your juices. He was so soft, but rock hard at the same time. Nobody had ever teased you like this before. You went to hook your other leg around him, but Eddie grabbed your thigh and pressed it down, keeping your legs wide open.
"Fucking slut," he spat. "You only want one thing, and you don't care where you get it from."
He slid into you -- just the head of his cock, your pussy swallowing him easily. Your orgasm crept up on you and you saw stars. You tried to grasp something, but all you could do was burn one palm against the carpet and grab his forearm with your other hand. When you came to, you heard him laughing.
"Just the tip makes you cum." Eddie stroked your cheek. "You're just proving my point, princess; I'm not insecure, and obviously I have no reason to be."
You didn't trust your voice, so instead you bucked your hips up, pushing him in a few inches deeper. Eddie let out a moan.
"Only gonna make me cum once?"
He scowled at you, grabbed your hips, and dragged you onto his cock until his heavy balls laid against your ass. Your nails dug into his arm, leaving angry red marks. For his part, he didn't move, letting you adjust to the feeling of being impossibly full.
When he did start to move, his thrusts were fast but shallow. You tried to meet every movement, but you couldn't keep up. Eddie held your hips down.
"So used to working for it, hm?" He was out of breath. "Just lay back, princess; I've got you. Just tell me what you need me to do."
"Harder, Eddie. Fuck me harder."
The sound of skin slapping against skin, your thudding heartbeat, Eddie's groans quickly turning into bitten-back moans, all of it filled your brain and made you dizzy.
"Fuck," he gasped. "Y-You're so fucking sexy. It's a goddamn crime that none of those assholes fuck you right."
"I don't want any of them." You barely got the words out, you were so lost in the feeling of being full of him.
"Then who's got you so wet, huh? Who's got you so desperate, so needy?"
Eddie's hips faltered and he grabbed your face, forcing your eyes to lock. Even with him buried inside of you, despite the words exchanged, you still felt the same burst of emotion when your eyes met as you always did.
"What did you just say?"
Shit. This wasn't the way you'd planned to confess, but you'd already said too much.
"I've always wanted you. I know you notice the way I look at you."
"Y-Yeah," he said, his voice hoarse. "And I noticed the way your friends laughed. I thought it was a joke."
"They were making fun of me, Eddie. Y-You thought..."
You couldn't finish your sentence. Eddie cut you off with a kiss, this one deep but not angry. Not driven by hate. His entire demeanor changed, and instead of keeping his arms caged around you or keeping your hips still he brought you into his embrace, holding you. His thumbs brushed the hair from your face. His mouth found the column of your throat. Instead of snapping at you, instead of calling you a desperate slut, he moaned your name.
At first he couldn't bring himself to believe it. But the way your body wrapped around him, the way you looked up at him, the tremble in your voice. It became so obvious. Not the first time he's misread a situation and assumed the worst. But out of all the possible endings to this scenario, this had to be one of the best.
I've always wanted you. Those words were sweeter than your breathless moans. The hate dissipated from him like clouds clearing after a storm. This wasn't just some fuck in the back of his van. It was so much more.
To say he was scared was an understatement. The thought that this might be an elaborate joke made Eddie's stomach turn. What if you were faking it? If you wanted him to open up and pour his heart out, only to laugh in his face?
Thoughts ran circles in his brain until your hands came up to cup his face and you drew him down into a kiss. It felt like you poured everything into that kiss. Nothing else mattered. You were there with him, and he couldn't care less about what people would say.
Your confession brought everything to a head. Eddie broke the kiss and leaned his forehead on your shoulder, panting.
"'m close, Y/N."
"So am I." You ran your fingers through his hair and turned so that your noses bumped. "Cum with me. Please?"
You didn't have to ask twice. One hand slipped between you, and he rubbed fast circles around your clit. It wasn't long until you were clenching around him, babbling a string of curses and his name. He felt his own coil come undone. He had planned on cumming on your face and ruining your makeup, but now he just held you close, hot cum painting your insides.
He held you for what felt like forever. But when you at last spoke, neither of you had even caught your breath.
"You thought my liking you was a joke?"
He brushed a lock of hair from your face. "When you've been asked out on a dare four times and half the time the girl can't even get the words out without laughing, you tend to be a little pessimistic about that kind of stuff."
Your laugh was soft, shy. You shook your head. "I thought you hated me. I... I'm sorry."
"Not your fault I've gotten burned before."
"No, but... Everything I said earlier, I didn't mean any of it. I was just upset."
"Neither did I." Eddie scoffed. "Well, maybe not everything I said, but most of it. I thought that if I tried to hate you, it'd be easier to get over you."
You glanced down at your bodies, still naked, still soaked with sweat and rainwater, still joined. "I don't think that worked."
You both laughed, and Eddie peppered kisses all over your face.
"What next?" you asked.
He hummed in thought. "Well, our clothes are still wet, so we'll have to stay put until they're dry."
You shoved his shoulder. "No, I mean... For us?"
Eddie grinned to himself. "I feel like I'm doing this backwards." He shifted a little, slipping his softening cock out of you. He looked you in the eyes. "Hey, Y/N. I happened to notice you eyeing me from across the cafeteria the other day, and I thought I'd ask if you'd like to join me for dinner on Saturday."
Eddie shivered when you ran your hands up the back of his neck to rest in his hair. Before you answered, you pressed a firm kiss to his mouth.
"I thought you'd never ask."
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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tteokko · 5 days ago
hihi!!! If you don't mind I wanna become a new anon!! (🌦️ anon) if that's not taken yet, but if you don't mind I wanna send in a req!
Kazuha with a bunny!reader!! Even though people thought bunny girls are innocent but in reality they can be a brat sometimes and a crybaby!! but here's the req: what if bunny!reader is scared of Scara and bedo and sometimes zuha would just leave her w them to get tamed by both of them??? + spankies if you don't mind!! <3 Also sorry if this is too specific, if you decide to write this, thank you!!!
*Comes undone in panties* also new nonnie yayyy!!
as usual, mdni afab+she/her reader. male associated don’t interact
Tumblr media
“What a beauty,” Kazuha couldn’t help but smile lightly when he sees you become more docile within the hands of two powerful men. You cower when Albedos hands are gently caressing your silky, long ears. Your little tuff of cotton from the back is tugged slightly by the more meaner one, Scaramouche.
“A beauty indeed.” Scaramouche agreed with Albedo’s statement, hands caressing your waist while playing with the tuff of cotton from behind. Whimpering, you enjoy the feeling of your long ears being played with Albedo, tail wiggling in Scaramouche’s grasp.
“[name]’s been disobeying my orders lately. Do what you’d like with her for now, I’ll be back.”
Albedo brightens up at the idea of taming you to be more docile. He observes you with a slight smirk when seeing you cower, shyly hiding behind Kazuha’s figure. Cute.
On the other hand, Scaramouche is ecstatic to handle you. Though he’s begrudging on the idea of sharing you, what he thinks matters most is that he gets to touch you in any way without getting reprimanded. And he feels good when he sees you shy away from his touch, only pulling you back once you squeal from overwhelmingness
With that, Kazuha hushes your cries with a gentle kiss on your plump lips, murmuring to you that this is what had to be done when you misbehave, from then on once he leaves your cry-baby self to them, you start to regret misbehaving around him. Sitting on the ground with tears rolling down your chubby cheeks, long ears drooping with sadness as your tail no longer wiggles. You feel two large hands coming from behind to pick you up by the waist and settle you down on their lap.
The scent of a fruitful cologne hits your nose, quickly turning your head around you see the dark purple eyes of the person you fear the most in the room. A whimper comes out your lips, looking at Albedo with eyes that shimmered with glossy tears, pupils dilating with fear.
He only gives you a mocking pout, “Oh dear,” He laughs before coming down to caress your cheeks, wiping off the tears that escaped your doe eyes. Your lashes flutter with embarrassment as Scaramouche positions you to lay on his lap, ass in the air.
Then you realised what was going on. You’re going to receive spanks.
“No!!! No no no, please” You squeal out to Albedo, “I don’t wanna!!! Sorry, m’ so sorry!! I wont ever be naughty, let me go I don’t wannaaaa” You cry for the nicer one for help, trying to get out of Scaramouche’s grip.
“Hm? You’ll be nicer from now on?” Scaramouche asks with a sickeningly sweet tone, squishing at your ass with a smile. You whine at his touch, tail wiggling near his hand, “mhm! will be nicer, don’t wanna have spanking, please please, m sorry!! I’ll never do it again,” You hiccup at each sentence, tears brimming in your eyes again.
Your droopy ears slowly light up at Albedo’s figure appearing in your vision again, sitting down next to Scaramouche to caress your adorable face. Your breasts spilling out of the frilly dress you wore when laying down on Scaramouche’s legs.
“Sweet girl, I’m afraid that begging won’t do. You’ve got to learn your lesson.” Your long ears droop back onto your head when hearing his words, a squeal escaping your lips when you feel Scaramouche’s hand slamming itself on your soft skin, leaving a faint mark of his hand onto your pretty skin.
You cry at every spank you receive, only to realise that you’ve been resting your head on Albedo’s lap, tears soaking up his pants. Your head caressed with such gentleness compared to Scaramouche’s harsh actions. Lovingly, Albedos hands start to caress your ears in order for you to ignore the punishment, whispering loving things to you that get you to keen to him.
“N’more pleaashe, m sorry I won’t be naughty n’more, no more spanks pleasee, hurts so bad!!” You cry, nimble fingers gripping on Albedo’s shorts. From then on, Scaramouche softly rubs onto the now faintly darker patch of skin that where hitted on many times, kissing your revealed back to him before positioning himself behind you.
“Just one more punishment my love,” Albedo hums, before settling his large cock infront of your plump lips, smiling gently when he sees you give little kisses to the tip, “It’ll be over soon.”
“What a little slut,” Scaramouche rips off your pink panties, seeing that your cunt was soaked up, “You liked it when I spanked you huh? Adorable whore, no wonder why your hips were trying to reach up to my hands.”
“No-no no! I don’t like it!!” Your cries where silenced when Albedo slides his long dick inside your pretty lips, doe eyes brimmed with tears that got them glossed up now looking up at him. You feel your ears standing up when the taste of his pre-cum starts to envelop your taste buds, light bobbing your head for more of the taste.
“Yeah yeah, whatever you say. Anything you cry about will always contrast to what your pussy wants, isn’t that right?” Spanking your clit with his rough hands, Scaramouche now enters your soaking, wet hole with his dick. Whining at the size difference, you tighten around him unconsciously, mewling around Albedos cock as he lightly groans at the way your mouth felt.
You moan loudly at each thrust Scaramouche gives you, tail wiggling excitedly when his tip starts to hit the spongey part that you loved the most when touched. Tears dripping from your eyes from the pleasure they both gave you, you start to question if this part was a punishment.
Drool seeps out of your lips when Albedo mindlessly ruts in your hot mouth, upcoming tears soak his trousers yet again but his hands are much gentle in comparison to his cock. He gently runs his fingers along your pretty ears, cooing at your expressions.
“Sweet bunny, taking my cum so well, might reward you with something better,” Scaramouche empties his seed into you, watching how your pussy spasms with each load filling inside you. The feeling was too much for you to handle, via why you orgasmed around his milked cock.
“Look at her,” Albedo hums with a gentle coo, “So eager to obey now. What a sweet bunny you are.” Lovingly, Albedo pressed a soft kiss onto your head, keening to his affection you chased after his lips with a quiet whine, though your mouth is filled with his cum.
When Kazuha returns, he’s met with a more obedient little bunny, always eager to follow his commands. He’s reluctant on the choices of leaving you in the hands of Scaramouche and Albedo, but considering that after he’s left you with them for just a few hours, and you becoming more behaved, he leans to the idea of letting his sweet little bunny to them just when he goes to travel.
(I don’t know how to end this I’m so sorry☠️)
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lacrimosathedark · a month ago
I have made quite clear how much I adore Jason Peter Todd, despite how frequently he is written terribly. RHATO is Not Good, but pre-Flashpoint was...chaotic for his characterization to say the least.
I wish to give my fellow Jaybird lovers some stable ground if they’re looking for decent and consistent Red Hood characterization post-resurrection.
[Fuck you Battle For the Cowl that was a shitshow]
Most people cite the Under the Hood storyline as the best work about Jason. That story was written by Judd Winick. So, here’s a list of stories involving The Boy written by Judd Winick, with short summaries so you know what you’re getting into! And some images because I can’t not.
Batman Vol 1 629: This is not actually Jason, but a Scarecrow hallucination Bruce has, but it still characterizes both Bruce and Tim’s thoughts about Jason and his potential return. It takes place pretty smack-dab between Hush and Under the Hood.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I appreciate the Hush outfit with the white streak. Excellent.
(also Tim looks like a baby and I just want to give him hugs)
Batman Vol 1 635-641 aka Under the Hood Vol 1 Batman Vol 1 645-650 and Annual 25 aka Under the Hood Vol 2 No description necessary; if you know Jason, you know how this goes.
Green Arrow Vol 3 69-72: Red Hood comes to Star City and decides to have a talk with current Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick, Mia Dearden.
Contains this gem:
Tumblr media
I love him so much he’s such a dramatic bitch.
Tumblr media
He changed the scoreboards what the fuck--
And this oof
Tumblr media
Outsiders Vol 3 44-46 and Annual 1: Jason provides the Outsiders, specifically Dick and Roy, with intel exonerating Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce from murder he thought he committed. Jason’s not the center of this story, but I like it a lot.
For my fellow Harper family lovers, 45 has a lot of cute Roy and Lian too, including this part that rips my heart out.
Tumblr media
Lian is my angel and I would die for her.
For my fellow Gays, these also have the start of the relationship between Anissa Pierce and Grace Choi
Tumblr media
also includes this dumbfuckery:
Tumblr media
He’s a dork and I love him.
Batman and Robin (2009) Vol 1 23-25: Red Hood reluctantly teams up with Dickie-Batman and Brat Wonder Robin to save his kidnapped former sidekick, Scarlet.
Tumblr media
Please excuse some of the art bullshit; yes, it has ginger Jason, and yes the covers use the dumb pill helmet design. But for the record, he doesn’t actually wear the pill helmet thank fuck, and the hair thing was more for continuity. They were established during Grant Morrison’s run as writer because they don’t do their goddamn homework enough to know ginger Jay is not canon Post-Crisis! Or that even then he chose to dye his hair black! (Yes I’m bitter that’s how they fucked over Talia too UGH)
At least his costume is fixed; it combines the dumb supervillain-y costume with his old biker-y look, and tbh I think it’s really cool. Aside from the bright red guns that look like toys.
Tumblr media
Not that that lasts because this is one of if not the last appearance of Jay before the reboot! Thanks, Barry.
[small edit cuz I just can’t with this man]
He’s also a little shit throughout the whole thing. It is his mission to annoy Dick and Damian and it’s great.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[end small edit!]
He also gets stripped for...reasons. If you’re interested. I wasn’t, but I know some of yall are nasties (/affectionate) so here’s that.
Tumblr media
Red Hood: The Lost Days: Goes more into detail about Jason’s experience between his death and his big return to Gotham. So! Much! Trauma!
Also where this image comes from:
Tumblr media
He really said that. So uh...yeah.
He has always been a snarky dorky bastard and I love him very much.
[EDIT ADDITION Thank you @someoneimsure​]
Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular: Jason’s story is called “More Time”, which is a story with Robin Jason and Red Hood Jason have a parallel story giving Bruce a gift on his birthday. Specifically, fixing his father’s old watch.
Tumblr media
(He’s talking about the watch but that literally could be said about Jason and ow my fucking HEART--)
Tumblr media
Look at this. God I just...sometimes Jason just fills my heart with love and it’s too much. He’s a good boy!
Unfortunately, he and Steph share the space of only having one story which is bullshit. Timmy and Dami both get two, which is totally fair. But Dickie gets four. Rude. Sharing is caring, Dickiebird.
[END EDIT Thank you :33]
Things with Jason NOT written by Judd Winick Pre-Flashpoint that are major (but personally I think kinda suck) are Battle for the Cowl, Countdown, and his weird murdery Nightwing phase.
Jason Todd, everybody.
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igumie · 8 months ago
Akaashi, Sakusa, Kenma, Oikawa and moments with their daughters
Tumblr media
info : fluff, soft haikyuu dads moments , all the boys are in their timeskip, reader uses fem pronouns warning : reader being called “mom/mommy” and “babe” a/n : even tho I hate kids, I’ve been noticing that user @sunkeiji is on a haikyuu dad brainrot so honey, this is for you <3
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji :
- the love he holds for his daughter is enormous - he’d do anything for her to be happy. Everyone could see she was a daddy’s girl - she did love you, of course she did you were her mom after all, but her dad was on a whole other level of love - anyways! - Your daughter had caught a cold that you assumed she must’ve catch when she played in the snow a few days ago with her uncle Bokuto. But it could also be something else which is why Akaashi decided to not murder his best friend for getting his precious daughter sick - Keiji, upon knowing she won’t be able to go to school with her high fever, decided to work at home to watch over her - he would make her soup, roll her up in many, many, many blankets, read her stories between his breaks and give her her medicine that she only accepted to take on one condition. - he had to nap with her whenever she wanted. - and really, who was he to decline this offer? Napping? With his daughter? He’d do it anyday, at anytime. - which was why you found him on the couch, glasses sliding off his nose, your daughter on top of him, a tons of blankets on both of their bodies, and light snores coming out of both their mouths when you came back home. - it was freaking adorable you hear me - not gonna lie, you were a bit jealous of your daughter because, let’s be real, we all want to sleep on Keiji’s chest like that. Don’t lie. - you smiled and took a picture of the two of them before heading over to the couch and lied down next to your husband - “Keiji, scooch over, I wanna nap with you guys” you whispered, not wanting to wake up your daughter - “mhm there’s no more space though” - “daddy let mommy sleep with us or I’m kicking you off the couch >:(” - “listen to your daughter keiji” - “sigh, aight come here babe. Now we stop talking I’m tired”
Sakusa Kiyoomi :
- this man - tHIS MAN - HE SPOILS HIS DAUGHTER WAY TOO MUCH- HE’D BUY HER A PONY IF SHE’D ASK FOR ONE - but she doesn’t and won’t because you raised her to not be a spoiled brat and also bcuz Sakusa is scared of what you’ll do if he ever buys one…. - n e ways - another daddy’s girl woop woop - now, he hates shopping. Make it online shopping, or actually going to the mall shopping, buying groceries or buying clothes, he just hates it. - BUT! he loves his daughter and if his daughter likes shopping, he will take her shopping. - he literally gives her his credit card and tells her to “have fun and not tell mom about this because she’ll kill me” - carries all of her bags because he doesn’t want her to get tired - probably buys her a pretzel for no reason - “dad, thank you but why’d you got me a pretzel” - “you looked hungry. And be grateful im not letting you starve” - “I literally just ate two burritos plus an ice cream. Im far from starvation” - “tsk shut up and keep walking I saw you eyeing that shirt earlier go buy it.” - he ate the pretzel while she was getting the shirt - okay okay moving on - if anyone, and I say anyone, dares to look at her the wrong way, he will personally go to them and threaten them <3 - no one looks his daughter like that. Nope. Not in a billion years. - when him and your daughter came back home, with at least 15 bags, he wanted to run away and escape from you. - you made him sleep on the couch that night because sir, stop spending that much money on stuff our daughter already has we aren’t billionaires <3
Kenma Kozume :
- Kenma is one famous man. - which means he doesn’t have as much privacy as he wished he had - you had already been revealed to the world and you were now known as “Kodzuken’s pretty wife” - he at least wanted his little baby girl to stay hidden from the cameras for a while - but alas, toddlers unfortunately aren’t the most obedient and don’t necessarily understand the meaning of “dont go in daddy’s office” - you had to go run a quick errand, and Kenma was currently live streaming, but he never put his volume too loud so he could still hear whatever was happening in the house - and you knew that your daughter who although not really obedient was pretty calm so you weren’t that worried. Plus, the errands would only take five minutes maximum - you called out to your husband from the entrance of your shared house and told him that you’ll be out for no more than a few minutes and that you’ll be leaving your daughter with him - after that, you left and your daughter was now alone in the living room. She didn’t like it one bit. - so with her tiny legs, she made her way to her beloved dad’s office, the one place in the house she wasn’t allowed to go not that she understood what not allowed meant - she carefully opened the door and peaked her little head inside. Once she saw Kenma sitting on his chair and looking like he was doing nothing, she ran up to him and hid under his desk, wanting to scare him a bit. - of course, some people watching Kenma’s stream noticed something running in his background and obviously had to ask him if he had demons at home - “demons? Wtf are yall talking about…. ‘there was smth running in ur background’ oh. that’s probably my cat pudding.” - he goes back to playing his game when he feels something biting him on the leg - he screamed so loudly helppp- - he checked under his desk only to see his daughter smiling brightly at him with big hopeful eyes that he’ll finally pay attention to her. - he sighs, knowing that the chat would be going crazy over the fact that he had a kid, and took her up to place her on his lap. - “guys, this is my daughter. She’ll be joining us today on live so let’s switch the game.” - ‘u promised some gta tho‘ - “do I look like I give a fuck?” - “fack!” - “Kasumi, nO”
Oikawa Tooru :
- The guy isnt home all the time meaning he doesn’t see his little girl as much as he wants to. - its even harder the nights he comes back home to her already asleep or when he has to leave before she wakes up - the screen is really one of the only opportunities your daughter gets to see her daddy - but Tooru was determined to change that. He missed you and he definitely missed her - that’s why he decided to get vacations the same time as her! Like that, he’ll be able to have a few days with her without worrying about school or work! - my guy over here planned their whole vacations. He wanted to make sure that not a single day would go by where she wouldn’t have fun and a smile on her face - but at the end of their first day together, while the both of them we‘re eating ice cream at the park, she looks up at him and says “thank you so much daddy”, and he can feel tears starting to build up in his eyes - but he really starts to sob when she continues talking - “you don’t have to do all that just to spend time with me yknow? We can just stay at home if it’s easier, you don’t need to spend all your money just so I can be happy. I’m already really happy to have you as my dad! And you’re so cool on TV when you play volleyball! All my friends are jealous haha! Can you maybe teach me how to play? Please?” - everyone is now currently looking at the full grown man sobbing on the park’s bench :D - hugs her so tight she barely has room to breathe- - when both of them come back, your husband literally throws himself into your arms and thanks you for raising your daughter so well - he now has a day reserved to his daughter so that he at least truly sees her once a week. - Oikawa Tooru may be a busy man, sure, but he knows his priorities. And his daughter is definitely one of them.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
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katscki · 8 months ago
Kiss Me Slowly
bakugou x shy!fem!reader
wc: 2k
pt. 1/3, pt.2
cw: cursing, fluff, angst if you squint, all characters are aged up
You and bakugou have only been dating for two months and as soon as he told his parents he had a girlfriend they flipped. So in order to get aquatinted with them the happy couple gets invited to a weekend getaway in the mountains.
Katsuki bakugou is not an affectionate person in the least bit. That is until you came. A cute girl he suppressed his emotions for until it was eating him alive.
The first time everyone met you it was pure shock. The fact that katsuki had managed to get a little cutie like you before any of the guys had kaminari crying into kirishima’s shoulder. You giggled at this and looked over to your wonderful boyfriend who was already starring at you. He puts his hand on your head softly playing with your hair before he proceeds to yell at kaminari to “shut his trap”. You were absolutely perfect for him and him, you.
There was one thing however that bothered you. In the time that you had been dating, which granted, wasn’t a lot only two months or so, he still hasn’t told his parents about you. You couldn’t seem to pinpoint why. Was he embarrassed of you? Did he think you guys wouldn’t last long?
“C’mon y/n princess don’t get so upset about this,”katsuki says following you like a lost puppy through your apartment.
“I just don’t understand why suki, are you embarrassed of me or something,?” you retort.
Hearing the wobble in your voice he inches closer realizing this is much more sensitive than he had thought. It wasn’t like katsuki hadn’t met your parents either. The four of you have had a couple of outings together and they have even go so far as to tell you how fond of the blonde they are. So what was wrong with you?
“W-what?! No! My parents are just a lot that’s all. Especially the old hag,” he gruffs out the last part in fake distaste.
Once he finally got close enough to pull you into his arms, he did so without hesitance. Putting one of his fingers underneath your chin to get you to look up at him, he chuckles at the cute pout your wearing avoiding his ruby gaze.
“How’s ‘bout i call up the old hag and tell her the good news, huh?” He says still tilting your head up towards him.
This catches your attention and you finally tear your eyes away from the floor to meet his teasing stare.
“Really? You mean it suki?” biting your lip to attempt to hide the big goofy smile he oh so adored.
“Yup, so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it any longer. Suki’s got it covered,” he states in a quiet voice smirking down at you before kissing the top of your head and pulling you into a proper hug.
Keeping true to his word, katsuki comes barging into your apartment in a frenzy. Mumbling about how “he knew this would happen” and “shitty fucking hag”.
Getting up from your spot on the couch you go to to alleviate your boyfriends anger. It’s not your fault no. You had every right to want to meet his parents. But he knew how his mom would react and yet he made the call anyways. for you.
“Suki? What happened?” You giggle a bit at your boyfriends antics.
Looking at you for the first time since he walked in, his mood softened just a tad as he tells you the cause of his frustration.
Katsuki paced around his kitchen, phone in hand with his mothers contact pulled up. He had been avoiding this moment for as long as possible and probably too long at that. Deciding to “grow a pair” he clicks the call button. With each passing ring of the phone he grows more and more nervous.
“Katsuki? Why are you calling?” His moms voice sounds through the phone making it harder for him tto spit it out.
“Well jeez, hello to you too,” he says in mock confidence.
“Don’t take an attitude with me, brat!” pulling the phone away from his ear to get away from the screeching noise that was his mothers voice.
“Yea, whatever,” his voice much softer this time.
“So, what are you calling for? Are you in troub—” motherly instincts assuming the worst for the blonde he quickly cuts her off before she can finish the question.
“Would you just let me speak hag?! Tch. You’re making this harder than it needs to be,” taking a deep breath as his mother anxiously awaits his next words, “i… have a girlfriend.” He finally spits out in the smallest voice she’s ever heard.
Going silent for a moment, he thinks his mother hung up on him, that is until-
“God could you be more quite, gonna make my eardrums bleed hag!” he says growing more angry at his embarrassment
“And now she wants us to spend the weekend with them up in some cabin, how fucking stupid is that?! Not to mention the whole ‘pack for anything kat!’ like i don’t know how to fucking pack!” his voice booms through the room.
You just stare up at his larger frame letting him rant about the trip. Once he stops to take a breath you speak, tiptoeing around your words to make sure not to upset him any further, not that you could.
“I don’t know, it sounds kind of intimate,” you say in a weak voice.
Drawing his attention down to you as he ushers you to continue.
Proceeding with your thoughts, “I-i mean a nice relaxing weekend with me and your parents doesn’t sound so bad, does it” you say as you look up at him with innocent doe eyes.
Katsuki’s heart melts at the sight, his pretty little girlfriend swaying his opinion so easily without even trying. Reaching a hand up to cup your face and place a sweet kiss that ended all too soon to your lips.
“Not if you’re there, loser,” his lips pulling into an adorable smile that makes you weak in the knees.
Katsuki loads up his car with all your bags while you wait in the front seat whining at him saying “turn the car on suki, ‘m so cold,”
“Alright alright, calm down woman i’m coming,” he says trudging his way to the front, he starts it and you rush to put the heat on. Reaching for the charging chord to connect your music to the car, katsuki looks at you for a moment fondly before turning to reverse the car out of the parking space. His hand is is on the back of your headrest as his one skillful hand turns the wheel to leave. You decide to tease him just for the hell of it.
“Suki has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?”
Katsuki tries not to show the inevitable blush that creeps up his neck to his ears as he stumbles over his words.
“C-can’t you see i’m driving here, shitty woman?” You laugh at his mock annoyance and decide to take a nap to pass the time, but not before you feel katsuki lay his hand on your thigh making you flush. You two haven’t gone past light kisses and small touches therefore the action making you act like a little school-girl with a crush.
Dozing off for god knows how long you’re awoken to katsuki’s sweet voice lulling you awake to tell you you’re at his parents house.
“Hey princess we’re here” his voice barely above a whisper. You move around a bit to get oriented and notice his jacket on you like a blanket. Yawning you get out of the car and blindly follow katsuki to his front door with the bags.
Katsuki lifts his hand to hesitantly ring the doorbell as your almost hiding behind him.
“Suki is my hair messed up? Wanna look good,” you ask him with sleep in your voice and pleading eyes.
“No princess you look perfect, don’t worry,” and he leans down to press a kiss against your cheek. He was unusually nice when you had just woken up then he would go back to normal when you were more awake. Another reason you were so fond of the fiery man.
“WHO KNEW YOU COULD BE SUCH A GENTLEMAN! MASARU COME LOOK!” a booming voice frightens you and you jump behind your boyfriend even more.
Putting together that it was just his mother, your grip on his arm loosened a bit and you move to the side a bit to make yourself more visible to the blonde woman. Katsuki puts a comforting hand on the small of your back and introduces you.
“Hag, this is my girlfriend, y/n,” he says looking down at you then back up to his mother with a smug look on his face.
“I’m so sorry for raising my voice! I’m just so happy this brat found someone!” she says as she pulls katsuki away from you to roughly ruffle his hair. Swatting her away as she continues to speak she looks from him back to you. “You are just so darling!”
“T-thank you, Mrs. Bakugou,” you say in the biggest voice you can muster.
“Oh you don’t have to call me that dear, makes me feel old,” she smiles sweetly, “Just call me Mitsuki. Jeez you must be freezing out here, katsuki have some manners and invite the girl in!”
“I was gonna hag!” He gently grabs your hand intertwining your fingers and leads you through the entry way. Mitsuki lead the way with katsuki and you following close behind, your small hand still engulfed in his. Finally taking a moment to look around the beautiful house excitement fills you. He really grew up here?
“Suki look at this painting isn’t it beautiful, have you seen it?!” you say in a childish tone as he stops his forward movement to entertain you for a bit.
“I’ve walked past that painting a million times loser, i’ve always hated it. it’s ugly.” he says flatly. You pout up at him, not liking his teasing tone.
Masaru eventually joins his wife’s side watching the scene unfold between the two of you. It’s like you completely forget where you are in the moment, only focusing on the tall man in front of you.
His father breaks the silence, noticeably different that the two ash blondes, much calmer, “You must be y/n, it’s so nice to meet you,” his smile is soft and sweet. His statement pulls you and katsuki from your trance and you look to the older man. He outstretches his hand for you to shake, you look up to your boyfriend for some kind of last minute comfort, but instead it’s him gently nudging you forward. Hesitantly, you shake his hand.
“Quiet aren’t you, not the type i’d expect to be with this gremlin,”
You giggle a bit a mitsuki’s words. It was true, in comparison to katsuki, you were quite different. You being less outgoing than he was and he helped you in that department. perfect fit.
“So why couldn’t we just go separately tomorrow, coulda saved myself one less night with you,” he scowls at his mother.
“Oh hush!” she wacks him over the head and you’re wide-eyed. He truly was a replica of his mother. You were pulled out of your thoughts when she continued, “And besides, i already told you, it gives us more time with you two and it saves gas, you’re welcome by the way,” she sneers in response.
“You two can go put your bags up in katsuki’s room and get her acquainted with the place, dinner won’t be ready for a little bit.” She states walking out of the room but not before lending you a small smile, masaru following suit.
Katsuki backtracks a bit to the stairs taking your bags with you and begins to climb them all the way up to his childhood room. Opening the door to his teenage mind, you wander a bit touching everything in sight as he just eyes you in wonder. Katsuki comes up behind you and turns you around slowly to face him.
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white-flags-by-dawn · a year ago
mmm thinking thoughts of reader and sap having been friends for like 2-3 years and she goes down to texas to visit him and one day he’s on a call with george and dream and his cam is on and she walks in only wearing his hoodie and sits on his lap and starts trying to grind on his lap and he mutes and degrades the hell out of you for being so needy but PLOT TWIST he didn’t mute and it turns into the whole dream team just degrading you until you’re like fucked dumb bc the whole time saps making you answer them while fucking you dumb on his lap
(i’m sorry this is so long THIS HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR SO LONG)
- 🌿 anon (hope you’re doing extremely well and having a great day/night ur amazing and you deserve the words <33)
Tumblr media
please take this barely-functional gif that may or may not work and also this fic i love your ideas so much.
cw: sexual content, exhibitionism, degradation, daddy/sir/master kink
fem reader
word count: 1.3k (i kinda popped off with this one)
you adored nick and his friends with all your heart, but dear god if he didn't get off the call right this instant and fuck you over the nearest flat surface you were going to lose your shit.
could anyone really blame you for being needy? it had been a whole day since he fucked you, and a very long time since your last visit. nick's stream had ended hours ago, but he was still on a call with george and clay.
you sauntered into nick's streaming room. nick glanced over at you and waved, then looked right back at his screen.
you huffed and gestured for him to take off his headset. he told the guys he'd be back in a sec, and clicked 'mute'
"what's up hun?" he asked.
"babe, when are you going to log off? i miss you." you purred, strutting over to your boyfriend and plopping yourself down on his lap.
he audibly gulped, now noticing that you were just wearing an old hoodie of his and some stockings. "i'll get off in a little while, now why don't you get off me and go get yourself off."
you raised your eyebrows. he really did think he was so funny. you pouted. "but i miss youuuuuu."
"just another half an hour, sugar." he told you, trying his best to act like he wasn't painfully hard.
you started to grind on his thigh, inadvertently rubbing against his cock and making him harder.
"fine, fine," he said, "fucking slut, you always get what you want, don't you?" he put his headset back on and turned his attention to his monitor, then froze when he saw the screen.
he didn't go on mute.
he turned his camera on.
and george and clay had a front-row view to his sexy girlfriend getting herself off on his thighs.
and by the sound of it, they were enjoying themselves.
clay's signature wheeze indicated that he found the whole situation fucking hilarious, and george's soft moans indicated that he found the whole situation fucking hot.
"you're such an idiot nick!" clay wheezed out, "god y/n's hot like that, you're fuckin lucky."
nick blushed bright red. "uh, y/n, we uh..."
clay laughed harder.
"we have an audience." he stuttered out, praying that you wouldn't be too mad.
you stilled and flushed pink. "huh?"
"i forgot to go on mute..." he whispered, and you hid your face in his neck out of embarrassment.
the words went straight to your pussy, and you felt a wave of arousal wash over you. "it- uh, it's okay if you don't mind." you muttered, starting to grind on him again.
he let out a loud groan at that, glancing again at the monitor.
"fuck yeah," clay said, his chair creaking slightly.
"put on a show for us, alright?" george asked.
"uh, yeah, okay." nick said, still in complete disbelief that this was happening.
"we weren't talking to you nick." clay told him, "yeah, give the headset to y/n" george said.
nick reached over and unplugged the headset altogether. some possessive part of him didn't want them to be able to talk just to you during this.
he cleared the desk with one swipe of his arm, sending pencils and stuff flying across the room. he bent you over the desk, giving you a little smack on the ass as he did so.
"fuck yeah, spank the little slut," clay said, and the filthy words made you moan, wiggling your hips to entice nick into smacking you a bit more.
"aw, don't be like that." george said, "she's been so good for us."
nick rubbed your clit with two fingers while scowling at the camera. "don't tell me how to fuck my girlfriend, assholes."
he got down on his knees and began licking your pussy, still rubbing your clit. you moaned at the onslaught of pleasure, grinding back onto his face.
"what a good girl you are," george cooed, "you feel good?"
you moaned, "yeah, i do."
clay scoffed, "fucking slut, so ready to get railed in front of two men. you like being put on display like this?"
you moaned again, feeling so close to cumming from the mixture of praise, pleasure, and degradation.
"you gonna be good and cum for us, honey?" george asked you, and you frantically nodded, pushing your hips back onto nick's face.
clay hummed. "i don't think you've been good at all." you stilled and looked up at the monitor, "i don't think you deserve to cum, nick, tease her a little more."
nick wanted nothing more than to hit the smug green bastard in the face for trying to tell him how to fuck you, but privately he agreed. brats should be punished for being needy and slutty.
so he reluctantly pulled away. you whined and searched for that familiar friction.
"aw, that's no fair, i wanted to see her cum." george said.
"she'll cum later, it'll be more fun to tease her now." clay answered. you couldn't help but feel like a simple toy for their pleasure, and god it felt amazing.
nick reached down and started fingering you, hitting all your spots to make you keen.
"see how slutty she looks when she's being edged?" clay asked, and george hummed in agreement.
"i think she's pretty cute, aren't you, doll?" george asked you, and you had no idea what to say except a soft "thank you, sir."
george let out another breathy laugh/moan at that. nick felt his blood boil, how fucking dare george just saunter his way into your heart with a few compliments?
"sir, huh?" clay said, "little whore, i bet you say that to every guy you open your legs for, right? this must happen all the time, right nick?"
steam was practically coming out of nick's ears at this point. he put all his energy into teasing you, making sure to keep you right on the edge.
"it's fine, anyways, i could fuck you better than anyone you've ever opened those slutty little legs for." clay said, admiring how dumb and blushy you were getting from just a little name-calling. "you need a real man to come fill you up. you'd like that right? you'd be good for daddy."
you came at his words, hard. even though nick was keeping you on the edge, clay's words pushed you right over that thin line nick was trying to make you balance.
you gushed all over nick's fingers with cries of "yes daddy!" and "thank you daddy!"
nick mentally filed that information away, then spanked one sensitive asscheek. "don't cum without permission, slut."
you were less focused on him, and more focused on george cooing over how cute you looked when you came and clay mocking you for coming over something so small. nick spanked you again, getting your attention.
"don't ignore me, brat. now, how many do you think you deserve for coming without permission?" he asked you.
your gaze flitted to the monitor. nick grabbed your face and turned it toward him. "don't look at them, look at me."
you tried your hardest to think of a number, but thinking was kind of difficult when clay and george were praising you and degrading you like a devil and angel on your shoulders.
nick shrugged. "alright, twenty it is." he ignored george protesting that it was too much, and clay telling him to make it thirty, and started spanking your sensitive thighs and ass.
when he finally finished, you were sore, sensitive, and completely brain-dead. you were still with it enough to let out a guttural moan when he pushed his thick cock into you. he started a hard, ruthless pace, grabbing your head by your hair and forcing you to look at the camera. "c'mon, be good and show them what a perfect little slut you are for me."
after you came twice, he pulled out and finished on your back. "now what do you say?"
you looked right at him and stuttered out a mumbly "thank you master."
nick looked at the camera and said "she might call you sir or daddy, but only i get to fuck her whenever i want," then ended the call.
clay and george sat in the vc for a few minutes, processing what exactly just happened.
"so," clay began, "that was definitely better than belle delphine's sex tape, right?"
"oh yeah definitely"
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yanderenightmare · a year ago
shiggy nsfw headcannons? what type of darling would he want to dickdown? tysm ilu<3
yandere ! SHIGARAKI TOMURA thirst
was literally gonna post anything else but saw this ask and went YES pleez
goodiebag warnings: nsfw, dubcon/noncon, bondage, brat-taming, abuse, anal, oral, creampie
I feel like Shiggy would enjoy two types of darlings. Either the really cute adorable sweet ones or the really bratty bitchy catty ones.
The cute ones he just wants to spoil.
Enjoy every single little moment of her pretty doe-eyes crossing because of him.
Forces her to take a seat on his lips. Plush squirming thighs hugging his face as he makes her lull her hips over his tongue until she squirts with a pretty little adorable squeal into his mouth. The taste and how she seems to quake on top of him so sweet he takes her for a second ride, sucking on her clit even as she cries for a break. Pretty tears streaming down bloated little baby-cheeks he'll bite on later.
Wants her kissing his balls instead of throat-fucking her. Kitten-lick after kitten-lick and small chaste pecks alongside his girth. Sucking the pre-cum from his slit when bobbing her head like a good girl sucking on his tip. He'll pet her head with one slow stroke after the other as he creams her mouth instead of painting her face, making cum leak from the corner of her lips as she swallows with pretty eyes rolling back into her skull.
Sucks on her cute little tits and buries his face in her bosom, using the soft flesh like a warm pillow for his wearily annoyed head after a long day. He'll squeeze them like dough, play with them and make them all perky and sensitive for him.
He'll make her whine beneath his hands, purr and mew for him once he starts fucking her on his fingers. Digits sinking in and spreading, curling against those tender gummy walls.
He has her call out for him, moaning his name like such a needy clingy little pet, eager for him to sheath himself inside her tightness.
He sees her pitiful little squishy adorable face and nearly feels bad for stretching her out so painfully on his fat cock, for sinking so deep into her oh so tight cunny.
But, at least he takes her slowly.
Careful thrusts up into her taunt heat.
Hands squeezing her waist reassuringly instead of wrapping around her throat when bouncing her real softly on his lap. Makes her blubber out those shaky hiccupy moans that has her knit her brows when she looks at him with those terribly hopeless eyes, all cute and bashful when cumming on his cock with a whine.
But then his pace turns all shapes of desperate. He'll lift her up and place her down, pin the wrists of those hands that immediately try to crawl away from him, knowing how painful it is to have his length pistoning sharply into her core, jackhammering into her spread legs. His head bowed and nuzzling into her neck, cursing pathetically beneath his breath as his hips start to stutter into her before he empties his balls inside her tight clenching cunt milking his cock for his cum.
Coos and hushes at her when he's made an adorably trapped rope-bunny of her pretty body. Cute booty raised up for him, ready to be stuffed full by him, to be taken deep in the butt with her back in a pretty slope. A perfect position for him to rock his hips into the plush underside of her thighs. Skin lightly clapping against skin. Whimpers so precious escaping her lips where she's submerged halfway in the pillow he's propped beneath her sweetly spooked anxious teary face. Begging him with words so simple, so chaste, never with spite, just adorable little pleas for mercy.
He'll pinch the fat of her ass just a bit because he can't help himself, but never enough to make her sob. He'll be good, soft and sweet with her. But, he can't refrain from all violent urges, though tries his best to make them gentle. Nibbling on the thin skin of her neck, giving her those beautiful marks that have her whimpering so softly for him. Her small hands weak when pinned down by his much stronger ones, even as he makes sure to have a pinky raised.
He pulls her frail little exhausted body close and snug during the night, using her soft ample figure to warm himself. Ass nudged and messaged against his crotch like a mold. Soft mumbling moans slipping past her lips in her sleep when he humps softly into her from behind, making her wet and ready for him. The tight sting of his cock forcing her drooling gummy walls open enough to have her wake up to him rolling his hips into her. His arms locked tightly around her waist, holding her still for him to make a creamed mess of her before falling back asleep.
He lets her nap when cock-warming him, if she can manage with the loud clicks of the controller in his hands. He allows her to nuzzle up in his neck, making all frustratingly endearing little whimpers and moans for him as she squeezes around the fat girth taking up so much space inside her tight tiny pussy. Filling her up all snug, lodged right up against that very special spot that has the little thing's thighs quivering on top of his. Cock-head giving a slightly painful kiss to her sensitive squishy cervix, teasing to spill rope after milky rope right into her womb, breed her full into a dumb little twitching mess on his lap.
Fucks her hard with no gloves on.
Puts that little bitch in her place and makes her like it.
Stretches her mouth open with two finger in each their pocket of her cheeks, making her open up wide for him to slink his long cock inside, all the way down her tight little protesting throat. No care for her whining. Bucking into her deeper when she bites down on his fingers. Thinking it funny how she thinks she can push him away when he has her back against the wall. No where to run and no where to go, nothing to do put take his cock and make him happy.
Weak hands holding tight onto his thighs, curled into the fabric of the sweats he hasn't bothered tugging all the way off, only right under his base for his dick to spring free and slap against her plump lips.
He'll tap light slaps on that little face on repeat until she has him swallowed down to the hilt without fussing and gagging. Tight throat constricting as she chokes on his thick length stuffing her mouth full. Has his head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, laps apart when groaning.
Slaps her hard if she dares bite. Yanks her off and spits into her mouth before guiding her back on his spitefully erect member. Cards his dangerous fingers into her hair, raking against her scalp to hold that skull still for him to facefuck the little slut into a drooling sloppy mess.
Pinches her nose if she refuses to swallow or makes her open wide for a cum-shot. Shooting rope after thick salty rope into her mouth. Allowing her only a few seconds to cough for breath before forcing her to clean the spill from his still weeping cock-head up with her tongue. Demanding she look up at him while licking him up, loving that vengeful hateful look burning in her eyes. Knowing it'll feel so good once that spirit is broken and all that remains is a good cock-craving house-broken pet eager to serve his ever beck and call.
Pushes that cum-covered face into the wall. Cheek mushed against the cool cement, rough on her skin as she supports herself with both hands flat against the concrete. Scalp screaming in his grip as he tugs her head back to look at him, wanting to see every painful and pleasurable twitch of her facial expression when he pushes his slick spit-dripping cock inside her with little regard to letting her adjust. Well aware of the sting when she winces and seethes at him, face softening into a pained pleading look before harshening again, growling at him.
It only makes him fuck harder with a laugh. Pulling out and slamming back in, enough to have her yelp out a groan as she's mushed into the bricks.
He'll grab her arm, bend it behind her back, push her chest against the harsh wall as well, fuck into her roughly. Quick paced in lack of rhythm, no motion to his moves, making him poke into new delicate little places within her on every thrust, each one making her cry out with a wince.
His pants will fall off by the rough movements. Skin clapping against skin. His harsh boney hipbones smacking against her ass as she struggles to stay on her feet. Knees wobbly under her on the account of his cruel force as he ruts like a hound chasing a rabbit into her tightness.
Bruising in his grip on her, before his hand snakes around her waist instead of nearly popping her shoulder out of it socket, pulling her close. So close that the scoop of his hips into her only serve in nudging his cock-head in a grazing fashion against the sensitivity inside her, making her mewl out. Her skin ablaze against the cool wall he has her pressed into.
Other hand letting go of her hair, wrapping tight slender fingers around her throat. One digit raised yet hovering dangerously close in threat. Guiding her back, flat against his chest. His lips brushing her ear as he spits all types of deranged filth from between grit teeth. All while smiling like a jackal. Laughing like one two. Spiteful snickering as he makes her cum on his cock. Keeping himself sheathed deep inside to feel the pleasant clench and flutter of her cunt on his entire length.
But, far from finished with her though.
Sending her staggering towards the bed next with a brute shove and a slap to the ass.
He'll make a sweet one of her yet. Soon she'll bounce on his cock on her own account, beg him for a proper dick-down, just a little decorative toy on his bed, all silken and soft and dumb for him.
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njisano · 10 months ago
I’ve been binge reading the whole series just now, it’s so cute! But i really wanna see an interaction between baby scarlet witch fushiguro and mahito, geto, jogo and all! Like she disappears and ends up at their beach or something like that~
scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader and platonic! geto, jogo and mahito
jujutsu kaisen x reader
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): major anime/manga spoilers
thank you so much for requesting, hope you enjoy reading this! <3
Tumblr media
being the devious little creature you are, you just had to disappear and run off again from gojo's sight. you could sworn you had seen the ghost with his hair tied in a man-bun with two cursed spirits, and that was really weird because he looked different. the ghost had longer hair and wore a black yukata instead of the uniform you were familiar with. the ghost basically looked some sort of monk.
you followed him, entering the building he went and to your surprise when to stepped inside the doors, the whole place was a beach with a sunny and humid weather. you couldn't help but gawk at the place. is this where the ghost you'd see come when he wasn't home?
"geto, is that your child?" you turned around, directing your gaze towards the blue-haired man that was sitting on a beach chair.
you blinked, eyeing the ghost—no, geto, you learned. he looked at you in surprise. how did you get here? how did he not sense you?
"no, this little girl is not my child." geto told his acquaintance before trotting towards you.
a smile graced your lips. you enthusiastically wrapped your arms around his legs, to your surprise you were able to hold him, unlike the last time when your hand phased through his ghostly body.
"geto!" you squealed, uttering his name out.
"what the hell?" jogo looked at you in disgust. "wait a minute. i recognize that brat you have with you."
geto glances at jogo before looking down at you, smiling. "she's gojo's little girl."
he watches you make grabby hands towards him, wanting an up-up from him. geto picks you up, raising you in the air to get a good look at you.
"this is perfect, we can hold her hostage." mahito, the blue haired man, suggests sadistically while smiling at you. "or maybe even play with her."
geto watched as you grabbed his face, giving it a squish. he never felt a single ounce of cursed energy from you and yet you were able to see the curses with him.
was this a trap?
did gojo sent you to spy on them?
"i can touch you!" you gasped in amazement. you wrapped your tiny arms around his neck. you had always wanted to hug the ghost. but if only you knew this man wasn't the ghost you were familiar with.
"why is this tiny human familiar with you?" do you think she knows?" hanami, the cursed spirit, took a step closer to get a good look at you. "it can also.. see me. how strange."
"i think she knows who i am. don't you, little one?" geto decided to ruffle your hair with his free hand.
geto carried you in his arms, debating what to do with you. perhaps he could trick you by getting intel from you, or perhaps they could transfigure your soul and use you for an experiment later on. it would be the perfect card to use against gojo if they failed to seal him off.
"i missed you." you claimed adorably, smiling. "i didn't know this was your home. it is so pretty here! i love beaches! do you like beaches?"
mahito couldn't help but childishly giggle at how you said 'beaches'. it sounded like bitches. "i kinda like this kid. what do you say? what should we do with her?"
geto shakes his head mahito before smiling at you. "yes, i like the beach."
"i'm gonna test something out."
as he proceeds to put you down on your feet, you ran up to the tall cursed spirit standing beside you and hugged his legs. hanami looked at you stunned, wondering how were not scared or creeped out the slightest. standing before you was a special grade curse that your brother and his classmates failed to kill.
mahito stands up from the beach chair to approach you. you turned your head towards him, blinking profusely as he reached a hand out.
mahito paled. he immediately released his hold on you. "that's impossible."
his lips curved with malice as his hand grasped the top of your head. everyone waited for something, anything, to happen to you as mahito touched you. but, to their surprise, you just stood there, still hugging hanami's legs, completely fine.
"nothing happened?" jogo eyed you curiously. "how is that possible?"
mahito proceeded to pick you up and take you from hanami. he did not feel your soul. were you even alive? "what was that? is this your technique?"
you tilted your head like confused puppy. "what do you mean?"
"how do you not have a soul? i don't sense any cursed energy from you. this.. this is impossible!"
when mahito's voice raised from frustration, you immediately thrashed from his hold.
they all felt it, and it made their cursed energy nothing compared to yours.
with your heightened emotion, your [color] eyes turned red and the next they knew, you had sent mahito flying across the ocean out of self-defense.
then you proceeded to run towards geto, whining as you held his pant leg. when you made contact with him with your chaos magic that's when he sensed an immense amount of "cursed energy" from you. geto looked down at you, completely shocked as to how a young girl like you had one. none of them sensed it when you first followed him.
"did you just see that? how did she do that?!" mahito yelled, resurfacing the ocean.
"don't raise your voice, mahito. you're scaring her." geto picked you up, cradling you in his arms.
startled by mahito's yelling, you proceeded to make grabby hands at geto. something about your pouty and nearly teary-eyed face made his heart all go soft. he wondered if it was the deceased body's doing or if it was your cursed technique. after all, it was affecting his personality.
"don't tell me you're getting soft on that kid." jogo hardened his gaze at geto. "we have gojo's daughter. we can do anything to her."
"i'd.. rather keep her alive for now." geto looked at you, he half-lied. "besides, gojo will immediately notice something wrong."
"i want to see this girl's strange power flourish first."
you didn't understand what geto was saying, but you paid no mind to it. you tightly wrapped your arms around his neck, whining. "i wanna go back to daddy."
"don't worry, little one. i will take you back. excuse us." geto held you close to him and went through the door where you followed him. leaving the sunny, beachside. he returned you to the park where you supposedly were.
something about you was bewitching him. he could have held you hostage and used you against gojo. you literally made your way to them. they had the chance.
he proceeded to place you down as soon as you spotted your father yelling your name. you hugged geto's legs, one last time before thanking him. "thank you! your blue friend was scaring me."
"no worries, little one. now go to your father. this will be our little secret, yes?" geto knelt down to your height to ruffle your hair as you intertwined you pinky finger with his.
"yes! our little secret! i will see you again at our house, yeah?" geto looked at you confused.
you had seen him before?
that'd be impossible. this body of his was already deceased unless..
geto shrugged it off, going along with it. "yes, of course we will. goodbye, little one."
you nodded with a smile before running off to where gojo was after making him worry for hours.
Tumblr media
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chihirolovebot · 11 months ago
Let's see.. could I request Miu, kaede, and Kokichi with a soft dom reader? And if you could, with female reader please! But if you can't do that, gn is fine:)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✫ featuring — kaede akamatsu, miu iruma, kokichi ouma.
✫ content — softdom!reader, readers gender just didn’t come up so gender neutral, sls!kaede, sub!miu, sub!kokichi, light brat taming, light bimbofication, mentions of painplay, light degradation, pet names (angel, pretty girl, sweetheart etc). let me know if i missed any <3
Tumblr media
✫ — kaede.
soft dom on soft dom crime.
literally the spiderman meme of them both pointing at each other. that's you two. i broke you down to your bare essentials.
in all seriousness - what matters most to kaede is compromise and ensuring that each of you is happy and comfortable. so if you're comfier falling into a more dominating role, she'll be more than happy to acquiesce.
probably an ideal partner for a soft dom tbh. she's so good for you :(( very rarely bratty. and if she is, it's easy to fuck out of her.
dare i say... bimbofication kink.
she just !! kinda like being tenderly reduced to absolute putty !! can't even think or remember to breathe or blink without you gently reminding her !! she has so much trust in you of course.
not super into pain play - she probably doesn't have a very high tolerance for it, but she likes to be marked up a little.
will absolutely get adorably embarrassed if you can see them the next day, though.
doesn't necessarily beg unless you tell her to, but will always thank you, so it evens out.
makes the prettiest noises; she graduates from soft, pitchy gasps in the beginning to broken cries and half-sobs when she's worn out and sore and sweating.
honestly kinda likes being told what to do instead of taking on a leadership role for once.
if you compliment her hands or her fingers she'll turn to absolute mush. kiss them <3 hold them <3 suck on them <3 she's yours.
favourite name to be called is "my pretty girl" asjsjdndn.
Tumblr media
✫ — miu.
you literally render her speechless.
whenever she says smth vulgar you just tilt your head and ask in a soft voice, "you wanna say that again, sweetheart?" and. yeah you literally broke her. her knees actually gave out.
now. now. you might think that because of the stuff miu says that she's a hard dom. but you'd be mistaken. i mean, do you see how she reacts when people degrade her?? who reacts by blushing and sweating when kokichi calls them a cum dumpster?
yeah she is a degradee.
she likes when you're mean, but oh my god she loves it when you mix praise with it. "my dumb little angel", "my filthy girl", "you're just my pretty little bimbo, huh?" ahhhhhsjsjs.
intentionally acts teasing and bratty just to rile you up. she will test the soft in your soft dom. bends down so you can see up her skirt, leans over so her chest is in your face, flirts with everybody right in front of you...
you have your work cut out for you, for sure. but in the end, you're the only one who can reduce her to such a red-face sobbing mess <3
will beg you to go rougher on her. "more! gimme more, i can take it!" muffling a cry into your shoulder. "y-you're tryna punish me, right? s-so fuckin' do it already..."
your baby is so loud. she has absolutely no control over her voice. at first, you thought she was exaggerating to rile you up but god she's just so sensitive that every touch has her reeling. you're just gonna have to shove your fingers in her mouth to quiet her down, what a shame :((
can take a fair bit of pain. goes absolutely feral if you leave hickeys on her neck and bruises on her thighs. she adores looking absolutely wrecked afterwards - makeup running down her face, sweating, red-face, tear tracks cracking on her cheeks, bruises blooming under the skin of her throat.
for like... fifteen seconds after, she gets uncharacteristically shy. this is the one and only time she will thank you, before snapping out of her daze and returning to the miu we all hate love.
Tumblr media
✫ — kokichi.
you uh. you sure about the soft part there?
this man is infuriating. and he knows it, too.
testing your patience is a full-time job and baby, he's committed.
real talk. i know what you're probably thinking - that kokichi is also a hard dom. in my humble opinion, no, wrong, incorrect. kokichi is a brat.
and maybe the worst case you've ever seen, too. this boy fights you on absolutely everything. he challenges everything you say. he argues semantics with you. nothing is off-limits.
you must have the patience of a saint. it might actually genuinely infuriate him at times, the fact that he can't get you to crack. sometimes he just wants you to snap and go fucking feral on him.
but most of the time... he likes you as you.
it's nice. he's really unsure about it at first, actually, but this feeling of being taken care of is something he begins to get used to. a lot of the time during the act, you'll catch him with this soft, dazed look on his face, like he's in the middle of a dream.
rarely though. and then he annoys you so bad you forget it in like a minute rip.
king of "oh? make me," and similar taunts. "whatcha gonna do about it?" "get over here and make me why don't you?" boy if you don't—
it's genuinely fascinating watching his composure break down in front of you. it starts out so small, a stray gasp or his fingers tightening in the sheets, but if you keep at it slowly and patiently pretty soon he's whimpering and hissing through his teeth, telling you through clenched teeth to get on with it already.
tries to order you around, but we're moving at your pace. he'll call you plenty of names to try and light a fire under you. one day you'll have to give in <3
the ultimate goal of any session is to get him pleading. it can be done, if you're patient. it's for sure a sight - hands twisting the sheets until his knuckles are white, cheeks filmed with red, tears beading at his lashline and hair stuck to his forehead. "please," he'll gasp all pretty. "fuck- you- nngh, please, get on with it already!"
you gotta oblige <3
10/10 would brat tame again.
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cafedanslanuit · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ wrapped 'round my finger like a ring ̖́-
Tumblr media
day twenty-eight pegging ft. miya atsumu [haikyuu!!]
Tumblr media
☄  tags/warnings: +18, afab reader + she/her pronouns, time-skip!atsumu, femdom, pegging, brat-taming, handjobs, praising, some cursing, soft aftercare <3, established relationship
☄  words: 0.9k
☄  masterlist
Tumblr media
Atsumu feels his whole body burning. He’s nothing but a mess of sweat and broken moans, on all fours on his bed and his cheek plastered on his pillow. For someone that laughed at your initial proposal of trying this out, he is enjoying it a little too much, he thinks. It debilitates his ego that you haven’t even moved yet, and he’s already begging.
“C’mon, babe,” he whines, closing his fist on the sheets underneath him. “Just…”
“Just what, hm?”
Your hand softly caresses your boyfriend’s hip, and he feels a tingle running down his spine. His leg muscles are jumping, and you can see them from your kneeling position behind him. The pink strap firmly attached to your waist and legs is deeply buried inside Atsumu, but you haven’t moved an inch since bottoming out.
There’s something alluring about watching a strong man losing all his cool and surrendering completely. Especially if said man is Atsumu, always flirty and dominant, now reduced to whimpers and futile attempts of bucking his hips against the toy.
“You know what,” he sighs, moving his hips backwards. You squeeze his ass and you click your tongue.
“Baby, you know the rules. Can’t move until I tell you to, remember?” you coo. Atsumi buries his face further in the pillow, whining in frustration.
“Just fuck me already! What are you—”
His words are cut short when you yank his head backwards, fingers closed in his blonde hair.
“Did you forget who’s in charge?” you ask. The harsh grasp on his locks combined with your sweet voice makes his head spin. When he fails to answer, you tug on his hair again.
“Y—you,” he stutters. “Fuck just— please, fuck me. I’m— it’s too much. I need— I need you, baby. Please?”
His brown eyes glisten when he finally looks at you. The pink of his cheeks makes him look even more adorable, and there’s no chance you can deny his request when he’s looking at you all pretty like that.
Your hips snap against his, and Atsumu lets out the lewdest moan you have ever heard from him. Your fingers let go of his hair and he unceremoniously falls down on the pillow once more. Starting with a slow pace, you take your time fucking him, dragging the dildo all the way out just to push it in again.
“That’s it, pretty boy,” you sigh, loving every moan and whimper that falls from his lips. “You’re doing so good.”
“Faster— faster, I need—”
A hard thrust silences Atsumu again, a moan getting caught in his throat. From that moment, your rhythm changes completely. You fuck him mercilessly, basking in your boyfriend’s cries of pleasure. He can’t form any word coherently, only babbles that sound very similar to your name and a couple of curses.
“What did I fucking tell you, huh?” you remind him.
Bending down, you take his cock in your hand and stroke him. He’s been leaking for quite a while now, you notice, and your hand slides easily as you pump him. You pair the thrusts of your hips with your hand and Atsumu gets even louder. His hips try and fail to meet your movements, and when you take a peek at his face, he’s rolling his eyes, lost in pleasure.
It doesn’t take Atsumu long to come undone, spurting himself on the bedsheet and your hand. He buries his face in the pillow again to try and muffle his loud whimpers, but you feel his legs spasming with the force of his orgasm. Slowly, you pull out and watch his knees give out, letting himself fall on the bed as well.
Silently chuckling, you lay by his side, watching his back rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments, Atsumu finally turns his head, his pretty brown eyes looking back at you.
“You’re so mean to me,” he whines, and you smile before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.
“Are you okay?” you ask softly, and he nods, humming affirmatively. You push away some loose strands of hair away from his face. “Wanna take a bath together? It’ll help.”
Atsumu shakes your head and before you can offer something else, he puts his arm around your waist and pulls you close. You giggle as he lays on his side so you’re face to face.
“You’re so cute,” you smile, putting one hand on his cheek and leaning to press another kiss on him again. “But you gotta let your muscles relax, babe. I don’t want them hurting tomorrow.”
“I know, I know,” he sighs, as he caresses the small of your back with his thumb. “We’ll take a bath later. I just wanna cuddle for a bit with my girl, is that so bad?”
“I guess not.” Your thumb strokes his cheek lovingly and you can’t help the silly grin that forms on your face. “I love you. You know that, right?”
“Hmmm, do I?”
Both of you burst in a fit of giggles, while Atsumu keeps teasing you and you fill his face with kisses. Even though not even five minutes pass before you get up and start preparing a bath, time seems endless whenever you look into each other’s eyes.
A part of you hopes it never ends— that his eyes are the ones you get to love for the rest of your life.
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
TEASER: Kim Seokjin and the Mean Omega
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nerd Alpha Kim Seokjin x Popular Omega Reader
Genre: A/B/O • Enemies to Lovers • (Sorta) College AU • Best Friend's Brother AU (Who is surprised? No one?)
Teaser Word Count: 3.6K
Teaser Warnings: A/B/O sexual dynamics • suggestive content
Rating: Explicit (18+) (Teaser is PG-13)
Summary: In the modern world, alphas are almost unheard of so why even bother learning about them? After all, as a spoiled (but reasonably kind-hearted) omega who is used to getting whatever she wants, you have better things to do. However, when unexpected circumstances throw you in the path of (extremely) nerdy and (probably?) shy Kim Seokjin, you're shocked to discover that he won't be wrapped around your little finger as easily as all the rest. Bringing that infuriating geek to his knees quickly becomes your personal mission in life... But it turns out that Kim Seokjin is not what he appears to be and the mean omega who eats beta boys for breakfast is about to get way more than she bargained for...
Author’s Note: This story would not be here without the love, support and friendship of my incredible support system. You talk with me, you laugh with me, you listen when I’m crying, and you read my chaotic drafts when I am ready to pull my hair out of my head in frustration. I love you all. @ppersonna @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen @lemonjoonah. ALSO thank you to each and every one of you who encouraged me to post this story. This fic is dedicated to all of you as a token of my love and appreciation. Your support keeps me writing. Never doubt that for a second.
Tumblr media
“...due to discriminatory anti-alpha policies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, alphas were nearly eliminated from the general population…”
You heaved a weary sigh and rolled your shoulders—stretching the buttons of your high-end Oxford shirt to their limit. The beta sophomore to your right whined audibly and you smirked.
“...despite efforts to restore the genetic balance of designations, alphas currently comprise less than one percent of the population…”
Your back arched slightly as you crossed your legs, letting the absurdly short hem of your skirt ride up even higher. The poor boy you were tormenting shifted miserably in his seat.
How was he supposed to focus on a Human Biology and Designation Studies lecture when the living breathing embodiment of every sweaty undergrad’s fantasies was twisting her fingers in her hair and wrapping her pretty pink tongue around a strawberry lollipop right there in the middle of class?
“...unlike betas and omegas, alphas possess enhanced strength and the ability to compel other designations with their voice. Unmated alphas especially were often baselessly feared and distrusted...”
You knew exactly how you affected boys like him. You were a shameless tease who relished their attention and the power it brought you. Who needed drugs when driving a man mad with desire was a rush more potent than any high?
“...and that’s all for today so please read pages 450-466 in the text over break and remember to turn in your essay on scent and consent in intimacy—”
That poor sophomore looked like he had finally worked up the courage to speak to you, but you were already out the door and tearing down the hall toward your beautiful (and entirely platonic) counterpart, Kim Taehyung.
“Do you think Professor Moore is unaware that class is over at 3:25 or is he just torturing us for science?”
Taehyung shrugged, falling into step beside you with practiced ease.
“I mean I would torture you for free so it’s hard to say.”
The corner of your mouth quirked up at his characteristic dry humor, but the irritation at being held in that sweltering lecture hall for an extra ten minutes had frayed your temper.
“It’s the last class before spring break, I’m sure he was on some sort of twisted power trip.” You dug around in your purse for some chapstick, ignoring Tae’s amused snorting, “Alphas barely exist anymore and none of us are likely to meet one. Why bother learning what they can do?”
Taehyung tilted his head in amusement.
“You might be surprised.”
Tumblr media
The final party before the beginning of spring break was always a laid back affair.
Many people had already caught planes to their various destinations, but your flight was scheduled for early tomorrow morning—leaving you with some time to kill.
Taehyung pressed his newest experimental concoction into your hand within minutes of entering the house (a surprisingly neat bachelor pad owned by two seniors, Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi) and then darted back to the kitchen to craft more questionable alcohol potions like a deranged party warlock.
You had just found a comfortable place on the couch and were contemplating whether sampling your best friend’s mad scientist elixir would be worth the probable damage to your body when—
It was that sophomore from your Designations Studies class. What was his name again? Jungwoo? Jinwook?
“Jungkook,” you smiled, delighted to have remembered before it became awkward. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”
You motioned to the empty cushion next to you and the man in question scrambled over like he’d won the lottery.
“I—I know we don’t know each other well, but I noticed you were absent during Professor Moore’s lecture on intimacy and scent consent so I—” he blushed deeply, “I wrote the essay for you—and I brought a copy on my flash drive if-if you want it.”
Your heart melted immediately.
“Oh my gosh Jungkook, that is so sweet of you!”
Your gaze darted over his muscular form and thick brown curls.
Sweet indeed.
“I don’t want to miss out on the learning though,” you pouted, placing a hand on his tattooed bicep. “Can you explain it to me?”
Jungkook nodded vigorously even as his wide eyes fell to where your fingers were sliding slowly over his chest.
Scent consent was a pretty basic and universally known concept, but you really were touched by the handsome sophomore's consideration.
Why not give him (and yourself) a little reward?
“Um so basically if two people are involved in...intimate activities—”
You leaned forward to nip his ear lightly and he whimpered.
“Like this?” you asked innocently.
“Y-Yes. Like that.” He gulped. “In an intimate situation consent or refusal can be smelled. The scent of refusal or reluctance in intimacy is strong, unmistakable, and has a high chemical potency.”
“Is that so?” you drawled, sliding over onto his lap. Jungkook’s eyes rolled back into his head and you bit back a grin.
He was adorable.
“Uh-huh—it—oh my gawd,” (you were nibbling on his ear again) “it can immediately block sexual arousal and performance in the other partner. Meaning, if consent is not present, then it becomes difficult or—ahh” (his voice began to waver under your continued attention) “—or even impossible to continue with intimate acts.”
Your hand slid up to his cheek, bringing him closer till your lips were almost touching.
“Then what does it mean if I’m still so turned on right now?”
“It means,” Jungkook shuddered—nearly delirious with your scent, “that I really really want you.”
Tumblr media
Across the room, Park Jimin chuckled as he watched you seduce his enthusiastic friend.
Jeon Jungkook was such a sweet kid.
Hopefully he wouldn’t get too attached.
“Wow... Some people are genuinely born blessed I suppose.”
Jimin turned to see Jung Hoseok eyeing the dimly lit corner where you and the eager young sophomore were exploring each other.
It was a rather...provocative spectacle. Not quite raunchy (you weren’t truly an exhibitionist)—just insanely sexy.
Jimin’s gaze lingered on the smooth curve of your thigh where Jeon Jungkook was currently holding on for dear life.
Lucky bastard.
“Ah you know how she is,” he sighed. “That boy isn’t going to get any farther than anyone else.”
It was relatively common knowledge that you liked to mess around but rarely—if ever— fully hooked up with anyone.
Jimin asked you about it once during a drunken game of truth or dare and you had just shrugged, mumbling something along the lines of avoiding STDs (which—to be fair—was at least part of your motivation), but the truth was a little more complicated than that.
In terms of experience, you weren’t a virgin, but... you hadn’t actually had sex in years.
You loved the chase, the foreplay, the build-up—the game of cat-and-mouse between two people who were attracted to one another.
But the final consummation was always so…
Wildly unfulfilling.
Every encounter left you frustrated. Empty.
So you stopped bothering with it all together. (That was what sex toys were for after all.)
At the end of the day you were perfectly content being labeled a tease—it meant that people tended to know what they were (or rather weren’t) getting into when they rolled the dice with you.
Besides…it hadn’t even put a dent in your throng of admirers.
You were sunny, spoiled, indulgent, almost universally adored—
And you loved every minute of it.
“You know…” Hoseok took a long sip of his drink. “I always thought she would end up with Taehyung, but it’s been three years.”
Like you, Kim Taehyung was a trust fund brat and it was only natural that two beautiful and absurdly privileged people would gravitate to one another. You met at a freshman pledge party and had been an inseparable (and formidable) dynamic duo ever since.
The undisputed king and queen of campus.
Yes—maybe the two of you were a little self-absorbed at times, but it was hardly your fault that people tended to instinctively cater to the force of your combined looks, wealth, and charisma.
And it didn’t hurt that neither of you were ever intentionally cruel or unkind.
Just... habitually thoughtless.
(Though not when it came to each other. If anything your friendship was one area where you were both a little more human.)
Jimin shook his head.
“Nah that’s never gonna happen.” He tapped his nose. “They’re scent-crossed.”
Hoseok’s eyes widened.
Scent-crossed pairs didn’t smell sexually attractive to each other.
Like. At all.
No matter how physically or visually appealing an individual might be, it would be near impossible to form a sexual or romantic attachment to them if you were scent-crossed. Alphas, betas, and omegas were all subject to their noses first and foremost in the realm of attraction.
You and Taehyung smelled like comfort and home to one another...
But you were more turned on by a crisp cup of apple juice than you were his scent and the feeling was quite mutual.
He might as well have been your actual brother.
“That explains so much.” Hoseok snorted as he watched a drunken Taehyung do a flying leap on top of both you and Jungkook.
Tumblr media
“Why is sunlight so offensive?” you croaked, dragging yourself and your luggage toward the boarding ramp next to an equally miserable Taehyung.
“The next time I book a flight before 9 AM, please shoot me,” he grunted.
Your parents were celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with a month-long European cruise so your best friend had graciously invited you to spend two glorious weeks of spring vacation at his family estate.
The invitation had actually come as somewhat of a surprise because—for all your closeness—Taehyung was uncharacteristically tight-lipped about his family.
Not that he was deliberately withholding information per se… It was just that he never really brought them up beyond an occasional passing comment.
The one time you did ask him about them directly he sighed and said—
“We’re very close, but… I suppose we’ve just gotten used to being very private.”
There was clearly more to the story, but you were confident that Tae would share it if and when he was ready.
“My parents are in Seoul opening a new branch of the company. They took my little sister with them and my older brother has his own house so it will be just us.” He snuggled deeper into the first class seat directly next to yours. “We’ll hang out by the pool and chill during the day, then hit up some of the new clubs or whatever at night.”
“So… No one from your family will be there?”
Perhaps the invitation was not so surprising after all.
“Nope. Just you and me and thirty acres of ocean front property.”
You grinned.
Tumblr media
“Whose room is that?”
The two of you were lugging your bags down the main hall of Taehyung’s expansive mansion when a strange hint of...something caught you right by the nose.
Your friend turned to find you frozen and staring curiously at a familiar door near the balcony.
His eyes widened, but you were too preoccupied to notice his momentary concern.
“That’s just Jin’s room.”
A firm hand wrapped around your wrist and dragged you away, but your eyes stayed glued to the source of the mysterious scent until you were around the corner and out of sight.
Tumblr media
Your suite for the next two weeks was right across the hall from Taehyung’s. There was a whirlpool, a full bath, a balcony, and an ocean view that would rival the cover spread of any travel magazine.
Tae headed for the shower (to ‘wash the airplane off’) immediately after showing you the room and you were thinking of doing the same except…
Your mind kept going back to that door and the hint of scent you detected.
There was something… different about it.
It was faint—and far from fresh (which made sense considering that one of the few things you did know about Kim Seokjin was that he hadn’t lived in this house for years).
But still…
The need to smell it again pressed insistently at the back of your mind.
Suddenly the sound of Taehyung singing raunchy lyrics in the shower carried over through the walls and you found your feet moving almost of their own accord.
What Tae doesn’t know won’t hurt him, you rationalized, making your way down the hall toward Jin’s door. Besides—it’s not as if I’m going to steal anything…
You just needed to find that scent again.
By the time your fingers closed over the knob every one of your nerves was strangely—acutely—alert but nothing could have prepared you for what was waiting behind the door.
Oh. My. Gosh.
“What a colossal nerd.”
The room was covered floor to ceiling in Nintendo memorabilia.
Bright primary colors assaulted your eyes from all directions in the form of action figures, posters, pillows, and every other conceivable merch variety known to man.
In the center of the suite stood a large king-sized bed covered in a custom black couture toile-style Mario-verse bed set (that looked every bit as expensive as it was geeky) and a mountain of high quality Nintendo character plush toys.
Everything was simultaneously luxe and nostalgic—a rare combination of sophisticated aesthetic balance and childlike indulgence.
And the scent was there.
It was faint and covered under layers of cleaner and air fresheners, but still lingering just below the surface—too weak for you to get a really good whiff, yet potent enough to torment you.
You moved forward unconsciously toward the strongest source of the hypnotic smell—the strangely inviting expanse of Kim Seokjin’s mattress.
Suddenly the urge to climb—no crawl—across the bed itself and roll around in it like a kitten in catnip gripped you out of nowhere.
“What the hell?” you muttered, rubbing absently over the mating gland at the base of your neck.
Something very odd was going on with your body.
Your restless gaze zeroed in on one of the stuffed toys piled atop his pillows. It was a cute little mushroom man your brain recognized as a Mario character named ‘Toad’.
Take it.
Your mouth dropped open in shock.
You need it.
“Am I going insane?” you wondered aloud.
You have to take it.
Muscles in your hand began to twitch involuntarily. You bit your lip.
Bring it back with you.
Several minutes later a freshly washed Taehyung wandered over to your room and found you sitting perfectly still on your bed while staring off into space.
His head tilted in curious concern.
“Everything ok?”
You started a bit at the sound of his voice, but recovered quickly.
“Never better!” you chirped—almost too brightly. “Let’s go get some dinner, I’m starving.”
Then you grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall toward the kitchen—shutting the door before he could catch a glimpse of his brother’s stuffed Toad doll stashed underneath your pillow
Tumblr media
“...a critical water main rupture in the city’s New Market district early this morning has forced several residents out of their homes as flood water swelled up to nearly two feet. The governor declared a state of emergency and ordered hotels around the city to accommodate the displaced citizens. Crews are still clearing the water and assessing damages. We expect—
“Hey!” you shouted through a mouthful of cereal, after Your best friend switched off the television, “I was watching that!”
“And what you should be doing is getting ready for the pool.” Tae snatched your cereal bowl and dragged you by your shirt collar toward the stairs. “It is the first morning of our vacation. I’m not trying to waste any time. Now go.” He shoved you forward, smacking your ass for good measure.
You swatted back at him half-heartedly as jogged back up to the room where you enjoyed a surprisingly restful sleep last night.
Kim Seokjin’s door glared at you accusingly as you shuffled past—unable to let you forget that you had kidnapped it’s little mushroom man in an unexplained fit of kleptomania, but that was a problem for your future self.
The you of right now was going to zen out in the Kim family's premium glass-enclosed indoor pool (it was still a little chilly for the outdoor pool) with her best friend and bask in the simple joys of good company and no responsibility.
...Or not.
A few minutes later you bounced into the living room wearing a simple black tankini with a cute floral cover only to find Taehyung on the phone with his head in his hands.
“Yes, sir. I understand… I...I know this is my responsibility...”
That didn’t sound good.
After a few more tense moments, Tae hung up and collapsed backward into the couch with a heavy sigh.
“That water main break you heard about on TV this morning was the last straw between the province and its current contractor. They called an emergency meeting for new bids.”
Your heart dropped as you sank down beside him.
“Your dad wants you to go...doesn’t he.”
Taehyung nodded miserably.
“He can’t leave the Seoul opening on such short notice and managing government construction contracts is part of what I’ve been training for. This could be huge for our company.”
“Well...why doesn’t your brother go?”
“Jin is the brains behind most of our patented gaming and tech innovations. He wouldn’t even know where to begin with this sort of thing. Besides,” his lips quirked up in a rueful grin, “my brother doesn’t have the patience to stroke entitled geriatric egos for hours on end—which is likely what I’m going to have to do.”
The two of you headed back to Taehyung’s room where you helped him pack some suits and toiletries for his trip.
Naturally you were disappointed but...this was a great opportunity for your best friend to prove himself in his chosen field and you both knew it. In fact, he was already starting to brighten a bit.
“The meeting is about a hundred miles north of here. My dad’s secretary already handled the flight and hotel room.” His eyes darted around the suite to see if he was forgetting anything.
It was clear he was nervous, though you were sure he didn’t need to be. Kim Taehyung was a trust fund brat, but he was also talented and deeply passionate about his family’s company.
Someday this would be the norm. The two of you were stealing time in college, determined to live a little before the expectations of your powerful families transferred fully onto your shoulders.
It was becoming more and more clear, however, that your carefree time was slowly running out.
Mother had already spoken to you about potential marriage alliances and your father expected you to intern with his Vice President this summer just as your elder sister had...
Taehyung’s voice suddenly interrupted your bittersweet introspection and you couldn’t help but smile at how grown-up he looked in his suit and briefcase ensemble.
Everything was going to change, but not quite yet.
“They estimate negotiations should take around a week or so…” He walked over and pulled you into a tight hug. “There should still be some vacation left for us when I get back.”
“Hurry back then,” you mumbled grumpily into his chest and he chuckled.
“I will.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung had been gone for less than twenty minutes when you decided that the best use of your time would be to eat more snacks.
The last thing you expected when you skipped merrily into the kitchen was to find it occupied by a shaggy-haired homeless man in glasses.
Your first instinct was to scream which caused the homeless man to drop the apple he was biting right onto the floor where it rolled around for a small eternity before coming to rest at his ankles.
Your second instinct was to grab a butcher’s cleaver from the nearby knife block and wave it chaotically at the intruder while shouting something along the lines of—
“You’ve made a huge mistake! My boyfriend is the biggest, meanest mafia boss in Seoul! Leave now and he might let you live!”
The homeless man continued to stare at you with a mixture of confusion and shock, but made no move to run away in terror like you were hoping.
So you tried again.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?! The last man who touched me drinks his steak through a straw now! Do the smart thing and leave before my boyfriend comes down those stairs and it’s too late!”
Infuriatingly, the homeless man was still not fleeing for his life and frankly you were starting to get frustrated. You drew in a deep cleansing breath and were prepared to issue another grandiose threat when he finally spoke.
“I’m sorry, miss. I... think there’s been some sort of mistake. Who is your boyfriend?”
There was no rational explanation for what came out of your mouth next, but it rolled off your tongue so smoothly and you didn’t even flinch.
“Kim Seokjin.”
For the first time in your entire exchange, the intruder looked truly alarmed.
Now that’s more like it.
“You’ve heard of him I see. He’s a dangerous man and my body belongs to him.” You slammed the cleaver down onto the countertop with a (hopefully) menacing slash. “Kim Seokjin doesn’t like when other men put their hands on what belongs to him.”
There was a long, unpardonably tense moment of silence…Then the stranger slowly reached forward and picked up a mobile phone from the table in front of him.
His eyes remained locked with yours as he pressed a quick series of buttons, brought the phone to his ear, waited a few seconds and said—
“Taehyung… Would you mind telling me why there is a half-naked, knife-wielding omega in our kitchen claiming to be my girlfriend?”
Tumblr media
Hello! Please comment on this post if you would like to be added to the taglist!
You guys were all so wonderful, and encouraging, and excited that I literally got this teaser out in three days! If you like what you read so far, please let me know! I cannot put into words how meaningful and valuable feedback is to me. I truly treasure it! It fuels my creativity and keeps me writing. I would love to hear from you!
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angelatsumu · a year ago
cockwarming hc's [nsfw]
hello friends! mac is back with another hc <3 the boys and their cockwarming styles <3
boys: bokuto, nishinoya, mattsun <3
requests are open!
warnings: puppy!reader in some, dom vibes in all, overstimulation in Mattsun's, dacryphilia in Mattsun's, Mattsun's just super mean, fem!reader
nsfw under the cut!
Tumblr media
b. koutaro
bokuto loves to cockwarm, he is the cockwarming king. he just absolutely adores the intimacy and closeness of cockwarming
bokuto loves the little stutters when he shifts unintentionally, the way you squirm a little from the closeness. he especially loves when you're clinging to him while he's working, and you seem so small in his lap
for bokuto, having his sweet girl so close to him, so warm and tight around him, he feels comforted.
everyone thinks bokuto's too impatient for this sort of thing, but if it means he gets to be this close to his puppy, he would do it til the end of time.
"hey, pretty girl," he beams as your little footsteps make their way into the room. he grins sweetly at you, brows furrowing slightly to mimick your own frown. you huff, circling his desk to stand beside him, towering only slightly over your gentle giant. he looks at you knowingly, patting his lap. before you can have a seat he stops you, shuffling his hand under his sweatpants for a few moments before revealing his semi-hard cock. you blush at him, and he just grins mischeviously. you sigh, sliding down your dampening panties to leave your cunny bare under the shirt you stole from him. bokuto sticks his pointer and index fingers into his mouth, holding eye contact with you as he dampens his fingers for you. you rub your thighs together as the aching in your heat continued to grow with every second. your eyes flickered to his prominent member, pink tip oozing precum just from the thought of being inside your velvety walls. a sigh left your lips the moment his damp fingers met your puffy folds, sliding between them to redistribute your wetness. bokuto groaned softly at the feeling of your warmth, resolving on taking his time. you huffed at him once more, rocking your hips to graze your clit along his fingers, and he looks up at your scoldingly. "aw come on, pretty girl. behave." he isn't harsh when he says them, but they encourage you not to push him any further. his hand retracts from your cunny, and he immediately pulls you into his lap, chest to chest. you sink onto his heat slowly, his hands gripping your waist to deter you from bouncing on instinct. the groan he lets out, soft and whiny, makes your cunny throb, and he lets out a soft whimper. your face buries in his neck as he continues watching his volleyball tapes, blush slowly rising to his cheeks. "if you stay really still, daddy might reward you, hm?" he has a smirk in his voice, and you nod eagerly.
n. yu
okay so i am team small body nice dick so i firmly believe that noya is packin' a little heat
anyway, nishinoya gives me switch energy with a dom lean because he's small and wants to feel bigger
that being said, baby probably uses cockwarming as a way to make his pretty baby beg for him
he is not dicking you down unless you are on the verge of losing your marbles, and that's just that
it would probably be an ego thing, like you had made him feel small or something while you were out and he was just pretending it was fine until you're ready to get to action and he's just sitting there vibin'
"aw puppy, don't be so shy, come sit," he's patting his lap, dick in hand as he keeps his eyes fixed on the television. he tries to look disinterested, and that nearly makes you drop to your knees for him. you sigh, standing over him with a slight blush on your cheeks. he glances up at you, hand moving to swipe over his swollen tip before nodding toward his cock once more. you let out a whine, straddling his waist with your chest facing him, sinking onto his dick. he bites his lip at the sensation, almost forgetting about the end goal. nishinoya grins mischievously at you before sitting back against the sofa and directing his attention away from you again. the lack of stimulation puts you on edge as your walls stretch to get accustomed to his girth. yu's eyes purposefully catch yours before trailing down your body to where his cock disappears inside you, and despite his cock twitching, he shrugs in disinterest. you whimper at him, pawing at his chest as he directs his attention to the television again, pretending to be captivated by the replay of a random volleyball game. he ignores your whimpers, but with every slight movement, his hands get tighter on your waist. you work yourself up to grind against him, desperately seeking friction for your throbbing clit, and he allows two rolls of your hips before reaching between you and smacking your needy clit. "stop it, pup," he's stern despite the choked out whimpers he lets slip. your brows furrow in annoyance as you get comfortable in his lap, allowing your chest to press against his and your head to rest on his shoulder. "take your punishment like the good girl you are, and I'll be extra nice to your pretty cunny, okay?" you nod into his neck, sighing in relief. even after being a brat, you were still his precious girl.
m. issei
cockwarming is a punishment with issei, and there is nothing you can do to change his mind
this man is very into overstimulating his bratty girl, and what better way than to make her sit completely still on his cock and abuse her clit?
genuinely couldn't care less if you cry (well he would prefer it honestly)
half the battle is sinking onto his monster cock. the other half is getting through the night without crying
you relent on your tears to disobey him, but it eventually comes out.
would cum inside you by your second orgasm, but that doesn't stop him from torturing you endlessly
usually says things like "stop holding it, just give in" [i am writing a separate headcannon on forced orgasms with the boys→ yikes]
your chest heaved as you sat in issei's lap, legs spread with his cock deeply seated in your tight, throbbing cunt. your cheeks were warm with embarrassment and overstim, eyes closing lazily as he retracted his fingers from your clit. your walls squeezed him like a vice, eliciting swears from under his breath. he peppered kisses along your neck and jawline, pulling your back against his chest as he peered at you through the mirror in front of you. "i'm not done, silly girl," he smirked at you, right hand disappearing behind him. you squeezed your eyes tight, fighting tears from your third consecutive orgasm by his fingers on your clit alone. you whimpered, pawing at his left hand on your hip, aching to be set free. "oh puppy~" your eyes flutter open to see a shit-eating grin on issei's face, and you immediately let out a whimper. your eyes pan to his right hand, seeing your wretched vibrator he'd confiscated from you weeks ago. immediately your cunny tightened around him, and he let out a cheeky grunt. "awh, my little one is so-" he presses the vibe against your clit, starting on a lower speed. "close-" he kicks up the vibe's speed, "to breaking~". you let out an involuntary moan, soft and desperate as your back arches against his chest. you feel your high coming, the coil within you moments from snapping. still you relent, squeezing your eyes shut to fight the tears he so painfully needed. issei grunts in your ear as your cunny milks him, convulsing walls pushing him over the edge. he paints your walls with his cum, letting out a deep huff as he thrusts involuntary, earning another desperate whimper from you. "s'too much, daddy~" you whined, gripping his arm as he pressed the vibe deeper into your heat. "i know, baby, but you know what I want," his words were slick as they went straight to your heat, nearly propelling you past the point of no return. his left hand wrapped around your throat, as his lips met the shell of your ear, breath fanning over your skin. "you're so pretty when you cry, puppy," he groaned in your ear as he astutely caught the single tear you let slip accidentally. losing all resolve as your orgasm washed over you, you convulsed in his grasp, tears flowing softly as he pressed the vibe further into your swollen nub, erupting quiet sobs from you as your hands took purchase on his working arm, trying desperately to pull him away. "one more," he whimpered, your weeping pussy driving him closer to overstimulation.
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33roda · a year ago
Kaeya X Dom!Reader <3
tags: tiddy sucking (m!receiving), butt fingering, (m!receiving), brat taming kinda, gn!reader I think !!
Yet another exhausting Abyss Order attack, finally over with.
It was a quite difficult one at that, having required a whole army of knights at the gates of Mondstadt, so Kaeya invited the team to a drink at Angel's Share, out of all places. Even after all the energy that used up, he's still in the mood for drinks?
Well, that didn't matter anyway, because either way, you would've been forced to go either by Kaeya or by Lisa. You sat quietly next to Kaeya, listening to him chat with the other knights.
"Ah, another success.. Of course, we couldn't have done it without our Honorary Knight here," he chatted, sounding as sarcastic as ever. "You truly are a new storm after all."
He rested his hand on your shoulder while holding up his third glass of sparkling wine of the night, chuckling at how Amber was already tipsy after one sip of beer. Jean held her up, furrowing her eyebrows tightly, looking for where Lisa went. Probably off to flirt with the new naive bartender. Everyone's enjoying their time here while she had to babysit Amber and Lisa?
"Of course, Y/N. It is truly an honor to celebrate this with our new Honorary Knight." she stumbled as she continued holding up Amber and wiping her drool with napkins, her slurring drowned out by the noises in the background. You let out a polite smile, showing your appreciation to everyone on the table.
"Thank you, Grand Master. It was a pleasure working with you today." The table was awkward. Too formal, too stiff, but Kaeya didn't seem to mind it, just smirking and slowly sipping on his wine. You almost started wondering and fantasizing about when it'd be time to leave, but as soon as you thought of that, you felt Kaeya's hand slide off your shoulder and started gently caressing your thighs. Ah, expected. Of course there had to be an ulterior motive to his invitation, not that you minded. Taking advantage of the loud, distracting chatter in the background, he ducked his head next to your ear just enough so you could feel his hot breath against it.
"You sure look bored, Y/N. Quite rude of you to not respect etiquette," he whispered against your ear and chuckled. "I have something more fun for you later. Meet me outside the bar once the rest leave."
Ha. Finally, something interesting this night. You had nothing to lose anyway, so why not entertain his request? his actions motivating you to just get the night over with, you try to be more friendly with Jean to lessen the tenseness in the air, her unaware of the touching and groping exchanged between you and Kaeya underneath the table.
Lisa would never seem to return, and Jean eventually got tired of the Outrider hiccuping and slurring on her words next to her, deciding it was best for everyone to just go home. Exchanging goodbyes to everyone, Kaeya escorted them outside, looking back and shooting you a wink and a smug smile before leaving the tavern. Oh what you'd do to wipe that smug smile off his face, and you'd be sure to do just that tonight. You started packing up your stuff, taking your sweet time with it, thinking about how you're keeping The Cavalry Captain waiting. You can already picture how he'll be squirming and begging to be touched.. What a pretty sight, you thought, as you exit the tavern door to be greeted with silence for a second; then the husky voice of a grumpy-looking Kaeya.
"Took ya long enough, Honorary Knight," he raised an eyebrow, waiting for an excuse or an apology, getting a figurative slap in the face when he got teasing instead.
"Oh, so sorry, Captain, did my touch make you so needy in there you couldn't wait for a few minutes?," you cooed, giving him as much of a smug smile as he was giving you earlier.
"Hm," he scoffed. Resistance? from a new knight like you? that's new. He was known to be irresistible, to both men and women, being all dolled up with his fancy fur and chains. At least he still has you in his hands, he thought.
Thank Barbatos the streets were empty ‒ if anyone saw you leading the Captain to your house in the dead of the night, the rumours would not sound pretty for either of you. But rumours were the least of your concerns, being in your room with Kaeya holding you against the wall and leaning down to whisper in your ear as you twirled his ponytail in your fingers from behind.
"Getting you here was easier than expected, Y/N," he taunted, "I'm starting to think you've wanted this for some time."
"In your dreams," you looked up at him. To be honest, he was a very attractive man - looking down at you with half lidded eyes and that smirk that never seemed to fade. He shot down to kiss you, but it was too early, you thought. He had to earn it. You grabbed his ponytail, forcing him to throw his head back and expose his pretty little neck to you. His eyes going wide as you started tracing circles on his exposed chest - now that was a sight to appreciate. Funny, he's the captain yet his skin felt smooth and silky against your calloused hands.. now you understand why he liked showing it off so bad. Switching hands to grab him by the face, you snickered, "It seems like you've been the one planning this, Sir Kaeya. Actually, how about you let me be your master tonight, hm?"
"You think it's that easy? Insulting of you, Y/N," you raised an eyebrow at the disobedience, even with your hands grabbing his cheeks, his words coming out slurred. Should've expected that from a smug fuck like Kaeya. "Prove yourself to me."
"You really are a brat. Not surprised, honey." you said, letting go of his cheeks and immediately diving into his chest to lick and suck at it, leaving it with red and purple bruises. Sliding your fingers across his wet chest and under his shirt, you flicked his nipple with your thumb before squeezing it, feeling him shudder standing in front of you. "What's wrong? can't handle it? need to lay down?" you didn't even let him finish before shoving him down into the bed, impressing him with your sudden strength. Giggling, you pinned his wrists down next to his head. "Just let me have my fun with those pretty tits of yours." Surprisingly, he didn't complain - instead, he just bit his lip and turned his head to the side, allowing himself to be touched. "Such a good boy, really,"
"Th-this is just a one time thing, Y/N, don't get your hopes up," he stuttered out between little gasps and squirms, "I promise you, I'll be stuffing you full tonigh- ngh!" he choked, feeling you move his shirt to the side and start lapping at his nipple. If he wasn't hard before, he sure as hell is now. Riling him up was easier than expected - although he'd never admit that. You continued nibbling at him, feeling his hardness underneath his pants on your stomach. Poor Kaeya, getting hard just from this?
"Sensitive, are we?" you commented between licks. "No wonder you love showing off your chest so much. Makes me think how you'd like showing the rest of you off?"
"You'd love to see that, huh?" he remained smug.
"Why yes, I would, Captain," you purred. You started unbuckling his belt and stripping him all the way down to his underwear, leaving so much more area for you to lick, kiss, and just ruin. "Such a pillow princess. Are you like this with everyone else?"
"N-no!" he exclaimed, looking insulted. "Just strip me already, Y/N." Honestly, it was pretty funny how he tried to mask his horniness, even with his dick as hard as ever under you, face flushed and breathing heavily.
"I'm not stripping you unless you call me your master. And if you strip yourself," you held up his chin with your fingers, "I'll just leave you here, naked and horny, with no pleasure at all. Your choice, Kaeya."
"Master.. please, please strip me - I need more, anything, please," he sounded like he was about to cry. How adorable, his pride crumbling right before him, all just so he could have your touch..
"Good boy."
You pulled down his tight blue underwear down to his ankles, freeing his oh-so-pretty cock. He was certainly impressive, but unfortunately, his dick would be useless to you tonight. "How pretty," you hummed, tracing every vein with your fingers, feeling every throb. "You want more, don't you? I want to hear you beg for more."
"More, please, I n-need you to touch me master, please," gasping, he tried rutting against your hand, rubbing himself on you, anything - but failing. "I want it so bad,"
Having the Cavalry Captain being your little bitch wasn't so bad after all. Laughing at his little whines and pathetic attempts to get off on your hand, you grabbed him and started pumping gently, watching his reactions in pure amusement. His usually striking eyes shut closed, eyebrows tight, his mouth wide open - it was all a sight to behold. Groans and whimpers filling the room, he continued trying to thrust harder into your hand, chasing his release. But baby, he had no idea the plan was entirely different than he thought.
He really thought it was just a bit of teasing, then you'd make him cum with your hands, or fuck you tight. But you stopped pumping him, leaving him whining and begging for more, a look of pitiful disappointment on his face. It almost made you feel bad.
"It's not gonna be that easy, pretty boy," you slapped his thighs, "legs up for me baby."
"H-huh?" he looked genuinely confused, still in a daze from the sudden disappearance of your hand on his cock. Not letting him waste any time, you lifted his legs all the way up by yourself.
"Can't even take orders?" you smacked his ass, making it jiggle and let out that filthy noise. You were impressed how loud it was, honestly. "What would the other knights think seeing you like this, Kaeya? maybe you want them to hear you get fucked? see you all spread out for your master?" Not even giving him a chance to respond, you shoved your fingers in his mouth, he could only hum little "mmphs" and nods in your direction. "I never knew our Captain would be such a slut," you watched in amusement as he coated your fingers in drool, looking up at you in desperation. "I'll give you exactly what you want." smiling at him, you rubbed your saliva-coated fingers against his hole for a few seconds before shoving a finger in to prep him. He wanted more, evidently, by the way he kept humping down against your finger with hesitant moans.
"Y-You're doing it all wrong," he slipped off your fingers with heavy breaths, "let me show you how it's done, master," You raised an eyebrow, and as soon as you were gonna grab him by his throat and punish him, he spread himself out even further with his hands, looking to get a reaction out of you. It was his first time doing this with someone else, but he's definitely fucked himself in front of a mirror before. Who wouldn't love to watch his body like that, anyway?
Shoving two fingers inside himself, he started looking for his spot, erratically humping the air looking for more stimulation, anything; but the most you'd do is stroke his thighs with a smile on your face, teasing him even further. He was obviously just trying to put on a show for you, make you watch him stretch himself out and look at him make the most erotic faces for you - he'd even make sure the whole of Mondstadt heard him get fucked, as if he wasn't gonna wear your hickeys like an award in front of the other knights tomorrow. Watching him fuck in and out of himself, listening to the filthy noises his ass made; you couldn't help but cross your legs a little. "Do you like it, master?" he whimpered.
"I know what you're doing, prince," you answered, "trying so hard to get more.. such a desperate bitch, don't you think?" he nodded in agreement. "Well, since you've been so good.." turning him over, you pushed his face down into the bed. He was already arching his back for you - his pretty hole all wet and ready to get fucked. "You'll still have to work for it, though," you laughed, hearing him groan in protest into the bed. Gently pushing your digits into him, you ordered, "Fuck yourself on my fingers, Kaeya."
Immediately obeying, he pushed himself back onto your fingers, dick flailing under him, sobbing and begging for you to just fuck him yourself - maybe if he obeyed for a little, you'd finally do it? "Such a good boy. And to think you wanted to fuck me?"
You wouldn't let go until you found his spot, curving your fingers towards his navel, making his legs give out from all the pleasure - the Captain was simply a doll in your hands to play with. Even when his legs gave out, only then would you finally fuck him yourself, his tears staining your bed alongside his cum. Fucking his spot even when your arms got tired, you had to make him cum again. His moans getting more and more high-pitched with every fuck into him, squirming and grinding his ass against you, he finally came again with a throaty moan filling the room. You pulled out of him and gave his ass a quick smack, letting him take his breath before turning over to face you. His cum all over his stomach and chest was a sight to remember, dick twitching, his face blushy and pretty lips open gasping.
Sliding your fingers across his chest, you picked up some of his cum and put it near his mouth, waiting for him to put his tongue out to lick it. He did just that, making eye contact with you, and even holding your wrist in place so he could lick it all up. "Good puppy."
He'll definitely be limping around the other knights tomorrow.. Not that he minded. He'll absolutely be teasing you again at the Knights of Favonious headquarters, anyway.
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xoxo-teddybear · a year ago
The Silent Treatment - Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou x f!reader
Warnings: slight angst, slice of life, crack(ish?), fluff, cursing
Summary: Bakugou is very much....an asshole. A shithead. A professional dick if you will. And Y/N, being his girlfriend is very much aware of that. So when he takes it too far, she has to make sure he learns his lesson.
A/N: just a quick lil cute thing, totally not spelled check
“Hey babe!” Bakugou said as he walked into the living room to find his girlfriend reading a book. He plopped down next to her and just relaxed in the feeling of the soft cushion. The little shit felt like messing with his girlfriend today.
Y/N had already been having a pissy day. After arguing with her boss, forgetting a few items back at the grocery store, and losing her new pair of headphones, she just wanted some peace with her cup of tea and a good book. Now, she has her loving boyfriend to comfort her as well. This day was surely taking a turn...right?
“Hi love, need something?” You asked calmly with the most melodic voice. Your voice. His favorite sound in the world. The sound of you just put a smile on his face which is a huge oxymoron to what this motherfucker is about to say.
“Nah, just wanted to talk to my princess,” he said while resting his head on your stomach, resting in between your legs and wrapping his arms around your waist. You awed at him but didn’t notice his little devil smile. “I had the best dream last night.”
“About what Suki?” You asked while petting his soft hair.
“Yeahhh. You went mute for the day. Fucking paradise.” Once the words left his mouth you stilled your actions and felt your eye twitch in annoyance. Your hand on his head stilled and slightly tugged at it. In any other circumstance, Bakugou would’ve groaned at the tug (kinky bastard) but he was too busy chuckling into your tummy.
You exhaled roughly through your nose and pushed Bakugou off of you in a very polite way. He rolled onto his back onto the actual couch and watched as you crossed your legs, close your book, and pick up your tea mug.
“Hmph!” Was all that you “said” as you tilted your nose to the air and walked away. Bakugou just snickered as you left. He thought it was adorable when you were mad over tiny inconveniences and thought it was hot as fuck when you were yelling at him, but today, you won’t be doing neither.
About 30 minutes had passed and Bakugou had awoken from his nap on the couch. He fell asleep after you walked away but now missed your touch. He sat up, stretched, and went to find you. He walked around the house until he spotted you relaxing in the jacuzzi in the backyard. He grinned at your relaxed look and went to change.
A few minutes later Bakugou had came out to join you in the hot tub. Your eyes were shut as you relaxed in the bubbling water, and so Bakugou was able to get in without being seen. He relaxed into the water as he scooted closer to you, eventually grabbing a hold of your waist.
“Hi baby,” he said as he attempted to place you in his lap but you looked at him with an unimpressed look as you scooted away. “Y/N?”
You grabbed your towel and stepped out of the tub. You wrapped yourself in the cloth as you walked back into the house, completely ignoring Bakugou as he spoke to you.
“Wha- you’re just gonna leave? I just got in with you,” he pouted. He opted to stay in the nice warm water for a bit but once you closed the door he groaned and sunk deeper into the water. He let the water go just above his mouth and right below his nose as he blew bubbles into the tub out of annoyance.
‘The fuck is up with her?’ He thought to himself.
Time passed and Bakugou came out the tub. He went back to his room to change into some gray sweats and a black long sleeve (and yes he pulled the sleeves up a bit because he knew you found it attractive and if y’all don’t, well I do).
He walked into the kitchen and spotted you seemingly eating dinner. He noticed a plate for him but kind of frowned at the fact that you didn’t wait for him. He saw you placed the plate on the other side of the island, far away from you, and so he pulled the plate over and took the seat next to you.
“Hey, princess? You gonna tell me what’s wrong?” He asked but you said nothing as you just ate in silence. “Silent treatment huh?” No words.
“Baby, is this about what I said? I was only kidding Y/N,” he said as he tried to wrap his arm around your waist but you pushed it off and he groaned. “Fine. Be that way, you’ll get over it. Come talk to me when you’re done acting like a brat.”
Bakugou just grunted as he ate his dinner in silence right next to you. You finished before him and walked away after you washed your dish and this time it was Bakugou who snubbed his nose in the air at you. If it was the silent treatment that you were gonna give then it was the silent treatment that you were gonna get....sorta.
“BABYYYY PLEASSEEEEE!!” He whined while poking at your leg. You were currently in your home office typing away at your computer doing work when Bakugou came in about 25 minutes after he finished his dinner. He couldn’t help himself. He missed you.
You continued to ignore Bakugou as he poked and shook you for attention. You gave him nothing all day and he was getting close to his limit. Please believe he wasn’t getting shit after that brat comment.
“Princessss, c’mon! It was a joke baby, let’s go to sleep, yeah?” He begged. You looked at him with a bored expression and saw his smile as you finally gave him something. You turned back to face your computer and his smile dropped again and was replaced with a scowl. “Y/N, I was just messing with you. I love the sound of your voice and I love you. So quit ignoring me and come give me love!” He demanded.
When he noticed you weren’t budging, he stood from his seat and pinched the bridge of his nose as he mentally counted.
He gave in and forcefully turned your chair and threw you over his shoulder. You didn’t speak to him but you squirmed and shook trying to get out of his grasp.
“Aye, aye,” he smacked your ass to get you to stop, “quit it. I’m tired, and I want sleep, and we both know I don’t sleep unless my teddy bear is with me, so shush.”
You looked at him when he told you to “shush.” As if you hadn’t been doing that all day. He just squinted his eyes as he knew what you were thinking. “You know what I mean shitty woman!”
Bakugou stormed into your shared bedroom and dropped you onto the mattress. You didn’t even try to run away. You had decided that, yes, you are indeed tired but you refused to give a certain blonde any attention. You stretched on the bed and Bakugou was in awe of your cute state but quickly snapped out of his trance when you turned on your side and gave him your back.
Bakugou got into bed along side you and scooted closer. He pressed himself against your back but once he made contact, you scooted farther away. And so, he scooted himself closer again but just like before, you scooted away. This went on about 2 more times before you scooted and fell off the bed.
“Y/N? You okay, love?” He asked as he looked down at you. You popped up from the floor, on your knees and grumbled to yourself as you vented quietly. You stood up and continued ranting as you tried to walk away to sleep on the couch but before you could get away from the king sized bed, Bakugou grabbed your wrist and pulled you on top of him. “Ignore me all you want but I’m not sleeping without my cuddles.”
You sighed as you gave in. You allowed him to hold you but you refused to speak. Bakugou rubbed circles onto your back as he inhaled your scent but he missed the sound of your voice. The sweet sound that was something similar to honey.
“Baby...I’m sorry.”
You looked at him when he apologized and raised your brow. A verbal, genuine, apology from Katsuki Bakugou? This you’ve gotta see.
“I know I shouldn’t have said that to you and even if I was only kidding......it was pretty fucking mean. ..But I hope you know I love the sound of your damn voice. I love you, dumbass. And I would never ask you to stay silent because....*sigh* ‘cuz your voice, you talking to me, you being with me, and just you in general keeps me sane. So I’m sorry. Okay? And I love you..” he said with a growing blush as he stared at you with a flustered face.
You smiled and went up to peck his lips and then give him a loving kiss. He jumped at the sudden contact but quickly melted into the kiss. He smiled as he finally got to revel in the sweet intimate moments like this. The sweet moments he’s been missing all day.
“I love you too Suki.” Oh how he craved to hear your voice. He loved the sweet sound and missed your loving tone. He pulled you in closer and just held you tight. He doesn’t plan on letting go.
“I’m so sorry. I will never make you upset like that ever again.” He bargained but you only shook your head.
“Katsuki, I was just messing with you today. I had an annoying day and that little joke just sent me over the edge but you know I never take your mean quips to heart. You’re rough around the edges but that’s just who you are and I don’t mind it. I love everything about you, even if you’re a jerk sometimes,” you teased and flicked at his nose. You giggled as he whined and tried to soothe the spot you hit. “You don’t have to censor yourself around me. Okay?”
Bakugou smiled even more. He loves you so damn much. Not only did you know he was just a little abrasive, but you accepted him for all his brunt behavior. You truly did love him. “Thanks princess,”
He sealed the deal with a sweet kiss to your temple as you giggled at the warm feeling of his soft lips. He pulled you down to his chest as you both cuddled up for the night. You sleeping is the only time Bakugou will ever be okay with you being silent. But never again will he ever allow himself to get the silent treatment.
A/N: Guys, I’m so sorry. I’ve been in such a slump and I feel like im reaching a writers block. It’s not even like I don’t have any ideas, I do! And I even have multiple unfinished pieces in my drafts but I just don’t have any motivation to finish :( sorry Cubs, don’t worry, I’ll try my best to finish them as quick as I can. Idk, should I take a break?
I’m already in the middle of a story and I don’t wanna leave those who are reading on a cliffhanger.
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dwaeki · a year ago
beomgyu as ur bf ! (random headcanons)
pairing: beomgyu x gn!reader
genre: fluff, comedy
warnings: none other than poorly written fluff, intended lower case and maybe some spelling errors :D
a/n: YET AGAIN I WENT WITH THE FLOW SO SORRY IF IT'S KINDA BAD- keep in mind that english isnt my first language thank you <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
another one of my ults nfakjnglkejngr
you're dating a clown-
honestly, how do u even survive because he's actually so annoying
but he loves you though, i promise <3
an actual brat.
teases you a LOT !!! but never in a mean way.
if you trip over your own feet and fall, he's probably going to laugh at you, offering his hand to help you up but then quickly pulling it back to mess with you!
or if you accidentally drop your phone, spill some water on yourself, etc. he's going to tease you,
"y/n, what are you? a 3 year old?? you can't even walk without tripping, HAH, DUMMY!!!!"
loves to push your buttons to get different reactions out of you :D
he's quite empathetic though, so it's never his intention to hurt your feelings by poking fun at you.
if he notices that his teasing is making you uncomfortable or insecure he will not hesitate to stop,
making you feel loved and appreciated is his number one priority <3
he's determined to make you laugh, because when he hears you giggle... phew he's on cloud 9,
knowing the fact that he's the reason you're grinning from ear to ear is just such an ego boost :(
he will do anything to make you smile and i mean anything...
even if it results in him looking like a fool 😞
you two go grocery shopping together <3
honestly, he sometimes embarrasses you to the point where you regret bringing him with you in the first place 😐
like you've literally just entered the store and he's already whining, asking if you're done yet so you can finally go home and cuddle at once !! :/
it's usually just you doing all the shopping while he follows you around,
he's just there to assist you when you can't reach the high shelves‼️
the store you go to is pretty small and very close to your neighborhood, so you're basically familiar with everyone who visits it.
there's this one sweet lady with a kid around the age of 10, and beomgyu swears that "the child is a devil!!"
he has already made enemies... with a 10 year old-
you had to apologize to his mom multiple times because your 20 year old boyfriend couldn't stop bickering with her son.
he also helps you do your chores !!
he's very playful, hence anything can be fun if beomgyu's around :D even boring things like washing the dishes or cleaning your room (no offense to whoever likes it)
he turns everything into a game, a competition to be more precise...
"whoever finishes washing the dishes last has to buy the winner their favorite snack 😋😋"
even if he wins, he still ends up buying you the food of your choice, not letting you spend a single penny on him!!
he competes with you just to rile you up, making bets such as the one mentioned above to keep you determined, not because he actually wants you to do anything for him.
except giving him your undying love and affection of course :D
he's literally so clingy
you usually visit him at the dorms when he's not busy
the second he hears you knock on the door he's quite literally sprinting towards you
you can hear the members complain that he almost pushed them over
once your boyfriend opens the door, he engulfs you in a tight, bear hug™, picking you up and spinning you around, making sure he crushed every single bone in your body <3
the others just watch you get the air knocked out of your lungs in amusement.
speaking of the members, beomgyu always dreamed of you getting along with his best friends,
but once his dream came true he kinda wished it never did </3
you get along a little too well for his liking :/
how come you just laughed at one of yeonjun's jokes right in front of your toddler boyfriend?!?!??!
the entire night he either tries to crack as many jokes as possible to "redeem himself", glaring at an oblivious (and also mildly concerned) yeonjun from time to time
or he starts being poutier and clingier than usual, asking for a kiss every 5 minutes or straight up just dragging you to his bedroom and not letting you go until you cuddle for at least an hour
but in all honesty, he's so relieved that you and the boys are bonding !!
you having a good relationship with his friends is very important to him <3
he's not jealous at all because he knows that you love him and him only :)
he babies you to no end !! (even if you're older than him)
you do something as simple as drink water and he just coos at you
"AWW !!! you look so cute when you drink water like that :("
your number one fan!!!!!
hypes you up and brags about you to everyone <3
if you're wearing a new outfit he will notice right away and just stare at you in awe the second he sees you, won't forget to comment on how gorgeous/handsome you look ;)
also likes it when u compliment him back, it really means a lot <3
please keep feeding his ego he loves it when you notice small details, it makes his heart flutter
you two nap together a lot
if you're not the one for naps you just lay there, next to him, his arms wrapped around your frame tightly as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, sleeping peacefully.
he looks so peaceful and cute when he's not annoying the hell out of you <333
you sometimes snap pictures of his sleeping state and then set it as your wallpaper/lockscreen :D
once gyu found out about your little antics he got extremely cocky
if you ever changed your lock screen to anything but him, he'd get all whiney, begging for you to change it back
also snaps a few pics of you sleeping/just existing peacefully and puts it as his so you two can have "matching wallpapers" <33
he also lends you his jacket if you're ever feeling cold
lives for how cute you look basically buried in his jacket, sighing in content as you're finally warming up a little
if you get tired from walking he's going to give you a piggyback ride <333
laughs and giggles as he lifts you up from the ground, your chest flushed against his back as he carries you to your destination :)
if you did something that upset him and he's scolding you he's just gonna:
"y/n, you're such a dummy!" *holds your hand* "that was very careless of you," *kisses your forehead* "i want you to know that i am very angry at you." *cuddles you aggressively*
while most of your dates are at home,
amusement park dates are very common as well :D
you go on various roller coasters, circular rides, take a few breaks in between and get ice cream or cotton candy
but your favorite ride by far are the bumper cars!
you just race, crash into each other at full speed or get into the same car and absolutely destroy your competition !! (the competition in question are just a bunch of 7 year old kids trying to have fun)
he seranades you :(
learns a bunch of love songs that remind him of you on guitar and sings them to you whenever you're able to hang out <3
he has a playlist full of love songs dedicated to you
offers to give you some free guitar lessons, if you ever want to learn how to play yourself :)
you both also have a collaborative playlist on spotify, along with playlists for each other you update regularly <33
when he's sleepy he's so soft with you :(
he's looking at you with hooded eyes full of love and adoration, you can tell that he's trying his best to stay awake for a little longer, but his eyelids are getting heavier by the second, his voice lower than before
"hey, y/n... you know i love you right? i love you so much that my heart aches whenever i look at you..."
pulls you in closer, if that's even possible, and holds you gently as if you were going to break if he wasn't careful enough,
probably leaves feather kisses all over your collarbone before whispering a one last "i love you" for the night and falls asleep.
yeah... thoughts are being thunk right now y'all-
he really loves you to the moon and back :(
overall your relationship is very chaotic and just.. weird in general.
good luck dealing w/his bs <3
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lonleywriters-blog · 10 months ago
Hello hello ily and your post 🧡 Would you mind if i request? Like the S/o is the new adopted child of Batfam, Batman and his sons is overprotective for them, they try to let S/o at home and not going anywhere. The s/o is a brat, waiting when the batfam is out and being so careless. They ran out and play a little bit, then they will go home. She accidental goes to the Gotham where all the dangerous criminals are there. Like who will they meet ( Pls include Joker, Harley, and you choose some others criminal, that you want to add to, and let me know what happen next hehe, it's all depends on you) Thank you :3
Ahhh I love being able to do stuff like this
Read above ^
Pls don't reblog or take
Tumblr media
You have snuck out a few times before, you've only been caught twice. You were bored and made this plan because you knew that everyone would be going on a mission soon. When everyone was gone and far away you snuck out. You wanted to wander around this abandoned town. You liked going there because it was quite and no one could bother you there. When you got to the town you heard a bunch of people talking. You wanted to investigate, so you slowly creep onto the closet roof to the sounds. You learned this skill from bruce and Robin. You looked over and saw familiar faces, the only problem was the fact they where all villains. Harley Quinn spotted you and pointed you out to everyone. You quickly tried to leave but ivy traped you and the riddler went up to get you. He brought you to the group and everyone thought you were adorable. You heard many aww's from the vilians. Harley grabbed your cheeks and started baby talking you. "Oh aren't you the absolute cutest, oh pudding can we keep her please?" She begged the joker. She got many glares from the people around her. You could tell you where in serous trouble. You are stuck with the most popular villains in Gotham. You could recognize victor zsasz, the joker and Harley Quinn, poison ivy, the penguin, and the riddler. You started to struggle against the plants rapped around you. "darling stop struggling your going to hurt your skin." Poison ivy cooed at you. Victor came up and smiled a bit "don't be scared we're not going to hurt a hair on your head" he said softly. They all where smiling at you and it was starting to freak you out.
Meanwhile with the family pov.
The family came back and where surprised when they didn't hear you. Damian told everyone you where probably just asleep. Alfred went up to your room to look for you. He couldn't find you anywhere and everyone began to panic. Robin looked at the camera footage and saw you sneak away. At first he was relived before he realized it had been way to long for you to be out, you would have came home by now. He gathered everyone and Bruce hacked into the towns cameras and saw you go into the town. They all got ready and left to get you. When they arrived they saw you terrified while villains where talking to you and messing with you. Everyone was pissed how dare they mess with their kid/sibling. They stormed over and instantly started to fight the vilians. The first down was Harley Alfred knocked her out pretty easily. Next came ivy, the riddler soon after. The penguin was beaten by Damian. Victor was beaten by Alfred and Robin. Lastly the joker was knocked out. All of them started working together to untie you. You where crying and apologizing over and over. They didn't blame you one bit, they knew that you weren't trying to escape and that you where going to come back. They all agreed to take you home and comfort you and deal with the vilians later. They took you home and Alfred started you a bath with your favorite pajamas waiting on the counter. Everyone got snacks and movies ready knowing you enjoyed movie night. The rest of the night was relaxing and you dosed of on Damian and Bruce. They took you to bed and went to deal with the villains. They soon come to realize that the joker,ivy,and Harley where all gone.
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