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This has to be the best response to "fantasy reptiles with breasts" I've ever seen.
Source: Instagram
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Visvra the saurok for Owl Kitten
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Commission from ScorchQueenAstro on Discord! This is Nigella Hornberry! She's an Archeologist/Ranger of the Lizardfolk Master Archeologist Organization!
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Hunky monster as promised <3 He’s a hydraborn! No that’s not just a dragonborn with three heads, a hydraborn/hydrafolk has a completely unique anatomy to support multiple heads including a digestive system that stops them from choking to death when more than one head swallows prey. They can’t even breed with the other reptilian races but are usually compelled to take care of abandoned or lost eggs and end up having plenty of non hydraborn children anyway.
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some doodles of my silly lizard boy, Chalk!
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The Serpent Templar by Alexander Kolakowski
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2/7 can you imagine lizardbois got 7 playable lords while skelleis got only 4
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I am still alive and drawing! Here is Von (she is a librarian but she works out and also dresses up sometimes)
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Hey, listen. There's no new Unearthed Arcana. You want some unofficial content? You come to me.
Weird back-alley intro aside... Check out these new lizardfolk! I always felt that the official lizardfolk were a bit weird. They have a *lot* of racial traits, but they're all tuned fairly directly to a sort of "primitive tribal warrior who knows not the ways of civilized men" archetype. At best, it doesn't jive with most player character concepts; and at worst, it... maybe feels kind of racist?
Anyway, get out of that pigeon hole and mix it up with these "official adjacent" (read: very much unofficial homebrew) lizardfolk subraces.
More homebrew below the break:
Barbarian Path: The Riddled
Bardic College: Command
Monastic Tradition: Way of the Sensei
Paladin Oath: The Clear Sky
Ranger Conclave: Keeper
Rogue Archetype: Poisoner
Sorcerer Origin: Ragetouched
Warlock Patron: The Dreamer
Fighting Styles
Racial Options: Genasi
Weapon Cantrips
Like, reblog, and follow, homies!
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Rian the Lizardfolk
Tumblr media
Let's end the year with this cozy little cafe story. Something fun, warm, and spicy to keep you warm until new years.
Female Reader x Male Monster
The mornings now have more meaning to you than an unwanted slog fueled by coffee and a quick breakfast burrito. Now you rise early and breeze out the door, knowing coffee and breakfast will be waiting for you when you arrive. You doze on the bus sometimes, but often you keep yourself alert. Even at the bus stop, you can smell it wafting across the street - the fragrant, comfy scent of fresh bread. The owner of the hole-in-the wall bakery swiped you up a few months ago, impressed with your skills at the chain coffee place. He’d been wanting to start serving more than drip coffee for ages, he just needed the right person to serve it.
“Good morning, Rian!” you call as you come through the back door. The only other employee is the baker, who gets so swept up in his work, he gets scared easily when you come in unannounced.
“Good morning!” Rian sings back. “Your pastry is at the front.”
You beam, wondering what Rian has made today. “Thank you.” You go up to the front to get everything going, snatching up your breakfast as you go - fresh strawberries and cream wrapped in a cone of delicate flaky crust. “Oh, God bless you Rian!” you whisper under your breath before taking a big bite. You turn on half the lights and start taking chairs off the tables, then turn on the equipment behind the counter and start grinding the coffee beans. People are already waiting, but it’ll be a bit before your doors open at six.
“How’s it going back here?” You go to fetch the trays Rian has lined up on the table, to set inside the glass display.
“Same as it ever was.” Rian’s been here baking probably since three in the morning, and his blue-gray scales are covered in flour and bits of dough. “How was breakfast?”
“I’m starting to think you can read my mind from blocks away,” you chuckle.
Rian wipes off his face and smiles. “It’s not hard to tell you like strawberries. What will be the special coffee of the day?”
You take out the little notebook in your bag. “I had a couple of ideas last night.”
Rian’s smile lifts the corners of his mouth. “Didn’t we just have that meeting with the boss about not taking work home with us?”
You clutch your notebook to your chest. “I like being prepared and memorizing what I have to say to customers. Not all of us can be witty and charming like you.”
Rian’s silver eyes widen. “Oh, so you think I’m charming?”
Your cheeks become heated. “Well sure, in a… you know, not anxiety-ridden sort of way like me.”
Rian stifles what you're certain would be a big guffaw. “You seem pretty charming yourself once you get used to someone.”
“That’s just life.” You pick up a tray of baked goods. “I’d elaborate, but I’m pretty sure the early morning masses will be beating down the door soon.”
“And the boss said we’d be replacing the glass next time it broke,” Rian teases.
You go up front, filling the glass case to the brim with all the baked goods. People are knocking and trying to pull the door open, but you still have fifteen minutes before opening. You decorate the outdoor sign to feature your drink of the day, then open the doors to admit the rush of customers.
After the breakfast stampede, things calm down and you can clean before the next rush. Rian comes out with new baked goods and you hand him his coffee. “Thanks,” he sighs and leans against the counter. “Are you alright?”
You shrug. “Everything goes so fast, I don’t really have time to worry about being anxious.” You rub at your neck and roll your shoulders. “At least there are some good tips today.”
Rian glances over to the tip jar. “I bet there’s at least one of those fake twenty-dollar bills with the bible verse on them. I’ll bet you an actual twenty.”
“No need to go that far for something we both know is true.” You yawn and stretch, glancing out the window at the glorious sunshine. It’s still morning, but it feels like noon to you. “Just gotta make it to one now.”
“You can request to not work every morning,” Rian says.
“I like it now. What’s the use in changing? Besides, I’d have to get used to someone else. I already know you,” you giggle.
Rian smiles. “Aww shucks, you really like me.”
You push down the top layer of the trash with your foot to compact it all. “You're the best coworker I’ve ever had, that’s all I’m saying.” Rian really is. Working in the chain coffee shop for two years, you’ve seen everything, people cycled through so rapidly that you sometimes barely had a chance to learn names. Rian is an excellent worker, an amazing baker, and sweet, tall and handsome. What else could you want?
“Then where’s my mug saying so?” Rian taps the side of his paper coffee cup. “This recyclable cup does not do that honor justice.”
You giggle. “You gotta earn enough points before you get the mug.”
Rian nods thoughtfully. “So there’s a point system now?”
“Always has been.” You smile up at him. He’s a lot taller than you, which was very intimidating when you met, and looked terrifying when he was serious. Luckily, the two of you warmed up well to each other. He’s only had to use his scary persona a few times to rude and belligerent customers.
“How do I earn points then?” Rian asks. “Shouldn’t I know the game I’m playing so I can play it well?”
“You’re already good at it. Why ruin it and tell you so you can overthink it?” you chuckle.
Rian leans a little further over the counter. “Do I get points if, let's say, I take you out for dinner?”
Goosebumps prickle the back of your neck. “Do you wanna bribe me for a mug?”
Rian shrugs. “Or maybe I just would like to take you out to dinner.”
Your eyes narrow as you try to think what this could mean. Dinner could just mean friends hanging out outside of work, which you two have only been able to do a couple of times. It also could mean something romantically inclined, which seems ridiculous. You aren’t sure what to believe. He could be serious, but then again he could be teasing you since you brought up this whole points thing.
“What for?” you finally ask.
Rian’s smile becomes a little softer, and he sits up straighter. “So we can have dinner. Maybe go see a movie or take a walk.” He shrugs, looking a little more nervous.
Your mouth is getting dry. “Like a friendly excursion?”
“Sure.” Rian seems a little more nervous. “Maybe even the friendliest of excursions.”
“What’s friendliest?”
Rian chuckles awkwardly and rubs the back of his head, his fingers running over the spikes and raised scales. “I guess one might call such a thing a date.”
Should you panic or celebrate? In your head the two aren’t that different. You just look at Rian blankly, mouth dry, tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth.
“I know it’s a dangerous question. Maybe I’ll lose points. But if I don't ask, I'm just going to keep thinking about it over and over and over, and I really don’t want to keep doing that. You know how you said sometimes it’s like your mind is a hamster on a wheel, and it doesn’t know how to stop? I guess it’s like that.”
You take a big gulp from your water bottle to overcome the dryness. “I wouldn’t say no to dinner,” you murmur. “It’s an important meal.”
Rian nods. “It is.”
You bite your lip. “Okay.”
“I wouldn’t mind a date,” you say with a slight crack in your voice.
Rian’s eyes widen in excitement. “Okay, then! Um...we’re both off Sunday…”
“Sunday is nice. I have laundry, though,” you say uneasily. “But I suppose that can wait.”
Rian offers a small, adorable smile. “Where do you go to do your laundry?”
“There’s a coin wash down the street from my place,” you say shyly. “I usually go there in the mornings, since I’m up anyway.”
“How about we meet there?” Rian suggests. “We could do laundry, have coffee, and then we can just talk about what we’d like to do for the day.”
Doing laundry as a date? Is that even legal? “Sounds cute,” you squeak.
The door opens, and Rian stands to attention. “Later,” he says as he retreats to the back.
Your heart is hammering, but not in the usual anxious sort of way. It actually feels nice to have your heart race for once.
When the evening shift arrives, you and Rian leave work together. You’re quiet at first, standing just outside the door as he adjusts his backpack. “So, about Sunday. Where would you like to meet?” He fidgets with the strap of his backpack.
“I usually go around eight in the morning. Sleeping in for me is like seven.” You twist the ring on your finger around and around.
“So, the coin wash closest to your place?” Rian asks.
“Yeah, it’s got this big pink bubble sign out front. You can’t miss it.” You try to dispel the clinging awkwardness. “Are you going to school now?”
“Yeah, but I’m down to just one class a day now, so I’m not as busy as I was last semester.” Rian scratches the back of his neck. “You?”
“Online classes exclusively.” You stand there quietly for a second. “Sunday?”
Rian nods. “Sunday.” He turns and unlocks his bike. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”
“That’s true,” you laugh. “Well, be safe out there.”
Rian puts on his helmet, then waves. “You, too.”
You head to your bus stop and wait. You can’t help but overthink. You’ve never really under-thought before, so you wouldn’t know how. You fret about what you’ll wear on Sunday, how to look cute while most of your clothes are in the wash. You want to look nice, but not like you’re trying. You want to look flirty, but not seductive. Why the hell is dating so hard? Especially when Rian offered to make it somewhat casual! “Get over yourself, girl,” you mutter under your breath. “You know Rian. You like Rian! This shouldn’t be an overthinking situation. You’re excited, why are you like this?”
The bus comes, and getting on allows you a moment of reprieve from your thoughts. Back at your place, you focus on cleaning and classwork, once that’s over, it starts all over again.
“What are you doing?” Your roommate, Cleo, comes out of her room and sees you staring into nothingness. “Let that hamster in your head rest.”
You huff and close your laptop. “I’ve got a date for Sunday.”
“Oh, good!” Cleo turns on the coffee pot. Her work shift is late, so usually you two barely see each other aside from crossing in the middle of the day. “Who with?”
“The baker from work I was telling you about.” You put your schoolwork into your bag and zip is shut.
“The pretty lizard guy?” Cleo exclaims happily.
You flinch. “Yeah.”
“Good! About time.” Cleo picks a reusable coffee cup from the many on the counter. “Where are you going?”
“The laundromat.”
Cleo gives you a look of confusion and annoyance. “The laundromat? You sure it was a date, and he didn’t ask you to do a favor?”
“No, I’m sure! We agreed we’d get coffee, talk, and plan what else we’d like to do that day.” You shrug. “I thought it sounded cute.”
“Sounds too rom-com to me.” Cleo pours her coffee. “What are you wearing?”
How can she ask such a thing? “I’m not sure.”
Cleo beams. “I have that cute little track suit you can borrow.”
“That purple velvet one that looks like Prince made it?”
Cleo gives you a look like you should know better. “No! That’s my money suit. I’m talking about the pastel tye-dye one. Comfy and casual, but it makes any ass look like the best peach at the grocery store.”
“I guess that’s what I was trying to go for, but…”
“No buts, only your butt! You wanna have him ask for a second date, right? Then trust me on this.”
You do want to have that second date with Rian. You like him a lot, and you thought he was cute as soon as the intimidation wore off. He’s just your type, and you work together well.
Cleo tilts her head to the side and looks up at you. “That’s a yes, right? You haven’t said anything for a while.”
“Yes!” You clear your throat. “That is a yes.”
“Okay, good. I’ll lay out your clothes and perfume to wear as well.”
Cleo is like a drill sergeant of fashion and flirting. Being a bartender, she’s seen it all, and is prepared for any situation. “You’re going to be alluring! Seductive! But also casual and cute. Do you understand? Perfume is a big part of this costume.”
“It’s a costume now?”
“Regalia. Whatever you want to call it.” Cleo checks the clock. “I’ll get everything ready tomorrow.” She takes her black coffee and waves. “Don’t let that hamster onto the wheel again!”
“I won’t.” You sigh and go into your bedroom.
The next day, you arrive at work as normal. There is that slight hint of anxiety, but you know you can’t let it bother you during the morning rush. “Good morning!” you announce as you come in.
“Good morning!” Rian grunts it out. “Breakfast is out front.”
“Thank you.” You hesitate. “What the heck are you doing over there?”
Rian looks up from a massive wad of dough. “It’s baguette day.”
You gasp. “I completely forgot!”
Once a month Rian makes French bread, and the loaves fly off the shelves so fast you’ve had to set a purchase limit. You get to work immediately, eating your breakfast as you try to get ready for the bread rush. So many people are already waiting outside, you open up thirty minutes early to make sure there isn’t too much congestion right off the bat. Rian literally makes bread all day, leaving enough dough that the second shift will be able to just bake, bake, bake.
You bring Rian an iced coffee during a break in the rush. “You must be so hot back here.”
“Not really.” He’s got a thin film of flour all over him. “Cooler blood, remember?”
“Ah, true. So I suppose this feels nice to you.” You look around at everything. He has so much done and prepared, but there’s surprisingly little mess. “Did that factor in to your decision to become a baker?”
Rian gulps down half his drink. “Kind of. Mainly I just liked bread. Went on from there.” He sets the cup aside. “I must look like a mess.”
You wet a washcloth, then hand it to him. “You look like a ghost.”
“Damn. I’ve not let myself sit still since I got in.” Rian wipes his face, then his arms. “Have you set anything aside for yourself?”
“I’ve been afraid I’ll lose fingers if I do,” you chuckle. “Hopefully I’ll be able to grab a loaf before I leave today.”
“I’ll set one aside for you, then. Don’t worry about it.” Rian picks up his drink again and finishes it off. “I needed that.”
You hear the door open. “No problem. I’ll try and get you another one later.”
When you go to collect your backpack at the end of the shift, you see a big paper bag laid before it. Inside is a loaf of Rian’s fresh bread. You grin widely, excited at the prospect of having some toasted with butter when you get home.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” Rian asks as he puts on his backpack.
You nod and smile. “Still wanna do laundry with me?”
“You bet.” Rian looks you over with a keen eye. “Do you?”
It’s a way out, but you don’t want to take it. “Of course. I’m really excited about it. I’m just nervous so ignore me.”
Rian gets off his bike and stands closer to you. “If it helps, I’m nervous too. I really like working with you and having you as a friend, so I really don’t want this to turn sour, and…” He stops and chuckles. “See? I can overthink too.”
You smile shyly. “That actually does make me feel better. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that way.” You tuck your hair behind your ear. “Should I bring anything tomorrow?”
Rian pulls his bike back up. “Just your lovely self. But I might bring something.”
Your stomach rumbles, but in a happy way. “Okay. I’ll see you at eight, then.”
“Eight it is.” Rian coasts away on his bike, and you take a moment to catch your breath.
At home, you see Cleo laying out the cute outfit for you, as well as a few other small items like perfume and jewelry. “Is that bread?” she asks, sniffing the air as you walk in.
“Yeah, go ahead and have some before you go to work.”
Cleo pulls out the loaf with a bright smile. “Sweet manna from heaven.”
You sniff the perfume she’s picked, surprised by how subtle it is. “Thanks for the outfit. Do you have anything you’d like me to wash tomorrow?”
“I don’t have much. Mainly I just need my underwear done,” she says. “If you feel like doing that in front of him.”
You lift up the outfit, and underneath it you see a matching bra and panty set. “What do you think is going to happen tomorrow?”
“Anything, and like a boy scout you want to be prepared for anything.” She comes over with an extra-thick slice of bread in her hands. “You’ve been mooning over this young fellow ever since you started working with him. Even if all you do is unzip the top a little bit, he’ll be greeted with something very inviting.”
“It’s a first date!”
Cleo just shrugs. “I’ve had plenty of first dates that ended with us naked. Sometimes in bed, sometimes skinny-dipping after breaking into the public pool. You never know.”
“Well, the set is cute. Soft.” You rub the fabric between your fingers.
“So what is he like? Is he ripped? I guess he has good hands, considering all the kneading he does,” she says with a smirk.
You stifle a snicker. “Yes, very good hands. Nice arms. I guess he’s pretty fit. I see him mostly in his apron or his work shirt.”
“Does he still ride a bike?” Cleo sounds a bit suggestive when she asks this.
You eyeball her. “Yeah, he does. What are you trying to drive at?”
“Nothing,” she chuckles. “Well, have fun tomorrow. Don’t think too hard on things, just try and go with the flow. Okay?”
“Yeah, I know,” you say with a gracious smile. “Thanks for the help, Cleo. It means a lot to me.”
“Anytime. Tell that boy of yours he makes a mean bread,” she says as she gathers her bag to go.
You set everything she gave you into your room, then gather all the laundry you need to take out in the morning. You scour the bathroom and under your bed, making sure you have a full basket. At bedtime you lie wide awake, thinking how you’ll greet Rian first thing in the morning. It’s always been so easy to start the day with him, but this isn’t work. It’s a date. You fidget and toss before you finally fall asleep.
Your alarm blares in the morning, and you scurry to get ready. You do everything that Cleo told you, including the hairstyle. You put on the perfume then dress. The new bra and panty set feels a little weird because they’re new, but they fit at least. You get to the laundromat early to sort without Rian seeing your, well, dirty laundry. You go inside and set your basket in one of the carts. Rian isn’t far behind, and comes through the door just as you’re loading a machine.
Last night you had so many planned greetings for him, rather than your usual ‘good morning’, but as soon as you see Rian you forget all of them. You’ve never seen him in jeans and a t-shirt before. Something about that makes him look so sexy, it throws you off your rhythm. “Good morning.” Rian sets his basket near yours and takes off his backpack. “How are you?”
“Good.” The shirt he’s wearing is just a touch too tight. “Good morning,” you sputter.
Rian tugs at the shirt self-consciously. “I don’t have many tops, since I'm usually at work or school,” he says. “This was the only clean thing I had, and I think it’s from high school or something.” He opens a machine and just dumps his clothes in.
“You’re not sorting them?” you blurt.
“What’s to sort?” Rian asks. “Oh, you mean like I should wash my shirts and pants separately?”
You never assumed he wouldn’t just be good at everything. “No,” you begin to laugh. “Like, you seperate colors. Lights from darks, and your whites in another pile.”
Rian’s brow pinches and he looks down at the machine. “Oh, crap. I really started strong today.”
You break into a laugh and shake your head. “No, no, it’s okay. I’ll show you.” You walk him through how you do your laundry. He’s surprised by how little detergent you use, and you’re shocked by how much he does. After you’ve both started a load, you sit back and he pulls out the breakfast sandwiches he made. They’re so good, even if they’ve cooled.
Then you go and get coffee at the bodega around the corner. Rian ogles the cat at the front and laments how he misses his cats back home. “You have cats?” you ask.
“Technically they’re my mom’s, but I love them like they’re mine.” He sips his coffee and looks up to the sky. “I like yours better.”
Rian nods and smiles. “Yeah of course. It’s way better, like ten times better.”
He reaches down, taking your free hand into his. It’s a stunning moment, but you relax into it, trying to not think too much about how big his hand is. “Anything you’d like to do after laundry?” you ask. “Maybe when I drop my clothes off at my place, I can make you a coffee?”
“That’d be nice. I can make lunch too, if you don’t mind me snooping through your fridge,” he chuckles.
You wonder if your house is clean. Would he judge you for the mess in your fridge? Would you have everything he’d need to cook something? Is the house really clean? Oh god, is there anything embarrassing out in the bathroom?
At the crosswalk you hear church bells in the distance. Rian squeeze your hand a bit more, and for a moment the world drifts to a stop. You look up at him, he looks back at you, and your breath catches as you think how nice a soft kiss would be. But then the light changes, and you cross the street.
Back at the laundromat, you move your things from washer to dryer. “Have you ever wanted to just hop in and ride in one of these?” Rian knocks on the glass door.
“Get out of my head!” you laugh.
Rian dips down, placing a soft kiss on your cheek. In surprise you turn your head, lips brushing scales. You both shyly part. Then you lean in again, meeting that sweet kiss you wanted at the crosswalk.
“Not too bad,” Rian chuckles.
“Kind of smooth there.” You lick your lips. “Right in front of the dryers and whatnot.”
You sit down and talk for awhile, commenting on the weather and how creepy the store across the street looks. Then you begin talking about childhood things, previous work experiences. You talk about past relationships, and both of you have had rocky ones. “I haven’t really dated since I started working at the bakery,” Rian says. “I just really wanted to focus on that, then finishing culinary school. I figured someone would come along one day.” He gives you a smile as he says this.
Once the dryers are done, you load up your stuff and head to your apartment. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get the coffee started.”
Rian takes your hand, then pulls you in close, gently lifts your head and kisses you, much more intently than before. You place your hands on his chest and move closer, wrapping your arms around him. The kiss makes you feel sweltering, it’s that good. “Wow,” you giggle.
“Like that?” he smirks. He places a kiss on your cheek. “Been waiting for that.”
You finally pull yourself away and make him a special coffee drink, although your mind flutters back to that kiss. You sit together on your sofa, chatting away like at the laundromat. You move closer and closer to one another, until you’re almost on top of him. You want to feel his scales, to have his tail wrap around your back. You do wind up making out, but nothing happens that day.
Sometime down the road, Cleo is leaving on a long weekend. You’re off most of that weekend yourself, due to upcoming exams. You’ve not been alone in your apartment before, and it makes you nervous. “I know this might sound sudden,” you say to Rian. “But I have the apartment to myself this weekend, and it’s kind of… spooky sometimes.”
Rian looks surprised, but a smile appears. “You want me to come stay the night?”
“If it isn’t a hassle. I’d really like having someone there, especially at night. I don’t really like being alone there. I mean, Cleo works nights but she’s always home by…”
Rian grins. “You don’t need to explain, I’d love to spend the weekend with you. I can come over after I’m done with school today. How’s that sound?”
“That would be great! Thank you!”
When it starts storming that afternoon, you’re more grateful than ever to have Rian staying the night. You clean the place while you wait. When Rian arrives, you’re mortified to see him soaked. “I’m so sorry! You could have waited until it stopped raining to come over!”
“It started raining while I was on my way,” he huffs. “I wasn’t going to back out.” He takes off his wet shirt and you see his bare chest for the first time, where the gray-blue scales pale into silver with flecks of black. He looks fit, with a strong trunk.
“I may have a sleep shirt you can wear.” You know you’re staring, but you can’t help yourself.
“I’m mainly just cold. Do you mind if we snuggle a bit until I warm up?” Rian asks.
Your heart races, but you readily agree. You sit with him on the sofa, snuggling into his arms and resting on his chest. Rian does feel cool to the touch, so you pull a blanket around you. “Thanks,” Rian sighs. “This feels nice.”
“It does.”
His hands rub up your back, and he places his cheek on your head. “You smell good too.”
You’d put on that perfume Cleo gave you before. “Thanks.” You run a hand up his chest. “If you’d like to take a hot shower, you can.”
“This is fine for now. I like being close to you.”
You sit up and lean back down to kiss him. You feel it growing deeper, especially as his hands begin to go under your shirt. Cool scales touch your warm, soft skin and a low moan grows in his throat. “Easy, now,” he whispers.
Rian chuckles. “I don’t want to overstep or anything.” He sits up with the blanket around his shoulders. “As much as I wouldn’t mind, I’m in your home so I should behave.”
You lick your lips. “What would be misbehaving?”
His silver eyes flick over your briefly. “Well, soft kisses become hard. Lips touch more than just lips. Skin is exposed. Heavy breathing.” He clears his throat. “That sort of behavior.”
“I like the sounds of that behavior,” you say breathlessly. “If you’re okay with it.”
Rian licks the corner of his mouth. “I’m okay with it.”
You stand up and take his hand, leading him to your bedroom. You lie down on the bed, pulling him on top of you. His weight feels nice, as he pins you to the bed, making your legs wrap around his waist. You run your hands over as much of him as you can reach, and he kisses down your body, pushing up your shirt and licking your skin.
“Is it okay if I touch you?” you ask with shuddering breath.
“Where?” Rian murmurs.
You sit up and have him lie on his back. You kiss his chest, moving your hands down his sides until you touch his jeans. You look up into his eyes, feeling nervous as you try to remain bold. You open up his pants as he watches you, a hazy look crossing his eyes. You rub his erection, then slowly tug down his underwear. You kiss his hips, moving down until your tongue darts over the base. Then you look up again to check his expression.
“I didn’t expect this,” Rian breathes.
You sit up and take off your shirt. “It’s fun.” You lean down again, pulling his penis from his underwear. It’s dark gray-blue in color with flecks of black all the way up to the spear-like tip. You lick him, taking the glans into your mouth as you stroke him. He moans, and it’s the most seductive sound you’ve ever heard. You touch yourself, feeling the wetness that has begun to seep out. Rian’s getting harder, and it feels nice against your tongue.
“Come here,” he moans. Rian pulls you up, kissing you as he replaces your fingers between your legs with his own. He finds you wet and pliant, and slips his fingers in to find the tenderest spots of you. You whimper, holding back your sounds of pleasure until it’s near impossible. You kiss him, moaning against his lips as his fingers swirl inside and out, making your mind come to a halt as the orgasm pulses through you.
Rian takes his fingers and shows you the fluids you left on them. He licks them clean before tugging away your panties and spreading your thighs open wide. You feel embarrassed being displayed like this, but Rian's gaze reawakens you. He sees you as a feast laid out, and he wants you. “Go ahead,” you say meekly. “If you want to, I mean.”
Rian slides his body back over yours. “Do you want to?”
You smile shyly. “Badly.”
Rian kisses you, opening you up with his hand. He places himself inside, slowly dipping in. He groans into your ear, pushing himself deeper. He feels hard inside you, and so good. “How do you feel?” Rian moans.
You lock your legs around him. “Like I want more.”
Rian kisses you, slowly grinding himself inside. He moves like he knows every inch of you, taking his time to make sure nothing gets left behind or ignored. You touch him, wanting to feel every inch of him. He drives deeper, harder, making you almost curl into a ball a few times. He whispers into your ear, breathing sweet nothings that only add to the curl of your toes.
The encounter leaves you breathless, and at last you lie panting on the bed with sweat on your brow. Rian lays beside you, his chest rising and falling like yours. You turn and look at him, seeing the pleasured yet exhausted look upon his face. He catches you staring, you both smile and start to giggle. The giggling turns into laughter, and soon you’re bundled back together, kissing and snickering.
“That was wonderful,” you purr. “You really do have a magic touch.”
Rian kisses your cheek. “Have I earned enough points to get that mug now?”
You both start laughing uncontrollably again. “You did this all for the mug! I should have known!” You kiss him and smooth your fingers along his face.
“Oh yes, you should have been aware of my scheme.” Rian lies beside you, placing his hand on your belly. “It’s always been about the mug.”
You roll into his arms, holding him close. “You’ll have to stay just like this until I get it.”
“Sounds fair.” Rian kisses the top of your head. “Sounds almost too good.”
You get up together and wander to the kitchen to stand in front of the fridge, picking and snacking on whatever you can find. You look at Rian, wondering if this will last. You want it to, desperately. Rian catches you staring and smiles. “What are you looking at?”
You hiccup and wipe your mouth. “Just you.”
“And what are you thinking?” He steals another kiss.
You shrug. “Too much. Like always.”
Rian runs his fingers through your hair. “Don’t worry. I plan on keeping this going for a long time. So save some thinking for later.”
Somehow he always knows. “Okay. I’ll try.”
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You couldn't handle lizardfolk cloaca
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Tumblr media
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my lizardfolk dnd character
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Victory is within grasp (Ernest Hogan, The Space Gamer 9, Metagaming, Dec 1976-Jan 1977)
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Drew two different parties im playing with as babies because serotonin 
Also sketch of ghost baby aurora training with her pseudo aunt shay  Because same reason. Generally just a lot of children 
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For the holidays I drew my DND group a movie poster for our campaign Immortuos 👀💖
From top to bottom, left to right:
Shenyu - mine
Koshi - @tiniestmagneto
Del - @moodybidoof
Montoya - @raritybuttons
And our gorgeous DM is @htfnoelle
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Cloudkill Spell
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