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spielzeugkaiser · 11 months
Tumblr media
With all the scars on Jaskiers back, but how he reconnected with his past over the years... Bear!Jaskier deserved a tattoo, he just did.
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emmatai88 · 10 months
Tumblr media
Amazing orange eyes lion king and son tattoo by Julio Loureiro @julioloureiro_art !
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frog-whisperer · 2 years
I need to get in on the video essay game before someone makes the 5hr Lion King retrospective that only I deserve to
#not that I ever will...but I’ve thought about it#I saw one for Warrior Cats today and it took me tf out#and not to be all ‘I like this incredibly popular Disney movie more than anyone else the Lion King is MY movie’#because that’s really reductive I hate when people say that like they’re the only ones to think it#and it’s not even my favourite Disney movie. Lilo and Stitch all the way#but I AM in the top 0.0004% of monthly Lebo M. listeners so gleam from that what you will#but who else but me could talk about...the tv shows. the sequels. the Broadway show. the remake. the books. the fanbase..the Zazu Tiki Room.#I’m sure there are people who like and are more knowledgeable about every one of those specific things more than me but all together?#and I feel like the way I like the Lion King is Different to the way most do. Again not to be all Not Like Other Fans#but I feel like there’s one side that likes the original movie just for the message and the music and the characters and the stage show#like they’ll have tattoos of the Simba painting and have Timon and Pumbaa on a t shirt#and there’s another section who were really introduced to it via the sequel#so they like the idea of interpersonal lion drama and romance and new lion ocs and kingdoms and breeding Cubs on deviantart#and at a certain point it just becomes scaled up warrior cats#but I’m into like...the core concept. Animals can talk and have a functional monarchy. what are the ethics of that? who can eat who and when#that’s the stuff that’s interesting to me#but no piece of Lion King media really Goes There#actually this might be better as a series of videos instead#oh well I’ll just lay the groundwork so they hire me to write for the re-remake in 20 years
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fufred · 5 months
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Lioness and her two boy cubs with flowers tattoo design
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insect-impostor · 10 months
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Got my second tattoo and I love it so much!! 🖤 It’s super cute & detailed but it’s also super painful & expensive. 😂
My lion cub tattoo meaning:
My zodiac sign is Leo ♌️
Lions represent bravery, strength, and courage. Ganyan naman ako madalas but of course may days pa rin na hindi. It’s a reminder for me to stay strong kahit mahirap!
Just a baby lion kasi parang masyadong pang fierce yung adult lion and di naman ako ganun. I’m a softie deep inside and young at heart 🫀 Hahaha
Wanted to get this tat dito sa SG para remembrance na rin bago ako umalis dito because yung Singapore galing sa name na singa pura which means lion city 🌆
Idagdag ko na rin since dami ko naman na sinasabi HAHA naka tilt din yung head ng lion cub kooo so cute kasi actually lagi rin nakatilt head ko sa mga pics it’s matic idk why lol arte kasi. Hahahahaha
July 21, 2021
By: Ian Francis Low of Oracle Tattoo Singapore
Took about 1.5 hrs to complete - 11:40 to 13:05
Tumblr media
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pinkatron · 1 year
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Lion and cub i got to do today!!! Woo!!! #tattooartistofinstagram #tattoo #tattoos #realismtattoo #blackandgrayrealism #blackandgraytattoo #liontattoo #lionkingtattoo #lionandcub #cub #lion #armtattoo @eternalink @vulcanneedles @kingpintattoosupply @nctattooers #nctattoo #nctattooers #carync #cary (at Double Deuce Tattoo and Art Gallery) https://www.instagram.com/p/CRHYe5vDakr/?utm_medium=tumblr
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tattoofilter · 2 years
Tumblr media
By Ilwol Hongdam, done in Seoul. http://ttoo.co/p/35718
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apompkwrites · 15 days
Frick I’m so bad at recognizing and remembering faces and appearances and I’m trying to put together who is who in your drawings and it’s painful for me. It’s not your art that’s making me confused, it’s my own brain :( Sometimes I have to wait to hear my brother’s voice to know who he is. Sometimes I have to see how my brother’s girlfriend acts when she puts on makeup to know if I recognize her. I kinda have to rely on same hair styles or accessories like jewelry in order to recognize things/people sometimes.
It’s also okay if this is too much to ask, but could the black sheep maybe have accessories that could help keep track of who is who? Maybe the accessories could be the only thing of color besides the text? Ex. Lil lion having a hair band or hair clip that is dark yellow. Lil Al Asim having some kind of body tattoo/ink that’s dark red around their neck area. Things that’ll fit into their character but also the colors being that of their brothers’ dorms? Again, it’s totally okay if this is too much! It’s just hard for me to keep track of things >.<
- Heartbeat Anon
waaa dont worry i get it!! tbh the designs for the black sheep were just kinda on the fly? but now i have an excuse to make proper refs :D
++ giving them lil accessories would def help with differentiating them, esp when im drawing their sibs :O
fun fact, this ref sheet actually has 8 designs! one lil black sheep has an extra design that i won't be showing until much later ;))
so here’s the og 7 plus my little design notes for them utc ;) gonna use these designs from now on for drawings only, so not in fics and stuff <33 so stuff, esp skin tone, are not canon to the fics
Tumblr media
rosehearts (lil rose):
gotta go with the obvious of giving them a rose :D the placement could change but for now its in their hair :)
and i wanted to lean more into a hearts aesthetic without making them blend in with heartslabyul students like ace so i put it on their neck! thinking like albedo's design but its a lil heart instead of a star <3
kingscholar (lil lion/cub):
so i already had markings on their face since their first appearance in the comic just bc i liked the look of it? but i did add the marks closer to their nose in this new design.
thinking about adding a lil feather behind their ear/in their hair. mainly them post mwezi miji because i can see nuru giving them one of his feathers :)
also i made their hair short! i liked the idea of how leona and (probably) falena have longer hair that (name) cuts it after running away.
ashengrotto (lil octo):
so obv they have the same lil beauty mark as azul <33 i also wanna make it clear that they don't all have the same body shape? just used a pose that i use to get a full look at a character's design. so, yes yes, lil octo is on the heavier side.
also their accessory is the shell from the movie! got inspired by the anon that talked about it keeping their human form :)
asim (lil scarab):
so they have very intricate design on their neck/collarbone area but bc it wouldn't be visible a lot, i gave them lil dots under their eyes :) i did steal lil bits of kalim's design because i thought it would be fitting :D
schoenheit (lil gala/galaling):
so they have the unqiue eye shape where i gave them lashes :) ofc because they would have 11/10 lashes like vil :D ++ eye shadow but that's only in colored drawings.
i gave them the hair clip with a lil mirror design to hold back their bangs :DD and a ring because i like to think they would wanna wear lil rings :)
shroud (lil flame):
so gonna address their skin color first. i made their skin a bit more gray to mimic how the overblot characters look? i mean, they live on the same floor as the overblot monsters so i feel like it makes sense for their appearance to also be affected by them?
also!! their flame hair is dimmer than idia and ortho's! i thought it'd make sense for it to be like that to mimic a sort of dimmer light? like how they're slowly deteriorating or smth. ++they have an ahoge that i wanna draw in diff poses depending on their emotions >:)
gave them a mask that kinda mimic ink/blot? wanna stick with that motif for them :)
draconia (lil dragon):
so i wanted to keep a close resemblance to malleus? bc i feel like the idea a lot of people have come with where lil draconia doesn't entirely understand that their related despite their very obvious similar appearances.
the main factor i wanted to tell them apart from the others was lil scale like things on their face? idk i just liked the idea while browsing for refs. it was that or!! more branch-like horns?? idk we'll see :)
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thebettybook · 9 days
Hello!! I'm kinda excited and also low-key nervous since this is my first request ever lol But if it's okay with you can I get numbers 11,20 and the letter C for your writing event? Also little side note I really love your work, and thank you so much (/>-<)/💖
Thank you for your request anon, and right back at ‘cha 💖\(>,<\)
Anon’s updated request: Leona and MC!Reader are in an established romantic relationship
Important note: I’m NOT taking anymore requests for my “Fall’ing for Ya” writing event :)
11. ❛ I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. ❜
20. ❛ pinky promise? ❜
C. Coloring with Cheka and Leona
🍂 You juggled a plate of pumpkin-cheesecake cookies in your hands as you walked back from the Ramshackle kitchen to the living room to rejoin Leona and Cheka. Just hours ago, Cheka’s attendants dropped the cub off for an impromptu weekend stay with Leona.
🍂 Cheka and Leona laid side-by-side on their stomachs on the wooden floor. The cub focused on drawing on a white sheet of paper with crayons while Leona napped beside him.
🍂 “Oji-tan!” The cub tugged on Leona’s arm, pointing to the tree bejeweled with crimson, amber, and chestnut leaves outside the living room window. “Why are the leaves outside red, yellow, and brown? Aren’t they supposed to be green? Does someone take a crayon and color the leaves?”
🍂 Since Afterglow Savannah had abundant plant life and warm weather all-year-round, Cheka wasn’t used to seeing seasonal things like fall leaves, barren trees, or even snow.
🍂 You chuckled at Cheka’s curiosity as you settled down next to Cheka with the plate of pumpkin-cheesecake cookies. “Ooh, cookies!” The cub grabbed a cookie with an excited grin, but then remembered his manners. “Thank you, Y/N!”
🍂 “You’re welcome,” you patted Cheka’s firey-orange-and-red-hair, its hue almost similar to the leaves on the tree outside.
🍂 Leona cracked an emerald eye open and let out a yawn. “So you wanna know how leaves change colors, huh?” Leona’s sleeveless black leather jacket rustled as he propped an elbow up on the floor and rested his cheek in his palm.
🍂 Leona pointed to the tree while explaining the science behind changing seasons and leaf colors to his curious five-year-old nephew. Cheka gazed at the tree and its leaves with wide eyes of wonder while munching on the cookie. A soft smile grew on your face as the two Kingscholars tipped their chins up, their expressions more alike than they realized.
🍂 “Whoaaa,” Cheka marveled, resting his face in his tiny hands. “Mm, I still don’t understand, but the leaves are pretty!” The cub turned his attention back to his drawing and took out red and yellow crayons from his giant crayon box to draw leaves. Leona continued to rest his cheek in his palm, gazing at Cheka’s drawing.
🍂 “Y/N, look!” After a few minutes of coloring, Cheka held up a crayon drawing with stick figures of himself, you, and Leona all holding hands. Orange circles and red and yellow blobs Cheka drew as pumpkins and leaves surrounded the stick figures of the three of you.
🍂 “Wow! You captured the colors of the fall leaves so well,” you peered at the drawing, touched that Cheka also put great detail to your stick figure, from the color of your hair to your outfit.
🍂 “Mhm,” Cheka nodded, bursting with adorable pride. “Oji-tan, I drew you, too!”
🍂 Leona peered at the stick figure composed of the colors brown, black, and green that was supposed to be him. It was begrudgingly adorable, and Leona had to admit that for some reason he liked it more than the precise and stuffy royal portraits of himself back home (🍓: admit it, Leona, you just love your nephew).
🍂 “My tattoo looks like a large blob of ink,” Leona chuckled. Cheka failed to capture Leona’s detailed lion tattoo, but Leona didn’t mind one bit.
🍂 “Oji-tan, when can I get a tattoo like yours?” Cheka fixed his warm, chocolate-brown eyes on the ebony lines and swirls that met a lion head design with a scar through its eye on Leona’s left bicep.
🍂 “When you’re older,” Leona closed his eyes, grimacing at the thought of Cheka growing up someday.
🍂 Cheka’s eyes sparkled at the thought of growing up to be as “cool” and “strong” as his uncle Leona. “When will I be older? In a day? In a week? I want to have the same tattoo as you, Oji-tan!” A million questions bursted from Cheka as he latched onto Leona’s left arm.
🍂 Leona brought his black-leather-gloved hands to Cheka’s sides, tickling the cub to get him to stop asking so many questions. “Y/N, help!” Cheka squealed, bursting into a fit of giggles as he tried to wriggle away from Leona’s grasp.
🍂 You reached over to tickle Leona’s ears. He was more resistant and less ticklish than Cheka, but a teeny smile quirked on Leona’s lips as your fingers tickled the sensitive part of the back of his lion ears. Soon, chuckles escaped from Leona’s lips, and he stopped tickling Cheka.
🍂 You smiled, triumphant, but then Leona smirked and set his sharp emerald eyes on you. Before you knew it, he had both hands at your sides, pinning you under him to tickle you. “Nooooo!” you laughed, trying to escape from Leona. Cheka pounced on Leona’s back to “rescue” you, but Leona reached behind his back with one hand to tickle Cheka, while his other hand continued to tickle you.
🍂 After a few minutes of more tickles and laughter, Leona collapsed onto you. His arms wrapped around your waist and his nose nuzzled the crook of your neck. Cheka sat up on Leona’s back, attempting to braid his uncle’s dark-brown mane.
🍂 “I haven’t laughed like this in a long time,” Leona admitted, grinning up at you as you rubbed the back part of his ears.
🍂 “But you laughed just now!” Cheka protested, at the same time you lovingly scoffed, “Liar.” Leona simply responded by smiling into the crook of your neck.
🍂 Before Cheka could hum one of his favorite T.V. cartoon show tunes, the cub let out a teeny sneeze. “Achoo!”
🍂 The lack of an electric heater made Ramshackle a bit chilly during the fall season. Plus, Cheka was wearing his usual traditional Afterglow-Savannah short-sleeved yellow shirt and brown pants, which were only fit for Afterglow Savannah’s warm weather and not the chilly fall weather of Sage Island.
🍂 Leona himself was in his dorm uniform with his sleeveless black leather jacket, but he was kind of used to the chilliness of Ramshackle by now.
🍂 Leona shot to his feet, causing Cheka to slide down his back. “Wee!” Cheka giggled as he landed on the floor on his tush. The cub went over to you, grabbing his crayons and another blank sheet of paper to draw another picture.
🍂 “You’re not gonna catch a cold on my watch,” Leona grumbled as he went over to Cheka’s oversized duffel bag that Cheka’s attendants had given Leona earlier (the bag was packed with too many clothes and toys).
🍂 Before Cheka began his drawing and coloring, you grabbed a ratty, old, navy-blue blanket from the couch and wrapped it around the cub.
🍂 “I look like a superhero!” Cheka dropped his crayons to clutch the blanket with both hands. “Y/N, come here! I don’t want you to be cold, too.”
🍂 You couldn’t help but melt at the kind and adorable cub. “It’s ok, Cheka. The blanket’s not big enough for both of us, and I don’t want you to catch a cold,” you hugged Cheka, who hugged you back.
🍂 Leona rummaged through Cheka’s duffel bag and took out an almond-colored cashmere sweater with a brown-and-orange chibi lion embroidered in the middle.
🍂 “Eh? This is new,” Leona eyed the sweater and held it up. Leona noticed that the sweater, along with Cheka’s other clothes like his pyjamas, were a size larger than they were the last time Cheka stayed over with Leona.
🍂 “Mama bought it for me!” Cheka stood up, the blanket billowing onto the floor as he ran over to Leona. “She said I’m growing and that I’ll be tall as you someday.”
🍂 The cub put two tiny fists on his hips, grinning from ear to ear. Leona glanced back at Cheka’s new sweater in his hands, a twinge of sadness washing over him.
🍂 The sweater itself wasn’t a big deal, but it was a reminder to Leona that Cheka wasn’t going to be five-years-old forever. The cub was going to grow up to become the next King of Afterglow Savannah someday…and as much as Leona used to resent that fact, Leona couldn’t help but wonder if the cub who loved to follow him around now would someday be an adult who would have no more time or familial affection for Leona.
🍂 Leona shook his head to get rid of such despairing thoughts and knelt down to pull the sweater over Cheka’s head. Cheka popped his head through the sweater, his ears wiggling a bit as he did so. With the help of Leona, Cheka also pulled his arms through the sweater’s sleeves.
🍂 “There ya go,” Leona brought a hand up to Cheka’s head. He hesitated for a second before ruffling the cub’s hair.
🍂 “Thank you, Oji-tan! Can you read me a bedtime story tonight?” Cheka hugged Leona’s leg, stepping onto Leona’s foot. “I brought a bunch of books for you to read for me!”
🍂 Leona’s eyes widened a bit in surprise, but then he smirked and put his hands on his hips. “Ya still want bedtime stories even though you’re ‘growing’?”
🍂 “Yeah! Pinky promise that you’ll read to me tonight?” Cheka held out his pinky. Leona secured his larger pinky through Cheka’s. The two Kingscholars then broke from the pinky promise to fist bump (Leona taught Cheka how to fist bump a few months ago).
🍂 Satisfied with the pinky promise, Cheka gave Leona’s leg a squeeze before running back to the foot of the couch to continue coloring.
🍂 You gazed at Leona, noting his expression earlier. You then stood up from your spot next to Cheka and walked over to Leona. “What?” Leona inquired as his tail wrapped around your waist.
🍂 “You’ll always be Cheka’s favorite uncle,” you reassured Leona as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “If not his favorite person in the entire world.”
🍂 Usually Leona would reply with, “I’m his only uncle.” However, as Leona gazed at Cheka coloring on the floor and humming one of the cub’s favorite T.V. cartoon show tunes, Leona sighed. “Ya sure about that? Pinky promise?” Leona whispered as he moved behind you to hug your waist and rest his chin on top of your head.
🍂 You snaked your pinky around Leona’s, giving his pinky a reassuring squeeze. “Pinky promise. Now let’s go color with Cheka.”
🍓I don’t own any of the characters I mention or write about; they belong to their original and respective creators.
🍓All content on this blog is created by me, @thebettybook. Do not modify, claim, repost or translate my work onto this platform or any other platform.
🍓Reblogs are appreciated. Want to read Leona romance fluff? Check out my masterlist
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newtonsheffield · 11 months
Read Simmering…this is gonna sound weird but felt the most cinematic of all your writing? I was reading and picture lighting cues in my head. I am very excited for this story!!!
That said you know the joke that all chefs have the same kitchen knife tattoo? Where’s Anthony’s?
Huh. I'm not sure what that means but I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Maybe if I win the lottery I'll pay people to act out my fanfiction in a straight to DVD film.
Now Anthony has a tattoo, on his right forearm. But it isn't related to cooking. It's a lion, with a little lion cub. Him and his Dad, him living in his father's shadow, still, stuck in his grief. He also has a delightful little piercing that he got when he was young and rebelling against what his parents wanted for him. And Kate's about to find out about it when he takes his shirt off.
Kate however does have a knife tattoo, it's on her hip, and it's tiny.
But let's talk about Kate and Anthony and knives. Kate has a set of knives that she's very proud of. Her family bought them for them the day she graduated culinary school, and she loves them. They're laser engraved with pictures on the blades, custom made, and she loves everything about them. No one touches her knives. And then she sees Anthony's knives and she is horrified.
They're expensive, yes. But they're store bought. He went into a store and bought them pretty unthinkingly, tried out the weight and the balance and went yeah that's fine. And it becomes a little joke between them. Every time Kate sees him with his knives.
"Jesus fucking Christ Bridgerton, did you get those at IKEA?"
"It is nothing short of a miracle that you can cook even as well as you do with those knives."
"You can sharpen that all you want, It's still trash."
But on their first anniversary Kate slides a box across the bench to them and inside he finds the most beautiful knives he's ever seen. Clearly custom made, laser engraved with a spice on each of the blades, and every single handle is engraved with Love, Kate. And finally, Anthony concedes that Kate might have a point about custom made knives.
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Aaahhh can I pls request a family imagine where Cheka draws on his arm with markers so that he and Leon have matching lion tattoos?? (=^w^=)
Tagging @jessamine-rose, as this was originally their request, made off-anon.
Tumblr mobile was being dumb and didn't save the completed version of this before posting. This just happens sometimes when I have stuff in my queue 😭 I had to take the initial post down, rewrite the other half of the imagine that didn't save, and then repost it (which is what you're looking at now).
Imagine this...
Tumblr media
“... tan! Ojitan!”
Leona groaned, tumbling onto his back and pressing a pillow over his ears. No dice--his nephew’s persistent voice still cut through. A familiar, high-pitched and cheery whine that made Leona’s head throb unbearably.
“What is it?” he snapped, glaring at Cheka from beneath his pillow arch. “Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here?”
“You’re still sleeping? It’s so early in the day, there’s so much time left to do stuff.”
"That's precious napping time for me."
"You're so weird, Ojitan."
Leona let out a sardonic rumble of laughter. "You have no idea."
The cub grinned, putting a hand on his uncle’s shoulder and gently shaking him. “C’mon rise and shine! I have something cool to show you!”
Leona rolled his eyes, but relented with a sigh. (From past experience, he knew that if he didn’t, he would soon find Cheka sitting on his on his stomach.) “Make it quick, then.”
“Hehe, okay! Guess what I have?”
Leona’s gaze was immediately drawn to Cheka’s right hand, which had remained behind his back the entire time. Clutching onto a drawing pad, no doubt, judging from the markers and torn papers scattered all over the floor of the room. The efforts of childhood whimsy and wonder.
Instead of smiling, Leona frowned. “I thought I told you to make it quick. And I despise guessing games.”
“That’s no fun, though!” Cheka leaned forward on his tip-toes. “Guess, guess! Only one time is good.”
“... A monkey’s uncle.”
The cub’s free hand flew to his mouth, attempting to shove his giggles back in, but to no avail. “That’s silly!! You’re not a monkey’s uncle, you’re my uncle--and I’m not a monkey, I’m a lion!”
“I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t told me just now,” he replied sarcastically. “Thanks so much for enlightening me.”
“You’re welcome! Hehe, I’m surprised I know more than you do.” Cheka flashed a grin, ever the oblivious child. “Okay, thanks for waiting! It’s time for my big reveal!”
“Oh, goodie.”
Cheka revealed his right hand, which was balled into a tiny fist. His fingers unfurled, revealing... nothing in his palm. Leona stared down at the emptiness, his expression blank, touched with a little dubiousness.
“... Are you surprised?” Cheka looked hopeful.
Leona threw his head back and laughed. “Is this some sort of a joke, furball? If it is, it’s not a very good one.”
“That’s only half of the surprise! The other half is... this!”
Cheka reached for his left sleeve and yanked the fabric up, revealing a flash of ink upon his caramel-colored skin. Black as burnt sugar, pointed teeth and a mess of a mane sprawling out... not unlike the dark swirls that danced upon Leona’s own left bicep.
His eyes bulged. “That’s...”
... A really crappy imitation of my tattoo.
“Cheka. When the hell did you find the time to do this?” Leona demanded, thrusting a finger at the marker-made mess on the boy’s arm.
“You were napping up until a little while ago, so I sat around and looked at your arm to copy it on mine!”
“You were watching me sleep?!”
“I needed a model! I can’t remember what the tattoo looks like from memory....” Cheka’s ears flattened, worry marring his innocent face. “Um, Ojitan... Could it be that you’re angry with me?”
“... I don't care. Better you than Rook,” Leona grumbled, sinking back into his bed. “You’d better wash that off before you head home. The servants will be beside themselves seeing their impressionable little prince like this.”
Leona grimaced at the thought over their beady eyes bearing into him again. As though he was not already regarded with enough scorn. To them, he was less like a man and more like a wild beast. Simultaneously feared and hated.
“Nuh-uh! I’m never gonna wash it off, cuz I wanna keep matching with you!” Cheka declared stubbornly. He flexed his left arm, causing his shoddily done lion’s mane to flicker. “I’m gonna be just like you one day! I’ll be smart, and strong, and cool... Oh! And I’ll even be a Magical Shift star, too!!”
“Don’t make me laugh. There are tons of role models for you out there. Better people to look up to and idolize, like your old man. After all, you are his flesh and blood... and the prized prince of the savanna.”
“What if I want to be like Papa and Ojitan?”
“You’re chasing an impossible dream.” The words came out more strongly than he had intended them to, each syllable dropping like a cement brick. “If you were smart, you’d know when to quit.”
You’d accept second place and be done with it already.
“... You don’t want to follow in my footsteps.” Leona waved a hand, his tone bitter. The once vibrant viridian of his irises had dullened, twisting into something darker.
“Your future’s brighter than mine. It’s so bright, it hurts my eyes to look at it,” he spat, his spirit shining with spite. “That’s what’s waiting for you, so you’d better take it before someone else comes along to try and steal it from you... someone like me.”
Cheka went quiet, staring at his uncle with a startled expression. The look of an antelope ensnared in a predator’s trap. Hurt and fear, all culminated into one. “Ojitan...”
He’s the same as them. I should have known.
“Do you get it now? I’m not someone worth some wide-eyed kid’s admiration,” he snarled, turning away from Cheka--afraid to meet that sparkling gaze, full of endless possibilities. “If you understand that much, then leave, and--OOF!!”
A small body tackled into his from behind, cutting Leona off. His assailant planted their face against his broad back, and their scrawny arms wrapped around his waist to give a squeeze.
“Leona Ojitan... I didn’t understand everything you said just then, but... I think I kind of understand. You’re... hurting right now, aren’t you? It hurts so much that you don’t know what to do.”
“Me... hurting?” Leona scoffed, even has he balled his hands into fists. His fingernails dug into his palms, leaving marks. “Ridiculous. You’re imagining things.”
“I don’t think it’s imaginary.”
“... What do you know? You’re just a kid.”
“I know lots of things!” Cheka tightened his grip on his uncle, his muscles straining under his skin, the lion of his makeshift tattoo stretching thin. “Like when you hurt like this, a hug’ll make it all feel better! Papa and Mama told me! So... Until it stops hurting, I’ll keep hugging you like this!”
“You’ll what?!” Leona paled, starting to buck and flail against his nephew. He attempted to pry him off, only to have the cub immediately cinch back onto him moments later. “O-Oi, Cheka...!! Let go, I don’t want--no, I don’t need any hugs, damn it!!”
“Hehe! Nope, I can’t do that! Our arm marks match, Ojitan! So I want our smiles to match, too!” The cub squealed, rubbing his cheek against his exasperated uncle’s. “You can’t run away from me!”
“This is why I told you to wash off that stupid marker...!!”
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yekoc · 11 months
A TATTOO DANIEL GETS FOR PREGNANT MAX??!!!??!!!!!???!!??? 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
Apologies for how stupidly cringe this is but he gets a lion and two cubs over his heart……. Max and the twins….. the twins get older and love to fight about if they’re the one on Papa’s BACK or the one Papa is NUZZLING. Daniel will never say!!! All he’ll say is they’re both little lions because Papa’s mascot was a lion and he won with them in his belly so they’re little lions too.:.. Daniel’s little lion cubs.
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roniscloud · 2 years
nct 127 as endearing dads
endearing things that each 127 member would do as dads:
Tumblr media
taeil: would try to teach his son how to ride a bike and would end up falling or running into a tree
johnny: dress up his toddler in his matching huge t-shirts and sweaters
taeyong: let his kids doodle on his arms with markers cause they’re so fascinated in his tattoos
yuta: has playdates and dress-up days with his toddlers and cuts up fruit for the tea parties
doyoung: packs their lunches for school everyday and always leaves little notes on the inside
jaehyun: at every single show or event in the front row, shouting and supporting his kid, definitely brought a sign/banner
winwin: letting his toddler stand on his feet and dance around the living room as disney movies play in the background, probably beauty and the beast
jungwoo: literally can never say no to his kids when they do something cute so is constantly buying them new toys
mark: constantly refers to his kids as his “little lion cubs” and probably bought each of them lion plushies when they were born and they bring it everywhere
haechan: carry his baby girl up to a foggy window and draw shapes on the glass, like cute little animals and flowers
originally written: 25 january 2021
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clown-of-rivia · 2 years
Tattoo artist Jaskier has black tattoos on his arms Ciri loves to colour in with her pens.
For her birthday he got a lion cub tattoo surrounded by buttercups and dandelions designed specifically for her to colour in.
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sound-nin-art · 4 months
I started a Witcher Animalified project!
First up we got Geralt and Ciri, both very obvious with all the "white wolf" and "lion cub of Cintra". Note Ciri's rose tattoo!
Tumblr media
Then there's Triss Merigold who is by far the most orange fox I've ever drawn, and a strong competitor for the title of The Prettiest too. Very obvious again with the fox mask she wore in the masquerade quest.
Tumblr media
REGIS DOG REGIS DOG REGIS DOG!! He's an elderly lab + leonberg mix! I could not leave the iconic hair out. Also, his vampire form.
Tumblr media
Pavetta and Calanthe! Both again obviously lions. I had difficulty with lions (did them before Ciri) so I used bases by MerlynsMidnight in Deviantart. Credit to them for the lineart!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next in line is going to be Yennefer, Dandelion and probably Emhyr/Duny
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