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folklore/evermore songs as vintage posters
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Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x transmasc reader
Tags: smut (18+), trans male reader, lightly implied transphobia (only because it’s 1985 in Indiana, nothing outright or aggressive), (mostly) confident! Reader, desperate! Eddie, fairly neutral language regarding reader’s genitals, brief moment of insecurity due to reader’s identity, I wouldn’t say dom reader necessarily but he definitely directs most of the situations that happen here, marijuana
Note: the author (me) is a transgender man. If any one has any beef with the way reader is portrayed here, I’m sorry but as always, don’t like don’t read.
You know of Eddie Munson, but you don’t know him all that well. You know he’s a metal head, and that he plays Dungeons and Dragons. You know he sells drugs, and drives a van, and lives in the shitty end of town. You know he’s extroverted, and fun, and so fucking cute. You know that you want to get closer so badly, and you just don’t know how. You think that if you had the chance, if you could somehow make Eddie really see you, that maybe he’d like you just as much as you like him.
You see him around, and he just seems so cool. Not cool like popular people cool, cool like….like he just doesn’t care if he’s cool or not. Eddie Munson is cool in the same way that Steve Harrington is cool. Yes, you know, that thought seems like it contradicts the first one, but listen. At first, Steve Harrington was cool because he was popular. He was hot and rich and that was it. All filler, no substance. But then, Steve decided he didn’t care anymore. No, Steve Harrington didn’t give a fuck about being king of Hawkins. He started hanging out with middle schoolers, and that girl from band (who’s totally a lesbian, but that’s neither here nor there). The point is, Steve Harrington became actually cool because he stopped giving a shit about everything except for the shit that mattered to him. Eddie Munson is the same way. He’s cool because he doesn’t care about the shit that small town morons think people should care about. Eddie cares about the shit that he thinks is important, and doesn’t give a fuck about the rest. And that makes him cool.
Maybe it’s like, actually insane of you to piece all of that together. You’ve never had a conversation with Steve Harrington, ever. You’ve talked to Eddie like five times, probably. You’ve talked to the marching band lesbian more than both of them combined. Maybe that makes you super fucking weird. You prefer to think that you’re just incredibly observant. None of this is really the point right now, however.
The point is, currently, that you haven’t totally figured out yet is how Eddie Munson earned the title of town freak. Like, sure, being a D&D playing metal-head in Nowhere, America wasn’t exactly a ticket to popularity, but the way people talked about him seemed a little aggressive for it to be just about his interests. Or…maybe his ‘interests’ are exactly the issue? A guy can dream, anyways.
The point is, you have a plan, and that plan is to buy drugs. It’s totally fool-proof. You’ve smoked plenty of weed, but you’ve always mooched off other people at parties, which means you have no fucking clue how to roll a joint, or pack a bowl, or any of that shit. And Eddie sells weed. It’ll give you something to talk about. Good bonding method. Probably. So you’ll just go to Eddie’s trailer, buy drugs, tell him you don’t know how to do jack shit, then he’ll invite you in. Hopefully. Maybe.
Jesus Christ.
Here’s the thing:
You’re a boy. A man, even. And your running theory is that Eddie Munson is gay. Partially because you really want him to be gay, and also because your gaydar says so. Your gaydar might be biased. Who’s to say, really.
But you’re a man, and Eddie is a man, and you like men, and hopefully Eddie likes men. Two plus two plus two is six. But…Eddie might not, enjoy, per say, the kind of man you are. Eddie is a good guy, if he rejects you, he wouldn’t tell anyone. Freaks and weirdos have an unspoken code like that, just like how band kids and theater kids have an unspoken alliance. But, you’re going to be incredibly realistic about the entire situation: you are in the American Midwest in 1985. You’re doing something terribly risky because you’re, what, horny? You’re going to possibly out yourself because you have an unquenchable thirst for Eddie Munson’s cock?
You need to stop spiraling, because you’re already at his trailer. It’s a quick walk, because you also live in the shitty part of town. Alright, okay, cool, let’s do it. One, two, three, knock.
“Uh, hey man. Can I help you?”
Your mouth goes dry, unlike other parts of you. He’s wearing a cropped band tee-shirt and plaid pajama pants. He looks so warm and soft, it makes you want to shove your hands in his pants.
“Oh, hey, I was, uh, wondering if I could buy off you? I’m sorry if I woke you up,” You say, trying not to stare at the trail of hair on his stomach. You are not successful.
“Oh, yeah man, come on in,” Eddie wanders back into his trailer, and you follow to what you assume is his bedroom. It’s pretty much exactly what you thought his bedroom would look like, covered in band posters and random shit. Looks a lot like your room, actually.
“So I’ve got a few pre rolls, and like, two grams around here somewhere,” Eddie calls out, rooting around for something under his bed. You don’t stare at his ass. You don’t.
“Maybe like, four pre rolls? I don’t know how to roll a joint or pack a bowl, so those would probably be best,” You chuckle, mostly to yourself. You figure that neither of those things are that hard to learn how to do, probably, but you’re also kind of a moron, so. Better safe than sorry. Eddie shoves himself out from under his bed.
“You don’t know how to roll a joint? Or pack a bowl? You’ve smoked weed before, right?” He’s on his knees, staring up at you, wide-eyed. It’s….certainly an image. Down boy. You rub the back of your neck and glance off to the side. There’s a sticky note with a pen drawing of what appears to be Slash, thumbtacked to the wall. He’s so fucking cute.
“I’ve actually smoked a ton of weed, but I’m kind of a mooch. You know, I always get passed the blunt at parties, shit like that, but I’ve never really smoked on my own time,” You admit. Eddie laughs, low and hoarse.
“That’s so sleazy of you, pretty boy. Wanna smoke right now?” He says, plopping himself down on his bed.
Pretty boy.
Lord, strike me down.
“Sure, if it’s not like, inconvenient or anything? I’ll still pay,” You sit down next to him, not too close. You end up too close anyways, because you can smell him. God, you might actually die. He leans over to his bedside table and rummages around for something.
“Not inconvenient at all, sweet boy,”
You swallow hard. It’s not typical straight dude behavior to call a guy pet names, right?
He pulls out a joint, a lighter, and an ashtray.
“Just one joint?” You laugh. He smiles right back.
“What, you’re not cool with sharing?” He puts the joint between his lips. You quickly look away. Don’t fucking stare.
“I don’t know where your mouth has been, Munson,” You lean back on your palms and stare absentmindedly at the ceiling while Eddie lights the joint.
“Mhm, you never know with guys like me,” He hands you the joint. He’s closer than before. Maybe you’re hallucinating.
“Yeah? What’s a guy like you? Metalheads?” You’re not even sure if that sentence made sense. You feel like everything is spiraling out of control, and nothing is really even happening. You hit the joint. Being high could make everything better. Or like, a thousand times worse.
“Nah, freaks,”
“And what exactly makes you a freak? I never really understood that,” You admit, studying the joint between your fingertips. You’ve always done that when you smoke. You take a hit, then stare at the joint like you’re a scientist and it’s your specimen. Like, hmm, yes, this marijuana is the finest in Indiana, I shall add it to my collection. God, you’re so fucking weird.
“Oh, well, you know, just the typical shit. My hair is too long and my jeans are too ripped and I play children’s games and listen to Satan worshiping music,” Eddie laughs, but it sounds forced and nervous. You hand the joint back to him.
“Nah, I don’t buy it,” You say casually. So casual. So fucking normal and casual. Several expressions quickly flash over Eddie’s face. He settles on suspicion.
“Don’t buy what?”
“I don’t buy that that’s the shit that makes you a freak. Are you secretly a werewolf? Or like, into crazy BDSM stuff? I saw those handcuffs, Munson. Hanging them on the wall like a decoration? Brave,” Eddie honest to god giggles at that. You give him a lopsided grin.
“It’s alright Eddie, I’m a freak too, probably,” you’re doing it, you crazy, brave moron. You’re taking the leap.
“Hmm? And why’s that?” Eddie puts the half smoked joint on the ashtray. Oh, he’s definitely closer now. He turns, sitting cross-legged on the bed, facing you.
“A lot of reasons. Liking boys is one of the big ones, but no one knows that,” you are so fucking stupid. You glance at Eddie while your heart attempts to escape your body via your esophagus. He’s just staring, big brown eyes wide as hell. He leans in closer. God, why is he so close?
“You like boys? You…like like boys?” Eddie whispers. You nod. He smiles, eyes a little watery.
“Me too,” He says softly. You just sit there, smiling at each other like two idiots.
“Cool,” You say softly. Eddie’s staring at you like he’s never really seen you before. Maybe he hasn’t, not like this. Maybe he’s never met another queer person. His eyes are so big, and dark, you feel like you could fall in and drown. He leans impossibly closer, and his hand brushes yours. You let out a strangled sort of noise. Smooth, real smooth.
“I just-“ Eddie cuts himself off. You knock your shoulder against his. Time to finish your leap of faith.
“Eddie, I’m going to be really super honest with you right now. I’m into you, like a lot. I don’t want you to feel, like, obligated, because there’s probably not a lot of other gay guys in Hawkins, but…yeah. Now you know,” You finish lamely. God, why do you keep alternating between weirdly confident and stupidly nervous? Eddie tugs at a strand of his hair, and covers your hand with his.
“I’m not feeling…obligated. I’m also into you. Like, so much it’s probably weird. I’m probably being weird,” He seems like he’s about to start nervous word vomiting, like Robin from marching band. You turn so you’re fully facing him. His face is very, very red, and he seems like he desperately wants to look at you but also absolutely can not make eye contact.
“You like me? I honestly didn’t know if you knew who I was, other than someone who wanted to buy drugs from you,” Eddie shook his head vigorously at your words, his hair bouncing everywhere.
“No man, I noticed you. You just always seemed so cool, like, you knew you weren’t popular and you just didn’t care. Like, that kinda shit doesn’t even matter to you. I dunno, I kinda always wished I was more like that. More like you,” Eddie’s really close now. You adjust the way you’re sitting, moving so your legs are crossed. Your knees touch his.
“You want to be like me?” You ask. Eddie nods.
“Yeah, pretty boy. I just think you’re cool,” His nervous fingers twist his rings. You wish you had something to anxiously fiddle with, too. You decide to pick at a rip in your jeans.
It’s definitely not your imagination. There’s tension, something alive in the space between you and Eddie. All of a sudden, like a switch was flipped. You’ve taken all the leaps, and stuck every landing so far. Your chances are pretty good, it seems. Another leap. Leap leap leap.
You crawl forward, and sit yourself down right in his lap.
Eddie looks up at you, all big brown puppy dog eyes. His hands hover over your thighs, like he has no idea what to do with them.
“Is this alright?” You ask.
“So fucking alright,” Eddie mumbles, and he’s kissing you, Christ, he’s fucking kissing you.
It’s like a dam has broken between you. It’s teeth and tongue and saliva, and you just can’t get close enough to him. His tongue is in your mouth, and fuck, having any part of him inside of you is nearly enough to make you cum in your jeans. He’s gripping your thighs now, and god, those rings.
His hands slide further, gripping your ass. He hauls you closer, so you’re literally sitting on his cock. You can feel the hot press of it through his pajamas.
“Eddie…” You start. Christ, you want it. You want him, so badly it hurts. You ache.
“Mhm?” Eddie hums, and begins to kiss down your throat.
You’ve done a pretty great job at navigating this whole encounter so far, but now that you’re here, your insecurities are getting the best of you. Well, maybe not insecurities, per say, but weird internalized shit. Whatever, you’ll save it for therapy, but for now:
“You, er, maybe don’t- uh…..you probably don’t want to have sex with me. Not that I’m assuming that we were going to have sex,” You blurt out. So cool, so smooth. Moron.
“Huh?” Eddie already looks throughly fucked. His cheeks are red and his hair is wild, and he’s so beautiful.
“I..you like men. You’re attracted to men. And like, I’m…absolutely a man, but maybe….not quite the kind of man you’d sleep with,” You cringe internally. Way to be clear and concise. Eddie cocks his head to the side like a puppy.
“I’m not following,” He grips your waist. Focus, please.
“I have a vagina,” Brillant. Awesome. Foot, meet mouth. Eddie just stares.
“Okay?” He makes a face that you hope means I don’t understand why we stopped kissing, let’s keep doing that.
“So…I don’t have a dick,” You stare back at him. Being transgender in the Midwest in 1985 equips you with a certain sense of realism, which means you know that typically the best outcome of people finding out that you’re trans is that they don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Even the gays don’t always know shit about gender. You’re shooting in the dark, here. Eddie pets your hair.
“Man, I don’t care. You’re a dude, I see you as a dude. I like men, you like men, we’re all gay men here. Right?” Eddie says, like it’s the easiest shit in the world. You look at him, stunned.
“God, I’m going to fuck you,” You more-or-less throw yourself at him. It’s not your fault that basic human decency turns you on.
Eddie flips you both, so he’s on top of you. You’re trapped between his body and his bed, surrounded by him and his clothes and his scent and everything is Eddie Eddie Eddie.
You pull at each other’s clothing urgently. You don’t think you’ve ever felt like this, wild and desperate. You’re both down to your boxers, and Eddie’s grinding against you like he aches for it. He sneaks a hand under your ass, pulling you against him even more.
“I need to be inside you, please, please, let me,” Eddie is breathless, face against your neck. It’s kind of cute, how desperate he is. It’s not like you can judge, you’re just as hard-up.
“Please Eddie, c’mon,” Eddie shoves your boxers down around your ankles, then his. He holds himself over you, and his arms shake.
“How…how do you want this to go?” He asks you. You push him on his back and slide into his lap. You hover, on your knees, over his stiff cock. It’s flushed and dripping, and you fucking need it.
“Alright, sweet boy, lemme grab a condom,” Christ, with the nicknames again. He quickly snatches a bottle of lube and a condom from his bedside table and makes quick work of putting it on, and slicking himself up. You reach behind, and steady his cock as you slowly sink down.
“Oh fuck,” Eddie whimpers into your chest. You settle yourself into his lap, his cock fully seated inside you. This is what dreams are motherfucking made of.
“You okay, Eds?” You cup his cheek with your palm. You didn’t know that he’d be like this, that you haven’t even begun to move and he’s already this drunk on sex. He nods sheepishly, and thrusts shallowly.
“You’re just so fucking wet, and tight,” He runs his hands up and down your back, your thighs, your ass, like he has no clue what to do with them.
“C’mon big guy, fuck me like you mean it,” You chuckle. Eddie nods, like the good boy he is. He wraps his arms around you, and begins to fuck in to you, hard and wet. He lets out a plethora of noises, a goddamn symphony of moans and hums and gasps and choked-off little laughs. Fuck, he fills you up perfectly, like God carved out a space inside of you that was meant just for him. Pleasure rolls through you in waves. You were never particularly noisy during sex, but Eddie evidently knows exactly how to get you to gasp and moan.
“Please, fuck, I wanna- shit,” Eddie stumbles over his words, like his thoughts are all jumbled up. You have to admit, your brain is pretty scrambled too.
“Whaddya want Eddie?” You ask. He slows his thrusts and looks up at you.
“I just wanna- this,” He says, and he throws you both forward so he’s on top of you. He hikes your legs up around his waist and pumps into you with wild abandon.
“Jesus Christ,” He mumbles. You grin.
“No, just my name is fine,” You snark. He chuckles, and fists the sheets next to your head.
“God, fuck, I think I’m about to cum,” Eddie pants, rhythm faltering.
“Same,” you admit. You can feel it rising in you with each of Eddie’s thrusts, the slick drag of his cock hot like a brand inside you. You feel like a cup of warm tea filled to the brim, ready to spill. You feel like you’re under a warm blanket on a cold winter night. You feel sloppy and wet and like every second feels impossibly better than the last.
And then you cum around Eddie’s cock.
It’s like stars exploding. Supernova. It’s like a lot of things, and you can’t think of any of them because you are transcending time and space.
“God, fuck, you just creamed on my cock, holy shit, oh fuck-“ Eddie bits down on where your neck and shoulder meet, and cums inside you. You wish you could feel it, but hey, safety first.
Eddie slumps off to the side, out of breath. You stare at the ceiling, body twitching and slick with sweat. You kind of wish you had a cigarette. You look over at Eddie, who, quite frankly, looks braindead.
“Hey Eds?”
“Yeah, sweet boy?”
“Next time, fuck me from behind,”
“Jesus H Christ,”
“I told you, Eddie, just my name is fine,”
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⇢ the waiting game
Tumblr media
synopsis: chenle had always described his life as a game with multiple chapters and characters, with you being a discontinued part of the franchise that he had always hoped would be renewed. but who knew that one drunken phone call would be the story arc that brought you back?
pairing: chenle x reader genre: ex best friends to ???, angst, fluff word count: 1.4k warnings: mentions of alcohol/drunkenness, the word “ass” was used once note: wrote this ages ago to fuel my angsty writing mood after listening taylor swift too much but wanted to finish writing it to upload it for chenle’s bday🥳🥳(also the way this was meant to be <200 words…)
Tumblr media
After sharing a dorm with six chaotic grown men, Chenle had thought to have experienced many weird situations in his life, ranging from witnessing Hyuck running out of the apartment building in nothing but his underwear at 2am due to a faulty fire alarm to Jisung dropping all 4 dozen eggs on the carpet right before the landlord came to inspect their housing situation.
But never did he expect to get a call from his ex best friend from middle school, 2am on a Saturday night.
He hesitated at first, his fingers hovering over the green button on his phone. His heart slowly picked up speed as he eventually decided to answer.
He didn't exactly know why his hands started to get clammy as he held his phone to his ear waiting for you to speak. Despite the title of "ex best friend", the two of you never ended your friendship on bad terms, nor did you exclusively end the friendship at all.
The two of you initially became friends in fifth grade when your teacher had sat you together at the back of the classroom for talking too much, though they soon realised their mistake as you passed each other very artistic doodles of each other and failed to contain your laughter.
Your friendship continued all throughout middle school however as you ended up in different classes, lunchtimes that were once spent together playing tag grew into him playing basketball and you settled down on the school's courtyard with the friends that you had made during class.
The occasional waves and hellos in the corridors during high school turned into awkward glances and eventually disinterest in one another.
Though it wouldn't exactly be a lie if Chenle said that he didn't miss your lively presence at times, maybe when he came across your doodles as he cleared his desk out for the first time since primary school or when he accidentally came across your contact page instead of someone else.
He could hear blaring music from the other end of the line, almost a little too loud for his liking as he held his phone further from his ear than usual. Though there was only the sound of the cheering crowd and a lack of your voice.
Maybe you had buttdialled him by accident? It was something that he did a bit more frequently than he should or maybe your voice was overwhelmed by whatever was happening at the club.
"Hello?" He had spoken up cautiously, turning off his computer game.
There was no response for a few seconds, almost proving his butt dialling theory. Almost.
"I want my best friend back." Your voice suddenly spoke, the silence lingering between the phone lines once again. The words which were stubbornly stuck at the tip of your tongue, graciously falling like a rapid stream.
"I miss talking to you everyday about the stupidest thing, I hate how this was how our friendship became. I hate how I used to tell you everything but I felt like I can't even say hello anymore. I miss everything about us."
Chenle sat silently on the edge of his bed, taking in your abrupt confession. There was a feeling of relief in his chest, as butterflies fluttered around his stomach.
You also felt the same way.
"Y/n, are you drunk?"
"No of course not!" You slurred before muttering, "Maybe…"
Chenle rolled his eyes, "Y/n where are you?"
"Not gonna lie to you, I have no clue." You replied, a laughter bubbling up in your throat, "I think we're at the new JYP club? Why? Are you going to pick me up?"
"How are you going to get home otherwise?"
An infectious laughter escaped his lips as your voice disappeared from the other end once again, he could imagine the pout you had always held with him. Your eyebrows slightly narrowed, your cute little nose scrunched up and your bottom lip partly jutted out.
It was a facial expression that he was used to seeing, most definitely due to his hobby of teasing you every other second. But how could he not? Not when everything you did seemed so loveable in his eyes.
Not that he ever admitted it or ever planned to admit that to your face.
The feelings he harboured for you oftentimes felt like a game, the one with the never ending story arcs, new characters appearing in every version and eventually discontinued, leaving all the players in desperation for any news for a renewal or an update at the least.
But who knew that the game he had been waiting for since middle school would be randomly updated on a Saturday night with the starting dialogue of:
"Chenle, I really want McDonald's. Can I please get a happy meal?"
Yeah. Not him, that's for sure.
l♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎l
Chenle didn't exactly know what he was doing, nor did his roommates when he told them he was heading out in the middle of the night without any explanations.
"I'll explain later," He sighed, grabbing the car keys and his bucket hat from the coffee table avoiding the suspicious glances from Jaemin.
He should've figured that the resident night owl would be up at this time of night, and definitely should've expected his motherly instincts to kick in, causing him to wake up the rest of his roommates to bombard his phone with concerned messages.
He drove down the empty streets of the city, the old Lauv songs playing on the aux with the occasional text notifications from his friends. He really considered putting his phone on silent or better yet, blocking their asses for interrupting his playlist every few seconds. But he resisted, taking a deep breath in.
Focus. The faster you get there, the faster you'll know she's safe.
Much to his relief, you stood outside of the club's entrance in one piece, tentatively glancing between your phone and the incoming cars pulling up in front.
You had gotten prettier since the last time he had met you, losing most of your baby fat on your cheeks and the long hair that was once tied back into a ponytail was let loose to sway against your back. Though, your smile remained the same from high school, the type of warmth which reached the eyes. It was always one of his favourite features about you.
It was pretty, as it always was.
But who was he kidding, you were always breathtaking in his eyes. Never failing to make his heart trip and tumble around the inside of his chest whenever you giggled at his stupid antics.
So when he met your twinkling eyes as he got out of his car, it felt like his middle school days all over again. You running up to greet him with that captivating smile of yours that he grew to love, with his damn heart threatening to spill out of his chest.
Pulling him into a tight hug, you buried your face into the nape of his neck, "You actually came."
"I did."
As the two of you stood in the middle of the road entangled in each other's arms, it felt as if time had paused for you. The booming music from inside the club was muffled, the street lights paving through the darkness and illuminating your figures.
It was like everything had fallen back into place, just like before. When it was only you and him, Y/N and Chenle. The main characters of this nameless series of this prolonged game. The game where the male protagonist was pathetically in love with his best friend with no hopes left of her ever reciprocating it back.
But perhaps it was the fact that he was running on four hours of sleep the night before or perhaps it was the nervousness of reuniting with you again that was kicking in but as your body clung onto his, he swore that he could feel a faint quickening heartbeat that rivalled his own.
And maybe, just maybe, the waiting game wasn't so bad after all.
Tumblr media
taglist: @xxxx-23nct @maeumiluv @produmads @polarisjisung @wooyoung-a @w3bqrl
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aquagustd · 9 months
hell is empty - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
04. ONLY TOUCHED YOU ONCE ༄moodboard
life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
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Tumblr media
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | angst, fluff, smut, love triangle au
word count — 5.8K
listen to — lose you to love me by selena gomez
warnings/tags — single parent!reader, dad!jk, CEO!taehyung, ex-bf!jungkook, strong language, parental conflict, mentions of violence & blood, stern tae *heavy breathing*, shirtless jk (don’t look at me), a knife, sad thoughts, jealousy, mentions of stalking, mentions of constipation (yes), y/n can’t swim, kissing
a/n — kay, part 04 will be a two-parter? there’s a lot that happens & i didn’t want it to be overwhelming !!
Tumblr media
“Why should I?”
Attempting to calm yourself down, you hear the soft beep to indicate that your call wasn’t answered. Fuck, Hoseok. So much for ‘give me a ring if you ever need me.’ There’s only so much time you managed to buy before the two men looming over your car windows lose patience. Fingers trembling, you scroll down to find his number. Your location is always on.
You’ll have to figure out the rest later.
The man standing at your window reaches over to push down the unlock button on the steering wheel, startling you when his hand brushes past your face. From that angle, you caught more of his face. If they wanted to rob you, they would’ve tried to conceal their identity. His hair hangs in dark strands over the sides his temples, angled jaw and small, incensed eyes that catches the light from inside your car when he tugs on the door handle.
You swallow, dropping your phone to the seat then stepping out on a shaky foot.
“What do you want from me?” Keeping your voice loud enough for the man on the other end of the call to hear, “please don’t hurt me!”
Despite the gentle slant to his eyes, he beckons the other guy over with a rigid wave of his hand. You watch him open the backdoor of your car before slamming it shut after doing a quick scan, a pensive look on his face. In a split second, you’re being tossed to the ground further into the dark, a sharp pain cutting through your knee.
His head snaps in your attacker’s direction, eyes blazing, “what the fuck is wrong with you, eight?”
A shaky hand reaches for your knee, head tossed back in agony before you catch sight of the growing red blotch seeping through the flimsy material of your dress. Your attempt at containing your fear for logical thinking goes to waste when the other man stalks in your direction, a somewhat predatory glaze over his eyes. Nasty scar running from his left temple down the side of his neck.
That’s when the worst starts to go through your mind.
This is it. This is how it ends for you. Or even worse, you’d be forced to live with the dirty remains of their hands on your skin, etched in your memory forever.
Eight’s head whips around, reaching behind him before producing a shiny object, “you’re too sweet, Park.”
The other man, Park, you’re assuming, clenches his jaw, hands leaving his pocket before he charges in the other man’s direction to shove him away. You’re watching the interaction with dizzying terror and panic, grabbing at your knee to press down on the wound.
“What the fuck?” Eight holds the knife to Park’s neck, but he doesn’t flinch like you do, even though you have no clue what’s going on between them. “He said to shake her up a bit.”
Your eyebrows furrow. ‘Who?’
Park reaches for Eight’s wrist, yanking it down with a tick in his jaw, “yes, to threaten her a bit. I think you did your job.”
Park’s gaze jumps to your knee without turning his head, Eight does the same, but his expression reads livid.
“Why are you doing this?” You choke when you hear your own voice, not expecting this amount of blood from a minor bruise. At least you hope it’s minor. Not willing to accept the fact that the pain says otherwise.
Eight crouches down in front of you, eyes wicked, “we have a message for you.”
“Message,” you mumble, nearly passing out when he shuffles closer, “for m-me?”
“Not for you,” Park says from behind Eight, eyeing your knee, “for Jeon Jungkook.”
Blood freezing in your veins, you feel as if the oxygen supply to your brain is being cut off.
“From who? What the fuck do I have to do with this?!”
You flinch when Eight raises his hand over your head, cheek pressed to your shoulder with fear, but the blow doesn’t come. Eyes cracking open, you see Park gripping Eight’s fist, a warning in his eyes. Eight huffs, springing up as he gives you a break from his vicious gaze. But you’re still trembling.
The sound of car tires scraping into the gravel alarms all three of you, relief washing over you in calming waves when you see Taehyung’s white i8.
Eight is the first to run, sprinting to his car and driving off while Park seems a little hesitant, stopping at the car door before he gives you a once over then hops in as he watches Taehyung rush to your aid, who’s just as confused as you. Why did they run away?
“What the fuck happened?” He shouts, picking you up off the floor, one hand tucked under your legs.
Your hands encircle his neck, tears bubbling over, “I d-don’t know. They just—”
“Shush,” he pants, placing a kiss to the top of your head before tucking you into the passenger seat, “let’s get you to the hospital.”
If the wind wasn’t blowing into your hair, you would think you’re slowly slipping away from reality, running on your last threads of life with your son’s face popping into mind. Taehyung has a hand wrapped around your own, keeping you tethered to consciousness.
“I-I am messing up your seats,” you chuckle, ogling the contours of his frightened features with half-lidded eyes.
“I don’t care,” he mumbles, one hand gripping the wheel even tighter, “hold on for me, baby. We’re nearly there.”
Your hold on his fingers slackens, mind dimming into black.
Tumblr media
“She’s lost a lot of blood, there’s two options…”
“I think we should wait for her to wake up.”
The voices fade in and out as you try to keep your heavy lids open, sensations in your hands and legs returning. And then there’s another hand in yours, pulling you into the bright light which turns out to be the fluorescents in the hospital room, blanket pulled up to your chest.
“Junho,” you mutter, tongue sitting dry in your mouth.
You tilt your head to the side, finding a pair of worried, brown eyes and messy brown hair to match. Taehyung.
“Hey,” he smiles, “you’re awake. Just in time.”
Taking stock of your surroundings, you try to sit up, wincing at the throb in your knee.
“Hold on.” Taehyung sets another pillow behind your back, palm lingering on your head before he sinks back down on his chair at the bed.
The doctor calls your name, a nurse stands at the foot of the bed next to him, holding a pale pink folder. Then it all comes rushing back. The bandage around your knee serving as proof that it wasn’t just a crazy nightmare after a spending one night without your son.
You attempt to speak, but your throat feels coarse, about to ask for water when Taehyung thrusts a glass in your direction, “it’s okay, take your time.” His soothing, baritone voice washes through you better than the liquid, thumbing away the single tear that rests in the hollow of your eye.
Thanking him, you reach for his hand again, keeping it in your lap when you turn to the doctor.
“What happened?”
The elderly man chuckles, arms propped on his belly, “I think we should be asking you that question.”
You blink, eyebrows furrowed as you try to piece together what you can. Just as you’re about to speak, Taehyung holds up a hand.
“She wants to know what happened with her knee,” he intones, gaze didactic and sharp, “doc.”
The doctor looks between you and Taehyung, then grabs the folder from the nurse, chubby face turning stolid.
“You cut your knee, we’re unsure of how yet, but the tear ran deep and you’ve lost a lot of blood.”
Taehyung faces you, “they’re gonna need to set up an IV, a transfusion will take too long to approve here since it’s past midnight.”
“A transfusion won’t be necessary in your case,” the doctor adds with a smile, “you’ll be in tip top shape by morning.”
He turns to the nurse, “you’d have to spend the night. Nurse Ahn will attend to you.”
She bows before leaving the room, the doctor following close behind before he stops at the doorway, throwing Taehyung a cursory glance.
Exhaling a deep sigh, you try to prop up your knee to inspect the damage, but Taehyung warns against it.
“I’m sorry,” he mutters, gaze on the way you keep both your hands wrapped around his large one, “I lied.”
Your eyebrows pinch together, “about what?”
“I said I was your boyfriend when we came in and I told them they should do what they can.”
“There was just so much blood you know,” he pouts, now drawing patterns on your arm, “I was worried.”
You giggle, cupping his cheek to have him look up at you, “it’s alright. I understand.”
He beams at you, surging forward to wrap his arms around your shoulders. You melt into his embrace, slowly realizing that his scent is becoming your favorite as you nuzzle into his neck, eyes fluttering shut.
“Thank you,” you speak into his neck, the reality of the situation hitting you full force. “How did you know? I mean, how did you find me?”
He pulls away, now sitting at the edge of the bed as he combs through your hair lazily, “you sent me your location.”
“Did I?”
“Yes, dummy. You did. And then you called me, but you weren’t talking. And I had like this feeling in my gut.”
“I mean,” you tease, raising a hand to brush the mole on his nose, “I did send you my location. I was in the middle of nowhere!”
“Actually,” he begins, index finger grazing his chin, “that wasn’t the middle of nowhere. You weren’t far off from a friend’s house which is a fairly safe neighbourhood. How did you end up there?”
“I thought I was being followed.” You say without hesitation, leaning in closer to him as you whisper the next few words. “It’s been happening for a while and I…”
“You know those guys? Why didn’t you tell me before?”
“I didn’t want you to think I’m crazy! We just met when I started noticing!”
He rolls his jaw for a bit, before his gaze softens, “okay. But do you know them? Did they say anything to you?”
“Sorry,” he curses under his breath, pinching the bridge of his nose, “why am I asking you all this now. We’ll talk later, okay?”
“Are you leaving?”
“No,” he answers, “I’m staying here with you.”
“You don’t have to do that. I know you’re busy and must have important things to attend to.”
You watch as he brings your hand up to his lips, heart skipping a beat when he places a sweet kiss to the back of your hand, “you are important to me.”
Smiling, you respond a little lovestruck, “so are you.”
Hand sliding to his cheek, a thrill runs up the length of your spine when you feel his light stubble, tipping your head up to catch his lips in a lingering, syrupy kiss. Hands slotting into his hair when his tongue parts the seam of your lips, running over yours as he kisses you fervently. Your insides feel cottony as he rests his forehead to yours, breaths mixing with yours in soft pants.
“Hmm, missed that,” you admit with a sigh, whining when he pulls away too quick for your liking.
“I missed you,” he winks, intertwining your fingers before he returns to his chair, rolling up the sleeves of his brown sweater, “you sure you’re okay? You’re handling this a lot better than I expected.”
What can you say? “I’m used to it,” you chuckle dryly, watching his smile sag into pity.
“I’m sorry baby.”
You stare at your connected hands, swallowing the lump in your throat, “it’s alright…I have never seen those guys in my life.”
He holds the seat of the chair and scoots closer to the side of the bed, “do you think you can describe the way they looked?”
Drawing in a deep breath, you look up to the ceiling in thought. Brushing away the fear creeping up on you once again as you try to recall their faces.
“One of them had a scar,” you begin, still staring at the grainy ceiling boards, “down one side of his face to his neck. He was bald. Looked to be in his early twenties. So did the other guy.”
Taehyung’s thumb rubs over your knuckles comfortingly, urging you to continue with an encouraging nod of his head, “what did the other guy look like?”
“He had long, black hair, just below his ears. Small eyes and he had a tattoo at the back of his neck. But I couldn’t make out what it was in the dark. He also wore…earrings? They both wore similar black clothing. Is that helpful?”
“Very helpful,” he replies, eyes searching yours as he seems to be taking in all the information, “only the two of them?”
You chew on your lip, “mhm, and two black vans. Like the one I’ve been seeing following me around.”
He props a hand on his thigh, gaze skating across the room, “I got one of the van’s number plate down, my brother is already on it.”
“Yeah,” he goes on, reaching for his phone that sits on the side table, “we should have something in a few hours."
You should’ve gone to him in the first place, then none of this would’ve happened. But how would you have known?
He rises from his seat, tucking his phone away, “someone’s here to see you. I think I kept them waiting long enough.”
“Who? Junho?”
He draws away from you, flashing you another disarming smile, “you miss him.”
“I do,” you whisper, “I was going back for him.”
“Can I ask…your ex…do you think he might’ve had anything to do with this?”
“I don’t know.”
He pecks your cheek, allowing you to take in a deep breath of his pleasing scent.
“We’ll find out.”
With that, he side-steps around your pair of visitors, giving Yoongi a small handshake before he disappears behind the wall. Yuri nails you with the star-struck, ‘he’s handsome’ look, burning a hole into the back of his head before she tosses herself over your figure, apologizing when she accidentally brushes your knee.
“Oh my God, are you okay? I was so worried, fuck. Taehyung called Yoongi and all I could think about was that bastard. What did he do?”
“I’m okay!” You laugh, gesturing for her to sit at the edge of the bed, “we don’t know if Jungkook has anything to do with it yet.”
“Please,” she scoffs, brushing her fingers through your hair, “he’s here for one night only but already causing shit. How’s your knee?”
“Sore, they’re gonna set up an IV.”
“You’re spending the night?”
“Do you need me to fetch anything from home? Need a ride after?”
“No,” you grab her hands, holding them close to your chest, “thank you. I’ll be out by the morning and Taehyung’s gonna be here.”
The corner of her mouth lifts, leaning forward with a salacious grin, “so Mr. Kim Taehyung huh?”
You blush, shoving her away.
“Your prince charming, there at your beck and call. Like you’ve always dreamed.”
Yoongi stands at the window, pretending not to hear whatever it is that you’re talking about like he always does.
“He’s sweet.”
“Do you like him?”
“Yes, I do. A lot.”
“I’m happy for you.”
Yoongi clears his throat and Yuri rolls her eyes. “he’s been a grump all night. Anyway, I’ll go grab us some coffee. Bun, coffee?”
Yoongi grumbles out a yes before he’s walking around the bed to take the empty seat, pulling it in a corner away from your bed. You’re not looking at him just yet, and you know that he’s doing the same, keeping his hands clasped between his legs. Then crossing his legs and fiddling with his earrings. You’ve known him long enough to read the signs. He’s guilty.
He holds up his palms, finally looking at you, “you go first.”
You sigh deeply before you begin. Knowing that one breath will carry you through this difficult conversation.
“He’s back,” you state simply, watching his lips form a terse line. That’s all you can say. Anger and sadness threaten to take over as you attempt to say all the things you’ve been storing just for him.
“I know.”
“Yeah? How long have you known?”
He shakes his head, tone condescending as he mumbles your name which tips you over.
“You knew, Yoongi. You know what happened the last time, yet you still kept it from me.”
“I was just trying to protect you.”
You throw your arms up in defeat, voice brittle, “hear we go again. You’re trying to protect me? We all know how that turns out. What happens when you try to protect me.”
His back goes taut, feline eyes brimming with pain, “that’s not fair and you know it.”
You fold your arms as if that’d keep the sharp words from escaping, jaw rolling with defiance.
“And now Junho is caught in all of this.”
“Where is he?”
Chuckling mirthlessly, you roll your eyes, “I’m sure you know, Yoongi. He’s with his dad.”
He says nothing, eyes on his shoes. You’re staring him down with all the animosity that you know should be saved for someone else. Someone who started all of this. With another deep exhale, your shoulders loosen, throb in your knee a little lighter.
“You shouldn’t have let him go,” he says finally.
Your eyes widen, hand flying to your chest with shock, “what? How could I do that? As it is he’s trying to paint me as the bad guy, knowing that Junho would obviously believe his beloved father over me!”
“Junho would never do that.”
“He loves his mother too much.”
You stare at him through blurred vision, reaching up to wipe the tears away furiously, “yeah?”
Yoongi rises from the chair, walking the short space to place his hand on the crown on your head, eyes set on your bandaged knee.
“Yeah,” he mutters, gaze flickering to you briefly, “Junho would never choose someone he met a few days ago over someone he knew his whole life. He knows you’ll always be there for him, no matter what.”
“But that’s his father,” you sob, now tugging on the hem of his jacket. Why are you having déjà vu?
“And you’re his mother.” He says resolutely, patting your head twice as he offers a small, tight-lipped smile.
You smile back, a little teary.
“You know,” he sucks in a sharp breath, “I know what it’s like.”
Nodding, you move away so he can sit near your feet, “I know.”
After a little lighter silence passes, you ask another important question.
“Do you know who they were? The guys that want Jungkook.”
He blinks twice.
“No, I don’t know what shit he got into this time. But he’s back and he needs to sort it out and keep you and Junho out of it.”
You gesture to your wrapped up knee, “too late for that.”
“Did they say anything?”
“They had a message for Jungkook.”
“What was it?”
You shake your head, “didn’t get to that part…I tried calling Hobi.”
He perks up at that, “and?”
“No answer.”
He jams the heels of his palms to his eyes, groaning softly, “I’m honestly so fucking relieved that Junho wasn’t with you and Taehyung got there in time. Who knows what would’ve happened?”
“Me too,” you shiver, forcing out all those horrifying thoughts once again, “I need him back with me.”
“As soon as possible.”
Tumblr media
Early the next morning, you and Taehyung are driving off to the address Yoongi had provided. You would’ve gone by yourself, but Taehyung insisted that he go along with, just in case.
“Hey,” he calls, cruising through the narrow road as you try to spot the house Yoongi had described.
“I was thinking…”
Sensing the hesitance in his voice, you spin around to look at him, eyebrows raising, “thinking…?”
His attention turns from the road to you, offering a lopsided yet skittish smile, “after this we could go out. Us three.”
“Yeah,” he grins, giving a one-shoulder shrug, “it’d be fun. I could get to know Junho better…and his beautiful mother.”
You feel your cheeks warm, gaze drifting out the window, “okay. Where would we go?”
“I have some plans.”
“Okay,” you beam, “I trust that you know a few fun places that are suitable for kids.”
“I know more than a few,” he winks, dipping his head as he points through the windscreen, “this is it.”
You lean forward, taking in the sheer size of it all. It’s a whole palace. Large gates matching the fencing that surrounds the place. Taehyung whistles lowly beside you, you’re squinting in the distance to check if your eyes are playing tricks on you or if that is really a waterfall.
Too busy marvelling at the exterior of the mansion, you only take notice of the burly man standing at Taehyung’s window when he speaks.
“Can I help you?”
“Kim Taehyung and this is my girlfriend,” he introduces you as he sticks his head out of the window frame, “she’s Junho’s mother.”
The man bends over, dark, blank eyes drifting from you to Taehyung before he stands up and speaks into wrist.
“Okay, sir, welcome. They’re out at the back.”
Taehyung nods, and once you’re in through the gates, a mix of emotions has your heart stammering. Mouth hanging open in awe.
“If I was Junho, I’d never want to leave this place,” Taehyung admits, wonder in his voice.
You slap his shoulder playfully, “what do you mean? I’m sure your house must be the same if not bigger.”
“When I was around Junho’s age, things weren’t easy for me and my family.”
You reach for his hand at this new piece of information, wanting nothing more than to hug and squish little Taehyung and tell him that things will be okay. The man he is today.
But he dismisses you with a laugh, wiggling your thigh around, “go on. I’ll wait out here.”
Cupping his cheek, you press a soft kiss to the other before covering his mouth with your own briefly.
He hums, the sound rumbling through you as he traps you under his arm, “don’t be too long.”
Once you step out, the first thing that catches your eye in the neatly parked row of cars to the opposite end. Glimmering under the bright sunlight as you pass them by to head around what you think is the back of the house like the guy at the gate had said. You don’t know any of their names, but you know your son does, imagining the excitement on his face when he first saw them.
Forced to shield your eyes from the sun, you grip your purse once you hear laughter that belongs to your son, unmistakably. Feeling your skin prickle with goosebumps as you walk through the enchanting garden, closer and closer to the jubilant sounds. Tentatively, you take once last turn around the corner to find the source of the sound. Junho propped up on a neon green floater as Jungkook splashes him around in the pool.
When Junho topples over, you shriek, heart sinking to the pit of your stomach.
Jungkook spins around, smile falling at the sight of you just as yours morphs into a frown.
“Look who’s here,” he announces, not even bothering to wipe Junho’s face as he climbs back up on the floater.
Charging to the edge of the pool, you keep a safe distance away as he swims to the stairs, drenching you in water when he jumps into your arms.
“I missed you,” you whisper, holding him close to you as you stand up to your full height, not even caring that he’s getting your silk dress wet.
“Put me down!”
Confused, you set him down, hands lingering on his shoulders, “why? Can’t I get a hug from my baby?”
“I’m not a baby!”
“Junho,” you reason, returning to your initial position, “where’s all this coming from?”
He hops back into your lap, nudging your chin with his head, “dad said I’m not a baby anymore so you can’t carry me.”
Seething, your head snaps up to find Jungkook, but instead, a completely different emotion warms your body as you watch him step out of the pool. Wearing nothing but black shorts as he pushes his hair back. Hearing yourself gulp, you prop Junho on your hip and wait for Jungkook as he makes his way to you, towel wrapped around his neck.
“Party pooper’s here to take you away?”
Junho runs a finger along your collarbone, giggling cutely, “dad calls you party pooper.”
“That’s not nice, Smiley.”
“My name is not Smiley!”
This time, you leave him at the stairs of the massive pool and ask him to go play. He cannot hear what you’re about to tell his father who’s now walking away to the other end, tattooed hand ruffling his hair.
He spins around, tonguing at his cheek, “what?”
“Why are you brainwashing Junho?”
He laughs, hair falling into his eyes as his gaze meanders from your toes to your face, eyebrow cocked, “I’m not trying to brainwash him.”
You fold your arms, keeping your gaze on his face, “then what is it that you’re trying to do? Telling him he’s not a baby—”
“—because he’s not—”
“—that his name is not Smiley—”
“—that’s not his name—”
Shaking your head in disbelief, you take a single step forward, only a foot away from him when you say:
“If you only came here to ruin our lives then just leave.”
His eyes flash with challenge, gaze flitting to your knee, “that’s a bad limp you got there.”
At his statement, you poke his chest, rock hard against your fingers, “it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t come here and try to interfere.”
He laughs “—yeah okay—” then spins around to leave but you grip his arm, willing to end this right now. Because you haven’t gotten a wink of sleep last night and it will only remain that way as long as he’s here. Snatching your peace with his presence.
“Tell Junho you can’t see him again, because you’re gonna leave soon anyway, right? You’re gonna break his heart either way.”
His chin tips up, eyes simmering with an indecipherable emotion, standing toe to toe with you.
“You’re a little gutsy to come here and make demands of your own.”
His toes nudge the tip of your shoe and you’re forced to take a step back.
“And with your sugar daddy,” he tsks, venom lacing his tone which only has you taking another step back. Heart threatening to explode.
“Junho is my son. Just as he is yours.”
“What about all those years ago?” You grit, foot sliding across the brick as he stalks closer and closer, nostrils flaring. “He wasn’t your son then, was he?”
“You always show your true colors.”
Before you can speak, you lose balance and the next thing you know, the ground disappears from under you, hands fighting with the air as you try to take hold of something, anything. But the last thing you see is the hate pasted on his face before your entire body is being submerged in water, feet kicking and searching for a surface. The endless blue stinging your eyes as your lungs give up, water rushing into your mouth. A muffled shout is heard and then a force pulls you up to the surface.
A body. Arms and legs wrapped around it as you splutter and cough, pants mixed with soft whimpers.
“Mamma can’t swim dad!”
Junho calls from the other side, voice tapering into a cry. But you’re still catching your breath, too paralyzed with fear to even look at him as your head rests on the warm skin, endless beneath your hands. You cling onto him, feeling his hand run down your back before you jerk away, face a few inches from his. Ears clogged yet still catching the unsteady beat of your heart.
Jungkook’s lashes are wet along with the rest of his face, blinking back at you blankly. He let you fall, knowing that you can’t swim. Your chest heaves, legs loosening around him but still gripping onto his shoulder as he swims to the lip of the pool.
Two hands rest on the backs of your thighs, helping you up before you feel a certain warmth behind you, too embarrassed, heartbroken to even look at him. Bag soggy, phone dead.
“Man, your son is such a good swimmer, but his mother can’t even swim! I thought you would’ve learned by now.”
Pinching your nose, lungs feeling a little punctured, his laughs only serve to hurt you more.
“I brought snacks for you guys!”
Following the sound of the voice, you see a woman holding a tray across the yard, wearing a hot pink bikini. Without turning around, you mumble a short greeting to Jungkook.
“Send Junho to the car.”
The limp in your walk being the perfect metaphor for your entire being.
Tumblr media
Defeatedly, you knock on the door, forehead pressed to the cold wood, “are you done? Is it working?”
Junho cries from the other side, voice strained with pain, “it hurts so bad, mamma!”
“I’m so sorry, baby. Should I come in there and hold your hand?”
“No! No! Stay there, pleeeease,” he wails, sniffling as you crumple behind the door.
It seems as if Jungkook would seize any opportunity to fuck up your life. Too many sweets and snacks and this is what you have to deal with. Junho’s stomach issues. He’s just a kid, he doesn’t know about discipline and if he sees that he isn’t being limited, he’ll go to town. But you don’t blame him, you blame his irresponsible, useless father who knows nothing about children.
Of course, it’s fun to have fancy things and spoil your kids, but what’s the use if you’re not going to truly care for them?
God, Junho’s cries has tears springing to your eyes, clutching your stomach because you can only imagine the pain he must be going through. You’d have to get some meds for him tomorrow. On top of it all, you feel terrible for spoiling Taehyung’s plans, then having to ask him to leave because Junho was misbehaving once you got home. 
You don’t even have time to think about today’s events. Throat working wildly like it happened a few seconds ago.
Jungkook is willing to kill you. That’s all you take away from it. But why? You don’t think you have so much hate for him when he’s the one who left in the first place. What happened in these few years that caused him to become this ruthless? Hurting you both physically and emotionally.
But you know for a fact; that has passed. The time where he had even an ounce of care for you is long gone. You won’t even be surprised if Taehyung discovers that he’s the one behind it all. Just a little scare so you’d leave him and Junho alone.
‘shake her up a bit’
Not a chance. In fact, you’re determined to fight. Whichever way you can. If you’d have to get a lawyer involved, then so be it. If you had to get Hoseok and his associates involved, then you will. End it once and for all.
The man’s face refuses to leave your mind. Park. A feeling of sorrow? Guilt? Something there before he left. But perhaps you’re imagining things again, like you did when you thought Jungkook actually looked a bit happy to see you.
“I’m sorry Smiley.”
Hearing a knock on the door, you pad across the hallway, wincing as you go to find Seojoon on the other side, gaze latched on your knee immediately.
“Woah, what happened there?”
He toes off his shoes as he steps in, flopping down on the couch next to you.
“Long story,” you yawn, fist tucked under your chin, “what’s up?”
“Came over to see the little man.”
“Little man is constipated.”
“Yep,” you groan, holding up a warning finger, “but it wasn’t my fault this time.”
He leans forward, curls masking his eyes, “then whose was it?”
“His dad’s.”
“Wait what? His dad’s as in…Junho’s dad.”
“Yeah.” You tuck your feet under your thighs, scratching at the surgical tape on your arm.
“He’s back, that asshole. Already causing trouble!”
“More than you would ever know.”
He sets his elbow on the backrest, turning to face you, “how does Junho feel about it?”
You shrug, sarcasm in your shrieks, “he’s happy, ecstatic, on cloud nine!”
Seojoon’s lips quirk to the side, hand reaching for your shoulder, “I mean, what would you expect? He thought his dad was his hero.”
“He still thinks that way.”
Two raps on the door catch your attention, Seojoon thrusts his thumb in the direction of the door and you shake your head ‘no,’ telling him you’ll answer. Expecting Taehyung, you greet the person on the other side of the door with a dazzling smile, fingers twitching around the handle to find someone else.
He mumbles your name in a similar tone, doe eyes softened at the corners.
“Well well well,” Seojoon props his forearm on the doorframe, leaning over your figure, “look who it is.”
You freeze when Jungkook looks between the two of you, gaze raking down your figure before his expression from earlier today returns. A thin tank top and shorts is what you chose for pajamas tonight and you’ve grown comfortable around Seojoon. But Jungkook, he sees it in another twisted way.
“Who’s this? Another one of your lovers?”
You gasp when you feel a hand slide around your waist, pulling you flush to his back, “yeah, so?”
Jungkook’s gaze is relentless, not even bothering to hear you speak. Nudging Seojoon away, you prepare for the barrage of harsh words just by noticing the way Jungkook’s top lip curls.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bteezxyewriter12 · 3 months
Pairing- Yoongi x Named Reader
Word count- 6.1k
Includes- nipple play, nipple rings, clit ring, fingering, oral, pussy eating, cum eating, missionary, cock riding, multiple orgasms, lots of fluff
Tag List- @mingtina @jaxxmine
@xuxibelle @delightfulmoonbanana
Tumblr media
"Come on that is so fake!", I exclaim
"I mean maybe", Yoongi shrugs
I gape at him, "You're not serious. It's obviously forced. The moans and the sounds. No way that's real."
"Like I said I have no clue. But it might not be fake"
He's got to be shitting me
There's no way that real girls sound like that when they orgasm
I walked in on Yoongi watching porn in his room in the dorm
We're best friends and we never knock
Serves him right, he knew I was coming over
After making fun of him for ten minutes with him glaring at me, his face red, I told him to just play the video
"You want to watch porn with me?", he asked so surprised
"Why not? It's just a movie. It's not real"
That started a discussion on whether porn sex was good for the actors and if they really came
Especially the girls
It sounds like they're just playing it up and faking it
"The girls you've been with sound like that?", I snort
"Not exactly that loud but yeah they moaned"
Maybe he made girls moan like that but I doubt it's real in porn
"Do you sound like that when you cum?", he smirks at me
I feel my face turn red
How am I suppose to answer this?
How can I tell him that I never orgasmed before?
It just never happened and I had to fake it
Which is how I know that the majority of the girls are faking it in porn
I think it's just me
Something's off or wrong
"Jo?", he prompts
"Ha you sound just like them"
Yeah I do because I'm faking it
"No", I answer
"Then how do you sound?"
Why does he want to know this?
"I'll tell you, I sound kinda like the guys in porn. Just the low moans and grunting thing.", he volunteers
Yeah great that's going to be in my head now
Imagining him
I need to stop
I don't know when I fell in love with my best friend
No that's a lie
I know
It was when I was really young, like ten or eleven
When I realized that boys were cute and realized I wanted to kiss him like my parents kiss each other
I fell in love and have been since then
And I hate it
I hate that I stare at him when we hang out
I hate that I want to kiss him, that I want to be in his arms, that I want him
I hate it because he'll never feel like that for me and I'm just making myself miserable
It makes being around him awkward sometimes
And it hurts when he's fucking other girls
It's not his fault, he doesn't know how I feel
And I'll never tell him
He'll never let me live it down
"So? What about you?", he prods, poking my side
I feel myself getting upset because I don't know what to tell him
"Hey Jo, it's ok. You don't have to tell me. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable", he says softly
Goddamn now I made him feel bad
"You didn't Yoonie. It's just...", I trail off
"Just what?"
"I uh don't know how I sound", I answer flatly
"Oh so you're in that much pleasure that you don't listen to yourself?", he teases
I snort
I wish
He furrows his eyebrows
"Ok so what do you mean?"
"I mean....that I...uh....never uh came before"
Silence fills the room and I'm scared to look at him
But slowly I move my gaze to him
He looks completely and utterly surprised
"You never....but you had sex before"
I sigh, "Yeah Yoonie but it just never happened."
"Seriously? Not anyway?"
I shake my head
"No fingers, tongue, dick, nothing?"
"No Yoongi nothing ok?", I snap, "It's not like it didn't feel good because it did, I just never came. That's how I know some girls in porn fake it. Because I had to every single time."
"But...how? I don't....what?", he blabbers
I just shrug because what else can I do?
"I think I might be broken down there. Something's wrong. That's the only thing I can think of"
"Are you stupid?", he says loudly
Well maybe but still that stings
"There's nothing wrong with you"
That's sweet but he's wrong
I've slept with a few guys and none of them have made me cum
So it has to be me
I just shrug
"Do you wanna cum?"
What kind of question is that?
Of course I want to, I just can't
"Duh, no shit Yoonie"
But the next thing I know, Yoongi's lips are on mine in a fiery kiss
Oh fuck me
I move my mouth on his, his tongue licking my lip
Opening my mouth, he slips his tongue in, touching mine with his
I can't stop the moan that comes out or how wet my panties get
His kiss is that amazing
He pulls away, kissing my neck and I can't believe it's my best friend doing this
The best friend that I love more than anything
"I want to make you cum" he whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine
"Fuck", I whimper
"Please. I want to. I know you can"
I wish I could
"I can't Yoonie. It doesn't work"
I don't want him to try and just get upset when I can't
I have had it all before
I was fingered, eaten out, fingered while being eaten out, fucked in every position you can think of while my clit was played with
And I wasn't even close
I faked it because it was taking so long and I knew the guys were getting tired and frustrated
I don't want to do that with Yoongi
I don't want to fake it
"You can and I'll make you Jo. You can't fake it with me. I know how girls cum, I know when it's real and not"
Well that's great for him
He's made that many girls cum
"Yeah how do you know?", I question because I'm curious
"I know. The moans, the way the body moves. And the taste. Cum tastes different"
Well shit
That's a lot I didn't need to know about my best friend
"I can make you cum and I will. I'll show you there's nothing wrong with you. That's it's everything wrong with the guys you're with"
Fuck, I want him too
So much
I'm so in love with him and for him to be the one who makes me orgasm would be the best
But I'm scared and I tell him that
"Don't be scared Jo. You never have to be scared with me. You know that."
I nod because I do know that
Yeah we make fun of each other but I feel safe with him
I hope he feels safe with me too
"I want to make you feel so good Jo. Let me"
I bite my lip but nod
He smiles, kissing me again
And I just give in
He pulls me on his lap, his hands touching my body all over
Tremors run up my body and fuck me it feels good
Moving my arms around his neck, I kiss him, his tongue against mine, so happy to be in his arms
Happy that he's noticing me, even if it's just for a little while
His hands go under my shirt, his fingers touching my bare skin making me shiver
It feels so good
I feel my shirt being lifted and I move my arms from his neck for a second, then pull away from his lips so he can take my shirt off
When it's off, I take his off, crashing my lips back against his
He undoes my bra, peeling it from my body, dropping it somewhere
I immediately press my body against his, finally feeling his skin against mine
And God he feels so good, so soft, his skin hot against my cool skin
His lips move from mine to my neck, making me moan
He groans against my neck, kissing me all over, turning me on so much
He turns us, laying me on the bed, getting on top of me
His lips move from my neck down, pressing kisses to my collarbone, my chest and my breasts
He moves back, his hand groping my boob, eyes on them
"Goddamn your nipple rings are fucking hot"
Then his mouth goes around my nipple, sucking hard
"Oh fuck", I cry, my panties getting drenched even more
He bites on the ring, pulling and tugging on it, causing massive pleasure running through me
"Yoongi fuck"
He switches to my other nipples and as he plays with my ring, his hand moves down, slipping under my pants and panties
He pulls them down and I lift my ass up, making it easier for him
After everything is off, I start pulling his sweatpants and boxers off too
I need him naked
I need him
Pulling away he stands up and I lift my head, my mind exploding
Yoongi is naked
In front of me
He's kicking his pants and boxers off, his muscular chest and stomach on display for me to oogle
I move my gaze down and suck in a breath
His dick is fucking huge
Long and thick
And fucking hard, his slit crying cum
I made him hard
Holy shit
His eyes move back to me and he makes a choking sound, getting closer to me
"Fuck me you're even more perfect than I imagined", he breathes, running his hand up my stomach, between my breasts
Than he imagined?
He imagined me?
Like this?
Christ I really like that
If only he knew how many times I imagined him naked
His eyes rake over my body but surprisingly I don't feel embarrassed
His eyes land between my legs and widen
"Clit ring?"
I nod, "Heard it was supposed to feel really good. I was desperate and thought I'd try it"
God I sound so pathetic
But I was desperate
It hurt like a bitch to get, I had to take care of it while it healed and it still did nothing for me
"And that didn't work either?"
I shake my head
"Shit you really were with idiots"
He kisses me hard, his hand opening my legs more
I wait in anticipation for him to do something
When I feel his fingers touch me, run up and down me, I moan so loudly at how good it feels
"Good girl", he whispers and fuck, I like him calling me that, "Nice and wet for me"
"Fuck Yoonie"
Laying next to me, his lips kiss my neck, softly licking and sucking, just adding to the pleasure
His fingers move to my clit and he moves them in circles causing massive pleasure to burst in my body
"Oh god"
"Feels good jagi?"
"Yes Yoonie. Oh fuck"
I'm also aware that he called me jagi
A nickname that he said he'd never call a girl
A name he made fun of so many times when he heard someone say it
He called me that
I'm shocked
His hand keeps moving, now pulling on my clit ring, causing so much bliss that I never felt from having someone play with the ring before
God he already has me more horny and feeling so much pleasure than anyone I've been with
And he's only touched me so far
His lips press against my shoulder and my collarbone as he slides his fingers inside
I immediately tighten on them, moaning loudly
"Mmmm so tight", he murmurs, moving his fingers in and out
"Oh fuck me", I moan from the pleasure
"I will jagi. Later", he teases
"God Yoonie"
I've been fingered before but goddamn I've never felt this much pleasure during it
Yoongi knows what he's doing
His fingers move around while he thrusts them in and out
They rub against a spot inside that makes stars burst in my vision
"Oh god, Yoongi!"
He laughs and it's so fucking hot
"Found it jagi"
He focuses his fingers there, rubbing against it and pressing down on it, driving me crazy
His mouth wraps around my nipple and he sucks slowly, getting faster with each suck
"SHIT!", I scream, my body arching off the bed
I don't think it could feel any better when he puts his thumb on my clit and plays with it while he fucks me with his fingers and sucks on my nipple
I feel pressure in my lower stomach and it keeps building and building
I've never felt this before
I feel like I'm going to explode
"Yyy...Yoongi", I stammer
"Yes jagi, c'mon", he murmurs, "Fall apart for me"
His fucking voice asking me that, is it
Unbelievable pleasure slams into me and I scream loudly as it takes over my body
"Good girl, my good girl", he praises
I can't stop squeezing his fingers so tightly
My god is this what an orgasm is?
I've been fucking missing out
When it's over, I feel so fucking tired
Pulling his fingers out, he moves lower and I feel something wet on me
My eyes snap down to see his tongue slowly lick me
Pleasure shoots through me again making me shake
He moans, actually moans as his tongue slides up and down
"You taste good", he says shocking the hell outta me
"Oh fuck Yoongi"
"You're pussy's so pretty baby"
Jesus christ
He kisses between my legs before using his tongue again
God, I knew he bragged about his tongue in his Agust D song but he was so right to brag
He's amazing with his tongue
"Such perfect pussy lips baby. And in between them, fuck, tastes so good"
I can't wrap it around my head that my best friend is telling me these things
That my best friend is eating me out
His tongue moves rapidly, swirling around and tracing around my entrance
I can't stop watching him
He's so into it and going hard, moaning and his hands squeezing me anywhere he can touch- thighs, hips, my sides, my breasts
He's going out of his way to make it so good for me
And I'm in so much pleasure I can't think
I can only feel
And I feel another orgasm coming and I want it so bad
It's like he knows because he says, "Cum for me jagi. I wanna taste you"
"Oh fuck YOONGI!", I yell, another orgasm crashing over me, feeling incredible
My legs shake around his head and I can't stop screaming
His moans turn me on so much, his tongue licking furiously
When it's over, I lay on the bed breathing hard
"Told you, you can cum"
My eyes snap down to him and he smirks at me from between my legs, my cum covering his mouth
God that sight alone can make me cum again
"Told you there's nothing wrong with you.", he says, licking again
He was fucking right
There isn't
He made me cum twice and I'm ready for more
He kisses my inner thigh, "First my fingers, now my tongue."
Fuck yes and I want to orgasm again
Now that I know what it's like I don't want to stop
But I want it with him
Only him
"You were just with idiots who didn't know what they were doing", he continues, sucking on my skin, leaving a dark purple mark
Fuck I want him to do more
Leave his marks all over my thighs, making me his
I want to be his so badly
"Idiots who didn't know how to please you"
I raise my eyebrows teasingly, "And you do?"
He looks up at me, stopping his sucking on my skin
"I know how to please a girl. But I'm learning how to please you", he answers
Jesus Christ
"I'm gonna learn everything you like and don't like", he says pressing a kiss to my thigh again, "And everything you like, I'm going to get perfect at it so I can fuck you good all the time"
Oh my fuck
That sounds amazing
And....it sounds like he wants to keep being with me
I hope so
I'm such a slut for him but I don't care
I want him so badly
"You want more?", he asks, licking between my lips, slowly, teasingly
"Yes", I cry
"More of my tongue?"
Oh fuck yes
I can't get enough of it
"Yes fuck, I want your tongue. Please"
"Ok baby girl. You sure you're gonna cum if I give you more?"
"Yes. Fuck yes I will", I promise
I just want his tongue on me
"Good girl"
He licks my clit and my body arches off the bed
"YES YOONGI!", I shout
"Fuck jagi, keep screaming my name. I love hearing it in your voice", he groans
Oh fuck I will
Not a problem
I watch his mouth close on my clit, sucking fast right away
Stars blind me as bliss takes over
I can't tear my eyes from him, from him, licking my clit then sucking it back in his mouth, his eyes closed, moaning as if he loves it
As if he's being pleasured
Oh my god, he is so fucking hot
I had no clue my best friend was so good at eating pussy.
He bites on my ring and tugs it, making my vision turn white in pure pleasure
"Oh fuck Yoongi"
His tongue and mouth keep playing with the ring, driving me insane and again I can't think
I just want him
He moves his tongue, sliding it down and slipping inside me
He licks inside then drags his tongue out and up along my clit
And it makes my body go crazy
"Oh my god Yoongi, again. Do it again!", I plead
He does and it's bringing me closer
He fucks his tongue into me and my hand plunges in his black hair, pulling, my hips moving up into his face
"Keep doing that princess. I fucking love it"
"Fuck me jagi you're pussy smells so fucking good, is driving me insane"
Oh god
He sucks my clit again, then goes back in, his tongue fucking me so good
"YOONGI, YOONGI, FUCK, YOONGI", I cry, coming and fucking his face harder
"Fuck you're the best thing I ever tasted. So good, so thick and creamy. I love it"
My eyes snap down to him, watching him eat my cum, swallowing over and over, thrusting his tongue back in again and again
He's fucking insane
And I want more of him
Always want just him
Yoongi POV
"Good girl", I say, moving away from her
My god, she tastes so fucking good
I knew she would and now I know I'm going to want her all the time
It's going to kill me
Moving on my knees, I grip her hips, lifting her slightly off the bed
I look up at her, smirking, "I'm not done with you jagi"
She moans softly, turning me on more
"Now you're going to cum on my cock"
"Jesus Yoongi"
"With just my cock. I'm not going to touch you anywhere, just pound your little cunt hard. I'm going to show you that you can cum just from fucking"
She bites her lips, her eyes wide with want
She's so beautiful, I wish she was mine
"Ok baby girl?"
"And guess what?", I ask
"My cock's going make you cum over and over until your pussy is numb."
She moans loudly, nodding her head
I lean closer to her, whispering in her ear, "Then you're going to cum again until I say you can stop"
"Yyy...yes Yoongi"
"Good girl"
I'm so fucking hard it hurts and I need to be in her right now
But I don't want to use a condom
I want to feel her
"Can.... can I go in?", I ask
She raises her eyebrow, "Uh isn't that what sex is?"
"Yeah but I don't want to uh use a condom", I finish the sentence quickly
"Oh, I didn't even think of that"
Is that good?
"I swear Jo, I use a condom with every girl I've ever slept with. I swear I don't have anything-"
"Oh c'mon Yoongi, I know you don't have anything. Stop it"
"I..I just want....", I stop, getting shy and nervous
Why can't I tell her what I want without turning into a blubbering idiot?
"Want what naekkeo?"
My head snaps up at hearing her call me naekkeo
I fucking love it
She just smiles at me
"I just want to feel you"
Her smile gets wider, "Good naekkeo because I want to feel you too"
I don't waste any more time
"Let's get you coming on my cock princess", I tell her
Getting my head in, I push inside slowly, listening to her moan loudly, her eyes closed, pleasure all over her face
Jesus Christ, she's so tight
I'm only half way in and I can fucking cum right now
"More Yoongi", she cries
I continue to slide in, feeling her get even more drenched, soaking my cock as her pussy holds on tight to me, watching her slit stretch around my length the more I go in
And inside?
Fuck she opens just enough for me to slide in, her cunt clinging to me nice and tight
"Good girl, opening up for me so well baby", I praise her
I finally get all in, shaking from how good she feels
"Fuck Yoongi. You...so...fuck....good
...hard.....fucking huge", she stammers
"Yeah? Like my cock in you?"
She nods her head fast, "Love it"
I'm happy
I want her to like my cock
Maybe she won't want to stop sleeping with me if it feels good
I love her more than anything
I'm so in love it's ridiculous
I have been since I realized that girls don't have cooties
At ten, I realized how pretty she was, how much I liked how she looked, how much I loved being around her
And I fell in love
I've only loved her my whole life
She's been there for me since we were three and met at the park
We'd only play together everyday and our moms eventually became friends
She was there for me, supported me with music since I started and did anything to help me
She was there from the beginning of BTS, moving to Seoul to be close to me in case I needed anything
I'm completely in love
But I'll never tell her
She'd never want me
Not with my career
Endlessly busy days, performances, practices, events, recordings, writing music, girls fawning over me all the time
And the tours, when I'm gone for months
She wouldn't want that
She needs someone who'll be here for her when she needs him
It can't be me
Not now anyway
So I'll just take being with her right now and be happy
I pull out halfway, then thrust back inside
"Yes Yoongi", she cries
God, I fucking love her yelling my name
I've wanted to hear her scream it for years
Slamming her cunt, pleasure takes over as she throbs on my cock over and over
She's fucking perfect
"God your pussy is perfect", I whimper, "So tight for me. So wet"
Whimpering, she looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes and I fall into them
I can get lost in her eyes all day
I've written so many lyrics about her eyes
About her smile
Those songs will never see the light of day
"Yoongi, you feel so good baby", she moans
"Yeah jagi? I wanna be good for you"
"You are Yoongi, you are. You're perfect"
Fuck, hearing that makes me happy
Even if she's just saying it in the moment
"You feel so good Jo. The best I ever been with"
"You're kidding", she asks, looking at me confused
"No jagi, I'm not", I answer, kissing her, "You are the best princess"
Thrusting over and over she pulses harder around me
"Fuck yes. Gonna cum jagi?"
"Yyy...yes...fuck Yoongi, yes baby"
God I want to feel it so much
I felt it on my fingers and tongue and I'm so excited for her to cum on my cock
"Cum for me baby. I wanna watch you", I moan
"I'll make you jagi. Don't worry ok. You're going to cum with me"
She nods and I increase my speed to get her closer
"Yyy....YOONGI fuck Yoongi, I'm coming! I'm coming! YOONGI I'M COMING!"
Oh fuck yes
"Yeah baby, shake for me", I whisper
She gets incredibly tight, like I've never felt anyone else get before and I feel her cum all over my cock
Pleasure slams into me and I have to consciously hold myself up to keep from falling on her
"YOONGI fuck baby, oh my god!", she screams, her hands in her hair, her chest heaving from screaming, her body shaking from pleasure
"Good princess. Want another one?", I ask when she finishes and I can think again
"Yes Yoongi, yes, please Yoongi. I love coming on you. I want to again. Please"
Fuck me
Her begging just got me so turned on
I slam her pussy once
"Oh yeah? Like coming on me?"
She nods, "Yes"
Another slam
"Feels good right? Coming on a hard cock?"
"Fuck yes. I don't want you to leave Yoongi. Stay inside me"
Jesus, I want that
I want to stay, I love being inside
Giving her another pound, she moans and I tell her, "Well if I'm going to stay, you're going to have to cum more"
"I will! I promise! I will!"
"Ok baby"
Moving her legs, I push them to her chest and mercilessly pound into her perfect cunt
"Yes!", she cries
Fuck just watching her in so much pleasure, knowing that I'm giving it to her is fucking amazing
I thrust into her spot and she screams loudly
"Got it baby"
Looking down, I see her lower stomach jumping up and down
I realize that it's my cock deep inside her making her stomach jump
I'm in that deep
"Hold your leg jagi", I tell her, mesmerized by her stomach
She holds one of them and I move my hand to her stomach, feeling my cock move in her
I whimper from feeling it
"Yyy...Yoongi", she moans, "What...what-"
I take her hand off her leg and put it on her stomach
"Feel that baby girl?"
She nods, confused
"That's my cock inside you. I'm fucking you so deeply, you can feel me here"
"Fuck", she moans, pressing harder on her stomach
"Ddd..don't stop Yoongi. I want it. I want to feel you"
"I won't stop jagi", I promise her
Holding her legs again, I watch her close her eyes, her bottom lip in her teeth and her hand on her stomach
Fuck me she's such a turn on
Her cunt clenches me over and over and I know she's gonna cum
She's right there
Pounding in her again, she screams, "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum on your cock Yoongi!"
"Yes jagi. Make a mess on my cock"
"FUCK YOONGI!", she screams
God, she feels amazing, my god I've never felt such pleasure in my life
"Good girl, look at you creaming my cock again. Doing such a good job. Such a good princess for me"
She only moans, her hand twisting in my sheets
"I want more baby. I want your pretty cream soaking my cock", I demand as I fuck her through her orgasm
"Fuck Yoongi more! Wreck me!", she shouts
Oh fuck yes
Thank god she likes it hard and rough too
And that she can take it
"Oh don't worry jagi. I'm going to ruin you so fucking good."
I pull out, flipping her on all fours, opening her legs.
I plunge back inside her tight hole, groaning at how she opens around me
And how tight her grip is on me
"Fuck me Yoongi! I want you!"
Pounding inside against her spot, she screams
God she's already ready to cum
"So close already baby", I tell her, pounding her roughly
"Mmmm", she whimpers
God I want it now
"Gimme jagi. Gimme your orgasm. Gimme your cream baby."
"Fuck Yoongi"
I slam harder right into her spot over and over
"Please baby. You're cream looks so pretty on my cock"
"Jesus Yoongi!"
She screams and I watch her cum flow onto my cock
More and more covers me as I move in and out
When she finishes, I pull out because I'm gonna cum and I don't want to yet
I lay back, calming myself down
"Give... give me a second jagi?"
She comes over to me, looking worried
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah jagi", I breathe, "I just...I was gonna cum but I don't want to"
"Why not? Is..is there something wrong with me? Down there?"
My gaze snaps to hers
"What? No jagi. Of course not baby. I just want to give you more and I can't cum if I wanna do that"
Relief fills her eyes
Did she really think I wouldn't want to cum inside her?
That's so far from the truth
It's insane
"Are you ok now?", she asks
I nod
I'm good for now
She moves closer to me, kissing my lips and I melt against her
She climbs on top of me and whispers, "Wanna ride you baby"
I gape at her, "You uh you do?"
She nods, "Your cock is perfect for riding"
Again I'm dumbfounded that my best friend is saying this to me
Then again I said a whole bunch of things to her that probably shocked her
"Plus I'm told I'm really good at it and I want to do it to you. So much"
"Yes jagi, please. I want you"
"I want you to baby"
I feel her hold my cock up and while she hovers over me I watch her juice drip all over me
She's so wet again and I swallow hard watching it
She gets me in, sliding down my length slowly
"Fuck", I cry, closing my eyes hard
Bottoming me out she actually shivers on me making me open my eyes
Her gorgeous eyes are looking at me and love for her swells in my heart
She holds onto my arms and moves up and down quickly
"Oh fuck", I whisper, watching her fuck me, mesmerized by the way she moves on me
She rotates her hips, getting my head right against her spot, then fucking herself on my cock
"Yes baby girl. Fuck you're so pretty on my cock"
"Mmm wanna be pretty for you", she moans, her eyes closed
I need to touch her
My hands move on her stomach, feeling the sweat on her, watching her
My eyes move down, to her pussy fucking me
"Fuck baby", I whisper, touching her
"You're pretty pussy looks so good impaled on my cock"
"You're pretty swollen lips around me, so fucking perfect."
I can't stop staring at her
I want to suck on her skin
Leave my hickies all over her, not just the one on her thigh
I sit up, holding on to her, sucking right on her chest
"Can I princess? I want to mark you as mine"
"Yes Yoongi. Yes"
She keeps bouncing on me as I kiss her chest, her neck, her breasts, leaving my marks all over her
Everyone is going to know she's mine
"Yoongi", she pants harder
"Yeah jagi, almost?"
She nods
"Yes baby, fall apart on my cock", I urge her
I take her nipple in my mouth and suck hard
"YOONGI! Fuck YOONGI!", she yells as she orgasms
Her body shakes in my arms and I hold her against me feeling her
God it feels incredible
"Yes baby, fuck.", I moan, kissing her everywhere I can, "Feels so good jagi."
"Uh huh", she whimpers, rocking on me
"Fuck Jo, I love you", I say without realizing what came out
Until a second later
Oh my god, I told her I love her
She's never going to feel the sa-
"I love you Yoongi", she says, then presses her lips against mine
I kiss her back, deepening it and I know
She loves me
Like I love her
To say I'm overjoyed is an understatement
Wrapping one arm around her back, I turn us so I'm on top of her
I look down at her and fuck, I see the love in her eyes
"I love you so much", I whisper
"I love you so much too Yoongi"
She pulls me back to her in a kiss
I put all my love in that kiss so she knows I really do love her
When it ends, she whispers in my ear, "Come back baby. I want you"
I groan loudly, wrapping her legs around my hips, sliding back inside
Back to her tight, warm, wet pussy
Back to where I belong
I start moving, in and out, slower than before and she moves her hips up too, making me go deeper
Leaning my forehead on hers, we look in each other's eyes
"Mine?", I ask
"Yours", she answers, "Always yours"
I feel so relieved that she's mine now
That I don't have to be constantly scared that she's going to tell me she has another boyfriend
I will make time for her
I'll take her on tours with me
I'll take her everywhere with me
We'll figure everything out
Because I'll do anything for her
"Mine?", she asks
"Always jagi", I answer immediately
She kisses me gently, the kiss full of love
I kiss her back, taking her hand and lacing our fingers together
She's mine
Thrusting inside again, her body arches and she kisses me more urgently when she cums
Moaning against her lips, I take all the pleasure she gives me
It's fucking pure bliss and I cum inside her
"Jagi, Joanne fuck", I moan, feeling her milk my cock for all my cum
God I've never been in this much pleasure before
Never felt loved like she's making me feel
I move to get off her but her arms wrap around me, keeping me on her
"Stay naekkeo", she whispers
My heart bursts in happiness hearing her call me that nickname again
"I wanna hold you naekkeo", she whispers, her fingers running in my hair, her other hand rubbing my back
"Is this really happening?", I ask, "Are you really mine?"
I want to know if it's real
Or if it's something she said in the heat of the moment
"It's real Yoongi. I love you so much. For so long. Since I was ten and realized I wanted to kiss you like my parents kissed each other. You're the only one I ever truly wanted to be with. I just thought you didn't see me that way"
She is so wrong
"Joanne I love you. Since I was ten and realized girls didn't have cooties and how beautiful you are. I thought you'd never see me like that. Never want to be with an idol because of how busy I always am"
"No naekkeo", she says, taking my hand, kissing the back of it, holding on, "I don't care about how busy you are as long as I get to have some time with you. As long as I get to be with you. We can figure everything out together ok? You have always been everything to me and you always will."
Lifting my head up, I look in her gorgeous brown eyes, "You are my everything Jo. I promise I'll make time for you. I've loved you all my life and I swear it's not going to change"
She smiles taking my breath away
"I love you"
"I love you", I answer, pressing my lips against her, feeling her kiss me back
I still can't believe I got her
I'm so fucking happy
Laying back down on her chest, she kisses my forehead, holding me tightly
I smile so happy I took the chance and kissed her
Everything was fucking amazing
"Yeah baby?"
"You like coming?", I tease
"Oh shush Yoonie"
"Do you?"
"Yes because it's with you dummy"
I laugh feeling her chest shake while she giggles
"I'm glad baby"
"Me too", she agrees
"Now you just gotta learn to squirt"
"Yoongi!", she exclaims, smacking my shoulder lightly
"Don't worry baby, I'll make you"
She snorts, "I know you will. You're fucking amazing at sex"
Oh damn
She's the only one whose made me ridiculously happy hearing that
"So are you jagi. So fucking sexy baby"
"Oh shush", she laughs
We lay together in silence for a few minutes, just hugging and holding each other
"What do you wanna do now naekkeo?"
"Sleep jagi"
She laughs, "A famous Min, Yoongi nap?"
"Yes with my baby this time. Then when we wake up, I'm gonna fuck you so good again"
"Shit Yoonie"
"Want it baby?"
"Always from you"
I just smile
She kisses my forehead again, her arms tightening around me
It feels so good to finally be in her arms
Closing my eyes, I'm incredibly happy
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milfgyuu · 7 months
Tumblr media
Self Absorbed Pairing: Kang Yeosang x Fem!Reader Tags: 3.4k, Neighbors!AU, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff, Minor Angst Due To Stupidity, part of the Mr. Right Next Door series Summary: The guy across the hall is sort of elusive. You only know two things about him: One, he seems to share the same schedule as you, always coming and going at the same time and two, he’s kind of an arrogant ass. “Listen, you’re very pretty but I’m just not interested.” “Neither am I?”
Tumblr media
Warnings: mild language, yeosang gets intoxicated (once), smooching. It’s pretty soft. 
Tumblr media
Looking back, you will probably always remember the day you met your neighbor who lived just across the hall from you.
Stepping out of your front door that morning, you’d accidentally bumped right into the newcomer and immediately turned to apologize, but he simply looked at you then turned and walked back into his apartment without so much as a single syllable. You’d given him the benefit of the doubt of course, perhaps he was shy or embarrassed but you’d soon come to learn that Kang Yeosang was just not a friendly person in general. 
It became a series of incidences where you’d attempt to wave or hold the elevator for him and he’d turn tail, pretending as if he never saw you even though on many occasions, you absolutely made eye contact. It seemed as though every time you stepped foot out your front door Yeosang was either coming or going and because you were raised to be polite, you always offered a smile, wave, or gentle hello and he ignored it entirely. 
His behavior was shocking and for a while you thought perhaps you’d done something to offend him, though racking your brains, you couldn’t think of a single happening that might explain his utter lack of acknowledgement toward you. In one brief moment of horror, it occurred to you that he very well could be deaf or even non-verbal and you felt guilty for assuming he just didn’t want to communicate with you. 
That was squashed the very next day when you overheard him having a full conversation with someone through his airpods. He even smiled at the old woman down the hall as she cleared the elevator and your heart sunk. It’s not that Yeosang’s opinion mattered so highly to you. You just didn’t feel good about the fact that he so obviously disliked you for an unknown reason. 
One night after work, your friend Angelie came over for takeout and drinks at your place, and she was practically bouncing outside your door. When you opened it, she pushed past you, dropping her bags, and you quickly closed your door when she began to squeal. Loudly.
“How could you not tell me that Kang Yeosang was your neighbor?!” She playfully shoved your shoulder but you were stiff, confused. 
“Uhhh, I’m sorry…who?”
Her face morphs from excitement to astonishment. “Your neighbor. Across the hall?” she pushes, “Are you telling me you don’t know who Kang Yeosang is?!”
You snort, walking her over to the couch, “You can keep saying the name but I have no idea what it means.”
Angelie stops you in your tracks and stares at you, “He’s a model, like a very famous, wealthy, everybody who’s anybody wants to be his somebody, well-known model,” she gasps, “Oh my god! You genuinely have no clue! How are you even this lucky without knowing it?!”
You pull yourself out of her grasp and smile dejectedly, “We’re neighbors, Ang, not exactly best friends. I barely know him, “ you turn and whisper under your breath, “Obviously.”
After Angelie left for the night you laid in bed wide awake. One burning question was why would a famous, supposedly wealthy model be living across the hall from you in a modest apartment building? There was nothing overtly special about your living quarters so it wasn’t someplace you’d expect someone with an excess of money to choose to live. 
You huff in frustration, giving in to your own curiosity and pulling your laptop into bed with you. You look around as if someone is watching before typing in his name and there is so much information that your head spins. You click through photo after photo in awe because he is truly handsome from any angle even though in person you only ever see half his obstructed face, hidden beneath a hood or mask and the thought strikes you that perhaps there is a reason for hiding in such a way. 
A online forum thread sparks your interest and you click on the link, reading through several comments. 
OP254: I saw him at a restaurant and was so excited I HAD to go talk to him but when I asked for a photo and an autograph he totally snubbed me! What a jerk!!
She_said34: Ugh! So rude! People think just because they’re good looking that they can treat others however they want! It would have taken 2 seconds to give you what you wanted!!
34tth3r!ch: eat the rich
JellybeEn09: OK but you approached him and interrupted his lunch?????? Is that not an invasion of privacy???? Famous people are people too.
Locomotiv8: lmao fr these people are so rude - does he not deserve to have a life???? I heard some stalkers doxxed his address and he had to move. So sad, he probably has such a small circle of people who genuinely care about him and don’t care about clout.
Kiltainrock: dude if i was famous i would always go out in a disguise or something. Can’t imagine having people wanting shit from u 24/7 when at the end of the day they don’t give a damn about u irl. 
Your heart aches as you read through a few more comments before closing your laptop and burrowing under your sheets. Things start piecing together in your mind and you feel bad for judging your neighbor without truly knowing him. He lives in a modest apartment, probably because no one expects him to live anywhere but a penthouse, so perhaps he feels like he has more privacy. He’s always half hidden under his clothing. He rushes back and forth not really stopping to speak to anyone. 
Too soft-hearted, a tear slips from your eye and you sniffle. “He must be so lonely.”
The next day you make an effort to be extra chipper anytime you saw him but always in passing. Each day, you’d step out of your front doors, coming almost toe-to-toe and you’d simply smile at him with a kind, ‘good morning’ and turn on your heel so he didn’t feel like he needed to respond if he didn’t want to. 
It became a daily occurrence with your similar schedules and though Yeosang never responded, he always watched you go with a dumbfounded stare. He once stood at his door, watching you walk down the hall to the elevator one morning and you simply got in and pressed the button, waving just before the doors closed when you used to try to wait for him. He’d actually laughed to himself before nearly jumping out of his skin when a small child ran past him. 
That went on for a few more weeks until one evening you found yourself in the elevator together for the first time. It was awkwardly silent and you kept looking at each other from the corner of your eyes until you did it at the same time and both froze. You recovered quickly, smiling, “Hi,” you said kindly, immediately averting your eyes and wishing for the doors to open. 
Yeosang clears his throat and hesitates to speak. You can see him shift his weight, debating on turning toward you and then he sighs, pulling down his mask. “Look,” he says gently and you look up at him curiously, “You’re very pretty and seem really nice, but I’m not interested in going out or anything like that.”
You slap your hand over your mouth and laugh, hard. Yeosang’s eyes widen and he stares at you falling to pieces in hysterics. “I- why are you laughing?”
You wave your hand, attempting to pull yourself together. “So bold of you to assume that I’m interested.”
Yeosang panics and stutters, “W-wait, you’re not?”
Another incredulous laugh parts your lips but you quickly reign it in as the doors open and Yeosang doesn’t hesitate to step out and walk by your side. “We live two feet apart and see each other every day. If you have to see someone that frequently, I thought it might be nice to at least be polite toward one another.”
You’re standing at your doors and Yeosang seems too stunned to speak so you smile and unlock your door, “Anyway, have a good night!”
Then you’re gone and Yeosang is just standing there staring at your door until he eventually wanders inside, taking one last look before closing himself in his apartment. 
Almost two hours later, you’re finally showered and stripped away from your office attire, searching your fridge for something quick to eat. Work had been particularly draining and you just didn’t have the energy or mental capacity to put actual effort into cooking something. Suddenly, your doorbell rings and you stare through the peep hole in shock. 
You open the door and there is Yeosang with a paper bag in his hands. “Um, hey,” you glance back up at him, “Did you need something?”
Yeosang looks particularly uncomfortable and he takes a second to formulate words, “I um…I wanted to apologize for earlier and well, I guess being kind of a jerk ever since I moved in,” he looks down and then suddenly remembers the bag, “Oh, I uh wasn’t sure if you already ate but I wanted to bring you something to say I’m sorry…again. Also, I’m Yeosang…since I never actually introduced myself. Sor-”
You snicker, “You don’t have to keep apologizing and you absolutely did not have to buy me dinner. That was really kind of you.”
Yeosang smiles and it warms your heart immensely that it’s directed toward you for the first time. It looks really nice on his handsome face. He again, remembers the bag and carefully places it in your arms. Your brows furrow at the sheer weight of it and you peer inside. “Oh, this is a lot of food…”
He shoves his hands in his back pockets and rocks back and forth, “Oh, uh yeah, I wasn’t sure what you liked so I got a little bit of everything,” he says and then he’s backing away, his social meter depleting rapidly, “I hope you enjoy it and um…have a good night!”
He’s halfway spun toward his door when you call out his name and he stops, looking back at you with wide eyes, “This really is a lot of food and it shouldn’t go to waste. Would you like to come in and share it with me?”
His mouth opens and closes and you giggle at the sight. “Promise it’s not a date,” you tease him and the smile reappears on his lips as he nods toward the ground and thanks you as you hold the door open for him. 
You both settle down on the floor next to your table and begin pulling things out of the bag. He wasn’t kidding about getting a little bit of everything and you’re pretty sure he got the whole menu as you continually pull boxes and containers out of the bag until there is hardly any open space on the table. He’s rather quiet and obviously shy as you both begin eating and you try to think of something, anything to break the ice. 
“Do you like cats?”
Yeosang looks up with a mouth full of noodles and you chuckle as he swallows them down with wide eyes. “Uh…yeah, I love cats.”
You lean back and peer into your dark bedroom, “Pssp, pssp, come here Sweet Potato,” you call out, “Come say hello…”
Yeosang snorts at the name and watches as a petite orange cat curiously pokes it’s head out of your open door, looking for her owner. You pat the floor gently and the kitty bounds over, crashing into your lap like a wrecking ball and you lean down, kissing the top of her head. “This is my free-loading roommate, Potato.”
The cat takes one look at Yeosang and finds him quite interesting, crawling over your lap and into his. Tiny paws find a home on his chest as she attempts to persuade him to forget about the food and give her all his attention. Yeosang happily obliges, “She’s so cute!” he pets the length of her back and down her long tail, “I wish I could have a cat but I have to travel a lot. It would be nice to have a companion at home though.”
You hum in response, taking another bite, “Well, you could come play with Potato whenever you’re feeling lonely. She loves the attention.”
Yeosang scratches behind the cat’s ears with one hand and starts eating with the other, smiling between every bite. “Maybe me, you, and Potato can be friends,” he says happily, peering up at you from behind his hair. 
You smile back at him, “Yeah, I think that’d be nice.”
Tumblr media
Over the next few months, Yeosang starts to visit you and Sweet Potato at least twice a week, bringing her new toys and treats until you had to go out and buy a big basket to contain them all. In that time, you begin to learn so much more about him as he opens up, showing you an entirely different side to him. Sometimes you think it’s funny that the guy who seemingly spoke to no one would end up in your home a few nights a week talking almost non-stop for hours. 
For as much talking as he does though, Yeosang is also a fantastic listener and gives pretty good advice. He helped you work through an issue you were having with a co-worker that had really been stressing you out and was surprisingly well equipped to handle all your in-home IT problems. Admittedly, he was a bit of a tech geek and that simple fact didn’t much shock you the more you got to know him. 
One night you were getting ready for bed when there was an odd knock at the door and when you pulled it open, Yeosang nearly stumbled through the door but you caught him by the shoulders and he groaned, swaying in your arms. “Yeosang, are you drunk?”
He mumbled something in your ear but a door opened down the hall and you pulled him inside and over to your couch. He dropped heavily into the cushions and the sound made Potato scramble into the safety of your room. You sat down next to him, pushing the hair from his face and noticed how red he was. Almost as if he were crying. “Hey,” you gently nudged him, “Tell me what’s going on.”
His head falls on your shoulder and you freeze. “No one cares about me except for you,” he mumbles quietly, “People treat me like i’m an object…like, something they can use for gain. You’re my only true friend,” he pulls his head up and looks at you with glassy eyes, “You’re so genuine and talk to me like i’m a human being with real feelings and you’re just… you’re the only person I can trust to actually like me for me.”
The tears well up in his eyes again and your body tenses, eyes burning and watering, hurting for him. “Of course I like you for you,” you reassure him, “You’re an introverted gamer nerd who loves comic books, and talks through the plot of every movie. And you spoil my cat. What’s not to like?”
Yeosang grins, eyes closed as he let’s out a watery chuckle. “See, you’re the only one who cares enough to know those things about me.”
You frown at the soft dejected tone in his voice, “So, what? You threw yourself a pity party and got drunk all by yourself?”
“It worked for a little bit,” he sighs, “Then I realized how lonely I was and how much I missed you. You’re the only one I wanna spend time with.”
Your cheeks heat at his confession and you figure it’s probably best for him to go to bed before he says anything else he might regret saying in the morning. “Yeo, why don’t you lay down?” you move to get up but he grabs your wrist and keeps you there. “What-”
He scoots over and lays down on the couch next to you, resting his head in your lap. Your hands hover above him and he presses his face into your thighs, “Can I stay with you tonight?”
“I-I don’t know if that’s a good id-”
He rolls over and looks up at you. “Please, I just want to be with you.”
You gently cradle his head in your lap and whisper, “Ok,’ before he sighs and closes his eyes. 
You spend the next hour together in the quiet of your living room with Yeosang’s head in your lap, your fingers softly carding through his hair as he sleeps. After a while, you slip out from beneath him and replace yourself with a pillow. Pulling the blanket off the back of the couch, you cover him with it, tucking in the edges and Potato jumps up and settles in a ball on his chest. You smile down at her, rubbing her ears and whispering what a good girl she is to take care of her friend. 
It’s a brief moment of hesitation that stops you in your bedroom doorway and you turn back to look at the man softly sleeping there. You cross the small distance and kneel down next to him, leaning in to press your lips against his forehead. You know he’s sleeping and won’t hear you but you feel the need to say it anyway. “You’re worth far more than you believe.”
You close your bedroom door softly and Yeosang blinks his eyes open, staring up at the ceiling as he strokes Potato’s fur until he falls back to sleep. 
Tumblr media
The following week is normal between the two of you. It’s not awkward but you don’t much talk about the things he said that night nor does he admit to thinking about your lips against his skin and the gentle words you parted with. He feels so fortunate to have you in his life that he worries bringing that up might stifle it somehow and he was grateful to have you in any capacity. Until you showed up at his doorstep one night after work. 
You eagerly knocked at Yeosang’s door, bouncing with excitement that you hadn’t shared with anyone just yet because honestly, he was the first person you wanted to tell from the moment you found out. He opened the door curiously and grinned as you floated past him, setting your purse down on the kitchen counter. “I have news!”
He leans against the opposite counter, with his arms crossed comfortably, “Hit me.”
“Ok, so you know how I have been putting in those extra hours and my team leader has been giving me more involved assignments that I’ve been absolutely killing?” you rush out and he nods, laughing, “Well…I got the promotion!”
Yeosang immediately opens his arms and you don’t hesitate to wrap yours around his middle and let him hug you tightly. “I’m so proud of you!” he murmurs against your hair, both hands splayed against your back, holding you close. You’re elated and he sways you gently side to side, the gentle motion rocking you both into a quiet comfort. 
It’s long past time to let go for a simple congratulatory hug but neither of you release each other, becoming too comfortable to part. You pull your head back to look at him, saying his name quietly and Yeosang closes the distance between you, kissing you so tenderly your heart stops beating for a moment. His lips are so soft and gentle, his hands even more so and you relax into him. 
He pulls back and rests his forehead against your own, smiling, “You’re worth more than anything in the world to me. I hope you know that. You deserve everything good in life.”
You laugh softly, stroking your thumb over his cheek, “I don’t need everything,” you tell him, pulling back to peer into his face, “Just someone who values me for who I am.”
Yeosang chuckles, “I think I know a guy,” he teases, “I could introduce you?”
“I think I’ve met him,” you play along, “Tall, blonde, a little self-absorbed?”
He tightens his arms around you, letting out a beautiful laugh before he’s kissing you again, “Yeah, that’s the one. He really likes you.”
You smile against his lips, whispering between kisses. “Yeah? I like him too.”
Tumblr media
Series M.List | ATEEZ M.List | Main M.List
→ Do not copy, re-post, translate, or share any of my works on other platforms WITHOUT PERMISSION! All stories are copyrighted, Bubblebeom, 2021. ©️
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nicktremblaywayfu · 4 months
Additional Pleasure (Sequel from "A Price for The Traitor to Pay" )
Tumblr media
Additional Pleasure: A Bonus Chapter
The Prequel : Main Story
Pairing : Arthur Harrow x F! Reader
Warning : Kidnapping, Dubcon, Yandere, Unprotected sex, p in v, cursing 
Words : 1831
Tags : Porn with semi-plot, Older man x Younger woman, age differences, height differences, emotional manipulation, vaginal fingering, Marc listening to you getting fucked by Arthur, Khonshu raging in the background, marking, bite kink, Arthur being Yandere
Summary : Where Harrow lived was your home as well. You were a hostage that he kept like his own follower. Lover even, if you wish to call it. But Marc won't give up finding your whereabouts, tirelessly calling you everyday everynight without fail. Unfortunately, this time the call didn't make him happy at all.
Characters : Arthur Harrow, You (reader), Marc Spector (in the call), Khonshu (in the background)
Rating : 18+ (Adults Only !)
Available on Ao3 as well
You don’t exactly remember how long it has been, since you have lived in Harrow’s houses. Wherever he went and flew to another place, you were always with him. Your phone was dead, as he turned it off right after Marc called you the first time Harrow pushed himself into you. The things that you were grateful for was that he didn’t keep you in such an empty basement room. He didn’t keep your hand tied any more. He gave you clothes, foods, even protection as well, just as what he promised to his followers. What he didn’t give you, however, was a room for your own privacy. After all, he had seen your fully naked body. Once, both of you even took a bath together which obviously ended up in another sexual intercourse.
In the end, Harrow was still a human. One thing that sometimes you and Marc forgot. He had feelings, as well as he had lust. He appeared to be perfectly able to control his lust but once he was behind the door? Unfortunately you were his witness.
Your dreamless sleep awoke as you heard a loud thud in the outside of the house. The lights flickered for seconds before everything was in silence again. You knew well who made the scenes. You looked at the clock, showing 4 am as the time. The sun was still hiding but the moonlight had dimmed. The dark of the dusk could hide you in the shadows, running away from the cult leader. 
You took a glance at the sleeping old man. He was peacefully slumbered in his dreams, yet you weren’t sure. Perhaps he was pretending, deep down, was actually fully awake as he felt the weight change of the bed. You shook your head as the thought of staying occurred in your mind.
Khonshu for some reason has come for you. Which meant Marc was here, or at the very least he was close by. This was your last chance, who knew if this was their last effort to search as well. The time you were about to rise from your bed, fortune wasn’t on your side.
“If i were you, i wouldn’t trust whatever that old bird attempted to do.” A big hand covered your mouth and shut it tight, with the other wrapping around your stomach. The worst scenario was always the one that happened in such a situation.
“Just stay here sweetheart, didn’t I treat you like a human being here ? I gave you food and shelter. “ Harrow leaned closer to you, his head resting on your shoulder. 
The lights flickered again for a while, giving a signal that the god was on the outside. Perhaps leaning on the wall, waiting for Marc if he finds any clue around.
Words coming out from your mouth was nothing but mumbled arrangement of alphabets. But whatever coming from your voice right now was not important. It wasn't what he wanted. He wished for something else, something he could control fully. 
“Let’s make a deal for this morning, alright? You follow what I do, and I won't hurt you. Just like usual. “ His heavy, husky whisper was like a chant, turning your body to prepare for an inevitable moment. A moment of another intimacy. 
“Still doubting me, hm? I thought we went through something like this before.” He sounded like a disappointed boy receiving “no” as the answer, even though your mouth didn't emit any words.
“Very well. Then I shall prove it with action. After all, action speaks louder than words. Am I right?” Your hands gripped on his as he slipped fingers inside your night shorts.
Your breath slowly became uncontrollable as he reached your panties, rubbing on the fabric wrapping your lower area. His touch sent a shock on your clit beneath the fabric. He then moved softly to rub his hand on your fabric, teasing what's inside. Feeling the wetness has started to drench your panties, he pulled down your night shorts. The breeze of cold air instantly met your bare thigh. 
His fingers creeped beneath your panties, looking for the main interest of this moment. You let out a muffled mewl as his middle finger found your clit once again, stroking it slowly. The way he moved synchronized with your heavy breath. Felt like your muffled mewl was the second thing he loved to hear aside from his own voice.
Mewls had become cries, with him rubbing the lips of your vagina and spreading your own fluid on the surface. Your legs were stiff with the sensation of lust growing inside you, which clammed his fingers between your folds. Harrow took this chance, inserted two of his fingers inside your vaginal entrance. He rubbed your g-spot inside with his thumb rubbing your clits carefully, preventing you coming too early. The way your legs tighten gave him more sensation of lust. He moaned right next to your ear, encouraging the growth of your list. 
You had no idea if Khonshu was still there, you didn't know what to say if he found out his ex avatar was fingering Marc's mission partner. But the overwhelming sensation started to put that thought aside, forcing you to enjoy the moment whether you like it or not. He let go of your mouth, with hand started to pull your shirt up revealing your naked breast. He groped one of your breasts while still working on your lower side. Your moans getting louder with the pleasure he was giving. He squeezed your breast gently, massaging it like and playing with your nipple. While inside your entrance, he inserted another finger. Three digits of Harrow were inside you, stretching your entrance mercilessly. You swear to gods that it felt like he could tore your hole if he wanted to. His pace starting to get faster and roughly, like he was fucking your entrance with his fingers. The thrust made your knuckles went pale as you gripped the bed sheet so tightly.
Right after he pulled his digits, he took your phone on the table next to the bed. He turned it on, stripped his pants off as he waited for the phone to be fully on.
“What are you doing?” There was no use turning your phone on. You didn't have any internet package for social media anyway.
“Would like to show someone something. “ He turned your body slightly, facing him so he could give you a kiss. Harrow kissed you deep, his tongue overlapping with yours and dancing around it. He started to eat your lips hungrily, like this was the first time he tasted your lips despite having done it many times.
You still didn’t understand what he meant, until your phone finally rang. It was Marc. It was definitely him. There must be countless failed calls from him, and now your phone has finally turned on again. He turned you body with your back facing him after he clicked the green button on the screen, accepting the call. 
“Oh gods. Oh thank gods you finally answered my call. Wh- where have you been ?! We were dead worried about you ! Please send us your location right now, I'm worried about you, Okay?!  Khonshu has been looking at the alps compound yet we found nothing. Harrow wasn’t here as well and-”
“Marc i’m-” You cried out loud as he suddenly thrust his dick into your entrance. You hold onto the pillow as Harrow bited your shoulder, making it way harder for you to speak in moan.
“Wh- what? What are you doing ?” You could hear Marc's breath starting to become shaky. 
Harrow didn't go soft with his pace, thrusting you roughly and greedily. You didn’t wish for Marc to hear you moaning as his tip continued hitting your cervix. You buried your face onto the pillow, muffled moan and cry emitted from your mouth. But the way Harrow kept thrusting inside you made it impossible to hold the volume of your voice. The way your voice and your wall wrapped around his shaft gave him more spirit and lust. 
“Where are you right now ?! Tell me now !” The panicked voice of Marc as well loud thuds can be heard in the background. Khonshu must be furious. You can already tell that the moon god swore to throw the moon onto Harrow.
“She can’t talk right now, Spector. But if you insist on meeting us, I can help.” Harrow chuckled, continuing his pace and giving you another bite mark. You breathed heavily with the sensation of pain and lust mixed into one.
“ Bastard ! What are you doing to her?! I swear to Khonshu if i see your fucking face-” 
“Please, calm yourself Marc Spector. You know where to find me in London, don’t you ?” Harrow leaned on you, framing your body with his. He was close, but he wanted Khonshu and Marc to hear what he was doing right now to spite the god. 
“Oh you better be really in London right now you fuck. If I don't see you there I will cut down your cock and make you beg for mercy.” You didn’t quite hear Marc’s word as Harrow groaned next to your ear. He came, spilling his seeds inside you. He waited for you to come while giving you a slow loving pace. He took your phone once again, speaking for the last time before he turned it off again.
“Just so you know Marc. She wasn’t up for a trade. If you think you could trade her with the scarab, you were wrong. I’d love to keep both on my side. You know what to do if you wish to never hear from me again. I’ll see you once you have arrived in London.” 
He put your phone on the table, focused on you again and pulled his cock out. His sight was you limping on the bed as you had come when he talked to Marc. You took a long, deep breath. Exhausted from the loving session. He turned your body to face him, pulled the blanket on you and kissed your forehead softly. 
“Sleep now, my love. We shall book a flight to london tomorrow.”
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brunnerasposts · 3 months
"Old Friend" Pt. 2
E.M. x Female Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by "Old Friend" - I'm getting my act together and taking it on the road
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: A musical car ride to Lover's Lake brings out a confession that was swore to be left unsaid.
Warnings: takes place after st4, swearing, underage drinking, best friends to lovers, fluff, st4 spoilers, reader likes Madonna
Next part will be posted here ☟︎︎︎
Pt. 1
Pt. 3
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"There's no one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we'll do
I just want to be loved by you"
The car ride was one of silence, the both of you at a silent agreement to just listen to the music playing. However, as the music continued and you listened to the lyrics, you found yourself wanting the silence to come to an end. You had been itching to say something, but you weren't even sure if you were ready to discuss everything that happened.
Getting stood up wasn't a first time experience, but getting cheated on too? It just felt like your curse was becoming stronger the longer you tried to find love.
Was there a part of you deeply hidden that didn't want to make relationships last? Or were you just that unadmirable and unlovable? Did nobody want you?
Of course not.
You should've known this. Remembering highschool and how successful that was, your frown deepened. Even Eddie couldn't see that you liked him. Hell, you actually loved him.
Did he really see you as nothing but a friend?
"Should I take you home?" Eddie asked, snapping you out of your train of thought.
Never had you been so glad for Eddie to be the first to start talking. Your attention shouldn't be focused on your love life. You called him to get away from that, not to confront your highschool fantasy.
Knowing you'd probably just end up being up all night anyway, you shook your head. "I don't want to be alone right now," Was all you said, leaning your head against the window of the front passenger side of the car.
Your eyes slowly moved to look over to Eddie for a moment, noticing that he seemed to be the one lost in thought now. Not for long, however, because he felt your gaze on him.
His eyes shifted over to yours, only making eye contact for a moment before your gaze went towards the rain.
The rain had somewhat of a calming effect on you. It reminded you that after every rainy day there will always be a rainbow. Something positive may come out of getting cheated on and humiliated, right?
You were hoping that you looked a lot better than you actually felt.
Picking up his jacket, you proceeded to put it on. You weren't exactly freezing but you had definitely been shivering. "Want something to warm you up?" Eddie asked, and you knew what that meant.
"Thanks but maybe later tonight? We both know what happens if I drink too much," You shook your head as many drunken incidents from the past began to fill your thoughts.
Most were a blur, but there were a few random ones you could remember. Ones like Eddie having to hold your hair back as you threw up into some random toilet at a party you had gone to or you getting so drunk that you thought it would be smart to start removing your clothes.
Eddie chuckled beside you, remembering the incidents himself. Any time you had been drunk, Eddie had somehow been the one to be at your rescue. It wasn't like you were often drunk, he just always happened to be with you so he knew most of the reasoning behind why you'd drink.
The biggest reason being when something bad goes down and you don't feel like talking about it because you haven't fully grasped the situation yourself. It happened way too often that he picked up the pattern.
You declined drinking, so did that mean you were ready to share what was wrong? Eddie had no clue. He wanted to be respectful towards you and just keep silent until you were ready to speak, but it was eating at him inside.
Instead of prying, he glanced to his glove box and suddenly found an idea. "You know, there's this song that someone introduced me to a while ago," He began which slowly grabbed your attention, "and you're gonna find it very strange, but I actually enjoyed listening to it." He looked to you for a moment, watching as slight surprise overtook your face.
Curious, you opened his glove box and gasped as you saw the name on one of the tapes. "No fucking way, Ed!" You could not believe what you were holding in your hands. With a wide grin, you turned your body to completely face him as you asked,
"You have Madonna in your van?"
As you looked at him, you noticed his grin become smaller and more shy, noting the pink tone in his cheeks.
He didn't like to admit it but you influenced him more than you realized. Picking at his already messed up black polished nails, Eddie began to nod. "Yeah, well, when you play it all the damn time, I guess it. . . sort of. . . catches on."
"I so do not play this all the time," You began to bicker, though you found yourself smiling as you knew he was right. "You sure do," He sing songed right back.
"Oh, yeah? When?"
"When we're in my room just doing homework and you're whizzing through it, you tend to hum it. I guess in success or something," He chuckled, glancing into his rear view mirror before his eyes returned to the road, switching lanes. "Or how about when you take a shower before bed? Never really took you as the type to sing in the shower but it's pretty," You began to grow shy as he listed off many more times that you've listened to or mentioned the song.
"I don't even remember when I showed you that song," You admitted, causing him to hum in response.
It took only a beat for him to answer.
"Second week of eating lunch on the bleachers." He reminded you, surprising you with the fact that he remembered.
Of course Eddie remembered. He remembers almost anything and everything about you.
"Wait," You spoke after a moment, Eddie glancing your way. "We're not going to your trailer?" Eddie chuckled a little, knowing something had to have been distracting you if it took you this long to notice.
"Nope. We're gonna go somewhere a bit more quiet actually." He told you, pressing a button on the dashboard that popped open the cassette player. You quickly made the exchange of cassettes and closed the player, a grin forming on your face as the music began to fill the car.
As popular as this song of Madonna's was, you liked to believe that it was only known by you. Now, it was not only known to you but Eddie as well. The male reached over and grasped your wrist before bringing your hand to his lips like a microphone.
"Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they're okay." He practically shouted over the music which caused you to lean your head back and let out a whole hearted laugh. He even knew the words.
"If they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away," You sung back to him, a wide grin on your face. The nights previous worries all melted away as your mind could only focus on this absolute jam session that you never expected to have in Eddie's van, let alone with Eddie himself.
Everything around you practically disappeared and all that existed was you and Eddie, driving who knows where listening to Madonna of all things. Your face was flushed, your heart was swelling with love, and you couldn't keep your eyes off of him. If he hadn't been driving, you swore you would've kissed him out of pure joy for this moment.
And just as you were having fun, the moment was ruined by your intrusive thoughts. Even your mind couldn't be fooled by Madonna. What if you had kissed him? He'd get angry wouldn't he? Eddie was never the type to be frustrated with you, only ever being frustrated with the world, but there was a first for everything wasn't there?
"Hey, where'd you go? You missed the chorus!" Eddie practically whined, lowering the volume to the song as he looked over to you.
"Sorry," You forced a laugh, tucking your hair behind your ear. "I kinda forgot the words for a second." The lie was simple and so easy to say, you wish you hadn't said it in the first place.
You both knew it was a lie.
As less and less houses appeared and more forest showed, it became apparent to you as to where you'd be headed. "Lover's Lake?" You spoke aloud, causing Eddie to make a victory trumpet noise with his mouth. "We have a winner!"
"Why are we going to Lover's Lake? Isn't that a make-out spot?" You questioned, a joke being on the tip of your tongue.
Soon enough it came to you, and you gave him a devilish grin. "Damn, Eddie if you wanted to kiss me so bad you didn't have to take me all the way out into the woods. That's kinda serial killer like," You teased him, unaware of the dark color emerging from his cheeks.
The joke kinda hurt to make, but it was worth the awkward smile on his face.
"It's quiet. Besides, I heard that the stars are supposed to be out tonight. Figured we could talk and just stargaze or some stupid shit like that," He muttered, though you picked up every word.
"Never took you as the type to stargaze." You hummed a little, your eyes traveling to the sky above to see if it was really worth laying on the ground for. "Yeah well you're my biggest influence with half the shit I do now." Eddie chuckled, making a quick right before the van slowed to a stop.
You had arrived. As you both hopped out of the van, you discovered just how difficult it was to see. Lover's Lake was a known makeout spot, but it wasn't trying to be well known. No lights were existent around the heart shaped lake, so you relied on a small flashlight you found in Eddie's glovebox.
"Ready?" The metal head asked as he came around to the passenger side of the van, holding a blanket under his arm. "Ready as I'll ever be," You shrugged, hooking arms with Eddie before he led you down the path he began to create through the trees.
Once you had gotten past the tree line, you found yourself at one of the clearings of land that connected itself to the lake. "The police aren't gonna come swarming in and arrest us if we chill here, right?" You wanted to make sure, not being a big fan of the police force ever since Hopper was killed in the mall fire.
"Trust me, even the police know about this place. We'll be fine." Eddie promised you, making you feel a lot more relaxed. Once the blanket had been laid out, the both of you proceeded to lay on it, shoulders touching.
"Oh wow," You breathed out, eyes focusing on the sky above. There were tons of stars in the sky which wasn't normal to see in Hawkins. No doubt was the view mesmerizing.
"I told you." Eddie chuckled before gasping. "Shit, I left the beer in the car! Hang on," The male was quick to hop up on his feet and ran off towards the van.
You couldn't help but giggle. "Eddie, come on! We don't need to be drinking tonight," You shouted but it was no use.
When Eddie came back with the six pack of beer, you both cracked one open and clinked bottles before beginning to drink.
This was gonna be a long night.
"I just need to say this," Eddie's voice caused you to open your eyes, looking over to him to find him already gazing at you. The both of you had finished the pack of beers by now, you being more under the influence than him so you had gotten a little sleepy. You both could manage three beers though.
"Okay," You trailed off, not really sure where Eddie was going with this. "I just need to get this out." He practically repeated, causing you to laugh a bit. "Are you dying or something?" You couldn't help but question, though the nervous look on his face didn't even crack a smile.
"No, no, I'm not dying." Eddie promised you, beginning to sit up. Worried, you did the same. "Eddie, you're scaring me. What is it?" You questioned, reaching forward to tuck his hair behind his ear as it was beginning to hide his face.
The male took a deep breath before looking to you, an awkward smile forming. "Right, um. . .well, oh fuck how do I word this?" He asked himself, cheeks flushed.
Your head was beginning to spin, mostly from having sat up so fast and the alcohol didn't help with that but also because Eddie was beginning to freak you out. Was it a problem at home? Was Wayne okay? Is it something involving the kids he hangs out with?
"Eddie," You had to say his name again mostly to ground yourself but also because he hadn't said anything yet. His eyes shifted to yours, the male biting his nails a bit in his slightly freaked state.
"Eddie, seriously, what's got you so worked up? You're acting very—"
"I think I'm falling in love with you."
Your words completely lost all meaning in that moment. Blinking slowly, your brain began to try and register what he just said.
"Fuck, sorry." He quickly began to apologize, rambling some sort of reasoning as to why he said that, claiming it was the alcohol in his system. You had never seen him so scared.
"Are you drunk?" You nervously asked, watching him quickly shake his head. He couldn't lie to you. "N-No, I'm not. I meant what I said." Eddie promised before his face contorted into an apologetic one.
"While we're on that subject, I don't think, I know I'm falling in love with you. Well actually, I know that I'm in love with you because well, I don't know. God, this isn't how I wanted this to go." The male rambled, realizing he was beginning to make no sense.
Your throat practically closed, eyes watering. You didn't believe what you were hearing. This was just some sort of sick joke right?
"That's not funny, Eddie." You whispered to him, looking away from him so you could pull yourself together.
"What?" He laughed a bit in surprise, you believing you've caught him in his lie.
"Y/N, I'm not lying." His face held one of surprise. "I'm being as serious as Wayne when he—"
"No, Eddie!" You cut him off before he could make some sort of other joke, "I'm serious! God, I know we joke about my love life but that's gotta be the most hurtful thing you've ever said to me." You sniffled, pulling your legs to your chest.
Eddie scrambled his way over so he sat in front of you, placing his hands on your knees so you would look at him. "No, Y/N. I would never joke about that!" He whispered, his hands shakily giving your knees a squeeze. "Do you really take me to be so heartless, sweetheart?" He asked with a weak smile, causing you to turn your head away.
"Hey," The male in front of you gently grasped your chin between his thumb and index finger, turning your head to face his so you had no choice but to look him in the eye.
"Your curse isn't a curse." He tried to tell you, only making you scoff in response. "Then how come I scare away every guy I meet?" You questioned, hearing him sigh a little.
"You haven't scared me away. I'm still here," Using his free hand, Eddie grabbed ahold of yours and brought it to his chest. Your palm laid flat against his chest, feeling his heartbeat as it beat abnormally fast.
On the inside, you were freaking out. Never had you expected this moment to come and yet, it was happening right before your eyes. Eddie was confessing to you.
Your best friend was in love with you.
Could this really be happening?
"This isn't something I discovered over night, Y/N. Three months into knowing you I found myself obsessed with the girl who claimed to be cursed by cupid himself." He admitted, his hand moving from holding your chin to now cupping your cheek in his palm.
"Eddie, I—" You began, heart racing.
"A-And you're probably questioning why I never stayed with anyone long. That's because of you. I. . . I never tried to be with anyone because I can't imagine moving on from this. From us." Eddie began to stammer over his words, his eyebrows furrowing when he did.
Your eyes continously shifted between his, seeing the clear frustration in his eyes as he tried to explain to you the way he felt. "Eddie," You began again, only for him to cut you off. . . again.
"Y/N, we're so good together. I can't imagine what life would be like if i met anyone else on the bleachers that day. You made me feel like I was more than just some pathetic highschool idiot." He held a finger to your lips as you went to try and talk again.
"Eddie—" You mumbled.
"I love you, Y/N. I mean that whole heartedly and truly. I'm not expecting an answer back, hell I'm surprised you haven't kicked me or yelled at me yet." He began to chuckle before you grabbed his wrist and moved his finger away from your lips.
Eddie gazed at you with confusion until you closed the space between the both of you. He remained frozen against your kiss, as equally afraid as you for this being a dream.
If it was, he never wanted to wake up.
He began to slowly move his lips with yours, only parting when you needed air. His nose brushed against yours, nuzzling into you as you caught your breath. "Shit, Y/N." He panted, eyes lustful when he opened them.
"Sorry," You whispered, feeling a bit bad for your actions as you had just completely threw him off guard. Eddie instantly began to shake his head. "No, no, no don't apologize for that. You never have to apologize for that," You both laughed before Eddie's lips once again connected with yours.
In every story you've ever read, a first kiss in a relationship was always described as fireworks lighting up inside or a thousand butterflies erupting in your stomach, but this was so much more than that. This was Eddie for fucks sake.
With Eddie it was the tingling sensation on your neck as his hands found their way to cupping the back of your head. It was the shaky feeling in your hands as you pressed them into his shoulders to support yourself climbing into his lap, straddling his waist. "Jesus H. Christ," He mumbled against your lips, his hands finding their way to your lower back.
You couldn't help but giggle, cupping his face in your hands now as the kiss deepened. It was everything you ever dreamed.
"Hey!" A voice shouted from the distance, causing you both to freeze. "Ah shit, we gotta go." Eddie spoke once your lips parted, the both of you scrambling to move the bottles to the middle of the blanket. Quickly, you grabbed the corners of the blanket so you made a pouch with the blanket.
"Freeze!" The voice shouted again, causing you to turn and see one of the officers of Hawkins standing at the other end of the field with a flashlight in hand. "It's Callahan, that fucking bastard!" Eddie couldn't help but exclaim, grabbing your hand before the both of you began to run.
"I thought you said the police knew about this place?" You whisper shouted to Eddie once you both found the path back to the van. "Yeah, well we're sort of underage drinking and Callahan has been a real ass to me after the earthquake and Chrissy incident." The male explained, slowing to a stop once the van came in sight.
"Makes sense," You didn't argue, watching as Eddie fiddled with the keys in his hands. "Jesus Christ, give me the damn keys." Hand held out, you shoved the blanket pouch of empty bottles into his hands. Eddie was hesitant, having never let you drive his van prior to this.
"You're lucky I love you," He groaned, a devilish grin forming on your face as you were tossed the keys. You both quickly filed into the van, engine starting and soon enough you were backing out while pressing on the gas. "Hold on!" You shouted as you turned the wheel, quickly shifting gears from reverse into drive as the car spun before you were driving back the way you got there.
"Holy fucking Christ! You're amazing," Eddie shouted, making you laugh as you took some pressure off of the gas. Eddie clapped his hands together in aggressive enthusiasm, pressing play on the cassette and Madonna began to blare through the speakers.
"You don't think he's gonna follow us, do you?" The idea of being chased by the cops frightened you enough to drive only five over the speed limit. "Callahan probably gave up the second we drove away." Eddie reassured you, gently patting your thigh with his hand.
"Your place I assume?" You questioned, knowing his van would definitely look out of place at your suburban home. The cops would come knocking on her door for sure. Eddie nodded, his eyes shifting to his hand that rested on your thigh.
While the idea of having to run from the cops was fun and all, there was still things that needed to be discussed between you both. Not only had a makeout session almost pronounce itself but Eddie had been the only one to say I love you and it was killing him inside.
Did you want a friends with benefits sort of deal or was there more? Eddie decided to save his questions for later. Although questions hadn't been answered, not once did he remove his hand from your thigh.
You didn't mind.
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triplexdoublex · 3 months
Baby Makes Four
Pairings: Colson x Reader x Rook ( poly)
Warnings/tags: fluff, pregnancy, talk of possible abortion, pelvic exam, labor complications, emergency C-section
A/N: This is an AU they are not famous but I’m still using the nickname Rook. and Colson doesn’t have Casie. Admittedly not my best writing but I’m trying to get back into it. Enjoy!
You knew you should have been more careful; should have insisted on them wearing condoms, or got yourself on some type of birth control, especially given the uniqueness of your relationship. Polyamory isn’t for everybody but it was perfect for you, Colson and Rook. But now here you were five days late staring at a pink plus sign without the slightest clue to which one of them was the father. You weren’t sure how they were going to take the news; to be honest you weren’t exactly sure how you felt about it either. Part of you was thrilled, you always knew you wanted to be a mom one day, but the other part of you was scared to death; you didn’t know if you were ready for the responsibility quite yet. But one thing you knew for sure was you wanted the three of you to make the decision about what the future held for the pregnancy together.
“ Hey.. uh I need to talk to you boys about something,” you started nervously over breakfast.
“Of course , what is it, baby? Colson responded followed by Rook, “Everything okay?”
“I’m not sure how to start or even how I feel about this yet to be completely honest, so I’m just gonna come out and say it …. “I’m pregnant.”
“Oh, shit I’m gonna be a dad! Colson exclaimed in shock but his expression was unreadable.
“Or… I’m gonna be a dad?” Rook looked to Colson with the same unclear expression.
“Oh fuck! Which one of us is the Dad?” Colson questioned.
“Your guess is as good as mine.” You raised your hands up in a shrug only to let them fall back down on the table in defeat.
“But there’s like tests and shit that can tell who’s the dad right?” Colson asked. “Like before it’s born or do we have to wait until after?”
“Please—!” You shouted, holding up your hand for him to stop. You were getting overwhelmed by all the questions, when the biggest question of all hadn’t even been decided .. “I’m not even sure anyones gonna be a dad!” You left it at that, assuming they would figure out what you were trying to say.
“Ohh… you’re getting rid of it? I- I just assumed we were keeping it.” Colson said, probably too nonchalantly.
“Jesus Christ, Colson! It’s a baby not a stray cat! Do you have to be so blunt about it. Fuck!” You slapped your hand over your eyes like just maybe your fingers could dam the river of tears that started to flow.
“I’m so fuckin’ sorry baby,” Colson got up from his seat to embrace you. “I didn’t mean it to come out like that, I’m just as scared and nervous as you,” he kissed the top of your head. “But I know whatever decision you make will be the right one for us, right Rookie?” Colson looked to Rook trying to get something out of him — anything, he’d been far too quiet about the whole thing.
“Of course,” Rook got up and joined Colson in hugging you. “I’m sorry, I think I’m still in shock,” he excused his lack of engagement in the news. “I’ll one hundred percent support whatever you decide but honestly— I wouldn’t mind having a baby around here.”
“Really? … Seriously? … You mean that?” You asked, each individual question punctuated with a sniffle as you looked up at a tear- distorted view of Rook, your whole demeanor shifting.
“Really. But listen.. your only what—a couple weeks? This doesn’t have to be decided right now, or even overnight. What do you say we give it a weeks time, let it really sink in and give it some more thought?” Rook suggested.
“You’re right,” you started wiping at your eyes, still sniffing. “Okay, let’s do that”
In a weeks time the amount of touches, kisses and overall attention your still unchanged belly was getting made the decision quite obvious— the baby was here to stay.
Panic transitioned into excitement as the three of you grew accustomed to the idea of being parents; it has been decided that neither man would find out the true paternity and that you would raise the baby as a family of four — 3 parents, 1 child. Colson would be Dad and Rook, Pops— just as he referred to his own dad.
It surprised you how quickly they both fell into the fatherly role. Colson’s gave up smoking cigarettes because you couldn’t stomach the smell. Rook asked his chef friend Steve to teach him to cook so he could assist with dinner when you weren’t feeling up to it, or just needed to get off your feet for a while— and you were so thankful for it because you both know Colson’s couldn’t so much as fry an egg . They also both took turns reading what piece of fruit the baby was the size of each week from your pregnancy app, and accompanying you to doctors appointments — until you banned Colson anyways.
“Well, it’s official— Colson’s only allowed at ultrasound appointments from now on, since he has the mind of a teenage boy and can’t handle being in the exam room.” You announced to Rook as you and Colson entered the house the three of you share, after attending his first prenatal exam with you.
“You didn’t!?” Rook gave Colson a knowing, and disapproving look.
“Bro, they had her legs all spread n’ shit and fingers in her, I couldn’t help it!” Colson tried to defend himself.
“It’s just a medical procedure you horndog!” Rook scolded.
“Yeah, we’ll tell that to my dick!!!
He wasn’t much more behaved at your ultrasound appointment either, loudly announcing “Oh that’s definitely MY son!” when the ultrasound tech was easily able to tell you were having a boy at your twenty week anatomy scan.
“You’ll have to excuse him, he didn’t come with a filter” Rook said, nudging colson with a sharp elbow. “Which he better fix before our baby gets here!”
“Hey, better a dad with no filter than no dad at all,” the ultrasound tech joked. “You wouldn’t believe how many moms I see in here having to go through pregnancy and motherhood completely alone.But you and this little guy —” she spoke looking towards you as she moved the cool, slippery wand over your plump belly. “— seem to be blessed with two dads in the picture?” She said with a hint of question in her voice. “Sorry if I’m being nosey.”
“No worries, you’re fine” you smiled before answering. “Yeah, we have a unique relationship; it’s not exactly your traditional family. And to be completely honest we’re not sure which one of them is the dad and we don’t plan to find out either, but these two definitely have fun teasing each other about who’s baby it is. You should have seen this one—” you thumbed over to Rook. “—gloating when I started craving sushi; HIS favorite food. He insisted it was the baby who actually wanted it and therefore meant the baby was his. And of course I got all hormonal and cried when I found out I couldn’t actually eat sushi.”
“Screw traditional! You guys are happy and this baby is healthy and loved and that’s all that matters.” The tech said , as she removed the lubricating gel from your belly with a towel. “All set”
The rest of the pregnancy went by smoothly— sure you were tired and grew increasingly more uncomfortable with each passing day as the pregnancy continued to flourish and your belly expanded but it was so worth it. You couldn’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy and the boys were equally as excited. They enjoyed assembling the nursery together; Rook handled decorating and hanging up clothes , while Colson configured and set up the crib and furniture with minimal swearing. In fact, Colson had grown and matured a lot in the last few months. He loved their little boy already and he wanted to be the best father he possibly could. He didn’t have the best role model as a child and he would be damned if he was gonna let history repeat itself.
Everything was looking up and going according to plan … until it wasn’t.
“Baby’s heart rates dropping!” The doctor announced while you were in labor. “Prep the O.R. STAT! We’ve got a cord compression on our hands.”
“Boys, I’m gonna need you to step out of the way and return to the waiting room. We’re taking her for an emergency C-section. Someone will be out to update you both as soon as possible.” A nurse stated as she shuffled through the chaos of getting you ready for transport.
“No way, we’re staying by her side the whole time.” Colson turned to follow your gurney down the hallway, with Rook close behind.
“I’m sorry boys, that’s not possible, not for an emergency C- section.” The nurse informed them, her body blocking their path. “Now please go to the waiting room.”
“Please, you have to let us go with her!” Colson begged, tears streaming down his face. “Y/N!!” He cried out reaching for you as you were wheeled around the corner.
“Colson, C’mon man,” a teary-eyed Rook placed a comforting and guiding hand up onto Colson’s chest. “Let’s go.”
Colson knew he could have easily pushed past that nurse and ran after you, and to be honest the old Colson —the Colson from a few months ago— would’ve done just that. But he realized now that all that was gonna do was get him kicked out of the hospital and make things more difficult for you, and that’s the last thing you needed right now , so he reluctantly followed Rook into the waiting area where they sat with interlocked hands, wet eyes, worried faces, and trembling knees until the doctor arrived. The few seconds it took the doctor to pull down his mask to speak seemed like an eternity to the boys; the state of you and their baby feeling like the fate of Schrödinger's cat.
“Mom and baby are doing well, they’re in the recovery room now. I’ll take you to go see them.”
“Oh thank Fuck!” Rook exhaled like he’s been holding his breath the whole time they were in the waiting room. And the two boys shared a grateful hug before following the doctor.
“Hey guys,” you smiled, happy to finally see them again. “Meet your son,” you handed the baby to Rook as he was closer to the edge of your bed.
“Hi, little guy—“
“Oh shit —shoot, sorry.” Colson interrupted, “I just realized we haven’t picked a name yet.”
“Actually, I hope you guys don’t mind but … before they put me under I told a nurse if anything happened to me or him —” your voice cracked. “— that I wanted him to be named CJ, after his dads.”
“CJ?” Colson questioned , the initials not quite clicking at the moment.
“Yeah CJ… Colson John.” You clarified, making both boys' eyes sparkle with happy tears.
“Yeah, that’s right buddy you got two dads, and I know one day when you’re older, you’ll probably look or act more like one of us than the other and it will be more obvious but I want you to know that even if you grow up to be 6’4, blonde, with a temper— I’ll always love you as my own,” Rook gave a small chuckle before handing the baby over to Colson.
“Same here, little man. You’ll always be mine even if one day you’re a 5’9” shrimp, who makes poor hair choices.” Colson teased.
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Him (One-Shot)
Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)
Warnings: a little bit of out-of-the-blue crying like you do
Word Count: I went through something like this multiple times and whenever I would find myself crying I would scooch over and hug my grandma. She was my safe space. Sometimes I miss her so much my heart starts to ache.
MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)
The feeling in your chest is unsettling. Not the kind that sends you into a short-breathed panic. But the one where the uneasiness floats over the chest, slowly building up, making you wonder why the water is getting closer to your ears until eventually, your heart is gasping for muted sobs of air. 
This feeling is coming out of nowhere. You are sitting on a bench overlooking the lake. No sounds around you. Just the visage of the sun settling for its well-earned sleep. But you? You are feeling hot tears on your cheeks, rolling out of nowhere. Your brain is trying to figure out the cause, but the sound of numbness coming from your heart is drowning all the thoughts.  You wipe your cheeks, but they come out again; a never-ending waterfall. Someone is coming your way. Is it a stranger? Or a friend? You are unable to make out their face through the blur. But their voice is soothing. "What's wrong?" There is concern lighting up the air around you. It is a beautiful feminine voice; mother-like. The weight of consideration plucks at the dam made of twigs inside you, bringing forth more tears. "Hey, hey...it's okay." You shake your head, your sobs growing a little. The weight over your heart seems to have increased. And your wet vision is looking around for something you have no clue about. "What happened?" You try to communicate through your sobs but no coherent words come out. Even you cannot understand what exactly it is you are trying to tell her. "Y/N-" she calls out your name soothingly- "is something bothering you?" You feel your lungs take in one big gasp of air. "He's not here. I cannot find him," you finally breathe out, blubbering through the weight. "Who's not here, dear?" Her concern is genuine, whoever she is. You are still looking around the lake, the bench, and that tree next to you. "I can't find him," your voice breaks repeatedly as your heart races. "You can't find him here?" The delicate whisper from your well-wisher is nearer to you now, like a warm scarf wrapping around you in the midst of winter noon.  "No," you whimper and hiccup. "Then how about we wake up and try to find him?" she whispers with the rhythm of a lullaby. And you listen. With a slight jerk, you wake up; not fully but enough to remember where you fell asleep. Fresh tears are falling on the bedsheet under you. Your heart is still feeling the ache, but the weight seems to have been left back in the dream. And then you smell it. The familiar redolence that immediately calms down all your worked-up, sleepless nerves. Through your blurry eyes, you see a figure; a familiar, larger shape, lying next to you. Without another thought, you scooch your body over, shifting and adjusting till your swollen face is buried deep in that figure's chest and your body is taking in the warmth of the warm duvet someone has carefully placed at the edge of the sofa to warm up your feet. Your nerves have calmed down now. Your tired eyes are heavy again with slumber. The rhythm of your breaths is getting lighter. You feel safe. The figure carefully shifts their arm, bringing the duvet up to your chest, tucking you in even in their sleep, making sure there is no escape for the heat that has put you to sleep. And then the arm draws you closer to their chest, securing you and gently patting you on your back till they themselves have been lulled to sleep.  ... It is torture. Watching you sleep.  And it's not the fact that you sleep like a baby- that in itself is a beautiful thing to witness. But right now, you sleep in Loki's arms. Tony stands there at the edge of the sofa that has been laid out into a bed, watching the two of you cuddle as if your life depends on it. The father in him wants to kick the God through the roof for even breathing in your direction. But the father who is still a little kid inside him just knows how secure that hug must feel right now. With one tired sigh that does not seem to come to an end, he turns to Wanda. The witch sits at the other end on the kitchenette stool, discreetly wiping her tears off.  "Just tell me when it's over," Stark announces softly before leaving the room. Wanda passes a gentle smile in your direction before realising she has company on the other side of the counter. Scott is sitting, his head in his palms, looking at the two of you with dreamy eyes. "God, I wish I could bury myself in tiddies like that."
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hydrangeasplotgarden · 5 months
I ramble about jttw and lmk again
Reading tjttw and being like : OH
Whenever he has a plan/advice/ opinion, Sun is always either not taken seriously, ignored or downright told no. (Of course outside of immediate combat) And adding that piece with lego monkie kid on it:
No wonder he has no clue how to properly communicate, it's not that he can't or knows how but through years of this, probably thought it best to keep info or other things to himself. Like yeah he should have said something anyway but I bet his mindset is "well would you listen if I did?", then feeling uncomfy when he gets yelled at for either not doing what he was trying to "faster" or because he didn't speak up. Shuts himself down before others do it before him, especially when time is of the essence
Then there's the whole mentor situation which was a mess on it's own. Putting aside how his own mentor banished him off with a threat and insults (deadass made him cry all the way back home), for the most part sun literal is the embodiment of "Well I tried it once and it's been working so far????"
Of fucking course he doesn't know how to actually mentor shiiiiit, after that whole fiasco he didn't exactly start training on his own or anything. He fought demons and things ended up fine with a bonus of new power unlock I guess.
..... I ramble more in the tags
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itadorisgf · 2 years
Tumblr media
or nanami kento as your sugar daddy
- note: i’ve been thinking a lot about nanami and yeah <333 also i have no fucking clue how sugar daddies work lmfao
- edit: this turned out way longer than i expected
- ft. nanami kento
- warning: cursing, nsfw
- tagging : @miitsukai hey bae 😆😆
⤷ main page
Tumblr media
first, let’s get this out of the way, nanami kento is so fucking hot.
your arrangement is formal. you probably meet through a sugar daddy website. at first you’re skeptical because it seems a little too good to be true like here’s this man who’s not that old, hot, and not a fucking creep? sign me up!
but for real, you’re cautious after being scammed a few too many times.
during the first conversation, nanami lays out his expectations and rules if you want to be his sugar baby. he’ll wire you a set amount of money every two weeks. he doesn’t expect much from you in return besides companionship in the form of texting, calling, and taking you out when he has the chance to. he states that he has no expectations of more sexual favors and does not wish to pressure you into anything if you are uncomfortable.
uhhhh, is this man real????? you’re definitely surprised that he doesn’t expect sex in exchange for money, but you’re not going to complain.
he’s a lil stiff and formal, but he’s polite and you got bills to pay, so you easily agree to the arrangement.
you two probably don’t meet up for awhile. nanami’s often occupied with work, but you text frequently. you’re surprised that he shows genuine interest in your life and what you do.
he asks about your day and inquires about things you’ve mentioned offhandedly, which is strangely touching.
when you ask about his day in return, he just says “work is work” and then proceeds to talk about how it’s shit.
you almost choked on your spit when you first read that. it’s not often that nanami curses so you found it amusing how much he loathed work, especially when he was forced to work overtime.
he calls you once a week on fridays. the first time you heard his voice, let’s just say it got you feeling some type of way to say the least.
don’t even get me started on the first time he took you out. it’s at the end of one of his weekly calls that he tells you he’d like to take you out next saturday.  you don’t have any other plans so you agree and nanami informs you that he’ll send you some extra money so you can buy yourself a new outfit for your date.
he sends you way too fucking much for a simple outfit, but you’re not complaining. it takes you awhile to decide what to wear, but eventually you choose to purchase a simple black dress. it’s not too showy or revealing besides the slit up your thigh and the low neckline.
you’re nervous when saturday evening rolls around because it’s going to be the first time you’ve actually met up with nanami???? what if he’s actually a creep??
you’re not given much time to think further when your doorbell rings. opening the door, you are taken aback by how fucking hot he is. pictures really do not do this man justice. he’s dressed in tan slacks and a white button up shirt with the top buttons undone. it takes you a moment to snap out of it and he leads you to his car, which is really fucking nice, holy shit.
in the car, he tells you that the dress you’re wearing suits you and that he’s taking you to a restaurant downtown. despite your nerves, the conversation flows rather easily between the two of you. it seems that nanami is more interested in what you have to say with the way he continues to ask you questions.
nanami is really the perfect gentleman all throughout the night. he opens the car door for you, pulls out your chair, and actually listens to what you have to say.
at the end of the night, he leaves you on your doorstep with a kiss on the cheek.
although nanami doesn’t expect anything sexual from you doesn’t mean you don’t feel inclined to treat him. he always sounds so worn out and tired during your calls so you decide to send him a lil gift :)
said gift has nanami’s eyes widening when he unlocks his phone to see the rather explicit picture you sent him that leaves little to the imagination with an accompanying text that read “hope you like the set im wearing, thought of you when i bought it.”
although unexpected, the image is definitely not unappreciated. the sage green lingerie set clings to your skin and hugs your body in all the right places, highlighting your best attributes. nanami’s eyes trail over the bralette, noticing how sheer it is, to the point where he can make out the outline of your nipples underneath.
you’re a fucking tease, full-well knowing that he was at work when you sent that image. nanami had to lie when gojo asked what was so interesting on his phone.
your phone dings and you’re eager to see what nanami’s response is since your “relationship” wasn’t exactly sexual. it’s your turn for your eyes to widen when you read nanami’s response: “i’m coming over after i finish work. i expect that to be the only thing you’re wearing when you greet me at the door.”
the text’s tone has shivers crawling up your spine. you can’t wait to see what nanami has in store.
the hours seem to drag on and by the time your doorbell rings signaling nanami’s arrival, you’re racing to unlock the door - eager but nervous for what’s to come.
you lock the door behind nanami. he doesn’t say anything at first and the uncomfortable silence has you fidgeting.
“at least you can follow directions,” nanami sighs, his tone disinterested. your head snaps up and you shrink under nanami’s gaze. his eyes trace over your figure as if he’s inspecting you.
“where’s your bedroom?” you shuffle down the hall and lead him to your room. nanami sits on the edge of your bed, loosening his tie and rolling up his sleeves. god, he really is fucking hot.
he pats his knee and it takes you a moment to realize what he’s asking of you. you walk over and drape yourself over his knee, arching your back so your ass is up for him. he places his hand on one of your cheeks, massaging the skin there. his palm is rough as he kneads the flesh of your ass.
“you know what the stop light system is?”
you nod and yelp when nanami lands a harsh smack to your left butt cheek. “use your words when i ask you a question.” his hand soothes the ache of the blow. “now, do you know what the stop light system is?”
“good.” he lowly hums. “i did not appreciate that little stunt you pulled while i was at work.”
your breath hitches when his hand trails up your spine, wrapping around the column of your neck and pulling you up until his mouth brushes against your ear. “now, you’re going to be good and count the number of spankings i give you. since this is your first time, i’ll only give you five on each cheek.”
“i understand.” nanami releases your neck, letting you hang over his knee once more. nanami’s blows are hard and quick, and by the time it’s over, you have tears beading at the corner of your eyes.
“color?” nanami asks, massaging the reddened skin with one of his hands.
“green,” you manage to croak out. nanami shifts you until you’re sitting up in his lap, your legs on either side of his waist, straddling him. with his thumb, he wipes away your tears. “you did so good for me.”
he runs his hands up and down your thighs until they settle on top of your hips. his nose nudges against your jaw, lips skimming against your neck as he breathes out, “perhaps you deserve a reward.”
Tumblr media
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DIABOLIK LOVERS Do-S Kyuuketsu VERSUS Ⅲ Vol.6 Kanato VS Azusa [TRACK 1+2]
Tumblr media
Original title: 混沌 & 追いかけっこ
Source: Diabolik Lovers VERSUS III Vol. 6 Kanato VS Azusa [CD not owned by me]
Audio: Here
Seiyuu: Kaji Yuki & Kishio Daisuke
Track 1 ll Track 2 ll Track 3 ll Track 4 ll Track 5 ll Track 6
You walk up to the door of Kanato’s room.
*Knock knock*
No response is given so you knock again.
*Knock knock*
Kanato: …Who’s there?
You reveal yourself. 
Kanato: …Go ahead, come on in.
You enter Kanato’s room.
Kanato: What do you want…?
You explain.
Kanato: Haah…You’re asking me to come out of my room again? How many times do I have to tell you that I will decide for myself when I will leave? When I do, I will go on as many walks with you as you want so just leave me alone for now.
You tell him there is nothing to be afraid of.
Kanato: …I believe you have the wrong idea? I haven’t locked myself up in my room because I am afraid of Father’s powers. It’s just…right now I don’t feel like going out, that’s all. Am I not allowed to have those kinds of phases every now and then? 
You frown.
Kanato: I don’t know what you expect but…I can promise you that I will learn to successfully wield these powers in no time. 
You continue to try and persuade him to leave his room.  
Kanato: You’re so persistent…I will not take a single step out of this room! ーー Furthermore, you aren’t allowed to leave the manor either. 
You puff out your cheeks. 
Kanato: Hm…Why are you acting like that? What I decide to do should be none of your business, correct? Or are you trying to say that you would much rather go outside, rather than stay here with me? 
You shake your head.
Kanato: Thenーー! …Why are you looking at me like that!? Everyone…They all do. All of you act as if you know exactly what is best for me…When none of you have any clue how I felt upon returning to this house in the human world! …I bet you’re also trying to push me to go outside because you don’t actually give a damn about me, isn’t that right!? 
Kanato: You’d much rather be with someone else than with some shut-in, wouldn’t you!? Why won’t you just understand…how much that hurts me every time!? 
You try to defend yourself.
Kanato: Shut up! You should just be with me without speaking a word!
Kanato pins you down. 
Kanato: Ugh…! Haah…haah…haah…Say…You belong only to me, right? You don’t care about anyone else, do you?
You remain quiet.
Kanato: Why don’t you say something? If you remain quiet…I might just kill you right here, right now. …It’s so very easy. All you have to do is acknowledge that you are mine.
You hesitate. 
Kanato: ーーThen!!
*Rustle rustle*
Kanato: If I hurt you like this, you’ll learn your lesson, won’t you? About who you belong to and who you should obey…
Kanato bites you.
Kanato: Mmh…Haah…If you want me to be gentle with you, all you have to do is vow that you will be mine. If you do that, I might just take your wishes into consideration. Howeverーー If I win you over with these fangs of mine, you won’t have eyes for anyone else any longer, correct? 
*Rustle rustle*
Kanato: In that case…I’ll do even more…I’ll teach you that the path of pain eventually leads to pleasure. 
He bites you again.
Kanato: Mm…Hah…Fufu~ Has your mind gone blank? I bet I’m the only one you can see right now. Go ahead…Please drown in me more and more…and then, you should just forget about everything and everyone else…Mmh…
Kanato: Nn…Nnh…
You look around. 
*Thud thud*
*Thud thud*
Azusa: …Eve? Are you okay?
You are surprised to see Azusa.
Azusa: Shー! Quiet…Kanato-san is right there, remember? So…Keep your voice down.
*Rustle rustle*
Azusa: I came to check up on you…Because I heard that Kanato-san had taken you back to the human world with him. I was worried…I’m sorry. I should have come to save you…much sooner. 
*Rustle rustle*
Azusa: Listen, Eve…I want help out. Not just you…but Kanato-san as well. So, would you please come with me…? Let’s leave this manor right away.
You hesitate.
Azusa: I have a great plan. It’s the best way…to save Kanato-san from his current struggles. I’m worried about the two of you. At this rate, I’m sure…both of you will be ruined. 
You frown.
Azusa: Are you a little hesitant…to leave Kanato-san behind? 
You nod.
Azusa: I knew it. …You’re kind, so I figured you’d say that. …But listen, I can assure you that leaving with me is actually in his best interest. 
You admit that Kanato has been very unstable. 
Azusa: Exactly. I’m sure you’ve actually…realized as well, haven’t you?
You voice your concerns. 
Azusa: Don’t worry. If you leave everything up to me, it’ll be fine so…? I told you, didn't I? I want to save…both you and Kanato-san. If you don’t want to, I won’t force you. However…If you wish to do something about the current situation then…
*Rustle rustle*
Azusa: …I want you to grab my hand. Hey, Eve? Trust me? 
You grab his hand.
Azusa: …Mmh. Thaーー
Kanato: Azusa!! Let go of her hand right now!!
Azusa: Ah…! …!! Kanato…san!?
Kanato: I came to check up on her because I could sense a strange presence in the manor…Now what is the meaning behind this!? Why are you here…!? ーー!! Don’t tell me…!
Azusa: Kanato-san. Calm down! Listen to mーー
Kanato: Shut up!! I don’t care about your reasoning! Just get away from her, right now!
Azusa: Ah…!
Kanato: Tsk…Seems like it’s still difficult for me to control these powers. However, I won’t miss my next attack. I’ll eradicate you from this world!
You try to stop Kanato.
Kanato: …!! Why are you…covering for Azusa? You are…mine, right? Yet…You’re opposing me…I can’t let this slide…! I won’t!!
Azusa: …!! …Eve!
Azusa pushes you out of the way.
Azusa drags you along as the two of you start running.
Azusa: Ugh…Let’s go! We have to get away from here!
Kanato: Wait! I won’t let you get away! 
Kanato: ーー Ugh!!
Azusa: Haah…
Azusa: Haah, haah, haah…I told you I have a plan, remember? Just follow me! We’re heading towards the Underground…which leads to the Demon World!
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stressed-bird · 5 months
Four-Eared MK AU
Act 1: Macaque accepted the baby but... now what?
Listen... I have ravaged the tags and aus and blogs of so many people and eventually made my own to satisfy my insatiable hunger for more monkie family content—ahem
This is very summarized, there’s lots of small details I’m not including for the sake of getting it all laid down and on the board /lh
We (Stressed) believe in keeping the trend going about monkies being born in mystical ways.
There’s Sun Wukong, who I am electing to have in this au born from a rock—yes—but it was a rock that over many hundreds of years was collecting magic in it that one day during a storm was hit by a bolt of lightning which is why it cracked in half and surrendered the stone egg that a monkie promptly escaped from with some pre-existing celestial magic properties (Heaven created its own problem /lh)
And you know I am 100% behind the headcanon that Macaque was born from a hurricane/storm and the remnants of said heaven-sent storm (his canonical title from somewhere of “Great Sage of the Informing Winds” only further sold me on this hc)
Meaning of course that MK must have his own mystic monkie origins—and you are right
MK was born of a crystal-encased rock that was initially infused with the magic of swk, swallowed by accident by Macaque, and promptly left for a few many years to soak up the shadow and demonic-celestial magic of Macaque’s dead body that was 6 feet under
But this isn’t a face-hugger situation where he bursted from mac’s chest—no, what happened os that Macaque was casually revived by Lady Bone Demon and sent on his way by her... and after a day or so of being alive and having something in his throat, he takes a moment to try and cough it out and nearly coughs his lungs out in the process but successfully spits out a crystal (rock)
And has the incredible idea of... breaking it. See what happens because this sussy little thing was in his chest and he needs answers
But once the rock is broken, out of it seeps shadow magic (that could easily be recognized as like mac’s not but exactly his) that materializes and coalesces into a baby monkey demon
Macaque is watching this happen with deep confusion (and a lot of denial)
But he can’t escape fatherhood as baby mk has seen him and already instinctively recognized their similarity and is clinging to the older demon like a... well, a baby monkey—
So several attempts to leave the child behind later (from walking away (baby mk hitches a ride in mac’s shadow for this) to handing it away to a human village to be raised (baby mk learns the word Ma from this and shadow teleported to mac’s location for this)) eventually Macaque gives the child a chance
So now Mac has a child... but what do you do after?
The answer is no one knows and Macaque just puts his new demon infant in the shadow of his scarf close to him and feeds him (names him eventually Xiaotian, Qi (firstname, surname) mangoes (it’s tragic he doesn’t love plums too but at least it wasn’t peaches, mac would’ve never coped nor recovered) regularly and they travel the ancient world as it modernizes
The shadow demon no longer really chasing after the Sun anymore, he now has a child he has to look after and he gives him the unconditional attention he deserves (mac is projecting but it’s helping him cope and if spite to be better to xiaotian than swk was to him is what he needs to become a better man, you go girl i guess)
And 200 years have passed more or less, 200 years of Macaque bringing what is now essentially a child and not really a small baby demon anymore with him as they roam the land and live a nomadic life. A life is that is promptly shut down after Macaque wanders close to the territory of the Iron Bull clan and is met by Princess Iron Fan that looks at the two monkies and calls out that Mac has no clue how to be rearing a child
She’s right, and the demon has to eventually concede to her point, to which she gives the demon a deal (because that was her intention this entire time, she sensed a powerful demon nearby and sought to make an ally of them since... well, her husband’s land is being nipped at and eaten up by opportunistic rival demons since he got sealed under a mountain a few years ago and she can only defend so much land alone while also having child red son under her care
Discovering the powerful demon is the six-eared macaque (who she does know of since her husband and swk were bond-brothers before they disowned each other and swk always had the other monkey close by) who also has a little demon child only made it easier for her to make a deal on the spot that would help them both
Macaque gets a safe territory and new home (she suspects the demon monkies have drifted apart since there’s no swk in sight and mac probably lived on flower fruit but ffm is of course owned by swk) AND a safe place to rear his own demon spawn
And she gets a competent and strong demon as an ally to help her defend the Iron Bull clan’s territory)
Macaque agrees and Iron Fan is now technically his Land Lady as he stays in her territory semi-permanently (this does make Red Son and Mk now childhood friends—they’re something else and their friendship looks so dysfunctional but is actually reasonably functional.
I mean, red son is a literal hothead and mk has been a wild feral child and is raised by Macaque—mk can be snide and a little shit and biting with his words but still a good empathetic person that understands what red son says and what he means)
(Example being like in the season 3 episode where red son is yelling at mk if he wants milk and an extra blanket in what sounds like a sarcastic tone but is actually a genuine tone since he does get mk that milk and extra blanket)
They have nicknames for each other—Red Son calling mk well.. “Monkie Kid” and “Monkie Boy” and “Pebble Brain” (MK has taken the Monkie Kid nickname in stride)
MK calls Red Son many things from “Sparks” and “Firecracker” to “Hot Head”, he does still use Red’s name—his name isn’t long enough to warrant the constant use of a nicknames unless to be teasing
And that’s the pre-episode 1 content because... it goes somewhere it does- >:3
At the end, we have established a baseline for this AU now:
- MK is the child of Shadowpeach, Raised only by Macaque (and SWK is unaware of his existence, likewise MK is unaware he has a second dad)
- Princess Iron Fan and Macaque are proper allies (friends even? neither care to elaborate beyond “ally”)
- MK and Red Son are childhood friends (this is indeed set up for Spicynoodles, may become Chimerashipping eventually)
- Macaque is semi-redeemed (the monkie animosity is still there but he’s not trying to be actively antagonistic nor helpful to LBD’s plans, his sharp anger tempered by parenthood, very open to proper “redemption” under the right conditions)
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cafedanslanuit · 2 years
calling them by the wrong name [a tiktok prank] ft. eren, armin, mikasa, jean, levi, reiner, annie and porco
Tumblr media
♡   —   tags: fluff, hurt/comfort, gn!reader
♡   —   a/n: set in a modern au, they’re all around college age <3
♡   —   masterlist
Tumblr media
- you usually got into playfights with eren and he loved to end them by tickling you. he usually won but unfortunately he had no clue to were about to prank him once again
- “sdfkhj stop! j-jean stop!” you laughed, squirming under his hands
- eren stopped immediately, kneeling in front of you on the bed, eyebrows knitted together as he looked down at you
- “the fuck did you just call me?”
- “what?” you asked “i said ‘baby, stop’”
- “you said jean,” eren said. “you play with jean like this?”
- eren was so serious and looked so mortified you couldn’t keep up the charade and pointed at your phone recording the whole thing from the nightstand.
- you could visibly see his tense muscles drop once he realized it’s another prank and then squinted at you. “you think you’re so funny, huh?” he asked while you started laughing
- he grabbed both your legs and pulled you closer, leaning down and capturing your lips in a heated kiss.
- oh no you’ve awaken possessive!eren enjoy the ride
- you had just woken up, sharing the morning bliss with armin in your shared kitchen. he handed you the newspaper as he prepared coffee for both of you
- “levi, can you hand me my glasses, please?” you asked, trying and failing to read the newspaper in front of you.
- armin stopped in his motions and walked to you, who were sitting on the kitchen table. you looked up to him, confused. “my glasses, baby?”
- “you realize what you said, right?” he asked carefully. you cocked your head to the side, feigning ignorance.
- “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
- armin stood still, his blue eyes on you as you could practically listen how loud his thoughts were at the moment, trying to see if you’re lying or if, in fact, he didn’t heard correctly the first time
- a minute goes by and he was still not moving, just staring at you and when his eyes started filling with tears you felt bad for him. “oh no, no, no, baby, it’s a prank,” you say, pointing at your phone.
- armin lets out a long sigh and hangs his head low. “you’re so mean!”
- go and hug your man please
- mikasa and you were working on your backyard garden. mikasa was usually in charge of it but this time you loved whenever she let you join her
- “annie, could you pass me the trowel?”
- mikasa stopped in her movements and then turned her head to you. “annie?”
- “huh?” you asked. “what do you mean?”
- “you just called me annie” she said, sitting back on her heels, a noticeable frown on her face. she shook the dirt off her gloves and left them on the ground, standing up and turning to leave.
- “wait no, it was a joke for tiktok!” you say, grabbing her ankle and pointing at your phone that was propped on her tool box.
- “i’m out of here,” she sighed, rolling her eyes as she started walking again with you attached to her ankle
- “‘kasa, pleeeeeeeease!
- you were cuddling with jean when he said he was going to the kitchen to get something to drink. he stood up and just as he was leaving the bedroom you called out for him
- “could you get me some snacks too, eren? thank you!”
- this mf went back on his tracks and looked at you like you had just insulted his whole family
- “you did not just call me eren”
- “what? i would never, baby, what are you talking about?”
- “no, stop, you just did,” he said, his voice breaking a little. “are you and eren… i don’t know- are you-?
- you didn’t have it in you to continue the joke, sprinting and colliding against him, pulling him into a hug
- “i’m so sorry, it was a prank! jean, baby, it was a stupid prank oh my god i’m so sorry-”
- anyway he was extra cuddly that night. reassure him he’s the only one, please.
- sitting on your balcony and sharing tea with levi was one of your favourite habits
- levi was done with his cup and started pouring himself more tea from the little teapot that was in the table
- “armin-- i mean, baby, could you pour me more tea as well, please?”
- levi kept pouring the tea without reacting to your words and then poured some on your cup as well.
- “you’re spending way too much time with those brats,” he grunted, putting the pot back on the table and handing you your cup.
- “jealous?” you teased him with a flirty grin. levi rolled his eyes.
- “whatever helps you sleep at night”
- he sees you chuckling and suddenly the pieces fall together. “not another fucking tiktok prank,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
- you were cooking with him, stirring the pot as he chopped vegetables for the stew.
- “pock-- shit, reiner, could you pass me the carrots please?”
- you noticed reiner stopping for a moment. you prepared yourself for his response but instead he handed you the cup with diced carrots for the stew in silence.
- you poured them to the stew but he kept silent. “hey babe, wanna watch a movie while we have dinner?”
- “sure, sounds fun,” he replied with a small smile that doesn’t meet his eyes.
- your heart broke into a million pieces and you quickly went and hugged him tightly, pressing your face against his broad chest
- “reiner, it was a prank, oh my god, i’m so sorry.”
- you heard his sigh, the tension leaving his body as he wrapped his arms around you.
- (there’s a cut on your tiktok video and then a take of you peppering his face with kisses as an apology)
- you were watching a movie with annie and lowkey getting bored, so you decided to pull the prank you had been preparing
- “‘kasa, the popcorn, please?” you said, your eyes locked on the tv screen as you moved your hand towards your girlfriend.
- she literally slapped your hand away
- “wha- baby!?”
- annie paused the movie and turned to you, arching her eyebrow. “you think you’re so funny”
- “what do you mean?
- “you know exactly what i mean. so this better be a joke or else-”
- “or else what?” you giggled, grabbing your phone and filming your girlfriend.
- she rolled her eyes and when you tried to crawl to her, she quickly used her leg and pushed you away.
- “no clowns allowed in my personal space.”
- it was date night and you guys were in a diner, talking about your week and spending quality time together. so of course you decided to pull the prank you’d seen on tiktok
- “rei, could you pass the ketchup?”
- porco widened his eyes and put his burger down.
- “this better be a fucking tiktok prank,” he huffed
- “what do you mean?”
- “you just said ‘rei’ like i’m that dumbass- wait, no, where is it-,” porco says as he starts looking around for your phone.
- “HA!!!! i fucking knew it!” he goes as soon as he finds it hidden behind the salt shaker. you laughed as he grabbed your phone and started filming you.
- “what would you do if it wasn’t a prank?” you grinned.
- “well you better hope you brought your own ride because i’d leave you here,” he smirked, earning another laugh from you.
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supermassivebigbang · 9 months
House of Ashes Theme Week Coming Soon!
Tumblr media
(graphics by the talented @thewolfmanny )
Howdy, beautiful people of HoA fandom! We (that is, me, @the-girl-who-flies and several of my horny jail cellmates accomplices) thought it would be a fun idea to run a community-wide event (a là Big Bang and Reverse Big Bang) that all creators can participate in; to start off with something that doesn’t require too heavy a commitment, we decided to propose a House of Ashes Theme Week! This is going to be a one week event where each day will have a one-word prompt; on this day, you will be able to submit your creations based on said prompt, be they fics or art.
To make this a bit more participative (and maybe see how many people would actually like to be part of this kind of thing) we thought we’d ask everyone to pitch in with prompt ideas. You can send them either as an Ask on this Tumblr or email them to [email protected] If you send them as an Ask, we'll publish them, giving everyone a chance to get an idea of what kind of thing might be in store for them. 
On March the 15th - that is, one week from now - we’ll pick 7 prompts at random and announce them. HoA Theme Week itself will begin on Monday, March 28th, which hopefully will give everyone who wants to participate a chance to create something.
I’ll add a small FAQ below while we get all the other parts of this blog up and running, and ask you to check back and spread the word/reblog - both this tumblr and the event are just a tiny baby bird right now and there’s a slight chance the admin might not have a clue about what they’re doing but we’re hoping it’ll grow into something that everyone likes.
What exactly is a theme week? 
It’s an event where artists and writers make creations based on prompts, and post/submit them on the days that correspond to said prompts.
Do I have to register to participate?
No registration will be necessary, anyone who wants to participate can do so.
Do I have to commit to the entire week?
Absolutely not! You can post as many submissions as you like, for as many of the days of Theme Week as you like.
How will I be able to submit my creation?
Use the submit function to: either submit a post or send us a link to your own tumblr post so we can reblog. Don’t forget to tag your post #hoathemeweek so it’s easier to find!
What kind of fanwork will I be able to submit?
Any genre (fics, digital art, traditional, vids, collages, etc) is good, as long as it’s something that can be posted.
Are NSFW submissions accepted?
Honestly, being the happy bunch of horny feral rats that we are, we're looking forward to any kind of smut/erotica/porn. We only ask that 1) you tag responsibly 2) if your art is nsfw, post it with a preview, and hide the full view under the cut/read more. Alternatively, you can put it up on a different platform and simply link it in your Tumblr post.
What are you going to do with all the fan works submitted for this event?
Reblog them, tag them, and link to them in a single post so they can be displayed for everyone's viewing/reading/listening pleasure.
Can I make a suggestion?
Yes, you can. I'm personally new at this, so all constructive input regarding the organization of this event is welcome. Feel free to use the Ask for any suggestions or questions (which we'll probably add to the FAQ).
Anything else I should know?
A few more things to come, stay tuned.
And please, send your one word prompts! We look forward to reading them.
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