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neon--nightmare · 7 months ago
What are some songs that remind you of fresh?
OH OH OH!!! I ACTUALLY HAVE A. cough. Almost seven hour. playlist of songs i associate with him!!! ITS ON SPOTIFY HERE!! some songs are there just for psychic damage like caramelldansen and casin, id recommend listenin on shuffle so u can have the intended experience of going from Hey Ya! by Outkast to Back and Forth by Dr. Steel to Karma by AJR to Purple People Eater. as someone who’s special interest and ID has been fresh for,,, *checks* seven years strong, it’s definitely. The playlist i’ve made of all time
Tumblr media
#doodles#freshposting#UGH I LOVE TALKIN ABT HIM SO MUCH DUDE please send more asks abt him bros i need a distraction rn AVSNA;VDNSBFB#EVERY SONG IS ON THERE FOR A REASON!!!#even if the reason is ‘Yeah thatd be funny’#LIKE CARTOONS IS ON THERE BC. fresh doesnt view the people around him as REAL people#like he knows theyre real but he like. cant.. rlly UNDERSTAND or process it he jus sees them as pawns!! and its his way of like#not dealin w like… their emotions or thinkin any further abt it bc he just cant understand ITS HARD TO PUT INTO WORDS BUT I HOPE THE VIBES#THERE like he knows rationally they’re alive but he only rlly comprehends it w very few people (like pacifrisk in canon!!)#HE ALSO HAS A HUGE SUPERIORITY COMPLEX THAT HE DOESNT KNOW IS A SUPERIORITY COMPLEX unrelated to the song but bc of that#HE SEES HIMSELF AS JUST. BETTER. ABOVE. BC HE WAS *MADE* TO BE IN HIS MIND. and that’s why he refers to any of his emotions as like#ITD LIKE. not just having to deal w his own mind turning against him but he also has to deal w. just being like everybody else. he sees them#as WEAKNESS and therefore to him having them means hes weak and turns his entire worldview on his head#EVEN IGNORING THE WHOLE THING W THE HIGHER UPS AND FRESH 2.0 WHERE IF HE STOPPED BEING ENTERTAINING TO THEM HED LITERALLY BE KILLED ND#REPLACED WITH A ‘BETTER’ VERSION WHOS EVERYTHING HE CANT BE BUT REFUSES TO ADMIT IT EVEN TO HIMSELF#ITS ALL SO. MAN people overlook his superiority complex a lot and I think that needs to be explored more in fanon bc itd be a huge part of#his struggle w emotions; and he wouldnt even ADMIT it was a complex bc to him its just. the truth. he IS better. hes above all the ‘weak’#people w their confusing emotions and boring lives and happiness sadness love attachments unchecked anger#hes ABOVE that and bc he cant comprehend it it’s like#watchin animals at the zoo through a thick layer of glass and throwin rocks at them from safety. u know theyre real but they can’t affect u#they can react but theyre helpless and at ur ‘mercy’ for entertainment NOT SAYIN. ANYBODY WOULD DO THIS BUT.#and that in ur mind ur better than them; because youre FREE arent you? you’re not caged#but in reality you’re inside an even bigger glass cage. you’re an experiment just as much as they are. you’re not better you’re the same as#the animals.#HES SO COMPLICATED DUDE AAAGH this is what happens when u ask me one sentence i turn it into a completely different essay on freshs#COMPLEXES IM SORRY AJDBSJFBDKFBDMFBS#HES JUST. AAAHHH STAMPS MY FEET I WAS PACIN NONSTOP AS I WROTE THIS i love fresh so much#I MISS RPING HIM SO BADLY EVERY DAY I SWEARRRRR#it’s just an energy issue unfortunately ADKJSMSBFNBD#asks
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i actually have never seen the other scream movies
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homoeroticvillain · 6 months ago
i hate every time some one compares yttd and danganronpa but also im goin to compare that. by that i mean yttd is such a better written game but god danganronpa means more to *me*
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idontknowyettttt · a year ago
I can not explain the sheer amount of serotonin I get every month when MCC happens. And when everyone starts going live and you’re trying to pick who you wanna watch but you get all overwhelmed with happiness. I live for MCC guys :’)
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n0maku · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
started watchin invader zim (yes. in 2021) and my investment is hinging on one (1) character’s continued existence.
first doodle set is from memory and the second i pulled up some refs for. added some dialogue to em after for funsies
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tenshindon · a year ago
yamcha’s confidence  🥰 🥰
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karda · a year ago
mso tired
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moxymcyt101 · a year ago
this server is my new favourite thing in the whole world, it is incredible
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ghostyrivergirl · 8 months ago
I really gotta build some online friend groups lmao
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acidic-vagabond · 9 months ago
successfully got my sis @djc4t64 and her gf into gegege no kitaro
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tr-as-hr-at · a year ago
my lil cousin/aunt/neice: is this a real song?
me: *blinks at her*
her: oh yea i forgot every song is a real song
me: *bursts into laughter*
her: *confused*
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hakkais-hoe · 7 months ago
Whiny Men
Just some random hcs that I had to get down cos they’re plaguing me rn
Warnings:18+ content mdni, whiny men ig, should be gn but can’t promise. All characters are 18+ (so Bonten or when Izana took over Toman time skip n Shin is fine as he is.)
Welcome to my ted talk please enjoy (:
Aight can we talk bout the men that whine for a minute, like immediately I’m thinkin Shinichiro, Izana, Mikey, Shion n Sanzu.
Imagine riding these men n just you sinking down on their cock has them whining straight in your ear, some of em are quiet about it n slightly embarrassed but man some of the others are loud n fuckin proud of it
Shinichiro is definitely loud about it, hes by far the most eager to have watch your heat sinking down on his dick, he guides you over it with a massive grin on his face before letting you take over. What he didn’t expect is how much different it would be with you in control, loud whines slip past pasted lips when you grind down on his base, his head throws back into the pillows at the squeeze of you, he doesn’t muffle any of it, whines ya name through out. Loud, loud, loud man.
Izana on the other hand has to be persuaded into letting you be on top, he likes his control. But once your up there gripping his shaft like a vice deep inside you he’s in pure heaven. This man muffles his whines by biting his lip but every once in a while when you bounce perfectly or grip him tightly, a quiet whine will slip past clenched teeth. He tries to speak normally but every word is a prolonged whine. Grips your thighs like they’re life support. Overall more subdued whines compared to Shin.
9/10 mainly because they’re muffled
Mikey is so so so fucking loud! This man practically cry’s out when you slam down on his sensitive cock, he begs as well, whiny needy begs perforate your ears as you ride him. Another one that suggests it, actually on rly suggests it because he doesn’t want to move so he lazily asks you to ride him one the couch while ur watchin a film, safe to say it was never watched. Drools like he’s in heat, literally doesn’t stop whining about how good you feel and how much he needs to fill you up. So fucking pretty all whiny and needle below you.
1000/10 lord give me strength, this is all I can think bout now 😮‍💨
Shion, this man is all over it when you suggest it, definitely plans to take over and fuck you like an animal from below. This doesn’t go to plan. He’s cross eyed and dopey after just the tip enters your slick entrance, might as well have tapped out right there tbf. Almost cums at the sight of your heat taking his thick cock, holds it in like a champ, doesn’t however manage to hold in any of his whiny cry’s for more, harder and “fuck feels so good”. His voice is the only one that actually gets more pitchy when he gets closer, becomes grabby as well sinking bony fingers into the skin of your hips as he thrusts your to meet you. His after moans are whiny as fuck too.
200/10 I love him but mikey does whiny better 😩 sorry bby
Sanzus poor little drugged up brain can’t come to terms with how fucking good it feels all wrapped up inside you, legit cry’s when you bottom out on top of him, your walls massaging his sensor tip send him reeling into pure bliss, can’t help but meet you thrust for thrust, his hips cantering to meet with the plush if your arse as you ride him. His whines are by far the prettiest like they’re so fucking sexy you could cum just listening to him cry for you. He bites you (I take no criticism on this he’s obviously feral) sinks his teeth into any part of you he can get to even if that’s just your arm. Will 1000% cum inside you and let out the loudest fuckin whine you’ve ever heard, them promptly either pass out or go completely limp noodle and make you praise him. Cannot stop smiling throughout as well tho it’s kinda creepy sometimes. Still whines when your done but purely for attention this time, also lays his head on your chest or stomach n leaves hickeys n bite marks all over you to make up for not being able to give you more when u were riding. This guy is either a feral beast or a whiny masochist there is no in between.
♾/10 this man is a god n I take no questions on it
Idk why this is all I can think about but I thought I’d share 😂
Taglist🏷 @loonashadow @soushswag @bontensbabygirl @haitink @roppongiperfume @bachibachibee @sunahyejin @wakasagurl
If anyone else wants addin let me know 😊
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stargirlfics · 4 months ago
Just thinking about stoned Jon!!!! soft n giggly just radiating charm watchin w movie and you wanna cuddle and he can’t keep his hands off you
Literally this thought is making my brain melt 🥺 I’m waiting for an edible to kick in rn actually and uggggh, he’d so soft and smiley and handsy too cause that’s just a given! Yess watching a movie with him and just enjoying each other’s company while he enjoys his high…gimme omg! There would be lots of playful convo and soft touches!
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thehangetimes · a year ago
note: why would iwa literally be so upset ur team kong like there’s only one reason why,,, monke (he’ll also never look at zeke jaeger the same again he looks too much like kong)
warnings: pettiness lmao
mlb acc: @hangesidekick
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
godzilla FOR LIFE
iwaizumi had recently bought the godzilla vs kong movie and he really wanted to watch it with you, so when you sat down in your shared living room, with snacks on the table and blankets on the couch and and the movie ready to play, you prefaced the next two hours by saying, “baby, i love you, but i’m on team kong” iwa looked you dead in the eyes, scoffed, ripped the blanket off of you, “you chose the wrong side.” AND THATS ALL HE SAYS, you have to get up and grab the crappier blanket because he won’t share with someone on team kong. whenever the fight scenes come on, he’s on the edge of his seat, it’s so funny you’re trying so hard not to burst out laughing. when godzilla absolutely TRASHES kong in one of the fight scenes, he’s like SO COCKY ABOUT IT, so in retaliation when kong hands godzilla his ass in the next fight, YOU GET COCKY, he just sits there rolling his eyes, jaw set, waiting for godzilla to redeem himself. best part is when the movies finished he doesn’t cuddle you all night, he doesn’t shove you off when you cling to his arm, he just doesn’t cuddle you back, he lays limp (istg this man will become prettier than oikawa).
it’s literally a tik tok bro
suna sends you tik toks and memes all day long but your busy sometimes and don’t have time to respond to them, so when he sent you a tik tok while you were doing something for your manager at work, you don’t respond, and then forget about it, leaving your phone in your bag so you can do what your boss told you. you get back to your phone to finally look at the tik tok and you have like 4782 messages JUST FROM SUNA going, ‘open it. why didn’t you open it. respond to me brat. what tf is so important you can’t respond to me’ like??? excuse me i have things to do. when you finally respond he’s like, ‘tOoK yOu LoNg EnOuGh’ like wtf??? he’s been spending too much time with the twins...
silence and your eyes on him
if you don’t watch him serve or set during practice he literally gets so sad lmao, like you’ll be talking to kita doing manager things and atsumu REFUSES to serve when you’re not watching, he says ‘a do better when a know yer watchin’ baby’ because him being in your line of sight TOTALLY increases his skills :| so he calls you to watch himself serve and surprise he gets a service ace with ease, like he’s not japan’s number one high school setter??? nonetheless you congratulate him and he walks over to you kissing you in the temple and then goes back to complete another service ace, with you of course still watching (otherwise he’ll literally start whining and won’t serve for the rest of practice like atsumu pLeASe)
say hi to baby bo rn >:(((
if you say hello first to anyone but him he gets so whiny and petty it’s so funny hendjebshdn. you first found this out when you walked into the gym greeting akaashi before him, he crossed his arm and ignored you for the whole of practice, pout GLUED to his face, when you asked him what was wrong and why he wasn’t talking to you he goes ‘oh you wanted to speak to me? i thought i wasn’t important enough’ and your all like ‘where tf did you get that idea?’ and he’s all like ‘you said hi to ‘kaashi before me, so since he’s so iMpOrTaNt why don’t you go talk to him.” you just look at him like ‘r u bein serious rn’ you looked to akaashi who just shrugged. so know your forced to greet drama king bokuto before everyone else, even if you have to give others the silent treatment until he arrives.
this is a plain milk only sanctuary
so... kageyama really likes milk... you however don’t really enjoy plain milk. and kageyama has always thought you were wEiRd for not liking pLaIn MiLk,, so whenever you whip out chocolate milk, strawberry milk, peach milk, banana milk, oat milk, almond milk, avocado milk, he stares at you with a face of disgust (like the mofo doesn’t drink those kinds of milk?? like shut up bro i u drinking banana milk yesterday) he’ll then proceed to tell you all the benefits of drinking plain milk,,,, so you can’t remember y=mx+b but you can remember nutrition facts on the back of a milk carton... :| you retaliate this petty behavior by being lawful petty,,,, slurping your milk EXTRA LOUD HAH!
Tumblr media
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paisley-print · a year ago
12:00am / Make Do Here
Tumblr media
About:  Jack tends to your wounds after you get into a fight with a creep at a NYE barn party. He’s intrigued by the new woman in town. 
Rating: 18+
Word count: 2828
Characters: Agent Whiskey x Reader
Warnings: SMUT (PV, Oral Fem Receiving, Dom! Whiskey) Curse words, mentions of a physical altercation, blood, mentions of sexual assault. 
Please be aware that this is a deceptively dark series. All the stories work as one shots....but if you do choose to read the entire series, just be aware.
Notes: My first smut fic...belive it or not. I have spell checked this.... but I literally need glasses that I can’t afford rn so please tell me if there is something in need of fixing. 
Prologue: Midnight  / MIDNIGHT Series MasterList
Three Years Prior
“You’re bleeding all over my carpet” Whiskey said, looking over his shoulder as he led the way down the hall. 
“Well, pardon fuckin’ me” you snapped.
“Easy there darlin’, I ain’t the one you got a problem with. Be thankful I didn’t send you on your way. Normally I don’t take kindly to party crashers.”
“I came with Casey’’ you corrected. “And you should be more concerned about your asshole friend. Trying to stick his hand up her skirt like that - he’s lucky a concussion was all I gave him.”
“Now he was a party crasher…. and is being dealt with accordingly.” Whiskey assured, flicking on the lights in the bedroom, then leading you into an attached bathroom. “Sit” he said, pushing a few things to the side to allow you room on the counter. 
You winced as you pulled yourself up to sit on the edge “what does that mean exactly?” 
Jack cleared his throat while he searched the medicine cabinet. You saw yourself in the reflection of the glass, hair mused and bleeding from your cheek.The asshole managed to get a solid swing in before you broke a bottle over his head, the ring he was wearing split your cheek wide open.
“Well” Jack said, tilting his hat up a little.“The people around here don’t take kindly to those who disrespect women. They’ll rough him up a bit, then let him go.”
“Why don’t you just call the cops?” 
“So his daddy can bail him out and he gets off without so much as a warning? No ma’am, we handle our own business around here. Don’t trust cops very much. Our methods may seem backwards, but trust me, they work. Alright-” he said, closing the cabinet then turning to face you “tilt your head up for me, sweetheart.”
He moved closer, holding a bottle of peroxide and a few cotton pads. He placed a hand under your chin to tilt your face to the side and into the light. 
“Sweetheart?” you repeated, lifting an eyebrow at the man.
“What? Do you prefer darlin’?”
You rolled your eyes playfully. You knew he didn’t mean anything by it, it’s simply how most people spoke around here.“I can do this myself, it’s not a big deal.”
“What kinda host would I be If I let you pick glass out of your hand by yourself?” He reached up and touched the cotton pad to the wound on your face. 
You sucked in a sharp breath and pulled back a little.
Jack stopped for a moment, his brows knit. “He got you good there, didn’t he?” The cowboy sighed and shook his head. “That’ll probably need a butterfly... here, hold this there for a second.” 
He placed the cotton pad on your face again, being much more gentle this time. Then took your uninjured hand and placed it over the cotton for you to hold it. 
“Sorry about your carpet,” you told him.
“Don’t worry about it, I needed to get them cleaned anyway,” he turned back to face you “now this might pinch a little.” 
You titled you’re headed toward the light again, “I’ll pay for it.”
“No Mam, it was my party.”
“I mean, it’s a block- ‘’ you swallowed hard as you felt Jack adjust the butterfly bandage to your face. “It’s a block party. Not like you expected this kind of thing.”
“True, but it’s taking place in my barn I shoulda been watchin’ - how does that feel?” He asked, pulling back to see his work. 
You lifted your hand to touch the plastic. “Good, thank you.”
“Now to your hand….. probably best if we do this over the sink.”
You nodded and let him take hold of your wrist. The peroxide felt like acid on the sensitive flesh of your palm. You stared straight ahead, fingers flexing in a death grip on your knee.
He could see that you were in pain, so he figured he would continue speaking to take your mind off it. “How do you know Casey?” 
“We were roommates in college” you spoke through strangled vocal cords. 
He set the bottle down and reached for the tweezers. “Whatcha study?” 
“Cul- fuck-” you tried to jerk away, but his firm grip on your wrist held your hand in place.
“Sorry darlin’ gotta get the glass out” his gaze was focused downward. “What were you saying?”
“Culinary with a minor in business management,” you gritted.
“So what do you do with that? Work in a restaurant?” He seemed genuinely curious. 
“No, own a bakery- well trying. I bought one but I gotta fix it up- I worked in one in New York for a while then decided to come down here. Cheaper to live…. slower- fuck that hurts so bad.” you winced.
“I know, I’m tryin’.”
“What about you? Casey said you’re some sort of DEA CIA- government…. something.”
He chuckled a little “yeah something like that. What I do is not the most interesting. Office work normally, but I get to travel sometimes.”
“What’s the best place you’ve been so far?”
“Hawaii is nice... Brazil is pretty great too. Anywhere there is sunshine and palm trees I’m just about happy with. What about you? You do a lot of traveling?”
“If you count the trip from New York to here as traveling. I’ve never been out of the country, but I wish. As soon as I get enough money, I’m buying a plane ticket out of here - going to see the Colosseum or the Notre Dame.”
“You like history?” he asked, now wrapping gauze gently around your palm.
“I like pretty buildings, and great food... can’t really get much of it America.”
He glanced up at you with a smile. “Are you implying that my barbecue doesn’t count as great food? I must say that I am offended -”
You laughed “your barbecue was very good- little dry, but we could all improve on something.”
He scoffed, “well since, you got to try mine, it is only fair that I try yours.” When he was done, he taped up the edge so it wouldn’t move.
“You’re in luck, because there are two trays of cookies outside ready for you to critique.”
“Then we should get back outside then.” 
“We should,” you agreed, not breaking his gaze. “Though it’s almost midnight…. I don’t think we’ll make it before the ball drops.”
“Probably won’t,” he confirmed, stepping forward. “What would you have us do then?”
“Make do here I guess” you said, biting your lip.
He moved your knees apart so he could stand between them “that so?”
“Yes, sir” you breathed, heart racing.
He looked down at you, reaching up and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Sir?” he questioned.
“My southern charm is rubbing off on you.”
“Might be” you shivered as his hands came to your hips and pulled you closer.
He hummed. “Then if that’s the case... I think there is a simple little question you still have to ask me?”
You swallowed hard, closing your eyes. “Kiss me?”
“Good, but there is room for improvement.” He pressed his lips gently against yours. There was a level of control to the kiss, he was holding back. He forced himself to break the kiss. “It has just occurred to me I never got your name.”
“Well ain’t that pretty - my name’s Jack… I guess we could go back to the party now.”
“Do you want to?”
He placed a hand on your thigh “not particularly.”
“Then what do you want to do?” You asked, snatching his hat and put it on your head. 
The look he gave you was absolutely sinful. Those brown eyes turned dark and seemed to drink up every inch of your body. “Careful now,” he warned. “We got an old saying around here - you take the cowboy hat, you take the cowboy.”
You winked at him and flicked the tip of the hat up a. “That so?”
His other hand settled on your thigh and squeezed. “Yes, mam.”
“How does the cowboy feel about that?”
“You want me to be honest’?”
His fingers plucked idly at the fabric of your dress. “I’ve been watchin you all night - dance around in that tiny little dress you got on, thinkin’ how good it would look bunched up around your waist while I fuck you.”
You pretended to think it over. “I’ll trade you- the hat for the dress.”
“Christ darlin’” he whispered, you could tell his self-control was running low. 
You leaned up to press your lips to his again - he let you just brush them against his before he moved back a little. His lips curled into a cocky little grin as he saw how desperate you looked to taste him. He was getting back at you for teasing him, you both wanted to dominate. “Now, as wonderful as it would be to take you right here on this counter - it might be a more enjoyable experience, considering the state of your hand - if we moved this to the bed. Wadda say?”
You didn’t like when people referred to you as vulnerable, so you shot back. “This about my hand or you’re advanced age?” 
He chuckled a little, glancing down at his feet before looking back up at you. He lifted a hand, moving a strand of hair from your face before taking hold of your chin, thumb pressing against your lips. Slowly, he moved the digit back and forth before sliding it into your mouth. “If you’re asking whether you can call me daddy, then I’ll tell you - most women do.”
You took hold of the finger, closing your lips and circling your tongue around it- only to withdraw it from your mouth with a wet pop. “Well, I’m not most women” you corrected. 
His resolve shattered at that moment. Lips met yours in a bruising kiss. It was more of a battle than anything. He sucked and bit and explored your mouth with his skilled tongue. You gasped against his mouth as he pulled you off the counter by your hips. As soon as you’re back hit the sheets, he was attacking your neck, sucking marks into your flesh that you know will last days. 
You threaded your fingers into his brown curls and pulled. 
In response to this he dragged your dress down your shoulders - exposing your breasts and popping a nipple into his mouth. He caught the hardened tip between his teeth while he pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger.
Your back arched off the bed at the sting. “I’m on top” you told him, reaching for the buttons of his shirt and wincing at the pain. 
“You’re an eager little thing, aren’t ya? Just lay back sweetheart” he pressed a kiss just below the bandages, then laid your hand down beside you. He made quick work of your dress - pressing a kiss to each new inch of skin he exposed until his tongue swiped the fabric of your panties.
You cursed and bucked your hips into his touch. 
He let out a dark chuckle. “Easy there honey - I know it’s been a while, I’ll take care of you sure enough, just be patient.”
“Don’t assume things” you groaned as he traced an index finger down the same path. Those brown eyes drinking up every twitch and shiver of your bare skin.
“I’m not.” He sat up to rid himself of his jacket and shirt- throwing them to the floor behind him. 
You closed your eyes and rubbed your thighs together, then snaked a hand down between your legs to relieve some of the ache. 
His hand came over yours, his hold on you tighter than you expected. “Did I tell you to touch yourself?”
“If you didn’t take so long I wouldn’t have to - FBI agent by day stripper by night?” you mused. 
He moved your hand away to place it on the bed, his fingers hooking into the sides of your panties. You lifted your hips to allow him to drag them off your body. “Back being a little spitfire, aren’t you?”
“What? Afraid you can’t handle it?” 
He moved to settle in between your legs, his lips brushing the inside of your thigh. “On the contrary- it makes this all the more fun.”
“What does that mea-” you drew in a slow breath as his tongue came across your folds. 
“Do you want this?” he asked, repeating the motion.
Your hips followed his touch “yes.”
His finger started rubbing tight circles around your clit. “You still gonna be rude to me?” 
“Depends on if you make he cum or not.”  
Without another word, he replaced his finger with his tongue, flicking delicately in a way that made you squirm. An arm came over your hips to hold you steady. “You sure are a quiet one” Jack pointed out. 
“Thin walls in New York.”
“Or inexperienced boys.”
“Thin walls.”
“We’ll see.” He teased your entrance with two fingers before sliding them in and pumping at the same speed of tongue. You yelped at the sudden burst of pleasure, your hips bucking hard against his arm. He must have felt that you were close because he halted his movements just as you were about to spill over the edge.
“You’re terrible,” you whined.
“Doesn't look like it,” he smiled, smacking your thigh and moving up to press his lips to yours.
You reached out to stroke his cock with your good hand - he groaned against your mouth.
“Been long for you too, huh?” You made sure he was watching as you turned to spit in your palm and reach back down. You grabbed him at the base of his cock and twisted while you pulled upwards in one devastating slow stroke. 
“Don’t tease,” he choked out.
“You’ve been doing it to me all night.” 
“Then stop being a little fucking brat-” he took your wrist and pinned it to the bed, grinding his cock against your slick folds. You shivered. “If you’re gonna live around here, you’re gonna need to be a little nicer.” He reached down to circle your entrance with the head of his cock, then slid in slowly.
The feeling of his cock stretching you out made your head roll back against the pillow. “Move” you demanded. 
He took your chin in his hands, moving your head to the side so he could nip at your ear. “Ask. Nicely” he growled.
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I have no problem edging you all night and sending you home so you’ll have to get yourself off.”
You attempted to turn so you could place yourself on top because the weight of his body held you firmly into the mattress. You gave in - the need to be great. “Please move- please.”
“There you go sweetheart now was that so hard?” He kissed your neck again as he started thrusting his hips, driving his cock deeper inside you. One arm was hooked under your leg while the other braced himself on the pillow. “How long has it been since a man made you cum?”
“Too long” you sighed. The headboard of the bed knocked against the wall, while you laid there taking each thrust.
His labored breaths came down hot and heavy on your shoulder. “How long?”
“Fuck- y- years.” Your lips were pressed in a thin, each moan and expletive dying in your throat.
Jack could tell you were holding back, and he wasn’t too pleased, “beg for it.”
“Beg me to let you cum.”
You were too close to risk him stopping. “Please don’t stop, I’m so close, please.”
He snapped his hips up, his cock brushing up against just the right spot. A strangled cry left your lips. He repeated the movement “Jack please.”
“Fuck- please Jack please” you whimpered, nearly on the verge of tears. 
Satisfied, he let go of your leg and started rubbing your clit again. Your orgasm hit you like a train and made every inch of self-control you had left you in that moment. Fingernails dug into his back and your mouth fell open in an obscene cry.
He watched you fall apart beneath him while working you through it - smirking the entire time. “God, you sound so fuckin wonderful sayin’ my name like that. Fuck.” He pulled out of you with a gasp - thrusting into his fist until hot ropes of cum painted your stomach...you didn’t even care about your dress. He flopped beside you, both of you staring at the ceiling and panting. 
The aftershocks of your orgasm continued to roll over you in waves. Moving here was a good idea.
You turned to look at him and noticed the wedding bands in a dish on the side table next to framed picture of a sonogram .... your eyes went wide. “Get me a towel” you whispered. 
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atrium-hq · 2 months ago
the shoe's on the other foot. now YOU get to watch ME liveblog jrwi and do with that whatever you will hehehe
ehehhhe i love it. i took a break for a few days to binge literally All of apotheosis but im watchin ep 22 rn because seeing u liveblog the first ep reminded me that i miss them a lot lol
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foryouthegays · a year ago
mcyters as Technoblade quotes only i only watch dream smp and joehills and grian so its very limited in terms of mcyters and also im listening to blitz on repeat
also these are all from my blog ‘technosays’ :) except for the first one thats because im watchin that vod rn
Dream: I just do daily uploads, and all of them are milestone videos (1:36:45 saving minecraft monday w/ DanTDM)
Tommy: you think I was born yesterday? It was actually last week, thank you very much. (9:50 abusing the new OP skywars perk)
Grian: I’ve got a plan. It’s not gonna work at all, but it’s gonna be hilarious. (38:30 hypixel battle royale (alpha testing))
....Joehills? i think this has joe energy: I have mastered many things, and by mastered I mean dabbled in. (1:06:35 anarchist plays on dream smp)
also joe: I'm not too good for iron, I'm exactly mediocre enough for iron. (8:54 minecraft VR is terrifying)
ok look i know blitz was made by techno but “blitz” - parody of “blank space” (has swearing): If Taylor Swift wants my ad revenue, she’s gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. (0:15 so my channel got a community guideline strike (FIXED))
literally any redstone farm person: Look, look dude, you gotta believe me, I’m a good person, ok? I didn’t even kill those pigs, my slaves did. (4:30 The fastest man in skyblock)
who was the guy who waited like a million hours for the button game in hc? doc?: Rank number 1 isn’t an achievement, it’s a prison, which forces you to dedicate your life to defending a temporary title. But now, with the war finally over, I’m free. (19:50 Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE))
....zedaph?: You know, we could fix global warming if we blew up the sun. Globe would cool right off. Just an idea. Consider it. (13:50 beating minecraft hardcore mode with a steering wheel)
wait i know this is literally about tommy but tommy: Tommy's sittin’ here like, 'lets start ranking womenon a 1 to 10 scale (1:06:20 200+ CREATOR HUNGER GAMES TOURNAMENT (FOR THE ORPHANS) ft. Calvin & xNestorio)
philza if he hadn’t died to a baby zombie: God, that toddler is gettin' destroyed, they just curb-stomped that baby! (21:55 I Made a 100 Player Laboratory in Minecraft)
...sapnap? niki w/ the lmantree?: I am ready, to burn the world down. It’s time for some arson. (2:44:10 SO MANY YOUTUBERS (Minecraft Story Mode: Season 1 Episodes 5-6))
mumbos door videos: I’ve never met a door I couldn’t handle, it’s my superpower.  (2:30:20 SO MANY YOUTUBERS (Minecraft Story Mode: Season 1 Episodes 5-6))
cleos head games: Maybe the real treasure was the people we killed along the way. (1:29:50 SO MANY YOUTUBERS (Minecraft Story Mode: Season 1 Episodes 5-6))
hermitcraft s6 about poultry man?: How are the chickens better murderers than we are. They don't even have weapons! (46:25 it's time for GENOCIDE (Minecraft Storymode Season 1 Episode 1))
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